Is China Floating a China-Euro Currency Bloc?

by | Jun 4, 2015 | Videos | 9 comments

In today’s thought for the day James discusses an editorial from The Global Times about China’s upcoming inclusion in the IMF’s SDR basket. Is China sending up a trial balloon for the idea of deeper Chinese-European monetary integration, and if so what would this mean for the ongoing creation of the new monetary world order?

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  1. Interesting. Thanks James. Yes indeed China seems to be on the side of Euro. When Soros was speculating against Greece at the beginning of the debt crisis, he took speculative positions at 1 USD = 1 EUR, but he could never meet that goal because China was buying lots of EUR to support the exchange rate against USD. I heard that in a conference by Myret Zaki, vice-director of financial Swiss magazine Bilan, at the end of 2011.

  2. You make a good point, nosoapradio. The propaganda is effective because it does play on our hopes, and it does have a certain logic. If a monopolar, unitary superpower world is bad, then a multipolar, multilateral world must be good, right? Of course, that excludes the centralized and oligarchical nature of both systems, which is the real trick. They don’t ever want us imagining a world that is not presided over by centralized systems of control. We all catch ourselves dreaming of hope and change, it’s just a question of whether we can stop dreaming and start making it happen for each other rather than waiting for China and Russia to hand it to us from on high.

  3. The fact that China sees itself as part of Eurasia doesn’t mean that it’ll be allowed to enforce that position. The anglo-american thalassocracy has work for centuries to contain, divide and conquer mainland Eurasia, I’m not sure TPTsnB would let it happen, not because they favor the anglo-american block, but because Eurasia might be too hard to control at that scale (Eurozone is already the world’s biggest market without China). Poutine and Beijing want a biggest slice of the cake, how far will they be allowed?

        • Ooops, I noticed that I used the French name Pékin and corrected it before posting with the proper English name which is Beijing, but the French spelling Poutine went under my radar :-p

          Yes, “Poutine’s” defenders will have to face increasing cognitive dissonance disorders in thue future, or take aspirin :-p

          • I like how the French don’t differentiate between the President of Russia and a greasy, heart-clogging Quebecois snack of cheese curds and gravy on fries. Seems about right.

        • Haha, excellent, I forgot about that dish 🙂 Well, “greasy heart-clogging president” fits François Hollande much better :-p

          Knowing that Président is the most popular brand of Camember, and Holland’s tourism slogan being “Holland, the other country of cheese”, it can’t be a coincidence! I’d better close this Open Source investigation right now, who knows what cheesy conspiracy we might dig up :-p

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