Interview 1765 – Movies Are Dead on The Ripple Effect

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via The Ripple Effect podcast: James joins Ricky Varandas on The Ripple Effect podcast for a wide-ranging discussion about scientism, censorship, and the future of media.

video courtesy The Ripple Effect BitChute / Odysee / Rokfin / Rumble

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  1. James, Please don’t ever stop what your doing. You make a difference. I remember listening to you on Alchemy Radio back in 2013/14. Once we look beyond the curtain there’s no going back. Peace brother. Love you

  2. One needs to be more than not a materialist. Beginning with the perplexing and tragic human condition, the great Oxford scholar and leader of the Oxford Movement in the mid-1800s, John Henry Newman in his famous intellectual autobiography, Apologia Pro Vita Sua explains very profoundly (and in very elegant prose) what is the most rational solution to the riddle of human existence, of physical and moral evil, and why it makes sense that there would be some means provided by God for having certainty about the most important things, including the moral and social order. In his Chapter 8 entitled “General Answer to Mr Kingsley,” Newman has some very profound thoughts:

    But keep in mind as you read it, that when he mentions the Catholic Church, Newman, who converted from Anglicanism after reading deeply in the early Church Fathers, is referring to the Church as it existed in his time, which is a different Church than what the world has seen since a takeover of its visible structures, a relatively little known fact precipitated by a takeover of the papacy by the Church’s traditional enemies and their Masonic assets in 1958:

    Chapter 8:

    Much more could be said, and further enlightenment can be found online, e.g. in the works of Fr. Denis Fahey, who unlike the apostate priests, bishops, and antipopes of the counterfeit NWO-serving Vatican II “counterfeit church of darkness” (Cf. the mystic Anne Catherine Emmerich), he reveals the true enemies of God and of the human race:

    Where Fr Fahey says “Organized Naturalism,” one might more accurately say “Organized Preternaturalism,” since the Judeo-Masonic powers ruling over us and over our politicians are under the preternatural power of Satan, who has been given more power in our time, as the prayer of the Rosary has been given more power to overcome every evil, especially our own sins.

    On Satan’s increased power:

    On the Rosary’s increased power:

  3. I liked the way Corbett framed the context of man’s spirituality and existence when asked about it towards the end of the podcast.
    There is wisdom in his words.

    What’s more…
    If Corbett Members wish to discuss religion and spirituality, Corbett offers them an uninhibited platform for civil discussion with the Comment Section.
    But, I doubt if Leslie Wexner will be participating.

    • I think that this was an interesting conversation but most interesting and useful was the idea of getting into the mind of these psychopathic elitists to see their strategy. Knowing how to interpret information and pick out what’s important is beneficial. It’s kind of like learning to skim parts of books in college. I remember taking non science classes in college and being assigned 10 dense books in a few different classes and having be selective on what to study and how to discern what would be on the final. My professors were trying to hone this skill.

      The strategy to overload with truth and lies and then misdirect to keep people confused and divided is a good strategy if you want to keep control. Humanity unifying and supporting a different system or systems which maximizes liberty is a threat to them. This is how they see it. They could become irrelevant and their control dissolve. They also don’t want consequences for what they have done.

      I like the way JC has presents information and teaches people how to research so that they can form their own opinions. Hopefully people will start to see that the elitists are trying to steer people into slavery and dystopia and we have a choice.

    • Sorry, HRS. I meant to post my comment as a general comment but it was posted at the end of yours and had nothing to do with what you said. That was an accident, not meant to be confusing to anyone.

      • 😉
        No worries, it wasn’t an “overload”.
        You make a great point in your comment.

    • HomeRemedySupply

      “…But, I doubt if Leslie Wexner will be participating….”

      Lol. 🙂

      But I actually came back to my computer to say that the Process of Science being used upon Man and where it ends up is very nicely put in CS Lewis “Abolition of Man” which anyone can read in an afternoon.

      The most important points he makes are that the Power of Science “Over Nature” almost always means the power of “Some men:” over “Other men” and he calls for a different kind of science, that would not do to rocks what modern science does to animals and people….sadly he says that even he is not quite sure what he is asking for.

      OK back to digging

  4. Can’t wait to see this, but just to say when 9/11 happened and it was clear there was a commitment to extend the lies necessary to protect the conglomerated interests involved, I said it was the “death of art” because you can’t have art without truth. It’s then, just entertainment. I particularly said TV and Film would have a hard time with truth. No truth, no art.

    Now, I will view.

  5. I have watched a sum total of one movie so far this year. The Andromeda Strain from 1971. Funny enough, also based on a book by Michael Crichton – the Author of Jurassic Park.

    Probably wouldn’t have bothered watching that if wasn’t for the predictive programming aspects and the movie being available for free on the internet archive.

    Little did the author know back in 1969 that five complex levels of decontamination would not be required to protect people from any micro organism and that a simple piece of cloth tied around your face would do!

    Hate to think what watching a modern movie would be like … I can imagine the lead character opting for a sex change as the timer on the bomb is counting down to zero …

    • Opting? What actually happens is that the
      hero’s scrotum is filled with pestillence spreading devices that need to removed before the bad guy (a cis male of traditional persuasion) punches the button. The make shift operation is executed by a jittery handed many time transitioned sidekick, who forgot their original sex like some women forget their original hair color, that snips off a bit more than the plot device called for. At hero’s delight and elegant surprise.

      But to your point yes, movie watching is on the decline for me, as well. And I was kind of a movie buff, but I guess thete is a shift happening. I won’t even mention what a stinking rotten mess most of the newer movie productions are.

      • Mkey
        “…won’t even mention what a stinking rotten mess most of the newer movie productions are….”

        You need to knock down the old set before you build the New One. The thing is that we’re objecting to t he destruction of movie heroes and tropes that were created by Social Engineers to shape and control us.

        So when we cry out for Indiana Jones and the Old Ghostbusters and Old fashioned Comic books and Traditional TV we are just crying out for the OLD chains that we’re used to.

        Funny thing is I used to laugh at American blacks trying to get back to african cultures they had nothing to do with and no real connection to but now I understand that impulse to reject an oppressor culture.

  6. Richy Varandas, you talk too much.


    The individual is powerless no matter how good their words as all good words have been expended to no avail. But if words championed a form of PHYSICAL TRANSITION that engendered UNITY, those words would be all-powerful and prevail against any ENEMY.

  8. JC, you accurately convey the level of censorship imposed by those in control, this will not diminish but intensify as time goes on, obviously.

    So what is the value of the commentariat when their efforts are neutralised by TPTB? Putting it in a more critical context, even if the commentariat succeeded in establishing 80% awareness within the population what could the people do about it?

    As Catherine Austin-Fitts recently observed: ‘The world is at war, yet the people have no strategy’.

    It would seem the commentariat is treading a dead wicket and unless they change the game and the venue of the match, the game will soon be over.

  9. Movies? Two dimensional moving images on a scrimming-mirror screen, dead? Movies made by dead machines, dead?

    How could this be? There have to be some complicated convoluted theories to this.

  10. James! It looks like you never heard of Fractal Frog. It’s a platform specifically designed to upload your content to multiple platforms and save you that hassle!

  11. Well James,I don’t know what blooming words to substitute for guru which you say you’re not – but how about wise old owl (WOO)? This was wonderful. Thank you so much from a TWERP – (the woman enjoying reality prompts)
    Lots of love to you and yours.

  12. I stopped watching movies a few years ago as they’re literally laughable now with the ‘programming’. As I’ve been writing a historical trilogy and doing bunches of research, I watched Brit drama from the 70s as found on goobtoob (sorry) and it’s really interesting in the sense that it isn’t predictive, more slipping in true details. Example: Edward VII was at school with ‘Rot-child’ and he has no cash to go to the music hall and the actor playing Rotter says ‘Not a problem'(his one line in the programme). That ‘king’ was bought and paid for by the bankers.

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