Interview 1771 – The Freedom Convoy Commission with the JCCF

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Today James is joined by Rob Kittredge and Hatim Kheir of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms to discuss their participation in the Public Order Emergency Commission in Canada (aka the Trucker Commission). We discuss the commission itself and how it was run, the evidence that was (and was not presented), why Mr. Kittredge is now known as a “tow truck aficionado,” what Trudeau and others testified to during the hearings, and what Kittredge and Kheir expect to come from this process.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invokes Emergencies Act

Trudeau announces mandatory vaccination for federal workforce, federally regulated transportation sectors

CSIS told government Freedom Convoy was no security threat

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  1. yeah, definitely looking forward to see what will be that “final” ruling. The commissioner seemed to be level headed guy, will he stick to his moral grounds or will he please the overlords? Also, what consequences of wrongly (unnecessary – to put it more polite;) invoked emergency could be? And to whom?

  2. I think you did a fine job with this interview James given its rather dry nature.

    Given Commissioner Paul Rouleau’s lineage, I wouldn’t be holding my breath
    about what his final decisions will be.

    I must admit, as both you and Rob Kittredge pointed out, Trudeau was wearing a completely different hat and reading from an entirely different script when he testified at the hearings.
    I noticed it immediately. His tone and the smoothness/craftiness of his positions/arguments were quite apparent.

    Perhaps his training as a drama teacher had something to do with it?

    On the last day of the fact-finding testimonies, summaries were provided by various representatives.

    I found the following to be worthwhile to watch, particularly the Convoy organizers.

    6:40 – 6:46 Saskatchewan
    6:46 – 6:51 Alberta
    7:24 – 7:33 Convoy organizers
    7:45 – 7:49 Indian chiefs
    8:04 – 8:10 Cdn. Civil Liberties Assoc.
    8:10 – 8:16 Democracy Fund

  3. I have all the confidence in the world that the government is going to fix itself.

    • That line broke me up. 🙂

    • hahah thanks for that 🙂 yes and I am confident that companies that use gene splicing tech to make patented transgenic organisms will regulate themselves ethically and perform comprehensive safety tests on their products before putting them onto the market.

  4. JCCF is not acknowledging that Canada has a de facto government with no constitution or charter of rights (one wonders why the JCCF uses the fake charter in their court cases!), thanks to Queen Victoria’s 1893 Statute Law Revision Act, which removed the enacting clause and thereby repealed the British North America Act, 1867 and all acts of parliament/legislatures, as well as monarchy’s involvement in Canada (Setion 2) from the date of the 1893 Act onward. The 1893 Statue Law Revision Act introduction: “An Act for further promoting the Revision of the Statute Law by repealing Enactments which have ceased to be in force or have become unnecessary.” Link to the wording of the BNA Act repeal: I see all of this as good news….the criminals in “government” have no authority/legislation/regulations/rules etc. to subjugate us with. Of course, the Hudson Bay Charter is very likely in play since 1893, but make them admit this.

  5. Oh great, we find out that Canada’s regular laws are already draconian enough to deal with the situation without having to invoke the extra super-duper draconian laws!!

  6. Boy! James keeps busy.

    I appreciate getting the lowdown about this Commission hearing which covered those violent©℗®™℠(Patent #666) trucker protestors with their bouncy houses and the Emergency Act.
    I personally don’t have the time to spend flushing out everything. This interview was much needed.

    A future dialogue about Intellectual property (IP) would also be interesting.

  7. The “bottom line” is so obscured with careful language, that it embodies the predicament we now face. Our so-called leaders are flagrantly violating the terms of their office, failing to uphold the laws as set for in whatever constitutions and we still make room for being nice to a “special” person, like a prime minister.

    Let’s be frank: We have the illegitimate son of Fidel Castro masquerading as the people’s choice in Canada. This should not be overlooked, it should be addressed.

    it is time to start embarrassing these liars. Stop letting the media decide who deserves more than fair treatment. Do what is right.

    • Thanks for that. Can you post links to follow the dots to Castro being his papa? It rang true in my gut the minute I read it. He is an extremely good looking little turd.

      I know these elite are a small group that place their spawn in positions of power all over the world. I just heard one of Mark Devlin’s interviews with William Ramsey who has written several books on Alistair Crowley. He traced the meme that Barbara Bush is Crowley’s daughter back to its source. It appears to be true. Most likely William Wallace Shepard, who has been playing the role of Paul McCartney for over 50 years, is Crowley’s son.

      Your comment intrigued me. It just gets curiouser and curiouser.

  8. I believe we are in the position now that any interview with media/government/intelligence “officials” must begin with their defense of their legitimacy. This must be the new and ongoing droning never-give-up fact: We have totally illegitimate “rulers”.

  9. Some details that others may not be aware of.

    Dozens of events occurred in Canada over the past three decades since the Emergencies Act was passed (1988) that were far more serious and threatening than what transpired during the Trucker Convoy.

    Trudeau dodged an easy way to solve the Trucker Convoy problem.
    Rather than sit down and engage in talks with the Convoy organizers, he repeatedly and intentionally skipped town to avoid any possibility of negotiations with them.

    Trudeau was not interested in conciliation.

    And finally, it wasn’t simply a coincidence that the last time the War Measures Act (the predecessor of the Emergencies Act) was invoked in 1970 Pierre Trudeau (Justin’s ‘father’) was the Prime Minister of Canada.

    Justin Trudeau was well aware of this fact and it certainly played a large role in his decision to invoke the emergency measures.

    He was trying in vain to fill his ‘father’s’ shoes.

    • Interesting perspective. Thank you for that, Fawlty Towers.

  10. I had the fortunate experience of having unlimited data (maybe a phone company oversight) during the convoy and was able to keep up with it pretty well. I also grew up with some Canadians in school (we were all in a different country) and had/have a Canadian penpal since fifth grade, so things Canadian interest me, plus my son drives truck, and also the issue of mandatory shots …. Well, the whole thing just had my attention for many reasons.

    So this update was very much appreciated. I will share the link with my Canadian penpal and I look forward to hearing more on what happens with this. Thanks.

  11. I am retired and was able to watch most of the hearings. Freeland was difficult to listen as she intentionally gives long complex answers in order to waste the time of the interviewers and to basically try not to answer the questions. It is very obvious that the US pushed Trudeau to deal with the problem. It is also obvious that they never ever intended to negotiate at all with the protesters. This was February, the mandates came down June 20th 2022. They knew they would have to take them down at some point. All they needed to do is to negotiate a date with the protesters as to when the mandate would have been lifted and they would have probably all gone home. But Trudeau was and is right now stocked with millions of un-used vaccine doses that are going to expire and he knew he had to push the vaccine at much as possible. Right now they are going to throw millions of vaccines in the garbage ( a good place for them) at the cost of millions of dollars. I think that is why he dug in his heels. Same the ArriveCan apps that cost 56 millions that they had to pull back on. Again millions of dollars wasted there. The other fact is that Trudeau was under oath and yet still lied (to himself and us) without blinking that he never called the unvaccinated names. It is perjury and he should be charged. The enquiry will have no credibility if they fail to charge those who lied under oath. It may be the only real power they have.

  12. Nice reporting, James. Well done. This interview was very informative.

  13. Thank you for this interview James. Firstly, the sending of the documents the night before the hearing, in the wee hours of the morning, is known as barristry – aka trickery, sheistering, sabotage, etc. Basically acting in dishonor and against Natural Law.

    Even these delightful young men are themselve members of the BAR, no matter how sympathetic they are to the Freedom Convoy.

    What is required is public hangings of Trudeau and his minions. That sounds harsh, even to me, a natural peaceloving tree and animal and people hugger. But this was and is a HIGH CRIME. The vaccine mandates are TREASON and GENOCIDE against the people. Public hangings are the only thing that will prevent this tyranny, from raising its ugly head ever again.

    Check out Christopher David, another Canadian following this story, who is using the Common Law to cut right through the barristry nonsense, described perfectly by Rob Kittredge at about Minute 47 of your interview:

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