Interview 1752 – James Corbett Discusses Al Qaeda on Holding The Line

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via Holding The Line: On the 5th of October 2022, HTL welcomed back James Corbett for another discussion about his work and to get some insights into the current state of world geopolitics.

In the interview with Rusere Shoniwa, James discussed one of his latest pieces of work – an epic three-part documentary series entitled False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda. The trilogy is jaw-dropping and gut-wrenching in equal measure, even for those who already know about the vast holes in 9/11’s official narrative and the concept of false flag events. As James says in this interview with Rusere Shoniwa for HTL, we must learn from this history so it is not repeated.



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  1. Great interview/conversation James. I couldn’t help but think while listening, that when presented with the truth, the general population has become so anesthetized by social/cable media that that are not able to grasp the level of criminality that is happening in front of their faces on a daily basis. And probably not really interested either. Humanity has had periods of ascending trajectory but it seems that in my lifetime I’ve only witnessed life in a descending pattern. Governments are not held accountable to anything or to anyone. It’s wonderful that people like you devote their time and lives to shining the light of truth for the uninformed to awaken to the horrors and injustices. Maybe a younger generation will start to get a sense that things are not what they should be and affect some kind of change, but it seems that the only hope for now it find whatever like-minded people you can and form decentralized communities that work with barter, etc. Please keep up the great work. You are one of the few sources that allows me to personally become educated and informed on things that really matter.

  2. This was a real interview, less conversational, and EXCELLENT POINTED QUESTIONS!! He asked for the detail and Mr Corbett is able to respond fully, eloquently.

    This was a great interview.

  3. – “Incompetence Theory” –

    I’m glad that James brought the “Incompetence Theory” up during the discussion around False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda.

    I am convinced that things like the rampant Vaccine Injuries, the Pandemic Lockdowns, the current Energy Crisis, and the current high Inflation are deliberate and intentional.
    Sure, there is a lot of incompetence in high places…and definitely some major dimwits at the helm. But the disasterous outcomes resulting from these Authoritarian directives were well known in advance. It is deliberate demolition.

  4. Thanks for advertently or inadvertently answering my question.

    Compiling, mounting, editing 15 years of research doesn’t provide new perspectives or Ah HA! moments, but painstakingly laying out the details in chronological order effectively debunks the “got lucky” and “incompetence” pseudo-theories and allows for the full realization of the flabbergasting enormity of the successful wielding and almost burlesque nature of the engineered Al Qaeda terror icon.

    So, though the East-West Nordstream Bridge has been blown apart, whether you take the North Atlantic Road or follow the yellow BRICS road you’ll arrive at the M-CBDC Bridge. Indeed, it seems the Eastern and Western digital banking highways will comfortably converge on the notoriously uni-polar’immunities and privileges’ at the tower of Basel. .

    Interesting conversation that bridged the illusory gap between the War of Terror and the destruction of the bridge between the EU and Russia that the Nordstream pipeline represented.

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