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via The Subtlecain Podcast: Today, in Episode 51, we have a special guest, James Corbett of James is a documentarian and open source journalist extraordinaire. He  joins us to discuss his recent series of articles, Dissent Into Madness. Psychology is a fascinating field of study. It has helped us to understand some of the complexities of the human mind. However, what can be used for good can also be used for evil. In his Dissent Into Madness articles, James shares some cautionary tales of political dissidents who were labeled as mentally ill and poses some important questions about how we should respond to tyranny. Be sure to take a minute to watch the dancing guy video!


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  1. Welcome back.

    Maybe high time to stop using the mir spell words: vaccine, medicine etc. These words are heavilly loaded and when using them as usual we add to the programming and propaganda.

    • I also have a black cat at home with me, but I never let him walk across the room from me.
      Or if he does, I run back around him.

      He’s confused, but I’m safer that way.

  2. Wow, that was intense,just brilliant. Poses a few questions that may,of all things, be answered by a fortune cookie.
    First, a quick revisit to RMA. Revolution in Military Affairs.
    Seems Col.Reese’s ghost was conjured up by Col. Aquino and Meredith and PNAC.
    You can imagine what the other side is up to now after listening to this. So you must be aware what the future may hold for you.

    You are here ,dancing to a tune, a rather delightful tune,for it consists of wholesome principles. Citizens should carry these principles for health,freedom and above all truth. That’s generally how my elementary,Jr.High and High school operated, I was fortunate . That’s not so true now.
    This talk we just heard, brings people together, of like minded people who are encouraged to reveal their Veiws of the world. Consider it a honey pot,a fly trap for the RMA. Those expressing ideals that could be deemed descent could face what we just learned. So be brave,in the future you may be given a choice of where you stand.
    This is where the fortune cookie comes in.
    While having coffee I enjoy a fortune cookie for sweetness. Today mine was profound,esoteric and had great meaning.

    ” A person is who they believe ”

    Believe in yourself, and last,since I have a hugeass coffee cup,a second cookie was needed. It said

    ” Before you wonder,’Am I doing things right?’ Ask, ” Am I doing the right thing?'”
    I feel like I hit the Trifecta at Hazel Park Race Course for a million dollars today.

  3. On the decline in public morality.

    The vast majority of the population are always going to go along with whatever looks like its the dominant power….People are (as was said in the podcast) always shaped by their Leaders professed standards and the destruction of the old ruling classes ‘Christian’ based ruling mythology was done.

    The destruction of Christianity as a cultural force was as necessary to the new ruling class as the destruction of the Tsarist regime was to the bolsheviks. You need to ‘free’ people from the old social bonds of family, religion, and morality so that they have no power

    A society without a single vision of morality is inherently weak and unstable, and naturally falls back on tribalism’s like race and political party which require a strong “imperial’ type rule to keep the peace between factions that hate and fear each other. Also not many folks will die in the cause of ‘someone else’ being able to do gross stuff, and thus the majority is stripped of what little cohesive power it has

  4. The idea that people modeling disobedience has a social effect (as in Romania ) reminds me of reading the Dune books back as a kid- there was a section about how the Bene Gessieret (probably misspelled that) had mastered those skills and could start a riot or end one with just a loud comment in the right place at the right time.

    Great books, Dune- the new movie was so bad it made the old one look ‘almost ok’….lol

  5. Just look at the Nazis and the thousands imported to the US under Paperclip.

    They helped build the bomb and they helped Americans with the manipulation of the mind.

    • weilunion

      The psychological warfare upon the US population was actually well underway BEFORE the US entered WW2 , and was mostly in the hands of Jewish sociologists and Psychologists, though there were plenty of non jew’s (like Kinsey) sucking up all that Rockefeller money.

  6. It’s absolutely evident that most of those (almost all of those) in the higher echelons in government, business, or any other bureaucratic system show symptoms of psychological, sociological disorder pertaining to lack of empathy. Some more extreme than others, and I don’t believe that you can climb the ranks within these systems unless the traits are present, which “they” can export further exploit. James, you have such a gift in articulating these concepts. I’ve missed that for the past few weeks. Welcome Back!


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