Interview 1778 – Johnny YouTuber Defends Elon Musk

by | Jan 14, 2023 | Interviews, Videos | 55 comments

via Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance hosts journalists/researchers Whitney Webb, James Corbett, Jason Bermas, and Ryan Cristián to discuss why the public should be extremely skeptical of Elon Musk.





  1. When I saw the crew taking part in this convo I knew it would be good, and it was. Great way to spend a Friday night, and some thought-provoking ideas to chew on.

  2. Johnny Youtube did a great job. He hit on a lot of excuses I have heard.

    I wish Corbett would do a story on Desantis. What is his background. I do know that one of his first acts as governor was to work with Bill Gates and allow the GMO mosquitoe release that they have been unsuccessfully pushing on the people for close to two decades.

      • BUMP

        – Empire Files –
        Ron DeSantis’s Military Secrets: Torture & War Crimes

        Mike Prysner sheds light on the shadowy military career of Ron DeSantis.
        Mike Prysner interviews former Guantanamo detainee Mansoor Adayfi about DeSantis’s participation in illegal torture at the prison camp, and why he was likely sent to Iraq to do war crime cover-ups next.

        Mansoor describing Guantanamo…
        ”…Yes. And Ron DeSantis was there and watching us. We were crying, screaming! We were tied to the feeding chair. And that guy (DeSantis), he was watching that. He was laughing basically.

        When they used to feed us, because we can’t – our stomach cannot hold this amount of Ensure.
        They used to pour Ensure, one can after another, one can after another.
        So when he approached me, I said, “This is the way we are treated!”
        He said, ”You should start to eat.”
        I throw up in his face.
        Literally on his face.”

        Mike Prysner: ”Mansoor vomiting on DeSantis’ face….”

        • “He was laughing basically.”

          I wonder what that means. He was laughing fundamentally? He was fundamentally laughing?
          I’m left not knowing if he was laughing or smiling or grimacing or what.

      • DeSantis will not run. Assassination and murder preclude this along with blackmail.

        People need to read Whitney’s book, especially the first edition on Roy Cohn and his family connections.

        Or see the documentary Where’s My Roy Cohn, a question Trump asked early in his presidency.

        DeSantis, if Trump decides to run, might be found, like one of DeSantis’s former aides: dead.

    • He is like Florida itself: Sunny but shady.

      DeSantis too is a fascist that wraps his rhetoric in populism like Huey Long did.

      But Weimar Joe is almost over now. Doubtful he can last.

      Much to come and it will be orchestrated by Bannon and Gorka and Miller and Greenwald and Tucker etc. etc.

      These are ethno national fascists, not the global techno fascists like WEF

      • Weilunion

        If you call everyone fascist then the word has no meaningful use anymore.

        • Why don’t you define the term for us?

          I have been very clear in my statements, have supplied actual evidence for my claims, have distinguished between ethno-white settler, theocratic fascism, which you embrace and global Mussolini style corporate, techno- fascism.

          What questions do you have for me to further your understanding of my point of view?

          • Weilunion

            I do not use the term fascism very much. You a=e the one using it, apparently to refer even to such organizations as the family. That defines every normal human being as fascist and every healthy system as fascism.

            You need to use the word more precisely or it just means “sane people”. Fascism as I understand it is the totalized state where “everything is within the state”,since the system was invented by a commie like Benito M it is very similar socialism but both are essentially the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit (as described by Dr E M Jones) and are probably the endpoint of the Enlightenment and enligtement liberalism. But I am not an expert so that’s the best I can do.

  3. I have had a few johnny youtubers get all excited about defending musk with me before. Some of them got really aggressive when I explained (in detail) why musk’s stated aspirations (relating to colonizing other planets, brain chips, AI, self driving cars and lithium/cobalt dependent EVs) are a horrible idea.

    I`ll see if I can dig some of the comments up to share here, there were a few hilarious ones that reeked of stockholm syndrome and seeing musk as some savior type figure in their lives. I sometimes find such interactions hilarious but also very sad sometimes (considering people are placing their faith and hope in such people).

    • Here is a comment that someone posted in response to my comment(s) on a youtube re-post of “Meet Elon Musk: Technocratic Huckster” ( )

      This one was posted by a johnny youtuber that goes by the screen name “Bogsomi” (in reply to my comment that pointed out how archaic, dilapidated and messy musk’s space-x rocket tech is)

      “Why theres no other companies getting contracts from NASA? It is a free market, you can get investors (especially politically motivated nowadays) to build the thing get colab a with NASA and show how the almighty Elon doesnt know what hes doing. Advance us faster and further as a species, thats what we need. But no, aint no body else sweety (as of now). This dude has been changing the game for 2-3 decades. Why now the drama, is the question, thou??? Why not 2 years ago, 5 years ago, why not 15 years ago… Leftists can’t take no neutral stance. Its pathetic, and thats how they lose great people, with you ,,either you with us or against us philosophy you push (force) people in the other campus.

      What have you done for the people, Gavin? Have you at least employed a person in your life? Are you at least in the medical field a nurse or something where you help people? What credibility do you have for people to even consider your hate speech? Exactly, you are nobody, just a bitter troll eating chips on her desk and following the next trend to hate. Goodluck with that.”

      • Blaming for hate speech while using hate speech. It’s only logical.

        • Yes indeed. 🙂

          It’s like what Jason Bermas explained in the interview above about big pharma’s solution for instances of heart issues (that have skyrocketed since the roll out of the mRNA injections).

          What’s their solution? Well, more genetic injections of course!


          “Putting an End to Heart Attacks by Editing Human DNA..” :

        • oh man, that whole ‘he’s awesome, and red pilled and going to the stars, and you guys just don’t wanna be on the winning team!’ rant that johnny youtuber did before he stormed off was gold! 🙂 and check out the parallels to the real life johnny youtuber comment I shared above. You nailed it James! 🙂

  4. A great conversation. Too bad Whitney didn’t do Jane soccer mom, that would have been epic. And she’d probably be able to reeducate others.

    In similar vein, I recommenced (at least) watching the minute 33 of this conversation between Dr. Peterson and his daughter. I found it hilarious.

    Yeah, well, I don’t know if I would like to put any educator through the horrible process of trying to reeducate me, either. Because I can not see how would that go particularly well for them. I’m not sure who would end up reeducated in a situation like that, but I have my doubts that it would be me, because people have been trying to reeducate me for a long time and it really hasn’t worked that well.

  5. Whitney Webb makes a great point about how our dependency on technology is creating various expressions of ‘mental atrophy’ (she mentioned how kids are using ChatGPT to do their homework for them).

    I remember, long long ago, before cell phones, I was able to remember at least 20 of my friend’s phone numbers… but now with smart phones doing all the remembering for me, I am lucky if I can remember any at all if I need to.

    She also makes a great point about how interacting with these advanced chat bots is altering the way people think.

    I wonder if one could detect the structural differences in the brain (in synaptic pathways and/or levels of neurogenesis) of someone that regularly uses smart devices (and engages with rudimentary AI programs by using programs like Grammarly for example) and someone that does not. Could be a worth while study for someone to conduct if they have not already.

      • @weilunion

        I do not doubt that there is truth in that.

        I have seen those but thank you for sharing, After Skool has such great videos (I highly to recommend anyone reading this that has not seen their material to check it out).

        This compels me to ask the question what is the opposite of menticide ? And more importantly, how do we plant the seeds for that process to be initiated in the minds of our fellow humans?

        Neurogenesis is the formation of new brain cells and synaptogenesis is the formation of new connections in the brain. We can encourage that through conscious changes in lifestyle, perspective, environment and diet but what we are really talking about goes deeper than physiology. When seeking to initiate the opposite process of “menticide” we begin to enter the realm the realm of the regeneration of more abstract aspects of our being, like intuition, courage, integrity and the soul. The path to regenerate, cultivate and nurture those aspects of our being begins in the heart.

        I feel like there are nuggets of wisdom pertaining to that goal in some of After Skool’s videos, certainly many helpful sign posts in James Corbett’s Solutions Watch episodes on here and I also think we can also find some wisdom in guidance if we look to learn from our elder species in nature.

        Perhaps we can learn from the Imaginal Cells in the chrysalis of a monarch butterfly (that act as a catalyzing agent, embodying a template for a completely new way of being, which informs other cells around them to become part of a transformational process). We can emulate them through living by example.

        The mycorrhizal fungi also offer us wisdom in how they connect countless beings, serving as a living network of symbiotic connections, serving the community they are a part of by sharing information and resources enabling all that are part of that community to be more resilient against pathogens and destructive forces because of their presence and the gifts they provide.

        Or perhaps we can look to the very heart of the living Earth herself for wisdom on our path to initiate the opposite of “menticide” in ourselves and our fellow humans.

        The Earth uses her heart to communicate in the language of energy in a way that is life affirming and in a way that nurture’s coherence. She does this with her eternal heart beat (which some call the Schumann Resonance) that harmonizes and connects all living beings on the Earth. Perhaps this can offers us inspiration on how we might emulate her way of speaking with her heart to consciously communicate (energetically) to bring peace and healing to this world.

        • You ask the right questions.

          For me, how we produce and reproduce our lives, i.e. how we work, who owns the means of production or the factories, technologies where we work? How are the profits from work distributed?

          These are my questions. Why do some work and some not? Why are people unemployed while corporate facilities lie at 40% capacity.

          A profit driven system devoted to profit before people is why we see what we see.

          If the work is not a coop, then it is the same master slave theme.

          We live in the Age of Dominance

          Lord- serf, peasant
          Corporations and cartels.

          This means we never have had democracy. Not the kind talked about in Hollywood.

          Growing up within any stage of dominance is going to authoritarian, be it the family with distinct hierarchical dominant roles, work, education, etc.

          And when a fish swims in dirty water, or a bird born in a cage thinks flying is crazy then we ask why?

          And the answer is the extraordinary power of monopoly capitalism, financial capitalism with its despotic corporate media, fake parties etc.

          The answer is to learn to think critically and then organize with others to both resist and build parallel structures.

          Antonio Gramsci’s work is exceptional for he talks of cultural hegemony, which powerful capitalists have, that we are born in, like the fish or the bird.

          We must counter with both critique and the construction of caring communities, radically different modes of living or producing and reproducing our lives.

          Your thoughts on the brain are important. But the mind is not the brain, at least it has not been shown to be.

          So we train our minds, build parallel structures, organize and dig in for the big fight.

          • Weilunion

            The point of organization is that the organizERS organize the followers to do things.

            Thus a new system dominance and submission is created.

            Hierarchy, leader and follower,is the natural order, it is inescapable, best explained in “The Populist Delusion” by neema parvini which was read aloud with commentary on the “Pete quinoes show” a while back as a series. It’s a great book.

            • “Hierarchy, leader and follower,is the natural order…”

              My God, I think that man has just defined fascism!

              • Weilunion

                If THAT is your definition of fascism then humanity is naturally fascist and trying to be anything else is as insane as becoming a vegan. 😉
                Luckily most people do not define having hierarchy as fascism so there is still hope. The only humans that could live without any Heirechy would not be human, lol. Seriously “the populist delusion” is one of those small books that manages to cut away all the fuzzy thinking.


      I would be very surprised if it didn’t change the way the brain operates. IMO porn and social media have rewired so many people’s brains that if you compare them to people from the 50s their like a different Sub species. I know that watching TV changes the brain chemistry of small kids so I assume that most of those babies I saw with phones will grow up odd

      • @Duck

        Makes sense, and the deleterious impact of businesses/corporations and money making incentives for sexual objectification also alters entire communities and society as a whole. The psychological and physiological detriments are well documented (albeit downplayed/tucked under the rug as it is a big business) but the corrosive societal scale ripple effects are not discussed at all.

        Social media most certainly is having similar detrimental impacts on physiological health, psychological health and certainly the health of our society as a whole.

        Even so called “search engines” or “online encyclopedias” like Google and Wikipedia (which now are really social engineering and propaganda tools more than anything else) are doing severe damage to both individuals and society as a whole.

        In fact, I just wrote an article that exposes some of the many ways the most dominant online platforms attempt to manipulate, brainwash, addict and socially engineer the masses. It was in many ways inspired by Mr. Corbett’s very educational Delete Your Social Media – #SolutionsWatch episode, Episode 332 as well as “Is Wikipedia Reliable? – QFC #056”.

        Here it is:

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the link.

    • Gavinm
      Another article on brains and screentime…..basically it is medically recommended NOT TO EXPOSE At ALL any baby under 18 months to TV. I guess it’s just evolution in action, or Devolution Maybe? LOL

      The book by Mark Baurerlein “the dumbest generation” predicted how ignorant the millennial generation would grow up and “dumbest generation grows up” is a good follow up. He does not hold any hope that they can be salvaged, and since most are barely useful even as slaves their outlook is not good

      • @Duck

        That is very unfortunate but not surprising.

        Having not watched TV for over a decade now I find it very blatantly obvious how toxic the material is when I happen to walk by someone watching a tv. Not just the violence desensitizing, sexually objectifying, materialism/ego-inflating, big brother promoting psyop riddled stories/images but also just the quality of the light and energy being emitted from the screen itself.

        Have you ever heard Catherine Austin Fitts talk about “Entrainment” technology?

        In his book does Mark Baurerlein elaborate on why he feels these dumb Millenials cannot be salvaged?

        I wonder if a radical change in environment and stimulus could begin to regenerate their brains. There is some promising research in initiating increased rates of synaptogenesis and neurogenesis via combining certain mushrooms and vitamins (one combination is called “the Stamets Stack”). Perhaps if they did that and combined with meditation and time in nature they could be salvaged.

        Thanks for the comment and link.

        • He predicted in the earlier book that millennials would grow up rather ignorant because they (unlike every generation before) were plugged into entertainment way more and thus would never be forced thru boredom or Lack of choice to try unfamiliar entertainments OR forced to do things like reading or develop skills that take dedication and time.

          He also predicted that because of social media (such as it was THEN) they would never be forced to enter into (or even aspire to) adult topics because they would be stuck in the teen social world.

          In the later book he lays out that they have developed astonishingly little depth of knowledge and specifically they do not read NOVELS that would expose them to the truths about life and develop coping mechanisms….he lays it ultimately at the fact that they have internalized the LIES that

          Everybody deserves to be happy
          It does not matter who you love

          These lies cause them to suffer horrible cognitive dissonance when they find that reality does not conform to these lies and they will never g et the easy high status jobs and life style they took as automatic. They find that slutty girls and shallow boys cannot form families or stable relationships.

          Since they do not read good fiction (which could lay out a map of reality) or desire truth they have become a rather childishly angry generation. They are thus easy to control and

          (IMO ratherthen his will mostly die off in miserable poverty via suicide…. EXPECT the big rise is death as of despair for women in their 40s anytime within the next 5 to 10 year

          Boomers will be mostly gone soon and I think most libertarian types are Boomers so the future is gonn be like the past

          On the positive side any zoomer that’s not a trans gayfurry freak or terminally depressed, screen addicted and obese will find their ubermench compared to the low bar the rest will be setting ?

          • @Duck

            Fascinating. I have observed some of what you describe in a certain portion of the younger people here.

            Hopefully it is not as bad as that guy predicts but I do get the sense that a great many totally government/corporate dependent humans will perish in the challenging times ahead of us. I do everything I can to offer knowledge that can allow people to break from dependence on such systems, but many are helplessly addicted and comfortable where they are (making excuses why they can’t change) so they seem like they will be those that chose to be slaves of the NWO and/or starve when various components of the centralized infrastructure implode and/or are crippled intentionally.

            Thanks for the reply.

            • ps – Just to be clear, when I said “I have observed some of what you describe in a certain portion of the younger people here”, I meant in my immediate local area (as in southern Ontario) and not ‘here’ as in The Corbett Report subscriber community.

  6. Johnny YouTuber had a great anecdote about his Grandma…and the 6 inch water dive YouTube challenge…and now Grandma cannot text…and needs a brainchip.

    He sure can create a narrative.
    Hear Johnny Youtube wind it up and throw the ball for a strike at the 28 mark.

  7. Hats off to you, James, for the hilarious devil’s advocacy. Well played.

  8. Some more points to add.

    Musk got his first big kick in the wealth pants by his father, a South African emerald miner during apartheid.

    But what is really incredible, and the Last Vagabond mentioned it is:

    1. The military contractors married to the government is fascism. Musk is an out and out fascist.
    2. In 1996 there were 51 military contractors and now there are five.

    The twitter files is a scam, a psyop and it is being coordinated by Glenn Greenwald, himself a fascist (See his pro bono representation as a lawyer of fascist Matthew Hale and how he had his license suspended to practice law).

    His latest rant is not only in support of Musk, but he soft-shoes the attempted coup in Brazil, saying it was not a coup.

    He has called Tucker Carlson and Steve Bannon socialists.

    Greenwald helped privatize the Snowden files and became a millionaire from Omydyar’s grace.

    But then you will find also, the Intercept, another psyop founded with Greenwald by Omydyar.

    Then there is Jimmy Dore. Popular as he is he too is part of the cabal Greenwald is putting together.

    So seems to be Aaron Mate and perhaps the Grayzone.

    And of course Tucker Carlson where these people appear regularly.

    Taibbi is another issue.

    We live in an age of no transparency and celebrity journalists who become millionaires off the controlled opposition stance they take.

    Taibbi is one of those celebrity journalists.

    Musk bought twitter to put together what is called the Third Position.

    And it will include Palentier, who will comb through files, and many other fascists such as Prosoiac and other techno-fascists.

    • “The Third Position is a set of neo-fascist political ideologies that were first described in Western Europe following the Second World War. Developed in the context of the Cold War, it developed its name through the claim that it represented a third position between the capitalism of the Western Bloc and the communism of the Eastern Bloc.

      Between the 1920s and 1940s, various dissident groups presented themselves as part of a movement distinct from both capitalism and Marxist socialism.

      This idea was revived by various political groups following the Second World War.

      The rhetoric of the “Third Position” developed among Terza Posizione in Italy and Troisième Voie in France; in the 1980s, it was taken up by the National Front in the United Kingdom.

      These groups emphasize opposition to both communism and capitalism.

      Advocates of Third Position politics typically present themselves as “beyond left and right” while syncretizing ideas from each end of the political spectrum, usually reactionary right-wing cultural views and radical left-wing economic views.” ARPANET WUB

      Antonio Gramsci’s observation back in 1930, while writing The Prison Notebooks having been jailed by Mussolini aptly characterizes the current state:

      “The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.”

      We will see countless morbidities this year for sure, now that Weimar Joe is on his way out.

      All frightening for as Whitney knows, the Reichpubs are connected to organized crime as are the corporate democrats.

      Storm clouds gathering.

      Everyone get Whitney’s books. I have researched these topics since I was 14, I am 70 now, and have never seen such a work before.

      Whitney, look up Hank Messick for you might not know his work. You did not cite him. You will be astounded.

    • weilunion,

      What in hell is this world coming to? Glenn Greenwald doing pro bono work for an avowed fascist supremacist (please forgive the oxymoron)?

      Oh, wait a minute…. Somewheres they say Hale is one of Greenwald’s paramours.

      Hmm, I see. Okay, now it computes…. Good grief. Nonetheless, it amazes since Greenwald was all over the surveillance state, big brother, etc., etc. And, yet, it’s true what they say about money. Absolutely!


      I agree with you about Tiabbi. Another journalist, front and center, when it comes to alternative views. Yeah, right. One you can trust about as far as you can throw’m. I recall years ago getting totally turned off when he poo-pooed the 9/11 truth movement.

      Fuck him.


      But, I missed the reference – Whitney who? Whitney has a must read book? And the book’s name is?? And Whitney’s full name? Are you referring to Whitney Webb?

      Please fill me in.


      And, Happy New Year to a wise septuagenarian! I admit I’m lagging a few years behind, and yet I am hardly as knowledgeable nor so wise. 🙂


      • ….sorry, redundancy, not oxymoron.

      • Yes, the story is far wider than what I alluded to and anyone can go online ad check it out.

        Greenwald not only represented Hale, but he also represented The National Alliance another fascist group. It was a Church of some kind, it escapes me.

        People interested can go to and search for him by name.

        Incredible hour investigation of his seedy past as a lawyer, including his suspension to practice for taping interrogatories illegally and sending them to Hale.

        He is one big psyop like Snowden, Appelbaum, Tor (God knows how many fell in that trap) probably Assange (though I think he is a publication, not a hacker and should have never been arrested).

        And the Intercept? Oh God, three whistleblowers fell into that Honey trap.

        They are in prison now as Jeremy Scahill makes $35,000 for an episode.

        It is sad.

        Americans falling for billionaire superheroes as if they could fly like Superman!

        Wait, they think they can!!!

        Yes, the name is Whitney Webb.

        Sorry if I was not clear.

        She really nailed it.

        Her book will live in infamy, it is two parts.

        As an author, I can tell you the citing is impeccable

        Read it everyone!


        • weilunion,

          Yeah, I guess you can say Webb nails it….

          I mean, yes, she deep dives into what she readily describes as information that’s available to the public, i.e., information that’s available online.

          I listened to her interview with Glenn Beck, plugging her new two volume tome, wherein he essentially goes pretty much gaga over it (lol, no offense).

          To be honest, I’ve never been particularly crazy about Beck. It seems these days that he’s suited himself – or otherwise settled-into – the business of propagating standard alt-right views for the older and more mellow crowd – himself having aged a bit, and no doubt maintains himself carefully under the auspices of medical doctors, given his health issues – which, of course, is neither here nor there, and not at all apropos to our mini-subthread discussion, herein. Nonetheless, he had me perplexed for a moment, because his level of enthusiasm for the sonic, CO3 air fresheners for room, refrigerator and auto that he hawks on his website was on par with his enthusiasm for Webb’s latest book, which was pretty heavy – “Glenn Beck” style….!

          From the interview, there’s definitely an indication that Webb’s 1000 pages in two volumes covers details that we may never have heard before, but the essential dots that form the overall picture have already been drawn and disseminated. She’s a mom living in Chile. She’s not out there getting first hand, “deep-throat” info passed to her in the proverbial underground garage somewhere….

          But, anyway, I like her. I think she’s honest and believes in what she says. Which is a good thing. She’s an honest, kid. Period.

          However, all jokes not aside, I couldn’t help that she reminded me of the caricature of “Ernestine the keyboard operator” from yore:

          PS: I forgot how funny this was! In fact, it’s fucked, because it’s even way more funny now! Enjoy!

          Be good, weilunion!

          • Thanks for the video. I forgot about Dan Rowan.

            Did you know that Dan Rowan was dating Phyliss McGuire o the McGuire sisters while at the same time she was the moll of Sam Giancana?

            He almost got himself murdered.

            Giancana was Chicago’s replacement for Capone.

            Stay well.

            • No, I did not.

              Dangerous, indeed! And a pretty ballsy thing to do.

              Though, if he had gotten himself murdered, that hardly would have been a laugh-in matter, would it?


  9. I don’t know about you guys, but I think Johnny YouTuber won this debate hands down.

    Amazing Polly has put out a couple of good videos on Musk recently.
    The first below speaks for itself. It shows how useless Musk’s cars are
    in the Cold White North:
    The Cult of Tesla – Let’s Have Some Laughs at their Expense!

    The second one, is more serious and connects a lot of dots:
    Ye Reveals the Method: NWO Synthesis Between New Age and Technocracy

  10. Haha loved the role play, great dynamic to this convo.
    this ultimately highlights the elephant in the room of humanity, and that is man has in general given their sovereignty away. They give their decision making to an authority figure, their health to the same, their kids…it goes on, in return always for an EXTERNAL saviour to come along and make everything better for them, so they don’t have to do anything that requires any sovereign effort at all…including educating themselves on the reality of the situation we find ourselves in. This is why they want us all dumbed down, even those who can clearly see this world is corrupt and needs change, the effort they need to put in to finding out what is actually real and what the lies really are is sometimes too much like hard work…hey, much easier to sit back and ‘switch off’ with Netflix right? as far as actually looking for and working toward SOLUTIONS…that’s far too much hassle when you can just support someone else…like Musk 😉 to do it for you…
    Time we all took our sovereignty seriously, we are our own saviours. Thanks for this, excellent convo.

    • @NewWhirlThisWeek

      Well said.

      Thanks for the candid and insightful comment.

  11. Agree totally, excellent conversation with Tom Cowan, he really is a great source of knowledge and insight. The World Fairs convo was brilliant. It’s great to see how many out the box thinkers there are out there who are willing to help educate others freely, so rather than being stuck in and basing our assumptions on the Rockefeller health paradigm, a crock of lies…we are presented with an education of Truth to base any future assumptions on. We’re really blessed to have the likes of Tom and James freely sharing this material, both educators with much the same spirit of genuine Care.

  12. Musk was groomed like a Walt Disney Mouseketeer.

    The topic of germ theory came up. I gotta ask, who on this panel believes in germ theory? Who believes in terrain theory? Who believes in neither?

    That’s what I wanna know.

  13. Bravo! Brilliant panelists, but James and Whitney really stood out.

    You gotta give the Madison Avenue image groomers have done a superior job creating Musk. I’ve got a friend or two who refuse to admit they’ve been conned.

    I guess if Rockefeller and Gates can be rehabilitated, Musk can be cut from whole cloth.

  14. Johnny YouTuber excelled in his arguments!!!!?
    Excellent group of journalists…enjoy the full presentation.

  15. James, thanks for playing the Johnny YouTuber. It certainly helped raise the bar on this topic.

  16. Musk is a tyrant. For many years I have told people who champion electric cars and solar panels that considering they also rely on finite resources, we should be careful that we do not end up going from trading blood for oil, to trading blood for lithium.

    It appears that, sadly, that is exactly what we are doing now in South America, Australia and soon in northern Ontario/Quebec (and in the Cobalt Mines in the Congo, that are also required to make the batteries).

    Over 50 percent of the world’s known lithium deposits are in the “Lithium Triangle”—the lithium concentrated brine sources in Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile. Bolivia’s high mountain deserts—the Salar de Uyuni—have by far the largest known reserves of lithium.

    Evo Morales — Bolivia’s first indigenous president, had a commitment to the environment and to Pachamama (Mother Earth) and he was against inviting in transnational corporations (like Telsa and it’s lithium mining partners) to pillage the land for lithium. When he refused to allow multi-national corporations to pillage the Earth for the large lithium deposits in his country it was not long before a US-backed military coup took place.

    President Evo Morales Ayma, was removed illegally from his office in November 2019. The Bolivian military, at the behest of Bolivian oligarchs with ties to Lithium Mining Corporations and the United States government, threatened Morales; Morales went into exile in Mexico and then in Argentina.

    The CEO of the U.S.-based Telsa car manufacturer has admitted to involvement in what President Morales has referred to as a “Lithium Coup.”

    “We will coup whoever we want! Deal with it.” was Elon Musk’s response to an accusation on twitter that the U.S. government organized a coup against President Evo Morales, so that Musk could obtain Bolivia’s lithium.

    The coup was about Bolivian lithium; and not only did it involve violent coercion to remove Bolivia’s first indigenous president from office, it also resulted in two massacres local people defending their land against the lithium mines (and now is resulting in the destruction of the land and ecosystems there, as I exposed in my previous post).

    This is what “sustainable development”, Greenwashing, “Green Colonialism” and trading blood for lithium looks like.

    The corporate oligarchs that are ravenous to make billions from pillaging the Earth for lithium and cobalt now have their crosshairs set on Ontario and Quebec, God help anyone that dares to stand in their way to defend the Boreal Forest (which they intend to scalp, grind into rubble and poison so we can have ipads and EVs).

  17. Brilliant! And fun 😉 Thank you. I’m finally having what was mostly sensations till now reg. certain people confirmed, and a deeper understanding of the diff. narratives behind that really resonates.

    A huge shout-out to Whitney Webb! For her amazing knowledge AND the beautiful poster/painting/wall-paper behind her 😉

    It all makes me more confident in relying on myself in certain other disclosure communities where somethings just don’t make sense to me.

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