Interview 1726 – James Corbett on The Pete Quinones Show

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via The Pete Quinones Show (RECORDED APRIL 19, 2022): Pete invited documentarian, researcher and commentator, James Corbett, to return to the show. James discusses how he believes the transgender movement we are currently seeing points forward to an even more technocratic transhuman movement.


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  1. in an agonizing effort of dire procrastination I’d just mention that

    a quote from André Malraux comes to mind:

    “Either the 21st century will be spiritual or it will not be”

    The ultimate test: are humans mere hackable animals?

    -To what extent will humans go to prove the contrary?

    and more importantly

    -To what extent do humans feel the need to prove the contrary?

    and as a side note:

    Covid’s main achievement was to prove to “the masses” that individual rights are, if not obsolete, then indisputably secondary to collective ones. (largely but not exclusively based on the self-contradictory “my vaccination doesn’t work unless you get yours” mentality.)

    Once your individual existence has been demoted to secondary importance with regards to the collective, then you’ll accept anything “the collective” imposes. Huge transformation, a major hack of the human mind.

    Who needs pyramidal hierarchies when transversal social pressure will do the trick? (just the ol’ panopticon syndrome oft mentioned on these boards)

    No, as one great thinker once stated: The UN doesn’t Love You! and neither does Daddy Gov. And THAT is what most people can not, or will not, fathom.

    And why would they when the carrots are so delicious in this hamster cage?

    But as a relatively anti-social panglossian hamster-wheel crank I can’t help but notice that a spiritual fervor that cannot be usurped by Agenda 21 or identity politics is re-emerging.

    So I’ll lift my well-worn glass and propose a toast to the 21st century! and get back to cranking…

    • NoSoapRadio says:
      “Covid’s main achievement was to prove to “the masses” that individual rights are, if not obsolete, then indisputably secondary to collective ones…
      …Once your individual existence has been demoted to secondary importance with regards to the collective, then you’ll accept anything “the collective” imposes.”

      That is an excellent, easy to digest concept.
      For me, it also underscores how powerful the narrative can be.

      • Holy crap! For the longest time I thought that username was Nosoa Pradio and have been meaning to put that in a translator.

    • Very thought provoking comment. I found it interesting that JC said that he thought the “leaders” were primarily interested in power and the management class were more true believers and maybe trying to achieve immortality or something like that. I have a hard time understanding the mentality of the psychopaths just wanting power over others, because even if they get it then what? To me it seems like immortality would be the biggest reward and motivator to do any of these insane risks with messing with our genetics.

      Even if immortality could be achieved with some technology, it won’t be available to people in our time. Bill Gates and all the other players will be long dead before that kind of tech comes out, if ever. And I just don’t think it would be possible in any reasonable time frame to matter to any of these people. Maybe if they understood biological systems in several thousand years or something like that, but even if they understood it would their interventions work?

      It just seems like such a simplistic reason, power and the pursuit of immortality to cause all this harm. But I have a hard time understanding the mind of a psychopath.

      At any rate, your question “are humans hackable animals?” NO I don’t think so, if hacking means to be able to read into someones individual mind and control their precise behavior. Groups can be steered and manipulated in predictable ways, but not hacked.

      And I do think that some kind of spiritual focus or “something more” is what is missing for many people. We are only here for a short time and the people doing all this to us will die too, so maybe instead of pursuing something that will never fill that void, can find another outlet. I certainly would like that, because they will do a lot of damage in the process of proving themselves wrong.

      • And even if they achieved immortality in several thousand or more years, what would they do with it? Then there would be space travel, I suppose, or potential space travel. Where does it end? This would probably get boring over time, like how having all the money in the world probably gets pretty dull. There’s no more challenge, no more risk, just mundane existence. I felt this way when I was done with college and was making good money. It became dull, the goal had been achieved, now what?

        There has got to be something greater and more rewarding to pursue. We are meant to die to give life meaning and value. I don’t understand these people and the pursuit of trans-humanism. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to give the rewards they think it will, not to me anyway.

        Thanks nosopradio for the post.

  2. On communal ownership of children…. I checked and was right the idea goes back to Plato’s Republic

    “….Socrates argues that, for the guardians, no woman should live privately with any man and all the children will be held in common so that “neither will a parent know his offspring, nor a child his parent.”[7] He goes on to remind everyone that the …”

    I think from things I hear the ideology behind the most recent attack on the family comes from “the authoritarian personality” book but I’ve not read it properly.

    From wikipedia
    “…..The personality type Adorno et al. identified can be defined by nine traits that were believed to cluster together as the result of childhood experiences. These traits include conventionalism, authoritarian submission, authoritarian aggression, anti-intraception, superstition and stereotypy, power and “toughness”, destructiveness and cynicism, projectivity, and exaggerated concerns over sex.[2][3]

    • Hillary Clinton wrote a book about it more recently. I never read it but it’s called “It Takes a Village.” I remember Oprah talking about it.

      Funny looking back on these “role models” in my childhood to discover that they are soulless vipers.

      • Kelly

        Ophra…. think how much power that woman has wielded….decades of sitting in the lounge of stay at home middle class women and being their TV-life black best friend telling them how the world works and what are a acceptable views and what’s not. Those women steering the husbands and the kids.

        I can’t imagine a politician or banker who has had that much power to engineer public opinion and attitudes….not even soros.

  3. Very interesting discussion. I have a child of impressionable age and fortitude that I’m having to constantly monitor to keep him away from the narratives of today. I never in my life would have thought that I’d have to combat transsexuality or critical race theory groomers with my young child. It’s so hard to even explain to the innocent that there are bad people who are trying to keep children from their full potential in life.

    ***Disclaimer – I do not care what people choose to do in their own private lives, I’m not going to judge until the moment you start trying to persuade the public, especially the younger generations, to validate your choices***

    • Kelly
      “…never in my life would have thought that I’d have to combat transsexuality or critical race theory groomers with my young child. It’s so hard to even explain to the innocent that there…..”

      I feel for you.
      It was hard enough to keep the evil out when it was just broadcast TV pumping sewage into the home….now it’s coming out of every cellphone 🙁

      You should read Abigail Shriers book “irreversible damage” for some case studies of how that stuff works…I was looking into the Pro Anna anorexia movement that appears to have been the dry run for the trans stuff….it has all the same features upto and including adult groomers. They only thing it lacked was the truck loads of cash shoveled into Trans.

      Homeschool is the only way 🙂

      You literally have to WORK to give kids a worse education then they get in state schools. I know people in the schools who refuse to send their kids to such places

      • I am really close to homeschooling. The 2 things that stand in my way are that my son is special needs and really does need to be around peers as much as possible. The other thing is that I live in Florida and there have been laws passed to try to prevent these things from being discussed in the classroom. Most of the teachers and admin are friends of mine and are just as disgusted as myself. I am ready though if anything goes haywire, and I agree in most cases that is definitely a solid solution. I’m fortunate to live in a small town with small schools and have the time to homeschool on the side.

        My fight is with youtube, and the random videos that get suggested to him by the evil algorhythm while he’s watching his art tutorials. I’m on it, but it’s ridiculous that I have to watch it like a hawk. Also he has some brainwashed cousins whose parents are all about following the narrative and I have to supervise that closely, too.

        Thank you for the book recommendation, I’ve downloaded it to my kindle. I did not realize that eating disorders were a precursor. Yikes.

        • Kelly
          “….My fight is with youtube, and the random videos that get suggested to him by the evil algorhythm while he’s watching his art tutorials…”

          Get an external hard drive the then save the videos you want if you have one of those laptops with a tiny disk… then you can let him “surf” videos you’ve saved for him…. you can even grab whole websites and store them offine with things like httrack.

          To save you could get Youtube-dl and grab the videos for local storage…. I use it on linux but its around for windows.

          Other suggestion is on firefox browser addons put in easy YouTube downloader ( should be first or 2nd on list , by dishita or something like that) and it adds a green download button to the page….it breaks every few months but then starts working again after a week or so.
          Instsll add ons in fire fox video

          If your kid on the AU spectrum i’d keep him away from anyone with those ideas since there appears to be increased vulnerability to this stuff in autism kids.
          But that’s just what I, a rando on the net, think and I don’t know your situation and stuff as well as you do 🙂

          Once your done with shriers book try Trans Industrial Complex by Scott howard. Antelope hill books… but only if you have a strong resistance to rage quiting.. Lol

          • Thank you Duck for your thoughtful replies!

            Good ideas, I will look into downloading approved material 🙂

            And yes, he has ASD and thankfully his cousins live 500 miles away so very little exposure in that area.

            I downloaded that book and will try my best to finish 🙂

            Have a fantastic day, I appreciate you!

            • Homeschooling doesn’t mean children don’t interact with others. It just means the parents choose who their children see, how often, how long, and how well-supervised. 🙂 It sounds like you are keeping a close eye on things, but children talk to each other. I distinctly remember several things that happened when I was in school (I only went to public school through third grade) and those things were enough to convince me to homeschool my son when he was only a few weeks old. That was in 1992, and despite the fact that I had previously scorned homeschooled kids. And yes, several of the experiences were with cousins, and not at school. Years ago, I heard a speaker say – watch out for cousins – and I can second that from personal experience.

  4. Above all else ”we” have to do away with women and time, i. e ‘nature’ & “we’” will achieve immortality.

  5. I tend to look at these over-the-top issues (e.g. gender, race, sudden open border immigration, climate change | ESG, inflation | supply chain) as a method of introducing chaos which can destroy traditional cultures and society’s framework.

    Once a society is wrecked and in shambles, it becomes easier for the Authoritarians to introduce their solutions.
    But don’t worry…you’ll own nothing and be happy.

  6. Corbett’s intuition was correct.

    See his link Top Disney Shareholders.
    As a bonus, you also get…
    Diversity & Inclusiveness of Disney
    …the company’s commitment to diversity, inclusiveness, and social responsibility as a whole.

    I was thinking about the old Mickey Mouse fan club…
    In this era, Mickey Mouse has “them” perfect ESG score.
    “them” is Mickey’s preferred pronoun.

  7. I also thought that was a great descriptive. Domesticated humans

  8. Reminds me if the Draka series…. the savage humans domesticate and breed a docile human to do their scientific and manual labor… Homo Servillus or something like that they called it

    • BINGO!
      Duck says:
      “…breed a docile human…Homo Servillus….”

      In 2013
      James Corbett says:
      “…and the beginning of an almost different Species. I think that the longterm game plan is to create a sort of sub-strata of humanity that are fit to be ruled basically….”

      Taken from FLASHBACK: Solutions: Overcoming Stockholm Syndrome (2013) presented on Saturday April 23, 2022
      I want to highlight Corbett’s presentation when he was talking with Adam Lane.
      QUEUE to the 20 minute mark if you are short on time for the quote.

  9. You aced it James!
    “Mafia”, yes, call it what it is.
    Community, no one goes it alone.
    Opt out when you can! Superb!
    Keep saying it.

  10. The reason why AI will always eliminate humans is that humans do not comply with their own rules. Hence, programming an AI to follow certain rules/morals is virtually impossible. Also, human value systems are never globally identical. Hence, the basic and limited logic underlying programming is the only truly consistent logic. Hence, true AI will never work the way envisioned..

  11. I am not sure that I agree with the idea that the family structure is a threat to continuity. As I see it, the family structure is essential to maintain control over “civilization”. As long as people behave predictably they can be controlled. The best way to do that is via religion and family structure. Family structure is the main thing that preserves “culture”, which is another way of ensuring conformity.

    In certain “primitive” tribes the children are raised by the tribe and all members of the tribe/collective take care of the children that is the future of the tribe.

    So the reasoning for seeing the idea of family structure as damaging may not only be based on some nefarious purpose.

    The idea of global family has been “defined” by some as “communism” or “socialism” – and been vilified. I posit that that is the real programming.

    • Siscuu

      “…In certain “primitive” tribes the children are raised by the tribe and all members of the tribe/collective take care of the children…..”

      Which ones? Do you have some names of these tribes so that I can look them up…. the reason I ask is that social scientists tend to make stuff up the way Margaret mead did.

      Generally speaking people will take care of their own Gene’s more then others…that’s why I read the biggest risk l to young females is non blood related males in the same household. The idea that people will feel as close to strangers around the world as to their own kids is simply nonsense.

  12. Yes, they will surely market how having to carry a cell phone is inconvenient, amongst other things. The ones I’ve already started hearing and that make me lose sleep at night is how we’re eventually going to be forced to keep all our doors unlocked (now, where did that truly happen historically? Oh right, Chicom) and how we will be taught to fear vehicles driven by humans – all of them. I want nothing to do with that.

  13. “Gay male kindergarden teachers who talk about their weekends”?????

    Are. You. Kidding. Me?

    Is there an agenda? You bet. And it’s being run, I would most assuredly assume, by hetero-sexuals. The same people who have been running these divisive, insidious agendas for decades.

    These agenda’s, the whole “woke” movement is cunning and powerful. They promote divisiveness and hate.

    I would encourage people to battle the agenda’s, which are surely the cabal, and not the individuals.

    I know many many gay people. None of them talk about their weekends (which of course must be wild and baccanalian, because after all it goes with the “lifestyle”) in front of kids.

    I know many gay educators. They are as dedicated as any heterosexual educators I know. They do not “groom”. They educate.

    I know many gay people who are parents. Biologically and adoptively. They are as loving and committed as any heterosexual parents I know.

    I know transgender people. I know a family with a transgender parent. They are a loving and committed couple and adore their child. And their child absolutely adores them.

    I find this train of discussion, which is happening more and more in the circles which have been fighting for bodily autonomy for the past two years, to be frightening and insulting.

    Fight the agenda if you don’t agree with it. But don’t lose sight of the individual and each person’s right to decide for themselves.

    Remember that many of us have been looked at as social deviants for the past two years. As selfish, cavalier, grand-ma killing tin foil crack-pots.

    • The Agenda is laid out rather well in “trans Industrial Complex” by Scott Howard.

      The majority of the rank and file people pushing it are alphabet people or some flavor of commie, or both. Ethnic Jews are also overrepresented rather heavily…. the book has names so anyone can fact check this easily.

      The people FUNDING it are not all that different though they are slightly lean less alphabet people and more into financial control and transhumanism.

      Sorry… I know gay people who are very nice but treating it like a normal lifestyle equal to fertile marriage is designed to break up society and weaken the population the way single motherhood was used to weaken and attack America blacks.

      Today many hetero sexual people have also adoped unhealthy and sterile sodomite lifestyles and will die in poverty and misery while giving their energy to companies and oligarchs.

      • “fertile marriage” is an interesting term as is “sterile sodomite”. I might be classified as being in an in-fertile marriage, but I can’t help it, I’ve just never wanted children of my own. I don’t have the patience or temperament for parenting, evidenced by my dread of interacting with bratty children. Does this mean I am some defective, or deviant? I don’t think so. Maybe I’ll adopt a child some day, who’s a little older so I don’t have to put up with staying up all night and the loud tantrums. Or I can mentor my niece and nephew.

        I know that men are often the ones who don’t want kids but I am female, so maybe I’m even more unusual.

        • Cu.h.j

          I am not anyone who can tell anyone how to live. However the sterile lifestyle will not end hapily for most people.

          Talking I GENERAL terms
          Who is going to pay the taxes for retired childless?

          Getting looked after by a low wage foreigner who hates me in a nursing home without a relative to check for bruises?

          Does a person without kids really care as much if they leave any property or problems behind them when they die?

          Sure SOME will, but generally not as much as someone with a stake in the future.

          Dr Dutton the jolly heretic… you might wanna FF the first min of him being a theater kid after the intro he gets serious again

          Again… I’m not the boss of anyone. All folks may choose whatever life they like

          • I better be nice to my sisters kids then…or maybe adopt. My husband wanted children and is good with kids. Me not so much.

            There are kids who would put their dear parents in a nursing home despite how good the parents were. Having kids is no giarantee. I see it all the time working in nursing homes. I think there are other ways to leave a legacy nowadays.

            I love my sisters kids and my husband has a neice that we care about. I enlist them to care for us in old age. We have more financial resources than our siblings partly because we don’t have kids.

            I think parenting and shaping a young persons mind and character is a skill that not everyone has.

            • I mean I see old people coming to the ER for placement in a nursing home. I don’t work nor would I ever work in one. They are depressing institutions. In fact I would rather die much sooner than end up in one.

              • Cu.h.j

                Perhaps you can explain to me his point?

                As I see it he is basically saying he does not want kids and wants humanity die out.

                He is not even saying that he would rather burn all he owns rather than suffer the tyranny of paying taxes….just that he has zero care for what happens after he dies.

              • No fact checker said that taxes were not an important consideration and implied they are a form of theft and exploitation. I agree with him or her in that regard.

            • Cu.h.j
              “…We have more financial resources than our siblings partly because we don’t have kids… ”

              Imagine if you had a nice pension and savings in 1960 then live 40 more years. How comfortable does that best egg look a decade later…and this is the OFFICIAL rate of inflation.


              A relative had to go back to work age near 80 for this very reason and someone I know worked social serv6for a while. She met an old couple who had tested brands.and found the most palatable cat food.
              🙁 Not joking.

              • I heard about the elderly eating cat and dog food. That makes me sad, like nursing homes make me sad. Many elderly are abandoned there, even some who have kids. The nursing home keeps them alive in debilitating conditions to continue to collect the medicare money.

                My ER treats a lot of these people who will get full treatment if they come in and are about to die. That is not kind to do CPR and IVs and invasive procedures on elderly with no quality of life but they have no advocate. I hate doing that to people. It feels like an ethical violation.

                I have also seen how close friends who may be younger care for an elderly friend and I do think my niece would take care of me if I was elderly and needed it. But, I don’t think I would want to live that way, like an invalid. My grandma who recently died didn’t want to live like that and she went to hospice. I was her power of attorney. She was a very independent person and the boss of the household. She wanted to wipe her own butt and feed herself and if she couldn’t, didn’t want to live anymore. I think I’ll be the same way.

                My husband and I are pretty lucky financially, certainly not wealthy by any means, but I think we will be okay, so long as no one gets sick. If I get some dreadful disease, I have the means to end my own suffering. I have no desire to be a burden to someone else living a half life as a sick invalid wasting away. That’s not an option.

              • As far as investing for the future, investing in things that will allow independence from the state are worthy endeavors, which is what I am attempting to do with property development outside of California. Where I am going has a low tax rate and I am developing land for “subsistence farming.”

                Hopefully if we build something really cool and worthwhile and productive, younger folk might want to take it over and help out a little when we get older. But, I really don’t want to live in a condition of physical and mental debilitation. Being able to be independent in my body and mind is very important to me, more so than longevity.

          • Fact Checker

            Yes… because we should all become losers like Scheissenhauer the world’s most famous incel.

            People only give up on life when they feel that the can not succeed in it… so I really hope that your just a gpt 3 AI chatbot sent to black pill us all and not an actual miserable person.

            • Fact checker actually makes excellent points about taxes. In fact James Corbett would probably agree with fact checker about taxes and government.

            • What personal insult did I give you fact checker?

              I insulted Scheissenhauer… pretty sure that HE is dead.

              You yourself claim to be “in hell” so commenting on your misery is.not an insult…unless you actually ENJOY life?

          • @Fact Checker Just remember, when America is a steaming pile of ruins Nancy Pelosi will be there to ensure Israel continues to receive their foreign aid! I honestly really felt this comment, sometimes it’s good to acknowledge how truly fucked things are.

          • If this is how you talk, I will from now on skip your comments. I find this kind of obscene language to be degrading, insulting, inconsiderate, ungentlemanly, crude, crass, defiling, rude, and many other words could also be added here. I stop reading or watching or listening when someone can’t be decent and show common courtesy, so I don’t know what you wrote – only that it was too offensive to read.

            • Please don’t let fackchecker bother you. He/she treats everyone who doesn’t agree with them the same horrible way.
              I tend to ignore him/her except to tease them occasionally. Sort of like the snarling cur behind the fence. Not ever going to make friends with it and you’re likely to get your hand bitten if you try.

        • I was afraid to have children. I guess I thought I would “grow up and get married and have kids” some day, but when it came right down to it, I was afraid to have children.

          My son was one of the best things that happened to me. I thought more deeply about nearly everything because I was now making decisions for him as well. Homeschooling became a mandate (for me). Television went out the window well before he was one. And it just kept going.

          Whenever anyone who has children tells me that they don’t have the patience to homeschool, I tell them that maybe they need to LEARN to be patient. 🙂

          I’m not giving advice… just some points to ponder. 🙂

          • Perhaps that was my reason too. It terrified me. The thought of bringing them up badly and having to witnesses them harm themselves as a possibility or hate me or just the thought of letting go were in the back of my mind.

            My grandma lost both of her children, my father and aunt. My father was an alcoholic who harmed himself and those around him. I didn’t understand how my grandparents who were very good decent people (maybe not the best parents at times) could have my dad turn out that way. My aunt had a lot of health problems and died in her 40s. I couldn’t imagine how my grandparents overcame that degree of pain to lose both children. I didn’t think I could face that possible outcome.

            Perhaps it was a mistake and it’s a decision I will live with until I die. But maybe I can adopt someone who could use a good home once I move. I’m a little too old now to have a biological child. I also think I would be more suited to care for a child who was a bit older.

              • I’ve heard horror stories about that, attachment disorder and conduct disorder. I’ve known a few people who have adopted thought and had really good experiences.

                Mentoring and leaving a legacy is valuable and I recognize that. I know that that was important to my husband and I felt bad about not having biological children, but could not shake the feeling of fear and dread and “what if”

                What if I have something in my genetics that would produce a person like my father? He wasn’t all bad, but when he was, was borderline evil. I would not want to pass that on to anyone. My husband’s father was also similarly disturbed as my dad was and ended his own life. Weird genetic issues can pop up and you might still get a kid with “attachment” issues.

              • cu.h.j. When I read this; “ What if I have something in my genetics that would produce a person like my father? He wasn’t all bad, but when he was, was borderline evil. I would not want to pass that on to anyone. ”
                I couldn’t help thinking that if your grandmother had had those same misgivings and decided to not bring your father into the world. You would never have existed.
                What a loss for the world that would have been.

                I made the very same rationalizations when I was young so I completely understand. Its just weird to contemplate the implications of our decisions.

              • Steve,

                Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate that and you are right. Bringing forth life is a risk, but can be worth it.

                I also think that there are a lot of kids that have the potential to make a profound contribution to the world who don’t have a home and could use some love and guidance from adoptive parents. There are even some teenagers that have been waiting for homes. I would feel good about helping one or more of those kids at this point in my life. When I get settled in my new state of residence, will look into it.

  14. Defining “Family”: One man ore one woman for themselves are just persons, as are any form of group of individuals, consisting of males or females in different forms of combination. A family forms when a child is a biological part of the group and a child can not exist without a father and a mother. Thus: A family I define as a man and a woman, loving each other and the thought of a child as a result of their love. Robots can not love. Robots are not a part of bilogical evolution. Robots can not be a part of a family as a result of biological evolution – that is why.

    • AI won’t ever be truly sentient….it can be in incredibly dangerous because stupid humans anthropomorphize stuff like this dude and his killer microwave AI being g interviewed .

      His video is “I gave my microwave a soul and it tried to kill me” or something like that

  15. hey all. just wanted to share a link to a new docuseries i’m watching called Propaganda Exposed. it was created by Ty and Charlene Bollinger who also created The Truth About Cancer: Quest for the Cures, another docuseries that exposed the history of the predators’ machinations to prevent us from accessing effective medical treatments. i have great respect for the Bollingers and their efforts to spread the truth. Can’t really give a preview of the propaganda docuseries because i’ve just started watching it. i believe there are 8 episodes which will be shown on the web over 8 days with free viewing. the first episode is up until 9:00 pm tonight, US eastern time. (it’s thursday here) you will be required to register to watch but it’s worth it. i’ve watched all of their docuseries and found them all valuable.

    Here’s the link:

  16. I noticed that too. I wonder if It has something to do with the former name of his show.

  17. I think that part of what is happening with this transgender wave could be related to some real changes happening in human caused by pollution. Here is an article about male frogs having female quality due to pollution in ponds. If the frogs are affected it is not too far fetched that human could be affected by this as well.
    On the family discussion well if you had a good experience in your family you would want to continue this in your own life. But if you had a shitty family you might not be that keen on thinking that this is the best model for support and affection. I hated my dad and would have welcome a different dad. I have now found a good family in friends and I can understand that this could work as well.

    • You are correct that family destruction is a major factor for in such things. The American black family was hit first, being economically more vulnerable , which is why they have a higher rate of
      Homosexuality at this time.

      This will change very soon since whites are rapidly hitting the same levels of family disfunction…. the Hispanic family is slightly better off so far AFAIK but I think they will go over the cliff rather rapidly from what I read.

      All problems flow or are fixed at the family level.

  18. I found the piercings & tattoos trend that started in the 90’s somehow suspicious when it became so pervasive. Now and for the last 15 years, I’ve perceived it as a way to psychologically break the skin barrier and make seem normal to insert a foreign object beyond this natural boundary of the human body.

    As for the praise for an ethnic diversity, a never-ending diversity, you only have to think about it for a few minutes to understand that if you keep mixing ethnic groups, generation after generation, you will end up with one single ethnic group (hence zero diversity) in which everyone will be part Asian, part European, part African, etc. For instance, as with other bipedal species, the Neanderthals didn’t disappear. They were absorbed by the Homo Sapiens as the latter were probably more numerous through a faster reproduction cycle – human beings are a hybrid race.
    My point here is that with a never ending interbreeding, you end up creating individuals with no past, no cultural references, no base or roots whatsoever. Easily malleable.

    The transgender agenda, because it plays with the notion of identity as James explained in this interview, is a step towards introducing the concept of a cyborg being as a desirable possibility to the population. I also think as Pete puts forward that to have individuals with no reproductive organs is the best way to arrive at a fully mechanized reproduction system for the masses, without an organic family structure and a parental authority, which remains a major rival to an overarching power. Because, who will the subject be loyal to at the end of day?

  19. I find it rather curious that parts of the dissidence find that the enemy is capitalism while other factions of the resistance believe that the issue is a Marxist agenda.
    They seem to be quite opposite in identifying our foes, don’t they?

    Well, could it be that they are both wrong and both right?

    As far as I can see, at the very top the so-called Elites have no political convictions as we understand them and use ideologies as tools, as a means to an end.

    Kind of like what is mentioned in this dialogue between Pete and James: does the danger come from the corporations? Or the Governments? The secret agencies even? Or perhaps from these international think tanks?
    It’s like that meme that is used as some kind of introduction to the conspiracy world and that shows the pyramid of the power structure with the big corporations at one layer, the political parties at another, religions at yet another, the think tank at a level above, etc. and the Illuminati at the top of it all.

    They’re all simply tools used by people who show signs of adaptability in how to rule and how to use different strategies to reach their goals.
    Now we even all say they’re psychopaths.

    Of course, aside from their shared ambition, knowing what structures the latter and ultimately binds them all in their intent would be some kind of a Holy Grail. We could hence probably spot their Achilles’s heel.

  20. Igor Shafarewitch: The Socalist Phenomenon

    There you can find very ancient forms of communitarian dictatorships

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