It’s 2018. Time To Step Things Up.

by | Jan 8, 2018 | Videos | 14 comments

Iranian regime change. Korean nuclear war. Alt media censorship. There are a lot of reasons to be concerned about the year ahead as we ease our way into 2018. That’s why my New Year resolution is to redouble my efforts and put out even more material this year. I need you to help me spread the word about these podcasts, videos, interviews and articles, and to help you do that I’m going to be concentrating more effort on alternative social media platforms. Your help will be appreciated.

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  1. Watching this video inspired me to abandon UTube and create an account at BitChute.
    Happy New Year, JC!

  2. At first I didn’t like bitchute because it didn’t have the playback speed setting. “Didn’t have.”

    Anyway, if one completely ignored (for a good part of a decade now) social networking media, wouldn’t you expect them to double down on the alternative social media as well? But your point is well taken, of course.

    • BitChute sux ass because you can’t download and torrent as is claimed. It’s about as decentralized as any other site. (They’re not.) The internet is rigged. I’ve been working on and off for months on a 4 part article for Steemit callded “Net Neutrality is only half the problem” but I keep getting sidetracked. BitChute solves nothing but censorship – for now. YouTube remains and all the noisy kids get locked up and IGNORED in BitChute.

  3. I am just curious. The sound? My ears are old plus after 30 years the wife’s griping wilted the left one. So, I can’t hear too well anyways. Especially women griping.
    But I never noticed something with the sound.
    How do you mean? On the videos?

    • The audio quality is not great on some videos, especially when James records when out and about. I wouldn’t say it’s reprehensible nor that it’s bad enough do distract from the message, however. Snobby people may make snide remarks against whatever, withdrawing their attention from the content. A typical logical fallacy of association.

      As if James had a bit of spinach between his teeth would detract from the research or the message conveyed. Preposterous. We’re brainwashed into thinking that appearance wins over substance because it can be easily faked and manipulated. Expensive suits and high production value truer content do not make.

    • Well, I certainly appreciate other people opinions even when I find them idiotic.

      When something “sounds as home made” then it so because it is home made. I personally haven’t had problems of such nature with any of the videos on this site (an example of the issue in question would be welcome) but I do know some audiophiles who’d probably get a stroke over any given minute of a Corbett report production. At the same time they’d completely gloss over the content, of course.

      Seems to me, based on this example, that prejudices against alternative media are based on incredible expectations of professional recording studios where there are more pressing matters to attend to, like putting some food in the fridge. In other words, you can put pearls and lipstick on a pig, but it’s still going to be a pig. Oink-oink.

      Not to mention James managed to pull a crap load of articles and several exemplary long play documentaries. But I guess such people don’t read lol or is it maybe so that his writing prowess isn’t up to the task either?

      I apologize for a tad too high level of annoyance in my expression, but this type of people really gets to me.

    • “another bathroom production”.

      My friends say about me that I’m audiophile (they exaggerate). But, even my hi-fi gear for construction sites is pretty decent, living room has audio diffusers and the whole sealing is bass-absorber. Good sound means something to me, particularly for music.

      James’ videos recorded outside sometimes have issues with wind and he could buy something to put on microphone. Some videos last year were recorded with shity microphone. Interviews also have issues because interviewees sometimes have really bad equipment.

      But otherwise he is using condenser microphone. Voice is properly compressed.

      But if Beyonce sound production is necessary then listen Beyonce.

    • My first response to you was hasty.

      I didn’t assess the situation.

      I don’t know anything about the audio system that was used for reproduction.
      Did you use some surround-all-around system?
      I’m not familiar with these systems, but I know psycho-acoustics are also used in implementation.
      If that is the case then switch to stereo or mono. Also attenuation of high frequencies might help.

  4. My 2 cents:

    Throw in more videos like you have been making recently that are short and information packed, to target the dying attention spans of people.

    • I AGREE ! ! !

      I’ve been trying to get Corbett and or these members to collaborate on developing short content – like ads, parodies, etc.

      I’ve been a professional animator for over 30 years. Times have changed. Everyone can animate now. But most are not very good or skilled. ALSO, I’d rather create quality over quantity. I’d rather spend 3 or more months working on something that MILLIONS will view rather than crappy episodic junk. That’s why I used to make TV commercials and music videos rather than TV shows in the 1990s and 2000s.

  5. This year I would like to see a solar powered garden light invented that has it’s own Wifi and storage.

    Anyone with a phone or tablet within wireless range would be able to view podcasts of the Corbett report or similar material directly from the light without having to connect to the Internet.

    An App installed on the phone would not just let you listen to the podcast but it would also store a copy locally and automatically re-upload it to the next garden light that comes in range that does not already have a copy.

    That way information could be spread on foot without requiring the Internet.

  6. The BEST way to keep the Corbett archive available after they shut down your site (I pray not, even as an atheist) is to TORRENT.

    You can torrent the entire disc ISO.
    You can torrent the files.
    You can convert the x264 files into smaller better x265 compression.

    I’d be happy to do this for you but 1) I have no money to buy the set (I’d be happy to borrow and return them) 2) I have limited bandwidth to share/upload significantly. I have one friend who’s business might.

    Better still, if the Corbett server could share the torrent seeds until 1) they are well seeded and abundantly available, 2) continue to seed regardless, 3) seed until the server gets shut down. They would remain available “out there” until people stopped supporting, sharing and seeding – or “they” somehow figure out a way to stop torrent sharing and “they” haven’t “protected” Hollywood’s interests yet.

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