Interview 900 – The BFP Roundtable Discusses Public Apathy

by | Jun 11, 2014 | Interviews | 24 comments

The BFP Roundtable takes on the public apathy surrounding the illegal wars of aggression, extrajudicial drone assassinations, illegal warrantless wiretapping, and other outrages of our era. Why is the public so passive in the face of such abuses? Does it reflect learned helplessness, and if so what can be done about it? Find out more in this must-see BFP Roundtable discussion.


The American Majority & Its Deadly Chronic Disease Called Apathy

Learned Helplessness

Optimism/Pessimism Test

Corbett Report Radio 070 – Overcoming Learned Helplessness

How to Start a Movement? Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

Children Full of Life


  1. I think a lot of what people categorise as apathy is silent fear. Especially for people that belong to marginalised groups of any kind.

  2. Corbett Report EXTRAS
    James Corbett on Learned Helplessness and Learned Optimism (6 minutes)
    YouTube –
    BitChute –

    This is extremely important, far reaching information.
    The information and subsequent corollary concepts not only go deep and far, but offer many possibilities towards bettering conditions.
    The concepts outlined also tie in well to other fundamental concepts… (e.g. Would a Psychopath have an intention to see that others are weak, helpless, sickly, dependent, incompetent, ineffective clowns?)

  3. Whateverittakes2,

    Was all of this information in one documentary? Can you provide document links to support all of this? This is the first I’ve heard about Zionist collusion with the Nazis. It would be interesting to learn more about this.

  4. okay, I’m pissed !
    1st off – why aren’t there any links to the websites of the other speakers ? or better could you at least make these links available every time in order to help newcomers ?
    2nd off – where are the links to boilingfrog ? I couldn’t find any with duckduckgo. So please don’t think your subscribers know it all, I’m new and believed you when you said all links are underneath the post.

    I wanted to write a comment addressed to all 4 members of the round-table but an easy quick link isn’t available.
    So, I’ll await a reply with all links I request and hope you will not let these links out of the notes of the shows.

    Thank you

    • Well, via via I discovered the weblink which in fact is only there to accommodate the link provided in the wikipedia-page-references or is it ?
      Next, I searched for the round-table-talks and indeed I found a link to a page solely dedicated to this but to my disappointment there was no show like the show you aired.
      So , I didn’t want to give up and gave the search-edit-box a try but no results containing the word ‘helpnessless’
      Than I thought :”well, it might be that Corbett has the exclusive of this round-table-talk and the show will soon be listed on the
      When or if this does not happen, I will give up and rest comfortably knowing that the “boilingfrogs-shows lack any coherent and consistent structure.
      I mean :”what else than this comment rests me to write all 4 guests at this round table talk in one single comment ?
      That’s what I said , yes….

      Thank you for indulging me thus far and I will be grateful if you think my advise in the comment above is useful and correctly stating what is missing.

      SideNote : Since I became a consumer of your webpage , I felt the need to support all sensible talking, writing people of this genre and wanted to contribute mediamonarchy but he didn’t have a simple link to do this. Perhaps you are the only one with such possibility and perhaps not.
      I really think there is a great need for sensible speakers on this genre because the internet (youtube) is filled with loud-mouths and teenagers/brats and other screamers and finger-pointers (not to themselves off course) who disgust me and are absolutely not doing it for me, because I need feeds from intelligent people if I want to encourage others to ‘awaken voluntarily’ … So yes, I will not be happy with myself when my requests are not met with a satisfying response because I know damn well that I could have restrained myself and talk more nicely and kind ….
      But if one comprehends the English language, one could put the tone in one scale and the message itself on the other….

      best wishes, kind regards

      • Tinni,
        I’m sorry you got pissed off.
        You can always place the blame on me. I’m used to it. I’ve been married. 😉

        In case you don’t know, this BFP Roundtable original show aired more than 3 years ago. The “Extra” video is a 6 minute edited clip from the original show during the summer of 2014.

        Hopefully, you’ll understand that the roundtable was addressing issues in context to that particular time. Although, in the discussion James hit upon a fundamental ‘axiom of sorts’ regarding apathy.

        the evolution of the thought…
        Actually, there was a previous discussion on August 8th when ‘scpat’ made a profound observation.
        An evolution of thought followed, where concepts started to tie into each other.
        This particular BFP Roundtable episode came up during the discussion.
        The entire discussion was a result of Corbett’s 2012 Halloween video about the history of Fake News.
        Here is the thread…

        That quote from Noam Chomsky was like a brick in the face for a morning wake-up. “…people feel they are helpless, that the only role they can have is to ratify decisions and to consume.”

  5. You make good points, James but I must take issue with some of them.

    To begin with, an online test to see if you are a pessimist or optimist? No, they are frauds, James and there is no test like that that can determine the margins of such feelings. They are subjective.

    Americans, not all people but Americans, suffer from the opposite of negative thinking; they suffer from eternal ‘bridghtness’.

    Barbara Ehrenreich, in her book Brightsided’explains the phenomenon well.

    “With the myth-busting powers for which she is acclaimed, Ehrenreich exposes the downside of America’s penchant for positive thinking: On a personal level, it leads to self-blame and a morbid preoccupation with stamping out “negative” thoughts. On a national level, it’s brought us an era of irrational optimism resulting in disaster. This is Ehrenreich at her provocative best—poking holes in conventional wisdom and faux science, and ending with a call for existential clarity and courage.

    I would agree. Americans are not apathetic when it comes to consuming, watching TV, drinking or rallying around the flag.

    Attempts to psychologize what is a subjective and objective problem is typical individualism.

    The system grinds people down, on this we agree and so does the irrational culture of individualism, not individuality, individualism. Go it alone, you are on your own”, Buddy, I got mine you get yours, all of this is built within the fabric of American culture and tethered to the economy whereby one is turned into little rational profit maximizers. Any collectivism is scorned as unworkable, Communistic and thus Americans generally suffer alone.

    The answer is to organize with others for goals that can change the society of despair into a society of caring. And this ain’t gonna happen in America anytime soon.

    As for other parts of the world, certainly there are cultures that are not burdened with such nasty and deplorable self degradation and learned helplessness, but they aren’t capitalist countries, they tend to be indigneous.

  6. “Typical anti-Semitism that I have grown up with for more than 64 years.

  7. Between our 12 year (or longer if you start at 2-3 years of age) indoctrination program and the massive medical poisoning of the population, most of the people simply aren’t capable of the critical thinking (plus a host of other positive attributes) skills needed to question the official truthspeak positions. I live in a small town in north Florida and I bet I don’t know a dozen people who aren’t on some kind of pill. Funny how they all freak out when I tell them I haven’t been to a doctor since ’94 and that I think all their drugs are poison. You’d think I just revealed myself as the anti-christ or something. We are truly screwed over here. That doesn’t mean that the whole country is like this though. Florida is probably one of the worst for pill addiction and horrible indoctrination programs (I cannot call them schools. Nope, can’t do it!) or at least I hope it is. I know there are growing movements across the country calling for sustainable farming, herbal medicines, home-schooling, and other such subversive liberty movements, so maybe there is hope. Having said that, I never count on hope. That’s like wishing reality wasn’t real. Besides, being this out-numbered makes the fight more interesting. We southerners do love a good scrap! Jim, who just spent the afternoon watching the pretty girls come in and out of the grocery store while the rain was coming down. Life is still good. 🙂

  8. All I wanted to tell you 4 of the round table are the following things :
    – I asked James from mediamonarchy to make a show that completely ignores America because it seems that all news around the pancake revolves around Kim Trump and other Cardassian-governmental-institutes or officials.
    – There are conspiracies in other countries too, you know but those aren’t of value I conclude after 1 year of following news on the internet.
    – my point is the same as Sibel Edmonds stated (which was incorrectly corrected by John Whitehead) most people think that Turks are poor, have no education etc and therefor have motivation to protest. The fact that a slang exists for furners which sounds like furnish to foreigners and all 4 of you laughing about this degeneration of other homo sapiens sapiens says a lot about the importance of other world-citizens. We (foreigners) could be the last best hope that America has at this moment, so indeed people everywhere need to be awakened to the globalists-agenda. or plutocrats ? ploutocrates ? People anywhere in the world know many stories about their own culture and only 1 or 2 about other countries. This is also true about conspiracies or plutocrats – apparently they all reside in the ‘Good Ol’ USA’ … which is a kind of “helplessness” common to most people who are Americans.

    – I’d like all 4 of you to watch this woman tell you a story about the dangers of a single story….

    So if you would be so kind Mr. Corbett and send the other contributeurs of the round table this particular comment I would be greatly honored..,.. ored..,..

    • I’ve just send newsbud this comment with a little revision

    • Tinfoil Hatter (Tinni),
      A lot of folks here come from all over the world. And there are many, many stories/anecdotes about the conspiracies and corruption which exist in the different countries… from the middle east to wooden shoeland to Yugoslavia’s tragedy to Japan to South America to ‘down-under’ to face-eating zombies in Fluoride-nation to places as big as Texas or as gorgeous as Alberta.
      There are many, many stories from the readers.
      Pablo can tell ya some wild stories about many countries.

      You are always welcome to tell your stories.

  9. 7 comments are interesting. There should be an old Tom about now, coming in to say something nice, contemplative, extemporanious to the commenters. I wish I could join in but I’m being knocked or blocked from The Corbett Report this week. I’ll take this little device down to U.S. Cellular and see what they can make of it tomarrow. That is speculation with a high probability of becoming fact. Much like Whateverittakes2 and scpat it may wind up as doublespeak. Both comments good, even plusdoublegood and doublebad. Will the documents be authentic? Will the memory be authentic? So much is being fabricated around here ,like Winston in 1984,I don’t trust my own memory. Or my own eyes. The Big Brother around here sprayed the crap out of the skies again and again it rains. Its August and the land of wrath has no summer, tornado comes at 1:19a.m. and the high filmy cloud is perpetual milky pinkish gray. The sky hasn’t been blue in awhile. Much unlike Peacefroogs mistaken Assessments of the American electoral process, Mr. James has spent a lot of time accumulating, with extraordinary journalistic and academically accurate facts, the true nature of the present American political system. Along with the help of a pretty impressive group of individuals, he has tirelessly been spoon feeding anyone who has cared to listen a most disturbing description of the reality that shatters the confraternity of the deep state.i.e.The Powers That Shouldn’t Be. It may come into clarity ,as it did for me , to peruse the link Pablo De Boar posted the other day (I believe it was in the Corbett subscriber extra)about the Bank of International Settlements. Really , the history and purpose of the bank was a piece of the puzzle that brought it all into focus. It all made sence when I read the article it made the connection of American current events and the banks charter with the Swiss government much clearer. The goal,as Head Banging Joe Plumber said on The Corbert Report ‘” world domination!”‘ He was not kidding and neither is the B.I.S.. America will give up its sovernty and its dollar as its currency if we continue to sit in our apathetic stupper, if it isn’t already to late.After what they did in 1998, in Brazil ,in with the IMF Sen. Bernie Sanders called them out for the criminal rape of the American tax payers.
    Zionism is not equal to the religion of Judaism, it is a far more dangerous multi racial almost politiclly satanic religion. Do not confuse the two. Ok ol’Tom ? Doublespeak

    • Pardons please. To scpat for not identifying Weilunion in the memory hole rant. And to Peacefroogs for not making the comparison of his understanding of history and Winston Smith’s character’s understanding of history as represented in Blair’s 1984. Goodwrite PeaceFrogg.I will endeavor to reread Quigley’Tragedy and Hope for any Zionist references, I suspect he didn’t broach the topic much for all the obvious reasons. A minefield.
      No character, just pointing out TV.doesn’t portray Washington as real anymore.

      • Dear PeiceFrogg, calm down old boy.
        Your view of the U.S. is from the side of the fence that is quite old fashioned.
        1. Obama was a selection not an election. Fact or fancy?please select one
        2. Obama murdered as many or quite possibly more people than Bush/Chaney. Extrajudically. Without habius corpus or trial by judge or jury. Fact or fancy?

        3. Lets say Libya, you say
        Lets say Guiantonomo, you say
        Lets say Syria predictor drone you say
        Lets say Aipac.Whores
        4. Santa Clause , alive or dead
        5. Constitution , Rule of Law , alive or dead
        The dream is a dream we are no longer a Republic with democratically elected representatives. What are we, that is if you are an American. If not that what am I. A realist? You speak of things that are no longer there. It’s fake, morn , than recover. Listen more closely to the reality that Mr. Corbett is describing. He is not an American. Try BoilingFrogsPost for a little more American flavor. Sybell Edmonds lived the night mare and was lucky to have survived. If someone with her character believes American ideology can be saved than I’m with her. Santa Claus is dead and his killer is in plain site. What would you do Misure Frogg?

        • Peicefrogg. what you use as examples are theater props and actors.nothing more .the realization that Americans have been bamboozled and the characters who have grifted out of town and left in their wake ;
          1.permanent damage to the Constitution for easier actions in the future.compromized corrupt political/judical system.
          2.the 911 money.long possible prosecution under civil law. Black budget money gone where’s the hardware?
          3.complete ruination/coruption of the military profession. serfs
          4.a population of confused over medicated brainwashed divided zombiefried unorganized overindulgent misfit children with no family structure or moral center for guidance to counter the pys-oped American deconstruction plan that has been in play since before 1812.
          5. 23 trillion in debts. the Amero currency is right around the corner. The borrowers are servants to the lenders.
          Yeah frogg when you wake up to smell the coffee of reality you could do just about anything. To keep using the old paradigms of the past it really irritates the people who are awake to what’s been done to such a beautiful ideal that no longer exists. You may be right on being wrong cause cowboys don’t like people over whipping horses even if they are dead. You may be wrong on being right, hope is eternal and regret serves no one.
          Frogg You still didn’t say how you would address Santas killer who sits in plain sight.Try not to use any old paradigms in your reply please. Think in the new paradigms tools and techniques.
          Peace to all tadpoles.

          • P-Frogg : thanks to HRS for the Christopher Bollyn presentation on 911. Gives us a new lexicon of
            ” follow the Zionists” like “follow the money” in solving crimes.
            First I’ve heard of C.Bollyn. Watch it,combine that with Sybell’s legal concept of Americans as complicit Co-conspirators in high crimes perpetrated since the Oklahoma City bombing and mix in some Robt.David Steel and ranger justice . Shake well and tell me what would you suggest (solutions) be done about (Santa,the American Dream enigma ) high crimes of perjury by MSM ,state sponsored,complicit treason and murder,(killer sitting in plain sight).
            You certainly don’t have to respond to my abstract question, just nursing an abscessed molar and wanted to see how repairitive your reasoning might be.
            My swabby Vietnam vet.says it would take at lest 50 million like minded Americans to cause an action . I would suggest if that many withheld their tax payments we would see some action toward justice for the victims.Truth and reconciliation with a lot
            of lock them up.

    • Sooner man, You got it. Ok by me.
      Dang! The Tulsa-Tahlequah area is so beautiful. It is a shame they chemtrail that area so much.
      Back in 2005, there was a strong 9/11 Truth Group in the Tulsa area. They burned the hell out of DVDs, selling them for cost, and I bought a bunch. Plus, they sent extra titles just to educate me. It sure helped me on my road.

  10. whateverittakes2,
    I agree that there are Zionists. They’ve done some terrible things.

    However, sometimes I think some people over-emphasize them.
    Also, I think that government trolls (from whatever governments) put an over-emphasis on Zionism in order to discredit “the truth movement”. The trolling includes putting up some of the YouTube videos.

    I think the Zionist issue is one to view in a balanced perspective.

    I met Christopher Bollyn and had a chance to chat with him over dinner when he was in Dallas.
    He gave a good talk.

    You are right about Eustace Mullins.
    He spent the last years of his life in Dallas.
    Here he is when Jason Bermas aired “Loose Change – Final Cut” in Dallas.

  11. What’s the difference between apathy and indifference?

    I don’t know, and I don’t care.

  12. In the larger scheme of things those people choose to not matter. Sad, but it is their choice to make. Not mine. Good observation though.

  13. Neo,
    Good point.

    One Christmas season in the 1950’s when I was about 5 and my brother about 4, my parents broke the news about Santa Clause.
    It was the evening after having opened our gifts. We were both in our ‘cowboy pajamas’ sitting low to the table edge having milk and cookies. My brother and I had a big discussion about there being ‘no Santa Clause’, and what a rook it was to not have a Santa Clause. We both complained to each other…“Oh! I wish there really was a Santa Clause.”
    We both felt cheated, jipped. Not because of the deception, but because the fairy tale wasn’t true. In our minds, it should have been true.

    • When I was about 5 or 6, our parents left us alone, while they went somewhere for a little bit. I immediately went to their closet and found a bag of clothes. I then dragged my sisters over and told them it was our Christmas presents. It was August or so, but what is time to a kid who gets to tick off his sisters? That was when I solemnly told them that their was no Santa. I wasn’t lying, because that was my logic as well. How was I to know I was right? 🙂

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