Interview 956 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Interviews | 10 comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:
Story #1: Apple, Facebook Paying Employees To Freeze Their Eggs
Silicon Valley Just Got Darker: Freezing Female Employees’ Eggs Is Anything But Kind
Egg Freezing and Seven Other Weird Silicon Valley ‘Perks’
Soccer Fans Upset By Biometric ‘Intrusion’
Millions of Voiceprints Quietly Being Harvested as Latest Biometric ID Tool
You Could Soon Be A Google Search Away From A Prescription
Story #2: Oil Nearly Falls Below $80 on Oversupply
Wikipedia: Brent Crude
Saudi Arabia’s Oil Price ‘Manipulation’ Could Sink The Russian Economy
Peak Oil Is a Lie, They Pump What They Want
Black Gold Deficits
Local News Reacts to Gas Prices Falling Below US$3.00
Oregon Average Gas Prices Drop to Lowest Levels Since March
Story #3: US ‘Covered Up’ Discovery of Chem Weapons in 2003 Invasion
Video: Fox News Interviews L. Paul Bremer About NYTimes’ Chemical Weapons Exposé
Poll Reveals Americans Supported Iraq War in 2003 Far More Than They Admit Today
Video: WMD Lies From Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc
Media Monarchy: Interview w/ Matt McCormick of ‘Buzz One Four’
#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: US Army Drafts Blueprint for World War III
Romania President Says PM Was Undercover Spy
Piers Morgan Is An Ebola Truther
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  1. The eggs’ freezing is everything but a present. The corporate elite of which Apple and Facebook are part of is massively investing in surrogacy farms in third world countries nowadays. Aftermath these eggs will have to be carried by belly-slaves in these farms, and not for free. The corporate elite will get its money back, with interest, at the cost of poor women at the other end of the world and 40+ yo single depressed salary-salve women in Silicon Valley, the surrogacy farms being the lucrative middleman. Apple and Facebook are not making any present, they are investing and bootstrapping a new market of human flesh. This is individual choice as you say James, but individualism can also cause global impacts affecting innocent people who have nothing to do with these individual choices, babies being the first victims, belly-salve not doing this by choice but by economical obligation being the second, then fooled Silicon Valley employees.

    • Not to mention egg trafficking, I wonder how much a successful Apple working-girl’s egg is worth on the black market…

  2. Is this an individual choice
    or The boiling frog syndrome ?

    Living in the time of high unemployment (sic !).

    If you are Apple or Facebook female employee and you want to be a part of the career ladder in your firm ?
    Do you really have a choice ?

    If I want to join the Amazon Family can I refuse to wear my GPS movements tracker ?

    If I will be a future Tesco worker without accomodation ….
    Do I really have a choice ?

    Or just to be a part of “predictive programming” in the Skinner box…….?

  3. There’s no f##king WMDs! They’re probably just realizing that the propaganda of the beheadings is wearing out and they need to up the ante.

    The frozen eggs bit is really creepy on numerous levels, but it’s a really gross statement about how corporate America views women. “Yes, the fact that you have that inconvenient biological child bearing thing makes you a bad investment for shareholders, but here’s this great solution!” I don’t have a problem with the egg freezing bit on an ethical level and I’m not approaching the matter from some sort of traditional standpoint. I just think it’s a sad statement about how little our society, at least in the US, values the concept of motherhood. I think the United States has one of the worst, if not the worst policies when it comes to maternity leaves for companies which offer benefits in some shape or form. Not being able to afford supporting a family is our ‘one child’ policy. I know I’m over simplifying it and I don’t know what the answer is but still…

    Back to creepy: “I trust Apple and facebook with my precious cargo; they’re such ethical companies.” Oh wait, precious cargo is a kid right? Running out of time to edit… have to come back with that…

    I wonder what kind of perks they offer for the on the go high paying male CEOs =p

    • hmm… untapped reserves? 🙂 sorry…

      • “Can we interest you in one of our experimental GPS options? After all, why wait and go through the hassle of the unnecessary procedure when you know it’s something you’ll want to secure your child’s safety.”

        Okay, okay, I know… I guess that story just caught my imagination in the worst way 😉

  4. @David: I think the only value in listening to any of the latest batch yellow cake parrot chatter is to figure out what the strategic objectives of doing so are, as far as manipulating public opinion’s concerned. I’m obviously not in a position to say anything with certainty, but I strongly believe that just about anything of critical strategic importance in the invasion of Iraq is above politics. Meaning, if it were true then, we wouldn’t be hearing about it now, no matter who’s political favor it was in. At least not from anybody who couldn’t be subjected to the “shut up conspiracy theorist” treatment.

    Just to be clear: I’m not saying this in a manner critical of your comment specifically. It’s just a general statement in response 🙂

    I may be over simplifying it, but I think the chatter that we’re getting is strictly propagandistic and primarily just cover to justify military activities currently being carried out. The strategic objectives are vague at best, so giving people a few things to get frightened about is a strategy to convince people that we’re doing something important to keep us “safe”.

    Just speculation, but my sense is that the United States is trying to hang around and micro manage chaos, waiting to see if they can draw Iran into the conflict and pit anybody in the region they can in an effort to weaken them and at any of the other regional player’s expense, of course aside from Israel. I know it’s kind of gross to be so coldly analyzing a situation which is so terrible, but the best thing I think we can do right now is try to keep an eye on what’s going on and confront some of the propaganda to the extent that’s possible.

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