Interview 979 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: CIA Lied to Congress, White House and Britain Over Torture
Corporate Media Comes Down With Torture Amnesia
CIA Paid Poland To Host Secret Torture Prison
NWNW Flashback: U.N. Calls On Obama To Publish Findings On Bush-Era Torture (Mar 2013)
Obama, Prince William Chat Amiably During White House Visit
UK Royalty William and Kate Meet US Royalty Jay-Z and Beyonce
On Pearl Harbor Day, US Fawns Over Royal Visit
Bush Again Repeats Clinton “Brother from Another Mother”, Ads Hillary’s “My Sister-in-Law”
Amnesty Int’l Accuses Israel of War Crimes, Israel Calls it ‘Hamas Propaganda’

Story #2: James Franco & Seth Rogen Create Chain of Events That Expose Hollywood
Wikipedia: ‘The Interview’ Film
Rogen Objected to Sony CEO Demands To Edit ‘The Interview’
Leaked Sony Emails Reveal Nasty Exchanges, Insults and Vaguely Racist Sniping
CFR Member George Clooney “Predicted” Hack; CFR Member Angelina Jolie Called “Talentless Brat”
CosbyGate Explodes: Lawsuits Allege Decades-Long Sex Crimes

Story #3: Undercover Officers in Oakland Infiltrate Protests, Accused of Inciting Looting
Undercover Cops Outed, Attacked at Oakland Protest — 1 Pulls Gun on Crowd

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: Americans Will Spend Their Whopping $380 In “Low Gas Price Savings” On Obamacare
Why Is The US Treasury Quietly Ordering “Survival Kits” For US Bankers?
Riddles Surround 36th Dead Banker Of The Year
McDonalds Implodes, Reports Worst US Sales In Over A Decade

Media Monarchy: Interview w/ Sargon Of Akkad on #GamerGate

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  1. I doubt the hack on Sony Pictures was caused by NK, NK only does things where they will get a cookie in return for them to stop threatening.

    Also, anybody noticed that since a good while, NK’s propaganda has been much more logical and tame in nature. I think Kim the Third wants to show the world he’s actually brillant (boarding school in Switzerland anyone?) and not fiery nutcase like his dad who had little understanding of the outside world and especially the western world. Everything after the supposed “approved nuclear attack” on the US while everyone was expecting NK to do something crazy on his grandpa’s birthday, Boston Bombing, NK disappeared from the news and now they changed tones completely.


    • Well, I retract myself, the “official” and “non-official” spokespersons and news agencies of NK are being more rational/logic etc. in their communiqués but if this is really their doing (I would expect it to be done by the people in Japan who actually love NK, I forgot about their name but they have an organization) :

      Threatening unspecified terrorist events at ALL cinemas that will show “The Interview”, mentioning 9/11, even saying to people living near the cinemas to leave home…that’s too much, at first I thought the hack was being done by disgruntled ex employees (which is almost the only possible explanation considering how deep they got into the system and all that they released (about 7 full films to be released over all of 2015) and all the emails from corporate hot heads etc. Gawker have shown emails (and the pretty gory death of Kim III) and one guy from Sony in Japan asking to make the whole thing less gory and all…

      I smell a red herring. Not very peaceful sayings from the “Guardians of Peace”.

  2. Hi Guys,

    just wanted to send a heads up on an article published by John Pilger last week:


    The article (and John for that matter) deserve a little more attention!

    • Thanks for the link, gerbnl. A thought-provoking article indeed. I agree that John deserves more attention. I just wish he’d answer one of my interview requests one of these days!


    Well this turned out to be ugly. Whoever (most likely paid black hat hackers taking money from NK) pulled the Sony Hack has now removed The Interview, at first it was one movie theater chain, then another, then apparently all in America then Sony is not releasing it.

    Not that I believe anything of the threat about anyone going to see the movie (or even the surroundings) “if you leave near, better leave your house”, but the movie theaters wants to make money still and not have people scared to go to their movie theaters, so this happens. I was kinda offended by the premise of the movie for political reasons (and I despise that “Juche” regime in NK). It’s not the same as Team America: World Police where the South Park guys who are much smarter than Seth Rogan made as much fun as world american interventions as much as they made fun of Fatty Kim’s dad. I think that the threat of violence worked here, which was the ironic completely beeped out “Y’know I learned something today” often used endings to SP episodes had Santa and Jesus and Kyle and Stan saying that the way to get whatever you want is through the threat of violence (SP were meta-reacting against their own channel not allowing them to show Mohammed then), we got to learn what it really said from hackers finding the real episode on comedy central’s site and torrenting it heh.

    Guess they are right, as stupid as the movie might have been, it should have been released, never mind the threats. Now of course nothing will happen, like nothing would have happened if it aired…only so the movie theaters get to keep making money on Christmas Day….maybe it’s because I’m Canadian, but it seems like an american thing to go to movies on Christmas Day, right James? My families, no matter what side we would visit or invite home, it was never about going out, on the contrary, it is about being together when most of the time in this society it is impossible for most of the time for family to be together, which is of course wanted by those who want the moral fabric of society to die in favour of money money money!

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