Interview 191 – Freeman Fly

by | Jul 9, 2010 | Interviews, Videos | 43 comments

Freeman Fly of joins us to discuss the signs, symbols and sigils of the secret societies and occult practitioners who haunt the corridors of power.

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    • oops. got the date wrong for the original posting. it was the day before the day before the new moon. New moon was on Sunday, July 11th 2010.

    • If you want the dirt on that kinda stuff you should look at Chris Knowles,

      I read in Dr Spence book, ‘Secret Agent 666’, that Freemasons were the way the British ran their Gov (as well as using Freemasons as agents to stoke the French Revolution ‘color revolution’ style acc. to Nesta Webster) and the uptick by late Victorians in Magical groups and weird cults was the ruling class moving ‘up’ because too many “ordinary” folks were Mason’s.

      I had no idea that the civil service was infested with masons at that time before I read that book

      • Ok. Chris Knowles. Yea that name sounds quite familiar. I’ll go have a look, thanks.

        • Last night had pretty important and informative live stream on the Patreon.

  1. Thanks for the flashback James. Rings in nicely with my comment on the morning of 911 “how convenient”
    Love Freeman’s closing comments.

  2. My God, I forgot to mention that it was the folded twenty-dollar bill thingy that officially got me into conspiracy in the first place.

    (I say officially because when I look all the way back into my history, I see that I always tended towards the notion of conspiracies.)

  3. Freemasonry has its roots in and is inspired by Talmudic-Kabbalistic (i.e. occult) Judaism, from which Freemasonry by and large gets its symbolism, language, rituals, and beliefs. Both usually call the “god” they serve and who gives them power, wealth, etc., “Lucifer” (= “Light Bearer”), Satan’s name before his rebellion against God’s creative plan and eternal punishment in hell. Satan will indeed give power, wealth, pleasure, but at a price – one’s immortal soul.

    The 18th to early 20th C. popes wrote over 20 encyclicals against the evils of Freemasonry, the best example being Leo XIII’s “Humanum genus” in 1884. The Judeo-Masonic powers have always seen the Catholic Church as its principal enemy, as well as the Catholic European Monarchies. The monarchies were extinguished by the end of World War I, and the papacy and visible structures of the Church were taken over after their asset, John XXIII was elected on Oct. 28, 1958, 2 days after Cardinal Siri/Pope Gregory XVII was validly elected and then threatened into invalid abdication and sent back to his archdiocese with new “secretaries” to keep a close eye on him. This is all documented at There is even significant evidence that it was a nuclear threat against the Vatican if Siri didn’t abdicate (see “Grave Reasons of State” there). All the supposed “popes” since 1958 have been antipopes, and this is the why the counterfeit Catholic Church under their leadership has undergone an unprecedented revolution since the 1960s, with the obvious Judeo-Masonic NWO asset Francis now sullying the Chair of St Peter. More on him and his 5 antipope predecessors at, as well as on the Masonic-inspired “Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue” of the Vatican II counter-church under “The Issues” tab there.

    Many interesting facts about Freemasonry and the Catholic Church, including Masonic infiltration into the clergy up to the highest levels of the Church hierarchy, can be seen at

    “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is not strange if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds. (2 Corinthians 11:13-15)

  4. Freeman Fly is pretty fly for a white guy. I’m sorry, but I just had to.

    Freeman’s whole Obama (and family) cloned thing is quite mind blowing to say the least. To accept some things is to accept that you really don’t know anything.

  5. Thanks for the flashback, James. I forgot all about this. I have noted that the trail on your website regarding occultic symbolism, etc., has gone very cold in the last 8 years or so. You used to (not news to you obviously) have 2 x brothers on to discuss such matters also.
    I assume you have leaned away from the subject as it is hard to get concrete, non-conjecture information on things (hence occult I suppose). I know, for myself, I have always been fascinated by this stuff, but that almost seems like the purpose. A great mysterious story you can spend your life looking into away from the nuts and bolts of things actually going on. And there are others like Cooper who have done many deep dives into this.
    Am I close to the mark for why you don’t cover this so much anymore? Insofar is it may be necessary, please treat this as a candidate for #QFC 🙂

    • Yes, I’ve notice the same, this would be a good Q4C. Maybe it may include the distancing of talking or criticising religions?

      • Me thinks you guys are ready to host your own podcasts on which you will be able to choose the most pressing topics for immediate discussion.

  6. This would link well with the need to build megalithic structures. A big destruction event would zap everzthing but really large stone structures.

  7. Thanks for the ‘blast from the past’, James!

    Reg. symbolism, there is something I came across a couple of years ago. There is a patent on Patentscope ( that so blatantly uses symbology that I have never mentioned it anywhere, despite the site being the official website for international patents. The name of the patent is ‘Cryptocurrency system using body activity data’ and the patent number is WO/2020/060606, publication date is 26.03.2020.

    Maybe you guys already know about this but I thought I mention it anyways as it fits here.

  8. On the subtopic of rejecting the “Vengeful Hero” programming, I am reminded of a quote by Buckminster Fuller: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Gandhi, MLK and Mandela understood this concept and were successful employing this strategy.

  9. Whoa. Well that certainly solves the question if you can be half in and half out of the coming CBDC system. Big fat no. Thank you James and Broc again for your wisdom, time and commitment.

  10. @ 49:15
    “[…] I’m friend with the Worshipful Master of the Freemason lodge here in town and he gets a little excited about, you know, filling me in with some stuff […]”

    Can we suspect that this Worshipful Master’s task was to play Freeman and feed him some disinfo?
    Not with everything, of course, otherwise it would be too obvious. But just with some things here and there, perhaps regarding the edgiest topics, in order to make him lose his credibility in the eyes of some, while attracting those who seek wondrous stories without asking too much evidence.

    • Most Freemasons probably do not have half a clue what their ceremonies are actually about anyway. The ones I knew were sneaky and creepy but honestly it was more about the club then the ‘mystery cult’ on their level

      • Maybe, but I guess this guy knew who Freeman was and what his work was about.

    • Dalesco Would that disinfo ploy be part of the Freemasonic policy you have now exposed?

      • I’m not sure what you mean, what Freemasonic policy have I exposed?

        • Dalesco had written: “Can we suspect that this Worshipful Master’s task was to play Freeman and feed him some disinfo?
          Not with everything, of course, otherwise it would be too obvious. But just with some things here and there, perhaps regarding the edgiest topics, in order to make him lose his credibility in the eyes of some, while attracting those who seek wondrous stories without asking too much evidence.”

          The question would be why they would task a Worshipful Master as so. What would they be trying to hide?

          • Well, they would have plenty to hide since secrecy is central to Freemasonry.

            But more than hiding something, what I was trying to explain was that this Worshipful Master could have been given the task to provide Freeman with some truths mixed with some lies. This is the concept of the “doomed agent” in Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.

            I’m not saying that was definitely the case. Just that there can be a reasonable doubt.

            This is perhaps a good time to take stock and think in strategic terms.

            We’re all aware that we’re engaged in a massive intel battle, opposing the “conspiracy theorists” and the conspirators. In the most basic aspect of what can be described as a “soft conflict”, our purpose is to swell our ranks while the adversary’s is the exact contrary: to stop our numbers to increase and at a second stage to have the movement fizzle out.

            There are other perspectives to take into account too, such as how to avoid participating in the system put in place while more measures of control are being implemented. Or even the recurring question “What to do?”, as in what common action can we take. Or perhaps for some: “Who’ll save us?”. But that’s not what I want to talk about right now. I want to focus on what unifies us most: our communication.

            So, in order to achieve our goal to grow our numbers, we spread the relevant information as much as possible, to notify those who share our views (keeping each other up to date and creating bounds) as well as to educate those who do not, in the hope of converting them to our cause.

            Meanwhile, our opponents seek to suppress such info, but mainly their intent is to discredit it, along with us who convey the message. They’re doing a pretty good job at it, but so are we. Also, their agenda gets more obvious as time goes on.

            Now, regarding that information, we can divide it in different categories:

            • There are vague notions wildly shared by the public (ex: “Politicians are liars”).
            • There is the documented factual information, what has been admitted by the PTBs but remains unknown to the public (ex: MK-Ultra).
            • There is the demonstrable factual information, for which enough evidence has been compiled to show that the official version is a blatant lie (ex: JFK, 9/11) – known to, but usually not fully accepted by the public (due to groupthink, fear of authority, etc).
            • There are testimonies, which have the value of their coherence, as well as how they match factual elements or other testimonies.
            • There are clues, consistent, identifiable signs that allow us to figure out hidden designs or hidden agendas – basically hidden realities that are often far away from the average human’s daily life and hence unfathomable to most.
            • There are speculations regarding what is and what is not, as well as the “hows” and the “whys”.

            This may not be a perfect list, but anyway, my point is that we are highly vulnerable and manipulable on the last three points.

            [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

          • (continued) They are slippery slopes and that’s one of the areas where the enemy targets us most I would say, through big psyops. They’d have to present and put forward a variety of beliefs, to match all inclinations, to then foment division among us and lastly to discredit us towards the rest of the population.

            In conclusion, we have to know what can be certified as a definite proof, or even as circumstantial evidences, and what cannot be. Not to automatically disqualify the latter, but just to put it in the “maybe” category. It’ll be of some use later, no doubt, whatever it happens to demonstrate.

    • I admit a similar thought crossed my mind too. If the “master” knew who Freeman is and what he does, why would he toss him juicy tidbits, knowing they would be passed along and publicized? There is the possibility the “master” thought the benefits would be too tempting for Freeman to refuse, which would have silenced him.

  11. The guy, Freeman Fly, may be onto some things, but geez, man, take a breath! He sounded like a seven-year-old recounting the plot of a movie. This happened, then this happened, then this happened. Blah, blah, blah. Collect your thoughts, for crying out loud!

    And that Leo Zagami, just another version of the same.

    This episode should have been left in the archives as far as I’m concerned.

  12. Not only had I never heard of Freeman, following his podcast I found I’d heard of less than half of his guests. Not just a new rabbit hole but a whole new warren to explore. Thanks

    • He is one of the original internet unreasonable tin foil consumer.

  13. I just re-upped my subscription to FreemanTV. He has put out intermittent content this past year or so, but I guess his girlfriend dumped him for Jay Dyer, so I guess I can sympathize with a brother.
    Freeman’s mom was Jewish and has ‘muh Nazis’ history in her European upbringing. This, I assume, makes Freeman ‘Jewish’ (by matriarchal-lineage), but I don’t think he identifies as such, or had a religious upbringing. He often brings up his father’s Project Blue Book connections and his higher-ranking Freemasonic heritage, so much so that I don’t think it’s bullshit. Freeman has guests on that occasionally bring up WWII/Holocaust™ revisionisms topics or talking points, which is more than I can say for any other ‘Jew’, at least in the conspiratorial milieu (Ron Unz [of], Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir, Israel Shahak, David Cole, Brother Nathanael and perhaps a handful of other Jews have been cited as relatively good faith in their objective criticism of collective Judaism [group evolutionary strategy] and the Israeli state policies/actions, albeit from a more mainstream political position). And I would say that Freeman is pretty anti-woke, libertarian-minded (maybe even somewhat culturally conservative nowadays, despite his Rainbow Gathering past), which is something I can probably identify with and would seem to suit the Corbett crowd somewhat, too.
    Some complaints I have about Freeman is that, historically, he can come off as narcissistic insofar as interrupting his guests with personal stories (which for the regular listener are repetitive). Maybe it just speaks to bad show-hosting etiquette, too, but he’s also always bragging about how he’s been doing this type of work, and was the first to do this or that, so maybe he’d have the process down better by now…

    • …To his credit, though, I guess he has been doing this a long time. I’d kind of like to see him as a guest on Infowars again, just to bridge the gap-divides between alternative political spheres and the (far-out) conspiratorial (Alex had Mark Passio on recently). I don’t give a shit if Alex’s hardline, 2A Trump-tier conservatards don’t like it. There’s plenty of conspiratard people who periodically go to Infowars for at least a gestalt pulse-reading on what the the conservative/liberty crowd are on about (I know I’m one of them). The conservatards should be made uncomfortable in this regard on occasion. And Alex pushes the envelope with the global conspiratorial cabal content, too, on occasion (gay frogs, HRC blood-drinking and Bohemian Grove, anyone?), so it’s not like there’s not a redpill precedent from that media outlet (David Icke’s even been a guest in the past).
      Hell, why isn’t Corbett on f-ing Infowars every few years, at least? To my (rant) point in James’ interview with the Canadian recently, the conspiratards, libtards, conservatards and the Nazis need to start talking to each other. Hell, the f-ing Jews or mainstream media (but I repeat myself) need to talking to these alt. media subgroups, too – but that won’t happen unless we start talking to each other first. It’s the Apocalypse, n___a’s. It’s all coming to a head, and you’re all going to start talking with each other whether you like it or not…
      tl;dr: Freeman’s conspiratorial podcast isn’t all that bad, and I would recommend it at least for a trial (and you can download all the content and then cancel your subscription if you’d rather not support him with an ongoing membership if you want).

    • Regarding the thing about interrupting guests, I don’t think he even understands he’s doing it. Of course he should improve, I’m just saying I don’t see it as a narcissistic trait. He’s more like a grandpa with his grandpa stories.

  14. Hi James,
    I’d like to thank you for reposting episodes issued in the past. As I’ve been listening to you for only 2y demonstrably I couldn’t familiarize myself with lots of interesting episodes so please do carry on with reposting selected ones.
    As flashback episodes disappear quite quickly from the front page would you consider the creation of separate category at navigation bar or leave the flashback episode as it was reposted so that no one would miss it.

  15. “The Seal of Solomon or Ring of Solomon (Hebrew: חותם שלמה, Ḥotam Shlomo; Arabic: خاتم سليمان, Khātam Sulaymān) is the legendary signet ring attributed to the Israelite king Solomon in medieval mystical traditions, from which it developed in parallel within Jewish mysticism, Islamic mysticism and Western occultism.

    It is often depicted in the shape of either a pentagram or a hexagram. In religious lore, the ring is variously described as having given Solomon the power to command the supernatural, including shedim and jinn, and also the ability to speak with animals. Due to the proverbial wisdom of Solomon, it came to be seen as an amulet or talisman, or a symbol or character in medieval magic and Renaissance magic, occultism, and alchemy.

    The seal is the predecessor to the Star of David, a Jewish symbol, and in modern vexillology, it features on the Flag of Israel. The pentagram on the Flag of Morocco also represents the seal.[1]”

    “Phillip Emmons Isaac Bonewits (October 1, 1949 – August 12, 2010[1]) was an American Neo-Druid who published a number of books on the subject of Neopaganism and magic. He was a public speaker, liturgist, singer and songwriter, and founder of the Neopagan organizations Ár nDraíocht Féin and the Aquarian Anti-Defamation League. Born in Royal Oak, Michigan, Bonewits had been heavily involved in occultism since the 1960s.”

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