Interview 1842 – Israel’s 9/11 on The Last American Vagabond

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via TheLastAmericanVagabond: Joining me today is James Corbett, here to discuss the ongoing siege on Occupied Palestine, the deadly attack by Hamas that preceded it, and the rapidly growing sentiment among Israeli citizens that this attack was either carried out by, or coordinated with, the Israeli government in order to justify their political agenda (the agenda itself varies between speakers), or was allowed to happen for the very same reason. We will also discuss the overwhelming evidence of war crimes being committed against the Palestinian people and the deafening silence of the “rules-based international order.”


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“The Gaza Health Ministry said Saturday that over 2,200 people have been killed in the territory, including 724 children and 458 women. The Hamas communications office said Israel has destroyed over 7,000 housing units so far.” SOURCE

Even the apartheid regime mouthpiece CNN says the objective is to starve and dehydrate the Palestinian people and prevent access to medicine in order to force them into submission. SOURCE

Israeli soldier Betzalel Taljah: “The war is not just with Hamas, the war [is] with all the civilians.” SOURCE

“These animals can no longer live” says Israel’s oldest reservist SOURCE

Opinion | Killing Children Brings Israelis Together SOURCE

BREAKING: #Gaza In 1 Week, The Child Death Toll In Gaza surpasses the child death toll during the whole Ukraine war – according to the UN. SOURCE

Israel’s President claims there are “no innocents” in the Gaza Strip. Keep in mind, 44% of Gaza’s population of 2 MILLION civilians are 14 years old or younger. SOURCE

Then we retake Gaza: Hardline minister hails repeal of West Bank Disengagement. Orit Strock says eventual return to the Strip ‘will involve many casualties’ but it is part of the Land of Israel and must be resettled

Israel had intel on Hamas activity but didn’t put Gaza border on high alert SOURCE

The Israel Attacks: Beyond the Obvious with Efrat Fenigson SOURCE

The Secrets Hamas Knew About Israel’s Military SOURCE

“The Iranian Tasnim agency, citing its sources in the Palestinian resistance, reports that part of the Israeli regime’s army forces collaborated with the Gaza resistance in transmitting information about the state of the army, sensitive areas and even directed Palestinian forces…” SOURCE

Egypt warned Israel days before Hamas struck, US committee chairman says SOURCE

For years, Netanyahu propped up Hamas. Now it’s blown up in our faces SOURCE

Remember when Wikileaks revealed cables indicating Hamas might be working with/for the IDF to further Israel state policy? SOURCE

False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda SOURCE

An Alternative to the P.L.O. – Fundamentalists SOURCE

How Israel helped create Hamas SOURCE

How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas SOURCE

Egypt refuses foreigners passage from Gaza except as part of aid agreement SOURCE



  1. My understanding is Israel created and supports Hamas, they serve to demonize the Palestinians, thus giving Israel the cover to continue their decades long war on the indigenous Palestinian population.

    That is to say, elections do about as much in Palestine as the do in the US and everywhere else Israel controls the outcomes.

    There is a reason why EVERYONE in Washington supports Israel, because if they don’t, they get removed, one way or the other. In Palestine it is far worse, though America is quickly catching up, we are ALL morphing into Palestine.

    • This is all about the Zionist plan to pit nation against nation, Gog and Magog, absolutely horrifying the control these individuals have over our world, all because of the scam of the Abrahamic religions….

      I’m not saying it will happen, but they are trying to make it happen, with their control over most nations, certainly CCCP, USA, Canada, China, Iran…

    • RexLeo
      “…There is a reason why EVERYONE in Washington supports Israel, because if they don’t, they get removed, one way or the other. …”

      Thing is that because that group has such a big grasp on media they have managed to make people feel that they will be ‘low class’ if they NOTICE that fact.

      So while your 100% correct on that very few people have enough self to admit it, even to themselves.

  2. To be very clear, the only only people who are more propagandized to then the American people, are the Israeli people. It is sad many in both groups can’t see the propaganda, but this propaganda is all encompassing, and thus very effective.

    Israelis are taught from a young age that the rest of the world has a hatred for them, like a disease, founded in jealously. The globalists push anti-Semitism, their greatest fear is that Jewish people will assimilate to cultures other than ONLY Jewish.

    I think, like so much of this NWO long term plan, they have singled out those of the Jewish faith to be seen, mostly by themselves as “outsiders/chosen”, a diaspora that once returned to the land of Israel, will for the Christian cult, signal the “end times”, but for the Jews, notably, will signal the time of the Jews (Tikkun Olam/NOAHIDE Laws). The NWO oligarchs need a group of people to manage the world they are bringing into focus, but that group needs to not see the rest of humanity as people, but as animals, as “goy”, to be valued only for what they can do for the NWO, not for their value for just being human. Useless eaters anyone…

  3. The audio on this broadcast is TERRIBLE. Can you do another one on this very important topic so that we can share it with others?

  4. This is what makes a conversation difficult and as was mentioned in the past by others here and possibly JC himself is that we need to have conversations with people who may have different views. If we are talking about basic morality, if that is going to enter into the conversation, we have to acknowledge that slaughtering innocent humans is disgusting, right?

    Well what if people say no, it’s right to slaughter innocent humans because of whatever excuse they give? Some innocent humans have more value than others and their lives are expendable? I’m just asking the question, not suggesting anyone here has implied this but if morality enters into the conversation, it needs to be addressed.

    When a person makes a strong statement suggesting that some innocent humans have more value or that their pain and suffering is some how less legitimate than others, my natural reaction is disgust when I really let what was said sink in. If someone is okay with killing an innocent kid who has not taken any side and their only “crime” was being born in a certain location or of a certain kind, the conversation becomes very difficult.

    • But, just a few days ago, it has been suggested that we need to have these conversations and I do think these conversations are necessary. Then is morality something that we exclude from conversations at certain times?

      So should we include racists (people who actually hate some types of people and view them as non human or less than human) in the conversation? Well, perhaps yes.

      But if the other party or parties cannot listen in return that may be the end of the conversation. But even if one disagrees and is disgusted by someone’s lack of morality is it possible to work together?

      Sometimes I think that self preservation and focusing on getting rid of the greater evil could be common ground. From a perspective of self preservation and pure materialistic concern for quality of life of the average American, sustained wars abroad are against American’s interest.

      So, should RFK Jr reverse his position on this? I am seriously baffled by his position on this. Inconsistency is something that really bothers me in potential leaders.

      Also, the extent of Zionist interest groups in American politics is very telling and frankly rather disturbing.

      • I liked seeing your thoughtful comments.

        cu.h.j says:
        “So, should RFK Jr reverse his position on this? I am seriously baffled by his position on this. Inconsistency is something that really bothers me in potential leaders.”

        I will insert this…
        His friend and campaign manager is Dennis Kucinich who has long supported the plight of the Palestinians.

        …Yesterday, the Kennedy Campaign announced a new campaign manager, Amaryllis Kennedy…
        ……Mr. Kennedy said of the change, “The campaign benefited enormously from the political insight of Dennis Kucinich…
        “He is now handing off the baton to the team he did so much to cultivate, headed by my daughter-in-law, Amaryllis Kennedy,” he continued….

        Corbett Report Member Steve Smith says:
        “What wasn’t said in that press release speaks volumes.”

    • “If we are talking about basic morality, if that is going to enter into the conversation, we have to acknowledge that slaughtering innocent humans is disgusting, right?
      Well what if people say no, it’s right to slaughter innocent humans because of whatever excuse they give? Some innocent humans have more value than others and their lives are expendable?”

      -It is a very interesting question, in my experience mostly because it reveals the lack of any real answer to it in our modern relativistic governments/societies.

      But then again, aggregates/societies of us humans probably never have been too great creators/executives of sound morals/morality and it was (like old Schiller and others seem to have aleady formulated) always up to the individual in question to find/ “birth” and try to bring it into them- and against their antagonism- usually failing spectacularly…, though luckily only on the outside/external world…

      Especially these our “(chinese)interesting times” seem to me more than ever to be an experiment in bending and relativising natural/moral laws, making/shaping them into human instead of natural ones, i.e.some that can be stretched/bent/broken if only enough words are used around, in contrast to the latter which simply practically (just as gravity) never can and where any attempt at such be/is laughable.
      Problem in my experience being that these days our societies give us only the former and religions only partly the latter at best.

      Best/most effective ways to get a full dose of and “crash course” (no pun intended) in the latter seems to be to have an Near(Or Full)-Death-Experience:
      But then again, not much fun to have to wait until dying and problem being “amnesia” in “the next time around” seems to be on of those strange rules of (repeat) physical/intellectual existence…

      So, still stuck in clown world down here ….
      ..listening to Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Anthony Blinken, RFK, Olaf Schultz, Justin Trudeau, E.Macron etc., etc. and majority of public people telling that 1 Palestinian life is less worth than 1 Israeli Life and Israel having the right to defend itself while Palestine does not.

      May I ask if this makes nor ever will make any sense in a moral world as you see/feel it?

      Regarding talking to other people of different opinion- in my experience there really are only to kinds of persons/people, those that can state their convictions and still constructively listen to others and those who can -or will- not, either which side of any opinion-divide.
      With those of the former category one can usually discuss/work with any topic regardless of differing opinions, with the latter none in the long run and will have to find a way to (preferably, though usually not, amicably) co-exist while parting ways.

      All just my 4.5 late night cents of course….
      What do you think?

      • I think real world action matters most. Some people say things they don’t really mean and are more human than their words seem to indicate.

        If someone is really a cold hearted person who cannot see the humanity in an innocent person, I think parting ways is best or at least keeping them at a distance.

        I don’t know and will have to think about it for a while.

  5. This is just irresponsible on Ryan’s part, being told the sound is TERRIBLE and to reconnect but ignoring it and blathering on and on when he’s supposed to be interviewing JC for his opinion. Can’t listen to this

  6. Unfortunately, the audio does indeed make it a bit difficult to follow…

    In the meantime, here’s the condensed version of Gabor Maté’s two year old interview by Russell Brand regarding Israel and Palestine:

    It’s thankfully been going viral over the last few days, along with a few other versions.

    I believe showing Jewish men and women such as Gabor Maté, Norman Finkelstein and Gilad Atzmon denounce the crimes committed by Israel is one of the best ways to expose Zionism – and without falling into antisemitism.

    • Ok, sorry folks I just have too much time at my hand this evening it seems and so find it a good idea to flood this forum with pseudo-smart comments..
      Luckily I will not have this much time again in the foreseeable future…

      “I believe showing Jewish men and women such as Gabor Maté, Norman Finkelstein and Gilad Atzmon denounce the crimes committed by Israel is one of the best ways to expose Zionism – and without falling into antisemitism.”

      That is a very good point.

      To that list of inspiring jewish persons/authors/activists -if ,off chance, interesting to anyone- I would also add:

      1. Ron Unz, theoretical physicist, prominent political and academic figure in California, creator of the Unz-review:

      2. Gerard Menuhin, author of “Tell the truth and shame the devil”:

      3. David Cole, famous WW2 revisionist and author of “Republican Party Animal”:

      4. Henry Hershkovitz, dedicated Anti-Zionism/Free-speech activist from Michigan:

      5. J.G. Burg (Jozef Ginsburg), famous WW2 veteran/inmate and revisionist:

      6. Murray Rothbart, famous libertarian public figure and author:

      7. Benjamin Freedman, WW1 veteran and world famous entrepeneur and political figure in America:

      If anyone know of/ can link to more such authors/persons please tell, would interest me.

    • There are many more Jewish voices who have opposed what the Zionist government has done to Palestinians but they are more Marxist leaning, like Jewish Voice For Peace. There stuff on the Israel/Palestine issue is pretty good but they seem to have been swayed by the woke stuff too much and very partisan and identity politic focused. I think there is something called the Jewish anti-Zionist network. The mainstream Zionist Jews seem to hate them.

      Gilad Atzmon’s book The Wandering Who was interesting to read and consider his analysis especially since he was an Israeli who was brought up as a Zionist and served in the military. His analysis of Jewish identity politics was fascinating IMO.

      One more interesting book by Shlomo Sand was “The Invention of the Jewish People” He’s a historian in Israel.

      One thing seems clear is that antisemitism seems to benefit the elitists. It’s similar to other divide and rule strategies they use on a regular basis.

      • cu.h.j
        “…One thing seems clear is that antisemitism seems to benefit the elitists….”

        Indeed…the jewish ELite who actually do most of the bad stuff really do benefit from scaring the average jew into thinking the goy are all ready to pogrom them. It creates a more united united polity to act with.

    • Dalesco

      “…and without falling into antisemitism….”

      The issue is that jewish folks have been at the head of almost every power bloc doing evil, or just disrupting things, this century and Zionism is just currently the most powerful.

      are the ones most folks KNOW

      but also
      Psychoanalysis and Boasian sociology (“the authoritarian personality” classes a normal 2 parent family as fascist….so we see where wokism arose from)

      Trans-humanism and Transgenderism

      Antifa and funding BLM and “open society” NGO’s (how many jewish folks did Rittenhouse happen to shoot? A little above the average one would expect from a random sample…..)

      And this group is where our TV and movie creators are heavily drawn from which forms the minds of those unfortunate enough to watch such things.

      The worst excesses of the sexual revolution and promotion of porn.

      Generally speaking ANY ideology that comes from a jewish person should be considered thru the lens of “Culture of Critique” by Mcdonald and thought of as an Ethnic strategy to further their own genetic interests …. though “Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” by EM Jones is a more in depth study and takes a religious POV.

      One should not ‘hate’ anyone….but one should consider their angle before believing them

      • @ Duck

        I hear you but to answer your comment, let me first quote Gabor Maté directly from this interview: “You can listen to any number of Israeli Defense Forces soldiers who talk about the brutality that they now regret having committed. You can listen to Israeli pilots who talk about why they refuse to fly over Gaza because of the atrocities they’re made to commit. You can get all the information you want. So if anybody these days doesn’t know, it’s not because the information is not available.”

        My point is that on one hand, the intention when presenting such remarks is to give the average man the possibility to see something much different from what the mass media would have used him to: a Jew who condemns Israel’s inhuman treatment of the Palestinians.

        On the other hand, the idea with writing “without falling into antisemitism” is to break a cycle. If some Jews view the Gentiles as a sort of cattle to be exploited, I don’t think it’s because it runs in their genes, but rather partly because of a real as well as perceived sense of persecution.

        • Dalesco

          “….On the other hand, the idea with writing “without falling into antisemitism” is to break a cycle.,,,,”

          Any normal person SHOULD be “Anti” the social agenda of trans kids, sexual perversion, and deliberate corruption….at present that agenda is disproportionatly run by , so called, ‘semites’.

          I dont want to break the cycle of being disgusted by their behavior….. I OUGHT to be disgusted by it.

          “….If some Jews view the Gentiles as a sort of cattle to be exploited….but rather partly because of a real as well as perceived sense of persecution…..”

          Talmudic culture is very much steeped in the middle eastern world of inter-group conflict “to the knife and to the hilt”.

          This Talmudic culture still colors jewish thoughts and behavior today, and is hostile to outsiders and has left jews with a sense of themselves as an “in-group” that de-racinated westerners are no longer able to understand.

          However…. Evolutionary Psychology (See Mcdonalds book “Culture of critique’) does provide an alternate reasoning to this being cultural.

          “…You can listen to any number of Israeli Defense Forces soldiers who talk about the brutality that they now regret having committed….”

          I don’t CARE if a bunch of middle east people eat each others babies….its THEIR way of life.

          I just don’t want them bringing it to civilized places

          • @ Duck

            [I don’t CARE if a bunch of middle east people eat each others babies….its THEIR way of life.]

            That wasn’t what I was talking about but it’s ok, it’s not really a big deal if the point I was making isn’t relevant to you.

            Thanks for your replies anyway.

        • Good point about not falling into antisemitism because it is the tool of the oppressors. They want antisemitism.

          The “elite” in this group are able to hide this way and it functions as a shield.

    • I’ve decided to translate the above linked interview into French and Spanish, in case anyone is interested:

      And if anyone feels like helping, I have a little doubt as to what the host says in his intro: “In yesterday’s video where I talked about Israel and Palestine, I spoke of my personal feeling that people that aren’t directly affected, or remain serene and calm, and yield the floor to people that have personal investment and are closely, and directly affected by these issues.”

      I don’t find the meaning of his words very clear and I’m not too sure what he’s trying to express… It’s like he’s missing a bit(?)

      • Dalesco

        As I understand him he is saying

        ” I am yielding (I would guess he means putting aside his own PERSONAL OPINIONS) to people who are affected BY THE CONFLICT and letting THEM speak”

        He COULD be saying he is going to let people affected by the conflict do the TALKING (as in yielding the podium to them) and give people who have an emotional investment (‘ a dog in the fight ‘ ) preference IN TALKING over folks like himself who does not have an attachment to either side.

        3) I KINDA think he meant 1 > AND < 2

        hope that helps 🙂

        • @ Duck

          Cheers, that’s what I’d figured and how I translated it.

  7. An easy solution for echo (when your mic is picking up your voice with a lag on the speakers) is to wear headphones. Im very surprised that a professional podcaster didn’t realize this. It is unfortunate because this is such an important topic.

  8. Perhaps, these Events in Israel are more like the Invasion of Iraq in 1993 under former CIA-da Director Bush 1 in that Saddam was practically given the green light to invade Kuwait by Bush’s Ambassador to Iraq. Iraq’s Invasion of Kuwait was then used as an excuse to Invade Iraq and take over it’s Oil. Some might recall that Saddam made himself a target by refusing to take Federal Reserve Notes for Iraq’s Oil.
    Humus was goated into this and likely given the arms to do so. It is about time people start to see through “the fog of war”

  9. The people’s rage should be directed toward Nut-head-yahoo because he failed his duties.
    For one, he left the borders unprotected when he should have stepped up security after being warned by Egypt.
    two, he delayed police and military protection for 6 hours.
    three, he has ordered the killing of innocent women and children.

    Allowing this bastard to assume WAR POWERS is like surrendering to the devil.

    People are being used as pawns on both sides of this mess, and for the most part, they know not the real reason why. Fear and hate has deliberately been provoked to distort rational thinking and divert attention away from the instigators.
    I tend to think of this Hamas group as a very large well organized group of hired Provocateurs.
    God Knows that the FBI hired enough of them to stir things up on Jan 6th.

  10. A few things to say…

    First about the audio.
    I have listened to many TLAV broadcasts over the years and can’t remember a single one
    which had such terrible audio problems before. Made me wonder if it was sabotaged?

    In any event, I have a suggestion to James. Since these broadcasts are recorded (not live), perhaps in the future if you ever encounter audio problems such as this you politely ask the podcaster to stop the interview, work out the bugs and then re-connect when everything is working. Most of the glitches were emanating from Ryan’s side, so you must have been listening to them the entire time. Perhaps after five or ten minutes, you can throw in the towel and simply suggest to do the interview another time? Call this one a learning experience.

    “Killing Israeli children brings Israelis together”
    Very similar to what Netanyahu said the day of 9/11.
    He said 9/11 is good for Israel. Clarifying it is good for American-Israeli relations, which still doesn’t cut it.

    I agree with James 100% about the 15 breaches of the border being unthinkable.
    I liken it to the four alleged ‘hijackings’ on 9/11. One or two might have been possible, but four hijackings AND (the icing on the cake) no military response whatsoever!

    I’ve been to Israel three times in my life, the first more than 50 years ago.
    Each time I was there the military presence was very in-your-face. Army members would routinely walk about and travel on buses etc. throughout the country in military fatigue armed with machine guns at the ready. It’s always been a way of life there.

    Something just doesn’t add up. It’s not kosher. Israel is a tiny country. You can literally drive from one end of the country to the other in a matter of hours. It’s a two hour drive or less from any point in Israel to Gaza.

    We now have reports of Israelis who were in the line of fire communicating on their cellphones to the police and their loved ones. So why no response from the IDF for six hours?
    Any military jets can scramble over to Gaza in minutes from literally anywhere in the country.

    • You mean that the army would actually fail to help citizens of a state? Who would have thunk it!?, lol. The state is the enemy of the people it seems and citizens are captives. Too much protesting going on, not enough jab take up?

      I agree with your assessment. Have never been to Israel, but have been told that it’s very militaristic and authoritarian and not somewhere I’d feel comfortable in personally. Neither would Canada or New Zealand for that matter. But some people really want to see the holy land and/or have family they want to visit. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

  11. 49 minute mark
    James Corbett says:
    “I stand with the Israeli people and I stand with the Palestinian people.
    I stand against the Israeli government…
    I stand against any actual true Hamas terrorists who would gladly slit the throat of a little Israeli child because they’re Israeli.
    I stand against the Canadian government, the Japanese government, the American government, the governments and the authorities that seek to rule over Humanity.

    • HRS

      The thing is no one KNOWS ‘humanity’. You can not truly care about a thing or idea that is too abstract to truly know.

      As CS Lewis wrote in The Screwtape Letters

      “….The great thing is to direct the
      malice to his immediate neighbours whom he
      meets every day and to thrust his benevolence
      out to the remote circumference, to people he
      does not know. The malice thus becomes
      wholly real and the benevolence largely imagin-

      • But can one know humanity in oneself and apply that knowing to another, even in a far away land?

        But kindness and mercy and/or love are best experienced with others nearby.

        Similarly anger, annoyance, animosity are also better known in those nearby or even seen in oneself.

        I wonder if a person cannot see humanity in oneself, can they really love another?

        Interesting comment Duck. Thanks for sharing.

    • HRS, I find it most notable that this one part of the interview you point out, is where the audio is crystal clear (with no feedback) is the most important and articulate point James makes.

      “I stand with the Israeli people and I stand with the Palestinian people… I STAND WITH HUMANITY.”

      Truth and morality come through loud and clear (despite lies, propaganda, glitches, or interference).

    • This is a great quote but there is something nagging at me:

      What’s the probability that hamas is not backed/funded/founded by israeli zionist zealotry?

      Without hamas israel would not have a leg to stand on. Hamas is essential to the project. Creating your own opposition is a whole lot better than having one grown organically.

      With the added benefit of more easily controling anything that sprouts on its own. It is such a beneficial strategy that one would be a fool not to employ it.

    • HRS
      Thanks for this quote,
      very much agree with it.

  12. “Redacted” has put together the following on the Hamas vs Israel War.

    To which I say, Remember the USS Liberty when Israel attacked it in the 1967 War. Israel Killed 34 Americans on an Intelligence Ship which was flying a very large American Flag. The Terrorist Nation of Israel likely wanted to sink that American Ship and blame it on Egypt as a False Flag Operation to bring the US Government into the War against Egypt.
    If you ask me, Israel is a Nation created by fake Jews who are Terrorists. It’s Leaders are essentially authoritarian Dictators who pose as Democratically Elected Representatives of the people. Every Israeli Citizen is required to “serve” (become indoctrinated) in the military. The Master Manipulators (Rothschild) that created Israel over the top of what was Palestine have done an amazing job of bringing real and fake Jews into this territory while convincing them that this land actually belongs to them.
    How bad does it have to get before enough people can see through the deception?
    I would put nothing past Nut-head-Yahoo. He is a Terrorist, as has been every Leader of Israel.

    • “Dead in the Water” was a good doc on that by the BBC IIRC….the Israelis sent commandos on helicopters who apparently were planning to land on the crippled ship and murder the survivors- the without doubt DID shoot the life boats because they wanted no witnesses.

      Had the ship not got a message out the US would have entered the war on Israels side…. the NSA transcripts appear to show that the controllers directing the attack were fully aware they were attacking an isolated US ship.

  13. For hedging against technical issues, I would say the best option is to always double up with a mic and record your own part of the interview locally. Then later is a straightforward matter of syncing up audio and video. You can probably just record the audio coming from your own microphone or have a secondary device nearby. An obsoleted mobile phone, as long as it’s properly directed toward your oral orifice should be sufficient for a just in case backup.

    Having several recording devices on hand is something I learned from Randy Kelton. That guy would walk into a courtroom with a recording device in his pocket. The judge would ask for his recording device, which he would then surrender. Fully well knowing that he has another similar device under his jacket. And another in the back pocket of his trousers. On one occasion a judge kept asking for more and more devices until he surrendered them all. Walk around the block long enough, and people get to know you.

  14. Oh, as an aside, what the hell happened to Ukraine war reporting? Are they not being overrun by Ruskies? Quickly scanning MSM front pages makes it look like that theater of war has become a non event.

    • mkey
      “… Are they not being overrun by Ruskies?…”

      Last i heard the Russians were ‘loosing’ their way to victory.

      THAT theater looks like its pretty much in Russias pocket, hence the need to open a new front. Not an expert though so my opinions probably not worth a lot.

  15. How could Hamas have just paraglided into Israeli territory when the IDF have TWO WHOLE SQUADRONS of Apache helicopters? Am I missing something here? Imagine how pissed off you’d be if you were in those Apache crews? You could have cut those bustards to ribbons

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