Interview 1852 – From the Media Matrix to the NWO on Packets and Bolts

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via Packets and Bolts: Tonight I sit down with James Corbett of The Corbett Report to discuss a variety of topics, including tech censorship and geopolitics. Sit back while we discuss the web of tangled machinations we find ourselves in…

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  1. The last paragraph from the Rockefeller article:

    The social experiment in China under. Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history. How extensively China opens up and how the world interprets and reacts to the social innovations and life styles she has developed is certain to have a profound impact on the future of many nations.

    • that wasn’t a very level playing field, James, – but wow- did you cover a lot of territory in record time- but it’s hard to imagine that there isn’t one ‘priest’ pulling the strings- i think there is always a director at the top of every organization- and it looks like these have been directing things for some time–1000’s of years? Who after all- decided for the kings, the pharaohs etc just what they would look at, who ‘divined’ and controlled the future direction, the marriage choices- who collected the tithes and taxes–who decided the power– it’s been going on for a 1000 years, clearly. In Egypt, the priests had a whole corral of children ‘brought up to rule’- propagandized in how to think- did that ruler have the power- clearly not- will man wake up and take control over his and her own imagination, thought processes, find the answers within, understand the power of love and reason, stop realizing that all the things most of us think we ‘know’ have been endlessly propagandized to us via ‘talking’ heads in ‘government and media since the time we were born, clearly demonstrated in this show? On the coffee table in our home were all the publications written at the time- and my parents read them all- and insisted that we do the same– still- the one i enjoyed and found most disturbing and interesting was the most from my childhood was Mad Magazine- I’ll never forget the issue about India- and a little ditty- taken from the Pillsbury corporation “Nothin’ is Nothin’ like Nothin’ in the oven, and Nilsbury says it best”- or the cartoon illustrations that went along with this segmenet-showing these huge bulldozers scooping up poor brown ‘India’ people- many of whom looked like Ghandi, some wearing diapers, and taking them to the ‘dog food factory’ for processing- how could any child seeing something like that in the 1950’s not wake up to the reality of the total disrespect and disregard and the criminal intent-that the rulers- the face of which were the corporations at that time- had for humanity. Then there was the masked ‘spy vs spy’ whose characters often ended up in a handshake- leaving a bomb in the hand of the other– isn’t that the way things are set up to operate in this world? It was all spelled out in those early issues of Mad Magazine-That was my first realization at the age of …somewhere between 6 and 10 years…. that things were not on the up and up on our planet- there have been plenty more examples to follow after that.

  2. How about goldbacks, as an alternative to the CBDCs?

    • People don’t want to “spend” them. …at least for now.
      I gave a bunch out to relatives, but they hoarded them.

      It would take a community, a small town, to implement such a plan of using goldbacks.
      One plan would be to offer them to retailers for resale (and profit), but also retailers accepting them like a coupon towards merchandise.
      It would take seed money and would work well in a tourist town with the town’s tourist nitch printed on the goldback.

      There are also ways to accelerate spending of the goldback in such a scenario.
      We want a currency which has a healthy speed of exchange for a vibrant local economy.

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