Interview 928 – James Corbett Discusses Voluntary Solutions to Ending the Fed

by | Aug 20, 2014 | Interviews | 2 comments

via the Greening Out Podcast:

The Greening Out Podcast chats to James Corbett about his new documentary Century of Enslavement: A History of The Federal Reserve. We get into the history of the Fed and central banking, economics, alternate currencies, the new world order, global governance, voluntaryism and a little bit of Scottish Independence.


  1. Money (it whatever form) and credit creation is an omnipotent power in a modern world where complex trading takes place. To have this power in the hands of any corporate entity, like banks or government, is just asking for the abuse of this power. It is my belief that this creative power must be in the hands of the people through a totally transparent public institution that is separate from any corporate influence. Of course the secret to providing a stable and permanent money supply is that it must be issued in the correct QUANTITY and debt free. Secondary markets that lend money at interest must necessarily be regulated so that they will not as a mathematical certainty become the whole of the financial economy, ie) by limiting market share and size. Speculative enterprise must also unfortunately be regulated unless we also wish to revisit an economy taken down by the newest ‘tulip bulb’ bubble. Money unfortunately just cannot be left as an ad hoc free market enterprise as no one except insiders would have any idea of what that money was really worth.

    As an aside the present monetary system, as evolved through history, has also spawned a situation as just as great a menace and tied inexorably to this monetary system and that is the incorporation of almost everything to do with the human economy, including that vast majority of humans on this planet. As such the corporate ownership can be bought,sold and ownership transferred ad nauseum, often without the corporate ‘person’ having any knowledge of the transaction if a subsidiary of a larger corporation. A case in point and believed in some circles to have already taken place is that the largest creditor of the US of A LLC, the Federal Reserve System has foreclosed and placed the debtor into receivership and under Chapter 11 rules been operating its own and that of the bankrupt US of A LLC business under that franchise’s name. Further to this some believe that the Reserve has been looking to off load its debtor, and off its balance sheet, to banking interests within the sphere of the U.N.. This could be the IMF, World Bank or other secretive banking institutions or any combination/consortium thereof. Whether this is a truth of commerce or not it does raise the specter of how the world could eventually become owned by”one vast and ecumenical holding company.” And yes we are the corporate entities that are the guarantors of all this debt created in our ‘names.’

  2. Yes, that’s a very important point.

    What I fear the most is that the path to freedom will be beseth with many fake successes, leading people into thinking they have acquired their freedom. While they are still in the mouth of the beast.

    If these people fail now, all they need to do is wait for another generation, people forget quickly.

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