Interview 947 – Lionel Breaks Down Little Brother

by | Oct 1, 2014 | Interviews | 9 comments

We all know Big Brother; the all-seeing, all-knowing character that presides over the Orwellian surveillance society. But what about Little Brother? Is it possible to use the technology of the police state to undermine that tyranny, or is that the trap that is being set for us? Today we are joined by veteran trial lawyer and radio broadcaster Lionel of to discuss these and other issues. Don’t miss this fascinating, fast-paced and in-depth discussion on tyranny, surveillance, conspiracy and resistance.

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  1. “More of us than them and we could drown them in our urine.” I have never heard a more perfect analogy to our power in numbers. I can almost see it in my mind’s eye.

  2. Great! Thanks James! Can you post the link of the Facebook fortuneteller prank video please?



  3. I agree with Rico! Lionel eloquently explains WHY I do not have a cell phone or shop at those stupid “rewards cards” stores. The fact that yesterday I bought 3 pounds of rice Oct. 1, 2014 at 15:04:37 is nothing to be ashamed of and I really am not ashamed of that fact. However, I DO resent somebody or anybody making it THEIR business! Although I am not old enough I live in a 50+ gated community and I also hate the nosiness. I have had people demanding to know why I am cleaning my windows!
    I have never heard of this guy, but I really like him.
    Spoiler alert, “Our James” say “B.S.” in the next vid! I am so shocked!

  4. Rico is spot on James as this should be a recurring conversation.

  5. Most excellent and entertaining guest.

  6. Great show! I really enjoyed it, watched it twice and shared.

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