Interview 938 – Our Troubled Times: The West’s Engineered Downfall

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via The Our Troubled Times Podcast:

In this episode we speak with James Corbett of about how the West is creating and funding its own enemies abroad. We discussed in this program how Russia has been backed into a position where it must unite with its neighbors politically, with others in the BRICS nations economically, and China militarily in an effort to counteract NATO/US/EU encroachment into Russia’s sphere of influence. We also speak about how western intelligence agencies have created, funded, and propagandized on behalf of ISIS, again, creating another external threat. Finally we comment on the protests in Ferguson and how the media and police are exacerbating the problem. Join us as we discuss the major issues of the world today.

Show Notes:

How the West is Engineering Its Own Downfall

Who Is ISIS? An Open Source Investigation– James Corbett

James and JoAnne Moriarty Interviews 849 and 898 on

Sponsored by West ISIS Will Become a Nightmare For The Western World– RT

Foley Murder Video ‘May Have Been Staged’– The Telegraph

Former Al-Qaeda Commander: ISIS Works for the CIA– Infowars

NSA Doc Reveals ISIS Leader Al- Baghdadi Is US, British, Israeli Intelligence Asset– Infowars

ISIS Reveals Global Takeover Map– Infowars

The Truth About Spetember 11th Part 1– Lenon Honor

DOD 1033 Program Requires Police To Use Their Military Gear Within One Year or Return It– The Free Though Project

Police Lobbies Pressure Congress To Keep Their Military Equipment– RT

CoIntelPro: The Untold American Story

Violence In Ferguson Provacatuered By FBI And DHS– Infowars

ISIS Terrorists: We’re Here In Ferguson– WND


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