Interview 1668 – Iain Davis Dissects the Pseudopandemic

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Iain Davis of joins us to discuss his new book, Pseudopandemic: New Normal Technocracy. In this conversation Davis lays out the copious documentation demonstrating how the pseudopandemic was generated, identifies the larger agenda behind the push toward implementing the technocratic biosecurity state and talks about what we can do to stop this nightmare from becoming a reality.

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  1. Dear Mr. Davis,

    Thank you so much for your hard work to enlighten us on an important aspect of the universe.

    I would like to make a suggestion that I think you will benefit from, and that is to drape a sheet on your blinds before you begin doing a video. This should diffuse the light so the sun does not shine in your eyes and the audience does not see sunlines across you.

  2. Corbett speaks on bridging the gap between knowledge and action. So what stimulates people to act? Information. More specifically, knowledge and understanding. So, for those inclined to spread reliable information that counters the mainstream-constructed version of reality, this may be one of the most important things that can be done.

    I thought the words of the philosopher Alan Watts were applicable to this situation. As Watts writes in his book “The Wisdom of Insecurity”, referring to a mental struggle with anxiety and awareness, The question “What shall we do about it?” is only asked by those who do not understand the problem. If a problem can be solved at all, to understand it and to know what to do about it are the same thing. On the other hand, doing something about a problem which you do not understand is like trying to clear away darkness by thrusting it aside with your hands. When light is brought, the darkness vanishes at once.

    This really rings true to me.

    For those who have already awakened to reality, action itself is a powerful motivator for those watching. Lead by example. When one person understands the situation and takes action, other people will notice and follow along. If you are living your best life, having fun, being free, etc., this will have a big impact on those on the outside watching.

    • Excellent observation. I agree with you. I’m keen to experience the solutions as described about Jesus Christ coming with great power and glory to smash it.

      • I have pretty much reconciled my outlook on the world with the reality that St. John’s visions appear to be coming true in totality, and the “End Times” prophesied about for over 1900 years are now here. 2029 will be 2000 years from Christ’s Resurrection and Ascension. Coincidence?

        As I’ve said before, I was convinced we were almost assuredly in the End Times when Bruce Jenner was put on the cover of Vanity Fair as a “woman.” COVID-19(84) has confirmed it.

        The Second Coming of Jesus Christ will come only after the most unimaginable horrors, a Hell on Earth not one of us can humanly fathom. “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” Matthew 24:22. Many Christians are deluded, as well, in regards to believing they have/had no role in being the salt of the Earth, since they falsely believe they will be “raptured” out of the way before the horrors arrive. Our rulers had their agents foist that lie through the usual methods.

        My objective for the recent past has been, “save as many as you can,” both in regards to avoiding the Clot Shot / Stroke Poke / Harmful Armful (or as I call it, the Liquid Idol), as well as developing the required relationship with the Only Begotten Son of the Almighty, Jesus Christ, before our personal earthly ends come.

      • I still have faith in you, just as I still have faith in Richard Dawkins. You both know too much, perceive so many things which are verboten to acknowledge, to not come to an acceptance of the reality you claim to not see. You only have to stop saying NO, you only have to stop claiming He’s not there.


    • scpat,
      That was an excellent post!
      Profound …and simple.

    • I agree with HRS that your post is profound and straight to the point. In fact I think it was in the back of my mind when I wrote my own speaking of the merits of setting an example.

      If you are living your best life, having fun, being free, etc., this will have a big impact on those on the outside watching.

      The more I think about it, the more I think it’s the most effective if not the only solution to surviving ambient madness and helping others to do so as well.

    • “I sometimes imagine a lost driver, stopping at the river at the bottom of my garden and asking an amoeba, swimming by with its flagella, the right road to take to Lisbon….
      Well why not, the amoeba are only separated from us humans by a few million years of history, which in relative terms is just a short flash in the pan.”

      This reminds me of a video I saw a few months ago
      where two Spanish guys are driving in a car and slow down to ask
      a bull on the side of a road which way to go to get to Bolonia.
      The bull then turns his head to signal which way to go!

    • scpat
      “So what stimulates people to act? Information. More specifically, knowledge and understanding.”

      “Wrong. Information is irrelevant. People are motivated by fear, pain, and threat of reprisal.”

      For your Big question, here’s a short answer.

      In one Tibetan model (which I’ve described here before & is my favorite guess), the flow of awareness/consciousness comes in a sequential recurring cyclic pattern, to wit:
      0 emptiness
      1 raw force
      2 feeling (emotion)
      3 cognition (naming of the feeling)
      4 action (based on karmic law, or the resulting action is relative to the name given, it can take ten minutes ten seconds, ten years and more depending on what you chose for a name, like when people choose with “I do”,,,).

      this pattern can occur on many time scales, and its why monks aim for “right speech” (to minimize karmic debt)

      so in a way factchecker is right, fear & pain (stage 2) occur before we understand or know anything (stage 3), but fctchkr only alludes to the bottom end of the spectrum that we can feel. We are also motivated to act by respect or adoration or love of beauty;

      I think the nanotech mob would like to takeover steps 2 and 3 to get their desired #4 result (slavery/control/power over stuff)

      “on bridging the gap between knowledge and action.”

      one definition of “wisdom” is “knowledge in action”

      close that gap with luck laughter and abundant friendship
      keep it light in the fight for your life and learn to love it

      • I can’t take anything from fctchkr in good faith.

        I think his intention is to paint the current state of humanity as the ultimate Reality, when it is actually just an artificial reality, a product of social engineers.
        Freud talked about id, ego, super-ego. Now, after a century of barneysianism that produced a society-of-wants, destroyed society-of-needs, people are transformed into ego, super-id, (mortally) crippled super-ego. This is not true nature of humans, a persistent deep-brain-massage is needed to keep them in this state with a side-effect of rising numbers of psycho-illnesses.

        • hahahaha

          naughty, naughty boy, how did you find my comment in less than two hours, how imprudent…it’s not reply to you nor I used your nickname….spare me from bs regarding the above, things are obvious

          Language is ambiguous, your playing on that in this instance is not an achievement.

          Analogy you used is totally inappropriate. Sick people are not dead people, some die, some stay sick, some recover. You know, it’s a mystery of life….different from your machine dystopia.

    • You are correct (at least for the most part). I am mystified that ANYONE still believes in the utter nonsense of “we just need to get more information to the masses,” and they will react in their own best interests. This completely ignores the history of propaganda and brainwashing. Yuri Bezmenov put to rest the nonsense about “more information” – once the brainwashing gets to a certain level, NO AMOUNT OF TRUE INFORMATION changes the target’s thinking (if any) and behavior.

      Humanity’s enemies created psychology and psychiatry, and they remain masters of them. Maslow’s Hierarchy, and, as you succinctly stated, pain, fear, and threat of reprisal. Base instincts, which works for four-legged animals as well as bipedal “animals” (who are increasingly indistinguishable, cognitively, from the former) After all, that’s what humanity’s enemies look at us as, mere animals (cattle, including a certain term in Yiddish).

      Defeating a problem or threat is always predicated on a correct understanding OF the problem or threat. That understanding is lacking among most, even those who believe they are “aware” or “enlightened.”

      Most people who consider themselves “the resistance” denounce or at least do not advocate violent solutions because such solutions are “illegal.” This is understandable. However, as for me, I do not currently support violent solutions for a pragmatic reason: 99.8% of humanity simply do NOT understand the real problem. What would violence against a target, whether living or non-living, accomplish, if the motivation was rooted within the Problem itself, such as “anti-socialism” (right-wing) or “anti-fascism” (left-wing)? There is some reason to believe that our rulers actually want violence, at least the erroneously-targeted violence which would ensue if led by those part of the Problem and/or dependent upon the faux “reality” of this System? January 6th, while not truly a “violent insurrection” by any means, was a failure because those involved failed to recognize the Problem. The Problem was not “Democrats”/”Liberals”/”Socialists,” but the shadow rulers of this planet who gives orders to those Democrats/Liberals/Socialists AND THEIR “REPUBLICAN” “leaders,” including Donald Trump. The same leader who betrayed them – as should have been expected based on his history of lies and broken promises – after inciting them to totally in-effective action.

      Personal, individual resistance – NO! – is the only resistance that means anything at this time. Of course, millions of individuals saying NO! in synchrony is getting noticed. NO testing, NO injections, NO masks, NO mandates. It won’t solve the Problem, but it will slow down their anti-human, anti-Christ agenda.


      • I liken these indivudals to a dog chasing a car; even if the dog caught up with it, what the hell is a dog going to do with a car?

        Regarding the things you label as useless, voting is certainly not useless. It’s a cult ceremony, meant to disempower and drive deeper the stake of mind control.

        To that extent, I would not state that not voting is useless, either.

        Protesting has an important role to shedding light on any given issue. The problem is, as alredy explained in detail, that people have no idea what they are protesting against or for.

        If people were not so clueless, protesting could help swing over the gulllible. Various strata of people can have influence where others are not even able to show their face.

        Petitioning the gubment is 100% useless. Probably the same can be said about relying on the “representatives” or the courts. Not to mention that for many it’s technically impossible to contact their representative as we don’t have one nor could we ever recognize their authority.

        • When I said something is useless, I refer to OUR needs, not those of our rulers. Most definitely, voting is very meaningful to our rulers; why else would they push “voting” at every possible opportunity? They self-evidently do NOT care about what we really want. If you choose to vote, you have your say, you “lost fair & square,” now “shut up and embrace ‘democracy’.” Voting is consent, and I do not consent, even if my consent is a joke to our rulers.

          When I’ve been asked who my “elected representatives” are, I truthfully tell them, “I don’t have any; I don’t have enough money.”

      • Your points are correct. Not animals, but computerized automatons. “Non-Playable Characters” (NPCs) in the popular meme.

        Yeah, “lesser” animals would follow their instincts when someone was trying to “help” them with poison. So my comparison was an unintended insult to animals.

        • The NPC meme is so popular among those who value the truth since it succinctly encapsulates the true nature of these vaunted “men and women” you imply exercise the unique traits of human beings. They don’t. They function, as Fact Checker has correctly asserted, like computers – robots.

          Oh noes, he accused me of “antisemitism.” LOL

          The “poor, helpless Jews” meme has always been a lie for me, since both sides of my family actually dealt with Jews in the Old World. “Family tradition”? I guess you could call it that. Not that you are a fraction of a man of my forebears. Those of us of Ukrainian descent don’t spew and spew and spew, literally daily, about the Holocaust™ and the Kaballistic magic number of Six Million™ (which was seen in World War ONE, as well). Even though SEVEN million Ukrainians were slaughtered via engineered starvation by the Jewish Bolshevists of the USSR. But we do remember, and rather than spewing lies and hatred, we tell the truth, which, for Talmud Jews, is far worse!

          Israel, a “rogue state,” LOL. Israel is EXACTLY what it was expected to be. It gave Jewry a state with which to increase its ability to wage war. Not against the Palestinians: against humanity. How many gangsters and other criminals have fled to Israel to avoid justice? How much of the control grid was created in Israel? It would have been much harder without a state with sovereign privileges.

          Jews can easily declare allegiance to humanity by renouncing and denouncing the Talmud and all of its derivatives, including Marxism. Few can do this, since their identity is central to who they are. NOT “individuals,” but parts of a whole.

        • I looked up Landauer. Oh, the laugh I had. An “anarchist.” LOL

          “[Landauer] was briefly Commissioner of Enlightenment and Public Instruction of the short-lived Bavarian Soviet Republic.”

          Some “anarchist.” Decreeing what was “true” to the Goyim…I mean, proletariat.

          While he was advocating an utopian (i.e., impossible) dream, at least Goyish Mikhail Bakunin offered a consistent, sincere philosophy, one I find very respectable, albeit unworkable outside of a small community of very like-minded folks (a very high trust society).

        • Man, I’m not sure whether to laugh or be woefully sad for you:

          “I have neither bias nor hatred towards anyone and act only as an arbiter and voice of reason.”

          Is this a lie, or a sign you are dangerously deluded” –

          “I am free of its dogma…”

          I’m all ears…please proceed to tell us you’re not just a politically-correct windbag:

          “[H]ave listened to all the ‘arguments’ of the ‘Jewish’ world conspiracy which are easily falsifiable.

          “I have listened to people who claim to desire truth and freedom yet praise Hitler, only to fall silent when I put the overwhelming evidence of Nazi tyranny against it.”

          But you love to dismiss the much greater horrors of the Jewish Soviet Union, and even claim it was “antisemitic.” (LOL)

          Hitler was a product of the wrongs of the aftermath of World War I, the latter which was engineered by the same elements which created and sustained the USSR. From an objective standpoint, Hitler was far less of a threat to the world than both Stalin and FDR (who forced Japan towards Pearl Harbor with his acts of war, with the ultimate objective to give a “reason” to get America to fight Germany to save “Jewish interests,” including the USSR).

          “Have you ever truly questioned your beliefs?”

          Routinely. I strive to embrace truth, not “be” a faux “truth.”

          The more important question: have YOU? I mean, sincerely. I doubt it.

          “I can prove to you, very conclusively, that you are wrong in your hybris and no better than any “normie’.”

          Please proceed! I can always use more humor in my life!

        • LastHumanist, it would behoove you to do some basic algebra regarding the supposed 6 million. That’s not even the official figure put forward by Hilberg, 6 million is a rumor, nothing else. First mention of it, that I saw, goes back to new articles from 1890. The absolute reality of the matter is: the basic math does not sustain the official narrative, the same as with many other narratives.

        • beaconterraone,

          Your mention of the holocaust in Russia is important because this did result in more deaths than the Nazi holocaust. It was horrendous, absolutely deplorable. It set the precedent for Hitlers regime. It is important to admit that people who call themselves Jews can commit atrocities, vile murders and torture, just like any other “tribe” can.

          Yet, I don’t think that this necessarily means that everyone who is a practicing Jew, or who is considered a Jew is complicit or supportive of atrocities. It is wrong to transfer the hate of Stalin and his regime to other Jews, similar to how it is wrong to transfer hate of Germans, or descendants of slave owners in the Unites States.

          As a person of Jewish decent, depending on how this is defined, I can attest to the fact that most of my Jewish relatives were not murders or conspirators. As far as I know, never attended Zionist meetings in Eastern Europe, but just wanted to live as citizens in general society. I think many of them were secular, even the ones who died. I was fortunate to have some relatives who escaped or else I would not be here today. I know that they had to wear a yellow star and did not feel welcome in Germany, similar to how people are being labeled “anti-vaxxer” now.

          It is important though to recognize that no group of people is above depravity and also that it is important not to paint everyone from a group with the same brush.

      • The psychology of crowds does not mean that humans are necessarily mindless robots. Maybe some are pretending to be, but a lot of people are just afraid to speak up and fear reprisals.

        Has a person who you thought was a mindless, masked, “hackable animal” ever surprised you?

        I have been surprised on occasion in my work with the general public and have had to re-evaluate my contempt for people these days.

        I think you are biased FC like everyone is.

    • Other “resistance”…

      Voting – USELESS
      Protesting with signs – USELESS
      Writing letters/emails – USELESS
      Filing lawsuits – 9 times out 10, USELESS

      THEY control the “voting.”
      THEY don’t care what you have to say or believe or want.
      THEY control the courts, and only a tiny percentage of “judges” care about constitutions, laws, or liberties…and more often than not, not even about what is true.

    • It’s not “defeatism.” It’s acceptance of reality.

      You state: “Personally, I have faith in humanity…”

      With all due respect, there’s your problem. I’m not a misanthrope, as I still believe in doing the right thing, “loving thy neighbor,” as much as is humanly possible as enabled by God’s Spirit, but I have NO faith in humanity, besides expecting the masses to remain stupid and deluded, easily manipulated. I do NOT subscribe to the “humanist” delusion that most people tend to be good, based on my intensive study of history, my personal and professional experience working with people, and the driving thrust of the Bible’s commentary on humans.

      History has always been made by a minority, since the masses just don’t operate rationally, let alone truly altruistically. Humanity’s enemies understand this very well, and, as a very powerful and extremely well-connected minority, have accomplished most of their goals already through the sham “democracy” they preach to the masses. A system where every borderline mind is given equal weight to a literal genius who eschews the propaganda from Television and chooses to do the right and moral thing most of the time. Voters in such a system, even if the votes are honestly tabulated, are not actually making a free choice that they rationally think is the best course of action for themselves and their loved ones. In reality, the vast majority are just practicing herd mentality programmed into them, “blue” or “red,” “American” vs “Socialist,” and on, and on. Almost none of the masses can even think outside of the Overton Window, let alone act outside of it.

      “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

      — Goethe

      “Americaaaaa! F*** Yeah!” (rolls eyes)

      • You are amusing.

        Your assignment for the day:

        1) define “Christian.”
        2) define history.
        3) define “blasphemy.”
        4) define “true Scotsman.”

        Why is it always the non-believers are self-proclaimed “experts” about who and what is a Christian?

        • LastHumanist:

          “Believe whatever you want but don’t make ignorant claims about ‘Jewish’ world conspiracies and other such harmful nonsense.”

          Do you write your own talking points, or did the ADL or SPLC write them for you?

          What is “ignorant” about telling the truth about Talmudism and its adherents?

          Why is telling the truth “harmful,” and to whom?

          “Educate yourself or do you, in fact, enjoy supporting an evil anti-human agenda?”

          What am I not “educated” on? Or did you mean re-educated?

          Lying as you do about who and what is actually behind the destruction of humanity is what is truly evil.

          “Either way is the mark of a defective personality.”

          LOL – coming from someone too cowardly to face facts.

          “There is, he said, only one good, that is, knowledge, and only one evil, that is, ignorance”

          LOL – the wise man understands that wisdom, not “knowledge,” is the desired product of thinking.

    • Those are not the only reasons to motivate a person to act. Perhaps these are reasons to do something out of survival, or a task one does not want to do but must.

      I don’t think every human is “hackable.” There is individual variation. But group psychology appears relatively predictable.

    • scpat ,

      “Information. More specifically, knowledge and understanding.”

      Agree, particularly with “lead by example”. Yes, lead, since majority of people are followers, conformity is a fact and I don’t think this is bad in itself, certainly it is a backdoor for abusers.

      Information is data-with-meaning. We attach meaning to data. Beside cognition we also use judgement. We judge something is good or bad, or this or that, we attach probabilities. Cognition helps to judgement, which at the end makes decision that is, when it really matters, ultimately based on individual’s values.
      Judging this days is reserved for judges, experts, scientists, ordinary people refrain from it and prefer to regurgitate what they’ve got from “priest class” ….supposedly world and life is now to complex for plebs, yeah, imaginary information overload….
      I think the main problem with people’s inability to judge is debasement of values. It seems to me like we are living in “beyond good and evil”.

      I’ll go now full on materialistic (on top simplistic). Information, reasoning, knowledge, judgement helps fill brain neural-networks with rich connected patterns. More patterns, more connections, better functionality. Looking this way, the notion of information overload is total bs.

    • Have you got any evidence to support your 5G theory? I’d love to see it.

      I think 5G is much more mundane. It has massive bandwith meaning it can have many more concurrent connections than previous protocols. This means every device will be able to sync to the cloud in real time.

      Everywhere you go, everything you do and everywhere you drive will be tracked and you will be taxed per mile.

      • This is my understanding of 5G, being an invasion of privacy more than a mechanism to physically direct people.

        I don’t see how that would work scientifically, unless people are implanted with a brain chip that works with wi-fi technology. I don’t see people signing up for that. You would need a nano chip that had the ability to migrate to the CNS and find the part of the brain that controls behavior. I just don’t think “they” have the capability to do that with humans yet.

        • FC,

          The hydrogel biosensor is 3mm that I read about here

          The lipid nano-particles are smaller than that. So these particles would have to migrate via the blood stream and assemble in the CNS and know exactly where in the brain to go before they could work.

          Perhaps they are working on this type of thing and might even have a prototype, but I would be shocked if they really had this thing up and running. Plus, there’s so much that isn’t known about our brains in all the individual variation and plasticity. I just don’t think remote controlling humans is possible at this point in time and maybe not even in the future.

          I don’t doubt they are working on this tech and that the weird experimental injections are to condition people to modification, but I have serious doubts that they could pull that off. Maybe I’m in denial but I don’t think they are ever going to develop a nano particle that can migrate through the blood stream into the brain that assembles and works exactly they way they want it to.

  3. Ian Davis: “you can shove as much information in front of people as you like, but if they are disinclined,,”

    Iching: “pre-potent systems of arrangement”

    ,,in the beginning of the game all the back row is wiped out, nothing but foot soldiers on our side, some more footsie than others, but turns out weve got lotsa pawns. The black bishops have been claiming that they have most pawns captured, but when I’m out on a sortie it looks like they dont have what they claim, hard tellin’ not knowin’.

    heres what eastern oz indigenous people are saying about the jab (the actual name of the mission near where the video was shot is called jabulam.,bad joke). They had a visit from the pushers about a month ago, I heard mixed reviews and then just received this:

    • Thanks vadoum,

      A unique perspective was presented in the video.
      Oct 17th
      A message to all Original peoples across Australia and around the world.
      (10 minutes or less)

  4. This “disinclination” has roots, experiential roots.
    I realized years ago that I could not convince persons who had lived in a city their entire lives that it was difficult, toxic, and disabling. They knew nothing else, and to attempt to explain the effects of a natural space or life they had never known gave them no reference. I also noticed in those years that there is an instilled fear of anything “wild”, which is a fear of their own innate nature.

    I suppose that most of us here realize that many persons have multiple and unconscious fears. It’s not an exaggeration to say they are afraid of just about everything. The best method of communication that I’ve known for helping dissolve fear is humor, and comedy.
    We need a Monty Python version of this entire insanity real quick. They hate being laughed at, and seriously, that stage-hand Schwab must have raided the costume shop and before they knew it…had taken over the stage.
    Time for lights out.

    An old popular meme kept repeating in my head recently: What if they had a war, and nobody came?
    That’s pretty much the core of it, maybe.

    Awesome info re: the pseudo epidemic of whooping cough at Dartmouth. That is very very strange to me, for I have a connection re: that institution and MD’s , and a specific mention of meningitis at one point. Astounding!!
    The Gardasil trials were also done at Dartmouth. A big Ivy League stronghold there.

    Thank you James, I’m eager to look into that document.

    Thank you Mr. Davis. Are you aware of two science educational videos put out by the US govt in the late 50’s? One of them states unequivocally that there would be a flu-like, worldwide pandemic in 2020. This was published in 2020 by Deborah Tavares of Also, these magnetic properties of the injections were already being experimented with as early as 49 years ago in Oregon. I met a woman, before these jabs came out, who showed me that a magnet will stick to an injection site she received from the school.

    Their timing has a lot to do with astrology, I’ve noticed again and again.

  5. Oh, lord, the video associated with State of Fear in this link is true evil. One hit after another. They knew that far back that at least 50% would die with intubation plus. And of course, never a mention of the reason for the increased incidences, which I would suggest can be seen clearly in the skies.
    Right in the beginning of this they show how the microbiology was negative, yet the PCR test confirmed pandemic influenza. Catchy, that.

  6. Clear thinking and articulate speaking is so therapeutic to listen to.

    Disinclination to recognize hard facts.

    It’s true that in the face of such deeply ingrained prejudices and delusional assumptions sprung from generations of meticulously cultivated fear

    example would seem to be the only effective method of persuasion.

    Giving the example of something better.

    For the moment I need to continue concentrating on closing that gap between awareness and action

    as this is perhaps the only thing I can do to keep my first two children from yielding to the pressure of getting the poison injection

    and, more challenging still, dissuading my third from getting any boosters despite pressure from and the bad example provided by his father.

    Man’s behavior is not dictated by logic, but perhaps more by imitation.

    Giving the example would seem to be the best hope for humanity.

    As people are disinclined to recognize information, Mr Davis’ book cannot reach anyone in my entourage (whose members are all definitely 89% doubly-injected, if not more, young and old alike); it can only offer informational and moral support to people like me who are

    already fully aware of the dynamics of the global project to eradicate most if not all of humanity and help us evolve and clarify our own thinking.

    It’s natural to be disinclined to recognize the end of the world and the onslaught of technocratic tyranny and murder,

    so short of proving that it’s humanity’s only hope for survival,
    we have to eloquently show there’re very wonderful alternatives.

    This interview was very instrumental in bringing that home to me.

    Without even having acquired your book yet, I’d like to thank you Iaian Davis and the Corbett Report for that, at least.

    • shall we composite a list of examples,
      for your kids and mine and all those still uncaptured?

      I’m not the most organised (re links et al)
      but off the cuff:
      Italian protests
      French protests
      the 50% of LA nurses
      the 45% of chicago police
      the nurses in NL
      the US military
      the NBA stars (3 of which folded but Brooklyn stands strong)
      the 700,000 vaers injuries reported which conservatively translates to 7 million
      the 60,000 vaers reported deaths which translates to 1/2 million+
      the isareli Drs now saying theyre having outbreaks of vx’ers getting sick
      the texan Gov.

      the simplest logic is that the testing and trialing hasn’t been done. the standards are 5-10 years, not 8 months.
      (Theres stacks of other reasons to be sus, but theres no comeback that can beat that.)
      “most adverse events happen in 1 to 2 years after the jab” (B gates)
      healthy people are not at risk (whether this is bio weapon deployment or not), but more and more jabbed are.
      what is the proof of “minimizing symptoms”. just like the poli vx claimed to eradicate the disease but the curve of incidence had well and truely come and gone before that jab was introduced. these people claim but cannot prove. They’re just sales reps and charlatans. delete the elite.

      Then theres the excellent chance that double blind placebo jabs are being administered on a large scale as well.

      Some are so stubborn they just refuse to listen before any conversation has started. Thats just ignorance (ignoring). The raw antidote/inverse is a wide open horizon: maybe take them to the desert to see the stars.

      • the simplest logic is that the testing and trialing hasn’t been done. the standards are 5-10 years, not 8 months.

        This is the only argument that momentarily makes people’s eyes glaze over before their brains come up with (example from Saturday morning:) “I trust the science!”

        I kid you not. That is what one of my Saturday morning students came out with verbatim.

        Protesters they just find selfish and annoying. Statistics that don’t coincide with their worldview have “been manipulated”.

        Then theres the excellent chance that double blind placebo jabs are being administered on a large scale as well.

        I was praying for this to be the case and that my son had received such a placebo dose.

        The raw antidote/inverse is a wide open horizon: maybe take them to the desert to see the stars.

        Your idea of teaching people to change their mental and physical landscapes and to wonder again at the stars might be a solution. Perhaps the only gateway to helping them fully grasp the scope and nature of the crime being committed against them.

        • NoSoapRadio,
          I appreciate these examples which you give.
          The examples highlight a “mind-view” or “mind-think” of many people.
          For all of us here, the “mind-view” doesn’t make sense. Yet, for those unaware folks it fits nicely.
          Your examples correlate with some of my observations.

          — Saline Vials of Vaccines —
          Some of the news agencies have reported about counterfeit or fake vaccines being sold.
          Occasionally, I hear of people testing vials and finding a saline solution in some vials.
          If the manufacturers were smart, they would include some saline solutions in their batches. It makes sense from a PR perspective. Their mission is to promote the vaccine, and to mitigate potential barriers to that promotion.

          There is a lot of recent hype about Dr. Franc Zalewski, a Polish Scientist, who said that some of the vials he tested had a saline solution.
          He also said that some other vials had odd components, such as Aluminum “Parasite” like structures.
          I’ve visited his website and browsed some year old videos, but I don’t speak Polish and really don’t know what to make of the guy.
          For now, I’m taking what he says with a grain of salt.
          Vaccines under microscope – Dr Franc Zalewski – English script
          (14 minutes or less)

          • “— Saline Vials of Vaccines —
            Some of the news agencies have reported about counterfeit or fake vaccines being sold.
            Occasionally, I hear of people testing vials and finding a saline solution in some vials.
            If the manufacturers were smart, they would include some saline solutions in their batches. It makes sense from a PR perspective. Their mission is to promote the vaccine, and to mitigate potential barriers to that promotion.
            There is a lot of recent hype about Dr. Franc Zalewski, a Polish Scientist, who said that some of the vials he tested had a saline solution.”

            Given that close to half the world is double-vaxxed and most haven’t dropped dead (just yet anyway) I am going to go out on a limb and say that a large number are in fact getting saline solutions.

            And likely people are being given different potencies of the jab.
            Heck here are notes inside the following Israeli patent paper written in March 2021,
            discussing this strategy:


            Section 0400:
             In some embodiments , the system is used to identify which individuals will receive which types of vaccines in relation to their potency . For example , individuals that received and / or were identified as a high super spreading score by the system would be vaccinated with more potent vaccines , when compared with other individuals having lower superspreading scores . In some embodiments , those individuals having lower superspreading scores might either receive later a vaccination or receive a vaccine having a lower potency .

            • That is very interesting. Thanks Fawlty Towers.

              My gut tells me that some vaccines are intentionally saline.
              But I want documentation from various sources.

              I find it difficult to wrap my head around the fact that some folks have adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines, while others seem fine.
              Of course, it worked that way with mercury in the vaccines…some folks could tolerate it, and some not.

          • Fact Checker, Good phrasing.
            That guy is a train wreck.

            While I appreciate it that attention is drawn to certain issues and whistleblowers, he pollutes the environment.

        • Placebo injections taking place of a “vaccine” (or a vaccine) are immoral.

          • That made me laugh.

        • nosoap: (example from Saturday morning student:) “I trust the science!”

          bridge that gap! “so which science is that?”

          Youve just stated the science is 5-10 years, but the reply is “8 months is now the science”. these flea brained responses merit a gatlin gun of rosey scented questions. no gaps fire your questions at will (only rule is to remain cool friendly and open to being wrong)

          8 months ffs!
          somewhere someone would of chucked a hyperbolic half greek diatribe to spell some panel of “judges” into a rubberstamping frenzy, while “kaching” was all anyone was really hearing; all except for the quiet guy in the corner who knew how the real power would play out if only the dry leaves of deception would stay jostled together for long enough,,

          a lion roared

          • nosoap: (example from Saturday morning student:) “I trust the science!”

            bridge that gap! “so which science is that?”

            Did that! Been tryin’ to do it for years. and years. With students I also try to remember to ask questions, as that is the name of the game; making them talk. Sometimes, unfortunately, I get carried away.

            Appreciate the encouragement and advice though.

            Really enjoyed that second part… I trust the jostled leaves blew apart…? Did anyone actually see anything or were the illusions hanging too thick like curtains before their eyes?

            • ever hear a lion roar? upclose? mgm’s pussycat is cute, but the real deal,, atomic bonding interference.

              as for the jostle scatter and hung lusions,, (just now out of time: more to come)

      • There is not a single epidemic or pandemic that humans have ended via injections. Even when taking the mainstream science and medicine at face value, eradication of viral diseases still takes decades to occur.

        Mass vaccinations of over 90% of a population in less than a year has been done numerous times in the past and did not result in eradication. In fact it often resulted in increase illness and death. This phenomenon was previously explained away by saying that producing too much of the same vaccine at once results in waning effectiveness.

        To solve this problem, long term vaccination programs were created that provided updates to the vaccines and these programs were credited with eradicated diseases. It goes against decades of history to claim a vaccine program was only planned for one version of the injection but the unvaccinated ruin the plan. Every vaccine program is planned for multiple years with multiple updated versions of the vaccines.

        Proof of minimizing symptoms is purely observational. There is no measured data on the specific immunity other than “antibodies” created. We have not been given any measurement on what the injection does to T-cell levels, T-Helper 2 cell levels, IgM, IgG, IgA, CD4, CD8, Interferon levels. Only natural immunity studies on former Covid patients have provided improvement in measured data in multiple different aspects of immunity.

      • Good evening Vadoum!

        “most adverse events happen in 1 to 2 years after the jab” (B gates)

        D’ya have a reference for that one? Did he really say that??

        Hey HRS!

        Actually Vadoum was the first to evoke the saline solution placebo jabs!
        Now I’ll go check out your Polish guy!

        • sorry no link for that quote, I saw & heard him saying that in a recent clip, (promise), there are so many I cant keep track of it all plus live. But this will nudge me to be more organized thanks.

      • We are in a war of attrition (among many other aspects of warfare).

        All of our protests inspire hope, but such hope is delusional.

        Unless we recognize the Problem that is creating an endless stream of more problems, including total government schemes, and then apply targeted direct action to neutralize the Problem, we will simply be worn down, and down, and down. That was the real purpose of flatten the economy and the house arrest lock downs.

        I suspect the anti-humans have something special cooked up just for us this Winter. Maybe a REAL pandemic. Maybe an EMP. Maybe escalation of the building “pandemic-related shortages” we’re seeing across the planet, which evidence shows is synthetic, by design. The cattle have raised their hands against the Master Race, and that cannot go unpunished.

  7. Two hours after posting this video on YouTube, it got removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines, it is a book review and interview with the author and it is in violation of their community guidelines.
    It’s getting ridiculous.

    • Just accept that J*wtube is enemy territory.

      Odysee is my recommended alternative for crimethink videos.

      • There’s that Jewish tactic again: accuse someone of “hate.” You don’t know me, and you have zero evidence from my posts here to declare who I “hate.”

        Good people are wonderful. Too bad there are so few of them. Alas, yes, as a “humanist” you believe that humans “tend to be good.” Of course, the Christian perspective is the opposite. History shows, both Christian and secular, that when given a choice, most people choose the path of least resistance, which is corruption.

        And then, another Jewish tactic: you are “dividing” us. And then follow with the cognitive dissonance of claiming to believe in “sanity” or “honesty” or “credibility.”

        Telling the truth, even if one is alone, is integrity.

        Asserting what actually is, not what one wishes, is honesty.

        Your Red Herring about my stance on Odysee is juvenile.

        • I don’t think the actions of wealthy psychopathic cabals who follow a specific religion should speak for everyone else who might follow the same religion or who by circumstance has been born into an ethnic category.

          There are plenty of Jews, even in Israel who have tried to stop what their government is doing. On top of that, Israelis are being experimented on with the jabs which to me proves that the “elites” don’t actually have any loyalty to Jews.

          • Judaism is not a religion, but an ideology created to oppose Christianity. It was built on the “traditions of the elders” condemned by Christ, and now written down as the Babylonian Talmud (the so-called “Oral Torah”). It was later adapted for Shabbos Goyim and allies in occult orders such as Freemasonry (“Judaism for Gentiles”).

            Jews who do bad things are doing so not in a vacuum, but in the context of their “religion.” Judaism sanctions a variety of anti-social and outright evil actions, particularly against Goyim (Gentiles), including sexual abuse of little kids. Jews who do good things for non-Jews are doing so in spite of what the Talmud teaches about Christians and Goyim in general.

            Of course, the “elders of Zion” don’t really care about little Jews, especially those who do not lockstep embrace Talmudism. Their hatred for the Karaites is notorious. The objective is collective “success” for Jewry, not individual benefit. Automessianism – “Jewry is its own Messiah.” The decent folks in Israel are every bit as much victims of the Talmudists as Goyim, but that does not diminish the criminal culpability of the Talmud in advancing an ideology that is far, far more outrageous than anything in Mein Kampf or its alleged predecessor, Von den Jüden und iren Lügen.

          • Define “oppressed” in the context of your ancestors allegedly “oppressing” a Jewish minority. [the Polish maxim, “he cries out in pain as he strikes you” comes to mind]

            LastHumanist’s utopian vision: “starving wolves and fattened sheep can live together harmoniously!”

            In reality, Israel’s “government” is the application of the ORIGINAL Master Race ideology which Adolf stole from them. They’re not “fighting against” anything in running a “Nazi” state; it’s the penultimate achievement of the Talmud’s automessianism, the last step before a worldwide apartheid state under Satan.

        • I call them Jewish tactics since they were perfected and are most readily used by those who adhere to the Talmud and its derivatives. False witness, dissimulation, duplicity – all of them extending back to the “sages” of the “traditions of the elders.” Jesus Christ had such tactics applied to Him, so we must expect those of us much, much less noble will also be targets.

          After all, who are the experts of the “anti-hate” industry? The quintessence is the ADL, which, far from being truly anti-hate, is an institution that spews hatred for all things not in accord with the interests of Jewry, including the truth. Even the facts about COVID-19(84) are classed as “hate” – the “Center for Countering Digital Hate” has taken a leading role against so-called “misinformation.” (and, yes, its leader is a Shabbos Goy).

          I’m pretty certain at this point you are a member of the Sayanim. Arguing with you is the enterprise of a fool, if it weren’t for the fact others are viewing this. Hence, I’ll challenge your false assertions.

          You assert yet another typical Jewish canard: claiming the Bolsheviks were “anti-Semitic.” LOL – anyone can review the actual history of the Bolshevists, and see that Jews were overwhelmingly “over represented.” Even Lenin was Jewish. Allegedly “anti-Semitic” Stalin retained as his right hand man for many years, one Lazar Kaganovich, a key player in the Holodomor and related extermination of unwanted Goyim. His blood sacrifice of my grandmother’s people is, admittedly, a key element in my insisting upon the truth about Judaism and Jewry.

          Dissimulation: “Judaism is not the religion of the world conspiracy and all who engage in the pursuit of power over others religiously are psychopaths first and foremost.”

          The twin pillars of this world system are finance and media. It’s not the Amish who created and control both of those monolithic monstrosities. The leading element was brought from Babylon via the Babylonian Talmud. And the Talmudic mind is what drives the “news” and “entertainment” media. The “products” dished out are not actually the product: the target of the programming is the product. The Talmud is a series of tomes chock-full of psychotic and filthy “thinking.” That mentality carried over to both its willing and often unsuspecting adherents. And via “Judaism for Gentiles,” Judeo-Freemasonry, tens of millions of Goyim have become valued partners.

          The State of Israel and every Rabbi on Earth declare your statement that Jewry does not exist to be false. Jews can gain citizenship with Israel by ethnicity alone – “atheism” is a non-factor. And DNA tests are often administered. “Everyone is an individual” is a limited truism, but you dissimulate in claiming that destroys the anthropological fact that humans are community creatures.


        • Yet more Jewish tactics from you:

          “The MSM will point at JewAnons like yourself and discredit conspiracy realism that way. Why not be objective rather than obsessed about Judaism? It’s not nice of you to discredit the work of people like James Corbett.”

          NO ONE in the liesmedia will dare publish, at least not without serious redaction and dissimilitude, anything I write here. They are obsessed with keeping the “poor, persecuted, helpless Jews” narrative alive in perpetuity. Pointing out what I note crashes the narrative for too many folks, even dullards.

          As for me “discrediting the work” of JC, wow, that’s quite the whopper there. Only one person can discredit James Corbett’s work, and that’s James Corbett. His quality work stands alone. His principles of individual freedom, including allowing me to speak freely here, are clear. Only fools and liars would weigh JC’s work in comparison to my opinions (for someone who claims he’s all for “individuals,” this is amusing). It’s a bully tactic: “you don’t want to be associated with THOSE opinions, right?”

          You are a manipulator, a skilled disinformation specialist.

          • LastHumanist:

            “I do not want to be associated with your opinions, no.”

            Oh noes, what ever shall I do now!

            “Somehow you believe that Jews are evil because they have always been and killed Jesus.”

            Nope. Not what I’ve said.

            “Yet Jesus was also a Jew so you end up in a weird love/hate relationship with this Semitic culture instead of seeing it for what it is.”

            If Jesus was a “Jew” – meaning the same as these Talmudists who call themselves Jews – why did He say to what the New Testament describes as “the Jews” that they are sons of their father the Devil?

            “Jesus was a Jew” is more of the dissimulation you people are famous for.

            Jesus was a Judean, and most definitely not a Talmudist.

            “Jews were both persecuted and persecutors throughout history. Ask the Hasidic Jews what a time they had in the USSR.”


            The Jews were/are “persecuted,” because the Jews say they were/are. You literally tell us to do that – ask the Jews!

            Why have the Jews been despised for so long? Is EVERYONE who has proscribed their behavior, actions, and sometimes presence wrong about them, and the Jews are poor, little, innocent folk only trying to help humanity? Of course, that’s the approved narrative. In reality, the peoples subject to the treatment by “the Jews” came up with sayings like “he cries out in pain as he strikes you” for a good reason.

            Most “anti-Semitism” involves: 1) telling the truth about their satanic, filthy Talmud (and Kabbalah), 2) telling the truth about what the New Testament says about them, or 3) telling the truth about what Jews have DONE TO GOYIM.

            Most hilarious is if you condemn the generic “banksters,” you are called “anti-Semitic.” LOL – an implicit admission that banking is run by the Jews.

            Even the Six Million™ is a blatant lie, and a lie so phenomenal that the current belief in COVID-19(84) is directly attributable to the success of the so-called Holocaust™ mythology. Did Jews die in World War II? Of course! How many? Several hundred thousands, mostly from disease and starvation, the latter due to the collapse of Germany from massive bombing. The soap, the lampshades, the gas chambers, all lies, but knowing the gullibility of Goyim, the Jews continue to milk that mythology as a weapon to today. Fortunately, the fake “survivors” are dying off and the increase of “diversity” in White societies is leading to severe corrosion of the mythology (including Black folk recognizing who and what ran the slave trade, and then bucking the expectation that we all consider “The Holocaust™” “unique” and the “pinnacle of evil”).

            The so-called “persecution” in the USSR was an intra-Jewish conflict, a schism between sects of Judaism, the Hasidim vs. the Bolshevists.


          • “Most of the ‘evil Judaism’ you assume here is actually just secular in nature and has no metaphysical component anymore. This makes the “Jewish” part of it utterly irrelevant and replaceable.”

            The ideological foundation of this current System is Talmudic. You can’t dismiss it, you can’t credibly deny it. The Babylonian Woe of modern banking came to “the West” via the Talmud. The self-chosen Master Race ideology and the twisted Talmudic way of “thinking” of “the Jews” governs ALL of the actions of adherent Talmudists, which makes the sophistry, duplicity, and dissimulation of the media understandable, and expected.

            “You seem to think that you are in possession of some arcane forbidden knowledge about the inner workings of the world when ,in reality, you merely went down the anti-Semitic rabbit hole that has been the source of much blind hatred and justification for tyranny over the centuries.”

            More ADL talking points.

            I am conveying facts which have been suppressed for centuries (yet a small number of folks continue to expose them to the world, to those who actually care about truth). The “sages” of the Talmud declare: “Every Goy who studies the Talmud, and every Jew who helps him in it, ought to die.”

            I didn’t make it “forbidden.” They did.

            “Structurally, you are the same as the SJWs of ‘wokeness’.”

            “Wokeness” is Jewish in origin. As is political correctness. Most of the “civil rights” agenda was and is run by Jews. I’m sure you’re very proud that Richard “Rachel” Levine was promoted to “four-star admiral” (LOL) solely because he/it is a transsexual.

            You’re the one preaching dogma here, not I. I invite everyone to look FOR THEMSELVES into what I claim. Unlike you and other Sayanim – and the Jewsmedia itself – I don’t tell people they must not do their own research. The Goyim must not “go down the anti-Semitic rabbit hole,” and must only dive into things – distractions – we want them to!

          • LastHumanist:

            “I believe that freedom of speech is important and that you should not be arrested for any statements, not even the one above which is considered illegal in several countries including mine.”

            I don’t doubt for a second you are one of those who – in other venues – claims “hate speech is not free speech.” You can claim anything here, to save face.

            WHO made such freedom of thought and expression “illegal”? Why, those people who aren’t running a world wide conspiracy, of course! They’re only concerned about people “thinking incorrectly.” LOL

            “The revised history of WW2 is not one that attempts to gloss over the ample evidence of Nazi crimes against humanity.”

            Please explain which “Nazi crimes against humanity” were UNIQUE to the Third Reich, and which were NOT also committed by the “Allies.”

            The Third Reich, even using the approved narrative, stands a distant THIRD compared to the crimes of Stalin and Mao, and their associates. But we don’t have Holodomor or Great Leap Forward “education,” do we? – just “Holocaust™ education. One might think that who and what the real or alleged victims were determines which tragedies were important.

            “It also asks about the continuities of Nazi ideology and personnel that survived the war and persist to this day.”

            The only dangerous Nazi ideology threatening the world currently is practiced in Israel and by “Jewish leaders” around the world.

            “I have first-hand knowledge of this history. I did not spend my days reading 4Chan posts about “the Jews” but went out into the archives to do research on the primary sources and also put my own shovel in the ground at times to excavate pieces of the world that used to be.”

            Tell about your experience in analyzing the alleged “gas chambers.” Tell us about your experience in assessing the “holy” Six Million™ number in light of numerous “revisions” by “the authorities” about how many Jews were allegedly “gassed” or otherwise killed. At Nuremberg, it was alleged “4 million” Jews were killed at Auschwitz. Now, the assertion is “1.5 million.” Did the Six Million™ figure go down? Nope.

            “Your world view does not match objective reality.”

            LOL, what a tremendously sweeping generalization!

            What part of my world view does not match “objective” (sic) reality?


          • “So, how did you become this way and why do you remain like that?”

            Gaslighting. There is nothing “wrong” with me because I refuse to subscribe to your lies.

            You consistently use the tactics of the ADL and allied entities.

            “I never published anything on modern history that I probably should have because of your crowd.”

            Ah, you are an unsung savior of mensch! You could have “saved” the world by publishing yet another tome of nonsense and fake “data,” from people like me! HA HA

            “JewAnon will never be on the right side of history…”

            History is a lie agreed upon.

            “but Vera Sharav is:


            I salute Vera for being one of the very few “Holocaust™ survivors™” speaking out against the Jewish-led “vaccination” genocide against humanity. At least she is consistent in condemning wrong, like Dr. Norman Finkelstein. But she still plays the false narrative about: 1) a “plan” to “exterminate all Jews”; and 2) the Six Million™ gassed lie.

            Here’s a video for you!


            Vaccination, in the mid-20th Century, to now, has been a thoroughly Kosher affair, from Salk’s SV40 injections which gave untold millions of Goyim cancer, to chief “vaccine” cheerleader Peter Hortez, to these mRNA abominations.

            Be proud, “LastHumanist,” look at how the Jews have “saved” humanity with their injections! Opposing “vaccines” is “anti-Semitic.” LOL

    • Yes. I noticed this too.

      Unfortunately yt is the only site (afaik) with automated subtitles, these are important for people like me, with poor English skills.

      @James Is it possible for you (next time) to save the subtitle file from youtube?
      I mean the file you can get with youtube-dl:

      youtube-dl –write-auto-sub http:THEYTVIDEOLINK

      Of course it isn’t 100% correct, but useful.
      Many thanks for your helpful work.

    • Butchering live babies with no anesthesia

      It is true.
      They have to harvest live organs. If the fetus is dead, then the organs are of no value. It is not uncommon to induce labor on a 5 or 6 or 7 month old fetus. While the fetus is still alive… …while the heart is pumping… …they will cut out its heart or its brain…with no anesthesia.

      Dr. Theresa Deisher is a world expert in molecular and cellular physiology and has years of experience in the field.
      On June 15th, 2020, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. interviewed the founder and president of Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute, Dr. Theresa Deisher, on the use of aborted fetal DNA in vaccines.
      RFK, Jr. Discusses Aborted Fetal DNA and Vaccines with Dr. Theresa Deisher
      (Go to the 12 minute mark)

      I had to track this interview down, because I remembered it and had posted it. You can’t forget something like this.
      I found my post here which linked the YouTube video (now censored)…
      (But dumb me, I did not include a complete description of the video.)

      …and Corbett Member lovetodust‘s post which gave “RFK Jr and Dr. Theresa Deisher – she explains in detail the aborted fetus’s used in vaccinations.”

      More and more, I am finding how crucial it is as a Corbett Member to write a description of an important video or link.

      • Correcting this phrase:
        “…they will cut out its heart or its brain…”

        The phrase should be:
        “…they will cut out the person’s heart or person’s brain…”

        While normally I don’t focus on pronouns (e.g. they/them, ze/hir), I am focused on man’s humanity. Calling a human an “it” – This seems dehumanizing.

        • In similar fashion I don’t like to refer to people as “personas”. It creates a kind of a mental puppet devoid of human attributes.

    • Murders of unborn infants greatly exceed the approved number allegedly killed in The Holocaust™ by a factor of 11, just in the United States. Most Americans have been completely cool with that, most even supporting the so-called “right to choose” (the baby gets no choice).

      Many still claim America was and is a “Christian Nation.” That “Christian Nation” has killed tens of millions of unborn babies not because they threatened the life of the mother, not because the mother was raped, not because the infant would be born with horrible, likely fatal defects. They were killed for egoism, for “self-actualization.” America’s form of the age-old human sacrifice, whether it was throwing babies on the fires of Molech or putting “unblemished” young folks in volcanoes or Wicker Men, or now in the clean, out-of-sight “medical” clinics.

      Really, do we Americans have any right to claim we don’t deserve this controlled demolition of a society that not only tolerated but enabled that?

      • Yes, I claim we do not deserve it. People who have abortions bear the weight of that decision as individuals. Government is enacting “collective punishment” on us. They are no longer serving us, but are robbing us of wealth and trying to violate basic natural rights that speak for themselves.

        Abortion has been around a long time in many cultures around the world. It’s not unique to America.

        The government should not be involved in individual morality and at this point has become a cancer that has metastasized.

        • “Yes, I claim we do not deserve it.”

          You can deny responsibility all you like, but if you have supported abortion on-demand, for any reason, then you are culpable.

          “People who have abortions bear the weight of that decision as individuals.”

          Yes, they do. But the people who have enabled abortion on-demand, for any reason, share guilt, at least as accessories.

          “Abortion has been around a long time in many cultures around the world. It’s not unique to America.”

          Of course it has, just as with any evil. But America has led the world in making it FASHIONABLE. Part of the deception of the world by the Mystery Babylon System. Perhaps it should be called Mystery America? America’s media has deceived the entire world.

          BTW, why do you say “people” rather than “women” who have abortions? On-board with the agenda? “Pregnant people”?

          “The government should not be involved in individual morality…”


          ALL laws are “legislating morality.” Should murder and rape be legal? Or merely “private matters”? Kill someone without family or friends, and the killer goes unpunished? Isn’t that the hard-line “libertarian” claim, about “private justice”?

          Why so much cowardice in standing up for the unborn human beings who are slaughtered via abortion, “just because”? Single-digits of women get abortions because they were raped or the pregnancy truly endangers her life and/or the baby is defective.

          Abortion fanatics accept NO restrictions whatsoever. “My body, my choice.” Absolutely! You have the freedom to choose to engage in a behavior that might lead to conception. After conception, you’re not dealing with JUST the “mother’s body” anymore.

          The cognitive dissonance of Americans on abortion is easily illustrated. If the mother wants the baby, an OB/GYN and most others refer to the unborn as a baby. If the mothers don’t want the baby, it’s just a fetus or “unwanted tissue.” Classic dehumanization.

          If abortion is some sort of “God-given right,” why stop at in the womb? Why not allow infanticide out to say, nine months from birth? What logical or scientific reason is there to claim that passage through the vagina or via a Caesarean Section is a “magic” delinator between “unperson” and “person”? Obviously, I do NOT condone infanticide, but let’s be honest on the topic. In fact, Bolshevists like Ralph Northam not in the distant past suggested it. Not because he wanted to be honest, but because he wants to advance the next phase of the agenda. Abortion on-demand is but a stage in the agenda for euthanasia on-demand.

          Anyone who claims they are against evil and anti-humans better understand that.

          • Women are people who have babies. Yes women are people. People have control and ownership of their own bodies. If there were technology that allowed a pregnancy to survive outside of the body at 3-6 weeks, and that would be an alternative to an abortion, I’m sure some women would opt for doing that.

            I don’t think abortion should be used as birth control, but I won’t judge or condemn someone for an early abortion. She might be a psychopathic pedophile for all I know. I’ve seen some very monstrous examples of child abuse working as a nurse.

            Some women should not have children and some men should also not have children, mainly parents with a history of abusing their children.

            A person dying a miserable death who wants to be given a lethal dose of morphine should be allowed in my opinion. But it’s up to the person because they own their own body.

            • You completely side-step the primary issue:

              The baby is a human being. A human being that is murdered because the mother decides his/her life is “not worth living.”

              Why is that acceptable?

              Effecting “I don’t want a baby” is as easy as not having sex. Or using whatever form of birth control, contingent on the fact all birth control methods fail to one degree or another. Failure of the birth control is NOT a moral or ethical excuse to murder the baby that is often the logical consequence of having sex.

              Using the so-called “reasoning” of those who support abortion, there is no logical reason not to expand infanticide to newborns, and apply (involuntary) euthanasia to those who cannot live “viable” independent lives.

              Again, you people spew about “choice,” but the baby does NOT get a choice. And to vainly attempt to rationalize the cognitive dissonance required to support such “choice,” you MUST dehumanize the unborn baby into “unwanted tissue” or “not viable” (as though that means anything – a newborn cannot survive without intense direct care from someone).

              • I think you may be misinterpreting what I am trying to convey, and grouping me into “you people” instead of considering my point of view from an individual perspective.

                I agree that abortion has been painted as a birth control mechanism by the elites that want to kill us off and that Margret Sanger was a sick eugenicist and planned parenthood is corrupt organization. That is true.

                What I am saying is that despite all this, I believe that some women and men will subject their children to horrendous abuse. They won’t adopt their children out because they collect a welfare check. I don’t know if child abuse is better than an early death. Also, a woman who pursues abortion at any stage bears the consequences of this decision, every day and that’s something she works out with God. God can judge her, not me.

                I am talking about early abortion here. As far as I know the baby still isn’t viable as an intact individual thus it is still part of the mother and part of her body. Can it live without the mother’s body at this point? If it could be removed and survive with medical intervention, there are plenty of loving families who would adopt it.

                At what point is the young developing baby an individual if they mother says I don’t want my body to support it anymore? And should the government decide? Does state intervention help and is that its job to determine what is right and what is wrong?

                Should the state kill, or have a monopoly on violence? I don’t think it should decide, but this should be left for the community to decide. If someone murdered my mother or a family member and I knew who did it and could confirm it, I would feel justified in taking their life. I would bear the weight of the decision. I may spare their life, I might not. Should I then be stoned to death, or jailed?

                These types of decisions aren’t the job of the state, neither is forced “medical” therapy like vaccines or gene therapy shots.

                There was the case of Jahi McMath, a little brain dead girl who was kept alive as a rotting corpse at the expense of tax payers for years. Was that right? I don’t think so.

              • LH,

                I think beaconterraone is not necessarily condoning death camps, rather he thinks that abortion is just as bad or worse.

                He seems to harbor a lot of anger for persons who may be descendants of “Jews” or persons who follow certain “brands” of Judaism because there have been murderous psychopaths have been Jews.

                To me psychopathy should not be rationalized or hidden and facts should not be manipulated for putting forward an agenda, that does not really benefit the people on the bottom who also might be defined as Jews.

                There are certain sects of practicing Jews who have committed atrocities and continue to do so, perhaps because there is some tribalism going on. The book “The Wandering Who” by Giliad Atzmon was pretty interesting to read and shed light on how identity politics corrupt morality and justice.

                However, this still does not mean that bigotry and hatred of people who may practice a religion or be identified a certain way (perhaps not even by the individual) is right.

                I really believe that the Book of Mathew, the sermon on the mount is enough to show why this is wrong.

                I think I read something by MLK “Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

                This hate is transferred from the sick psychopathic murderers to random strangers who might just practice Jewish Holidays and make traditional foods. It does not allow for this random person to demonstrate that they can do good in the world. It’s wrong.

              • Even one is one too many.

                I absolutely can not believe you went there. I guess Cuomo would be proud.

              • cu.h.j:

                If you are sincere and not duplicitous as I usually encounter with “pro-choice” people, I withdraw and apologize for my comment of “you people.”

                I have no illusion about limiting abortion being any sort of panacea for many social ills, and it should only be tried in a comprehension effort to tackle the degeneration and impending social structure collapse in “the West.” I recognize that many unwanted kids do suffer tremendously. But is their death the only alternative to a “life not worth living” within the current society?

                My step-daughter, who was molested, recently explained to me, with heart-felt detail, about why should supports abortion (“pro-choice”). I cried. She recounted ALL of what happened to her (long before I was in her life). She meant it, totally sincere, even if morally wrong. She believed the baby is better off dead. In a twisted culture like we have, I can understand the line of reasoning, though it is repugnant to me.

                I don’t think ALL women who seek abortions are evil, far from it. I have never advocated criminal penalties for women who have felt compelled to choose that route. Criminal penalties for providers, that’s another story.

                I don’t have answers as to when a human being experiences “ensoulment.” Christians have debated that for nearly two millennia, and the Buddhists have their own criteria, it’s like 28 days or so after conception. I would be totally willing to compromise in order to ban the most egregious slaughter of clearly human “fetuses.” Say, something like Texas’ six-week limit, especially for those women who did NOT get the right to choose to have sex (rape). But the fanatics in support of abortion demand up to natural birth, including so-called “partial-birth abortion.”

                Ultimately, the problem is the culture of this so-called “civilization,” where children are, at best, a “burden,” at worst, a piece of unwanted meat to be discarded like toxic waste (and, apparently, often used as body parts). Any culture that gets to the point of no longer treating as sacred the next generations is asking for its own death. We’re actually seeing that right now.

              • “‘Fact’ (sic) Checker” says:

                Blah buh Blah buh Blah buh Blah!

                The only people who whine about “whataboutism” are those who are incensed by the exposure of hypocrisy. They think a cute little quip – “whataboutism” – excuses the often-grotesque hypocrisy.

                “[A] callous and cavalier refusal to acknowledge the massive harm that results from birthing a child into the global meat-grinder that we live in.”

                So then, you advocate mass murder. OK, got it!

                “Birthing a child into the global meat-grinder” is a “life not worth living.”

              • LastHumanist:

                “It’s a pretty dark hypocrisy to allegedly defend the unborn life in one case and support government death camps in another.”

                There’s the Jewish tactics again!

                These tactics extend far back into the past, and documented in the New Testament, when “the Jews” accused Christ of “having a demon.” Pretty much the prototype to telling all opponents of Jewry that they are a “Nazi.”

                NOT once I have suggested that concentration camps are an acceptable institution. Let alone “death camps,” which actually didn’t exist (people died in them because of typhus and starvation 90%+ of the time, as direct effects of Allied bombing – Anne Frank herself, a weak, sickly girl, survived the “death camp” of Auschwitz).

                “I think some people are really struggling to make sense of the world but instead of rising to the task, they sink into a bias confirmation loop and end up QAnon, BlueAnon or JewAnon like this fellow.”

                What, actually, IS “BlueAnon” or “JewAnon”? I’ve never followed Q-Anonsense, and called it out as controlled “opposition” disinformation from its beginnings.

                “Infowars is such a good example of that.”

                Like Bill Cooper, I have long called out Jonestown as a controlled “opposition” enterprise, one which aims to give some truth along with a large helping of disinformation. You and Jones have something in common, “LastHumanist” – a psychotic aversion to naming the Problem. “Globalists,” “insiders,” even “Illuminati.” But never…OMG, OMG…”J*ws”!

                When someone demands we categorically dismiss a certain possibility, then you know that someone is a disinformation agent pretending to be your “friend.”

              • cu.h.j:

                Psychopaths/sociopaths come about one of two ways:

                1) they are born that way;
                2) they are brought up that way.

                Unlike many so-called “anti-Semites,” I do NOT believe Jews – real or pretend – are “born evil,” and incapable of doing good for others (besides other Jews).

                Hence, that leaves the other possibility. And, with Jews, the occult religious aspects of “Jewish culture” are what breeds psychopaths.

                If someone were to raise a child with posters of Adolf and SS-Men and flags and uniforms, have them read Mein Kampf by 10, and so on, everyone would rightly say the person was raised to be a “Nazi” (either a Hollywood Nazi or, in much lesser cases, a “National Socialist”).

                If someone raises a child within “Judaism,” they are exposed to both the publicly-admitted aspects of Talmudism, along with the unspoken and even hidden aspects of the ideology. Some kids will grow up not believing it all, even disagreeing with it, just like many Catholic kids grow up to be faithless.

                The trouble is, as I’ve noted before, the Talmud contains filth, obscenity and “racist” or “xenophobic” elements that are far, far beyond anything in Mein Kampf or even George Lincoln Rockwell’s material. The Talmud is the origin of the Master Race concept, and Adolf jacked that from them, adding insult to injury. Is a child raised in “Judaism” any different than the stiff-armed kid I described above? Within the Overton Window, yes. In reality, NO!

                Most people simply cannot grasp that “Judaism” is very, very different than what they visualize “being Jewish” as. As I’ve noted, the Karaites, hated by the Rabbis of Talmudism, are the people who actually fit this usually-false image of what a “Jew” is. They reject the Talmud and embrace only the WRITTEN Torah and Tanakh.

                If you want to understand how psychopaths and sociopaths who don’t “only happen to be” Jewish are created, you MUST understand the culture that created them. It’s a story over 2000 years old, and a story that has been actively suppressed and denied all along. There is nothing wrong with eating Kashrut (Kosher) or playing with the Dreidle or lighting up a Menorah – BIBLICAL things or innocuous culture. The self-chosen Master Race belief, of automessianism, is the problem. That problem usually manifests in Jews doing things to Goyim, and even little Jews, that are simply immoral or outright evil.

                We are, after all, just “Goyim” to Talmudists. And the Talmudists will insist “Goyim” means “the nations.” Jewish sources intended for Jews will admit that Goyim is actually colloquial for “cattle” or “beasts.”

              • LastHumanist says:

                “The greatest problem with JewAnon people who argue about whether the Holocaust took place and how many died is that they lack all empathy and humanity once they finally admit that there was even a single camp in which even a single person was locked up and killed by the state.”

                You want to pretend the camps were established in a vacuum.

                In reality, Hitler would have remained a nobody save for the fact “the West” screwed over Germany and the German People so badly with Versailles. Hitler was a symptom, not the disease.

                For all the spew about “freedom” and “democracy” (then as now, actually), the “Allies” of WW I stole huge parts of Germany from the German People and weighed them down with onerous punishments. They utterly denied the will of the people in the Ostmark (“Austria”) to join Germany, and even denied Slavs the right to self-determination in the artificial entity once known as “Czechoslovakia.” (funny thing, no one mentions that POLAND also invaded Czechoslovakia when Germany did, and annexed a small part of Polish-dominated territory).

                World War II should never have occurred. Hypocrisy and evil – by the “Allies” – dictated it had to come.

                And when it did come, only by the choice of the same “Allies” of WW I, horrors galore followed.

                I know you blame Hitler for “starting World War II.” Tell us, wise one, why did Britain and France not declare war on the USSR when it, too, invaded Poland?

                [perhaps you’d prefer people to forget that the USSR was the product of American, British, French, and German banks]

                “What matters is that people in power do wrong not whether they are from a Jewish family or not.”

                Nope. I’ve never asserted that.

                Sayanim like yourself have one purpose: serve Jewry. Among which involves maintaining the official, and only approved World War II narrative. Germany must be painted as “uniquely” evil, and dissimulation must occur if someone notes “the Allies” did everything Germany actually or allegedly did.


              • “Auschwitz was a crime.
                “The Gaza strip is a crime.
                “All concentration camps are crimes.”

                Yet, for some bizarre reason, you are only hung up on events over 70 years ago! PLENTY of Nazism in Israel right now, today, but Adolf is your man-crush for your polemical S&M.

                You’ve also said NOTHING about Manzanar or Tule Lake, which, if America’s supply lines had collapsed as did Germany’s, would have looked exactly like Dachau or Sachsenhausen. Like the “forces of freedom” would have given a milligram of a poop if Japanese people died as America was losing the war.

                “It’s simple. Either you are against tyranny or you’re not. JewAnons are not. They desire “the right” tyranny.”

                It’s simple: I pursue and convey facts – “the truth.” You either do, or you don’t. You choose to push seven-decades old mythology that borders on religion, instead of pursue the facts of what TRULY, ACTUALLY happened.

                Holocaust™ Denial™ and giving an accurate historical account of what happened in the Third Reich are felonies in many countries. As any honest researcher or libertarian (little “L”) knows, the truth needs no protection – only lies need such protection.

              • LastHumanist:

                “I don’t understand what you mean by that.

                “From what I know, Cuomo has responsibility for plenty of avoidable deaths in nursing homes so he’s another example of the statist refusal to respect human life.”

                mkey inadvertently offered another example of where your priorities are!

                Andrew “Snuff the SNF patients” Cuomo killed thousands, but you – and so many others – are still hung up on the events of over 70 years ago. Why? Because what I claim about Jewry is true. The “secret weapon” of Jewry is The Holocaust™ – the ultimate “shut down” of all criticism of Jews and Judaism and Israel. Trouble is, naughty Goys like me don’t care about The Holocaust™ mythology, since it stands as a mid-level atrocity compared to so many others. Hard to make someone feel guilty about such things, when their own family suffered a greater atrocity from the cousins of the real and alleged victims of that Holocaust™.

              • LastHumanist:

                I think I’m starting to understand you, to recognize what motivates you.

                You’re driven by guilt, inculcated into Germans and many of their first- and second-generation descendants. The idea that Germans are “inherently driven to do evil.” You know, two world wars to “take over the world.” That narrative has been spewed and spewed for over a century now. “Beat back the Hun” in World War I. “Germany Must Perish,” by the Jew, Theodore N. Kaufman, in World War II.

                You’re unable to even function outside of that paradigm. You think you’re comprehensively “informed,” but are helpless to rise above the ideological and spiritual box you’ve been confined to.

                Fighting someone like myself leads you to believe you’re “saving the world” from yet more “German” instincts to do “bad.”

                Interesting tidbit about my family I’ve not shared in this thread. My grandmother was IN a German Ostarbeiter camp. She had plenty to tell her daughter and all of us about what actually happened in Germany. She also had much to say about the official, approved narrative of the “unique experiences” of Jews in German custody, as well as their behavior after “liberation.” And, of course, she had plenty to say about her life before the war, under Stalin. Self-evidently no fan of Adolf, but neither a pawn in the grand lies.

                You can make as many assumptions about me as you wish. None of them matter. I’ve heard it all. In the end, I’m not really a human being to you, but a caricature of a human being, a “menace,” dehumanized into something “bad.” Systematic projection onto those who won’t toe the line, who refuse to live within the only “acceptable” tale of what happened. The very things you condemn me for and about are actually what you use, what those you lionize perfected against their enemies.

                The presumably-endless narrative about what happened in World War II was a prerequisite for this final assault on humanity. You can’t see it, because you’ve been programmed not to see it. As I said previously, the Holocaust™ mythology was the essential foundation for all other lies to come, including COVID-19(84). The lies just got bigger and bigger. And now we are looking at the literal end of humanity, with a technocratic “utopia” of transhumanism closing on us.

                Your last line, “it’s not ok,” smacks of a “woke” soyboy telling someone, as an automaton, that they are not “complying” with the approved spectrum of “thought.” Regardless of whatever inherent intellect or breadth of knowledge you possess, when it comes right down to it, you’re just a variant NPC. Nothing anyone says to the contrary of what you think you know matters.


              • LH,

                When you say

                LH says:

                “Not at all. I am proud of being a German because I and mine were not on team Hitler like you.

                It’s pointless to talk to you because you do not acknowledge any of the evidence that conclusively proves the crimes that were committed by Nazi Germany.

                It makes you a pathetic human being that I won’t waste any more time on. Some cannot be saved. Enjoy your insanity.

                I do not need a degenerate lunatic who does not even speak German to explain the history to me that I have been researching based on its primary evidence for years.

                Who do you think you are? Go back to 4Chan.”

                Some of these statements have an Ad Hominem tone and don’t add to the discussion.

                If you have the statement beacon made that says HE thinks Hitler was a good guy, please link that comment below.

                Though, I think there is a tone of hatred towards Jews as a group in his posts, I didn’t read anything where he thinks death camps are NOT a crime.

                I just didn’t see this comment made by him. If he made that comment, I would like to see it.

                Let me say that, I have family who died in camps who were Jews and my maternal grandmother barely got out alive. My great grandmother recalls people screaming in the streets, people being beaten. My maternal family lost all of their wealth and their home and barely escaped. I have heard this first hand and other horrific anecdotes about how horrendous the camps were.

                I am NOT a Nazi sympathizer. Later on when I started to learn about what Israel was doing to the Palestinians, I read the work of Dr. Norman Finklestein who described how the Nazi Holocaust was used for Zionist goals in Palestine.

                Check out the book “The Holocaust Industry” it was a good book. Both of his parents were death camp survivors.

                Beacon has a point about how Stalin’s Gulags and murderous regime served as a template for Hitler.

                I do think beacon has some resentment that is transferred to Jews who have done nothing to further any agenda. The tone of his posts to me seem that way.

                With that said, I don’t think lumping him into “4Chan, or Jewanon” (I don’t know what Jewanon is, perhaps some anti-semitic hate group??) IS THE SAME as if he were lumping regular Jews as Zionists or part of the “elitist” Rothchild types of people who are also Jews.

                This doesn’t make the points you are trying to make in this particular post.

                But, I would like to also say that as a person of Jewish decent depending on how that is defined, I do not appreciate being grouped into any group by another person because I find it dehumanizing and insulting.

                I think beacon has returned this type of commenting toward you and it is equally as wrong.

                Can we focus on the discourse and evidence rather than Ad hominem? I think the topic is important, to distinguish behavior from groups of people and this can be achieved to forward liberty and understanding.

              • beaconterraone,

                I have not read the Talmud. But I am going to get one out of curiosity about what you are saying.

                My mom is a secular Jew and didn’t raise us as Jews. But according to many people who have a hatred of Jews, that hatred would be directed at me and my mom. I don’t think this if right.

                With that said, there are parts of the Old Testament and even the New Testament that are rather sexist. These books were written a long time ago, when society was much different, so I try to forgive some of it.

                I think what’s important in interpreting religious texts are that you have to separate the baby with the bathwater.

                I think it’s important to separate behavior from personal identity, or genetic links, or identity created by others to describe groups of people.

                It’s more useful to me to make this distinction. I agree that there are parts of Jewish identity that are chauvinistic and tribalistic. This is present in other religions and cultures as well, not just Judaism or among Jews.

                There are some “sects” of Islam or people who call them selves Islamics who commit violent, criminal and even murderous acts towards women and outsiders. I choose to distinguish the people who do these evil acts from regular Muslims.

                I think the religion still seems a little sexist where women have to cover themselves up and pray separately. I’m not particularly drawn to that religion myself. But I try not to direct anger or hate at people just because they follow that religion.

              • LH,

                Thanks for your explanation. I will try to find a translation of the link you posted.

                The Spanish Inquisition is a good piece of evidence that shows that people who call themselves Christian have committed atrocities.

                I think that at this point in time, rather than blaming any group we can work together to stop the insanity closing in on us.

                I hope that beacon can “let it go” and focus on the present. What I see now unfolding is not an agenda that serves any “cultural” or “racial” or “religious” group, but rather group of elitists who want to enslave and control people they consider inferior to them.

              • LastHumanist:

                “were not on team Hitler like you.”

                That would actionable libel if I were of the litgatory mindset.

                Since you promote Bolsheviks, perhaps it would be fair to place you on “Team Stalin”?

                “It’s pointless to talk to you because you do not acknowledge any of the evidence that conclusively proves the crimes that were committed by Nazi Germany.”

                The “evidence” of “gas chambers” and “showers” is of the exact same nature as the “evidence” for “safe & effective COVID-19 ‘vaccines’.”

                It is NOT conclusive, which is why people like you desperately try to shut down ANY discussion/debate of what actually happened, sometimes by making such discussion/debate “illegal.”

                People like yourself never define The Holocaust™, which enables you to wield it as a weapon to shut down debate via coercion and fear. The Holocaust™ is obviously a religion, part of Talmudism now, and is, as Dr. Finkelstein pointed out, an “industry.” No business like Shoah business.

                “It makes you a pathetic human being that I won’t waste any more time on. Some cannot be saved. Enjoy your insanity.”

                “Saved from what? A sincere quest for the truth? A fanatically-obstinate dedication to actual facts despite “trusted sources” DEMANDING we all believe otherwise?

                “I do not need a degenerate lunatic who does not even speak German to explain the history to me that I have been researching based on its primary evidence for years.”

                LOL, “degenerate lunatic.” You’ve dropped the pretense. That is good!

                “Who do you think you are? Go back to 4Chan.”

                Who I am is not really relevant. Who you are is relevant. You are a clown. One who wallows in the Clown World of “this is THE truth, and you are a bad, bad, bad person if you won’t just swallow what we DEMAND you accept.”

                “It is not OK.” LOL

                BTW, I’ve never been a member of 4Chan.

              • cu.h.j:

                “I have not read the Talmud. But I am going to get one out of curiosity about what you are saying.”

                I would encourage you to do it. But not just the Talmud itself, which comes in a variety of editions and language translations. You’ll need commentaries, and, for fairness’ sake, both pro- and anti-rabbinical commentaries.

                Among the most important commentaries is Peter Schäfer’s Jesus in the Talmud (Princeton U Press, 2009). It lays out the basis for the centuries of Christian “persecution” of Jews for the blasphemies against Christ and Christianity. It is an academic work, and not some “neo-Nazi”/”anti-Semitic” polemic that the Talmud is “bad, bad, bad.” [Of course, Talmud cheerleaders claim ANYTHING that tells the truth about the Talmud is “anti-Semitic.”]

                “My mom is a secular Jew and didn’t raise us as Jews. But according to many people who have a hatred of Jews, that hatred would be directed at me and my mom. I don’t think this if right.”

                As I’ve said multiple times, Jews are NOT born “evil.” The evil can only develop if the evil work and “traditions” are studied and embraced. Hating Jews for being “different” is utterly stupid. Hating Jews for Talmudism – when those particular Jews do NOT embrace the Talmud – is both stupid, and morally wrong.

                “With that said, there are parts of the Old Testament and even the New Testament that are rather sexist. These books were written a long time ago, when society was much different, so I try to forgive some of it.”

                Some of the Bible presents standards and conditions that are “-ist” or “bad” only when stripped of their original context. The more “extreme” codes of the Old Testament, for example, must be considered within the context of the era – the Israelites’ culture offered a semblance of “justice” when the pagans around them offered NONE. Compelling a rapist to marry his victim is disgusting in our modern era, but, back then, raping a woman and then abandoning her was tantamount to killing her in most settings. “Damaged goods.”

                “I think what’s important in interpreting religious texts are that you have to separate the baby with the bathwater.”

                I believe one of the anti-rabbinical commentaries you should investigate would be to read the works of the Karaites, who reject the Talmud while embracing the WRITTEN Torah and Tanakh.

              • LastHumanist:

                “Even now, there are people who ignore the evidence and claim that no networks exist that produce and sell snuff films.”

                Even now, there are people who ignore the evidence and claim that no networks exist that sell human organs and body parts, and conduct ritual sacrifice of children. Because claiming that is “anti-Semitic.”

                “Pretending that the Holocaust did not happen is a mockery in a similar vein that boils down to kicking the victims and their children who became targeted by this tyranny.”

                The Holocaust™ mythology, exactly like COVID-19(84), is entirely dependent upon lies. “Trusted sources” and “experts” must – MUST – be submitted to, their proclamations MUST be accepted as gospel, without question.

                What, exactly, was/is The Holocaust™? You people never want to define it, since leaving it plastic, able to be molded to the particular argument or moment in time, benefits your strategy.

                Was The Holocaust™:

                1) a “plan” to exterminate all Jews? [demonstrably false]

                2) a plan to expel Jews from Germany and all German-occupied territories? [historical fact]

                3) an industrial effort to build & use “gas chambers” and then burn the bodies in crematoria? [demonstrably false]

                4) the overall punishment and sometimes persecution of Jews for real or alleged activities and behaviors? [fact]

                5) the bona fide death of Six Million™” Jews, from all methods, and never 5,999,999 or 6,000,001? [demonstrably false]

                6) the deaths of around 400,000 Jews from all causes in German-occupied lands? [an accurate number of Jews killed or who died]

                “I do not allow any of this BS. This is not a line to cross.”

                Fortunately, you’re not the arbiter of what is “allowed.”

                “If I’ll be the last Humanist who forever refuses to cross the lines that must never be crossed then so be it.”

                I will happily call out BS until the day I die. That includes Catholic BS, Scientology BS, “vaccination” BS, Evangelical BS, government BS, LGBTQPXYZ BS, and, yes, plain Jewish BS.

                If an event is true, then no one but a kook would object to investigation and discussion/debate about it. You want to deny the Holodomor? Go right ahead! I’ll never suggest you be put in a cage for it. Unlike Holocaust™ mythology promoters.

            • As we have seen so perfectly clearly, “my body, my choice” was a lie. The correlation between those who demand abortion on-demand, to end a human life, with those who DEMAND we must take the sham “vaccines,” is very, very high.

              My refusal to take the sham “vaccines” harms NO ONE.

              Someone getting an abortion ends a human life, each time.

              But “my body, my choice” is not allowed for those who decline these “vaccines,” by the vast majority of those who support abortion.

              Cheap slogans are usually manifestations of Mencken’s maxim:

              “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.”

            • Agreed, my example could have been better, but wanted to convey that the issue is very complex and that as you say the totality of the circumstances need to be considered.

              I do think it will be more difficult for children in our post Covid reality, and do think the injections should be a consideration for pregnant women.

              Yet I am not convinced we have been check mated yet. Just my opinion though through my own biased lens.

        • “Abortions are sad but can prevent great suffering of all parties involved.”

          “Prevent great suffering”? Describe this.

          If we could ask the murdered baby, how would he or she describe being killed, often by brutal methods?

          Very few women get pregnant against their will. The rest all exercised their freedom of choice, but then insist that their failure to account for or accept consequences justifies killing a human being.

          “Human rights pragmatically start with birth.”


          “The unborn human life should also be respected and considered according to its various stages of development.”

          Duplicitous sophistry.

          Why is it acceptable to murder an unborn baby if the baby is seriously defective, or “not viable”? If those are acceptable, why is it not acceptable to kill anyone else who we find “unwanted”? Grandma with Alzheimer’s? A profoundly retarded adult? Wouldn’t putting those folks down “prevent great suffering of all parties involved”? Your statement there is EXACTLY what the Germans claimed about the T-4 Program. “Lives not worth living.”

          Support for abortion enabled the very mass murder we are currently witnessing. Denial of reality at all costs, “the fetus is not a human being” is morally identical to “the ‘vaccines’ are safe & effective.”

        • Abortions not only murder millions of unborn children toward achieving goals toward massive blood sacrifices, they also help destroy the family unit.

          The state goes out of its way to enable completely irresponsible conduct and decision making for untold millions of uneducated, unbegun women.

          Instead of applying scrutiny in choosing a partner (if it is their wish to do so and history would agree this to be the case for a majority) they do whatever it feels like and then “fix” the “problem”.

          I won’t even go start describing the derragned sense of sense worth many of these women have. The whole societal control ploy is pure brilliance, what it is. Goddamn brilliant.

          Regarding a “solution” for this issue, making anything “illegal” is certainly not it. If you asked me, I would make it available (because these morons will find a way), but with a lot of jumping through loops and expensive as hell.

          • So you would increase the suffering of the downtrodden women that have been failed by this system?


            I don’t think that’s very helpful. I know a girl whose father is a clinically retarded criminal with a history of abuse. She dropped out of school, got pregnant and had an abortion.

            For each one of those there are a thousand or ten thousand completely irresponsible women who want to do whatever they want without consequence.

      • I agree with this in part. I believe torture is worse than murder because it causes greater suffering. What governments are doing to their citizens amounts to psychological torture and is an atrocity. Just my opinions though.

      • “It’s seriously deranged to pretend that one atrocity is better than another.”

        LOL – that is literally what the Holocaust™ mythology teaches! That the Holocaust™ was “unique” and “far more morally repugnant than any other mass murder.” “You can’t compare the horrors of the Holocaust™ with mundane things like what the Armenians faced.”

        Thank you for admitting that Jewish mythology is deranged. We’re making progress, finally! 🙂

  8. I like how Corbett often directs attention towards Solutions.
    We are not helpless.
    Big or small, there is always something we can do.

    Glad he mentioned his article “Absolute Zero: The Global Agenda Revealed”.
    You can hear that freight train coming.

  9. To the members of the global death cult, that is actually the worse news imaginable, after having invested so much into this hysteria they would not let go of it easily. I think that’s the most important aspect that really needs to sink to understand the amount of work that is before us.

    • Brilliant!! Thank-you Mkey! I had forgotten about the Academy of Ideas and how much I enjoy their videos!
      I hadn’t thought about the permanence of a media profile as exacerbating an existing reticence to change one’s mind about issues.
      I’m looking forward to watching the others on that topic of social media.

  10. I bought Ian’s book as soon as I was made aware of it and I highly recommend it. There is so much more in there than can be covered in the interview. I felt slightly sorry for Ian as he tried to summarise it in the short time available,
    I think the author has a very deep and thorough grasp of what is going on.

  11. Greetings Iain,
    I am not sure if you will get this message, but I have been reading your book since I heard about it on the Corbett Report, yesterday. I am on Chapter 9 right now and I must say, it is a great piece of work on this ccovid1984 madness we are experiencing. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your work. I am so sure another book will be needed but this one is a real winner!! As a writer myself, I applaud your effort to compile such a large amount of information and in a way that can be easily followed. You also have several sources which makes your book a real study piece for those of us who would want to research further. For me, it is the way this thing happened globally. How is it that so many policies were enacted world wide in “Lockstep’? I knew just from common sense, but few wanted to say, that the measures they were using were making people sicker, thereby giving them an excuse to keep the tyrannical measures going, not to mention the vaccine roll out. Common sense went out the window and people just went along with the madness. One thing you said in the book so far, is the influence doctors have over the masses. It’s so true. I said that to a friend just the other day, the first person we see when we pop out of the womb is a doctor or someone in the medical profession. Birthing had become something that needed medical assistance, when for thousands of years it was natural. Big Pharma made an imprint on the masses that birthing needed medical assistance. Oh boy, I could go on and on about that, but it does seem that humans have replaced their allegiance to their God/religion, to their doctor…. and for so many reasons.  I could go on and on about that as well. I am a mental health professional so the way of the mind is rather intriguing to me. Anyways, I don’t want to make this too long, and I am not sure you will get it, but I just wanted to thank you, personally and wish you and your family well!!

  12. I just purchased the book and can’t wait to read it.

    As an aside, I understand Ian’s skepticism about the 85% adult stats in light of 11% children stats. Though, my own personal experience makes me think those stats might be accurate.

    For instance, two of my friends–one in California and one in Massachusetts; one a natural health teacher and one a C-level executive at a mid-sized pharmaceutical company–are awake and know that everything being portrayed in the MSM is not true.

    BUT both of them, and their husbands, got the jab (I was stunned), FOR THEIR CHILDREN. In the US, at least, they are making children’s lives hell if their parents don’t prove they’ve both been “vaccinated.” We’re talking separated from their classmates, spontaneously called down to the office for COVID testing in front of their peers, and all sorts of horrible consequences for their children to bear. So four informed, smart, educated, awake parents chose to “go along to get along” and be “vaccinated” to prevent psychological damage to their children.

    In contrast, one of those same sets of parents, now that their state is pondering mandates for school-aged children has told me, “we’ll die before we inject our daughter with that; we will move out of state;” and the other set of parents are now part of huge protests at their children’s schools to prevent their children from being forced to have the shots…

    Having their children given the shot is definitely where a lot of people who have been manipulated into getting it themselves draw the line. They’ll risk getting the shot “for their children,” but then adamantly refuse to have it injected into those same kids.

    I’ve been told that schools across the US have put those protocols in place to qualify for the maximum federal funding being offered. Sigh. Using our school children’s welfare to manipulate people to do what they otherwise would never do.

    As always, thank you to James and Ian for this wonderful information.

    • Unmani,
      Thanks for relaying that anecdote about your friends and the Vax.
      This aspect of “wrestling with tyranny” would have escaped me if you had not told the story.

  13. The final two minutes of this interview really spoke to me. Iain is absolutely right. I swear, I could have Michael Yeadon walk into the room as I am talking to people who have their minds made up and it wouldn’t convince them.

    I am in the unique position of occasionally being able to relate, on a more or less equal level to people who FactChecker and others would consider my “betters”. Because they use me to keep their fancy toys working.
    In the last two weeks I met and worked for two medical professionals, one of whom shares my name ironically. He works at what he claims is the seventh largest hospital in the States and his job involves using the PCR test.
    The customer I am currently working with is a pharmacist who works in operating rooms apparently. Both of these guys are/were very friendly and willing to talk. But very sure, or claimed to be sure of the validity of the official narrative.
    Steve, who though kinda proud of being injected thrice, in humility never volunteered his credentials or even hinted that he was a doctor until I pried it out of him.
    He told me Friday that he would email me proof that the virus has been isolated. I’m still waiting. But its only Tuesday to be fair.

    My problem is that I don’t have a photographic nor encyclopedic memory. When I am presented with these opportunities, I do my best but unless someone is willing to read, listen to or watch something that I have learned from, I am left with using mostly just words. I’ve heard lots of information and have been able to draw conclusions that I am confident about. But being able to relate that information to other people in a short time and coherent manner while ostensibly maintaining a professional businesslike manner is pretty difficult and almost always fruitless.
    And without links, sources, footnotes, references, words are usually not enough to convince someone who is vested in the scam.

    And then James gets to the heart of the matter. “What do people want from life?” And is what they want what they really want or what they have been programmed to believe that they should want?
    Only speaking for myself but I am discovering that the wanting was usually more fun than the getting. The anticipation was more intense than the realization. The fear was more debilitating than the challenges.

    • I tried sharing some content from Yeadon but apparently Michael Yeadon got “discredited” within the few mainstream media platforms that even mentions his name for being wrong about a second wave at the end of 2020. We cannot seem to challenge all the manipulation being done to boost numbers up, especially in the winter of 2020-2021.

      Fact checkers can frame the opposing facts and evidence however they want to make it easier to discredit. They have framed information from the independent media as the lies that get halfway around the world before the truth gets its boots on. But the slow “truth” of mainstream media is able to beat all independent media to the public first, while also having enough time to drown the public in misrepresentation of the opposition so the public won’t listen to them.

    • Steve Smith,
      I think that you are very skilled at talking to people.
      At the moment of time in a conversation, one has to determine the best approach.
      It ain’t easy to be quick on your feet.

      Here is one Steve Smith anecdote which impressed me, because it worked for what it was.

    • I don’t think the particulars matter as much as the basic fundamental right to be free from bodily violations and the pursuit of happiness. The minutia are not as important.

      The fact is that healthy people and children don’t need a Covid “vaccine “ and people should never be coerced into medical treatment especially for something that is treatable.

      People with Covid can try Ivermectin and HCQ in lieu of going to the ER. Of course if that doesn’t work they can seek medical treatment. But people can and should be trying those things and improving their health.

      My point is that I don’t think you need all the facts at hand but rather the term obvious common sense issue of people having a natural right of bodily autonomy and the pursuit of happiness.

      • I suggest people talk to people who they think they might not have any thing in common with and start with a very general discussion.

        Ask them what they think. If they seem like a person you like, tell them enough to get them to learn more. I think listening to what people think about all this nightmare, hellhole of the past 2 years, will enable us to modify what we do to stop it.

      • I suggest people talk to people who they think they might not have any thing in common with and start with a very general discussion.

        Ask them what they think. If they seem like a person you like, tell them enough to get them to learn more. I think listening to what people think about all this nightmare, hellhole of the past 2 years, will enable us to modify what we do to stop it.

        • These are two conflicting comments. What I mean to convey Steve Smith is that I think you are doing a great job just talking to people! I think that is essential, just keep talking to people. And finding out what they actually believe about all this will enable us to pique their interest. It’s been a very long day for me, the emergency room volume is picking up again. People seem less afraid and are coming back for the normal issues again, so I am tired after a long and busy shift.

          People are asking why they are having side effects from the injections. I missed talking to a patient about the issues she was having unfortunately. I am going to start asking people about side effects and what they think off all this.

  14. O.T.

    As expected, the dockworkers protesting peacefully in front of Trieste harbour have been cowardly attacked yesterday morning by the police with water canons and tear gas and they have been forced to leave. They moved to the main square of the city and are determined to go back to the harbour. People are supporting and joining them from all over the country.

    Just look at the desperation of the worker crying at the min 37:00. What a sad day. You can see the police attacking at the min 60:00, min 120:00 and so on. Clashes have been going on in the evening too.
    Let’s see what will happen today.

  15. Supporting local producers, either directly or via farmer’s markets (or equivalent) is a small action that, hopefully, will help develop your local food production. You get: 1) lower prices; 2) often much higher quality produce; 3) networking and being able to see the humanity of your food producer right in front of you.

    And most importantly, in the event of a collapse of supply chains, for whatever reason, a local food production infrastructure that just might stave off starvation, locally.

    • I only go by what I’ve seen locally, recently, at our farmers’ markets. Prices and quality are better for me than in the corporate stores. The people I meet are, credibly, the producers, as well; they can actually tell me details that a mere distributor could not.

      Of course, “your mileage may vary” is a truism. I imagine the farmer’s markets in cities are a much different experience. Come to think of it, the latter are probably like the Denio’s Farmer’s Market in Roseville, suburb of Sacramento, which was, for decades already, dominated by merchants, not farmers. I can’t imagine it’s changed since I’ve been there.

      • LOL – thanks for the humorous illustration!

  16. Both James fell into using one of the main enemies’ tactics. The first James attack Christian pastors and churches. Christian Pastors and Christians are big part the resistance. Pastors in Alberta alone have gone to jail and churches closed. The second James attacked fat people. There are many reasons for people to be fat. Their food is designed to make you fat. If all you can afford is calories which are cheap your going to be fat. Someone near and dear to me fought our enemies during her teenage years. She won the battle that but her body continues to pay the price of that battle. One expression of that is she is unable to control her weight. It is not because she does not make every effort to be and eat healthy.

    • The tactic I was speaking about was divide and conquer.

    • Most “Christian” pastors and churches COMPLIED/COMPLY without resistance with the “public health orders.” Even my own pastor, after a threat of being fined $25,000 per baptism. I forgive him, but am sorely disappointed (I wasn’t in the situation, and he was not gleeful about compliance). Unfortunately, so many – most – “churches” are 501(c)(3) (or foreign equivalent) Babylon-licensed “churches,” and, as the Master warned, you cannot serve two masters. A community of Christians – a “church” – should not have such divided loyalties, even if it means you pay to the Federal regime some of the “Federal” Reserve Notes you gain.

      For every hero like Artur Pawlowski, there are a dozen preaching either non-resistance, or worse, active collaboration, including taking the Liquid Idol! Romans 13! Romans 13! (of course, Romans 13 does NOT preach obedience to an anti-Christ regime)

      As for being fat, I count among them. I do not find the scientific fact of my rotundancy “offensive,” like the weak-willed common minds of this society (while I believe all non-hostile individuals should be treated with kindness and dignity, I am OPPOSED to so-called “fat acceptance”). Yes, there are factors that made and keep me fat, but if I REALLY, REALLY wanted to fight back against obesity, I could. I was told (as were we all) that being fat was a strong risk factor for SARS 2. Yet, here I am, 20 months in, and still no infection – I eschew masks when possible, and am not afraid of doing what humans are designed to do: converse face-to-face. Either my immune system is very strong (and, admittedly, helped by credible immune-boosting natural substances), or COVID-19 just isn’t as deadly as implied – or both.

  17. WATCH OUT!! Dangers you hadn’t considered before!

    OuestFrance provides vital clarifications:

    Covid-19. Can you be infected by two variants at the same time? We answer you
    Marie SASIN. 1 hour ago

    …Yes, it is possible to be infected with two Covid-19 variants at the same time. It happened in Belgium this year. A 90-year-old woman who died of Covid-19 in March had contracted two variants of the coronavirus simultaneously, which would be the first documented case of its kind, according to a scientific study cited on July 11 by a scientific conference and Belgian media.

    The nonagenarian contracted the Alpha and Beta variants – first identified in Britain and South Africa – and her doctors said she could have been infected by two different people.

    AND, guess what!

    The woman, who was treated in a hospital in Aalst near Brussels, had not been vaccinated, Belgian public broadcaster VRT said.

    Guess we’ll be needing double, or better yet TRIPLE, the number of doses hitherto prescribed!!

    Thank heavens for this very serious reporting!

    • Gosh, wish you wouldn’t post stuff like that; it makes me feel like Bruce Willis’ character in the 6th Sense.

    • What’s worrying is that not everyone finds this article amusing.

  18. Brilliant conversation. Thank you very much for the info. I have changed a few of my ways during the scamdemic and it feels nice to be honest with you. Not anything massive, little things like going to independent farmers instead of the supermarket and getting my money out of the bank every month (leaving only the amount necessary for my bills). this way i always use cash and i choose local stores for anything i need.

  19. God and religion as the first panopticon…

    The natural order of the universe does not need us to be scared.

    How similar are “sacred” and “scared”…?

    Knowing how difficult it is to reproduce behavior you’ve never known, I’m still wondering if the universe can create something that did not inherently exist at the outset: i.e. meaning and a sense of “good” and “bad” with all of the subjective relativity that those notions carry.

    I agree that the universe does not need us to be scared of some outer entity. As we have an inner affinity for those around us and can ultimately learn from necessity and an innate affinity the meta-concepts of the Golden Rule…

    maybe not?

    ps: Good morning and Happy Full Moon (which just set here)!

  20. Hi Mr. Davis, if you are reading this!

    I subscribed and immediately uploaded into Z library.

    Also wanted to share the above link with Mr. Corbett as a good resource link for books that can be downloaded (up to 10 per day) for free. I have found and downloaded a treasure trove – including “Behind the Green Mask” by the late Rosa Koire and various homesteading and guilty pleasure books.

    Please pass the link along. Happy Reading.

  21. What authoritarianism gone? Stop obeying. Incourage others to self-govern by resisting edicts on principle. Do not be apologetic or explain or appear to need a justification. We are all equal, with equal authority. We don’t need rulers, can’t live as human if we comply to coercion.

  22. One of the easiest way to defeat them is to ditch your cell phone, to grow your own food and to shut off the main stream media. You need to start creating your own community. And yes believe in your own power and yes there is more of us than them. We are the majority! Stop buying from Amazon and Walmart. Yes there is hope! Looks like Fauci will be charged with cruelty to animals. It may be the first domino.
    I live in a rural area where there is a lot of organic farmer and sadly a lot of them have been doubled vaccinated. Even though they would not themselves eat any genetically modified food they have now become genetically modified. This is how good the brainwash worked.

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