Interview 1841 – Israel, Propaganda and Apocalypse on The Truth Expedition

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via The Truth Expedition: James Corbett is the curator of, which is my preferred destination for open-source intelligence news. The Corbett Report is a listener-supported, independent news source. The Corbett Report is, in my opinion, the most valuable, thorough, and relevant news source in the world. During this Expedition, we talk about the recent attack on Israel and the potential for further fallout, the value, if any, in voting, 9/11, and much more. Go to THIS LINK to watch a very important show discussing the corruption at the WHO and what it all means to you and me and all the citizens of the world.


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“The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left is a foolish idea. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can throw the rascals out at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies.” —Carroll Quigley, Tragedy & Hope pg. 1247

“As President, I’ll make sure that our policy is unambiguous so that the enemies of Israel will think long and hard before attempting aggression of any kind. I applaud the strong statements of support from the Biden White House for Israel in her hour of need. However, the scale of these attacks means it is likely that Israel will need to wage a sustained military campaign to protect its citizens. Statements of support are fine, but we must follow through with unwavering, resolute, and practical action. America must stand by our ally throughout this operation and beyond as it exercises its sovereign right to self-defense.” —Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

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  1. The West does not care because the West has been “dumbed down” with Christianity. You have a population waiting for a messiah who will come and save us, “he will come and judge the living and the dead”, but what if he doesn’t, has he given ONE bit of PROOF?! Oh no, don’t ask for proof, that is a sin, lol.

    The West does not care because the West has been “dumbed down” with Christianity. This life is meaningless, it is the afterlife I need to concern myself with. Who cares if this world goes to crap, my reward will be forthcoming in the here after…and more such excuses to do NOTHING.

    The West does not care because the West has been “dumbed down” with Christianity. Because we have been trained like dogs to have blind faith, all I need to do is believe in Santa Clause and I will be saved. No proof needed. Thus we have a trained herd who will sit back and buy into creatures like Trump who say all the right things, but his actions denote his true Zionist anti-American motivations.

    Americans are sheep waiting for the slaughter, they have forsaken their TRUE religions and have had them replaced by the Jewish God, a religion made to create sheep, not warriors. Rome WAS a great nation, but once the poison pill of Christianity spread within it, it lasted only about as long as America did.

    I can only imagine what greatness the West would have created without the scourge of Jewish Christianity poisoning it. Millions of Christian Sheep have died waiting to be saved, our great ancestors must be sickened by how easily we have adopted the region of slaves.

    Usury, endless wars, endless guilt, endless proselytizing (except except to Jews) endless judgement of others…Christianity was the gateway drug for a Jewish world religion that IS coming in the form of the Noahide laws.

    • Rexleo,

      I agree with many of your assertions concerning the dumbing down of the masses through Christian teachings. However, I was born & raised in that religion, and I found my way out of it without forsaking the Bible and the wisdom I believe it offers. My husband & I both did. And we raised our children accordingly.

      Christianity certainly has its faults, but human beings have the potential to see when something is amiss — when they choose to look. And, human beings have the potential to change their mind, when they feel convicted to do so.

      And when human beings walk in accordance to truth with hard-won conviction and behave as they were designed (which I believe is to be co-creators with the Creator, **on this earth** operating in alignment with His created order), I believe they can do what others might consider to be miraculous.

      I believe human beings (in concert with others who choose to live as they were designed) can change the world-at-large for the better, by changing their own personal worlds for the better.

    • Asking for “proof” is disingenuous when one’s mind is already made up.

      • Spoken like a true global warming fanatic.

        No one wants to hear Santa Clause does not exist.

        My mind is made up based on the facts, and as per usual your ilk comes to the table with nothing but empty rhetoric.

        You have no proof, so you side stop the issue.

    • Rexleo
      “…I can only imagine what greatness the West would have created without the scourge of Jewish Christianity poisoning it…”

      I dont know that throwing unwanted babies down the sewers or dumping them at the roadside counts as “greatness”…after all Rome was the greatest western civilization, they also had zero qualms about important people buggering the lower orders of society….. I personally do not think much of setting folks on fire for the gods like the Gauls, though I must say painting myself with woad does hold some attraction 😉

      Actually….. since we’re already post Christian culture (the after glow fading fast) we kinda CAN see what your talking about looks like- MAID, Liverpool are pathway, forced jabs, trans kids and pedo’s galore.

      • Really, attack Rome, how many wars did Rome fight for Israel?????? I could end my argument there, so great is what that one statement reveals.

        But bashing Rome, don’t I get enough of that watching Hollywood movies. And a Christian poking fun at a Pegan, as you ritualize cannibalism DRINKING HIS BLOOD and EATING his BODY! “Washed in the blood of Christ”, sickening cannibalism. Keep going down that road, that is a slippery slope for Christianity, it is nothing but blood magic.

        You attack Rome when Judeo Christian America has directly or indirectly been responsible for killing MILLIONS upon MILLIONS with its criminal support for the globalist Zionist machinations. Where was America when the Irish were starving, where was America when the Bolsheviks were starving MILLIONs of Christians no less, how about Mao, I believe he was a Yale man. How about the Japanese interment camps, or how America treated American Indians. But worse of all, the mass murder with the use of TWO nuclear bombs on civilians, when the war was already won, yet we get empty justification from monsters why is was “necessary”. And because we are a Christian nation we buy the justification because we have (blind) faith our nation does the “right thing”. IT WAS A MONSTEROUS CRIME, a crime that stained us more than any other of our innumerable crimes. But in America it is gays getting married in San Francisco that will be our end, lol.

        And shall we discuss the Middle East?!? Are you brain dead, asleep for the last 100 years, the CIA activities in Iran, the support for terrorism in Afghanistan when it was against CCCP, the endless wars in support of our masters in Israel. Here the list of crimes against humanity is truly endless, almost as endless as the level of denial one must posses not to already know how truly wicked our nation is.

        “POST CHRISTIAN CULTURE, SINCE WHEN”? What we are living through today is the culmination of decades of rot under a Judeo Christian regime. We saw with Covid the power of faith in the Christian Church, the Churches shut down, folded like a house of cards, because Christian religion is empty, it is nothing but obedience training for sheep.

        The whole WORLD knows what America seems to be ignorant of, America is under 100% ZIONIST control because of Christian Zionism. That is a incontrovertible fact.

        Right now, instead of focusing on real problems, they worry about “grooming”, while we support a genocidal war in the Ukraine that is draining America of its last recourses and putting the Ukrainian people in the middle of two Zionist powers, I guess they need a second homeland.

        TRUMP was a buddy of Epstein, he went to his island many times and partook in that great evil, YEY because the red headed freak has “found Jesus”, the idiot Christians LOVE him! We are still under the terrible control of the Judeo Christian influence, and thus we will lose everything, as we have allowed others to be destroyed.

        • Rexleo
          “…You attack Rome…”

          Having spent years studying and admiring Rome I am a bit puzzeled why you write that….. did I say anything UNTRUE about Rome????

          I think not.


          Since about the 70’s or 80’s….thanks Boomers….the (mostly controlled) Religious Right got precisely ZERO done to roll back the tide, rather like Trump. Funny thing is, while I myself laughed at them, the RR were atually rather good in predicting the future.

          You kinda make my point when you call it “…Judeo Christian America…”

          “…where was America when the Bolsheviks were starving MILLION…”
          FUNDING the Revolution (see ‘Wallstreet and the Russian Revolution’, by Dr Spence)

          • Well, if you were not pointing out Rome’s failing I am happy to hear that, then we can move on…

            You might want to clarify how “Judeo Christian makes your point”, since EVERY about Christianity is JEWISH.

            • RexLeo
              “..Well, if you were not pointing out Rome’s failing I am happy to hear that, then we can move on……”

              uhh….are you saying the Roman practice of throwing unwanted babies down the sewer or roadside, sexually abusing lower status people, and having people eaten by animals were NOT faults????

              I asked you if I’d said anything UNTRUE about Rome….so I guess you think these habits were ‘great’????

              “…Christianity is JEWISH…”

              Sorry…. but you must have gone to a fking weird Church if you think that. Jews have spent lots of money neutering Christianity and gluing on the “judeo” part.

              But that aside…may I ask what Pagan religion your currently LARP’ing? If its Wicca you should probably know that its roots are super jew’ey Kabbalistic ritual magic….

              • Pagan has NOTHING to do with Kabbalistic, but you are getting close, at least as a Christina you should recognize your roots.

        • Rexleo
          “…Pagan has NOTHING to do with Kabbalistic, ….”

          I was talking specifically about WICCA- which is indeed the creation of English Ritual Magicians with a background in Kabbalism.

          I guess you could argue Wicca is not actually ‘paganism’ since its a modern creation (NOT even a ‘RE’-creation).

          That said its pretty hard to call even the other ‘pagan’ cults Pagan since they are just modern play acting ‘look alikes’ of ACTUAL pagan cults practiced in the past.

          They have no actual heritage of practitioners passing down the teachings and are just moderns LARP’ing, like LOTR fans or Trekkies.

          What paganism do you like to LARP?

          And do you actually believe its TRUE or just follow for cultural reasons?

    • You sure seem bitter about Christians. One thing you might consider is just because a person/people claim to be Christian, it doesn’t mean they are. Considering you only reference nondescript faults you come across more as emotional, opposed to being deliberate in thought. Maybe you are judging the wrong people.

      I’m a genius but I don’t suggest you use me as the template for judging all geniuses. ?

    • I have read some of your other post and I want to say that I, as a born again, Bible believing Christian, actually agree with some of your statements. I subscribe to the belief the Scriptures tell of what we call Premillennialism; but it’s nothing I’m dogmatic about. My faith is in God, not man’s interpretations of God’s Word.

      You obviously reject the teaching’s of the Bible, and that’s your choice. However, as I’m listening to this podcast I find it funny. Premillennialist believe the US/Western governments are not part of the final days. I assume, my hunch, it means they will be minimized to the point of insignificance. The countries mentioned, in the text written 2,000 and more years ago, are Israel, Persia (Iran), Egypt, Russia and China; and Rome. I’m no scholar but I have heard people explain it and I’m of the opinion they know what they are discussing.

      So yes, I believe the Church, which is the body of people who are actual believers in the resurrected Jesus Christ, will be removed from Earth as we know it. It’s actually quite fascinating. But I know for certain not one person knows when this happens. I get frustrated with many people (Christian???) who think they only need to be good and they will be rescued when it’s about to hit the fan. That’s a fools errand.

      Personally I believe the US will be dealt with prior to the removal of the Church. So I live my life as if all of it happens long after I’m dead and gone. In the mean time I believe God expects me to be alert and aware of my surroundings. And I believe, as a freedom loving person, that I will be interested in defending your right to reject Jesus.

      Jesus never proposed government pushing His message; that’s the job of the Holy Spirit. Not man’s!

      • Ectorshire Wolf, you said, “Premillennialist believe the US/Western governments are not part of the final days.” And I’m guessing that rationale is based on “The countries mentioned, in the text written 2,000 and more years ago, are Israel, Persia (Iran), Egypt, Russia and China; and Rome.”

        Is it possible that the reason the US/Western governments were not mentioned in that text was because it was not in known existence of the author at the time those texts were written, *and* the subject matter of the text actually pertained to a period of time that was closer to 2,000 years ago than to 2,000 years after its writing?

        I don’t want to get into a debate about the beliefs surrounding the book of Revelation, which from what I understand is the near-sole basis for “end times” theology, but I think that question is worth consideration.

        • Oh, trust me, that’s a question I’ve pondered. Without trying to remember how I, over time, drew the conclusion I’ve come to, you are correct, they didn’t exist then. But for reasons that are beyond my ability to communicate, my maturation into my personal faith has brought me to the concept that, ok, they (we), were not on the map then, and since I believe (a conversation for another day) the Bible is the word of God, then we must not be around in a noticeable way, to be on the map when these events take place. It wouldn’t be the way I would draw it up but I wasn’t asked.

          Again, I’ve asked the same question(s), and that’s why I find this so fascinating. Many humans have an emotional need to think they have to, and are capable of understanding something before they believe it’s true. I’m not smart enough to think that; or I’m smart enough to know it’s beyond my ability to understand. Thanks!!

          • RE: “Many humans have an emotional need to think they have to, and are capable of understanding something before they believe it’s true. I’m not smart enough to think that; or I’m smart enough to know it’s beyond my ability to understand.”

            I don’t think it’s an emotional need to think one has to understand something before believing it to be true. I think it’s a wise endeavor — to seek both knowledge *and* understanding. For to gain knowledge without understanding, one can easily be led astray.

            This is the problem with “blind faith”. It’s not a matter of believing something without physically “seeing” it, it’s a matter of believing something without *understanding* it that can get us into trouble.

            • The supreme level of human intelligence, to my way of thinking, is seen when we accept, in the scheme of things, we know very little. One might think they understand creation, and the Creator, but that only happens when one brings the all-knowing Creator down to their level.

              Knowing my limitations I accept them and thank God for the opportunity to be a dot on a dot in the universe He created. I can’t grasp it but I can stand in awe of it!

              • I recognize we all know very little in comparison to all that can be known, let alone in comparison to all that cannot be known by man. And I’m content with not knowing all that there is to be known.

                However, I want to know how to live (& live well) and not die. And I want my children to live out all the days that are allotted to them (and I want *them* to live well, too). Therefore, I think it’s important to be wise.

                The fact is we can know things. Our Creator designed us in that way. And we can not only know things, but we can also understand things. Again, by design.

                Having knowledge **& understanding** can bring about wisdom. Therefore, seeking knowledge & understanding can be beneficial to us.

                Holding fast to a belief as if it were true generally causes us to make decisions & behave a certain way as a result of that belief. However, if that belief is not in fact true, we can unknowingly bring harm upon ourselves (& others) by our ill-based decision-making & behavior.

                Therefore it is wise, to not only pursue truth, but also to *prove all that we believe to be true as being true* — particularly when it concerns life. And to do that, we need to **make some sense of** what it is that we believe.

                Does what we believe align with reality? Is there any evidence of that?

                I’m inclined to think the supreme level of human folly is to lay waste our ability to think & reason.

            • For some reason your last post offered no reply option, but I wanted to say I agree with your statement. I am constantly amazed at what God has given man the ability to accomplish. Of course that means I believe God allows man to do things, and it’s up to us to do it wisely. If people sit around waiting to be pulled out of the flood they are caught in, I guess they will be surprised/disappointed when they start to sink.

              Consider consuming alcohol. A lot of organizations say drinking is a sin yet there are no Bible verse that say Thou shall not drink, there are verses that recommend a drink. We are told that drinking, as with most things, to excess is a sin. God gives us the opportunity to enjoy His creation, but it’s up to us on how we do so.

              The Gospel of Jesus Christ is very simple, consider the thief on the cross. But for some reason man tries to make it complicated. That’s another conversation for another day. Thanks!

    • I agree 100 % I was one of them. The Virgin birth from a 14 year old girl who was engaged to another man. He couldnt find a Girl who was not engaged? Pedophile GOD? Total BS yep!
      Not the kind of God I would ever want to serve. Requires the blood of Innocent to cover the sins of the wicked. What the heck no loving creature doubles down on crime to wash the slate clean. If any Christian will ask themselves the basic questions without CHILD like gullibility they will understand they have been duped by the enemy of mankind.
      God is loving kind thoughful and many other wonderful things but is not Jealous or revengeful like the wicked have taught the world! The abundance we live in is a fact. Where it came from on one has proved.

      If they knew things would be much different.

  2. I believe 2030 is the year the Satanists plan to bring forth the Anti-Christ.

    • Yes, based on your Jewish Bible I am sure…no proof, no scientific verification, just blind faith, what could go wrong.

      There is no Satan, there is no Christ, no more than there is a Plato or Zeus, it is not so because the powers that want you top believe say it is so, you need proof…but asking for proof is a sin, how convenient.

      If an “anti-Christ comes”, it will be because Hollywood will create him to manipulate the masses one way or another. They made so many believe in an invisible virus that was created in a lab in China, people locked themselves UP, wore silly masks, ran from human contact!!! All based on what TV told them, TV that lies all the time.

      We are going down because we are sheep that are easily fooled. You ignore what your own eyes see, and replace it with what people with monstrous intentions tell you.

      Sorry to write so much about this topic, but I see the psychology created from Christianity so clearly as part of the move to control the world under a single world order, and this crap happening in Israel is the perfect example. Israel destroying Palestine, and all Americans see is “Christ returning”, pure insanity.

      • Rexleo

        While there are many sheep who are easily fooled, there are those who have wised up (and others who are wising up along the way).

        I, too, can see how Christian teachings are being used (& will continue to be used) to usher in a single world order, but not all are buying it.

        I certainly don’t. My husband doesn’t.

        The question is what are the people who have wised up doing?

        Are they being distracted, delayed or detained by those who have been fooled or are they pressing forward, more than ever, to do what they know in their gut they should be doing given all that is going on around them?

        • The globalist’s heavy handed actions are starting to wake people up, that is for sure.

          I think one aspect of “waking up”, is questioning the structural foundation which our society is based upon. When you start to look at Christianity, you see a system tailor made for what we are now seeing unfold in front of us. Christianity seems to be easily influenced by relative morality. That is to say, its followers seem to be easily guided down one path but not another. As I listed above, blind faith, focus on the “afterlife”, the messiah complex, are all troubling aspects of a religion that does act as the foundation to our society, but beyond that, this death cult mentality, the “End of Days” nonsense is most troubling, it is like hoping things get bad.

          We have seen Hollywood do its work, making endless movies depicting a dystopian future, NEVER a prosperous hopeful future, always with the “post apocalyptic” garbage, programming. But the Christians eat it right up, feeds into their world religions view perfectly, and that is why I think it is a Zionist con. Too well, does this self-destructive mentality create a defeatist attitude accepting each new evil as just a path to the inevitable “End-Times”.

          I remember reading Dune, and Frank Herbert had in his book, people called “missionary Protectiva”. These persons, working on behest of the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood, would seed myths and prophesies into societies that could be used at a later date to manipulate those populations into doing their bidding based on those prophesies. That is EXACVTLY what we are seeing today. These long ago seeded prophesies are being used for people justify the conflict in the Middle East. “The Prophesy is being fulfilled”, but what if it is just being played out according to a very human script? What if they had Israeli forces stand down, and prompted Hamas to attack…is it still a prophesy, or just another psyop, pushing us towards a NWO?

          • RE: “These long ago seeded prophesies are being used for people [to] justify the conflict in the Middle East.”

            I agree…deceptions have been sown into the world long ago & have been cultivated over many generations, and the PTSB are using those deceptions to manipulate the masses. BUT, truth has also been sown, and there are many (although not necessarily as many as those who’ve bought the lies) who adhere to it.

            The question is what are those who adhere to the truth DOING at this point in time in light of it?

            The sad fact is many people are going to suffer & die. Many have already done so. But does that mean the PTSB are going to succeed in their aim?

            Is there really going to be a *successful* New World Order — are they really going to be able to dominate the world & rule every man, woman & child? Or will there be those who manage to survive & thrive outside their control?

            I feel the frustration you’re expressing. It’s horrible to see how badly many people are behaving, particularly “good” people unknowingly supporting (and sometimes even acting as agents for) evil, when they have the power to do good.

            But, what we’re seeing play out today is not the final chapter. There’s more to come in this story we’re all living in. And I believe we have the power to influence the coming chapters.

    • His name is Jesus.

      • “His” name is phycological operation, yeah, we have never seen that before form the Jewish oligarchs, oh no. It is like the people wearing masks and vaccinated, you simply can’t handle the truth, so you cling to the lie…

  3. Israel gets money from America because Israel controls America, and they have been working to undermine and destroy America for decades. Ever since they no longer needed us to be their dogs of war.

    Who “opened up China”, then stole money from the American tax payer to build China up, then put Walmart in every city to pump Chinese garbage into American cities, and who had Clinton created free trade with China, who exactly was Monica Lewinski?

    Whom do you think was behind 9/11, and for multiple reasons:

    Pushing the surveillance state, as well as the idea of terrorism.

    Having America destroy Israel’s enemies…of course the oil will pay for that war, right Paul Wolfowitz. Yet, the oil did not pay for it, and the oil pipeline went to Israel, not America.

    Embroil America in a war in Afghanistan that could be used to launder TRILLIANS of dollars to China and Israel, building up the infrastructure of both.

    The Bolsheviks have long been in control of Washington, supported so vigorously by their Christian Zionist supporters.

    What a gift Christianity has been, our whole identity is about supporting Israel because the Bible says so…and is Israel doing good, respecting its neighbors, respecting America, its greatest ally?

    Israel is a pariah, it is hated around the world, and America suffers GREATLY from its blind unjust support for Israel. How does Israel pay America back for our 100% support, Jeffery Epstein, 9/11, Jonathan Pollard, The USS Liberty, support for US open boarders, and trade agreements that ALWAYS benefiting Israel and not America. Even when trade agreements are with other countries, we make those agreements beneficial to Israel as a condition of approval, not that they benefit Americans. Oh and the criminal sanctions Americas loves to enact that are born of Zionist agitation and demands, like sanctions against Russia and Iran, yet Israel does not participate in those sanctions!!!! So America is isolated, and Israel fills the gap. I could write novels of how our blind loyalty to Israel has been one sided and absolutely disastrous for America, but it is all based on one thing and one thing only, America’s Judeo/Christian control, and again, you can’t see a religion that has been more beneficial to the coming NWO that Christianity. They will simply replace one type of theology, with another, most likely under a Trump presidency, the so called “chosen one”.

    • Can you please stop trolling this website?

      • Trolls go away when no one feeds them. Best we all just ignore, eh?

        • What exactly is “trolling”, you think I write this for you, I could not care less what you think. I write for those who read and wish to hear an alternative perspective.

          You use like Trolling, yet all you are doing is trying to stifle discussion.

          I have said nothing to offend you, other than an opinion that may trigger you. Good.

          Try bullying someone else with your nonsense, I am not here for you and I will write as I will, always pointing out the manipulation that is controlling us, especially that which triggers those trapped in a delusion.

    • Rexleo

      They swapped the real and replaced it with the fake…. you see Christianity has nothing to do with the lie of “..Judeo/Christian…” and spend vast sums of money making actual Christianity lose power in favor of Rainbow and Zionist churches

      Also I would quibble a bit with “…The Bolsheviks have long been in control of Washington…. ” since its the (jewish) TROTSKY followers who fled to the US and became the Neo-Conservatives.

      You are correct about the USS Liberty…. I watched the BBC doc “dead in the water” about that….disgusting that they had helicopters of Israeli commandos coming to murder the rest of the crew who were so very lucky to be saved. 100% deliberate.

  4. Even in your own audience James! Disgraceful!
    When is the exam??

    More seriously, it does seem WWIII is building up and as we’ve seen with the two previous global conflicts, these are necessary for furthering a NWO agenda, especially when it’s time to accelerate the process. Yet those timelines do not work at the same speed as the chronology of our personal projects does. This means that whether it should come about in one month or in ten years, we aren’t exactly the people who can tell.

    What I do feel regarding a WWIII event though is that it will have started and in different spots, quite some time before it is designated as such. So we’ll all be already up to our necks in it before we get the chance to open our eyes to it. Then, that war will not only take place on the battlefields, but also very much in the online landscape as well as in the urban areas with “smart” IoT lock-downs.

    What’s more, for quite some time a large portion of the Western dissidence/truth-seeking community has viewed Putin as a providential savior – it’s been mentioned here before. So that’s already a good reason to spy on and even perhaps arrest peaceful individuals in these parts of the globe if a worldwide conflict kicks off.

  5. Rexleo, you are spewing utterly ignorant confused hateful rubbish — historically, philosophically, theologically & psychologically — about how “Christianity” presumably “dumbed down” the West and is therefore being responsible for all the evils and atrocities in the world !?! What a bunch of x&y?*&#!…

    Get some real knowledge & education and don’t insult the intelligence of people in this forum !!!

    • You have to have intelligence in order for me to insult it.

  6. Is it really *taxpayer dollars* that will be used to fund what’s happening in the Middle East? Or will it be *made-up money* by the Federal Reserve, thereby making every dollar held and earned from that issuance’s day forward of less value — not just *tax* *payer*’s dollars? I think the latter.

    What can we, as individuals, do about this?

    We can stop using dollars, period.

    We all need to realize all wars are bankers’ wars. While there certainly is a lot of issues fueling the fighting in the Middle East, it is ultimately the banksters that are behind it all, and our government is working in lock step with them.

    Our economy is in severe trouble, and has been for a very long time, despite what the MSM would have us believe.

    And this new war in Israel is another ploy to keep the economic system going longer.


    While the MSM claims the attack on Israel this past weekend was an “intelligence failure”, the stock & debt market activity that took place on the Friday before tells a different story. Apparently, somebody knew something like this was going to happen.

    Given what I’ve been watching on the financial front for the past 3-1/2 years, it is clear to me that this Israeli situation is a FALSE FLAG event.

    And given the stated agenda of the Powers-That-Shouldn’t-Be (PTSB), there are likely more false flag events to come in the near future. All of which will continue to prop up the extremely fragile financial system, making its future collapse a gazillion times worse than if it were to collapse today.

    • Part of the PTSB’s agenda is to crash the current monetary system, so they can usher in a new one that will help enable their New World Order — but not until every man, woman & child is up to their eyeballs in debt.

      The Banksters (the Federal Reserve & other central bankers all across the world) coupled with the US Government & other governments across the world are wiping out the middle class and turning the world into a two-class system: a society of extreme haves and extreme have-nots.

      And they are doing this by driving people into extreme debt as the “cost of living” keeps rising exponentially — and they’re killing scores of people in the process.

      And then, they’ll let the System collapse. <– That is the problem they are creating in order to generate the desperate reaction of the public where the masses will cry out for an economic solution, and the Central Banksters will come to their rescue with CBDCs.

      That's how I see it.

    • Regarding my statement, “We all need to realize all wars are bankers’ wars.” I’m sorry for wording it that way. I don’t want to tell people what they need to do. Besides, I imagine there are many here who already understand this to be true. Please forgive me.

  7. Hey can everybody calm down. Please consider this;
    Arguing about religion(s), is as fruitful as arguing about left/right politics. There is a god/higher power for all!
    Nice job James handling Mark & Gunnar. I’m not sure they were expecting the s _ _ _ to hit the fan so fast. Beautiful dissertation on anarchy. It’s why I follow. Thanks james

    • And an excellent interview overall. Hopefully you caught lots of new attention.

  8. Magic is often about distraction. Was this event a surprise? Is there a larger storm around the corner? Is the really bad stuff yet to come? It’s clear that many are uncertain about the trajectory the world is on. History is a lens through which we can view current events. For example, in 1878, Britain captured Cyprus and then Egypt and the Suez Canal in 1882, ensuring a route to India. The Suez Canal was vital for British commerce. As the Ottoman Empire crumbled, with its government going bankrupt in 1876, geopolitical shifts were underway. The 2007 declassified British report written by an MI5 officer in 1945 provides insights into the Middle East’s contemporary issues.

    Both the French and the British vied for control of the Middle East. Similarly, in Vietnam, the Japanese, Americans, and French sought influence. The French impact can still be seen in places like Hanoi, with its French architecture. In 1915, a line determined which regions Britain and France would control.

    War is fundamentally about control, requiring power, influence, and strategy. Misdirection has historically been a tactic used, and it might still be in play today. Questions arise: What’s happening in Israel? Are there elements of misdirection?

    The CEO of JP Morgan has cautioned that we might be in the most dangerous times the world has seen in decades. It’s a somber reality that significant wealth generation followed the two World Wars. As global events unfold, it’s crucial to be informed, educated, and ready for the uncertainties ahead.

    Significant historical parallels are observed with Israel; on October 6th, 1973, and October 7th, 2023, Israel faced attacks. The Yom Kippur War of 1973 lasted 19 days. Our collective goal should be to promote peace, protect our families, and continually educate ourselves. Only we can decide our reactions in these tumultuous times. We should brace for more uncertainty, as the storm might not be over, with potential aftershocks on the horizon.

  9. The progress of the Transhumanist movement seems to have grown in lockstep with the Zionist movement, both centered in Israel.

    In the video Israel: Leading the Way to Transhumanism, Ilana Rachel Daniels said that Israel “continues to be used as a pilot project for too many of the dark changes the world is undergoing”. These threats present themselves on many fronts, they come first to the people of Israel then to everyone else, like the digitization of health data, 5G and other surveillance technology, genomic database collection, and bio-convergence innovation, in the commoditization and militarization of all aspects of our lives. Daniel’s says the people and resources of Israel are being used as pawn to play global games, and their medical data has been stolen and sold without permission.

    Like the Transhumanist movement, Christian Zionism was born out of 17th century England. Thomas Carlyle said that England of the seventeenth century was – an England of “awful devout Puritanism”, which meant “the invasion of Hebraism as transmitted through the Old Testament . . . to post-Renaissance England”, quoted from the book Non-Jewish Zionism: Its Roots in Western History by Regina Sharif. According to the article, “the eschatological ‘gathering of Israel’ – is a prerequisite for the Second coming of Jesus Christ”, who some Christians and Islamists believe will return to earth after his ascension to heaven.

    Puritan leader Cotton Mather prayed in 1696 for “the conversion of the Jewish Nation . . .”, John McDonald, a Presbyterian paster in Albany during the War of 1812 called for help to restore the Jews to their ancient homeland, and Mordecai Noah, a Sephardic Jew and sometimes US diplomat promoted through his newspaper “a proto-Zionist dread of returning the Jews to the Promised Land”. At the middle of the 19th century, “the subject was not even a matter of discussion”, but by the end of the century “a small but growing roster of Jewish figures was beginning to have influence on the national scene”. Theodor Hetzl convinced the Jews in Russia and Poland, but the Jews in the US were fiercely anti-Zionist, having established their place in American society.

  10. Christianity was infiltrated by Dispensationalism, which is the foundation of Zionism. Dispensationalism teaches that the ‘Second Coming’ will be a physical event, by which a world-wide kingdom will be established, geographically centered in Jerusalem. They believe “that the Jewish Temple will be rebuilt on the Temple Mount as a precursor to the Lord returning to restore the earthly Kingdom of Israel centered on Jerusalem.”

    Dispensationalism is not Biblical. If we study the Bible independent of organized religion, it becomes apparent that the ‘great tribulation’ prophesied in Matthew 24 and Revelation, took place in 70 AD when the temple and Jerusalem were destroyed by the Romans.

    Paul described Jesus’s coming in 1 Thes 4: 15 – 17 said “The Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first, then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord.” This was prophesied in Matthew 24:30 – 31 “And then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the SON OF MAN COMING ON THE CLOUDS OF THE SKY with power and great glory. And He will send forth His angels with A GREAT TRUMPET and THEY WILL GATHER TOGETHER His elect from the four winds, from one end of the sky to the other.” In Matthew 24:34 Jesus said “this generation will not pass away until all these things take place.”

    Dispensationalism makes Jesus out to be a liar when said he was going to the Father, to prepare a place for his disciples, and he would come back and take them to be with him, he would not leave them as orphans in John 14:2 – 3, 18, 28.

    I believe what they have done is deceive the masses into believing that the second coming didn’t take place, so they can substitute Satan, who will be released from the abyss for the Gog war prophesied in Rev 20: 7 – 9, and Ezekiel 38.

    Yahweh tells us how this ends; “In My zeal and in My blazing wrath I declare [that] on that day there will surely be a great earthquake in the land of Israel. The fish of the sea, the birds of the heavens, the beasts of the field, all the creeping things that creep on the earth, and all the men who are on the face of the earth will shake at My presence; the mountains also will be thrown down, the steep pathways will collapse and every wall will fall to the ground. I will call for a sword against him on all My mountains,” declares the Lord GOD. “Every mighty one’s sword will be against his brother. With pestilence and with blood I will enter into judgment with him; and I will rain on him and on his troops, and on the many peoples who are with him, a torrential rain, with hailstones, fire and brimstone. I will magnify Myself, sanctify Myself, and make Myself known in the sight of many nations; and they will know that I am the LORD.”‘ Ezekiel 38: 19 – 23

  11. I have not been able to find James’ deep dive into Al Husseini. Can someone provide a link? This entire issue begins with this man, and I assume that James has covered it….????

  12. Was isn’t it Plato the Greek Philosopher who taught his students to doubt everything including their senses, and ended up with the conclusion “I think, therefore I am”. As I recall he was run out of Greek society.
    Anyway, I have taught Math and Science, and have a great deal of hands on, first hand, experience to draw on where I can say some things are real because they have been proven to me many times. For example 2 + 2 does add up to 4, but who would question this, and why they would question it, does intrigue me. Perhaps it’s a Test of how well the drugs and toxins they have infected the masses with are working, or just another Diversion.
    With that said, I once taught that Americans landed on the Moon in 1969. Hell, I saw it on TV, with my own eyes, while it was happening, or so I thought. After seeing some of the evidence put out by Stanly Kubrick on how he was hired to film the Moon Landing in a Studio, I have come to ask myself how many other times have I been mislead by so called “News” on TV. Well, I call it a Propaganda Box now, so I do believe that I could have been fooled, perhaps because I wanted to be, but then I was only 14 at the time.
    Yep, they could have fooled me on that they were able to complete a three man round trip to the Moon in three days in 1969. Now we are hearing, 55 years later, that it takes China, Israel and India a week each way for unmanned vessels. Something smells rotten, but don’t go Flat Earth on me. All you have to do is witness a Total Solar Eclipse to see that the Moon does rotate the Earth while the Sun is much farther away.
    It seems to me that the CIA, which specializes in lies and deception, would find it a threat to National Security if the World found out that they were deceived for so many years, and thus would find a way of pushing Flat Earth videos and propaganda on anyone that would question the 1969 Moon Landing.

      • The most ridiculous point of the recent “moon landing” debacle was the recording (where from?) of a little yellow thing on a 2D low resolution moon like surface. And the ensuing PM’s idiotic flag waving.

    • Truthseeker

      “I think therefore I am” is IIRC Descartes…. basically saying that the ONLY thing the philosopher knew was
      a)that he was thinking
      B) He existed (since he couldn’t think if he did not exist

      The deconstruction of belief in reality is a weapon and harkens back to the pre-socratic philosophers who doubted material reality.

      Platos pupil Aristotle laid out the basic western way of thinking after it was combined with Christianity and as a guide it can be said to have worked pretty well until it was deliberatly replaced with the wishy washy woo woo that passes for a worldview these days.

      Pete Quinoes had a guest on discussing this very matter- IMO the reason that they are so desperate for us to swallow the Trans pill is that it will symbolically be the final seperation of people from the ability to see objective reality and make them into shapeable animals.

      Well worth a listen
      Episode 950: The Consequences of Abandoning Aristotelian Philosophy w/ Jeremy Cubas of Contra Gentiles

      • Duck,
        Perhaps I credited the wrong Philosopher, but he may have stole that Intellectual Property from another given that there were no Copy Rights on it, eh!

        Anyway, the answer to what is Real or True has been perplexing humans for thousands of years and yet we see the art of deception practiced today to such a degree that many so called “Well Educated” have fallen hook, line and sinker for it.
        The Events of 9/11/01 and the cover-up stories along with the lies and deception pushed by paid actors proved to be too much for most people to comprehend. Lies became believed and reacted too as if they were true. Prior to my deep dive into the Events of 9/11/01 I would not have questioned Landing on the Moon in 1969, but now I do.
        I recall being at the Smithsonian Museum of Air and Space in D.C. back in 2011 and examining the Loonier Lander where I commented to the Curator (perhaps he was only a volunteer), that I thought that they had left this thing on the Moon. He responded that they made two of everything and that what I was looking at was the second. OK, I said as I examined the position of the Cameras and the filminess of this Tin Foil covered metal contraption. The degree to which I studied it, likely put me on another Watch List. Coming out of there I thought I may have been looking at the Loonier Lander used in the Studio version by Stanly Kubrick.
        The realization of the level of deception propagated by the 9/11/01 Scam gave me cause to doubt other things that I thought I knew, like the Moon Landing. In the same way, I think the realization of the deception relative to the Covid Scam has caused many to rethink what they thought they knew. As good as this may seem, the deceivers are using this to erode the base of real knowledge that Man has collected. For example the Earth is not Flat, nor is it the center of the Universe. It does rotate on it’s axis as it orbits the Sun, and the Moon orbits the Earth but does not rotate.
        Did NASA go there 6 times, and why would they have reason to fake it, if they did not? Well, for one, they got a lot of money to make it happen, and it took the People’s attention away from other things, like for example the creation up unlimited amounts of money which could be used to buy unlimited amounts of deception.
        Above all, we need honest money

        • The Moon actually does rotate, and it does so in such a fashion that it keeps the same face toward Earth at all time. Not sure if there is some wiggle room here or is it exactly the same face all the time.

          However, Moon’s orbit is eliptical. Which means the rotation speed has to take that into account and compensate to always keep the same orientation toward Earth.

          I am no expert, but to me this sounds sketchy. Something is off with the Moon.

      • “I think therefore I am” is IIRC Descartes…. basically saying that the ONLY thing the philosopher knew was
        a)that he was thinking
        B) He existed (since he couldn’t think if he did not exist”

        Good point.

        Personally- for what little it is worth- I found that the usual translation of Descartes original “Cogito ergo sum” into “I think therefor I am” perhaps says equally much or more about the western mindset and its limitations than what Descartes could have meant.

        “Cogito” perhaps more accurately should be translated as “I am cognizant” meaning “aware”, not “thinking”, the former being the foundation/pre-requisit for the latter, not the other way round and confusing the both and focusing all on the latter seems to be one of the main reasons our modern western cultures are so blind and superficial, while smart at the same time.

        The eastern (Hindu-Buddhist-Taoist) traditions interestingly seem to always have had (pre-modern era, i.e. pre- McDonalds and Hollywood that is…) their focus naturally on the former, avoiding many of our pitfalls, while seemingly stepping into some we do not.

        F.ex. their cars used to break more…but then again they were at total peace with that, as well as anything, probably.
        While our cars were the best/most unbreakable in the world, but we as their drivers never were at real peace with anything, least ourselves…

        Interestingly nowadays their cars/technologies seem to have caught up with ours as well, which is probably why we seem to want to go to war with them…

        Seems -at least to me- that also the early Greeks (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and especially Pythagoras) seem to have a much more balanced/sound view on “the mind” being only one part of “being/awareness”, on which not too much (nor too little) emphasis should be put.

        But that could be just me of course…

  13. Link to Dr. Shiva ( MIT PHD) short video where he explains who the Elites are who collaborate to control the masses. Much of what he says in the link below is consistent with what James Corbett has come to teach.

    Dr. Shiva has a “Solution” in place and is asking for volunteers. I just watched an Interview he did with Mike Adams. The Dr. Shiva Interview is after the one with Martin Armstrong.

    I think Dr. Shiva would make a good Interview for The Corbett Report.

    • “ I think Dr. Shiva would make a good Interview for The Corbett Report.”

      Perhaps, assuming that he could restrain himself from dropping an f-bomb every other sentence. I listened to a portion of an interview he did recently and found it very difficult to take him seriously.

  14. RE: Interview 1841 – Israel, Propaganda and Apocalypse on The Truth Expedition
    [I want to mention that my Rumble feed would sometimes bog down and stall, both the embedded video and via link.]

    I really enjoyed this important conversation which covered many relevant subjects.
    Host Mark Bishofsky and Attorney Gunnar Balstad did an excellent job with their interview questions. Gunnar Balstad has some facial features (like the eyes, nose) which reminded me of the actor John C. Reilly (Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story).
    Action 4 Liberty Studios – Roseville, Minnesota (Twin Cities area – Minneapolis, St Paul)

    I’m so glad that the voting topic, and Robert F Kennedy, Jr. with RFK’s statement about Israel was brought up. I appreciate Corbett expressing his take on these topics.
    At several points during the interview, Corbett stressed the importance of civil conversation and discourse on matters of substance.
    For example: 54 minute mark
    James Corbett says:
    “…to have a community of like-minded people – That doesn’t mean that you have to agree on everything and you have to have these litmus purity tests of “What do you think about this issue?” and “What do you think about that issue?”. Just people, in the REAL world, in your local community that you know and can work with…”

    “…and I appreciate every single person, yourself and everyone else who is out there just putting their voices out there, trying to understand this world. It’s not going to come from me or you or any other individual. It is going to come from all of us out there talking and discussing things. And learning how to talk about things even if we disagree with each other….”

    I have often talked about Robert F Kennedy, Jr. and his message, especially on the Spring/Summer Open Threads.
    Here is one string of posts about my take on RFK, Jr. Robert F Kennedy, Jr. – Marketing & Message

  15. How is “curator” an apt description for an author? I don’t know. Corbettreport is not (only) an archive.

  16. Perhaps “Creator of The Corbett Report” would be a better and more accurate title for James as he does these interviews to be seen by many that do not know of him.
    Or, a more modest title might be “Fellow Truth Seeker”, as one should like to give credit the Interviewer who also seeks the truth and has found an audience for it.

    Acquired Knowledge not shared is like a tree falling in the woods that no one sees. In order for it to be real it has be shared an understood by others.

  17. I would like to see a James Corbett and Derrick Broze discussion on Voting

    I’m kind of weird anyway, ‘cuz I have Texacanitis which precludes me towards evolving different ideas.

    One evolving concept which I have is that sometimes we can hamper ourselves with a fixed idea or conviction or principle or moral code.
    Example: A person resolves to stay married no matter what, because vows were made.
    Example: A person has a moral conviction that they will never harm/kill an animal (or another person.)
    Example: A person believes that a certain other tribe of people is ‘bad’.
    Example: A person resolves to never participate within THE SYSTEM. (which is impossible)
    Example: Monkeywrenching the New World Order – #SolutionsWatch could be viewed as violating the non-aggression principle or violating the rights of other people’s property.

    James Corbett brings up some good Anarchist Voluntaryist points about VOTING in Interview 1841 – Israel, Propaganda and Apocalypse on The Truth Expedition.
    Street Activist and Voluntaryist Derrick Broze has attempted to run for the Mayor of Houston several times.
    Derrick Broze shares a summary of his battle to be placed on the 2023 ballot as a candidate for Mayor of Houston.

    Personally, I feel like there can be very appropriate times to participate in the political process, whether it be elections, freedom messages or lobbying.
    Example: Texans for Vaccine Choice (TFVC) has repeatedly been pushing politicians to enact important legislation. and

    The American political process can serve as a conduit for important messages, for relaying concepts and ideas.

    ATTACK vs “pleas for mercy”
    Unfortunately, many activist actions are “pleas for mercy” from authoritarians (government policies and media coverage).
    Example: The Trucker Freedom Convoy, the Sri Lankan/Dutch Farmers, petitions, lawyers, protests, “Texans for Vaccine Choice”, the water fluoridation fight, etc.
    However, when a movement poses a reasonable potential threat to the corruptness of the SYSTEM, then it becomes a direct ATTACK on the system. To dismantle parts of the system is like storming the castle walls and taking control. I would argue that the Robert F Kennedy, Jr campaign poses elements of a threat to the system: “Ending the corrupt merger of state and corporate power.”

    Anyway, I would love to explore more on this aspect (politics and policies) of the system.
    In the meantime, I will continue my outreach dissemination and various methods of pushback.

  18. I applaud your decision to run for office and mature to the point to say it was wrong. I have done the same, and in the grace of God I am not in office.

    But when asked about the issue, the fundamentals seem rarely to be address by those that use the Bible as a reference. Simply in Genesis 1, something most atheists can find, God delegates to man to be the overlord of the earth, plants, and animals, but never over another man. The Barmen Declaration of 1934 addresses this and I detailed it at:

    But there is more fun, power, and profit in being active somehow and imposing on others than trusting the Lord. Let’s not address this as it makes people uncomfortable. Oh, wait a minute, I did so directly.

    When it comes to the eschatology questions about what is happening in the country of Israel today, I try to ask those who take a stand which is better, to know 100% of what will or will not happen, or be part of those that the Lord claims? Is my knowledge puffing me up, or is my love building others up?

  19. Thanks for the shout-out [starting 12:55] in the program, James. I’m going to share with my co-workers how James Corbett thinks I’m an idiot and the Truth Expedition host calls me a sheep, and now they’ll be even less inclined to hear what I have to say about the World Health Organization’s IHR amendments, article 55, interview 1841 (Children’s Health Defense share request), etc.

    Keep in mind, James – I listen to you, like I do for all my audio content I consume (I rarely consume visual content, and if I do, it’s lighter and mostly non-conspiratorial or even dramatic fare, since I need decompression and levity from listening to conspiratorial and alternative news media) by ambulating around (walking the dog), cooking, doing chores and actively doing projects, working, etc. So I might miss some things during the course of an original listen. I don’t recall you or the CHD guests stating the words ‘digital enslavement grid’, ‘vaccine passport’ or ‘digital ID’ prior to the ‘hour plus’ point in that convo wherein you put in your mass share request from the listening audience. Perhaps these terms were mentioned, but for the reasons I stated above, I may have missed them.

    Still, and perhaps this is more my burden as a largely ineffective communicator in real time, I don’t know what to tell ‘normie’ folks, such as a younger co-worker (a public health university student) regarding these issues and key terms, other than ‘they’re going to limit your travel’, ‘15 minute cities’, Klaus Schwab, Yuval Noah Harari, mark of the Beast, New World Order, the Antichrist (and I try and pepper in some antisemitism and WWII revisionism into my remarks where I can as well). It’s pretty much the same, escalating shtick from me when I’m trying to introduce these concepts, trends and geopolitical developments, though. I just don’t know what more I can bring the table with regards to convincing someone I’m acquainted with irl to listen to an hour and 15 minute podcast conversation on a somewhat obscure WHO legal amendment or internal organizational proceeding of a supra-national medical body. I suppose I don’t have the nuances down pat enough on something as comparatively trite (to the End Times and Armageddon, anyways) as a ‘vaccine passport’ or ‘digital health certificate’…

    • …I did search that latter term on Bitchute after the CHD conversation, but got very little in the way of results and information (at least in terms of a sustained breakdown by an objective journalist such as yourself). I know YouTube will only algorithmically provide a pro WHO narrative and globalist spin on such topic results, but perhaps I should listen to that content regardless to at least get ‘their’ side of the story as to those projects and agenda roll-outs. I know you have your site search engine as well to research these topics, but there’s also so many hours in the day to become experts in all this minutiae for most of us, James!

      Some of us are simple people out here in audience land, James, and although I think I consume a lot of this type of content, we’re not quite living and breathing this to the extent that full-time journalists like yourself are. Maybe I have some early onset dementia, too, since I don’t always recall information I’ve heard from you or others regarding grand conspiratorial agendas or the nuances therein.

      I work (stacking cans overnight a grocery store) with potentially two other guys who might listen to the CHD conversation, or something other alarmist you bring up; but I also work with a Christian Zionist who listens to Ben Shapiro, so I don’t think I’ll have any luck with him. Anyhow, this is the Apocalypse, so more will be decidedly be revealed – perhaps even to me, vis-a-vis vaccine digital passports and WHO health certificates.
      [Dr. John Campbell might have some good things to say on this, actually]
      [the ‘digital health gulag’ episode looks apropos]

    • I think way too much stock is put in IHR, WHO and other globalist organizations’ machinations. These people are well insulated from reality and public at large. They act behind closed doors, write all sorts of garbage on paper and take lavish rewards for it. The are useful idiots and at best they would soil themselves if subjected to some public scrutiny, instead of the usual yes men and various handlers in the media.

      Provided you spend sufficient time studying these topics and deconstruct their cryptic nonsense, you may be able to start a conversation with someone who is already well on their way to seeing through the nonsense (thus maybe helping them to climb up a ladder, a bracket or two) or someone who is well past that point. Either way, you end up describing the prison in the infinite amount of detail instead of potentially sowing some seeds with “new people”.

      We can talk about the machinations however long you want, till sheep, cows, ducks and roosters come home, but it will be to no avail. I understand that this item is news worthy but I would not say it’s much more than that.

      Even trying to strike a conversation regarding such trite garbage with your coworkers will entail some well deserved dull stares. What does all of that mean? What can be really done about some elitists bottom of the barrel scum holding meetings behind closed door while hundreds of order followers keep an eye on them? Nothing, nothing can be done about it, that’s what. Shall we invoke the banning of these meetings? Shall we protest and petition the gubment to do something with these people?

      If you wish to pique the interest of your coworkers, try to strike a conversation regarding the concepts of authority, morality, truth… matters that everyday common man can understand (after a while, hopefully) and that will prove both essential en existential.

      Any pronouncements delivered by these globalist morons will have to be carried out by the people on the streets: order followers and all sorts of bureau-rats. The gubment rats will push it, media will push it hard, but it is going to happen, or not happen right there on the street. The street is where the sparks will start to flicker and that’s where the battle may end up starting. But the fight can be evaded if a sufficiently large enough part of the populace understands the simple concepts of authority, sovereignty, morality and truth.

      They need to start caring, they need to understand that things can be known and that there is no replacement for personal responsibility. Finally, when they understand that they are part of the 99%, then we might see some magic happen.

      And the globalist puppets can convene, they can deliberate in hushed tones, they can do whatever the hell they want.

      • Cheers, mkey. Thanks for the commiseration and good words of wisdom/advice.

    • “I don’t know what to tell ‘normie’ folks,(..) regarding these issues and key terms, other than ‘they’re going to limit your travel’, ‘15 minute cities’, Klaus Schwab, Yuval Noah Harari, mark of the Beast, New World Order, the Antichrist (..)I just don’t know what more I can bring the table with regards to convincing someone I’m acquainted with irl to listen to an hour and 15 minute podcast conversation on a somewhat obscure WHO legal amendment or internal organizational proceeding of a supra-national medical body.”

      – I think I understand well what you mean, it seems a simple as frustrating fact that around 90% of the population in general at this point in time are simply not open to nor care for this kind of information at all, thus the chances of finding/having/convincing any of the people in our direct vicinity are purely statistically bad to put it euphemistically…

      Being non- or even anti-mainstream seems by definition to be a recipe not for social success, but (some or a lot) guaranteed loneliness and a lot of frustration with the vast majority of totally uninterested fellow travellers, the good thing being the more we try to get them interested, the less they appreciate that.

      Thus my wise words of comfort..which I just realized probably weren`t of any….so I better shut up.

      “(and I try and pepper in some antisemitism and WWII revisionism into my remarks where I can as well).”

      – Sounds like a beautiful dish! (Smiley)

      I think I also read somewhere that nutrition-experts had found out recently that infact some anti-semitism (or of course vice versa anti-japhetism/anti-hametism) often is beneficial to the digestion and blood pressure.

      But humour aside, those 2 topics do seem to be the absolute fool proof ones to push “normies” full over the edge and into rage, don`t they…( red flag and bull coming to mind)…?

      Employ those regularly myself have to admit and with so far unblemished record (my last big success was the “Skeptiko”-forum, should have seen Alex`s reaction, beautiful…)

      If you could share some anecdotes you had about the reactions of people to those ingredients, would love to read…

      • Cheers, l.grav. I think folks are ‘waking up’ to some of these (((cultural differences))) in the age of social media (and perhaps even moreso with Musk at the Helm of Twitter/X, who has allowed some more balanced speech in this regard). I recall there was some talk about a Native American prophecy about a web and the End Times (perhaps it is this Hopi and the Spider Woman and her ‘web’). The internet (aka ‘the Web’) certainly has, no doubt, done a lot to bring about an Unveiling.

  20. This interview stood out for the fact that it was like a Q&A session hosted by James that addressed questions that some of my middle-ground friends might have asked. It was good to hear James respond real-time to such questions and gives new listeners a taste of the CorbettReport before wading through an intellectual interview with say Whitney Webb (love her!). These kinds of interviews outside of the echo chamber are valuable and I hope can be facilitated in the future. Hopefully, new listeners did make it over to your site. Grateful for your daily toil and the interview jet lag you sometimes have to endure.

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