Interview 916 – Financial Survival: Money, Power and Revolution

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James Corbett appears on Financial Survival with Alfred Adask to discuss his new documentary, Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve. We talk about the way the monetary system determines how we live our lives, the fact that monetary reform is a touchstone of revolution, and how the power of the Federal Reserve is wielded.

With Ukraine rebels on the ropes, some Russians ask: Where is Putin?

The Ratings Game – Russian/Chinese credit rating agency

Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve


  1. I posted on my social media to listen to the part where the host tells about a friend who got ahold of FED doc that said to not loan for alternative energy project. (25:52 mark)

    It makes me think about Jim Normans work in “The Oil Card” that oil was being over pumped and over explored to keep prices as low as possible to collapse the Soviet Union at that time. Was this the reason for not allowing funding for alternative energy? If so this seem to say that the policy of the FED is in line with those who control the policy of the USA.

  2. Good question, Blackdog. I for one think it’s somewhere in between those positions. I think there are Russian/Chinese/BRICS elite who genuinely believe they are acting against the West, but are just playing their part in a Hegelian synthesis to bring about globalism. They are creating the globalist counter-structures to the West’s globalist structures, and in the end only assuring the takedown of the nation state. Of course, none of this would be possible if China hadn’t been consciously built up as an economic counterbalance in the first place. I have some articles about this in the archives.

    • Blackdog, type “China Cold War” into the search bar. There’s at least a couple of videos and an article of relevance.

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