Interview 988 – James Corbett on Solutions for a New Generation

by | Jan 12, 2015 | Interviews | 1 comment

In this wide-ranging conversation recorded with Gareth and Paul of on January 8th, 2015, James Corbett discusses geopolitics, global government, anarchism, internet censorship, education, Fukushima and more. He also discusses the real revolutionary acts that can be taken by each and every one of us to begin detaching ourselves from the systems of control that are seeking to centralize, database and control the populations of the world.


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1 Comment

  1. DEAR James,
    As you say, MOST of you followers are Americans.
    I do not doubt that what you say is true, but within the first 4 minutes you nonchalantly and flippantly let us know that that most of our founding fathers were nefarious, and our country was sent up to fail and the end is near. There is no hope either! We are screwed.

    This is not at all what any of us Americans were taught to believe of course. Don’t you think that you could have made these declarations with a little bit of compassion or empathy?
    Albeit the truth, I think that you lack a little bit of tact here. Maybe feign a little bit of remorse?

    The U.S. is in fact a broken down and tattered marionette awaiting the dumpster. Which at least sounds more poetic than the way you put it: America is an now old retarded whore who now has full blown AIDS.

    Regarding Kissinger’s role in America’s demise, is it possible that Putin is “keeping his enemy close”? I find it hard to believe that Putin would entertain Kissinger just because he is such a swell guy!
    Too many things tell me that he hates the old SOB. And I bet Putin could easily outwit Kissinger. It is not hard to see thru Kissinger. Of course I could be wrong.

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