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From The Darkened Hour: James Corbett is an award-winning investigative journalist,who has written, recorded and edited thousands of hours of audio and video media for The Corbett Report website, including a podcast and several regular online video series. His latest series False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda is a three part docu-series which details the initial and past history of the ultra-orthodox sect Al Qaeda led by Osama Bin Laden.

Video courtesy of Adam Fitzgerald’s Odysee channel

Audio courtesy of The Darkened Hour podcast


  1. Also read “The Trigger” by David Icke.

    • Those dastardly Sabbatean Frankists! [insert oldmanyellsatcloud.jpg]

  2. “The Fat Bin Laden” video

    Adam Fitzgerald and James Corbett begin talking about this topic at the 54:45 minute mark.

    Adam has this video uploaded to his channel…
    Osama Bin Laden Confession Video (November 2001)

    Amateur videotape obtained by forces operating in Afghanistan showed Osama bin Laden talking about his prior knowledge of attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, as well as the reactions to the attack by a Saudi sheik and his entourage. English translation in subtitles was provided by Defense Department translators. The recorded conversation does not appear in chronological sequence and is divided by scenes of a downed U.S. helicopter in Afghanistan. (11-8-2001)

    Adam Fitzgerald has some very interesting videos on his channel.

  3. James – do you ever think you’ll do a published investigation into the occult aspects of 9/11? I think it would be wildly popular (Brock could do some space-y still graphics with you in a hooded robe or something), considering you’re such a thoroughly no-nonsense presenter of the conspiratorial and eschewing of the more speculative realms of CT (‘the internecine squabbling over the Twin Towers destruction’, etc.). I’ve tried to slog through ‘Angry Man’ Mark Passio’s kabbalistic presentation series on the 9/11 event, and there’s ‘The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual’ by ‘S.K. Bain’ (who I think may be a nom-de-plume of Peter Levenda’s) which I own but have never read. Occultist Peter Levenda allegedly stole content from William Ramsey into Aleister Crowley magickal syncs with 9/11 (Aleister Crowley: Prophet of Evil). Incidentally, Ramsey might be a good person to have a discussion with, as I think it would raise his profile some more and you two share similar worldviews, I’m sure, on Covid era topics and 9/11, etc.

    You obviously do top-tier independent journalism on 9/11 and we’re all grateful for this, but I do think the mark is missed in some respects when we don’t account for supernatural elements of 9/11. The events of that day didn’t occur within a bubble outside of larger worldview histories and realties that does very much include ‘secret societies’, occult practices and ritual and a huge lore and historical database to draw from that includes supra-human entities – some of which might have a hand in the creation of the Novus Ordo Seclorum. I mean, just take for example all the occult intrigue related to Yale’s Skull & Bones initiatory rites, which both President Bushes underwent. There’s plenty of ‘nuts and bolts’ hard facts here for you to begin an investigatory hunt into that may end up with you staring into the Lovecraftian void of a Luciferianism ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I think back to 2007 when you first started the Corbett Report, which you brought up in this interview. I suppose like you I had an option to start getting ‘redpilled’ during the ‘aughts’ decade earlier than I did (was it in 2006 when you got your apartment’s wifi that enabled your rabbit hole journey?), but I didn’t get into the conspiratorial and non-official research regarding 9/11 (and, by proxy, the broader conspiratorial milieu and worldview) until late 2010/early 2011 (those were hazy times). In 2006 and 2007 I was in Iraq, or recently back stateside, and as such I’ve always felt I’ve had ‘skin in the game’, as it were, with regards to 9/11 and investment in the official narrative, as well as seeking the truth (admittedly to varying degrees of interest over the years) regarding that event and the people and motivations surrounding it. I suppose we collectively all have skin in that game, however – especially those of us who are at the very least awakened to a perspective that bucks the mainstream narrative vis-à-vis September 11, 2001.

  4. I was quite impressed with the interviewer. He really knew his stuff and his recall was as good as James’ recall of people, places, events, etc. I learned some things.

    • scpat says:
      “I was quite impressed with the interviewer. He really knew his stuff….”

      Man! No kidding. Me too!
      I was listening while doing a fix-it project in the kitchen, but had to repeatedly come back to the living room to rewind.

      Adam Fitzgerald has some very interesting stuff on his video channel.

  5. James I disagree strongly with your continued position that we have been fixated on the pyroctechnics of 9/11 for 21 years and that’s the reason no justice has been given to those responsible for the operation.

    Adam Fitzgerald asked you a very simple question:
    “If I were to reach certain people in the public, where would I start with explaining 9/11?
    Have you ever come across this problem yourself and where would you start?”

    Instead of answering his question, you said what you wouldn’t do, fixate on the pyroctechnics of 9/11 for 21 years.

    Although you have done excellent work over the past 15 years on many areas of 9/11, almost all of it has been concerning circumstantial evidence rather than physical evidence.

    I’ll tell you the truth. If I had five minutes to convince someone that 9/11 was an inside job (and that’s usually all the time you have to do so), I wouldn’t start with material about Al-Qaeda, follow the money trail, the 9/11 suspects etc. etc.

    I would go straight to the physical evidence that shows the operation had to have been an inside job.

    Once the person saw the light and realized they were conned, I would then continue with the circumstantial evidence that is your specialty.

    For you see, it only takes 5 minutes to show 9/11 was an inside job. Five minutes of physical evidence.

    Of course I agree with you 100% that we shouldn’t have argued about minute details about this and that physical evidence. But that doesn’t invalidate the power of that evidence.

    I doubt we would have had any more success in bringing the perps to justice had we concentrated mostly on the circumstantial evidence for the past 21 years, rather than the physical evidence.

    So in summary, use the most powerful evidence you have first (the physical) to convince someone that 9/11 was an inside job. Then, and only then, if you have the luxury of gaining someone’s attention for a few hours or more, certainly provide them with as much circumstantial evidence as they are interested in looking into.


    • Fawlty Towers,
      I completely agree with you that the marketing approach for a new person probably begins with Controlled Demolition.
      The first rule of marketing: “Attract attention and interest.”

      Here is a Rethink911 Billboard in Dallas (across the I-35 highway from the Dallas World Trade Center).

      That said, I understand Corbett’s point about the 9/11 Truth Movement.
      I remember all the loud arguing and flame-wars about the Pentagon, about LIHOP and MIHOP, about all kinds of speculative theories, and saw how some folks strained to direct/dictate the movement. Daily, for years, I read the forums. The controlled demolition topic always garnered great interest. Sometimes, some topics & prints did not get the play they deserved.

      Most 9/11 Truth Advocates, including me, were focused primarily on the Controlled Demolition. But I saw this aspect as one of the best lines of dissemination. …and dissemination is my bailiwick. It was my self-appointed job, but the pay sucked. 😉

      Back in the day, the 9/11 Truth Movement really needed Corbett’s visual documentary
      False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda.
      There is a limit as to how the printed word alone can communicate.
      “False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda” during that early era would have put the 9/11 Truth Movement on a more balanced footing. The film series has an impact on one’s conceptual understanding.

      • Well, my reply to the comment above is in the moderation queue, but you said it much more cooly and effectively than I did, HRS.

        The first rule of marketing: “Attract attention and interest.

        And, though I didn’t mention this in my comment, I think the obsessive focus on dramatic and detailed D-day demolition diatribes and debates did end up serving as a divide and conquer tactic in a partially successful controlled demolition of a vociferous and easily stigmatized truth movement along with alienating many vaguely questioning bystanders who might otherwise have been able to identify with other realms of 9/11 skepticism. The prevailing focus on holograms and obscure “nukular” weapons, whether accurate or not, like the incendiary tone and oversimplification of the MIHOP/LIHOP debate (in which I also participated), probably helped drive less bellicose and pyro-technically inclined would-be skeptics away.

        Just as an exclusive focus on the total non-existence of viruses would be a counterproductive short-term strategy at discouraging people to take the upcoming round of genetically modified poisons,

        the endless circular pyro-technic debates that unified strictly no one does a disservice to the 9/11 Truth movement filled with Sunstein trolls and other Chomskian spin-doctors trained in the art of confusion, sophistry and buying time and unwitting allies for the true terrorists.

        anyhow, back to Sunday!

    • It seems you’re generalizing your own sensibilities as being those of everyone else’s on the planet.

      “Did you know some extremely rare and wildly lucrative put options were made on the very airlines involved in 9/11 the day before the event?” could be a class-stopper with a financial or banking student.

      “Did you hear about the EPA’s Christine Whitman scandal?” will tickle the curiosity of my environmental protection students of all sectors.

      My accountants get shivers from the missing trillions and the seemingly targeted destruction of the pentagon crash.

      My IT techs and software developers are curious about PTech and Indira Singh.

      “Have you ever heard of WTC tower 7?” is a general fav among my firefighters, architects, engineers and construction workers of all stripes whereas it will leave many others stone cold.

      The University of Alaska’s physical evidence “exhibit A” will probably never lead to public apologies, official investigative report revisions or convictions. This makes the court of public opinion “a truther’s” most promising forum for mitigating future damage to the population and 5-minute physical evidence will most often not be sufficient to lure them into the arena.

      Since people simply will not see what they don’t want to see, you have to slip in through the back door by titillating the objects of your listener’s specific preoccupations, imagination and universe.

      A single piece of ‘5-minute physical evidence’ that you personally happen to find compelling, however incontrovertible it might be, cannot be a universal “open sesame” on command for the diverse minds of the planet filled with personal tastes, fears, cognitive biases and other impediments to clear-sightedness and reasoning.

      So thankfully Mr. Corbett has taken the more arduous and diverse million-hour evidence road, going down the money trail, forensically following the war games path, studying the homegrown Islamic terrorism tree, retracing their footsteps, flights and affiliations, exposing the EPA “air fit to breathe” mass murder, uncovering and dissecting the underlying false flag strategy, the psychological operations and perception management techniques including gatekeeping through media manipulation, stigmatization, fallacies, falsehoods, not to mention prefacing and punctuating with historical precedents and my knees buckle and my head spins when I try to apprehend all of the colossal searching, analyzing, compiling, composing and communicating of the countless ways in which 9/11 was hatched, carried out and subsequently instrumentalized as a pretext for the endless heart-breaking and horrific killing sprees that’ve raged across space and time since then.

      In fact, when speaking about Mr Corbett’s work on 9/11, probably the most prolific, comprehensive, comprehensible, persuasive and freely available in the world, it would seem breathtakingly reductionist and dismissive to protest but

      “… almost all of it has been concerning circumstantial evidence rather than physical evidence…”

      • I loved reading your “approach” examples with the targeted audiences.

        You are in a unique line of work. Your trade is communication and you are exposed to countless numbers of individuals from a background that covers the spectrum. And you get to observe how people respond…and that aspect contains so much insight that it would be difficult to catelog…I think wisdom comes from that exposure.

      • Yes by all means use whatever method you think will work best on your target audience.

        You are fortunate to have captive/receptive ones who are focusing on a wide variety of subject areas (finance, banking,environmental protection, accountants, IT techs, software developers, firefighters, architects, engineers, construction workers).

        Just as James is fortunate to have a captive audience here at his site, who are overwhelmingly already red-pilled about 9/11.

        Most of us don’t have that luxury.

  6. During Adam Fitzgerald’s conversation with James Corbett, Corbett brings up…

    …Incompetence Theory, MIHOP and LIHOP (“Made”/”Let” it happen on purpose), and
    “Why are you talking about this now?”

    When I watched “False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda”, I could not help but to compare it to this new Covid and Climate Change era.
    A common, always used pattern of action exists.

    What is currently happening with authoritarian directives and the media is not accidental. It is not incomptence (although some folks are dimwits). It is not “Oops, I made a mistake.”
    This is deliberate. It is intentional. Things are being “Made to Happen” (MIHOP).

    1 ~~ All 15 ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) Members approved the Covid vaccine for the CDC recommended childhood schedule. They aren’t stupid. They know without a doubt that kids don’t need a Covid vaccine and they certainly know that many kids will be injured or die from the shot.

    2 ~~ Biden and European Leaders and Blackrock, the Climate Change narrative, et al – They know that suppressing oil/gas refining, exploration, & investment funding will lead to a scarcity/chaos of energy supply chains…which in turn reflects on inflation, food production and economic prosperity. They all know full well that they are throwing wrenches into the gears of natural markets.

    3 ~~ The Fed and other Central Banks knew what would eventually happen by pumping out all that free money into the system.

    I could go on and on. Chaos and confusion are easy to create.
    What currently is going on is deliberately “made to happen”.

    It is the same playbook used in the “The Secret History of Al Qaeda”.
    Who lost their job or went to jail because of being incompetent?

    Probably, that aspect is the most frustrating for me. These people in authority or the media know that they won’t see prison or suffer accountability.
    It is like the fabricated “Weapons of Mass Destruction” lie which resulted in countless deaths and misery.
    The culprits are quoting Alfred E. Neuman of Mad Magazine “What? Me worry?”

  7. I find it rather ironic that of all the guests James has featured over the past 13 years on 9/11,
    Richard Gage is one of his favorites.

    I say it is ironic because Richard focuses on one and only one aspect of 9/11; the same pyrotechnic evidence that James now tries to deprecate.

    Gage is a one-trick pony.

    Yet James has interviewed him over a dozens times!

    • Well, that was a very well-aimed toss!

      Talk about deprecating! You got two great birds with one short message box! Wow!

      Have you had training?

      What exactly is your gripe?

      • Let me be very clear.       

        I have the utmost respect for James and all the works he does at The Corbett Report.         
        I am one of his biggest fans and visit his site regularly.         

        I also have great respect for Richard Gage and all the work he has done         
        in waking up people around the world to the 9/11 false flag operation, though admittedly
        his focus of research is quite narrow.         

        However any time I hear James brush aside what I consider to be the most compelling evidence of 9/11 being an inside job, I feel I must speak out about it.         

        I agree with James that bickering about the type of explosives used to bring the towers down is counter-productive, and probably played a role in stifling the 9/11 truth movement, but then there was bickering about almost every other element of the operation as well.         

        So to say it was this, rather than that, that killed the 9/11 truth movement is a gross over-simplification I believe. Many factors were involved and I suppose books could be written about the subject.

  8. From the small portion of this Adam Fitzgerald interview that I listened to, he kept fairly quiet most of the time, allowing James to answer his questions at length.

    This was the first time I had heard of Adam Fitzgerald and didn’t know where he was coming from vis-a-vis 9/11 or anything else really.

    If you have the stomach to watch his recent analysis of a Dylan Avery interview from 2007 be my guest. I couldn’t watch more than 10 minutes of it.

    He is attempting to cut Dylan into pieces on his take of 9/11 and his Loose Change video.

    Fitzgerald is just absolutely brutal. And for no good reason at all.

    Considering that the first version of the Loose Change video was made in 2002, Dylan and Jason Bermas got an amazing amount of the 9/11 story right.

    • *Small correction. Bermas got involved in the second version of Loose Change.
      Korey Rowe was Dylan’s partner for the first version.

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