Interview 681 – Douglas Valentine on Scahill’s Dirty Wars

by | Jun 14, 2013 | Interviews | 1 comment

Author and researcher Douglas Valentine of joins us today to discuss his latest article, “Dirty Wars and Self-indulgence,” a critique of Jeremy Scahill’s latest documentary. We talk about the history that Scahill leaves out of his film and why he is being promoted so heavily as a type of celebrity by the pseudo-alternative (and even the mainstream) media.

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  1. Omega is the New Phoenix.

    New York Times released a “history” of DEVGRU (Seal Team 6), with some interesting new details on the Omega Program:

    While fighting grinding wars of attrition in Afghanistan and Iraq, Team 6 performed missions elsewhere that blurred the traditional lines between soldier and spy. The team’s sniper unit was remade to carry out clandestine intelligence operations, and the SEALs joined Central Intelligence Agency operatives in an initiative called the Omega Program, which offered greater latitude in hunting adversaries.


    The missions, part of the Omega Program, allowed the SEALs to conduct “deniable operations” against the Taliban and other militants in Pakistan. Omega was modeled after the Vietnam-era Phoenix Program, when C.I.A. officers and Special Operations troops conducted interrogations and assassinations to try to dismantle the Vietcong’s guerrilla networks in South Vietnam.

    :O Wonder what Doug thinks about all this…

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