Interview 1722 – James Corbett Explains 5th-Generation Warfare

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via Join Vermont Independent publisher Dr. Rob Williams and guest co-host Brandon Zollino for a conversation with researcher and journalist James Corbett about his new article, “Your Guide to 5th-Generation Warfare,” available at and The Corbett Report.


Vermont Independent

Your Guide to 5th Generation Warfare

Hearts and Minds (documentary)

Military leaders saw pandemic as unique opportunity to test propaganda techniques on Canadians, Forces report says

Propaganda By Edward L. Bernays

Same Facts, Opposite Conclusions – #PropagandaWatch

Writing A New Narrative – #SolutionsWatch


  1. Further to what James was saying about the crucial importance of creating our own narratives…
    I think it should go hand in hand with MINIMIZING the ‘free promotion’ of the W.E.F.’s Great Reset narrative!

    While it definitely is important to be aware of what the enemy is planning and creating, I think we are giving their narrative just a wee bit too much free promotion by dwelling on it and repeating it over and over these days.

    As far as the normalization of behaviors such as social distancing and masking over the past two years is concerned…
    It has been such a huge success that people in my neck of the woods continue to adhere to them despite their no longer being mandated! We desperately need hypnotists to snap them out of their trance.

  2. “human racism” ,,,”sucking the goodness out”,,,

    alien parasites
    some have long proboscis, but the basic mode is same as a nectar eater
    They feed on human “feeling”, sometimes they can be seen, but usually not.

    the animals and plants humans eat would have the same perspective. (spoiler: humans are not the top of the food chain)

  3. Here is one way to defend yourself against one aspect of fifth generation warfare. This substack post (linked below) is focused on a solutions based approach to these hazards that can empower individuals to be able to look to ‘nature’s medicine cabinet’ and make choices to protect themselves and their loved ones from forms of radiation that can harm the human body in this time of tyranny and uncertainty.

  4. The tech of mass manipulation appears NOT advanced to the point of making people puppets…..propaganda and spin are SO OBVIOUSLY stupid and self contradicting that the only way people can still believe the official line on many things is that they are frightened of or incapable of actual thinking.

    The NuHuman psychology created by Daycare, both parents working, public education and electronic media is something like Narcissism.

    This is an acceleration of a long process and creates the apparently souless shell people who need to be filled with something, no matter how pointless a cause. I think they will one day be filled by something much worse then politics or memes 🙁 Perhaps thats the reason so many people come across as evil and Nihilistic.

    “…..Lasch proposes that since World War II, post-war America has produced a personality-type consistent with clinical definitions of “pathological narcissism”. This pathology is not akin to everyday narcissism, a hedonistic egoism, but with clinical diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder. For Lasch, “pathology represents a heightened version of normality.”[3] He locates symptoms of this personality disorder in the radical political movements of the 1960s (such as the Weather Underground), as well as in the spiritual cults and movements of the 1970s, from est to Rolfing….”

    • Thanks for that. Makes me a bit more happy that I have never been someone who goes along to get along. Outsider and only on the grid as much as necessary, till I can get get totally off of it.

    • I’ve been noticing a lot or narcissism parallels lately in society. The last time I checked the numbers, the percentage of the population estimated to be narcissist was 1%. I beg to differ, I know of 6 right off hand, without even trying.

      Also with that comes evil, been seeing a lot of that, too.

      I believe this is an informational AND spiritual war.

  5. Hot War on the Horizon?

    Speaking following the meetings of NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs on April 7, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the global implications of the Ukrainian conflict had propelled the organisation to step up its engagement with Asia-Pacific partners for the first time.

    “We have seen that China is unwilling to condemn Russia’s aggression. And Beijing has joined Moscow in questioning the right of nations to choose their own path,” Stoltenberg said.
    “This is a serious challenge to us all. And it makes it even more important that we stand together to protect our values.”

    NATO and its Asia-Pacific partners—Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and the Republic of Korea—met in Brussels to discuss international support for Ukraine.

    Stoltenberg said the gathered foreign ministers agreed that NATO’s next Strategic Concept briefing, expected to be finalised for the Madrid Summit in June, must deliver a response on how they relate to Russia in the future and how, for the first time, they take into account that their security is affected by China’s growing influence and coercive policies.
    “NATO and our Asia-Pacific partners have now agreed to step up our practical and political cooperation in several areas, including cyber, new technology, and countering disinformation,” he said.
    “We will also work more closely together in other areas such as maritime security, climate change, and resilience. Because global challenges demand global solutions.”

    Sunday April 10 – Epoch Times via Zero Hedge
    NATO To Engage In Asia-Pacifc To Counter China

  6. Thanks, James, for another important and insightful interview.

    As a philosopher the mentioning of “First Principles and Paradigms” has triggered my attention. Even though you do not want to name ‘the solution’ explicitly, actually you have named it. I will spell it out – in Greek: Gnothi Seauton. The solution lies very close and beyond the concepts of the mind. Something that only drugs and/or an open mind (sic!) can show us while politics and its ideas and cannot.
    JC is right: we cannot live very well solely on first principles or paradigms, they just line our path while we move along. They are the obstacle to be overcome.

    That “there certainly must be some sort of moral compass to guide our new vision” has caught my attention too. I guess exactly because it seems oh so harmless, unquestionable and obvious a saying. I mean, nobody would question this statement right? I think this is a very nice example of how difficult it is to escape from our well internalized paradigms who already have clandestinely sent us right there on a quest to look for new authorities and securities.

    (20:00) Lets us question radically our hidden life paradigms and first principles…
    and then
    (42:20) We need to look for this new moral compass to replace the old one…

    ..aaand back to square one. What happened to the questioning of first principles? Darn… still there. Pesky buggers! I guess we forgot about them while looking for a new moral paradigm…

  7. As for the concept of the “DEATH CULT”… I think we should use this phrase much more often and by that call them out. The consciousness of how many people actually are members of the Death Cult might wake some sleepers.

    In that regard, I’d like to share some foreign piece of text that came to mind:

    “In Western Culture today one must make a distinction between the culture of life and the culture of death. […] It is impossible to calculate just how much American scientific talent has been put out to pasture on the rank grasses of death: university research and consultant­ship, nonprofit “defense” corporations, industrial research “parks,” and so on. Probably 50 per cent would be a low estimate. Together with the engineers and technicians they constitute the well-fed, comfortably housed culture of death. Thus we have an elite of death that we support in relative luxury. We must bear in mind that this is not the hasty mobilization of brains against a short-lived threat, but rather the long-sustained (perhaps for fifty years) training of tens of thousands of the most acute brains in the country in thinking about a world charnelhouse.
    Where is the culture of life? The culture of life resides in all those people who, inarticulate, frightened, and confused, are wondering “where it will all end.” Thus the forces of death are confident and organized while the forces of life -the people who long for peace- are, for the most part, scattered, inarticulate, and wooly-minded, overwhelmed by their own impotence. Death struts about the house while Life cowers in the corner.”

  8. You either know something or you do not. This is a good filter for absorbing information. Don’t get lost in details that either are not known or cannot be known. This is a simple method for clearing out the noise in one’s own mind.

    • Information should be a neutral affair, not emotional and not personal. Your own values or how you conduct yourself should be a dispassionate affair, for most things.

  9. Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.

    Voltaire – Questions sur les Miracles

  10. If you get Epoch Times, today you might have noticed the “Nanotechnology Used in Covid Vaccines, 2,000 Foods, Goes Unlabeled…”. How well that fits in with this podcast.

  11. Vermont Independent needs to get the sound levels even between interviewers and the guest. It’s irritating to have to change the sound level on the computer between James and the Vermont boys.
    I am cranky. My legs are swollen like sausages. I have a rash. I itch, can’t sleep, even my hands are swollen.
    The 55 year old recently retired chief of police just blew his brains out in his house here in our small town. He had health issues. I had a couple run ins with the COP. We disagreed on the confiscation of “Davey Crockett’s” inoperative flint lock rifle and anonymous sources providing “crime” info to the cops.
    Well, perhaps his death will save us taxpayers some money in pension payments.
    Yes, I am in a cranky mood.

    • Sorry your feeling bad… if your rash benefits from it you could try my personal favorite of the white coconut oil mixed with turmeric powder…. it cleared up a very nasty case of psoriasis and if I get joint pain in my bad hand a little rubbed on often appears to help.

      Makes a pretty bad mess though 🙁

  12. Just posting this here because of how they are conducting asset freezes and sanctions to control this political event. “The BURMA Act directs the president to impose sanctions on individuals acting in support of the Myanmar’s military, including those who operate Myanmar’s defense sector or an entity that supports the military, engage in policies that undermine democracy and stability, commit serious human rights violations, violate President Biden’s February 2021 executive order sanctioning military leaders, and provide financial, material, or technological support to individuals who are already sanctioned. These sanctions would freeze assets and prohibit foreign exchange transactions under U.S. jurisdiction, revoke visas, and bar entry into the U.S.

    The bill also authorizes $470.5 million for initiatives at the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development. In fiscal year 2023, $220.5 million would be provided in humanitarian assistance for ethnic groups and civil society organizations. $50 million would be allocated annually from 2023 through 2027 to support democracy activists, civil society leaders, and independent media.”

  13. It’s getting easier and easier to design your own narrative, we’ve been given several to choose from that are easy pickings.

    I grow my own garden because of skyrocketing food prices/chemicals in our food/save gas to drive to the store, etc.

    I’m not on social media because of creepy privacy policies/boycotting for xy or z reason/they heard me talk about getting a new car and now I’m getting targeted ads.

    Yes, I need $1 cash back at every transaction. Yes, even at that register that says no cash back. Even there. Cash is important and your rules are going to have to be more flexible.

    You’re basically limited only by your own imagination.

  14. Another good one James. Do you remember your first words in your first webcast after the American President announced a lockdown in March 2020? It was “don’t panic!” Well, I haven’t forgotten, and I am here now to let you know that Americans are finally getting it. The majority of people who inquire about all subjects freedom, human rights, and “closer to the truth” are very much aware of the nonstop propaganda they are being fed. Dare I say “Finally?” Even the family members who disowned me two years ago are asking me where and how I found out about corruption, weather control, mind control and World Economic Forum. The mood here is wary of the NWO and all politicians. I am very happy to report that news. I tell them that the assault is nonstop. Not surprisingly the deliberate attack on the food supply chain is the most obvious and easily recognized. Everybody sees that one. My narrative now is based on Jeffersonian principles: life liberty and the pursuit…upon which this country was built. I tell my grandchildren to be happy and treat everyone with respect, enjoy those around you and think for yourself. They can see that I am the only one around them unaffected by political control and bad news. We were shocked by the covid lockdown and I think it is a good sign that many are now looking for solutions in earnest. I want to say Thank You to you, as, you just keep on emphasizing solutions and here in the USA its gonna be harder and harder to get voluntary compliance from the wary public. The DHS recently acknowledged that vaxed citizens are down to 50%… Your pal Buz

  15. Touched on in this discussion was Mattia Desmet’s ‘Mass Formation’ theory but Desmet’s takeaway that he emphasized was not. That was that if mass formation is not stopped it always ends in atrocities. I venture to elaborate further writing that those eventual atrocities come from both ruling class, as already in example, and by those within the mass psychosis at the behest and under the auspices of the ruling class…need a new word definition for the ruling class obviously that more usefully describes their murderous inclinations.

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