Interview 882 – Power Hour: Birth of the Global Tax Grid?

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James joins Joyce and J.D. on The Power Hour every other week to discuss economics, world events, geopolitics and everything else. This time they discuss the new global tax transparency agreement that has been signed by 47 nations and how it may feed into the globalists’ coveted global tax grid. Also discussed are Fukushima updates, Bitcoin, Benghazi and cognitive dissonance.


New Study Examines U236 and PU Isotopes in Fukushima Fallout

Fukushima’s Cesium-137 levels ‘50% higher’ than previously estimated

Study Finds No Evidence Of ‘Ocean-Borne’ Fukushima Radiation Along West Coast

Minute traces of radiation from Fukushima discovered in West Coast albacore tuna

53% of Spent Fuel Rods Removed from Reactor 4

Three Reasons Why Fukushima Radiation Has Nothing to Do with Starfish Wasting Syndrome

​End of bank secrecy? Switzerland, Singapore agree to share tax information

Pope Francis to World: Redistribute The Wealth

World’s Largest Bank ICBC is Latest to Block Bitcoin in China

Beijing Summit: What if They Had a Bitcoin Ban and No One Cared?

Feds approve bitcoins for campaign contributions

Winklevoss Twins Plan NASDAQ Listing for Bitcoin ETF in New SEC Filing

Interview 876 – James Corbett Blows the Lid Off of Benghazigate

Confronting Cognitive Dissonance

Open Source Journalism


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