Interview 1786 – WHO’s Sordid History of So-Called Pandemics

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via CHD.TV: James Corbett and Meryl Nass continue their efforts to unpack the WHO’s vast bureaucratic overreach toward a global biosecurity state. Interpreting recently drafted amendments to the International Health Regulations for future pandemics, Nass and Corbett remind us of the sordid history of so-called pandemics, from Smallpox, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Zika, Ebola, Monkeypox to COVID, pointing out the failures of the WHO at dealing with nearly every one of them. Yet one area continuously prevails, curiously evading public questioning — the demand for toxic products and the success of selling pharmaceuticals, and the sleeper contracts which activate the WHO’s financial fangs. Don’t miss this quintessential duo on today’s ‘Good Morning CHD’.



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    • Exactly helanda “boom”!!

      And, what can we learn from this?

      Could the (or, one of the) lessons be, that we have quite a few self proclaimed “smart westerners” locked up / down – whatever you want to call it….and, when they’re safely locked away, they shall be so for the rest of their horrible lives!!

      Even the Angel of death Joseph Mengele, comes out almost friendly, in comparison with the present criminal psychopaths!! And no – not another Nuremberg case as,. most of that, was also pure fake and 100% lies ?

      • Exactly Jetmab!
        “when they’re safely locked away, they shall be so for the rest of their horrible lives!!”

        Assange, Aung San Suu Kyi.

        Westerners, easterners. Same same. Subhuman social beings we all apparently are for the powers that shouldn’t be. Or Rockefeller, Rothschilds,Farrar, Gates/maxwell and all the other inbred nepotistic fuckers that are the transhumanism/eugenic kooks

        Following james, whitney and Johnny on this subject makes me feel I am witnessing a global rape in slow motion ?

  1. “eventually the W.H.O. did step in and the epidemic was resolved”,

    I’m half way through listening and have heard this 2 or 3 times?

    Meryl’s words and tone of speech connotes that the W.H.O. knows how to sort a pandemic, which they clearly dont (ref: the past 3 years). could be the kind of controlled-op-op that is the dangerest of all propaganda?

  2. “get up to speed with techniques that have never been shown to work”
    has any vaccine been “shown to work”? when where & how?

    “we shouldn’t dignify the MRNA injections with the name vaccine”

    “the WHO cant supercede the constitution”
    I thought the constitution was more or less sidelined since nye naleven?

    “the nazis made everything legal”
    No, they did and still do have the legal system on toast. through the same’ol usual nefarious techniques

    “if we ban their creation,,,”
    but I thought obomber did that? and then we got nih funding wuhan and other lingo emerging like “directed evolution”

    “WHO has extended the pandemic,,”
    that sounded like an ad. why advertise for the WHO? or are we being objectively all-inclusive?

  3. James, you are a pro. Well done.

  4. What troubles me is that you just touched the surface of the Alopathic conspiracy to create wealth and power base on other peoples suffering and death and knowing that those who are being robed and killed hold the source of this in high regard primarily due to psychological conditioning !

    The death cult of modern medicine wants you and I dead and wants us to worship them until they take everything you own and then your spirit as well !

    1976 swine flu was caused by troops coming home from Da Nam , Polio was caused by DDT and spraying around pools , then perpetuated with vaccines , Cancer epidemic is due to cancer in Polio and other Vaccines cultured in sick monkey organs and MD Anderson research was given CIA developed weaponized cancer by none other than Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963 just prior to being assassinated as patsy ! Don’t be fooled by psychological war on your mind , They Want You Dead !

  5. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well said, Loft.

    Meryl seems a lovely, caring person and James hit on great points but they both do not understanding the real situation.

    To say that scientists can make pathological organisms? I’m appalled and aghast that anyone who claims to know about biology would ever say such a thing. (Typical md, btw. Ugh!) Where’s the evidence? They can’t even show us evidence for supposedly “naturally occurring” viruses. And since when has banning the govt from doing dastardly deeds worked?

    We need to cut through this charade by teaching everyone that the germ theory is nonsense, has never been shown to be correct, no one has yet isolated/purified/characterized any human “virus” and contagion has not been proven, either. It’s all an error that has become a deadly scam. Tell everyone you know, spread it far and wide. There’s no need for fear of these things.

    However, we should be very afraid of Pharma/Military Industrial Complex.

    • 3 years ago I would have thought Terrain theory was new-age nonsense, now I’m in complete agreement with it. Germ Theory is dead.

    • I dont get how someone can be exposed for lying 100% yet still be unwilling to acknowledge it? I suppose its a type of perjury, and it is so revolting, I’d a thought they would at least grow a long nose or go into spasms, or gradually lose one or more of the 5 senses? but how can they manage the cognitive dissonance brown out happening in the brain circuitry?

  6. Military Expert in radiowaves and health (radar, 3/4/5G, Wifi, etc)
    During his military career, Barrie Trower encountered radar and radio
    related health problems and the top-secret military research to harm
    and influence people.
    He continued research at the University and gave some lectures.

    He explains how certain frequencies damage (or influence) certain parts of
    the body, via the electric or magnetic field of the wave.
    Mitochondrial DNA is often affected and can cause cancer and fertility.
    All problems are all ignored on purpose, and probably used for military
    or intelligence operations.
    Some frequencies seem to have weird psychological effects, like drugs.

    The regulators and tech-industry pushed fake safety standards
    based on damage via heating during only 6 minutes.

    My own research:

    • Part 2 – Microwave as a weapon

      In this episode of ICIC, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich conducts an exclusive interview with Barrie Trower, one of the best known experts in the field of microwave radiation and frequencies, which have been researched and used as weapons in intelligence agencies since the early 1950s. Barrie Trower, a former career soldier in the Royal Navy and intelligence officer with MI5 and MI6 is a scientist and has also been a university lecturer. His knowledge in the field of microwave and 5G radiation is of considerable explosive nature and he feels obliged to bring it to the public, which, just like other whistleblowers, has already put him in life-threatening situations.

      He reports precisely about the hazardous, entropic effects of microwaves and the possibility to manipulate nature (e.g. HAARP) and even program the human brain.

      The main focus of his research and warnings is on the fatal, pathogenic effects of the misuse of microwave radiation and pulse frequencies, which disable the natural protection of the human system after only six minutes, on women, pregnant women, embryos, fetuses and on newborns. The damage caused is so severe that it brings entire female generational lines to a halt, endangering human reproduction. Even embryos exposed to these radiations can show cellular changes that lead to cancer.

      Barrie Trower, a courageous whistleblower and expert warns of the eminent threat to all life on Earth from 5G microwave radiation, and his urgent warning is more timely than ever.

  7. For those who still have working, loving relationships with a significant other. Use this contrived holiday to say something sweet to them, and get away from the madness for a few mins…


    • are you adding to the macabre sarcasm? playing with biology or directing its genomic form to be more harmful is just one of many forms of gaining function.. yes the lab workers are idiots for being pawns in that game

      • I am just merely pointing out that these idiots give different technical terms to their various dangerous experiments. Just like Corbett said in a few videos, knowing the exact words is important. It helps us with research. He even dedicated a full Solutions Watch video to that.

  8. Jon Rappaport (see him on substack) has made it very clear to me that ALL of the virus scares were hoaxes, including ZIKA. The agrobusiness corporations in Brazil had just started spraying a new toxic pesticide in the fields where those poor women were working.

    The Virus narrative is a cover story for corporate crime and genocide.

  9. James you should really look into Terrain Theory. Dr Nass keeps spreading her beliefs that viruses exist, which if you look deeper into, there is simply no proof of it. I too used to believe in the virus theory until I became skeptical during the scamdemic trying to find any evidence of SARS-Cov-2’s existence, yet I found nothing. Then I stumbled upon doctors and researchers as Drs Lanka, the Baileys, Cowan, and Kaufman. They demonstrate very simply that viruses, as we have been taught to believe, simply do not exist.
    I would appreciate it if you could have an open discussion with one or more of these experts.
    Thank you.

  10. Here in Brunei Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Sinopharm “covid vaccines” have been available. Anecdotally the Sinopharm has been associated with far fewer adverse reactions than the other three. Who knows what’s in it? Apparently it’s a traditional vaccine.

    • Or maybe they want to have an “alternative” jab for refuseniks.

  11. I wonder if James still subscribes to the idea that viruses exist?

    It seems that he does as the way he talks about immunity, vaccines, influenzas/poxes/ebolas/etc… and pandemics… as if the thing is actually real…

    I encourage him to start by reading this:

    The nefariousness of the whole faux narrative is way, way, way worse than talked about.

    In fact, all of germ theory is highly, highly problematic…

  12. There is no excess death from sars-cov-2. Look at the official numbers from during the pandemic: Mortality among infected people was: 0.3%! There were no excess mortality BEFORE introduction of the vaccine – ONLY AFTER the injection of the first vaccine did the excess deaths occur.

    The vaccine is the cause of all excess death – and it is increasing now.

    No vaccine can work as there is no such thing as a virus!

  13. It did not take them 2 days to develop the mRNA platform. They had done this way in advance through animal studies. This means that the platform itself was already ready for this entire thing way in advance.

    To receive the sequence developed on a computer and put in on the platform takes no time at all. What took time was to actually produce all the experimental shots.

    Get the facts right, James 😉

  14. The entire directed evolution etc. is a big, big hoax that only has one purpose:

    To ensure that nobody questions the existence of viruses and germ theory as this would potentially eliminate the ENTIRE pharmaceutical business!

    Hence, it is mortally important that you keep believing in the existence of viruses (to ensure the survival of unlimited amounts of vaccines – now about 300 new ones ready to launch) – and believe that bacteria actually cause illness….

    This is misdirection at the highest possible level!

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