Interview 1780 – Media and Terror on Truth Over Comfort

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via In todays video, I conducted an interview with James Corbett, about the Media, his recent video “The Media Are The Terrorists” and the Werther effect (copy cat effect ). We discuss the reasons why the media are seemingly incapable of telling the truth for certain subjects, the societal effect of the media and how tragic events are often a televised movie like event in peoples minds.


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  1. I wake up this morning to some sad news from New Zealand (hat tip to MCM). The horse in chief stood down, apparently. I guess Satan Claus penetrated that cabinet member beyond usability.

    And I guess you know what happens when horses get too ragged.

    * My appologies to horses for this distasteful comparison.

    • Yes I’ve just seen this. Did you notice that there’s an apparent ‘mutiny’ at the WEF about Schwab’s leadership too? An anonymous group are apparently unhappy about succession and how he has surrounded himself with lightweights incapable of stepping up once he shuffles off. Interesting developments for sure.

  2. That interview felt very conversational, nice to listen to. For a young man, I thought he did an excellent job of following up and responding to James and transitioning smoothly. I’ve seen more experienced interviewers who just drill through their questions without acknowledging points made by their guests. But here they had a very natural exchange. Some constructive criticism, adjust the camera angle. As a viewer it’s strange to be looked down at. Eye-level is best I think, more professional. Or even looking up is better. Just my two-cents.

    I do agree, the Media are the Terrorists. I check mainstream almost daily but it just riles me up. I said to my husband just the other day, “I should stop reading the headlines.” He agreed. It is nice to be informed, but not emotionally manipulated. Maybe it’s finally time to set up an RSS feed so I can better control where I get my “news”.

  3. James, sorry about my loquaciousness in my comments recently and I will seek to aim for more succinct writing. Being old has its yin/yang flavors. After 5 decades of activism and witnessing the current madness of our world it is quite frustrating. Along with dealing with a broken vertebrae and torn rotator cuff I have been venting out here forgetting these are “comment boxes” not soap.

    I MISS THE OLD DAYS (song)

    • It’s not a matter of “how much” but of “how much per post”. The limit is around 500 words, so all you need to do is break it up every 3-4 paragraphs and you’ll be golden. You can just keep replying below your inital comment to keep everything together.

  4. Thanks.

    Through all the challenges I have been under I had an “ah ha” moment that I was behaving in a way I didn’t like in others.

  5. Another brilliant analysis by the awesomely well-read and prolific James Corbett . . .

    With gratitude for fresh insights and leads, I offer the following iconoclastic footnote on Neil Postman, mediated mendacity, and an unrepentant bigotry.

    On and around page 153 of Technocracy, Postman compares the virtuous Danes with the “cooperative response to Nazi authority” exhibited by the people of German-occupied Poland.

    A quick google search takes me to the Yad Vashem website, where I read that “the Danish people [were] unique among all the countries of Europe.” You have probably heard something to this effect.

    By contrast, the defamation of the Poles in our culture (almost always by Jewish sources) is virtually unassailable. There is an absolute glass ceiling on voices like my own. I doubt that any reader on Corbett’s forum here has a clue.

    For just a glimpse into this, see Hollywood’s War with Poland: 1939-1945. In my Amazon review of this book, “Cogent, Substantial, Upright,” I gently express displeasure with how the author pulls his punches.

    In his NYRB exchange, a Jewish survivor takes dignified issue with another scandalously libelous film that had its day in the limelight.

    The genocide of the Poles in the Second World War is little known. A Polish institute in Michigan put out a reasonable overview in response to the massive Holocaust “education” propaganda that’s been heavily funded by US taxpayers.

    My correspondence with Neil Postman in 1993 addressed these topics in some detail. Postman admitted that “the Polish people” had been a poor choice for “cooperation with . . . authority,” as evidenced in the notorious Milgram experiment – while in the same breath demonstrating that he hadn’t learned a thing.

    Old prejudices die hard.

    We all have our blind spots. And I was a great fan of Postman’s books when I read them several decades ago.

    I’m a new subscriber, and I don’t know what the policy is on exchanging email addresses. But if it’s permitted, and anyone would like to read my correspondence with Postman, I’ll be happy to share it.

    Several years ago, Amazon deleted well over 2000 (mostly) book reviews on Polish-Jewish relations, covering a good seven centuries of coexistence, but mainly dealing with the WW II era. This should be enough to give my opinion some validity. Most of these have been archived where, unfortunately, they will be accessible to only a very small audience.

    A sampling of titles debunking the fable of virtuous Denmark are linked, inter alia, below.

    Judge for yourself what’s true and what’s mythical.

  6. The solution to the whole mess, quite obviously, is not to listen to these people _at all_
    To not rely on leaders, or anybody, for that matter.

    And this is the main problem with JCs news blog and similar open news platforms: While they are not MSM themselves, they are to a big extent news about MSM-news, without having much of an own narrative. And we end up still listening to these people, if only indirectly. There is no transcendence of media in that.

    However, deep down, I think, we know the truth of the saying: If you have got the message, hang up the phone.

  7. @nutrino

    Glad to have you with us! 🙂

    My wife had to sometimes work in a server room at her job (that was also adjacent to a whole whack of smart meters on the other side of the wall) so she had serious problems with artificial EMFs. Thus, we formulated ways to mitigate the damaging effects of the radiation. Aside from her using physical shielding materials and devices I also did some research and gathered a list of foods and medicinal plants/fungi that have radioprotective effects (protecting the cells from the damage caused by various forms of radiation, including microwaves). After she did a heavy metal detox and then stayed eating a number of the foods I have listed in the article below she felt a lot better.

    Hope this info can help you.

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