Interview 1834 – Bioweapons of Mass Destruction on CHD TV

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James Corbett interviews Dr. Meryl Nass on her acclaimed new connect-the-dots article exposing how the WHO’s proposed treaty will increase man-made pandemics. Learn how cataclysmic lab escapes become increasingly inevitable in a science fiction futurescape where 94+ countries are “incentivized and encouraged” to perform gain-of-function experiments and to share their weaponized genomic sequences with member states through a vast new “biodefense” surveillance network.



Dr. Meryl Nass: The WHO’s Proposed Amendments Will Increase Man-Made Pandemics

Brownstone Institute: The WHO’s Proposed Amendments Will Increase Man-Made Pandemics

Door To Freedom

Next To Old Rec Hall, A ‘Germ-Making Plant’ — Judith Miller

Germs: Biological Weapons And America’s Secret War

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Requiem For The Suicided: David Kelly (2011)

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Finding Mental Health – #SolutionsWatch


    At work today: UN Agenda 21&2030; UN Wildlife Project; The New World Order Agenda, and others.

    ALL of them part of the planned reduction of the population under 24/7 track, trace, and data basing living in 5G SMART cities, no private vehicles, no access to the country side, most living on the Government dole and forced to obey any laws or regulations put out by the Government to maintain the dole.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    So the “planned reduction” is multilevel. If one considers the toxic food, water, entertainment, politics, education, etc. available these days, then it is obvious they have cleverly adapted to resistance.

    Here’s one of my songs. While at the site explore the essays there as well for a bigger understanding of what is going on in our world.

    WHO WANTS US TO DIE (song)

  2. Wow. It is sad to see someone known for their independence and thorough research become a mouthpiece for CHD. James you have purposefully tried to ignore the no-virus debate for 3 years now including giving your word salad logical fallacy-laden explanations of why this is with Derrick Broze. But every time you go on with Nass you DO engage in the debate whether you know it or not because there is always some spouting of virus garbage, accepted wholesale by you and discussed as fact. Where is the due diligence we have all come to expect? What in this video are the gain of function experiments you are referring to? The ones covered in this video?

    Or are there some actually following the scientific method?

    I love the ending. Mental state is essential to health, so stay positive… but also they are working on making ‘viruses’ more deadly so go well!!

    Sad to see such a great body of work tarnished like this.

    If you ever feel like some intellectual honesty around this topic, Im sure Sam or Mark Bailey would be more than happy to interview. Maybe you can convince them they are wrong?

    • Thanks for you comment Nick, you prevented me from having to watch it, I could tell by the title that is was going to be contagion propaganda prepping us for the next “pandemic” (and vaccine) Sadly for me I have to watch all of this unfold knowing I was the person who turned RFK Jr. onto James Corbett in the first place. Sure no one will believe me, but it’s true, I was red-pilling him all throughout 2020-21, i also turned him onto Whitney Webb. I even turned him onto David Dees whom he loved and posted to his now deleted Instagram along with many other things I sent him. James has always been a beacon of rationality and honesty in the alt-media to me from when he began to about a year or so ago and it is thoroughly depressing to see what he and especially RFK jr have become, since I’d say March 2022. Firstly he apologized for some bullshit super absurd smear campaign about how he mentioned Anna Frank, of course completely took his speech out of context, a speech he had given for more than a year up to that point so all of the sudden it somehow because anti-semitic. He talked about it in an interview w/ Megan Kelly (i believe that’s her name) But the worst part of that interview was when he agreed with her that “million of people died of covid” and agreed that there was a “Pandemic” both points which can be defended against very easily with 100% facts that we is well aware of. Funny thing is that around the time he announced his run he tweeted an apology for the apology and I was very happy to see that. But as we all know he blew it further (fatally for the future of humanity in my opinion) when he deleted his tweet in support of Roger Waters and threw him under the bus in the midst of a smear campaign against him, one which was exactly like the one the had pulled on RFK a year prior. As far as James goes he has just avoided talking about many vital issues in the past year as many have. Most glaringly is that NO ONE has mentioned bringing any of these covid criminals to justice, which means they will keep doing it over and over again with the help of the “alternative” Media.

    • * Dawn Lester & David Parker What Really Makes Us Ill, Germ Theory, & The Four Factors Interview:
      In 10 years of research they found no scientific studies proving contagion provable. Yes, in a family some kids or one of the parents may get sick together, but not ALL.
      – – – – – – – – – –
      The Virus (Covid) Has Never Been Isolated According to Koch’s or River’s Postulates
      – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      As of 1/2022 the “SARS-Cov-2” virus has yet to be isolated, and therefore has yet to be proven to even exist, according to evidence presented by Dr. Andrew Kaufman

      “There is no virus, other than a digital, theoretical abstraction made on a computer from a genomic database. It’s never been isolated, purified, sequenced, characterized and proven 100% to exist. Makia Freeman

      * From my free two year research pdf or video:

    • Nick
      You may be right. However an empath here would say don’t celebrate the journey in your cart before you gain a horse in the endeavor.
      A Christian Scientist would whole heartily agree there are no viruses. They,the elite controll freaks have searched for that poison for a long time. It’s as simple as, find the antidote to make the poison much more potential. It can be all mental,the poison,the antidote. The controlling elite excell at that, as we all know here.
      I mentioned Dr. Livingston and the Wellcome Trust recently . In the search for the source of the Nile and the colonization of Africa, disease was not over looked as were the folklore,flora and fona found along the way. Purpose was wide and everything observed and logged. Island nations recycle everything to good use.
      The jury is still out here in this physical realm. The bugs could be small as well as large. Infection and virus seem interchangable. The source is still what it was in 1871. Unknown, but dreamed of.
      As far as Jimbo is concerned; The tarnish could be on you and your flat perspective. Climb higher and observe more with less quick harsh verbal gasps, gaffes, gripes. You are welcome to print them here, anytime, thats how strong the publisher of this site is.
      Please Keep providing facts supporting this concept cause you, and others may be right. The old alchemists knew the power of their magic and I’m sure some of the old tricks still exist in this day and age.

    • Got to face it, western medicine has been hijacked a century ago with false narratives, ever read about Pasteur who loved to rig his numbers all the time?
      Western medicine needs a reset and reboot. There is too much half truth and completly wrong, for me virus is only half the truth, vaccine on the other side a complete false narrative.

  3. I don’t believe covid was anything more than the regular flu hyped into a “pandemic”. I do not believe they would risk releasing a real pathogen at this point. They have every tool of control in their grasp, no need to take a risk with a real germ.

    If you take away NY and NJ, there was no increases in all causes US deaths in 2020 over 2019’s flu numbers.

    Point being, what they do do well, is control our minds, covid was a disease of the mind, not the body. And just like magic, when they were done with the covid scam, when enough businesses were destroyed, it went away.

    They changed the definition of a a pandemic of international concern from deaths to cases, so if you make a test that is SUPER sensitive, suddenly “everyone has covid”.

    When they pull the plug it will be the old school weapons: starvation, war, poverty and conflagration.

  4. This is odd… I occasionally ready the comments before listening to the podcast, but this is the first time I’ve witnessed several people echoing a displeasure and/or refusal to engage with the content.
    Kind of makes me want to watch even more. What’s that called? The Streisand Effect? Negative attention draws more attention.
    I simply cannot respect the opinion of those who dismiss ideas before listening.

    • Agreed. Nice to read differing opinions, but there is no need to denigrate people on this platform. Folks can simply skip the content if it triggers them.

    • Torus says:
      “This is odd…”
      [That denegrating comments cascade, right away, as soon as Corbett published.]

      Thanks Torus for highlighting this.

      At the very least, those people who commented demonstrate bad manners and ugly form for any type of civil discourse.
      Most Corbett Report Members are much more refined in their communications and respect for the humanity of man.

      And at the very least, I can identify that Corbett Members “Nick” and “dcgraphics” are not worth reading, because they have lost their way.

      • HomeRemedySupply not that Im particularly bothered about the value you place on my comments, and barring the irony of you talking etiquette whilst denigrating others in the same breath (chuckle)… in what way have I ‘lost my way’? For the record, I still obviously support James as a member and watch most of his content outside of this topic.
        Maybe another view on my unreadable comments is that James is a big boy and I don’t think even he would want cheerleaders in the comments section saying ‘leave him alone’.
        He has a huge blind spot here which he has purposefully ignored. If no virus is a ridiculous position then please ridicule it, it should be easy to do. If it’s not then why not say it? If there is some third option of why he ignores it, why not say what that is? I mean IGNORES IT. Is he not informed? Then do an interview with some of the proponents of it for Pete’s sake. You know, like every other topic he endeavors to inform himself on.

        Question for you HomeRemedySupply…. imagine James extensive work on 911 all existed except for any research he has done on US govt agencies’ involvement in it. Then imagine he has guests on that tell a narrative that completely supports this no govt agency involvement and speak of it as if it is unquestioned fact.
        Would you sit and swallow it? Would you attempt to point out the huge elephant in the room he has somehow inexplicably missed? Would you begin by emailing him politely to ask if he is aware of it and what his thoughts are, and post multiple requests in QFC for him to address it whatever his views were? Yes, I have done all of these things. At some point would you start to think what is going on here and how can he be so on the money with so much stuff and somehow have missed the mack truck that has plowed through his living room? Like I say above, if he wanted to claim ‘this isn’t in my wheelhouse’ and speak ambiguously about viruses then I would still say this is bizarre but at least somewhat credible. But when you talk about claims of gain of function research on viruses, you are making positive claims in the other direction.
        Maybe it is the amount of cheerleaders in the audience that could be a bit more intellectually curious that provide the comfort he feels with the hole in his living room wall.

        • James has completely ignored the technical aspects of bringing the towers down. HOW DHARRRE HE?

          • In the weeds here I suppose mkey but I suppose it’s a distinction between whether it’s a technical detail or whether it’s the whole paradigm of what the cause was. More like he’s ignoring any nefarious cause behind the buildings coming down whatsoever, past the mainstream terrorist boogeyman theory. I feel like you are doing your best to misconstrue the discussion. Why would that be.

            • You simply refuse to understand the obvious.

              Everyone choses their own topics for dicussion. Full stop.

              In regards to the issue of germ theory, there is (at least) one more important point: who has the right to force you to inject anything in your body, regardless of urgency? Who has the right to force you into any kind of medical procedure?

              This is what Joe Insaneo and Joan Outofhermind have forgotten about. The virus thing is just one of many excuses to do the same thing.

              • Misconstruing again. Of course I understand hes choosing his topics and has the right to. I don’t want him punished. Im attempting to bring the issue to peoples attention (not least of all James) and asking why is it ignored? You are telling me he’s ignoring it. Thats great. Its also not my question. At all.
                Of course he does do QFC. On this topic, quite unlike any other in fact, he is specifically going out of his way to ignore it. We have seen him answer questions where he simply says I don’t know the answer to that. As opposed to ignoring the question even exists.
                And yes I agree the point you raise on bodily autonomy is AN important point. Just not a relevant one in this discussion. James used this same point as a kind of straw man in the Broze interview, as if people holding the no virus perspective don’t understand this, and that if you say there are no viruses you are somehow conceding your bodily integrity by saying if there were viruses then go ahead and shoot me up. Transparently fallacious. Ridiculous even. Hard to believe that is the heartfelt view of a logical intelligent person like James. The two topics are completely separate. Lets play the 911 analogy game again. It would be like James saying “it doesn’t matter if the govt agencies were involved. If you even bring this topic up, you are simply conceding that the patriot act etc etc would be justified if govt agencies weren’t involved”
                Rather ridiculous in that context. Wouldnt you agree?

              • No, I fully disagree.

                The forced medication and medical procedures are not done only in the the name of the viruses. This should be obvious, but sometimes people refuse to see the obvious.

                Bodily autonomy principle DOES cover both the virus related forced medical procedures and every other kind of forced medical procedures.

                Be it forced sex change (or sex obliteration) or forced abortions for the “impaired” or forced sterilisation for blacks … someone more knowledgable could keep listing such examples for hours.

                The virus issue is a single list item that only covers forced vaccination (traditionally) plus everything else they managed to mash in there during the past years.

                Granted, forced vaccination is a pretty big freaking deal, but it would be a non issue if people understood that their body is their property. If people would accept that life of slavery is not one that is worth living, trends would shift considerably. This would cover not only vaccination, but every other facet of medical tyranny, taxes, war, etc.

                Between the two topics, I would put all of my energy into promulgating the latter and making people understand.

                In reference to scientific fraud, the germ theory is just one of it’s many facets. And, to be completely honest, microbiology has nothing to do with a hard science, it is being misclassified as such. It’s a dogma, featuring a fully fledged priest class as well as an untold number of followers, ready to take their pennance, for the syn of being alive.

                To that extent, if people started seeing through dogmas, viruses would be a non issue, too.

        • Nick,
          Despite your bad manners, and because you must not really follow the CorbettReport that often, I’ll direct you here…

          Is The Virus Real?
          by Meryl Nass

          Does the SARS-CoV-2 Virus Exist?
          by Yohan Tengra

          James Corbett’s statements about Covid & virus

          Does the Virus Exist?
          Del Bigtree is interviewed by Derrick Broze

          Dr. McCullough & John Leake

        • Nick,
          James Corbett is talking to you.

          Start watching at 31:50. James spends some time on this aspect of
          “What James Corbett talks about.”
          (Also, see mkey’s comments)

          100 Questions! – Questions For Corbett #100

          • Thanks HomeRemedySupply. Feel free to point out my rudeness. Here, I’ll give an example of someone being rude “I can identify that Corbett Members “Nick” and “dcgraphics” are not worth reading, because they have lost their way.”
            But whatever.
            Can you tell me what I’m supposed to be reading on the comment link you have posted here? I see a few comments of members sharing their thoughts on the topic of no virus, and no, I didn’t read all 6 million comments on that thread at the time. What am I looking for here exactly? Genuinely curious, Im not sure what your point is.
            Yes.. I do think Corbett was talking to me there (among others maybe). In fact I said exactly that on the comments for that video. What about it? Hes just declaring he’s not going to talk about it. That has nothing to do with my point. Its the why I am interested in. In a previous lengthy comment I have made on the topic I illustrate how it ticks every box of his interests. If I were as good as you (it’s appreciated) at cataloging comments I would link here. In brief, he has a passion for science, scientific fraud, global conspiracies and the hidden truth of how they are perpetuated. He makes no attempt to say why he has no interest here. Or why its not important. Again I would say its as important as any of the info he somehow did have interest in exposing about the real reasons behind 911. I have seen all of Derek Broze completely soft ball interviews with everyone unwilling to give any decent account for their belief (and its exactly that) in viruses. He just platforms them (including James) to poo poo a view without giving any logical basis, and even feeds them lines to help them. Del has been saying he will do some coverage on the topic for months and months, and it has never eventuated despite much noise he has dealt with around it. Broze has done this too by the way. What would we think I wonder if a ‘truth’ outlet deliberately feined and then ignored interest in a topic?
            This isnt the Annunaki, or a secret elite of cave dwellers controlling the world from the earths core. Its simple hard science. Its not opinion. There is the scientific method. And there is not. James knows this. Del knows this. If you wanna go for the latter, then call it what it is. A pseudoscience belief, and one James is willing to promote with the likes of Nass.

            • My guess is that JC isn’t interested in devoting substantial time into researching it.

              It’s a big field and very technical. There’s stuff JC might not be interested in and just not cover it, or not think it’s relevant to changing paradigms.

              Maybe he’s wrong? I don’t know but I respect him enough as a person and as a researcher to accept that he’s not covering it but that his work has been a gateway into other rabbit holes.

              He has some good stuff on research that I need to re-watch because there are other things I’m interested in that he’s not covered. It’s okay he’s not covering it because I’ll delve into it myself.

              I think it’s good that there’s challenges to germ theory because clearly contagion isn’t always observed.

              Sometimes people seem to catch things and other times they don’t. I’m not so paranoid of living life that I’ll chose “safety” over liberty. Life is meant to be lived. It’s finite on the physical plane. I want the cancerous parasitic government out of my life, period. That is the disease that afflicts us.

              Anyway, for what it’s worth. It is an interesting topic to explore and I’m glad Sam Bailey are speaking about it and researching.

              The part that I think is cognitive infiltration is to accuse people of being shills who don’t cover it. That’s classical divide and rule strategy. And that’s how they remain in control.

            • Dr. Nass is one of the few medical doctors to say anything about the tyranny and has paid the price.

              What she did takes guts and I respect that. Maybe she’s wrong about viruses. I don’t know. I’ve delved into it and I don’t know. I have reached the point of reasonable doubt. Also, with many other theories like the chemical imbalance that causes depression, was wrong.

              To be honest, I’m not afraid of biological weapons because if one exists that can kill me there is nothing I can do to stop it besides advocate against it.

              I can’t prevent the US from declaring war on other countries but I can protest against it.

              So many things I can’t control. I guess it’s the human condition. I may be hit by a car tomorrow and die but I’m not going to stay inside forever.

  5. I love seeing this! 🙂
    …targeting individuals in a lawsuit. Holding individuals accountable. Making them sweat.
    These authoritarians need to eat their own vomit.

    Meryl J. Nass, M.D. Plaintiff
    Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine,
    [List of Evil Bad Guys below who need to eat their own vomit.]
    Maroulla S. Gleaton, M.D.,
    Holly Fanjoy,M.D.,
    Noah Nesin, M.D.,
    Renee Fay-LeBlanc, M.D.,
    Brad E. Waddell, M.D.,
    Gregory Jamison, RPh,
    Noel Genova, PA,
    Lynne M. Weinstein,
    and Susan Dench

    August 17, 2023 – By stellar journalist Brenda Baletti, Ph.D.
    Breaking: Dr. Meryl Nass Sues Maine Medical Board Over Suspension, Alleges Board Violated Her First Amendment Rights
    Dr. Meryl Nass today filed suit against the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine and its individual members, alleging the board violated her First Amendment rights and her rights under the Maine Constitution.

    Backstory 2022 and first half of 2023
    Maine Medical Board — Meryl Nass, M.D. Official Hearings–meryl-nass-md-official-hearing/

    • I can’t even imagine that stress. I hope she has a good attorney (s). Someone well versed in science who can make a strong compelling argument. Licensing law though sucks because it’s im front of an administrative law judge rather than a jury.

      I commend her for standing up for what is right. Lots of people shut up because they were afraid of the expense and everything else.

      Medical boards and the like are awful in many cases. I think she’s in a good position to get out of medicine though. But she probably actually likes being a doctor working with patients.

  6. There are definitely bio-weapons, and yes our governments have been creating them.

    There is no evidence however that these bio-weapons come in the form of invisible parasites (a.k.a. viruses) that spread from host to host. That’s science fiction, not fact.

    Denis Rancourt (Ontario) conducted extensive statistical analysis coming out of Canada and the USA and concluded that unless this alleged virus understood and respected county and state boundaries, there was no viral contagion in 2020.

    Yes, bio-weapons are being researched and created – but they need to be either sprayed in the atmosphere and breathed in, put in our food and eaten, or injected into our bodies.

    The covid-19 psy-op of fear based on the myth of a viral contagion enabled the real bio-weapon to be injected into the masses under the guise of protecting them.

    What I find most peculiar, and a bit sad, is that both sides, official mainstream media and much of the alternative media, continue to feed this psy-op of fear.

    Mass non-compliance is the only way out of this mess. The WHO, or any other body claiming authority over us, derives its power from our compliance.

    Fortunately, the contradictions are being coming more obvious and I see a collapse in the grand contagion narrative in the pipeline.

    • >>Mass non-compliance is the only way out of this mess. The WHO, or any other body claiming authority over us, derives its power from our compliance. >>

      I agree.
      – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      “A slave is one who waits for someone to come and free him.”
      – Ezra Pound


  7. The blindly adamant no virus people need to leave the community.

    • What about the ‘No New Virus’ people?
      Arent you being a little bit as reactive as others for or against the narrative this interview has provoked?

    • YES!! Boot them out! Where are the pitchforks, those people are out of control. Lets get them. Or something like that.

      • Those pitchforks need to be saved for the parasites who caused this. People should not lose site of the greater enemy and not fight each other.

        • That is how they win, divide an rule. It works very well.

  8. United we stand; divided we fall.

    Let’s just agree to disagree on any divisive topic, especially when we have no first-hand experience or evidence.

    The Corbett Report comments for the most part are a useful source of news leads and educational information shared by the community to benefit others. Please keep it that way.

  9. Wait, James Corbett is again putting up content on his website in accordance with his own wishes? HOW DHARRRRE HE!?!?1

    • Yes and how dare we consume it with anything other than complete credulity! please see my hypothetical above.

      • James has stated on many, many, MANY occasions that he does not expect people to believe him. Hence the extensively sourced content.

        Your argument holds water like a desert.

        • Yes and therefore on his discussion forum, I would think he’s happy for people to discuss where he might have glaring omissions. I’m not asking him to be banned for not covering stuff I want him to. I’m bringing to attention the elephant in the room he specifically won’t look at. So, not sure what argument/desert you are referring to.

  10. Dr. Nass, seems to me to be describing the Welcome Trust model of Dr. Livingston and the research he brought together for the next generation of Researchers. Ticks and mosquitoes figure big in that search for defence and offensive weapons.
    Interesting read.

    The member nations are now all a Dr. Livingston in search of the big kill find. WHO needs to be dismantled. UN too!

  11. RE: Interview 1834 – Bioweapons of Mass Destruction on CHD TV Sat 9/9/2023

    I am so very impressed with Dr. Meryl Nass. I’m astounded at her expertise on biological weapons and general understanding of how the system works, white papers and all. She’s been around the block.

    “Good Morning CHD!” was such a great way for Corbett to break the ice into the interview with Dr. Meryl Nass about World War 3.
    In fact, this relaxed, pleasant, healthy attitude comes full circle at the very end of the interview when the topic of having a Healthy Mental Outlook is addressed.
    [“Good Morning Vietnam” is a frank portrayal of a war experience told with humor and irony through the eyes of Robin Williams.]

    I gotta hand it to Corbett. He is an excellent interviewer and audience guide.
    Podcasters should study him.

    I’m so glad that he digressed onto David Kelly and the Anthrax biological weapon scenario.
    Relevant is Corbett’s COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity
    …the term “biosecurity” was injected into mainstream political discourse when the 2001 anthrax attacks linked bioterrorism to the global war on terror. Suddenly, “biosecurity” was a pressing national security threat, and an entire architecture of national and international legislation was introduced to institute procedures for implementing medical martial law.

    In the US, the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act was passed in multiple state legislatures, giving governors the power to forcibly quarantine and even force-vaccinate their populations in the event of a declared public health emergency.

    The visuals in the interview really helped. There is so much to digest, and it is easy for the mind to wonder.
    I really appreciate the step by step walk-thru which Meryl gave us.

    With a plethora of “gain-of-function experiments” and “weaponized DNA genomic sequences” on the horizon, we are in deep doo-doo.
    Lunatics and Psychopaths are trying to control the world.

    • It’s creepy they are actually talking about that, But would they actually carry it out I wonder? If they could, they would but I don’t think they can and I think they know it.

      Though I certainly agree that the state does know how to use violence and this should be avoided, a violent confrontation with the state, I also know that the threat of violence is also a deterrent. The state does not have a monopoly on violence. We are outmatched for sure, but I think if they tried to force jab people the people following orders would have a rude awakening.

      That’s my line in the sand and I think there are a whole lot of people who feel the same way.

      • And one more thing that baffles me is that they forced the jab on their own military and police making a lot of them ill and making a lot of them quit. They are weak.

        The crime in cities are exploding and they have very little city employees left to enforce anything. In the country, I think they’d be very afraid to try to intrude on someones property.

        Just my opinions based on observation. On the other hand if the US was invaded by a superior military this could be a problem. But what is there to gain from that? These slime bags like the area too much, I think.

        I also think people like the idea of freedom too much even though the US isn’t free, people come here in droves for economic improvement and also the idea of liberty. I think there is enough resistance to slavery and tyranny that there is lack of will to make the techno-tyranny happen. Not by force anyway.

        I’m not a gambler but if I was, my money is on us.

        Looking at the economics of all this though may shed some light. How is China doing economically? Maybe I am wrong, but I think people may be getting sick of the idea of owning nothing. There is no way that equates with happiness. Neither does taking injections that make you sick and kill you.

        People don’t want to eat bugs either. Yuk. These people are nuts and I think people are coming around to the dystopia they want for us and will refuse and rebel.

      • I think THEY will do ANYTHING. 9/11 proved it, and 2020 was a repeat.

        I wish there was a looong REMINDER VIDEO of the Covid era.
        We need it.
        Our society has forgotten what happened.
        And many, many, many people in society never even knew what was happening. They are still in the dark, having lived in a MainStreamMedia bubble. They haven’t got a clue as to what was really going on.
        We need a looong visualization of the atrocities of 2020, something that bites, something that makes a person squirm.

        I watched half of this which premiered Monday…
        It was okay, but a bit rinky-dink. It needed more emotional impact.
        (90 minutes)
        Start watching about 5:20.

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