Interview 886 – Keith Harmon Snow Reveals the Truth About the Rwandan Genocide

by | May 17, 2014 | Interviews | 8 comments

Keith Harmon Snow has extensive experience in Africa as a journalist, photographer and genocide investigator who attended the International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda. He joins us today to discuss the 20th anniversary of the “100 days” and how the true story of the genocide (and who was really behind it) has been completely inverted by politicians, the press, Hollywood and everyone else with a vested interest in what happened there.

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Interview 886 – Keith Harmon Snow Reveals the Truth About the Rwandan Genocide

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All Things Pass – one of Snow’s websites

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Snow interviewed on Porkins Policy Radio

False Narrative: Whitewashing Rwanda Genocide – article by Snow on Rwanda


  1. That is an interesting tidbit and a good observation. If you ever do come across that Time article again I’d be interested to see it.

  2. I think revisiting this topic would be ideal given that the new wave of violence occurring in the DRCongo was covered in your most recent “New World Next Week.” James P made the connection to a new mining policy taking place in the country and I don’t think enough people (including myself) have an understanding about how resource extraction is taking place in Sub-Sahara Africa and how tribal conflicts are being capitalized to achieve it.

    • Thanks for the response, I will definitely do more research on my own terms by checking out more of Snow’s work. The idea of this being a form of class conflict instead of tribal or religious conflicts is something that peaks my interest even more.

  3. Hmn…that’s interesting.

  4. This guy spends 15 minutes explaining all the evil done by the US government in Africa, and then still uses the word “we” to describe them. I can’t understand how someone can see all of that evil and still be on the mental plantation.
    The state is not “we”. You are not a part of it unless you choose to be. It may steal from you and enslave you as a tax donkey, but you can still separate yourself from it mentally. Understand that it is your enemy.

    • Chancey,
      That is a valid take on the war for your mind. The amount of energy maintaining the propaganda to fix a person in place must be huge. The military person,the civil enforcement officers, the arms manufacturers, medical , pharmaceutical, chemical and bio lab personal. The academic scientists. All these supporting players must be keep in a suspended state separated from their underlying true natures.
      We the people are not we the state. The applied “fix” is large a force as gravity.
      Now, were are the points of imbalance we can lean on for the solution oriented?

      For example, the military grunt comes home. That has to be an imbalance and vulnerable theat to the power over his mind.

      • “….For example, the military grunt comes home. That has to be an imbalance and vulnerable theat to the power over his mind….”

        The thing is that the average US citizen does not know anyone in the Forces, and many of the Forces types really dont care all that much for the average citizen.

        Also (not to be rude about it) the grunt is probably NOT overly intellectual either- NOT ‘stupid’ by any means, but your average blue collar guy interested in blue collar guy things.
        He is probably WAY more Right Wing then most normie citizens like, and if he gets into politics may go full Frikorps which is why the FedGov spends so much time spying on them
        (cool song though…. )

        The officer class is (from what I have heard other say) getting purged of Right Wing types and replacing them with University inoculated types who could end up being more prone to doing a Bolshevik Revolution then the average Solider.

        An all volunteer force can be used to do just about anything because the people who sign up are paid professionals and the public does not care how many get ground up into dogfood as long as they dont have to see or hear about it.

        Then there is the THIRD class in the forces- the people who are basically using it as a ‘special needs’ / diversity-hire jobs program. These are the kind of people who bump the ships together and other retarded stuff….THEY will want big gov whatever happens to pay their VA benefits.

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