Interview 1809 – James Corbett Discusses 9/11 Trillions with Laura-Lynn

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via Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson: Award winning investigative journalist James Corbett from The Corbett Report joins us to talk 9/11, Joe Biden and Klaus Schwab and all the other nefarious New World Order players. [RECORDED MAY 12 2023]



Operation Northwoods

9/11 Trillions: Follow the Money

False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda

Biodigital Convergence: Bombshell Document Reveals the True Agenda

What is the Trans Agenda? – Questions For Corbett #082

Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making by David Rothkopf

Episode 438 – The Future Food False Flag


  1. James, I was watching your video with Laura-Lynn and seen that Operation Northwoods was one of the links you posted so I listened to hear what you were going to say about it because while reading another book recently “From Yahweh To Zion” by Laurent Guyénot there was a footnote regarding Op Northwoods. I checked it out and thought you might find it as interesting as I did. The title of the article is:

    Operation Northwoods: The Counterfeit
    by Carol A. Valentine

    Thanks for all you do.


    Tim Kieler

  2. Oh great Editor in Chief.
    You were so kind here to the Podcaster.
    What an interesting person. She seems so interested in fire but a little tentative to playing with fire.
    Baby steps.
    Unlike the Mark Passao speech to Anarco Acapulco 23 that Mkey laid on me.

    She seems capable of understanding natural morality .
    I sincerely hope that segment of society which she is broadcasting to receives it favorably.

    • Normies get their heels barely wet while it takes to cast of into the dark, deep end.

  3. [No bare urls in the comments, please. Please repost the links with a title and/or explanation of why people should be clicking on them. -JC]

  4. Re: “Person X flipping a switch” and turning off your access to buy and sell… Unfortunately, it probably won’t even be a person, it will just be some AI algorithm that tracks and accounts for each and every action, from each and every person. (And most likely still allows the unaccountability and foggy transparency that the technocrats currently have, just with no chance of reveling the corruption).

    At least as long as we have the Human to Human connection i.e.Real Life, there is at least chance of escape. Once people go into the Digital Meta Mod-life Matrix, humanity is all but lost. One reassuring point however, is knowing that we are all products of survivors. I just hope there’s enough authentic humans left after the machine-man interface, to keep us natural, real.
    Maybe I’m just old school?

    Long live Humanity!

    • Torus: The AI algorithm was made by a techie; a human. Every human can decide between right and wrong.
      For example, who were the divers who blew up the Nordstream Pipeline? Why did the divers do it? They could have said, “NO! Hell No!” But they didn’t.
      Who put the explosives in the WTC before 9/11 (including Building 7)? They could have said, “NO! Hell no!” But they didn’t
      Everyone blames the rich and powerful, but they don’t set the bombs in place.

      • I don’t understand why people are helping these evil people. I can understand now that there are extremely wealthy psychopaths with no conscience but I still have a hard time understanding why anyone would assist them.

        People are literally assisting with their own destruction and the destruction of their children’s and grandchildren’s future.

        • Blackmail?
          Promises of power?
          Promises of rewards?
          Feeling of pride to be “chosen” and in with the big guys?

          I was thinking of Trudeau during this interview, and what could induce/persuade him to do the things he has done. There must be some very compelling reason a man would be willing to appear to be such a dunce.

      • Money. The primary reason behind all of this evil in deed is money. Money is the ultimate god and believers will be swayed in any direction the controllers of money wish.

        The problem is that people do not challenge their beliefs and they do not understand morality.

        • “Money is the ultimate god ”

          I think that power and control over others is the ultimate secular god.

          How else would you explain why those who achieve material wealth way beyond what they can spend in one lifetime, no matter how profligate they behave, are not content to live out their lives in indulgence and luxury while minding their own business?

          It seems as though amassing obscene amounts of money just feeds some sense of megalomaniacal hunger for power in many.

            • Why that almost sounds biblical.

              • I’m not sure if you are playing stupid or is it something worse. What is it you find difficult to understand or comical?

                Is it not a fact mon-eye does not exist in nature?

                Is it not a fact mon-eye is conjured up into existance by the controllers of this world?

                Is it not a fact mon-eye has no intrinsic value but only the percieved value based on superstitious belief?

                Is it not a fact mon-eye is blindly believed in by the masses of people without any understanding of how it is created? Do you even understand how it is created?

                Is it not a fact mon-eye is something that will with ease pitt a brother against a brother?

                There is not one despicable thing that masses of people will reject doing when even promised they will obtain some of it. It is a symbol of power, ease and attraction. They sallivate like trained dogs at mere mention of it. They have been taught everything is going to be A-OK if just they can somehow, by any means, obtain more of it.

                Have you seen people’s reactions when the concept of mon-eye is brought into question? Not the denomination, but the actual idea.

            • “I’m not sure if you are playing stupid or is it something worse. ”

              And I’m not sure why you must be so needlessly contentious. I’m not your enemy.
              I guess I should have added a smiley face. ?
              Like it or not, what you said is almost biblical.

              1 Timothy 6:10
              “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

              • ????

          • “How else would you explain why those who achieve material wealth way beyond what they can spend in one lifetime, no matter how profligate they behave, are not content to live out their lives in indulgence and luxury while minding their own business?”

            I don’t understand this phenomenon of parasitic greed and psychopathy. I think this is what trips many people up when they consider agendas that have been going on for generations. What is there to gain at this point?

            Is it physical immortality they want? It seems like there are some people who always want more of whatever it is, or they want new things or novelty (like Dr. Malone’s substack article described). I think novelty is part of it.

            I just don’t understand what the end goal is and why there is any motivation for profound evil and destruction. I’m talking about the technocratic tyrannical slavery system that is being built now. The desire for control of every single interaction and transaction by people who have more wealth than can be spent is multiple lifetimes. I just don’t get it. Why?

            Everyone has a finite amount of time and physical mortality is something that I believe cannot be overcome with technology. Even if people could extend their lifetimes, would existence not become drudgery after a while? There would be nothing left in this physical world to experience. In my opinion this is the logical conclusion a person would come to if they think about it.

            These agendas are pure evil and so evil that it is hard for me to comprehend at times because of the magnitude of it. To me, there seems like nothing to be gained. It seems like insanity to me.

            • Understanding insanity or psychopathy, even if it is assumed possible to understand it, is of minor importance. To stop it from doing ever increasing amount of harm to an ever increasing amount of people is much more urgent.

        • Money really brings out the worst in people. If one allows money to be a substitute to ones own principles, that is the beginning of corruption. If there is a devil, money for sure must be its most beloved invention.

  5. I can’t believe the host actually believed that politicians were good Christians years ago. LOL. I discovered that authority figures were full of bullshit when I was 5 on my first day of school.
    A kid knocked over my wood block fort so I slugged him. The teacher made me kneel in front of the class for two hours until lunch.
    I haven’t trusted any authority figure since.

    • Having gone to Catholic school in Ontario during the 1970s and early ’80s, I have far too many stories that would make you sick to your stomach.

      • My greatgrandma went to catholic school in the 1910s-1920s and she had horrible stories about how the nuns would beat children with yard sticks and other such things that left scars on the children, physical and mental.

        She did not trust catholic priests or nuns and said they can’t be trusted. I’m sure there are some that are not this way but it ruined her faith in this religion.

  6. Canada, and most of the Western world have been lost.

  7. Laura-Lynn is a person I’ve often watched and supported and many of her guests are real truth tellers, often doctors who’ve been suspended or dismissed for telling their actual opinions on Covid nonsense. My heart goes out to her and to James, of course. I am no intellect but truth is important to everyone, not only those with brilliant minds and voices.

    • You say the truth is for everyone and I agree. There has been a deliberate effort to undermine regular people from obtaining knowledge. The education system functions to keep people from actual learning and developing intellectual abilities that most people have. And many people are capable of learning a lot on their own, but false narratives that some people are not capable is pervasive. There is also deliberate poisoning of the water supply in the US in many places with fluoride. Social media and other toxic media also has a negative impact on people.

      My point is that many people are far more capable than they believe they are. Even regular “normal” everyday people are capable of learning what is really going on and if they had a desire to learn things could do so.

      I think you probably have a greater intellect than you are giving yourself credit for. But as you say it does not require a great intellect to discern when one is being lied to and scammed. That is instinctual. There are so many subjects that I have little knowledge about and am very grateful for JC and his brilliant and inspirational work that he has shared with humanity. I am also grateful for others who have put out similarly brilliant work and led by example, to share truth with others.

      I have also learned a lot from others here in this comment section and am grateful for people who share knowledge here.

  8. James I give thanks to whatever creative process that bought life into being for the truths that you have spent a long time telling humankind about. Humankind is essentially kind which is why I used that word as much as the paradigm has tried to whip it out of us. People are starting to wake up and watching this particular video indicates to me how quickly life can react to the nesting doll layers of deception that humanity has been led to understand rather than overstand by the selfish controlling hand for millennia.
    It is time for us all to start overstanding our lives.
    Much love brother.

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