Interview 337 – Denis Rancourt

by | Jun 1, 2011 | Interviews | 1 comment

Former tenured professor of physics at the University of Ottawa, Denis Rancourt, joins us to discuss his struggle to establish an activism course at the university. We discuss the meaning of academic freedom, the state of the education system, and the pedagogy of the oppressed.

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  1. The thought that the American citizen, as R.D. Steel has proclaimed being the greatest counter balance to the new(old) power structure that shouldn’t be, but is, has set in stupora,totally consumed apathy, and will let their freedoms slip away is alarming. THE ALARM BELL IS RINGING. Not since the reality of facing death by conscription has this countries people been aroused to the critical mass awareness needed to combat this menus that now confronts us collectively. We are close to being enslaved in our own house, imprisonment or possibly elimination. The final solution is quickly coming at us and we must wake ourselves from this “soma” induced dream state of cognitive dissidence. Activism and encouragement to wake the doughting masses to the reality of our dire position must be enacted immediatly. The potential force locked up in the American peoples has been set appoun the beasts before in history. With great success the ma and pa , grandparents,the poor white, middle class folks , inner city blacks and reservoir Indian all were awakened and united and stopped an illegal war and ended an illegal draft and ended the deaths and genicide of the People of Vietnam. With cunning brilliance the after-party was paid for and fueled by the losers and it is still going today! It will end soon. I saw it happen then and remember it well,same clarity, as I see the poison being sprayed in the sky just today. Act! wake up your family, wake up your community. The time of the hour is near. Thank you Professor Rancourt. James please speak of the space force/space fence and what full spectrum dominance will mean for the doped up , shroon-tuned out, hypnotised 15 to 40, 40 to 65 year old children who are fast becoming inheritors of nothing! Nothing but sorrow and regret for what was lost. The big pivot game is afoot. Justice is the least compromised branch of what is left of or constitutional democracy. Lets serve up some good old American Justice before they get out of reach of the peoples law. Yesterday was a New day, but its an old day now.

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