Interview 1740 – Declare Your Independence From The Media Matrix

by | Aug 6, 2022 | Interviews, Videos | 27 comments

via James joins Ernest Hancock for his regular appearance on the Declare Your Independence radio show to discuss how media is used to distract us from real life and real solutions.


Declare Your Independence radio show

The Media Matrix

Time Flies: U.S. Adults Now Spend Nearly Half a Day Interacting with Media

Technocracy is Insane, Anti-Human and it WILL Fail

A 1995 Interview with Neil Postman on His Memories of Marshall McLuhan


  1. Thank you James.

    Once again, this was a good listen.

    As a Canadian I say that you are a national treasure.

    But then again, I find myself at odd with my identity as a Canadian.

    So….just thanks.


    • You are logged into the Matrix in a trance about how harmful it is to be logged into the Matrix. “Free your mind, Neo.” Doesn’t it start here?

      So, here’s a solution. Let’s get a million or so irate voters together to march up the Capital Mall to peacefully protest the theft of the election, and get out of their bubbles. Oh, I forgot, that ended them up in solitary confinment in a DC jail.

      • To put a sharper point on this, most terrorized citizens realize its safer to be solitary confined in front of their computer screens than solitary confined in a some kind of physical Guantanamo. Either way they lose.

    • As a Canadian you can be proud of Matthew Ehret, of Canadian Patriot, who explains everything even as well or better than Corbett.

  2. Good to hear than Ernest is spending time and working on his solutions.

    Stick to the technology you understand and are in control of.

    Investigate NVIS propagation for communications…

    • “…Stick to the technology you understand and are in control of….”

      That is the most important advice.

  3. Boycott this insufferable boomer, James. 5 fucking minutes into his boomer narcissism ramblings, James finally has to interject himself in the conversation so he can have a word in edgewise in this one-way conversation. I’ve listened to several Declare Your Independence ‘conversations’ with Corbett and it’s always the same fucking thing. I hope Ernest Hancock dies a martyr at the very start of the looming civil war in the States, and I hope that civil war comes soon so I never have suffer through another one of his narcissistic ramblings.

    • There is a little button somewhere on your device that is labeled “off”.
      Maybe think about using it the next time you feel yourself getting your panties in a twist about what you are voluntarily choosing to listen to and spare us the angry screed. Sheesh!

      • Okay, boomer.

    • CRM

      like, seriously dude, its pretty clear Mr Corbett likes the guy and enjoys talking to him so I guess he has who he like on his show.

      Are you the kinda dude who duct tapes his grandma’s gob at thanksgiving when she starts talking about the 60’s or something like that? 😉 lol jk

      • clr,
        Just so you know, Duck was trying to make a joke and keep things friendly.
        “lol jk” = laughing out loud joke

        I want to point out that James Corbett does have a few rules for the comment boards.
        Calling people names or CIA agents or bots or “**** faces” is not civil conversation.

        Corbett’s Rules for Commenting
        “…rule is no ad hominem attacks, no trolling, no starting fights, no picking fights with other people in the comment section…”.

        Good manners go a long way in a civil discourse.

      • Oh my. Guys, girls, whoever.. just take a second and think about your impact. It’s just negative energy you’re sharing there.

        What’s the point? Like it, don’t like it. Live and let live.

  4. Somewhat off topic, but you guys did touch on it briefly, about the boogie-man Russia.

    I am waiting for the “1984 moment”, where the enemy was changed from Eurasia to Eastasia in a moment of time, and the population went along with it without missing a beat. Perhaps something like this may happen: Washington D.C. indeed will change it’s boogie man from Russia to whoever (China, Iran), but in this case, Russia becomes Washington D.C.’s ALLY. This might happen within 24 hours, or 3 days (instead of immediately). I’m not a prophet, but I would not be surprised if something like this happened.

  5. I haven’t listened to this interview yet so this is probably not on topic, (where’s the Aug open thread?), but I just heard Michael Yeadon proclaim that he no longer believes in respiratory viruses.
    I thought that was noteworthy.

    • I heard that declaration too and it would be good to hear a longer discussion.

      I’m was researching experiments with cell culture and some antibiotics affect gene expression may affect different types of cells that could affect how the cells behave.

      Genetics adds a whole lot more complexity to the mix and I think that both theories of disease are only provide a partial explanation.

      At any rate it would be interesting for him to explain what he means and why.

      I also know that contamination from other microbes, bacteria and fungi is a problem when doing experiments on cell culture which is why anti fungals and antibiotics are added to the mix.

      I read somewhere that when Dr. Lanka did his cell culture experiment, he changed the composition of antifungal that might have explained his findings. But now I can’t find his paper on cell culture. Someone linked it a few years back, but I can’t it.

    • I read this. It seems like a hit piece on Michael Yeadon. It is interesting to note how high up he was in Pfizer and likely how wealthy he is. He’s a very smart man, probably a gifted researcher.

      When he spoke out about the vaccine, my intuition was that he was genuine. I can always be wrong, but I don’t think so in this case.

      Regarding the germ/terrain discussion, this was a little clip. I’d like to hear what his reasoning is.

      His concern about fertility issues was well founded though. As it turns out the “vaccine” has not YET caused a massive extinction event. It’s like a big experiment. Shows me how little is actually fully understood.

    • “Why Yeadon transformed from mainstream scientist to COVID-19 vaccine skeptic remains a mystery. Thousands of his tweets stretching back to the start of the pandemic document a dramatic shift in his views – early on, he supported a vaccine strategy. But they offer few clues to explain his radical turnabout.”

      This paragraph sums up the article for me.
      That the writers don’t, or pretend not to understand that people change their opinions upon receiving new information. That they cast Michael Yeadon as unstable and confused when actually he is open minded and flexible convinces me that they are blind to what is happening in the world.

      Since I first became aware of him. Michael Yeadon has been consistent in his skepticism about the official story. And he has used his position in the world to communicate his evolving concerns to many people who would listen to him only because of that position.
      I see him trying to do a balancing act. Slowly realizing the depths of the evil deception that has been taking place while attempting to maintain a respectable social network as a scientist.
      The article’s criticism of some of the statements that Yeadon has made is unfair at best. It would have been remarkable if he had been able to predict with one hundred percent accuracy the course of events in an orchestrated plandemic with allegedly laboratory manipulated viruses and erratic government responses. And the “side” effects of the death shot just keep on coming. So who’s to say whether or not he will be proven right in time.

      Not much of an article in my opinion.

      • Agreed. It did highlight how much of a big name he is/was in pharma though which adds credibility in the mainstream. He also doesn’t sound like a “people pleaser” type who keeps his opinions to himself. He speaks his mind openly and this shows some bravery. It doesn’t mean he’s always right, but he doesn’t care what people think and that’s pretty cool.

        I wish I could be more like that, but at this time have too much to lose on a financial level. If I was a little bit better off, I would open my mouth a lot more among health care providers. But for right now, I’m not in the same position Dr. Yeadon is.

  6. Hi James,
    talking about cannibalism, there is this absolutely sick site, just for the hollywood elites… a delirium for sick/rich people

  7. Nobody:…
    Me: My theory is that as each generation goes through life, we lose more and more knowledge and ability to be self sufficient. I remember my grandpa had a garden and I used to snap peas when I visited. In my mother’s days, the narrative made divorce trendy. As a result of that and inflation my mom had to work. So now she has no time or desire to teach her children of the old ways. It was all about her. I was gen X, so I grew up saturated in media and a latchkey kid that could babysit myself, but only because of technology like microwaves and cable TV. My kids are growing up with the internet, but by luck with a father and extended family that cling to the old ways. I’ve noticed that other parents are thrilled when their kids are friends with my kids and get to learn skills like fishing, hunting, gardening and basic DIY stuff when they visit. I think people are starting to catch on and turn things back a bit.

    • I think that you are right there!

      Generations have been swayed by the media into pushing the agenda forward and then ‘reassured’ by the same media that ‘it’s okay, it’s normal, it’s progress’.

      Our family has 90% ditched ‘smart’ tech. Yes we have computers and a tablet that is used for video calling family abroad but that’s not in use most of the time.

      Even my parents have commented on many occassions, how it’s ‘inevitable’ and even suggested we’re hindering the progress of our children by keeping them away from the tech.

      The pressure you get from people who are ‘locked in’ is sometimes difficult to deal with. Beyond that we are also teaching them at home, which adds to the raising of eye-brows.

      But, the pride I have in my children when I see how alive they are… it’s just so overwhelming, it’s hard to describe! And it just makes you forget all the pushback!

      Good luck!

  8. Good Job James …. you are a patient man …..

    • Good Job James …. you are a patient man …..”

      LOL .?

      Not only are we (here) over-dosing on media, but we are
      over-dosing on the pessimistic side of the media, the conspiracies.
      We are conspiracy theory extremists.

      So we get a double-dose of media fatigue.
      We are constantly analyzing worst case scenarios like Agenda 21,
      Agenda 2030, Great Reset etc.

      We have it twice as bad as normies!

  9. RE: Interview 1740 – Declare Your Independence From The Media Matrix

    I would have liked to see the conversation focus more towards “how invigorating learning history can be.” …especially when the history narrative is told well.
    Corbett Members have remarked on this aspect.
    I find learning history very pleasurable when it is not made dull.
    It’s all about the story.

    Also, I would have liked to have gotten an update of when the Series Title Theme “What Hath God Wrought” by KODOMOSAN will be available.
    I really enjoyed that music.
    (It had a hint of Pink Floyd to it.)

  10. An African country observed that when a village got television the birth rate fell. Television is more varied and mentally stimulating than sex.

    Being glued to your iPhone is more stimulating than talking to your family. Same with your friends. Alcohol and drugs excepted.

    Life is often boring and small talk often embarrassing. That’s why the machines are winning.

  11. In response to Ernie’s mention at around 32:52 of havin’ himself a juicy Jennifer Lawrence steak;
    I’ve posted this trailer a few times over the years but here it is again, the most pertinent instant being at 1:20 of the clip:

    Brandon Cronenberg’s Antiviral for some reason never really went viral… until today perhaps, for its 10th anniversary.

    PS: I had an English teacher at a French university who explained that the movie Jaws was subliminally expressing the global terror of Russian nuclear submarines.

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