Interview 1830 – Modeling Disobedience with James Corbett and Bruce de Torres

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via Bruce de Torres: Here, deep into 2023, what are the worst things happening – the most dangerous and important things that we’re facing – and what’s the good news? Who are the people and organizations, besides you, who are trying to wake people up, so more people can resist the total tyranny toward which we speed, and what are some of the things people can learn and do to free ourselves from all that’s trying to enslave and kill us?


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    • Classic. And thanks for reminding me to finally watch that film.

  1. I liked the idea of using some of the psychology to change the narrative, like what Bernay’s did with his marketing schemes. Public displays of disobedience are very effective to plant seeds in peoples minds. People start to ask why. People are curious and some will then do research which will pull more people into the fold.

    Also, I think the number of people who know about the agenda is probably greater than the 1/3rd of the population. Perhaps they don’t know about the entire agenda but they know the jabs are harmful. Even people who took the first jabs, many of them have learned from direct experience.

    But in addition to the jabs, the masks are also unhealthy. I didn’t know that masks could have that much toxic stuff in them and Dr. Meryl Nass had something good information about them on her Substack.

  2. Not much of a pop culture fan (TV, Movies, etc.) but last night I was watching a 2013 show called “The Blacklist” with James Spader wherein he gives an excellent speech to “11 of the best reporters/researchers he has gathered” to inspire them to reveal the “plan” of the “Cabal.”

    He summarizes the agenda of our real life controller’s agenda of world dominance pointing out the “Cabal” are made up of government and industrialists and the danger to all who reveal them.


  3. James,

    How did you feel about Bruce (yet another guy!) mis-pronouncing your surname and not saying anything about it? 😉 😉

    • 😉 I caught that too!

      It’s funny really.
      In many of his videos, James Corbett introduces himself. He says his name.
      One would think that the observant would pick up on that pronounciation.

    • Yeah I could really feel James’ cringe on hearing that intro and the similar exasperated reaction at the very end. I have to say I tend immediately to disqualify interviewers who do this.

      • Sometimes the brain hears and the mouth says something different especially with names. But Corbett is really not that hard to say correctly once you hear it for an English speaker. But even words like tinnitus and diabetes are not said correctly even when people hear the correct way to say them. It’s “Tin Eye Tiss” and “diabetees”
        Another word mispronounced is nuclear. People often say “nuke-ular” which is incorrect, it’s “newclear”.

        So, given that smart people mispronounce words wrong all the time, I can give people a pass.

      • I would say you are overreacting.

        I can absolutely understand why would anyone read a double t that way. Sounds a lot similar to how one would pronounce corvette.

        One would expect people would know this as James has been around for a while now, but there is a great many various voices out there and I does not surprise me that not everyone is cueued in.

  4. The darker the night, the greater the opportunity to shine brightly.

    When it seems like everyone has gone insane and is willing to inject their own children with poison because some authoritarian child molester tells them to, if you can remain calm, stay positive and keep being a helpful presence for the people and creatures around you, that’s progress as a human being. I’m going to do the best I can here, as long as I can, and if, when I die, I do find myself in the presence of ‘God’, I’m going to tell it to fuck right off.

    • Well, not to defend “god”, but people are doing this to themselves.

      The trouble is the moral imperative on those who do understand to spread the light and help those who do not understand.

      However, this point does become moot when one deals with those absolutely refuse to see. That’s a wholly different ball game.

    • I can only imagine what horrible experiences you’ve been through to cause you to express such hatred for the God of creation that gave you life.
      You have my deepest sympathy and I will pray that you will find some comfort in this life.

      Its not very likely that you will speak those words to the Lord when you die however.

      “But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.
      For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.”
      Matthew 12:36,37

      Its bad enough that He has already heard you.

      From Romans 14,
      “we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ. For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.”

      I hope and pray that you will repent of your blasphemy while you still can.
      He is ready and willing to forgive you and give you the gift of peace that passes understanding.

    • dmay
      “… if, when I die, I do find myself in the presence of ‘God’, I’m going to tell it to fuck right off….”

      Lol, that matters about as much as an Ant telling my foot to Fk off before I squash it.

      “Why Rage at the Sun” ?
      IF any being such as God exists then telling its to Fuck Off would be retarded since from a philosophical POV it creates Good and Bad, and from a practical POV its like a billion times more powerful then you

    • I definitely understand the sentiment. I can relate to frustration, pain and anger about why this is happening. Why do terrible things happen to good people, I ask. I really don’t know and I don’t understand.

      I have had some very good experiences in my life though and have been very fortunate to have had so many positive moments. I try to be grateful for them and that which is good and beautiful. I was hit by a car as a kid and nearly died and my mom who was always a believer in god prayed for me and I recovered. Maybe this was luck. I have no way to know with certainty at least not all the time. My connection with higher consciousness or whatever god really is has always been intermittent.

      If there is a time when I can have an extended conversation or communication with god or the cosmic intelligence that brought forth all that exists, I want to understand why evil exists and why have good people suffered. If the force of love and empathy exists and I believe it does, what is the purpose of suffering?

      I don’t believe though that a force or intelligence that allowed good to exist would punish you (or me) for understandable anger at the evil people who are doing this to innocent human beings and other living things. Whatever god is will enlighten us so that we understand and can make sense of all of this. I also believe that people who do good in the world are rewarded, but the reward is also here and now.

      • Cu.h.j

        “….I don’t believe though that a force or intelligence that allowed good to exist would punish you (or me) for understandable anger…”

        I try not to believe things based on what I want to be true.

        I could talk on how anger people feel towards God would be the equivalent of a 2 year old angry that the world does not supply Ice Cream for reasons that are beyond their understanding.

        But at the end of the day its a choice to believe or not and no amount of debate will convince somone who wants to think the world is a certain way as says No 13 or Mr Corbetts list

        • I agree with his points here:

          “6. People do not rationally arrive at conclusions, they “feel” something to be true and then rationalize why their feeling is correct

          7. The more you learn, the less you know”

          Yes, people do “feel” what is true. And there are ways to ground and “attune” or tap into truth that is often felt rather than thought. However, feelings can be balanced with rationality when decisions must be made.

          And, I like that JC has expressed that he is a human capable of being wrong. This is humility a trait that is learned by attaining knowledge and perspective and using not only intellect but intuition and empathy.

          Human beings do tend to try to understand the unknown with our somewhat limited senses and I am no exception. This does not only apply to me.

          However there are certain feelings that I trust and have rarely been wrong, including a growing intuitive distrust of authority figures. Why I sensed this and others have not, I haven’t a clue.

          It is however illogical to make firm conclusions and state as fact that which is unknown. I have not made factual claims, but shared my beliefs as what I “feel” to be true (or close to it) with respect to the unknown, the great mystery of existence and why this all is.

          JC has also expressed the need to hear other perspectives rather than echo chambers. I like that and I think and perhaps “feel” that is wise.

          His point of wanting to be ruled I’m not so sure about, at least this is not how every single human being wants to live.

          • cu.h.j
            “…It is however illogical to make firm conclusions and state as fact that which is unknown….”

            That we cant know everything is true, however it is a postmodernist kind of mind trap to circle on the unknow-ability of things too much. Its kinda like the pain people get from “Choice paralysis” and results in doing nothing much of the time.

            Different ideas CAN be useful, but at the end of the day they can ONLY be useful if you discard false and wrong ideas.

            True, no ‘idea’ is ever 100% correct (hence the need for debate) but its NOT USEFUL to (as an example) hold BOTH ideas of ‘Flat earth’ and ‘Globe Earth’ and treat them with the same respect. Double Think has become so common because even regular people have forgotten ‘Binary Logic’ of a thing is True OR False even if we personally dont know which.

            P.S. edit
            Intuition is just your brain making a fast heuristic judgment based on info that your concious mind does not know how to process…its how people have stayed alive until nowdays where we are told to ignore such prejudices

            • Thank you for sharing your perspective. Flat earth versus globe earth model are ideas that can be modeled and globe earth is a better model and has physical evidence to show it is superior to flat earth, i.e. most likely true.

              My reference was more to ideas based on belief which cannot be proven empirically.

              Flat earth has been more or less been falsified. At least I think the globe earth model has more compelling empirical evidence to support it.

              Intuition is a fascinating topic. There was a book I read about it called Blink. It was a fun pop book I read years ago in nursing school. I don’t know much about the author, but I found this particular book interesting. It was a fun fast read:


      • cu.h.j.

        “I want to understand why evil exists and why have good people suffered. If the force of love and empathy exists and I believe it does, what is the purpose of suffering?”

        I hope that you don’t mind if I take a stab at that. And I’m not speaking for God except to the extent that I’m relating what His Word teaches.

        God said “ let there be light” but there is no indication that He ever said “let there be evil”. God couldn’t and didn’t create evil. In a very real sense, evil is not a thing that could be created.
        Actions, events, the quality of something can be evil. Beings can be evil.
        But evil isn’t some sort of force or a thing in itself. Evil is whatever we deem bad. Or not good. Its whatever we dislike.

        The main term for evil in the Bible can be understood to mean “to fall short of the mark”. The mark being God’s standard. This is “moral evil”. The Bible also asserts that God’s standards are the only legitimate ones.

        Moral evil and the suffering that goes along with it exist because people are capable of sin.
        God didn’t create mankind to be automatons.
        He created us to be imagers of Himself. He created us in order to have loving relationships with. He created us with free will because He has free will.
        We were created with the ability to sin or to obey. To love Him and honor Him with our obedience or to reject Him and choose evil. Because love has no value if it is not freely given.
        Maybe to some evil people, but not to God.
        If He had created mankind without the freedom to choose to be evil it would not have accomplished His purpose.

        You might wonder why such things as natural evil exists. Why natural disasters which cause suffering are allowed by God to happen.
        Obviously, sometimes nature appears to us to be evil. From things like poison ivy to cataclysmic meteor impacts.
        This is a mystery that many people who are a lot smarter than me have and continue to struggle with.
        I look forward to fully understanding God’s reasoning in this regard someday.
        Here’s one fellow’s thoughts.

        The Bible isn’t as clear about the reason natural evil exists as it is concerning moral evil.
        Maybe because the latter is the one we struggle with the most.

        Hope that helps.

  5. “..our perception of others compliance is important to the functioning of this system…”

    That point is so incredibly important. I was working in IT at a large factory at the start of 2020 (that made something considered essential so never closed down) and as part of my job I interacted with lots of different people on daily basis. I can say that without a doubt the vast majority of people were suspicious, to say the least, about everything going on (lockdowns, mask, social distancing, ext) to the point that many people called it bull$*t and would openly voice there distrust about what we were being told.

    Online however, whether from shadow banning/censorship, bots, algorithms, or other means it legitimately seemed that only a small fringe were questioning these things.

    This made me realize just how effective their online propaganda really was and why lockdowns and social separation was so important. They can’t shadow ban people in real life interacting with each other so it was crucial to isolate everyone. I can see how people who were forced to stay home would have more easily believed the lies they were pushing.

    The second point that confirms this.. I never wore a mask in the grocery stores even though they were technically required and although I occasionally would get dirty looks, much more often I would see people with masks on, see me and then take theirs off or would get comments like, “well if you don’t have to wear a mask, I’m taking mine off” or “way to stand up to this BS” ext.

    Its actually encouraging when you realize that although online perception is powerful and has real effects, it doesn’t necessarily represent reality and peoples true sentiments.

    • There are many people who don’t tell others what they really think. I’m trying to be better about this because I’ve tended to keep some things to myself as a natural introvert. But when I have shared a few things was surprised that there were more people questioning things than I thought there were.

      I try to remind myself that if I am questioning something, it’s highly likely others are too.

  6. So weird – I’m officially too stoopid to understand your comments section (3 tries!) but I’m here now Mr. CorbeTTTTTT.
    The comment on the trashing of San Francisco’s shopping area to help herd everyone online reminded me of this recent interview on this and other related subjects.

    So many aspects to this psyop it’s dizzying. Keep fighting the good fight, James.

    • WELL SAID! Nothing is pushing in the media without it being part of their operation. In this regard, it is about destroying businesses, forcing people to use Amazon and the like, so when the time comes, they can use it as your only option to make purchases.

      I have noted how quickly Maui has left the media conversations, thus it is NOT something they want us talking about, which further indicates it was a homicide on purpose fire.

  7. As to the move by the government to reintroduce covid restrictions, I was curious at first to see where they were going with this and why. Then I heard “The Chosen One” open his mouth and talk about how he was going to end all these covid restrictions and such, as if he was not the one who introduced them in the first place. This is MORE theater, Weimar Republic 2.0. The you know who are pushing the idea that everything is falling apart and only Trump, the Christian’s golden boy, as ludicrous as that truly is, he is going to bring back law and order, “enough is enough”. PURE garbage, pure psychological operation. Oh, Chump will indeed bring law and order, so much so, it will make Nazi Germany look like a boycott jamboree. I enjoy “Know More News” with Adam Green, he is extremely focused in his coverage, which generally indicates controlled, but he is always right on the mark with where they are talking us, from his extremely focused perspective. I once read, the criminals need to tell us their plans, basically to relive their Karma, that is what I believe Adam Green is. One way or the other, things are not going to be getting better in the short run…if ever.

    • His material is interesting although would require a huge amount of research on my part to formulate a solid opinion on if all of this is essentially self fulfilling prophecy.

      But I think the tone of his material can tend to divide people based on beliefs that at this juncture think should be tabled. I don’t care what religion people want to follow as long as they aren’t imposing tyranny.

      It seems to perhaps induce animosity and division or at least the tone of conversations can induce this IMO.

      I’m not going to attack someone based on what religion or tribe they identify with if their actions are honorable and they have done nothing to hurt me. I think it’s good to listen to opposing views and make ones own conclusions.

      I am not a person to want to go with any “group” belief system. I just have never been this way. The intellect and reason balance what I feel in my heart. I’m not one who is inspired much by hate and animosity, not in a productive way anyway.

      I also have not heard Adam Green propose any solutions to humanity’s predicament,

      In short, while I find some of Green’s work interesting and good to keep in mind certain mechanisms of control, it does not focus on who or what is really benefiting from this depravity and it is not as simple as religious or ethnic or racial identity. At least this is my opinion.

      The poster Duck has made some valid points about the strength of Christianity as a cultural anchor. I know the Vikings had a very fascinating pagan religion that I feel more drawn to but the Vikings were also very brutal and some of the ways they did things don’t really mesh with me. I guess, I take ideas that I think are good and leave the rest.

    • I do agree that the idea of “chosen” though is a type of mind virus that corrupts. I strongly reject it, anyone’s version of it.

  8. James talks about Digital IDs in this interview and the overall agenda.

    There is one element to the maniacal drive to Digital ID/bio-tracking etc. that I don’t think he has covered yet.

    We normally assume that it is the WEF/Great Reset agenda etc. that is behind this push.

    During the scamdemic, through a personal issue, I learned that young entrepreneurs are also a driving force towards this nightmarish 1984-like world. For them it’s all about the big $bucks they can make overnight with their new invention/device/piece of software etc.

    They don’t give a damn about the future of humanity and it certainly is not a power-grab/control thing for them.

    They simply want to cash in while the iron is hot and make as much money as possible ($millions/billions).

    And so whenever they see an opportunity (such as say Digital IDs etc.) they will start to design the latest and greatest software/device/machine to implement it and begin to push/sell it to governments/businesses/policy makers etc. as hard as they can.

    I would say these entrepreneurs are as great a potential enemy to us as the policy makers themselves.

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