Interview 957 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Ebola Vaccine Trials in West Africa Expected to Start in January
WHO Missed ‘The Disaster of Our Times,’ Say Aid Agencies
WHO claims Ebola vaccine won’t give you Ebola
Globally-supported company is funding fatal polio shots
Swine Flu Cases Overestimated

Story #2: CEO of French Oil Giant Total Killed in Moscow Plane Crash
July: CEO of Total says “no reason to pay for oil in dollars.”
Total’s de Margerie Sees No Need for Dollars in Oil Purchases
Crashes of Convenience

Story #3: Citizen Pulls Over Police Officer
Hillary Clinton Heckled by US Congressional Candidate

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: US Shells Out Millions to Potential Nazi War Criminals
City Stealing From Citizens By Tampering With Traffic Lights
U.S. Humanitarian Aid Going to ISIS
Obama makes rare campaign trail appearance, people leave early

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  1. Just because there is a corpse in the seat of a snow plow doesn’t mean they aren’t using there remote control toys again (Michael Hastings was to be a lesson to all you journalists, who’s body was never properly identified). AND, why can’t people see that all these dead medical professionals supports the well substantiated theory that only those who were forced to take SOME kind of shot recently, ended up dying? This is why these countries are trying desperately to get the Red Cross out of there.

    • Interestingly, the first report I read indicated the snowplow driver was dead. It now seems he’s alive and well and being blamed for the accident:

      That, combined with the conflicting reports of whether or not the plane ever actually took off is starting to sound like there is a lot of revision going on to the story. It’s starting to look very suspicious.

      But the quickness with which you jumped from the (apparently false) claim of a dead snowplow driver to the conclusion of a remote-controlled snowplow leads me to ask a serious question: Assuming just for the sake of argument that this was a genuine accident, what evidence could possibly convince you of that? Our collective answer to this question is extremely important, because if we are unable to falsify our suspicions then we might as well not be doing this at all (since we already know the conclusion of every story before we even know the facts).

  2. Thank you for this. As a non-Russian speaker myself I do appreciate any additional info you can give about what is being reported in Russia.

  3. Yeah, thanks @broodi. It’s always interesting to do a comparison “mix and match” between Russian vs US/”Western” reporting.

  4. Can’t help thinking of a colleague of Paul Wellstone (I forget which one), saying he just doesn’t travel on private planes after what happened to Wellstone. This isn’t even a private plane though. I guess another way you could look at the petrodollar would be that you ought to be petr(o)fied about publicly suggesting an alternative.

    Regarding the ebola outbreak: I don’t doubt the numbers in Africa. What better way to form a comprehensive control group? The Ron Klain appointment is just disgusting as well. I can’t help thinking of the AIDS virus “response” a while back. No doubt, you have your Ron Klain/Bill Gates types who probably don’t have such a hard time seeing a silver lining around a tragic loss.

    Last, regarding the ISIS weapons drop: “Officials say wind caused one of the bundles to blow off course”.
    hmm… blowback?

  5. @nosoapradio: I joked about the petrodollar as meaning you should be petr(o)fied of suggesting an alternative, but I think there’s a lot of truth to that, as we’ve witnessed numerous times on the world stage. I don’t know the specifics or credibility of the instance you’re referring to, but I wouldn’t doubt it for a moment that if there’s grounds for suspicion the likelihood of foul play is probably pretty high.

  6. This really is starting to live up to the “Bankster” moniker. Who knows what to make of it, but I could easily understand how untimely deaths could lead to the partners losing interest in Chinese and Russian investments…

  7. I’m not sure whether it’s already been posted here, but this is some pretty chilling info on the ebola front:

    The article discusses an official ebola vaccine test sponsored by the DoD which can be reviewed off of the official Government Clinical Trials website:
    Condition Intervention Phase
    Ebola Virus Infection
    Drug: TKM-100802 for Injection
    Drug: Placebo
    Phase 1
    —————— Identifier:
    First received: January 9, 2014
    Last updated: July 31, 2014
    Last verified: July 2014

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