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via CHD TV: Meet Steve Solomon — Principal Legal Officer at the WHO. After it was revealed at the fifth meeting of the WGIHR that the group would be unable to meet their deadline, Solomon stepped in to reinterpret article 55 in what appears to be an attempt to PREVENT the public from seeing the amendments before they are passed. Are these ‘negotiations’ on the IHR amendments and pandemic accord really just smokescreen and theater, designed to placate the public into thinking there is some sort of democratic process in place — as the digital biosecurity state is already being built up around us? Dr. Meryl Nass, James Corbett, and James Roguski peel back the lies and warn us why it’s time to start paying attention. Tune in!



Fifth Meeting Of The WGIHR: Watch On CHDTV

Governments Make Progress Towards Agreeing Amendments To The International Health Regulations (2005)

James Roguski The Answer Is No Article — Article 55 Sneak Attack

The World Hypocrisy Organization

Article-By-Article Compilation Of Proposed Amendments To The International Health Regulations (2005)


More Cuts Of Interest In The Foreign Operations And Related Programs Appropriations Bill — Meryl Nass Substack

John Kerry — Special Presidential Envoy For Climate

Pandemic Accord Explained With Steven Solomon

Who Funds The WHO? James Roguski Substack

Pandemic Treaty Facts – James Roguski

National Defense Authorization Act Fiscal Year 2022

WHO Welcomes Historic Commitment By World Leaders For Greater Collaboration, Governance And Investment To Prevent, Prepare For And Respond To Future Pandemics

Article-By-Article Compilation Of Proposed Amendments To The International Health Regulations (2005) Submitted In Accordance With Decision WHA75(9) (2022)


Annex 6 International Health Regulations

Bank For International Settlements

Petition To The Government Of Canada E-4401 (Health)


  1. Victor,
    Certainly the topic has come up (again and again at many places).

    Here is a link to links:

    Is The Virus Real?
    by Meryl Nass

    Does the SARS-CoV-2 Virus Exist?
    by Yohan Tengra

    James Corbett’s statements about Covid & virus

    Does the Virus Exist?
    Del Bigtree is interviewed by Derrick Broze

    Dr. McCullough & John Leake

    • Highwire also hosted Andrew Kaufman. It looked like Del’s bubble was pricked a bit, but he patched it up quickly.

  2. Corbett or CHD should do a preamble or addendum to this discussion as to why one should share this info and be so ‘fired up’ about it as they are. By the time James stated this in the discussion, I had no fucking clue what the issue was specifically or how to articulate this to another person. Granted, I’m walking the dog and not listening slavishly to the talking points, but spell this out for me like I’m a retard (which, for all you know, I may actually be).
    Maybe some enterprising CR commentator will indulge us with the bullet points here. I’m sure I get the gist, having been in the throes of conspiracy culture for over a decade now and been a regular listener to the CR for nearly that amount of time (centralization of control, including medical monopoly malfeasance). But I’m going to have to look up WHO digital health certificates now, since that is not a topic yet in my bailiwick. I’m just now getting a decent grasp on what cryptocurrencies, the blockchain or CBDC’s are, ffs.
    Someone explain this shit to me like I’m a child, and I’ll consider passing it along. For my part, I’ll guess I’ll have to listen to this discussion twice.

    Furthermore, I don’t know why violence as a response always has to be off the table for solutions-oriented discussions to totalitarian and dictatorial regimes. I mean, I *know* why (you’ll be arrested and incarcerated [and maybe even sent to Room 101] for threatening the State’s power and authority), but how much worse do things need to get before we start opining more openly about the potential efficacy of non-violent responses to this diabolical status quo?

    • CRM,
      You make a very good point.
      What we saw was a conversation, a discussion with many details, kind of like watching a High School kid show his work on a math problem, piece by piece. It might be interesting, but it ain’t the type of thing that you share with friends.

      “Something to be shared” takes a story, an emotional narrative which impacts the receiver. A story that’s simple and quick to digest.

      CRM, I like your line:
      “Someone explain this shit to me like I’m a child, and I’ll consider passing it along.”

      • Cheers, HRS.

    • CRM, images of flattened squirrels on the neighborhood streets come to mind. The squirrels were no doubt railing against the machine right up untill the tire squished the life out of the creature.
      We are faced with some horrible realizations. You hint at it
      “but how much worse do things need to get before we start opining more openly about the potential efficacy of non-violent responses to this diabolical status quo?”
      There are much more deadly realities out there than this discussion of health governance by the panelists. Having an ace in the hole when you lay your bets hedges your winning hand when it becomes time to show your cards. I wonder and it raises 2 questions,
      1, why now, the over the top proposals that would never have been brought to the table a generation before. The way the Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and British government is acting. So antithetical to our children’s understanding, and mine of the American way things should be done. Fairly,with liberty and justice for all. In theory we believe, in practice we fail.
      This brings up question 2, why are we so apathetic, slow in thinking,child like unobservant. The puzzle of manipulations seem unsolvable even though the evidence has been shown us one piece at a time. Creativity in problem solving use to be an American trait,now non existent. We know about propaganda but that can be overcome but there seems to be more preventing us from baking the cake we want.
      Like the climate commercial/ satire warnings to the group to lower emissions by 10% or face the red(always red)button that explodes the sceptical or questioning person. The message
      “go along or get blown up, killed”
      Here in is the ace in the hole, these dedicated,aware people in the video I link below are trying too, but run into the same problems the panel above have, an audience that can’t think above a child’s understanding of the permanent state that death represents. The absolute power and complete lack of empathy for life are the drivers of the squirrel killing cars or the cabal that funds and flys the planes… The car’s tire or planes that deliver the poison or red button has an operator that is as concerned for your life as his/her machine is.
      There is a reason because there is an agenda. These Scientists and doctors in the link below are yelling where and how the red button is connected. There offer ‘How to’ solutions for avoiding the proverbial car tire.
      We are not children anymore and it is time now to grow up or be flattened like the squirrels. It has steadily moved from harassment to finality. IMHO, this is the point where the red button has become operational.
      Collectively we need to regain our life force to counter what’s coming, and quickly.

      • Thank you for the response, bottlewasher. I see I mistyped and should have stated “….potential efficacy of violent responses…”, but I think you all got my gist.
        Funnily enough, there was a flattened squirrel I saw someone had moved to the gutter on the walk I had with the dog while I was listening to this podcast discussion.
        Will check our your link and consider your post.

    • CRM

      “… but how much worse do things need to get before we start opining more openly about the potential efficacy of non-violent responses to this diabolical status quo?…”

      The issue is that people have “Normalcy Bias” ….. Bryan Lunduke did a talk about why he left where he lived because he had enough of the crime, homeless druggies and riots. He said that he was talking to people thereabouts and they mostly shoulder shrugged and insisted nothing was really very bad or even different then it used to be

      I kinda think California druggies could be roasting hipsters over oil drums and the other hipsters will just shrug and say “Californian cities have always had cannibalism….” and its not really much better with every one else.

      • Duck, thank you for highlighting the point the people in the link I put up are trying to put forth.
        Their findings of ” kinetically active microstructures ” that are killing our instinctual drive for survival.

        I know Homie loves antidotal stories and offer up a couple here. Greg Hunter said on an earlier post of his show I put up that insurance actuarials show a steep rise in accident claims and at least a 10 year premature life insurance claims are thought to occur from the vax program. A K A kinetically active microstructures. My emphasis.
        I can attest my instinctual and active senses of the past has keep me from harm on numerous occasions. Mostly scorpions,spiders, copperhead nests, and crazy people. I’m not projecting or receiving the life force I had in my youth and am concerned. I must admit my father had great instincts and life force untill his late 80s which coincided with the onset of S.A.I, stratospheric aerosol injection (which several progressive liberal friends still deny with no claim other than ” they wouldn’t do that”) around here in 2012 when SAI became obvious. He died at 91 in 2018.

        • Interesting hypothesis and there may be truth into intentional poisoning of people to dim their will to survive.

          Although I think the bulk of it is simple brain washing with some hormone disrupting chemicals and lack of spine.

          I understand the feeling of being drained of vitality though. I work part time in a “liberal” cesspool of high technology, poop and junkies roaming around.

          I can’t wait to never have to set foot in this place again. It could very well be the EMFs and spraying and other poisons and is probably a combination of all of it.

          My guess though is that people have become soft and lazy and falsely believe that if they pretend not to notice everything will be okay.

    • We can’t have nice things because people, on average, are idiots.

      Violence as a response should indeed be off the table as it would entail unjust application of force. However, application of force as part of a self defensive action may never be off the table, regardless of what various state actors (actors, get it?) have to say about that.

      For example, it has become habitual in my neck of the woods that media will drudge up the matter of legality of video recording the police. You will typically get some unidentified source at the local PD talking about how it may not be done and then one of the parroting resident law experts will deliver a harangue to reader about how it is illegal to film the cops because reasons. Some law articles will be named, but nothing quoted. Upon reading the article, it becomes obvious that even when they write these laws for themselves, they don’t really put what they want in there, but they still want people to do what they want. Clear and simple, no?

      They definitively want to sell the public on the idea of having dedicated state actor personnel for various chores. The not so important matters such as self defense, education, care for family members who are in the need for it, etc. People want to believe these things blindly.

      I often bring up the point regarding nonexistence of valid scenarios for summoning the police. I’ll pitch this as soon as I hear some particular keyword. People will share various experiences with the police.

      They will talk about getting their houses robbed and then being manhandled by the police themselves.

      They will talk about getting mugged and, despite using several connections and doing the actual police footwork in helping to find the evidence and connect the dots, completely fail to garner any interest in their case at the local PD.

      Merrily, while police is rather stupid and dull in these parts, they are not militarized. And there is still quite a lot of weapons left behind after the war ended 30 years ago.

      People will have such experiences, but they will still blindly believe the state and its actors have magic rights nobody else has or may have.

  3. In Interview 1839 CHD-TV, I appreciate seeing the recent details of the “smokescreen and theater.”

    Smokescreen, theater and covert actions by authoritarians has become SOP (standard operating procedure.)
    Unfortunately, it is so common place that those who are aware of it are becoming numb.
    I think that the tough part is an outreach to those who are not aware of it.
    It is tough to design an exposing outreach narrative which can impinge upon the unaware, especially since the attention span may only be a few minutes.

  4. Profanity Alert**Profanity Alert** James, I apologize in advance, and I totally respect your right to either ban or sensor any of all of the following words. I’m trying to keep calm and relaxed, really:

    All do f?ng respect to James Roguski (seriously) and his “soft-spoke” optimisms of “I don’t rage” bullshit—that’s what we need—a world with the majority peoples in every country “peacefully” RAGING and SCREAMING as they begin arresting the goddamn Lawyers responsible for ALL of the traps of the United Nations and our corrupt politicians.

    The United Nations (WHO, WEF…) and that shit building in New York needs to be burned to the ground and ended, forever. Same with NATO. We NEVER needed “them.”

    Both Republicans and Democrats (Biden and Trump) are horrific Monsters, and their ridiculous, brainwashed constituents are just as guilty for all of these problems our world is trapped to.
    Dr. Nass and Corbett are correct: MOST people on Earth are asleep, if not completely fucking unconscious via mainstream and some independent media’s “standard programing” the people’s minds to NOT pay attention to what’s going on.

    Well I’m paying attention to all of it, and if most understood what I understand they’d be raising their state capitals to flames and executing most of their shit politicians and their shit lawyers, worldwide. But I hope when or if this does happen, it’s figuratively with no real violence, which is what the kunt kops want—an excuse to use their weapons on people to prove how big-dick Alfa they are. Am I wrong? No, I’m not, and I do NOT apologize for the bloody profanity, you sensitive twats with guns and torture programs to fix shit.
    With just a small proportion of the resources humans are forced to waste killing each-other we could mentally institutionalize most Lawyers, politicians and their money-junky masters and actually save ourselves and this blood-soaked planet.

    And, so what say you, you lazy-brained, disconnected disciples (minus my intelligent followers, of course, who I know already get it)? What do you believe the solutions are—more diatribes and clichés, more argumentative-debates and wars? I think I’ve already had a dozen strokes this miserable morning.—jeff lubina✌?❤️& F?ng?

    • I too periodically feel such intense anger, cuss and swear like a trooper and I’m an 79year old lady (ish). one HAS to let off steam in the face of such intense arrogance and perfidy, but I’ve come to realise, that this kind of emotion is exactly what they want, hoping it will lead to physical violence so they can let the big macho’s loose, like you say. BUT, for your own health and well being you need to give yourself time out, take deep breaths, relax as much as possible, because continuous anger can make you ill…it floods you body with chemical reactions which if not dissipated by physical action is hard work for your body to rid itself of. Then after you’ve relaxed…go to it lad, and give ’em what you’ve got…in other words spread the info far and wide!

  5. JAMES, (hope you read this)

    This is an instance where I’m hoping you can leverage YOUR network. (sry for caps. no bold font option)

    The math of diffusion of ideas does support grassroots spread, but that can be boosted SIGNIFICANTLY by planting the message in strategic places.

    What do I mean?: join with your colleagues (TLAV, Whitney Webb, ICAN, Bermas, GTW, etc.) and get a coordinated messaging campaign going. It’s time to co-opt the Build Back Better type PR engine for the good.

    AUDIENCE: you (we) can also help by getting the word out to folks like TLAV, Bermas, hell, Rogan if possible (via Bret Weinstein, perhaps?) etc. The more they hear it, the more motivated they’ll be to take action.

    Stand up and dust off, y’all. It’s game time.

    JAMES: audience participation notwithstanding, these strategic folks who can help boost awareness are more likely to listen if it comes from someone they trust & respect (i.e. you). Just sayin.

    Reference for the above:

    * * * * *

    I also recommend re-pinning this one to the top of your homepage.

    • I agree, and from what I see that is exactly what is slowly happening…maybe it needs speeding up a little, but people can only go at the paces they are able to go at. We, the grateful recipients of all the necessary info, can help in exactly the direction you suggest, by putting links on platforms you admire, to other platforms you admire…the beauty of the internet.

  6. Thanks for this. Great discussion and crucial information.

    In the hope of encouraging the TLDR-challenged to watch and share the information, I have separated out Fahrie Hassan’s excellent presentation and edited the main discussion down to less than 22 minutes.

    Main discussion here:

    Fahrie Hassan’s presentation:

  7. Thanks to J.Roguski this issue has been in my headlights for over a year now and it is truly something we need to spread info of, far and wide.

    You guys are amazing…whether you earn well or poorly or at all from what you do, what you do is SO essential…I’ve always felt that information is the way to change things, or at least to get change started, and thanks to covid and the plandemic, so much more info has entered the public domain…In the streets and in shops when I have the opportunity to say anything about the many topics that assail our wellbeing and need our attention, I’ve been having wonderful responses…people may be quiet, but many are realising just how much BS is prevalent, older women are being informed by their adult children, etc. The important stuff is getting around, we just have to keep pushing; there’s still much work to do. We shall overcome. Blessings and love to you all.

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