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Welcome to #SolutionsWatch, a new regular podcast series from The Corbett Report that seeks to examine the movements, technologies, activities and philosophies that purport to provide solutions to the problems that we face and to highlight the work of activists who are making a difference. Let’s work together to make the world a better place.

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  1. Way to go James. Really looking forward to the new series and acting upon any and all great solutions that we can utilise to bring in peace and prosperity for mankind.

  2. I like this idea of solutions.
    Let me describe mine and see whether it resonates.

    My family started this solution in 2020 after our travels by car and tent around Europe got restricted so much, that it is no fun anymore.
    We started to build a small house with a big garden in the middle of nowhere near to the city we are living in.
    Target is to have a traditional farmers-garden, like you can find in open-air museums around here in Northern Germany.

    We are hitting the following aspects:
    * Having fresh vegetables and fruits
    * Doing something basic and non-digital outdoor
    * A peaceful place for the family and friends to convene
    * Getting out of the city from time to time

    … and yes, it will take years to develop, therefore it is a Multi-Generations-Project

    • Sounds great. Sadly I’m in a flat now and no longer have a garden but it is a source of great pleasure. I’m sure you will have many happy hours developing and enjoying your garden and the taste of freshly picked fruit and vegetables is just wonderful plus the feeling of harmony working with nature.

      • I live in an apartment in the city, so I make it a point to get all my produce from my local farmers market. I bought a deep freeze, so all year round I eat only organic vegetables from the vendors at the market. Although I’m not growing the food, to prep and cook all these veggies takes about 20 hours a week, and definitely keeps me in touch with nature. I have never been healthier! This year I have started growing sprouts/microgreens in my apartment(super easy)!

    • May your potatos and tomatoes prosper. Just don’t go overboard with chilly peppers.

    • Everyone should get into gardening, apart from obvious reasons such as securing your own food supply and getting exercise etc, it is highly educational.

      For starters, it’s not easy to do on a large scale, it requires problem solving skills. If you learn how to deal with bugs and things in your own garden, understanding the criminal elite is not much different. They are all cold blooded parasites.

  3. Sam Walton stressed to his employees that when they were checking out their competitors, they should be focused on what the competition is doing that customers visit their stores instead of Walmart, not what the competition was doing poorly at.

  4. An Irish scientist named Dolores Cahill, who I’ve met and who is a very good woman, has joined with others to set up a World Freedom Alliance She has also joined with others to set up a new airline This is intended to allow people to travel without any restrictions and without the dreaded and misnamed freedom pass. Please check them out.

    James is right we need to look at solutions not just problems.

    • The World Freedom Alliance is planning a 2 day event this February, 2021 somewhere in Florida. You can find info on their website.

      I refuse to fly since it requires a mask and possibly being covid tested, so I am actually thinking of driving from New England.

      I think that airline idea sounds great. I hope it goes through.

    • I’ve just been catching up with the interview with Prof Cahill which is available on the Richie Allen Show podcast for Wed 6th Jan in the second hour of the programme. She is so inspiring! And she probably has no idea that she’s an agorist.

      As well as discussing the new airline she is cofounding, “Freedom Air”, she also discussed (1 hour 18 mins) the establishment of an alternative autopsy service, to investigate the true reason behind deaths and whether they were caused by coronavirus or vaccine side-effects, and at 1 hour 33 mins she spoke about “The Great Resist”, an alternative to the World Economic Forum and the current banking and tax system. She did say that this would be on a free market basis and that it would be opposed to the globalist system.

    • Thank you so much! I was totally unaware of the existence of the World Freedom Alliance. That is so encouraging. You made my day.

  5. Thank you for sharing that site which I haven’t come across before. I was involved in the green movement for many years and it is now nothing like the movement I was part of. Like so many other causes and organisations it has now been infiltrated and compromised.

  6. These days where I live (Portland, Oregon … yes, that Portland) you can hear the constant cry of an ambulance or police car responding to some nearby event. It has gone on so long now, that I often wake at night and imagine hearing a distant siren through my earplugs. If I take them out, there is nothing there. The world is going to shit. I should hide in my house and hope it passes me by.

    Lately I have been thinking that this situation is like the story of those other sirens, those that would wreck Odysseus on the rocks. Distraction is death. The path to safety demands complete attention. Focus on where you want to go, the destination.

    Bravo James. We truly do have enough distractions.

    The ship needs to be steered past the rocks.

  7. It’s a tough thing for people to grasp that they live in a world where “authority” and the ultra wealthy indeed conspire to control and degrade them. One of the main reasons, I find, that people reject the notion is the overwhelming feeling of helplessness in the face of something so intimidatingly powerful. Having a digital, digestible encyclopedia of possible solutions can only serve to help newcomers swallow that pill. This is an excellent idea and obviously a great way for people to get a positive perspective on creating/crafting their own order in an ever increasing chaotic world.

  8. Also, dear Corbett community, I’m joining the fight to help try and push people away from YouTube and I have started a lbry/odysee channel. I will be offering free content for what I’m best at, which is teaching drums as I believe music is the language of the universe and that it can help keep spirits up. If any of you guys are on lbry/odysee, I would absolutely appreciate some help with building my page 🙂 thanks!

    • I’m on lbry, but I tend to just post as I go. One advice: use their application to upload videos, it has an inbuilt utility to convert videos to a more manageable file size. Too many people are uploading videos with way too high bitrate and that’s causing staggering buffering issues.

      For this I blame themtube because it taught people not to think.

  9. Create your own currency

    Jerry Day gets into the very important subject of currency. This topic ties in with self issued credit.

    Sadly, he’s still mainly posting his videos on themtube, but I have backed up this one. I wanted to reupload this one, but my connection is acting up so I’ll leave it for a rainy day.

  10. James, I’ve always been a fan of your solutions-based content. I’m very much looking forward to this series!

    My wife and I are currently working on revamping our use of social media. This past year she’s really started to understand how these platforms are controlled, especially with the unbelievable amount of censorship…

    // Website Social Media Links? //
    James, I’ve noticed that you don’t have a place on your website that lists which platforms you utilize/post your content to. Is there a reason for that? I know you’ve done videos in the past about the various platforms that are out there, but I felt it’s something that’s currently missing from your website. Obviously you want people to visit your website instead.

    // Obsidian – A Knowledge Base App //
    I also want to share a program called Obsidian that I’ve come across which I’m very excited about:
    I know back around 2013 when I was looking into the works of Richard Grove, Jan Irving, and others they utilized, and probably still do, a knowledge base app… brain something? This program is just that. It’s utilizes markup files and all your data resides on your PC. It’s pretty simple yet very powerful.

    • ” // Website Social Media Links? //
      James, I’ve noticed that you don’t have a place on your website that lists which platforms you utilize/post your content to. Is there a reason for that? I know you’ve done videos in the past about the various platforms that are out there, but I felt it’s something that’s currently missing from your website. Obviously you want people to visit your website instead.

      Immediately below almost every video/article that James posts are links to alternative platforms such as:

      “Watch on Archive / BitChute / LBRY / Minds / YouTube or Download the mp4 “

  11. With the Tulips doing well, I hope the banksters be pushing up daisies this year.

  12. This is a superb idea for an on going series!

    Foremost is educating yourself on the forces and agenda arrayed against us and their methodology in acting. To wit Catherine Fitt’s recent interview on the how and where we are all,’no one left behind’, being taken. Now YT banned:

    Another valuable researcher on what and how the WEF’s ‘You will own nothing and be happy’ economic paradigm of getting blood from a stone will look like is person extraordinaire Allison McDowell. Here’s taste of her knowledgeabilities:
    I had to watch this one twice to grasp the full extent of what Allison was laying out here because this exploitation is so hidden behind what sounds like well meaning rhetoric as the billionaires will still have to circulate/invest their wealth in order to gain a profit return and McDowell knows how this will be done!

    Now armed to the brim with this knowledge we must turn to Mark Windows (Windows on the I believe) and his activism as an organizer for push back at the local municipal level where NWO change agents are most active. He speaks to and advises groups that wish to take back the narrative. Mark has clear cut ideas on how to turn the tables on the sustainable-development-Delphi technique-pandemic using change agents surrounding and implementing globalism at the local level. He seems to have a great understanding of Saul Alinsky’s (the guy that would make the local pyramid cap shit their pants when he came into town) methodologies for community organizing but has adapted these techniques to fit the current situation to avoid infiltration by disruption agents and other forms of targeted malfeasance. He writes and produces audio and video broadcasts on this subject as well as others of interest. Here’s a sample of his broadcast work which is backed extensively with written material at his web site.

    All three, especially McDowell and even more Mark Windows would give the Corbett Report audience some fire in their belly.

    It often boils down to protests being ineffectual and eventually energy wastes while actions at city council or its outreach rpove most effective in stopping NWO agenda dead in its tracks.

    When done we’re off to the races…..

  13. A very timely idea. I have parents in their 80’s. They’re totally propaganded lost cause there. But propaganda wow a problem. Solutions yes a collective of solutions. Collaboration as there is no single solution. The problem/S are not singular either.

  14. DW Documentary did a great investigation into Covid leading to a cashless society recently ( and at about 22.45 mins in they interviewed one of the founders of which is a phone-pay system that does not keep users’ data.

    It’s probably not the perfect solution – one of their “partners” is Amazon – but it shows that even if you do go “cashless” there could be ways to opt out from the central banking machine.

  15. Another solution – ditch the smartphone, as James has been advising for years. I finally got round to it this year. Actually I haven’t exactly ditched them – I’ve just removed the SIM card from two of my old “smart” phones, an Android and an iphone4 (you can replace most of the iphone4 parts, including the battery) and I use them for apps.

    For making phonecalls, I use my Mum’s old flip phone, a Samsung GT E1190 from 2011! It works pretty well on the 2G network, apart from annoyingly turning itself off now and then, and texting is a pain.

    I’d love to know if there are any more up-to-date 2G non-“smart” phones. In fact, I know that there are, and I think there are modern versions of the Samsung GT E1190. But do they have secret tracking devices? Are they really as good as the older versions? Can the batteries be replaced?

    An investigation into this would be welcomed.

    • Interesting! The non-removable battery would rule out the Nexus 5 for me. But I’ll keep an eye on the Librem 5. A few years ago I got quite excited about the Ubuntu phone, but by the time I’d saved up enough money to buy it, it had been discontinued.

      There’s also the Fairphone, which uses Android – I wonder if Ubuntu Touch would work on that…

      • Maybe you’ll want to look into Pine phone (a linux smartphone) and there was another option, a Germany made modular smartphone/blackbarry, but I can’t recollect what is that product called. It was a pricier option, but apparently without leveraging slave labor.

        Also, you should look into LineageOS, the google free android that can provide many older phones an upgrade path after they have been looong left behind by the manufacturer.

        • Maybe one of the KaiOS phones? Those feature simple applications, do have (usable?) internet capabilities and should go for about $50 USD on Ebay, depending on your location.

          For all intents and purposes, that should be a slightly upgraded dumb phone.

      • Yes, Pyra is the phone I was trying to recollect while replaying above to minnie. I think some of these models are cashing in on the “novelty” aspect. But also stands to reason that lower sales figures will entail a higher price.

  16. fantastic, can’t wait for this series to unfold and inspire – let’s all participate wherever and however we can!

  17. A difficult but general solution…

    It may sound lame, general, wishy-washy but as a 50 year old it has served me very well and I harvest the fruits of it every day:

    Be a decent human being.

    Live by the principle of non-aggression. Be fair, honest and kind to yourself and others around you – starting with your family, no matter how propaganised they are.

    In trade/business: do not steal, defraud, cheat or try to ‘win’. Always be even-handed and remember you are dealing with someone who is, at the very least, your cousin.

    If you think this is too general, too wishy-washy etc then you have shown me that you’ve never really tried. It is the hardest path because it means every interaction requires a degree of mindfulness.

    Every action promotes an equal and opposite reaction. Please make sure your actions are ones that, once they return to you, will be a blessing.

    • “…lame, general, wishy-washy….”

      No, quite the opposite, I believe this is the most powerful and universal solution possible.
      It boils down to values one have and live and act upon. Imagine if we would have such a values as society…many would probably say ultimate naivety….children of sick zeitgeist.

  18. These people found a solution. What is not in the article is that a crowd of Christians and Nationalists stood in front of the Little Brown Hen and wouldn’t let the health authorities close them down.
    In Florence, two restaurants — Little Brown Hen and Firehouse Restaurant — have re-opened for indoor dining despite the ban instituted by the governor for restaurants located within “extreme risk” counties.

    In an interview last week with Rick Dancer, host of “Get Real,” Little Brown Hen owner Stacey Brown Wilson said the decision was difficult but necessary.

    “It was either open and try to salvage my business and my employees’ livelihood or close the doors permanently,” said Wilson. “We are simply trying to survive. For those who presume I don’t care about my community, they couldn’t be more mistaken.”

    Wilson added that while the decision was “difficult” and that her actions are not intended to make a statement about the state or governor’s authority, she added that she is exercising a constitutional right to run a business.

    However, in her statement last Thursday, Brown responded to the decision to defy the state’s COVID-19 mandates.

    “If businesses reopen too early and, instead, create new spikes in COVID-19 cases, the actions of a few business owners could set entire communities back and keep them in the ‘extreme risk’ category for even longer,” said Brown, reminding businesses that OSHA and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) will enforce the orders through citations, fines and red-warning notices.

  19. Sometime this year I hope we can find a solution to organizing/navigating these comments. 🙂

    Not everyone has time to read through 60-70+ comments at a sitting and can remember where they left off reading when they return.

    Not everyone knows that part of the section they read, has had 20+ new great comments added to it!

    Not everyone keeps track of each discussion they have taken part in and remembers where to find them later (especially when they have scrolled off the top seven in the list).


    • I’m working on some browser side improvements to address at least some of these issue. For the time being I have implemented a rich text comment box and have corrected the character counter.

      I have also plans for managing the post order (I’d like to implement something similar to what UNZ review has) and maybe even a chat box.

      Here’s a preview

      • Great to hear mkey!
        I look forward to seeing how it can work here. 🙂
        For some reason the link you provided isn’t loading for me.

      • OK mkey I got the link to work now.
        It looks good for editing posts here in different formats.

        I checked out the UNZ review site and they have a really cool
        comment section setup!
        I hope we can achieve something similar to that here. 🙂

        • Well, with the cat being out of the bag, I better not procrastinate 😉

        • Here it is, Fawlty (and everyone else interested), I believe the script installation guide should be sufficiently detailed and self explanatory. I estimate it at a 5 minute read.

          BTW this is an early release, just to get the ball moving. Valve says: release early, release often. And then they leave the fans waiting for Half Life 3 for 15 years.

          Feedback and suggestions welcome.

          • Cool stuff mkey!
            I see you have been quite busy on this. 🙂

            Thanks very much for this great work.
            It’s certainly a step in the right direction as far
            as improving the comments section organization is concerned.

            I think the Def and Own sort buttons will be the most helpful right now on the sorting front.
            And the text formatting tools will come in really handy.
            The character counting is a nice bonus for the more verbose here. 🙂

            I’m going to go back and play with some of the formatting tools for fun now!

            And I learned one more thing about the sorting feature now after I pressed ‘Reply’.

            I see that when you select a sort order, it only applies to the posts BEFORE you hit the Reply button. After that the sorting goes back to your setting in your profile.

            I also see that your formatting buttons disappear if you go back to re-edit your post in the 5 minute allowance.

            • Thanks for the compliments and I hope you’ll find it as useful as I do. Did you find the installation guide clear enough?

              There are also plans for an “autosave feature” that would prevent losing any text entered by the user. Or that was snipped by you know who. Of course, everything would be saved in browser’s local storage. I still have to figure out a good strategy for saving the text, it gets more intricate more one thinks about it.

              I was also thinking about adding the option to somehow mark “comments since last visit”. Maybe even some rudimentary @mentions implementation where you could get a small, unobtrusive panel showing you recent updates.

              I would also like to implement a background post feature where you could post a comment without the page reloading, that would bring the site template up to date and in line with 2015 🙂

  20. James, I have a feeling I’ve been called out and I will reply.

    Regarding solutions being limited by definition you are probably right, still we don’t know for sure, there might be universal solutions for some particular problems, anarchism is good candidate.
    Most important we should not feel limited in pursuit, there is no way of knowing where limits actually are. If we won’t look for grand solutions we won’t find it, that’s obvious. On the other hand I agree action is very much needed.

    Beside childish not understanding reality, trolls, negativity and cynicism there is also critical thinking that might find serious flaws in some solutions and I believe it should be welcome.

    For example: project Open Source Ecology would be way better if it would use stuff from scrapyard. That wouldn’t be so easy, more skill, knowledge and improvisation is needed, but would result with self-reliance on a higher level.

    • mik says:
      James, I have a feeling I’ve been called out and I will reply.

      I don’t see that, but whatever. Personally, I like reading your comments. You often throw in some important aspects to think about or very relevant links.

      • Thank you.

        You might be right and my feeling is just totally subjective, that is of course also based on other experiences here and…..

        What bothers me most with solutions approach here is of philosophical nature.

        On one way is fine, a concrete, action approach. This resonates with many people, I guess with Americans in particular. Lets move away from passivity, lets feel our power….
        This is partial, fragmentary approach and all this pieces added together in a long term is supposed to solve us from todays predicament.
        Here I see analogy with scientific approach. Big problems are cut down to small chunks then they are solved, decoded and finally put together in some kind of additive way and the big problem is solved. While this approach brought substantial amount of knowledge, it’s failing miserably when it comes to biological systems, medicine…Even philosophy today is more concerned with smaller problems that could be “well defined”, like somehow the Truth will be one day revealed as a kind of summation of partial truths. I don’t think that is possible. Btw., as far as I know philosophy today don’t believe in Truth, they stopped the quest.
        Of course, I mean Truth metaphorically, I mean, something that is universal, something that cannot be subjectivized and something that could have impact on individual/society. I mean individual/society holistically, like ying/yang concept.
        One thing is certain, if we stop looking for it, if we stop the quest, we won’t find it.

        ufff, enough….
        You said relevant links

        Is something worse than Matrix possible?
        I’m not sure, but what Baudrillard is depicting definitely looks more perverse to me.
        Get ready, more philosophy 🙂

        What did Baudrillard think about The Matrix?

        • As for me, in brief summation, any solution type action which works well for me personally at a present time, I’m game.
          I’m looking for things which better conditions within my sphere of influence.

          Having the ideas of other optional solutions is nice to have in my arsenal of ideas.

          I have a bucket of self-employment “business ideas”. It is a bucket of notes on paper of different business ideas which dates back more than two decades. Every time I had an idea, I jotted it down and threw it in the bucket. Occasionally, I go through them.

          In short, I’m just gonna use what works for me.
          And really, that is what anyone should do.

          • I don’t completely agree with your last paragraph, that to some extent comes from the notion “….better conditions within my sphere of influence.”

            You just cannot know what is the extent of your sphere of influence, it might be bigger than you think, but ok, that’s really not so important for everyday real life.

            From what you’ve written I would conclude that we differ in our orientation: you are inclined towards local/individual, I’m inclined toward global/society. Why is so? Since we both reached some age, I would say because that is who we are. Since I’m aware of myself I was inclined towards big, global, complex, totality… I’m sure that both approaches are needed. I doubt that you believe that global/society is inconsequential to your sphere of influence. Of course, I’m doing my best locally.

            I will consider a thing I find relevant for our discussion and very present today: division in society. Why?
            No doubt, division is fomented by those mf degenerates of humanity. But why are they so successful?
            I would say there is no “glue” that binds society. All civilizations had glue for society: religion, Confucian norms, nationalism, class….Btw, do you know that in ancient China merchants and soldiers were lower on social pyramid than artisans, interesting. And in general they had more peace than cradle of western civilization (that’s just observation).
            I don’t think that glue can be provided with bottom-up action, I think a kind of Story is needed, a Story James recently written about.

            • Cool man! I’m tracking.

    • finn9

      You are in a panopticon on the internet…. the POINT is that you never know when you are being watched and “self censor” what you say thru fear.

      Remember that the allies let the Germans bomb the tar out of Coventry so as to not let it be known that they were reading most German ‘secret’ comm’s even if it took much money and effort… I suspect that the same is true of the internet today unless your using 1 time code pads.

  21. I think people will have to change their basic wants and desires. Psychological manipulation on a subconscious and unconscious level had paralyzed people, perhaps even myself.

    I find that I enjoy the convenience of the services that enslave us and that I like having material wealth.

    Someone posted a keen observation on another podcast comments section that they thought makeup for women would be valuable even if people were starving and I actually think that this may be true.

    On a basic level, human beings like to have comfort and the desire to be accepted and also to look good. What is needed is to go outside of the system and create our own. This new system must be fulfilling. Can we undo a lot of the subconscious and unconscious desires that we have that keeps the system in place?

    • cu.h.j
      “…What is needed is to go outside of the system and create our own. This new system must be fulfilling….”

      No system that people make is fulfilling…they always degenerate because they are build on human desires rather then Gods will. Without God to focus on humans try to fill the empty space with politics, science and finally pleasure and then despair.
      You cant create a value system and expect it to matter to others…or even to yourself. Even the rulers know that- its why the Elites are going to ‘TRY’ to replace the old religions with one of their own creation that they control

  22. People will need to cultivate new skills in the new systems that we need to build to escape slavery. We will need food, water, shelter, clothing, and medicine. We also need some technology for communication and dissemination of information. Also, working with metal is also important. These kinds of things are sometimes better learned with some type of apprenticeship.

    I’m wondering if I would actually be able to provide anything of value in this new system? I can start to learn about herbal remedies now, but my training is in western medicine (and I do think it has value). We need doctors and surgeons and medical equipment. There are doctors who are against vaccine mandates and support informed consent and bodily autonomy. The medical-industrial complex via the medical boards does target doctors who write vaccine exemptions or question the safety of vaccines. They would be good people to collaborate with.

    • cu.h.j says:
      I’m wondering if I would actually be able to provide anything of value in this new system? I can start to learn about herbal remedies now, but my training is in western medicine (and I do think it has value).

      There is a lot to be said on the value of certification and training in western medicine. In my North Texas area, one “nurse” has a small office and administers IV Therapies (Ozone, Nutrients, Vit C, Glutathione, etc.) There is a pretty good profit margin to it. Also, many of these type of medical operations also sell a line of supplements at the office, which can add to the profits.

      ANECDOTE – Covid cases I’ve run into
      cu.h.j, I make note of your valuable comment input, especially regarding your field of expertise. (e.g. Covid cases)

      I have been running into a fair number of folks who likely have had Covid (per their descriptive symptoms), or perhaps had some other respiratory illness (per their description).
      One recent “event” is one of my four younger brothers (brother #3) and his family who may have Covid. Following his text, I sent a very brief note & set of links to all my brothers which included a blurb about Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine, WWW , and Mercola’s Nebulizer protocol with very diluted hydrogen peroxide.

      Brother #3 and I end up talking on the phone. My son’s wife’s brother-in-law is a Dr. of Chiropractic & natural healing, but he got his nurse’s certification so he could better serve his patients with conventional medicine protocols. He does tele-medicine and can prescribe Ivermectin.
      So, I hooked my brother up with this Doctor, because he wanted some Ivermectin.

      My point here is that without the conventional western medicine certification and training, the Doctor would have been technically unable to provide the Ivermectin.

      I once had a M.D. Doctor who practiced natural health. She worked out of her home, and I enjoyed it. However, the neighbors complained and city codes gave her grief. She has since moved to Sante Fe, (Pilato’s stomping grounds), to retire.

  23. Thanks for the compliments and I hope you’ll find it as useful as I do. Did you find the installation guide clear enough?

    Yes the install guide was excellent, very clear!

    I’m seeing little quirks (as I use this) that are part and parcel with the change.
    For example with the old editing box (which is now dinosaur age) you could grab its bottom right corner to enlarge/lengthen the box.

    With your next editing box that bottom right corner ‘grabber’ is gone.
    You need to manually add extra lines (Enter key) to lengthen the box.

    I was also thinking about adding the option to somehow mark “comments since last visit”. Maybe even some rudimentary @mentions implementation where you could get a small, unobtrusive panel showing you recent updates.

    I like this new quote feature, really cool! It’s much more sophisticated than using italics or
    ” ” marks.

    A ‘comments since last visit’ would be a really nice touch to have. Something that I had hinted at before.

    Keep up the great work!

    Well as I make new posts I continue to learn more things about your editing box features.
    I saw that after I clicked Save/Post the quote feature kind of disappeared!

    The quote block was gone, and replaced simply by an indentation of the quoted section.

    So basically some of the neat things you see while editing disappear after you make the post.

    • Yes, I have noticed that resize thing, as well. The box height adapts automatically to the contents. I tried to force it to open up, but that didn’t work well. I’ll have to see if there’s maybe a setting for it.

      Another quirk, that is a limitation, if you use blockquote on several newline separated lines, in the preview window it’s going to put each line in a blockquote of its own. Since that looked awful when submitted as a comment, I’m stripping the extra blockquote tags in the background, but it’s left in the preview window.

      Also, for the time being, the edit window reverts to the old school text box.

  24. I think that he might be reposting this because some folks have lost sight of the whole “solutions” thing. Sometimes its good to regroup.

  25. All nice and well. I do not deny that the world we live in is one in which relativity reigns – no silver bullets and the like. Good old relativist philosophy. True.
    However, we should differ here between nature (the world) which is incorruptible per se and human culture, which can become corrupt by becoming hostile to nature (e.g. the trans-humanist culture).

    Thus nature or the animal world does never need fixing but human culture does – all the time. There exists a very basic (i.e. not complex) problem in our current culture. This means it can and must be solved by a very basic solution aka a silver bullet.

    The basic problem is that we live in a Culture of Fear.

    As the fearfulness of the people in this society is nothing but a conditioned reflex, this process can be reversed, it can be de-conditioned just as well.

    Such a solution against Fear Culture has been proposed e.g. in Aldous Huxley's "Island". Read the book. It is all in there.

  26. solutions also require action and plans of action. We are talking about how to move forward outside of the controls of current “governments” which are really just actors.
    In this we have to plan a new way of being. Mr Corbett has been providing options, information, but never lays a path. he will say it is not up to him to do that, but then will you draw the clear line? You don’t want to be a leader and yet you strive for excellence that reveals a level of leadership.

    Calling something Solutions Watch while not actually providing more than disparate options and leaving it to everyone to find a way from here to there is not a solution.

    I call it a half-measure. Maybe “My Ideas” would be a better name.

  27. Near the 1:30 minute mark, James Corbett says:
    …making an active effort to change and shape the world that we are living in.

    I want to commend Corbett and New World Next Week for highlighting some of the activist actions and grassroots pushback actions that have and are currently occurring.
    The Corporate Controlled Media will not make these actions visible.
    It is up to the Alternative Media.

    Visibility helps to reinforce these type of actions and helps to inspire others.

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