Interview 1795 – James Corbett on The Nature of False Flags

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via Here for the Truth: What are false flag operations? What were the main motivations behind 9/11 and who were the primary suspects? Who really is Osama Bin Laden? How vast are these nefarious power structures and what can we actually do about them? All this and more is discussed in this must-listen episode. (WARNING: Explicit language towards the end of the conversation.)

VIDEO COURTESY: Here for the Truth


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  1. JFK and Macnamara were planning to end the war. Within the same month JFK was assassinated, the CIA caused a military coup in South Vietnam. Lucien Conein (A CIA agent and an agent of the Corsican mafia (who had been working in Vietnam for the OSS since 1943)) paid 40k$ to make it happen (admitted in a live interview). After JFK’s death, LBJ instructed Macnamara to help him keep the war going, which continued for 12 more years. LBJ was simply a stooge for the war machine. Nazis were already in full effect in the USA.

  2. The video link above says “Private Video – Login to watch (if you have permission)”

    I am not on Vimeo, do I need to create an account to be able to watch this particular video?

  3. Dr. James Fetzer did excellent work on uncovering the players and plays for the 9/11 false flag, along with some other folks.

    He also exposed the JFK murder, Sandy Hook, etc. and has received a lot of carp about his work…law suits, threats, etc. Much like the heresy claims of the Dark Ages the cancellation phase is now at hand in the digital age.

    The religious false flags of Easter, Christmas, Jesus, God, etc. along with the “Holohoax” are so well sold that people don’t see their addiction to the cognitive bias.

    The threat to the 1st Amendment is at hand from the controller’s clever marketing of all these false flags.


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  4. Thank you for those astute and vivid observations about how many have been conditioned by various hollywood 2 dimensional dualistic archetypes James. You describe it well, and I can see that psychological proclivity for people to look for “the rambo hero guy” all around me.

    Since you brought up Starwars and the ‘Empire’ and the endless chain of battles that leaves small pockets of the universe somewhat more free than before? (which are depicted in that storyline) I will share this again as it seems suiting.

    I feel this clip speaks to the kind of place we find ourselves today, on the verge of a technocratic empire taking over. This is for anyone who missed it when I shared it in reference to the Freedom Convoy in another thread:


    “Fight The Empire Speech” (from Andor)


    (disclaimer: I personally think planting medicine and food gardens/food forests is a more effective form of resisting ‘the empire’ than charging and smashing riot squads in the street is, but I found the clip to be very gratifying when viewed after the oppression of the last three years)

  5. Glad you brought up Trump! Here’s my HO on the Trump thing. When he announced that he was running, several things grabbed my attention. 1) Everyone on the left who loved him and thought he should run for president, suddenly hated him. Because he ran as a republican? 2) The media hated him. 3) Even the majority of the Republican party hated him. People started putting that together and saying “He must be the right guy!” To me, that all sounded too damn easy, so I began to feel that he might be a Trojan Horse. He did absolutely nothing during his 4 years to quell my suspicion. He didn’t really get rid of the Trans Pacific Partnership. He merely copied and pasted the agreement into a new document with only the three North American nations involved. The USMCA! Still the same agreement, just fewer parties. He was supposed to be the protector of the 2nd amendment, but then he signed gun control legislation into law. Even though the money for the Border Wall was already appropriated, he failed to build the wall. Russiagate, impeachment (twice) were distractions and nothing more to focus the public’s attention elsewhere other than on what was actually happening. And yet, I voted for him twice, because I knew what Hillary was, and even when Obama got elected the first time around, and someone suggested that somebody ought to shoot him, I was very adamant in saying “God NO! If someone takes him out, we’ll get Biden!” And here we are!

    I’ve been studying the “Conspiracy” for the last 50 years, and have long realized that politicians DON’T work for us. At least not most of them. So, my take on a solution to the problem we are now facing is simply to refuse to participate. We need to follow the advice of James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and Samuel Adams, and refuse to co-operate with officers of the union. JBS, The 10th Amendment Center, Corbett,, Unlimitedhangout, etc. have tons of information on whats going on, how we got here, and what we should be doing. JMHO.

    • The Trump thing tricked me because it seemed like the MSM hated him so much and they made him appear to be an underdog, someone not connected to all the corruption, an outsider and all that. I though it was weird that the MSM and the liberal alternative press was pushing the hate Trump narrative when he really was no worse than any other stooge. It made me kind of “root” for him as a perceived underdog and I was not objective.

      When I learned about the 2nd amendment stuff and also how he promoted the jabs and failed to stop all the lockdowns and also was involved in quantitative easing facilitating the massive economic collapse and wealth transfer, I had to think critically of why I kind of “rooted” for him.

      It’s like the idea of “my enemy of my enemy is my friend” and that’s not always true. I think it must be how peoples minds work mostly in binary. And people do tend to follow their feelings and are not critically analyzing all the information.

      Any president or leader who wants to limit constitutional rights is not a friend and it’s as simple as that.

  6. Trump was deliberately selected and Hillary was betrayed & hung out to dry at the last minute, IMO. Like you said, factions within the national security state in all likelihood battled it out behind the scenes in a high stakes chess match, which was ultimately decided by those who determined they would benefit most by installing a Trump pinata, whom they could batter & smear with the most relentless propaganda in human history for 4 years, and against whom they could most effectively roll out the real objective–attacking the country with the “pandemic” false flag/psyop.

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