Episode 389 – Debunking the JFK Silver Certificate Myth

by | Nov 27, 2020 | Podcasts | 47 comments

There are many people who will tell you that JFK was assassinated because he was trying to end the Federal Reserve and replace the Federal Reserve note with silver certificates. Not only is this not true, it’s the exact opposite of the truth. Join James for this presentation to the JFK Lancer conference as he separates fact from fiction in the JFK assassination investigation.

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JFK Lancer

G. Edward Griffin Debunks the JFK/Fed Myth

Crossfire by Jim Marrs

Executive Order 11110 — Amendment of Executive Order No. 10289 as Amended, Relating to the Performance of Certain Functions Affecting the Department of the Treasury

Executive Order 10289

Public Law 88-36

Certificates May Go: New Kennedy Silver Policy

Economic Report of the President, 1963

Kennedy Signs Silver Bill

William Jennings Bryan “Cross of Gold” Speech (1896 / 1921) [AUDIO RESTORED]

Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve




    • Roy
      Article looks like bunk to me.
      Fitz as a names pre-fix is as I understand it a mark of illegitimacy- FitzRoy would be the (Acknowledged) ‘Bastard son of” a guy with the family name ‘Roy’…its not uncommon for aristocratic wrong side of the sheets kid to be acknowledged and get the fathers name with Fitz prefixed.
      Lol, just saw your name is Roy, but chose that example from a guy I actually knew once.

      William the Conqueror was also known as William The Bastard and anyone who thinks he was jewish is historically illiterate. I kinda faded out of the article after that.

      As for JFK being “gay” I would not put being bi past him but its kinda sick that having close male buddies is now seen as a sign you want to bang them.

    • Andre
      Thanks for spotting that… the article also though Judicael must be a jewish name, when its a name shared by a non jewish saint.
      Articles like that one are why I like the Corbett report with its nice links and references

      • manbearpig
        Monroe for the Same reason Epstein was… knew too much and might talk- drugged and emotionally unstable women might be “fun” but they are not “reliable”
        I dont know the other lady but will look her up later

      • Marilyn Monroe: Mind-Controlled Sex Slave

        Marilyn Monroe was, perhaps, first mind-controlled sex slave to reach celebrity status. Techniques gleaned from Project MKUltra and intended for psychological warfare, found a place also in victimizing young women for sexual favors. It’s as if ugly old rich men were a ready market with the product to fill demand: mind-controlled sex slaves. Vigilant Citizen (VC) paints a more intimate portrait of Marilyn Monroe (part 1, part 2), giving reader greater insight into her life – a tragedy from start to finish.

      • Libertydan
        “.. JFK actually knew they were out to kill him and he likely made such things know to his lovers. The CIA wasn’t going to take any chances with their Coup failing. …”

        Simpler answer… JFK or one of his allies cleaned up the loose ends that could have made him look bad. MM was unstable and unreliable.

        Just because he was not one of the regular criminals doesn’t make him above that kind of thing

      • Libertydan
        “…I suppose you are going to blame JFK for all the people the CIA, and their counter parts, killed to cover-up the Assassination of him….”

        I never said or implied that… so why would you suggest that I did?

        What I said was JFK or his allies had more reason to kill Monroe then the CIA did- if you disagree I don’t mind arguing about that.

        As for Bay of Pigs they were angry that he did not support it properly… had it succeeded they would have been back clapping and trying to grab the credit.

        As for Nixon… he was AFAIK removed by a similar bunch of crooks as removed Kennedy. Kennedy and the Kennedy’s were, and still are, just as dirty as any other power family.

    • Just like Diana, who married Prince Charles yet I don’t believe Charles realized Diana was a tranny – Rothschild Oligarchs transgendered the boy and programmed him to get inside the Monarchy to destroy it. Posing as a virgin and HUGE media coverage enticed Charles to marry Diana. But like Little Tom Thumb, he said “Ma! What a poor fellow am I!” This was extortion. If he sought to annul the marriage because Diana was a transgender – Rothschilds would have made a laughing stock of him. If he divorced, at that time, he would no longer be heir to the throne and most certainly they would have aggressively tied to kill Queen Elizabeth II. Prince Phillip protects her! He makes sure security is tight! Nevertheless, Jackie was a tranny and I think JFK was well aware of it – the Satanic Underground promised to make him President if he had married Jackie. Trump’s wife is a tranny and so was Ivanna Trump. Both Obamas are probably trannies – “Michelle” especially, who kept his penis because Barry wanted it – but the wardrobe malfunctions were seen in public when Michelle’s “geyser” was erupting. LOL. So it was time to put her Duck in a box – like the SNL skit. LOL. Sociopaths, trannies, are programmed with narcissism and believe they are the saviour of the world. It’s the Satanic Underground Way. Nancy Pelosi could be a tranny. Kamala Harris is definitely tranny (synthetic woman). 1972, Joe Biden becomes the youngest elected senator and then enjoys attempting to kill off his whole family as part of the Satanic Underground bargain of rigging the election! The only thing I hope now is the real Joe Biden was killed and replaced with a lookalike. I bet Joe Biden III (who Obama wanted named “Beau” because probably he wasn’t a proven Joe Biden III since I was a mafia man and II was $hit too…btw, did you know the mafia call their advances in their crime ring as “making their bones”? Just some thoughts…copy my notes from my very informal blog. Make your comments your own. PubliusRoots.com

      • annemarie
        “…Just like Diana, who married Prince Charles yet I don’t believe Charles realized Diana was a tranny ..”

        That is not very likely to be true.
        She had a prominent family and the idea that they would be able to trans-ify a kid and not have any of the inbred clique that runs the UK know about it it is laughable.
        The British aristocrats live in essentially a community akin to a smallish village and all know each others business. They go to school together and have known each other in some cases since Tudor times.

  1. Well done James.

    So many diversions from the main reason for his death. Only one Kennedy researcher has exposed the conflict between him and David Ben-Gurion of Israel. Kennedy opposed the Israeli nuclear weapons program. His death was the final obstacle they had to an Atomic bomb. Why did only one researcher that I know of go down this path? The book is Final Judgement by Michael Collins Piper.

    Most Kennedy researchers remind me of a dog chasing it’s tail.

  2. Miles Mathis goes his own ways, have tried to write to him, but often i get the answer, : find out for your self.
    Most of the time i reference to Miles Mathis, the post get deleted on most sights, so he is not popular.
    So try to write to him, and see what he has to say !


  3. Hmm, when “Calypso Louie” starts touting a theory, it must be bunk.

    Still, I wonder what the real impact of the EO would have been. It seems that if there was still inferior money around (Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs)), most people would have kept the silver and did their business in Federal Reserve Notes. Bad money drives out good money, as Gresham would say. All this effectively would have done is to drain the silver reserves of the U.S. Treasury much as the official value of gold quoted in Dollars served to drain the U.S. Treasury of gold in the post-WWII period until the official repudiation of the promise to redeem Dollars for gold by Nixon in 1971.

    I’ll watch the rest of the presentation now. It seems that the appeal to authority is strong even with people who push this theory. Apparently, nobody is immune.

  4. Roosevelt took the US off the gold standard domestically under a National WAR Emergency declaration in 1933. Effectively a national bankruptcy declaration.
    Under a WAR emergency the President may dictate as he sees fit – as Lincoln did in the 1860’s. The’33 war emergency continues to this day. We still use the un-(gold) backed “emergency scrip” introduced by FDR in 1933.
    This scrip is now backed by bullets and high tech methods of forceful persuasion (eg the assassination of General Soleimani a year ago
    by way of drone strike). It also has the vast cattle herd of US citizenry to back it. To escape this herd and it’s motion toward the slaughterhouse is not easily possible. Everyone uses this Fed Reserve scrip.
    We are now in the midst of the next bankruptcy event, involving the medical culling of the older / more useless cattle, and the medicinal-biochemical pacification & revaluation of the younger cattle.

      • Jed
        Glad you liked it-Ronson can be pretty good when he feels like it.

    • Great 3 hour interview with O’Neill on Joe Rogan show.

      • thanks! will try to find it

    • jolly west was one of my programmers, so ive more than a few articles bookmarked, incl this one which states: When Jack Ruby started claiming from his jail cell that a cabal was responsible for JFK’s murder, Dr. West showed up in April 1964 to examine Oswald’s assassin and concluded that Ruby was paranoid and mentally ill. The text of Dr. West’s letter on Jack Ruby’s sanity recommends confinement to a mental institution.

      joe rogan & tom o’neill … Jack Ruby’s Court Assigned Shrink Was an MKUltra Doc

      • yep. west was a demented sadistic psycho. ha! good one — “jolly idiot” ?!! since ya brought up lsd, west dosed me with it ~ sugar cube, my earliest memory of him, at 4yo took me to an elitest halloween party, i was tinkerbelle… it was 1966. at 6yo i got so pissed off at the bastard, pounded on his chest with all my might, he laughed & laughed then grabbed my wrists so hard – painful, but still my second favorite memory around him. my last recollection of jolly, at 15 yo i spit in his face & thats my favorite mem, albeit the horror preceding… my heart still aches.
        so well spoken Jed, small world & tentacles… truly evil. on that note, ten yrs ago remembered attending a very posh party ~ jfk assassination 7 yr anniv in 1970. still wonder whether the celebration was about jfk’s murder, OR about assassination as hoax ~ which one’s the big joke? this yr quite fitting to find: Bush Sr laughing about Kennedy assassination — tho its david rockefeller i remember most at the party & there’s programming around cuba.
        numerology: 11+22=33+1(1963)=34 ~ 7 (the number of completion & perfection)

        • for the most part, ive become rather simplistic in my perspective on the powers that shouldnt be ~~ low life leeches at all levels.

          more numerology:

          interestingly, 53 yrs prior to the day of jfk assassination ~ It was the night of November 22, 1910, and a group of the richest and most powerful men in America were boarding a private rail car at an unassuming railroad station in Hoboken, New Jersey. The car, waiting with shades drawn to keep onlookers from seeing inside, belonged to Senator Nelson Aldrich, the father-in-law of billionaire heir to the Rockefeller dynasty, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. A central figure on the influential Senate Finance Committee, where he oversaw the nation’s monetary policy, Aldrich was referred to in the press as the “General Manager of the Nation.” Joining him that evening was his private secretary, Shelton, and a who’s who of the nation’s banking and financial elite: A. Piatt Andrew, the Assistant Treasury Secretary; Frank Vanderlip, President of the National City Bank of New York; Henry P. Davison, a senior partner of J.P. Morgan Company; Benjamin Strong, Jr., an associate of J.P. Morgan and President of Bankers Trust Co., and Paul Warburg, heir of the Warburg banking family and son-in-law of Solomon Loeb of the famed New York investment firm, Kuhn, Loeb & Company.

          11/22/1910 ~ 11+22=33+2(1910)=35 ~ 8 (number of money & power)

          hmmm… 35 & 53 (reversals) combined: 88 ~ 7. while seven is the single-digit number of jfk assassination date, im smh about the 88 cuz its numerical code for heil hitler & at the 7yr anniv party there were nazis, several of my former perps…

          thanks so much Jed, your fire & your kindness… beautiful combination?

  5. James Corbett’s “Debunking the JFK Silver Certificate Myth” presentation at JFK Lancer is impressive in so many ways, especially with the trail of documents and visuals laid out in an easy to assimilate fashion.
    This presentation is a dynamic service to the “Truth Community”, the “Conspiracy Realists”.
    I am sure this video will circulate widely within the silver bull community.

    DALLAS, TEXAS …That boy, James Corbett, sure gets around!
    “Since 1996 JFK Lancer has gathered people together in Dallas to commemorate John F. Kennedy’s life and assassination.”

    ”North Texans for 9/11 Truth” Meetup Group has often set up tables and disseminated free information at JFK Lancer.

    PHOTOS JFK Lancerhttp://911blogger.com/news/2013-12-07/jfk-50th-anniversary-jfk-lancer-north-texans-911-truth
    ( I stand behind JFK.)

    More links to JFK Lancer and ”North Texans for 9/11 Truth”

  6. SuzieQ,
    Go slow. There is no rush on the crypto. Buy just a little to start. The price action of Bitcoin during Thanksgiving was pretty sudden and dramatic.

    Coinbase.com is simple. It takes a credit card and/or a checking account. It is available in Mexico.
    Test the waters…just buy a little for starters. Then check back to your account in a couple days. You will see.
    The simplicity…It is kind of like ordering a product online with a credit card.
    Save your passwords and account information on a Word document or email to yourself or something.

    Here is the Thread of November 8th, Crypto for Codgers.

  7. Andre
    Civil rights might have been something that needed to get done, but the fact is that the movement was riddled with communists and people who wanted to take down the US system- kinda like BLM today.

    Its unfair to expect anyone in power to roll behind reforms that, even if needed, were deeply unpopular with the majority of the population and caused a ton of social disruption and violence.

  8. Arby
    Not sure if calling him a conservative is the right term- the whole nation was more conservative then and the 60’s drug and sexual revolutions were mainly sponsored by the Elites like the Rockefellers and the CIA.

    http://centerforaninformedamerica.com/laurelcanyon/ this is a shorter online version of Mcgowans book
    https://logosmedia.com/links/brain/ While the owner of the site is a bit weird his Mind Map of the social change agents is REALLY GOOD
    FULL screen version link

    That said at least Kennedy was NOT a war hawk since he was frightened of blowing up the world in an atomic holocaust…he did try (‘a bit’) to cut back on spending (even saying he wanted some kind of “understanding” with the Russians so they could take turns doing prestigious breakthrough’s and save money at least according top to “JFK’s last 100 days” by Clarke. He was reported to be thinking that Vietnam was in need of some kind of exit strategy since it was a waste of resources.

    Unlike later leaders Kennedy, as selfish and ruthless as he might have been, had seen war and had at least some desire to avoid it.

    He also killed the Orion program for an atomic bomb power space ship, which makes me sad since it was Star Trek level stuff…. 🙁

  9. I disagree. I don’t consider him a sex symbol. But he was everything your first paragraph described and I’ll take that over every President that came after.

    I was alive during Camelot and I will take that, myth and all, over the swamp this country has turned into.

    I will not get over the past four years for as long as I live. And I don’t mean Trump per se. I am apolitical. I mean the disgusting display of the media – all of it – in the vilification and complete tearing down of the Office of the President. It has been sickening. On all sides.

    I’ll take that beautiful family on the lawn of the White House anyday.

    • manbearpig
      Playboy bunnies are totally a renewable resource….

    • lovetodust
      “..and I will take that, myth and all, over the swamp this country has turned into…”

      Thing is, in those days two huge things were going for the US that are gone now

      A) The American People had not yet been demoralized by the deliberate destruction of social cohesion and moral norms… people who lack morals will always be slaves.

      B)The Leaders (while just as selfish) were still mostly made up of people who felt that they both needed and were genetically connected to the people they ruled over…. the “Coastal Elites” and their ‘information moving’ class of flying monkeys are mainly internationalist in outlook, dont think they NEED and dont even LIKE regular Americans
      ‘Revolt of the Elites’ gives a purely sociological explanation if you want to ignore the other fact that the Jewish cultural influence in that social class is far far bigger then it was back in the 60’s

      If you are not frightened to look at it as a culture clash E M Jones over at https://culturewars.com/ tells it pretty well. Personally I think its a bit of both views

    • manbearpig says:
      “I’ve always maintained (since 2016) that Trump was put in office to do just that:
      the “complete tearing down of the Office of the President” in the eyes of “the people”…
      …“The American Dream”…to make it all seem old, reactionary…and most importantly UNSUSTAINABLE. “

    • Arby
      Not that I love the Kennedy clan or anything, but considering the US invasion of the Philippines on the brink of their independence and how the subjugation was chock full of war crimes as bad, or likely worse, anything in Vietnam so its kinda unjust to suggest the K bro’s invented modern counter insurgency.

      • Arby
        “..Resisting American imperialism and invasion was seen as crime by the Americans. ..”

        As with Citizens of any Empire loosing the flow of resources is the ‘crime’… the difference is that Americans are led to believe that they don’t live in an Empire when the Empire goes back to the Spanish American war or before. Americans demand that they be lied to and told that they are fighting for justice rather then resources.

        from your link
        “.. The American corporate elite will have us fight so persistently to suppress revolutions because they view this struggle as the only way to maintain their power and privilege…”
        The REAL joke is that Capital has been THE SOURCE of revolution for years- from the John Brown revolt to the Hawaiian Revolution to the Soviet Revolution and the Chinese communist take over from the Nationalists.
        What other reason then self interest has Google, Apple Soros and Wallstreet for funding and helping BLM and Antifa?

        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTfYV1SnqgI The book NEEDS you to take notes. It took me a while to get thru.


        You are mistaken in imagining that communism is any more a free range product then Fascism… they both are the creations of the Capital class and TBH Marx and Engels were spooky as hell.
        After the horrible 4 min intro this guy makes some good points on that… you get similar stuff from Nesta Websters ‘World Revolution’ if you prefer to read.

        Revolution is how the Corporate Elite KEEP power

      • Arby
        “…thers have noted that communism and capitalism was created by the same evil forces. I would be interested in details, because it makes no sense to me. …”
        The link to the interview on “wall street and the Russian Revolution” in this thread goes into the WHY and HOW – mainly to allow Capital to get control of property in the hands of other capitalists and private citizens…the infamous Koch bro’s dad was personally on the ground in the Soviet Union in the big grab.
        Listening to Dr Spen talk is a good start but the book is jam packed with details as to who did what and how they benefited (or lost out)
        Even Henry Ford made big bucks licencing his tractors so the Soviets could collectivize the farms and liquidate the Kulaks
        the modern ‘revolutionary’ movements being aided by big tec and big capital are doing the same thing…. small biz will go under thanks to social unrest that big ones weather.

        As is said in “world Revolution” (reviwe link onthis thread) on this thread the true workers movements always lead to some form of Unionized mutual aid co-op while Revolutionary movements are NEVER run by the actual workers and always help the people running them and worsen the workers conditions.

        Thanks for the book link… I will try to get it read next week but am kinda swamped

      • Arby
        a lot to unpack
        “..who created capitalism and communism went everywhere… revolution… every time it broke out?..”

        In China provably YES, in Russia Provably YES in the French Revolution it looks like a YES

        “.. Still, that doesn’t mean that the people were not trying to fashion their own societies and that they were often communist in character….”
        See Nesta Webster for a history thereof- Workers movements are Evolutionary and benefit them, Revolutionary movements never benefit the workers. Russia in 1914 was a huge rich country with FEWER police, smaller government and fewer executions then the USA per person.

        “..swamped..” I am kinda 🙁

        “…“History Of The Russian Revolution” by Leon Trotsky, sits on my book shelf and has sat there for a long time….”
        Trotsky died a multimillionaire so I read… his Uncle was already a millionaire, he may have been related to the infamous Riley ‘ace of spies’ More to the point WHO PAID FOR TROTSKY to live well in New York???
        If you dont have time to read the book you really should listen to the talk about it.

        “.. I have started too many. It’s a bad habit of mine…”
        Me too, lol

        ‘..New books, I find, are pricey…’
        https://archive.org/ more books and magazine then you can read in your life 🙂


  10. Great, thorough work, James. Thank you. I’m sure they appreciated it at Lancer.

  11. Decades ago, I read a book from the library by Henry A. Merton entitled:
    The Big Silver Melt
    The Untold Story of the Illegal Melting of U.S. Coinage and the Coming Upsurge in Coin Values

    Although a relatively thin book, it was fascinating and included many photographs which ascertained the tale told in the book. I still vaguely remember the photo of the old 60’s station wagon floorboard which had been warped by the loads of coins.

    The Book’s story revolved around the time in the later 1960’s when LBJ called for the dilution of the quantity of silver in coins. Entrepreneurs started going to places like the toll booths and buying up all the coins being tossed in. Then they would go back, sort them, and melt them down for the silver. Ungodly amounts of coins were melted.

    A forum writer well expressed aspects of the book:
    …it’s not a big book, but it’s VERY interesting! the author found a big time melter that was VERY active back in the day. this melter was very meticulus in his method. EVERY coin that came in was sorted by denomination, year, mint mark. there was a big sorting board with holes with corresponding dates/marks and the coins were slotted thru the proper hole. this guy was able to track damn near every coin that he melted. he had two furnaces going in 2 places. he mentioned of cars bending in half since the coins were so heavy. he also kept all his records, shipping, Air bills of lading, etc…

    there are also some pictures in the book of the furnaces and bags and bars. this guy would melt the coins and pour into big bars. he would drive the bars to an east coast airport and fly them to London as the silver sold for more in London and it was worth it to fly TONS (literally) of silver over the pond.

    this melters schedule was VERY tight. something like everything that came in that night had to be in bars in the morning for the flights out to London.

    given the info. this melter provided, i have no doubt that he did what he said he did. i think the book states something to the tune that this particular melter was responsible for melting like xx% (i thought like 10%) of all the US minted silver coins (modern, nothing of numismatic value, at least not back in those days).

    • There were several periods in the following decades of the 60’s, when Texans would cross into Mexico and “smuggle” back silver. The U.S. silver prices were “higher”, and one could turn a quick profit.
      In the early 1970’s, I was impressed by all the silver ornaments, belt buckles, and such being sold in the border towns. Mexico has many silver mines still operating.

      Around the late Nixon era and the Oil Embargo of 1973-74, prices in the U.S. went nuts. All kinds of weird things were going on, especially with different commodities, silver and sugar and gasoline were a few.

      I want folks to note the current price of a pound of sugar in the grocery store.
      In 1974, the U.S. minimum wage was $2 per hour.
      In 1974, I managed a Donut Shop. The owner (who also owned a flower business) was trying to devise a plan to smuggle sugar up from Mexico, because the cost of sugar in the United States was near $1 per pound…and this was in 1974 money.
      ANECDOTE here…

  12. bendable
    What he ALWAYS said “Jews…Jews…”
    Mullins was a really smart guy who got the jump on a TON of things that are going on now… BUT if he lost a sock or his cookies burnt he would have thought jews did it. Plenty of evil goy out there to keep Soros, Zuckerberg, Epstein, Maxwell and the Banking Elite company in hell

  13. I agree with you, libertydan. I think JFK wanted to make America better. With all his faults, which are debated still, he had a vision. You never hear leader’s today speak in the same way he did.

    From a personal perspective, I come from a large Irish Catholic family. There is a certain hubris that is cellular. Particularly if you are in the spotlight.

    I think John and Robert Kennedy had that hubris, combined with a vision and a passion. And I think that contributed to their assassinations.

    They had a vision and they were going after it. Perhaps naively?

    It took bullets to put that hubris to rest.

    Same with MLK. Same with Malcolm X.

    And then, of course, same with many others; politicians, activists and (real) journalists. Not bullets, necessarily. Plane and car crashes, heart attacks, “suicides”.

    p.s. I would not mistake Donald Trump’s personality with the hubris I am speaking of. He seems like a bit of a blow-hard, but it is all according to script. I don’t think a President since Kennedy as let hubris lead him astray.

  14. The primary reasons were refusal to provide Israel with Nuclear Weapons, normalize US-Russia relations and pull the US military out of Vietnam. He was not a Cold Warrior because Mary Pinchot Mayer changed his thinking. The Silver Certificates exist, but collectors have them so you can’t find them anywhere.

  15. It makes one wonder what Kennedy’s true motives were.

    It seems Kennedy was perfectly okay with the parasitic fed and bankers raping the American people and even encouraged it through executive order 11110. Kennedy had no problem enslaving America even further to private bankers who lend us money that doesn’t exist out of thin air and charge interest on it.

    At the same time a couple years later Kennedy spoke against secret societies and ruthless conspiracy against America in a famous speech attempting to expose said conspiratorial cabals.

    This is quite the paradox. Why was Kennedy pro financial enslavement but anti-secret society conspiracies encompassing ruthless enemies? Aren’t they one of the same?

    Was Kennedy simply fine with open conspiracies he was aware of but against conspiracies he wasn’t privy to? What was his reasoning for such a disgusting double standard?

    I thought Kennedy was one of the good guys, but after this expose`, I’m leaning towards Kennedy was simply a criminal just like his father Joe. Things at some point got too hot and he threatened to spill the beans on his handlers. It strikes me that JFK was nothing more than a common criminal snitch, doing what he had to do survive. If this is true, then I feel Kennedy has a lot in common with Trump in this regard. Pretending to be a good guy, enamoring the public, all while planning vile criminal plans in the background (Ie Operation Warp Speed). I’d love to be proven wrong though.

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