James Corbett’s Third reddit AMA

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Earlier today I appeared on the /r/conspiracy subreddit for an “Ask Me Anything” thread. You can find that thread here:


This is my third reddit AMA. You can find the first one here and the second one here.

I answered five of the questions via video response. You can watch those videos below:

Q: What’s Your Take On Vegas?

Q: What are your favourite documentaries?

Q: What is the oiligarchs’ endgame?

Q: Are You Concerned About Your Safety?

Q: What do you do for leisure?

As always I didn’t have time to get to everyone but I do appreciate everyone’s participation. If you would like to ask a question for the next edition of Questions For Corbett please leave a comment on the last edition of the series or contact me via the contact form.


  1. Thanks James, I especially loved the leisure one. I know what you mean when you were talking about turning off your tv. I don’t watch it myself. Of course, I grew up with an old tube tv that would blow a tube all the time and we’d have to wait for a while for our dad to go into town to buy a new one. So, I never really got into it. Even more so after we moved into town and got cable. I remember watching tv, flipping through all the channels (there were probably only about 15-20 back then) and realizing there was nothing to watch. Plus, I’ve done a lot of traveling and that has only reinforced that habit. Yet, whenever people ask me about something related to tv and I tell them I don’t watch it; they will often get mad at me. Why? It’s not like it affects them. Why do they need me to watch it? Does this validate their time wasted on it? I don’t understand how the notion that my watching the box full of illusions affects them at all. But that is just one of a multitude of things I don’t understand about people.

  2. I liked documentaries well enough and was never happy with the “official” 9-11 story – then I saw “The Corporation” in the spring/summer of 2004 and my LOVE of documentaries began. I was living in Manhattan and aside from one about Bill Clinton being ganged up on I also saw several others since forgotten. Soon after I saw Michael Ruppert finally make sense of 9-11. Soon after through friends I was fortunate enough to become friends with Mark Achbar, co-director of The Corporation. The mainstream documentaries were fantastic outrage-bait but they never penetrated the layers I now understand to root contextual causes of why things are what they are. Not until YouTube, and Corbett of course, did I finally get really woke to countless rabbit holes, misinformation, and the full spectrum dominance the mainstream corporate media won’t even hint at.

    I don’t watch many MSM documentaries anymore, no matter how pretty, as I find them to be either ignorant, willfully ignorant, or misinformation. Sadly, “The Rabbit Hole” about men’s rights is the only one I can recommend, and I wish they would listen to the Tim Kelly and Joseph Atwill conversations about how our culture has been engineered to weaken and isolate men and women and families intentionally.

    I’d love for The Corbett Report to help develop a collaborative “Trutherism 101, A Conspiracy For Dummies Introduction” that can be drenched in detail but is designed to be a humourous introduction for newbies/normies about the serious full spectrum dominance of elites. Weaving themes throughout the feature length documentary (or miniseries), short sections could be produced/edited/mashed by/from various YouTube celebrity Truthers to be stitched together. Ideally these short sections would use humour in all it’s variations, present lots of recommendations for further info/detail/explanations/vallidation, and have a variety of common elements to tie it all together (ie. graphics, truth meters, side bar statistics, sources, etc). I have an outline I’m trying to fill in with sources, visuals, design, and I’m trying to find a place to open source the content so others can produce content for it, but I know of none (I’ll likely use the InfoGalactic Wiki with Voat with YouTube/BitChute and torrents and…). Not only could it be done faster with many hands, the viewers would be exposed to these creatives/producers/sources and hopefully see some of their best work. This idea is free for anyone to develop with or without me.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed James Corbett’s Third reddit AMA.
    It was uplifting.
    I find that hearing Corbett’s perspectives help me in becoming more grounded.

  4. In context to Q: Are You Concerned About Your Safety?

    ANECDOTE – My phone tapped

    Back in 2009, I was organizing a large 9/11 event on 7/11 at a local North Texas affluent college campus. We had three theatres going simultaneously all day with films and speakers. The finale was Bob Bowman speaking. Six architects and engineers came in from parts of Texas and Oklahoma. An architect brought a scale model of the World Trade Center Buildings. An engineer delivered a wonderful talk about Building 7. We had radio ads (heard here at the beginning of this video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o513PAAj-b4
    Fox 4 TV came.

    In fact, we did so much promotion on the event that it pissed off the college, because they wanted to approve each promotional aspect…and I deliberately did not get their sign-off.

    2009 was at a time prior to Smart phones. A few weeks prior to the event, suddenly my phone battery would drain down within a very short time, even if I wasn’t using it. I fiddled and fiddled with the phone and kept recharging it. But dang! It just drained sitting idle. So it dawned on me that I was being monitored. So, for fun, in the car I would pick it up and make weird noises or tell jokes or fart sounds.
    Once the event was over, suddenly my phone’s battery life went back to normal.

    Now, to be honest on the phone tapping, I probably egged it on. Months prior to the event I had mailed out hundreds and hundreds of 9/11 DVDs with brochures to…
    …Judges (local, state, and Federal), the local FBI offices and personnel in the offices, to local Police Departments and personnel, to Fire Stations, to local Homeland Security offices, to Politicians (local, state, and Federal), to local groups and churches, to local celebrities, and to anyone of importance and their dog (but not to the CIA).

    • In the video above (showing the 7/11 Event) you will see Joe, the Founder of “North Texans for 9/11 Truth”. It was started in 2006. The group currently has about 240 members, but through the years there have probably been around a 1,000 people who kind of dropped off over time. https://www.meetup.com/9-11-249/
      Anyone anywhere can join for free.

      The membership is very diverse. All kinds of talented individuals.
      We have a lot of artists and musicians.
      Hank is the current group Organizer, a skilled artist and musician. He puts a lot into keeping the group going.
      Look at this giant butterfly he made.  
      Photo  https://secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/b/a/9/1/highres_465407761.jpeg
      Photo   https://secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/b/a/9/4/highres_465407764.jpeg
      Photo   https://secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/b/a/9/3/highres_465407763.jpeg
      Photo   https://secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/b/a/9/5/highres_465407765.jpeg

      This past summer, Hank had his home flooded. Dramatic footage. (3 minutes) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ic6Uh1rnNxQ&feature=youtu.be

      Sometimes funds for the group gets tight.

    • That’s hilarious! However, today you don’t need to be so high profile to experience a soft tap like that. I’ve had the same experience a few times and I am hardly as outspoken as you. I suspect that mine was tapped because of some belief that I might be of a criminal bent. But, these things never last long. Or at least not for me. In my case, they would have learned nothing anyway as I really don’t use my phone, nor do I take it with me whenever I go anywhere. People always say, “But what if something goes wrong?”. My response is always that I was 40 yrs old when I got my first cell phone and I had always been able to figure things out for those 40 years. Then they just look at me all confused and say, “But….muh roads!” 🙂

      • Jim Bob says: …I am hardly as outspoken as you.

        I don’t know about that Jim. I’d hate to piss you off in a bar. The place would clear out.

        • Actually, in my younger days I had started a few bar fights that turned into melees. In Norfolk, my first tour being in the Navy, we would go to the lower enlisted bar on base. It was always crowded and all the seats taken. But, if you stopped walking and just stood in one place, the bouncers would tell you that you couldn’t just stand there. So, we would get ticked and just push someone at random into another group. After that, we would just walk out as the riot just spread. Ahhhh, the adventures of a misguided youth! 🙂

    • Regarding the phone drain, it’s possible there was some jamming device (or simply a problem with one of the repeaters) which made your phone drop the connection to the network over and over again. That would drain the battery pretty intensely. Or maybe CIA did it intentionally because you hadn’t sent them any of your DVDs.

      • ha!…the latter sentence.

  5. Hello James. I’ve come across,and this may be old news to you, a fellow that has done a series of docs on the bank(s). John Titus, with the odd combination of being an electrical engineer and lawyer, has done some real digging. His site is called “Best Evidence”, a legal term meaning from original documents. His last doc is “All the Plenary’s Men’ and goes through the legal perambulations of why banks, bankers, all their documents and even their spoken words are immune from any national laws and answer only to themselves if they break BIS international banking standards. Fines for their crimes are at the banks discretion and the blanket immunity from law can only be described as that under British law as “the King can do no wrong.” This doc highlights another front of the many as the “One World Order” moves along its path.

  6. I haven’t watched this AMA yet but I noticed there’s a question regarding the Vegas shooting. Bill Still (of “The Money Masters” fame) has some interesting reporting on this:

    “Update – Vegas Security Guard Says “It’s a Big Fat Lie”, 1871”


    • I just watched the Vegas AMA piece. As far as it’s relevance (in terms of “why am I following this?” – an excellent question, btw), I’m of the belief that if even 1 false flag event can be proven to the public, it could (and should!) puncture a hole in the general public’s trust in MSM narratives. I guess trust in the MSM is not particularly high already and also we’ve already seen false flag talk in the JFK documents. However, I think that, while the public mistrusts the MSM, I get the feeling that they still tend to believe the general narratives. As for the JFK stuff confirming to the public that false flags exist, I think it’s easy for the public to dismiss that stuff as “something that happened a long time ago”.

      Having said the above, I fully agree with James that we need to examine what we focus our attention on. And it’s a very good point that the MSM is (probably more than ever) setting the narrative for the “alt-media”.

      • I really don’t see what kind of smoking gun proof would be required to break that seal.

        Sin City – Senator Roark’s Speech

        Power don’t come from a badge or a gun.
        Power comes from lying.
        Lying big and getting the whole damn world to play along with you.
        Once you got everybody agreeing with what they know in their hearts ain’t true, you’ve got them by the balls.
        There’s what, maybe 500 people in this hospital?
        I could pump you full of bullets right now and I wouldn’t even be arrested.
        Everyone would lie for me – everyone who counts.
        Otherwise, all their own lies – everything that runs Sin City – it all comes tumbling down like a pack of cards.

        • Good writer on that script.
          I’ve never seen the movie. I think I would like to.

          • You should watch it, it’s really excellent.

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