July Open Thread (2022)

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Don’t look now, but the year is half over already. Can it be that a mere 6 months ago the scamdemic was still our biggest concern, the Canadian trucker protest hadn’t happened yet, Russia’s imminent invasion of Ukraine was still fake news and we had yet to see the inflation crisis kick off? Time flies when you’re under constant globalist siege.

So what do you think will be next in the seemingly never-ending series of crises (real or generated) to dominate the news cycle? Feel free to log in and post your predictions, concerns, questions, opinions, random thoughts or (why not?) words of encouragement in the open thread below.

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  1. Need to give another shout-out to the Nick Bryant podcast! His new book, “The Truth About Watergate” is sure to be an enthralling page turner, and meticulously documented as per usual with Mr. Bryant. It’s supposed to be out this month, in the meantime on http://www.nickbryantnyc.com he has some very interesting blog posts on the subject, also posts his new podcast episodes there, usually along the lines of child trafficking networks. Get him on the show James! Also met some cool Corbett and media monarchy members at porcfest in new Hampshire, hopefully more will come out next year, it’s nice to actually connect irl sometimes!=)

    • He is spot on as usual, his blog post on Clarence Thomas is why I love Nick Bryant.

  2. Hello James,
    A question from France.
    Like everyone else, I have read a lot of contradictory information about the war in Ukraine and about the reality of the antagonism between Russia and the West. OffGuardian sees Putin as just another globalist, and your article on the BRICS shows that this organization is definitely not a forum for Davos opponents. My question is this: do you think that the ongoing war can be reduced to a staged event to push the Great Reset to the next stage, or is there a real opposition between two blocs, at least to share the corpse of the world economy?

    • I think James’ opinion on this is pretty clear from numerous episodes of his show that this conflict is indeed “a staged event to push the Great Reset to the next stage”. If that seems hard to swallow I would recommend reading “Wall Street and The Bolshevik Revolution” and “National Suicide” by Antony Sutton, where he documents the American hand in financing, planning, setting up and running the Soviet union, starting with Trotsky (bronstein) and going right through to arming the Vietnamese during the Vietnam war. The events of the previous year, pertaining to Russia, are just another link added to that same chain.

      • Okay, I get the idea: a single puppeteer acting behind the scenes, Wall Street at the origin of all conflicts, all ideological currents, a globalist class promoting in unison the same eugenic and transhumanist values, without any nuance or rivalry. Putin and Zelenski, Trump and Biden, Hitler and Lenin, Roosevelt and de Gaulle, are only actors chosen by the masters of the world to play opposite roles. The activists are fools, and their idol ends up betraying them and retiring to the Cayman Islands.
        As a result, we can have no hope for the future. Faced with such a monolithic power, our small and divergent communities will inevitably end up being crushed like Winston Smith, 1984’s main character. The merit of this position is to protect us from disillusionment. They will crush us, but at least we won’t be surprised.
        Coming back to Putin and Ukraine, I still find it hard to believe that everything is going according to plan. That was the point of my question: is there really nothing more than the staging of a war, all aspects of which have been planned by an American consultancy? Or to put it another way: why do the masters of the world go to so much trouble, if they already have all the power? Do they really need to come close to nuclear annihilation to create their “ordo ab chao”?

        • You have asked a very perceptive question:

          “why do the masters of the world go to so much trouble”

          Firstly, get over the idea of a “single puppet master”. Reality is far more complex and interesting. There are tiers of power and influence, or inner and outer rings. There are multiple individuals and groups with partially overlapping and oftentimes contradictory objectives. The state of play and players is constantly evolving. Some players, or families to be more precise, are long term members of this “club”. Many of the European Monarchies are good examples. But, they are joined by the bankers, the nouveau riche, and many others.

          Here’s a hint on the Ukraine war. War is a very effective mechanism for creating lasting changes in structures of power. It is also partially uncontrollable, so a risky strategy. Profits come to the weapons manufacturers and bankers. However, the resultant power structures at a geopolitical level are not so easy to control. Nonetheless, war is an excellent mechanism for changing domestic power structures and these are far easier to control.

          Well done for the perceptive question.

          Peace be with you,


          • Thank you 2-D, I recognize myself a lot in your vision. I think it is important to avoid both naivety (“Putin will save us.”) and paranoia (“They have planned and calculated everything, everything happens by design.”) A world of powerful organisations fighting for supremacy without the slightest concern for the people could see wars effectively aimed at changing the balance of power. Conversely, if one considers Ukraine to be just another psy-op, one fails to understand its usefulness for the powers that shouldn’t be.

            • Raguis,

              I see much nuance in your analysis.

              Elements of the Ukraine war are Psy-Ops. But pys-ops need a purpose. What is the purpose of the censorship and one-sided reporting in the “west” on the war?

              And yes, the Ukraine crisis is being used by German Green party to achieve their religious agenda at the expense of German industry and their economy. How does that inform?

              One sees the tenticles of the WEF and the Agro globalists against which the current protests by farmers in The Netherlands are set.

              All of these fascinating events are playing out during this period of tectonic shifts in geopolitical and geoeconomic power.

              Remember, there is one mind you can change, your own. Enjoy your studies!



          • I look at evil as orchestrated from a single point. Satan. He’s an alien who is banished to this planet. He lives underground and he gets around through ancient tunnels that come up in certain places like Salt Lake City and Lake Geneva. He manipulates people into doing evil. He has a system of priestcraft that people with evil aptitudes can do to advance in his system. He owns religion, government, drugs and all crime. He runs the banks and has set up his tax structure to funnel money through the Pentagon to work on his DUMBS (100 trill). Another analogous way to see it is that this is the underworld. What I have called Satan is actually Hades. This is Hell. Welcome to Hell.

            • I’ve been doing some deeper analysis of the Bible and there’s a lot of stuff in there that doesn’t mesh with real freedom. I don’t want to live in a theocracy either and no creator, unless they were not a loving god is not the totalitarian described in a lot of the Bible.

              Revelation seems like a blue print and the Jesus story, or any messianic belief is kind of like the hopium phenomenon if people are waiting for him to show up. I don’t think that kind of thing is gonna happen and to be honest I never did. People looking for someone or something else to solve ones problems, something external.

              I just don’t think it works like that. I see religion if it is used in a healthy manner to motivate people to be their best selves and take control of their own lives and live with honor, dignity and purpose. Not to live in fear and contempt for others who don’t share their views, telling people they have to repent and submit. If you’re talking about a psychopath, sure, but people who have their own beliefs and like to have a good time and get the most out of the short time we have in this life? I just don’t think so. It’s a mistake to read a book and wait for something that isn’t going to happen and people with a real connection to sacredness will know this intuitively, I think.

              I think we have divinity within us and are our own saviors and can work together to create a better future.

            • Just to let you know… you are not alone here. Although I approach the Bible (Tanach and the Messianic Writings) from a Jewish perspective – written by Jews in a Jewish context – I agree with your basic point – this is a war between the Creator who identifies Himself as the God of Israel and the Adversary/Enemy, fallen messenger (“angel”), Lucifer/Satan.

              I also suspect that all the upheaval we are experiencing is preparation for people welcoming the false messiah – a man that will bring the hope of peace in the midst of all this chaos, and that the majority of people will follow/support.

        • The wall street group that planned and financed the 20th century wars is just one circle, that was important at that time. The timeframe Sutton refers to is pretty short and extremely well documented, Kilgore report uncovered a great deal publicly and actually had assets seized under trading with the enemy act, as far as the larger conspiracy, I don’t believe it is political in nature, it seems politics is one means to a religious end, death cults seem to aim for suicide.

  3. There’s a lot of talk about a hidden agenda. Meanwhile the play seems to be to keep humans ignorant and dependent on government handouts. Where are we with the sun going nova, the biblical revelations, the Native American prophecies, Phoenix Rising, the Simulacrum, and other end-of-days scenarios? While each prediction has its own flavor, they all seem to be pointing to the same thing: the elite are siphoning all their riches and taking them to underground tunnels where they expect to escape the coming catastrophe, leaving unaware humans above ground to suffer the consequences. It’s a fascinating subject – Catastrophism at its best – that is not explored enough, IMO.

    • I actually believe that Yahwist Canaanites (Phoenicians) did exactly that during the last epoch of man, prior to the younger dryas catastrophes. They then emerged and created tortured, dissociated families to rule over each tribe around the world (see Quetzalcoatl, Virachocha, Oanis) and engage in constant warfare and inter marriage with each other. They also started the hermetic orders to safeguard the real history and science of the aforementioned epoch from us.

  4. I’m finding the apocalypse ‘lifting of the veils’ intense these days, and James/James excellent for cutting through.

    Jon Rappoport is brilliant in his blogs for emphasising imagination vs stagnation. I believe this is the root of the ‘old world’ crumbling.

    Thanks gents!

    P.S. I’m finding the central tenets of Christianity, the most solid footing at this time.

    • Read Caesars messiah by Joseph Atwill, let me know what you think about it.

    • One tenet is central to all religions. Its known as the Golden Truth:

      “Do unto others as one would have done to one’s self.”

      This could be re-expressed as “You are a part of a larger whole, all of which requires care, yourself included.”

  5. The more people that understand this topic the better, the myth of contagious disease is right up there with child trafficking in importance.

  6. Dear fellow Corbett Report followers,

    I think people give way too much credit to Kill Bill, Klaus “Blofeld” Schwab and his crew of cronies as being the world’s collective marionette in a future global holocaust. The sheer logistical planning element and the coordination of all the unsynchronised moving parts in my view is simply impossible.

    That’s not to say big biz, tech, media and pharma don’t control things to a large degree, but the buy-in by society after two years of brainwash and house arrest has got to such a diminished point, it’s hard to believe it could be ever repeated.

    My friend died recently in a house fire in horrific circumstances and it got me thinking about the value of life and not wasting your life on thinking about the above.

    What I do believe is in store though is a feudal system where the societal divide between the haves and have nots will be frightening, and it will be in this environment that power over man will be revealed.

    However even this will take decades to achieve, and I’m certainly not wasting my time and energy of lying awake at night saying “the end is nigh”.

    • You are right that it is impossible and that it won’t work but that won’t stop all the children being destroyed in the attempt. At least those not separated altogether from society.

    • I really hope people aren’t stressing about this nonstop, but some probably are. The fact is they forced the world into lock down, when in actuality nothing happened, there was no new disease, and all cause mortality was basically the same until the vax. They convinced a majority of the people in the developed world to take an injection that very well could sterilize or kill most people who took them, we really don’t know. We may have decades left… Who knows? Self sustaining splinter societies are pretty much the only way to go at this point.

    • I really hope people aren’t stressing about this nonstop, but some probably are. The fact is they forced the world into lock down, when in actuality nothing happened, there was no new disease, and all cause mortality was basically the same until the vax. They convinced a majority of the people in the developed world to take an injection that very well could sterilize or kill most people who took them, we really don’t know. We may have decades left… Who knows? Self sustaining splinter societies are pretty much the only way to go at this point. Cheers mate!

    • barryv; The bastards stole over two years of my life. I’ve lost friends and family to their covid scamdemic. I’m not stressed; I want revenge.

    • All you have to do is craft a narrative, and the world will follow along. You don’t need logistics.

  7. I’m currently involved in a potential South African Constitutional Court case – where I’ll deal with the mooted WHO international pandemic treaty – by questioning whether SA’s involvement in such a treaty would be able to be rescinded on account of it being unconstitutional.

    Here’s a link to a recent webinar I took part in as a lawyer regarding vaccine mandates for under 18’s in SA:


  8. Recently I was gobsmascked with a bunch of historical facts about which I had no clue!! I have only been “awake” for about 8 years(age 77) & was pulled in by the UFO interest.

    I had seen the name Al Bielek off & on & a few days ago a video was reposted saying it was the autobiography by himself. Being an Old Lady with the time to waste…;-)…I listened to all 5hrs. 28min.!!!

    The sound was very bad, but what he was relating was so interesting I could not stop watching…..went thru’ it a 2nd time to catch things I had missed the first time!

    It rang true that he was telling his Personal Life Story; nobody would be able to make up all he was relating!! And….knowing how we have been lied to about everything since birth, I would tend to believe the story he videotaped in 2000.

    I don’t know how to do links, but it was put up by a Richard Bruce of FREEOURWORLD.ORG

    Time Travel, anyone???

  9. I am so grateful that a counter exists to this regime of lies and propaganda. Thanks again, James, et al.

    The Truth doesn’t mind being questioned.
    A lie doesn’t like being challenged.

    I have resigned myself to honesty and sanity taking many years, or generations, to be properly prioritized again. But I don’t feel defeated; maybe I am getting philosophical in my old age… I never embraced standard politics anyway, which involves the winner/loser paradigm to a cartoonish degree.

  10. John your position here at the CR is well-known, vis-a-vis viruses.

    Most/all of the time you simply state viruses don’t exist and then give links, as you did above.

    I am going to pose a challenge to you now. It will probably get you out of your comfort zone.
    It hopefully will force you to think and provide a logical answer.
    Dr. David Martin was recently interviewed and he gave an excellent summary about what has been going on with the plandemic and the lead-up to it starting more than 20 years ago.
    The key take-aways from the interview are the following:
    There is no Covid-19 disease.
    There is no SAR-Cov 2 virus.
    Spike protein is only delivered via mRNA vaccines.

    So far so good. You should be in agreement with the above.
    Then by his theory, all so-called ‘Covid-19’ illnesses and deaths must have been
    caused by something else (flu, Remdesivir, ventilators etc., etc.).

    Now here are my challenge questions:
    1.     What the heck have they been working on in the labs since 2000?
       Yes we know it was G.O.F. research, but research to make a virus or a vaccine?         
        The guys in the labs were not vaccine experts, they were ‘virus’ experts.  
    2.     Why do G.O.F. research for 20 years to make deadly viruses (and patenting them) when you don’t end up using them?
    These guys have better things to do than waste their time playing around
    in labs. And besides they couldn’t have been making a virus since they don’t exist.

    • Hi I was watching an old TLAV show: https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/coming-cyber-pandemic-virus-mimicking-nanotech-covid-vaccine-manipulation/

      It talks about the possiblity that covid is a nano tech that acts like a virus. Also brings up the point that Dr. Charles Lieber was arrested and his involvement in nano tech.

      While I’m quite sure previous viruses could be non-nano tech in nature, and could be the stuff researched in bio-labs, whatever they are. Covid seems to be very manipulable, convinently mutating to the right version to fit the required narrative of the moment, including the current BA.4/5. It also fits into observation of objects with inorganic shapes in the vaccine.

      Any thoughts regarding the possiblity of it being technological in nature?

      • Just want say from my own experience, it feels different from flu. I’ve got worse flu than it, so it’s not the severity.
        One small difference is blood from sore throat. Another one is the headache feels more like a headache from wisdom tooth’s constant headache than a on off symptom. The recovery is too sudden. The progression feels stepwise and not analog. Which is why my eyes lit up when I see the digital theory. Just a disclosure that I took sinovac (against my will).
        I know it sounds silly, but just putting it out there in case anyone got similar experience.

        • Your observations about your own illness are just anecdotes, they really don’t have anything to do with a real difference in clinical disease. Cold/flu is just the process your body goes through to detoxify and it isn’t always exactly the same. The idea that a virus enters your cells and literally blows them up, causing you to cough, sneeze, or otherwise feel unwell is absurd on it’s face.

          • I’ve watched some of Dr Robert Young’s shows, so I have some superficial knowledge of the terrain theory. My point is that the terrain theory could be true for conventional viral illness, but they release a technological bio weapon for the specific purpose of the “fusion of physical, digital, and biological identity”. Unless there is some absolute proof that the terrain theory is true for Covid, I think it is important that we keep an open mind and not needlessly dump away other possibilities. Otherwise, it could become a blindspot, which is not healthy when mankind’s survival is at stake.

          • @canbeen
            If that were true, there would actually be increased all cause mortality, but alas! There isn’t… Also a novel illness should have novel clinical symptoms, should it not? If these weapons were in the arsenal of these dissociated psychopaths, they would use them.

          • canbeen

            I think the dominant theory is not an either or with germ theory or terrain theory, but rather an interplay between host germ and environment that can cause disease. Our bodies are so complex and not fully understood since people have a unique phenotype and unique terrain.

            As far as bacterial disease goes, which I don’t think terrain supporters argue cannot be contagious was well documented about 100 or more years ago, when doctors weren’t washing their hands from autopsy to delivering babies. Many women died from “child bed fever” or sepsis from contaminated hands. When doctors started washing their hands mortality rates in child birth decreased significantly.

          • “Also a novel illness should have novel clinical symptoms,”

            Not necessarily, a novel illness would have a unique set of findings but could have similar symptoms. It may have unique symptoms. One disease is fatal insomnia. I don’t know any illness that causes permanent insomnia. This is not novel though.

            I think Dr. Woodarg hypothesized that Covid was not novel and as present in ICU patients in the past but no one tested for it. I am not sure about that. This could be tested with an honest study.

        • A week after finishing a 12 day fast as a detox I began experiencing an irritation in the right eye. The irritation continued to worsen as the eye began swelling significantly. Searched for a homeopath online but couldn’t find anyone suitable (searching for anything useful on the web with the Downs syndrome algorithms is hopeless). Out of desperation went to RAM hospital. They had me see a neurologist who took one look and said it was herpes, then prescribed Valtrex/Valacyclovir. I didn’t believe him so searched for another hospital and found Sriphat. Saw an ophthalmologist who did an eye exam to confirm it was herpes zoster (shingles). (If you live in Chiang Mai, DO NOT go to RAM. All they want is your money).

          Establishment literature claims that anyone who had chickenpox carries the dormant virus. I did have it as a boy. I don’t take pharmaceuticals but was desperate for anything to provide relief. There are 4 days remaining on the Valtrex course. For a week I honestly thought I would die. Gave the manager my next of kin info, instructions for cremation, then lie down waiting for the end.

          I do subscribe to the terrain theory and thank robster for the Terrain movie link, although didn’t care for the hokey narration contribution by those two kids.

          In any case, I’m finally regaining strength thanks to my Thai friend who brought meals daily, insisting I drink the chlorophyll drink she makes from the Tiliacora plant. The strange coincidence – on the first two days when I had bouts of vertigo/vomiting, she experienced the same thing two blocks away. And she wasn’t sick. Also, at the same time, the phone went haywire. I have not been able to receive calls since the vomiting/vertigo spells. When it rings and press the answer icon the phone continues ringing. And yes, I do live about two hundred meters line of sight from a cell tower positioned directly opposite to where I live on the 7th floor. But use the ethernet cable instead of wifi

          Have done 12 day fasts before (previous one 6 months ago) but never experienced a detox reaction. Will never take the deadly jabs. Don’t wear a mask. Does anyone have info on this shingles malady and its real cause? Could it be a detox reaction? Much obliged. Thanks for all your posts. Bless the Corbett community.

          • I’m not a Doctor, but have worked with Vitamins and Supplements for some years talking to about 100 people per day.

            In my opinion, approach this like one would approach a case of genital herpes which typically has symptoms appear if the body/mind has been under stress.
            Start taking lots and lots of Lysine.
            Do a search for “herbs and supplements for herpes simplex” and you will see an assortment of recommendations.

            I am not suggesting a topical for your eye, but rather nutrients that help the immune function which then might help the body to push shingles back into remission.

            If any Integrative Doctor in your area offers Ozone / Ultraviolet Light (aka BioPhotonic) Blood Therapies, that is certainly something to try.
            Diseases Treated with BioPhotonic Therapy

            I’ve done this. It’s good stuff. Saved a friend’s foot from being amputated.
            I have many, many, many past comments about these ozone/UV blood therapy protocols.

          • That sucks. Sorry you were so sick. I’d also be very concerned about herpes in the eyes. I treated a patient with that who was very ill and was going blind. We transferred her out to a hospital with more advanced services, like an ENT doctor.

            I have herpes too and take Valtrex for flare ups and it helps. I only take it for a day or two. My fare ups are pretty random nowadays. I never had chicken pox as a kid so hopefully won’t get any shingles or chicken pox related problem when I’m older. I know they can be very bad.

            I’m kind of holistic in my approach to my own health. I will take pharma drugs if they have an effect without side effects if natural remedies don’t work or are too costly. I research the drugs and see how they are metabolized in the body and if they can damage organs. I think Valtrex can be hard on the liver, but if you’re not taking it for months or years and also taking it with a bad liver or drinking alcohol with it, might help you over the hump. It was pretty tolerable for me. Though natural is usually better, sometimes allopathic medicine can be helpful for certain issues. You just have to research things you are trying. I don’t like to spend tons and tons of money to avoid something cheap that probably will work just as well and not hurt me. A short course of antibiotics for an infection for example rather than trying to avoid them at all costs. I take a pragmatic approach to my own health.

          • I’m currently learning about DMSO. I’m reading a recommended book – The DMSO Handbook for Doctors by Archie H. Scott. There is a chapter on shingles and herpes. If you contact me, I will take pictures of the pages and e-mail them to you. If you click on my name, it will take you to my website where there is a contact page with e-mail address.

      • “Is there a new distinct illness with a unique set of symptoms?”

        Once again I agree with pretty much all of what you are saying John.        
        The only distinct ‘Covid symptom’ that I ever paid attention to was the ‘difficulty in breathing’ one.         
        I have had many colds in the past (don’t think I ever had the ‘flu’) and never had difficulty breathing.

        Have you ever had ‘colds/flus’ where you had difficulty breathing?         
        Anyone here?

        • I had two pneumonias, in 1995 and 1996. I wager the first one set me up for the second one, which probably hadn’t cured properly.

          Here are some antibiotics. NEXT!

          To answer your question, I had quite extreme diffuclty breathing. Lying down it was OK, but going to the bathroom required taking a pause to catch my breath.

          Unhealthy lifestyle, not even nearly enough time spent in the outdoors, not even nearly enough activity/exercise. Nobody in the family knew better. These would of course be essential for recovery, the fresh air is literally clearing your lungs out. No ventilation basically meant breathing recycled air. Who knew!

          It took several years to recover properly. I didn’t get back to something that resembled normalcy till late 2000, early 2001. Not that I tried, tbh.

          Today all of that would be covid and long covid. Are these morons even administering antibiotics for pneumonias these days? Who knows what would be the correct regimen for a pneumonia.

          • Thanks mkey.

            Has anyone, anywhere, compiled worldwide data showing a breakdown of Covid symptoms???

            ie. 10%, 20%, 30% had breathing difficulties etc.

            Could all those who had breathing difficulties have had pneumonia?

            I dismiss anything and everything that has to do with CV tests. We all know they are meaningless.
            It’s the symptoms that I focus on.

          • Fawlty
            The unique presentation of “Covid” is different than regular pneumonia.

          • WHO claimed the most important “covid” symptom was the loss of smell/taste. I had that issue probably half a dozen times, not in recent years, and sometimes due to antibiotics. Medication can affect the taste, that would last only for a few days.

            Obviusly, inflamed sinuses will give you some problems with the smell, so I really would not bank on these symptoms for “covid”.

            I think that British doctor on youboob was doing some symptom breakdowns. Sniffles and giggles and stuff like that. I can’t remember the name, bit now I realise that he hasn’t popped up in my feeds in a good long while. Maybe he was scrubbed, he was quite popular.

            That would be the guy who had a camera pointing at his desk and he would constantly scribble something. I have to fish out the name. Wait, a brain cell flexed, is it maybe dr. Campbell?

          • “Are these morons even administering antibiotics for pneumonias these days?”

            Usually only for bacterial pneumonia that would show an elevated white blood cell count in most individuals (people without deficient white blood cells). Giving antibiotics in the absence of bacterial illness is not a good idea because it kills off normal bacteria in the gut.

            Bacterial pneumonia and other bacterial infections that are treated with antibiotics will show elevated white blood cells. The aytpical pneumonia won’t have this finding.

        • Regarding “colds”.

          I usually get these during every winter, but they are typically coming earlier every year, for years now. Stuffed up nose, some sneezing, absolutely no sleep for several days, the nose stuff drips into the throat leading into an inflamation. Difficulty breathing yes, but only because the sinuses are blocked.

          Early autumn 2020. I “caught” the “cold” just as the swimming season was ending. The only problem was, due to official distancing and my personal distancing measures (I try to stay away from idiots as much as possible) nobody in my limited circle of contacts had anything of the likes. Zero dropplets.

          In 2021 I didn’t “catch” it. That would be the first year without that crap as far as I can remember. I hope just o!!0″ne of many.

          This year I already had it about a month ago. Working from home, beginning of the summer, nobody sneezing in the earshot. Whom did I catch it from? If we assume asymptomatic spread, then anything goes.

          The difference this time around is that two family memmbers had similar, but less pronounced symptoms for several days after I went through about half of the cycle. That can easily be chalked up to dropplet spread, but I find the sync hypothesis equally probable.

          If dropplet spread, where was the dropplet I caught coming from? Doesn’t make sense to me.

          The “cold” is really bad for me because due to my very fragile sleep it knocks me out for several days. I battle it with garlic and sinal irrigaton to clear ip the passages. I use some minty ointments to help clear me up during the night. And I used honey with propolis to clean up my throath, that worked out great.

          • “Regarding “colds”.
            I usually get these during every winter, but they are typically coming earlier every year, for years now. Stuffed up nose, some sneezing, absolutely no sleep for several days, the nose stuff drips into the throat leading into an inflamation. Difficulty breathing yes, but only because the sinuses are blocked.”

            Once again it would nice if we had published studies/data (worldwide)
            where we learned the details about those ‘CV positives’ who had ‘difficulty breathing’.
            Was it a ‘blocked sinuses’ type of difficulty or more severe???

            I suspect it was more severe, but who is to say unless RELIABLE studies were done.

        • That is THE KEY SYMPTOM of what would, in the past, have been called atypical pneumonia, now reclassified as a “severe” case of the supposedly new disease. The only thing that is different from a normal cold/flu is that your level of toxicity has actually impaired organ function and will probably take a longer time to pass as a result.

          • Yes for me it’s the ‘breathing difficulty’ that stands out.

            But cu.h.j. who has probably had a heck of a lot more experience
            witnessing the symptoms than most of us here says:

            “The unique presentation of “Covid” is different than regular pneumonia.”

            So it would be interesting to hear her take on all the symptoms
            she’s seen.

            If they turn out to be different from colds/flus/pneumonia the $MILLION dollar question that would begged to be asked is:

            What caused the symptoms?

          • I should have clarified, unique symptoms perhaps don’t exist, but a “unique” presentation does exist compared to bacterial pneumonia and other viral pneumonia’s that I have observed in patients over the past 10 years. One unique symptom with Covid was people experienced severe shortness of breath. Someone said they felt like they were in high altitude.

            I’ve mentioned the abnormal lab values that I haven’t noticed in flu and regular bacterial pneumonia, like elevated d-dimer, elevated liver enzymes, elevated CRP, and other labs that reveal a blood clotting issue simultaneously.

            This was weird with Covid, the blood clotting and extreme hypoxia. That’s different from any flu type illness I’ve been able to observe, with respect to patient symptoms and what kinds of labs and imaging scans showed.

            In 2020, people would come into the ER with oxygen saturations in the 60s to 70s ready to keel over. Mostly diabetics and people in poor health, but you’d get an unusual case of a young person, maybe overweight or with asthma. People weren’t dropping like flies like the media said, but there was an unusual and unique presentation of Covid pneumonia, the extreme shortness of breath, extreme hypoxia and blood clotting happening together in a cluster. I didn’t see that in 2018, or 2016 or any other year I was working in hospitals, not those things happening together.

            The excess mortality is bs, but a unique presentation of respiratory illness in 2020 did exist at the hospital I was working at and others in health care can corroborate that.

            Having said that, to do an actual analysis a person would have to go back over charts and do a study. I’m a human and eyewitness testimony is always a little less reliable than actual numbers. But I think the numbers would bear me out if charts were examined.

          • cuhj, how about walking for less than 10 meters and having to sit down and catch your breath for several minutes, while being 15? Would you categorize that as severe? If yes, it happened to me some 25 years ago. Was that “covid”? If yes, how is “covid” a novel disease?

          • Did you have fever and a low oxygen saturation or any other symptoms of illness?

            That was the difference in what I would say was a real illness are measurable abnormal vital signs and accompanying lab values and abnormal imaging findings. Ground glass opacities on chest xray or chest CT scan that indicates an abnormality. The patients who had substantial shortness of breath were hypoxic and that is not something a healthy person has. A healthy person could sprint up a steep hill until they were short of breath and have an oxygen sat meter on and it would stay within normal limits. On the other hand someone who has a cough, chest discomfort, fever and shortness of breath and hypoxia should go in to see a doctor. That’s not normal.

            I have also known three people personally who became very ill in 2020 with above mentioned symptoms who had to be hospitalized. They had all of the symptoms and also blood clots. One of these people went to ICU and ended up on a vent and luckily survived and is better now, no lasting damage. She was out of work for 6 months. The only risk factor she had was obesity. She is young, like 28 or 30. I haven’t known any other people who had a similar illness in the past 10 years.

            So, I’d say no you didn’t have Covid since your problem probably went away pretty quickly.

          • No, the problem did not go away pretty quickly. It went away ugly slowly.

            As I have already stated above, I had two pneumonias in two years (1994,1995), was bed ridden for months at the time and it took some six years to fully recover from the extra shortness of breath under strain.

            I can’t recollect a fever, maybe, probably, something was going on but not note worthy.

            I don’t think anyone measured oxygen saturation, if they did I am not aware. I wasn’t hospitalized.

            Not being able to take a piss without struggling for air while being a modestly healthy 17-18 year old, I think that’s a pretty solid symptom in it’s own right.

            25 years ago -> penumonia
            Tiday -> covid and long covid

          • 1. I thought ventilators work on pneumonia but not on Covid?
            2. The people in Italy also died from remdesivir and not ventilators? I know the deaths there are over hyped, but still there are real deaths there in the initial phrase, is it not?
            3. If those early cases of “Covid” are pneumonia, any explanation why there are more cases than normal? I’m not saying more cases as in pandemic level, but more than normal so that there is enough material for the media to hype it up.

          • I’ve had pneumonia. It was a bitch…hard to sleep and difficult to handle. And I knew a lot about supplements at the time.

            Because PNEUMONIA is often caused by a bacteria (or virus), I think that this would be a SOLUTION, especially if one caught it at the onset of symptoms…
            (It addresses other body symptoms also, including gums.)

            NEBULIZER with food grade hydrogen peroxide & salt water.
            I first bought my nebulizer in the Spring of 2020 after watching the testimonies of Dr. Brownstein’s Covid patients who used it. (Those many videos have since been scrubbed.)

            For almost a year, I kept it in the box. But after hearing a 2021 Mercola/Dr. Levy interview, I got the nebulizer out and made my salt water/H2O2 solution.
            Typically, first thing in the morning, I use it. I love the results.
            Others also seem to benefit from this simple approach.
            I often add some Lugol’s Iodine to mine, which also helps with gum health per Dentist Dr David Kennedy (famous in the anti-fluoride movement).

            LINK [MKEY gives a pdf link.]

          • mkey,

            Glad you recovered from your pneumonia’s. That’s weird you got so sick as a youngster. Were you a smoker? I used to smoke as a teen and got all kinds of nasty chest infections, never like you had though and I had asthma. I decided to quit when I couldn’t run for the bus when I was 16 years old. It took me a long time to catch my breath too. It sucked. After a while my lungs healed and I stopped getting those infections regularly. I also lived in a city, but relatively low on the pollution compared to New York or somewhere like that. I think air pollution also factors into why people are susceptible to illness.

            You’re correct that some of these illness like you had may have been labeled as Covid and long Covid nowadays since they had no test back then. But what I saw, that I would consider different is the extreme hypoxia and also blood clotting issues. That was different from regular pneumonia and regular pneumonia can be very bad. What would need to be done is go back over medical charts and look at labs, chest scan results and oxygen saturations in patients and compare that to patients in 2020 and see if it was a new syndrome.

            I’m just describing what I noticed and it did seem different to what I saw in prior years. However, I have seen worse flu seasons with people hospitalized and people lining up in the parking lots of the hospital. ERs were overcrowded and hospitals were full. The only difference were that there seemed to be an absence of extreme hypoxia and accompanying blood clotting issues in patients. But there were’t an overwhelming number of patients in the ER in 2020 with Covid, not where I worked anyway. I would like to compare numbers from 2016 and 2017 which were pretty bad.

            It seemed like the sickest people, like diabetics, people with heart disease, obesity, cancer and severe asthma were the ones who were getting “Covid” in 2020. They were more hypoxic and had blood clotting problems and elevated liver enzymes. Compared to flu that can sometimes cause pneumonia and an oxygen sat in the mid to upper 80s, would still result in a hospital admission but probably not ICU with an oxygen sat in the 60s and 70s and pulmonary embolisms that I saw in 2020. I remember my hospital was pretty desolate with the shut down and we got a smaller number of very ill people. Perhaps because people with a hang nail and broken toe were deciding not to come into the ER because they were paranoid with all the hype. But when the lockdown lingered on past the “flatten the curve” period, we got lots of fentanyl overdoses, suicide attempts and bad stuff like that and a few of the “Covid” patients too. And we also had some very sick diabetics who came in on deaths door in ketoacidosis because they were afraid to come in.

          • “1. I thought ventilators work on pneumonia but not on Covid?
            2. The people in Italy also died from remdesivir and not ventilators?”

            I think the ventilators were contributing because they damage lungs with barotrauma and cause pneumothorax. They were used inappropriately for low oxygen saturation without trying other things first like supplemental oxygen and anti-inflammatories. They made the lungs worse. There was an ICU doctor in New York who exposed this about the inappropriate use of ventilators. I did know two people who luckily survived being on a vent with this illness.

            I think the Remdisivir caused kidney failure that contributed to death in many patients too. I don’t remember Remdisivir being used at the hospital I was working at in early 2020.

            Flu season was bad in 2016 and 2017, worse than what we had with Covid in 2020 with respect to more sick people flooding into the ER with flu. The difference was the extremely low oxygen saturations and blood clotting, but a smaller number of people had this. If they had hyped the 2016 and 2017 it would have been similar numbers of people in the hospital, but people weren’t afraid of the flu. They have tried to hype flu, but it didn’t make people panic. It was media manipulation to make people think that people were dropping like flies and they were not, not in many places anyway.

            I don’t think being a new illness makes it worse compared to other years or causes excess mortality. If you looked at the actual death rates of respiratory illness in 2017 and 2020, I think they might be similar. Then there’s the whole dying with versus dying from.

          • No, I never smoked.

            To me, the idea that a respiratory disease causes blood clots is completely crazy. Aren’t the lungs supposed to capture clots and shield the remainder of the body from them?

            Just as “covid” causing memory loss, neurological issues, fertility issues… it’s a completely mindless tagging system where context is the last thing to be contemplated.

          • “To me, the idea that a respiratory disease causes blood clots is completely crazy. Aren’t the lungs supposed to capture clots and shield the remainder of the body from them?”

            The lungs are primarily for oxygen exchange from the air to the rest of the body and to get rid of CO2 from the body that also balances our pH. Gas exchange occurs in the aveoli the tiny air sacks at the end of bronchioles. The nose is more of a filter to remove particles before the air travels to our lungs.

            I think the blood clotting was from extreme inflammation in the body and theoretically the spike protein that can cause clots in the blood as well.

        • Thanks Roberta for sharing your personal experiences.

          Given that a number of people here have experienced shortness of breath prior to the Covid era for many different reasons, it’s probably safe to rule it out as a
          unique Covid-identifier. The blood clotting seems to be a more unique symptom, but then, what percentage of non-jabbed CV people get them?

          Your story about the man who died at the hospital after being tied down and put on the ventilator is truly horrific!

        • “You’ve really never had a cold/flu where you had difficulty breathing?
          I initially thought you were being sarcastic.”

          I was not being sarcastic.
          My colds almost always have the same symptoms and difficulty breathing has never been one of them.

          Symptoms I have (but not always):

          -sore throat
          -runny nose
          -cough (very very rarely)

    • I would go further than John. Those at least at the top of the virology tree cannot possibly misunderstand that there are no suitable controls. It’s crazy. Science 101 stuff. Im sure also there’s plenty, as John has said, that have not questioned things at their base. And another maybe intersecting group who, much like those confronted with other things found here at the CR, cannot possibly bring themselves to accept they have been duped and their 20 years and Phds have all been for naught. In answer to Fawlty’s second question, one answer I have heard is simply money laundering, and the need to perpetuate the virology myth. The latter seems like a stretch but, to wildly speculate for a moment.. the game of tyrants has been the same for millennia. Create the enemy to bring about the control that the masses will accept. No more evident than with the terrorist paradigm. Indeed as Corbett has articulated, we are now in the bio terror paradigm. If everyone could be a terrorist so we all need interrogation, that’s one thing. If everyone could be a contagion carrier AND NOT EVEN KNOW IT well stone the crows if that isn’t the most never ending need for control of everyone imaginable. Is it not plausible then, that this whole virology lark was dreamed up right from Enders ridiculous no control isolation ‘experiment’, picked up and run with, with the exact intention of getting to this point? No more crazy than convincing a population that carbon is evil as far as I’m concerned. Fawlty, you discredit your argument. If they exist, where are they? Dont move on to some more easily achievable but more tangential evidence like ‘if they don’t exist, then what are these other people doing??’ FYI, on the GOF issue, here’s an interesting clip from Sam Bailey on some of what has been published on GOF. Fawlty you may find this enlightening. At the end of the day if viruses are defined by in silico gene sequencing and even worse (hard to pick a winner there though), PCR tests, then whatever they think they are doing with GOF is no more solid than the viruses they cant find to begin with.



      • Enders actually did do a control, his experiment showed the cause of the cytopathic effect was from the experiment itself, why that was the last time a real control was done until Stephan Lanka I don’t know.

        • Yeah, i mean the model became the standard after him, just without the control.
          Surely you/we must have some idea though right? I mean if this were a criminal investigation and we could see someone was avoiding the one thing that would potentially falsify their premise on purpose, there are not many ideas in the tin at that point is there??! I did see something that suggested he was not too confident he had isolated anything… until the noble prize came beckoning. Which is interesting in and of itself. Another arm of power to be leveraged as most of the scientist that make it to the top seem to have a penchant for having their egos stroked and leaving a legacy.

          • Yea I agree, its incredible that the facts in this case aren’t agreed upon, it’s really not that hard to understand.The very paper that is supposed to prove virology is real shows blatantly otherwise! It’s clown world out there… This is why I’ve grown cynical. I don’t want to deal with normies any more.

      • All the gain of function spiel is to my mind the same as the 28 pages spiel. It’s a message in the bottle that will, just as it happens, drift our way and offer the hidden information for consumption.

        Just so that more people can drink the koolaid and get ready for another spin.

      • From Dr. Bailey’s

        at 4:15:
        “While I agree that the spike protein and its sequences which have patent histories are synthetic creations, I’ve never seen direct evidence that they are part of any virus.”

        Well then the question that begs to be asked is “Can these synthetic spike proteins be part of another biological entity that could be transmitted from person to person?”

    • I think most people on this comment thread understand this idea, it’s really not difficult at all to see. Going back to the 50s with measles and polio it’s obvious that viruses don’t exist. What I find strange is that when I’ve heard James mention it in passing he seems to think it is a confusing issue. It’s not. The Rosenau experiments were exhaustive in scope, but extremely simple in concept, simply get sick people to cough into healthy people’s mouth and monitor the spread of the illness. Unfortunately for the germ theorists, nothing happened. https://zenodo.org/record/1505669 I find it extremely odd that James hasn’t looked at this on his show in depth, Kaufman, Lanka, and Cowan are all extremely credible in my opinion, and this might be the most important takeaway from the INSANE “COVID” “CRISIS”.

      • Another source for thought-provoking information and discussion on related topics is the Weston A. Price Foundation podcast with Hilda Labrada-Gore. Not all the podcasts are along the lines of terrain, germ, covid, etc., but some are and the information is very good.

    • To offer another point of view:

      Recently, I have been listening to a talk about peptides and the possibility that these labs are actually weaponizing bacteria that would otherwise be harmless or beneficial. That would be one way to create something that is both transmissible and toxic, with a varying degree of susceptibility in the populace.

      Considering any given bacteria might be looking for specific tissues or excretions that are left behind a specific disease, then it would make sense that people who share the living conditions would attract the bacteria and face the full brunt of peptides.

      Another facet, which I haven’t checked on my own, is the claim that etimologically the word virus is coming from poison.

      • Thanks mkey for that info. It certainly is a possibility that bacteria could be weaponized in the lab (assuming people believe that bacteria exist and can be transmitted). 🙂

        • Bacteria unlike “live virus” has been proven to exist, I would say beyond reasonable doubt.

      • Why look for a cause when the effect doesn’t exist?

        • Which effect? Toxicity leading into disease? Are you claiming there is no toxicity or that there is no disease?

          Health is predicated on the ability of the organism to expel garbage. And these assholes are making sure to get us loaded up with trash as much as they can – be it through the eyes and ears, be it through the gut, be it through the veins. It’s called full spectrum dominance for a reason.

          • Yea toxicity, same as always, and not enough more now to cause a blip in mortality, toxicity is the same disease we’ve always had.

    • Thanks for your answers John and Nick.        
      I agree with all that you guys wrote, actually.         

      Let’s agree that viruses don’t exist, to continue our discussion.         

      Is it conceivable that a biological entity (not a virus) has be weaponized in such a way that it can be transmitted from person to person by breath? We can call it a ‘kudsog’. And in the kudsog there could potentially be spike proteins that do the same as the vaccine activated ones.

      • Maybe Fawlty, and hey listen, I’m an armchair observer with no science credentials just trying to keep up. So damned if I will commit to ‘viruses will never be proven’, but at the same time, the holes I can see from my armchair position have to be kinda an indictment of the theory in itself! On the synthetic transmission stuff, I’ve seen TLAV cover the topic with Leiber nanobots and also self-spreading vaccines. Seems reasonable the tech is there already. I’m just not sure I see the evidence of harm (short of the vaccine itself). I’m in NZ so we have only (by mainstream narrative) let the dog off the leash in the last 6 months, but even by worldwide death count, you take away the ‘with, not of, covid’ deaths, and you take away all the asymptomatic cases, and consider even by their own reckoning the avg age of death is the avg life expectancy, and I’m just not sure what kind of casualties we are even looking at. Iv had friends v’d and non v’d that have tested positive. The worst I’ve heard is bad cold symptoms. Sure, small sample, but seems plausible to me it is just a cold (whatever that is in the no virus nomenclature!) with an invalid PCR test. I find Rancourt’s study that James discussed with him 6 months ago particularly enlightening here. Not only is the behavior not congruent with a pathogen, but you don’t need it to explain the mortality. I guess in the 20 years I’ve been falling down rabbit holes and digging my way back out (including shape-shifting lizards very early on!) Iv tended to be guided by Occam’s razor more and more. If something fantastic isn’t needed to explain the phenomenon, then I shy away from introducing it. Again, I haven’t seen enough carnage up close from where I’m sitting to maybe have the most informed opinion.

  11. Hollywood movies is the media of choice by the deep state to introduce strange concepts and normalize them, such as the multiverse, which will help them push the the permanent virtual world reality for the next generation. It seems that movies is an accepted way by the normies to suspend their disbelief and listen.
    While I understand people in the alt media do not have the resource to produce one of Hollywood quality, and that Corbett’s documentaries or the fairy tale book are the closest we can get to mainstream culture, is it possible that a 2D animation movie or series can be produced of which plot mirrors exactly the history of of how we reach this point in time, from a perfectly acceptable version of history? I know there are many sci-fi shows which shows the possible dystopian future, but they do not show a step by step evolution of our actual past to the Great Reset.

    • Honestly I have had this thought before, why not make a movie series, but with actual history in it, like a movie about WW2, but focusing on avril Harriman, Prescott bush, henry and Edsel Ford, ig farben, general electric, and standard oil. Do you think Spielberg and Hanx would be on board??? =}=}=}

  12. I find foraging very interesting, I’ve done very little, only some mushroom hunting. I used to pick wild mint as a kid playing in the woods too. I’ve been meaning to read some books on the subject but I’m so backlogged on books to read it’s hard to know when I could start! Please post links to books or documentaries if you know of any.

    • I will definitely check these out! Thanks! I’m a chef and I’ve always wanted to explore using wild ingredients.

  13. I remember reading years ago about Europeans who, during the “age of exploration” dined on humans with cannibal tribes and said that manflesh resembles pork in flavour, hence the reason why it was referred to as “long pig”. ::barf::

    • Readers of James A. Michener might recall from his book Caribbean that the original usage of the word barbecue describes roasted people, from a cannibalistic tribe of people eaters who lived in the jungles of coastal Mexico and Central America and who often ate people. You know, people would have people over for dinner and then serve people to people.

  14. I’m currently reading “The Unspeakable” by James Douglass. If you are reading the book or want to and don’t want any spoilers; stop reading here. If you want to know who killed JFK read on.

    Starting about page 250 of the book the author gets into the “how” of the assassination of President Kennedy. Up ’til then in the book the author had been explaining the “why”. So let’s look into the “how”;

    A woman was in the passenger seat of her car when she saw a green pickup truck stop in Dealey Plaza (the scene of the murder of JFK). She saw a man in a suit get out of the passenger seat of the truck, grab a rifle case from the back of the truck, and go up the infamous grassy knoll on Dealey Plaza. The woman got a good look at the driver of the green pickup truck. The driver was Jack Ruby (who would kill Lee Harvey Oswald in a day or two).

    The woman was a well dressed articulate woman. Her husband had been a Republican Congressman. She used her maiden name in all her statements and went into hiding. No one knows where she is. Jim Garrison (the attorney Kevin Costner plays in the movie “JFK”) told her to keep using her maiden name and go into hiding.

    An infantryman was on leave and bringing his movie camera, went behind the fence on the grassy knoll to film the President going by in his motorcade. As the soldier stood by the fence he felt a bullet go by his left ear. He said, “You sense a bullet going by and then you hear the retort of the gun.” A man in a suit and another man dressed like a railroad worker demanded the film in the soldier’s camera. They showed him Secret Service identification. Then threw the soldier back his camera.

    The soldier was then stationed in Alaska and didn’t say a word about that day for over ten years.

    A policeman responding to the shots went up the grassy knoll and behind the fence with his gun drawn. He was confronted by the man in the suit and the man in worker’s clothes with dirty fingernails. They told the cop that they were Secret Service. The suit showed the cop his Secret Service ID. The cop put his gun away and left.

    And finally the only actual eyewitness to the shooting:

    A deaf mute wanted to film the motorcade. He also went along the fence behind the grassy knoll, but the man in the suit and the “railroad worker” told him to leave. The deaf mute could read lips.

    The deaf mute then went up onto the freeway overpass that overlooks the whole crime scene. The deaf mute had freeway traffic going by behind him, but he didn’t hear it. He uses his eyes to understand the world.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • TimmyTaes,

      Congratulations on getting your hands on the Unspeakable. It is regarded as among the best research work on the JFK assassination/murder.

      Based on the research I’ve done, the question is not who killed JFK, but which groups engineered it and for what purposes? I shall not answer my own question, though I have come to my conclusions. The process of coming to one’s own conclusions to answer these questions is the value in the journey.

      Well done for embarking on that journey. There are a series (8 odd I think) of 1.5 hour videos featuring Daniel Sheehan, a USA “cause lawyer”, on the topic which I recommend. He does not name a culprit but examines the power structures which had motive to be involved. They were published from the Romero Institute, which may aid you in finding them.

      For bonus points, next examine the assassination/murder of MLK. Here the expert is Dr. William Pepper, who JC has interviewed. There is far more video of his experience in the case (he was the King family’s lawyer) on the web. Again the question is not who fired the gun but which groups were involved in engineering the murder and why? He won the case. The jury decided that the murder was a conspiracy, not a “lone gunman”.

      Combined these two assassinations give a informed picture of the power structures of the time and their fears and motivations.

      Good luck.

      Peace be with you,


      • 2-D Chess: James Douglass spends the first 250 pages of “The Unspeakable” explaining why JFK was killed and the groups and people who had motive to kill him. It’s a long list.
        Thanks for the comment.

        • TimmyTaes,

          I’ve not read The Unspeakable, and am glad to hear that Mr. Douglas expends so much effort to set the frame and players/groups early in the book.

          The reason I suggest the Sheehan presentations is that it is valuable to have several informed commentator so that one can identify areas of agreement and disagreement and thus have a wider perspective. If one wishes to further investigate, those areas of disagreement become the interesting topics.

          It is wonderful to hear of people expanding their understanding of history. Enjoy the journey!

          Peace be with you,


    • A great well researched book. I read it some years ago when I began attending the JFK Assassination Conferences in Dallas every year on the anniversary of his murder. These conferences are well attended by authors and researchers with an array of speakers in an informal settings. Meeting and speaking with them led me to a number of books I’ve read on the subject but Douglass book is the best in depth one I have read..and my favorite. Exhaustive researched and well written, he shows things that link together. I have met some outstanding authors at these conferences and hope to go back this fall.

  15. I wonder why more people in the alternative reporting aren’t talking about
    Embalmers Find Veins And Arteries Filled With Never Before Seen Rubbery Clots by Dr. Jane Ruby.
    I’m not a scientist but common sense tells me that these embalmers never seen this before the covid vaccine and the mRNA is a messenger that instructs your cells actions is concerning. And now they are going to be jabbing babies, this is heart breaking. We need to stop this madness. Question is how? People are walking around with these things growing in them and don’t know.

    • I am not a fan of Dr. Jane Ruby. She rarely has source notes and many of her videos are full of generalized rants and sensationalism.
      It seems that A LOT OF NEW ‘PUNDITS’ sprung into the spotlight during the Pandemic, but they were never visible prior.
      Where were these “pundits” prior to the Pandemic? That also includes the “No Virus” pundits.

      That said…
      Here is a long, long Sub-Thread which has links and photos to the Embalmer stuff.
      SUB-THREAD – Excess Mortality – Life Insurance Companies – Funeral Homes

        • Corbetteers: robster, Roxanne, John Blaid, assel, VieuxOrdinaire, mkey and Nick.      

          Dr. Bailey, Dr. Kaufman, Dr. Cowan, Amandha Vollmer and Stefan Lanka.       

          Just to name a few. 🙂

          • How are they sensationalist? Also everything in the article he linked to confirms these pundits analysis of the COVID situation. That’s all this is by the way, a common sense analysis. There is no need to even defend terrain theory, the germ theory can’t withstand basic scrutiny and you don’t have to prove a negative.

            • “How are they sensationalist?”

              That is not the question you asked.

              This was your question:
              “Who would you consider a no virus pundit?”

              That is the question I answered.

              • You were answering for homeremedysupply. Honestly, by the questions you are posing in general, you either don’t understand what is being explained, or you are intentionally trying to lead the conversation in circles.

            • “You were answering for homeremedysupply. Honestly, by the questions you are posing in general, you either don’t understand what is being explained, or you are intentionally trying to lead the conversation in circles.”

              Yes you are correct, I did answer for HRS.
              Just trying to help him out. 🙂

              But you did change your question, nonetheless.
              I understand all, don’t worry swch.

              The questions I ask are probing and get to the heart of the terrain vs. germ theory debate.

              No one answers my questions because they can’t or they don’t know the answers.

              • I did, there are no new symptoms, read any list of COVID symptoms, it is the exact same as anyone who has fallen ill has experienced in the past. There is no excess mortality either, so how can you find a cause for an effect that doesn’t exist?

              • Fawlty Towers,
                Thanks for stating that. 😉

                I guess my question triggered some folks.
                “Where were these “pundits” prior to the Pandemic?”

              • “I did, there are no new symptoms, read any list of COVID symptoms, it is the exact same as anyone who has fallen ill has experienced in the past. There is no excess mortality either, so how can you find a cause for an effect that doesn’t exist?

                Sorry the questions I was referring to were all the ones before that (above).

                I wasn’t really asking for new symptoms either. I simply asked if others had experienced ‘difficulty breathing’ for their colds/flu/etc.

                As I mentioned above, cu.h.j has had a lot more experience with Covid patients than most here. She would be probably the best to question here about this issue.

                I agree with you about excess mortality. CV deaths are another issue though.

              • Absolutely nothing you guys are saying makes the slightest bit of sense, there is just no way you people are this stupid, you don’t listen to anything and ask the same questions over and over, since HRS is so concerned where everyone was pre-plandemic, I’m wondering who he really is, or the rest of you for that matter, let’s have a public debate, on video, posted to odysee. You trolls down to come out of the shadows and confirm your identity? I am!

              • swch says:
                “…since HRS is so concerned where everyone was pre-plandemic, I’m wondering who he really is,…
                …You trolls….”

                swch, You quite evidently haven’t been here that long – watching Corbett’s episodes and participating in the comment section.

                I should also mention that it is bad form to call people trolls.

              • HRS,

                I know this is completely off topic, but if you see this, I have a question. Nebulized oxygen peroxide for chest colds? Do you mix it with regular saline in the nebulizer? I’m going to research this too on my own so if you don’t answer, I won’t be offended.

                I just wanted to say I really appreciate most of your comments, especially the stuff about natural remedies. That has been very helpful for me and I’m sure for others here. That is kind of you to share your knowledge with us and you should feel good about that and your other activism too.

              • cu.h.j,
                Regarding NEBULIZING salt water and hydrogen peroxide

                Link to Links…

                Hit the LINK which says QUICK RENDITION and read MAKING YOUR SOLUTION.
                I think that this should answer your questions on how to make it, quickly and simply.

                It certainly should help with any respiratory / nasal / oral infection.
                As Dr. Levy and Mercola point out, the nebulizing tends to have far reaching health benefits, even including normalizing bowel movements.

                I do not have a nose/mouth cover type inhaler. Just a mouth inhaler. However, I take off the mouth inhaler and then inhale nasally into each nostril separately.

              • Thanks HRS,

                I have a nebulizer that I used for my cat. She had lung cancer and it helped with the wheezing and shortness of breath. I have the sterile saline packets still and will make a 50-50 solution with the regular hydrogen peroxide that I’m going to get from the drug store.

                The infection is only in the right lung, the left one is fine. It’s relatively mild except for the fever and muscle aches and fatigue. I haven’t been sick like this in forever and hoping to shorten the duration to a few days.

                I’ll let you know how it goes, will start tonight. I’m taking Ivermectin, zinc, Vit C and quercetin daly. I think it’s helping because I’m a lot less sick than my husband who started therapy later than I did.

                It’s good to give the immune system a challenge once an a while.

              • cu.h.j, I remember that you said that you’re not vaccinated and I understand that you still work directly with the general public and colleagues who are mostly vaccinated and often unwell.
                I hate to think it but have you considered the possibility that people could be shedding stuff that is making you sick?
                I know its a controversial issue but there are a lot of reports of something like that occurring.
                I don’t think it matters if its viruses or toxins. The so-called vaccinations seem to be causing people to shed something.
                I won’t include any links but there is quite a bit that shows up upon searching.

                I hope that you can find a way to remove yourself from the dangerous hospital environment sooner than later.

                Hope you feel better soon.

              • I’m not sure if it’s being exposed to people who had the jab. My husband traveled out of state and got sick while he was in the desert. It was very hot and dry and kinda miserable and he got sick. I got sick three days after he came home.

                So maybe it’s multi-factorial. I do touch vaccinated patients. Part of it is being empathetic and gentle with people, so a pat on the shoulder or direct contact I think helps people feel better. Especially little kids, they need to have a hand held sometimes. So maybe it is something I’m getting from skin to skin contact or it has weakened my immune system. It’s okay though because I think most people get sick every now and again. I’m hoping that the jab didn’t toxify people too much because some people took it out of duress or plane ignorance but they are still human. A hug and a handshake or other types of affection are necessary. I don’t want to stop doing this.

          • Just to make things perfectly clear, I never sad “viruses” don’t exist. In fact, I am quite confident that something some of these people would call a “virus” does exist.

            What I am questioning is the unproven and improvable theory which states that lifeless lumps of protein are taking over live cells, cells that are basically a reflection of a far more complex organism, cells that have defensive capabilities, cells that have the capacity to adapt to all situations and scenarios, cells that are composed of a membrane and internal organs – such cells are taken over by lifeless lumps of protein. Right.

            I may be too quick to apply the Occam’s razor, but if one was applied here, we would have to cut off so much that nothing would be left. And too many people are invested in that and they don’t want to hear about it. If you predicate someone’s ability to make money on not understanding something, you can rest assured that they will not bother to try to understand whatever could cut the flow.

            The burden of proof is on the one making the claim, is that too much to ask for in 2022, to post truth, post fact era?

            • “Just to make things perfectly clear, I never sad “viruses” don’t exist. In fact, I am quite confident that something some of these people would call a “virus” does exist.”

              Thanks for the clarification. In many of these discussions you appeared to be siding with the terrain theorists, and they do not allow for any type of virus to exist.

              “The burden of proof is on the one making the claim, is that too much to ask for in 2022, to post truth, post fact era?”

              In this case though, it cuts both ways.
              Germ theorists are claiming that people can become infected by germs.

              Terrain theorists are claiming that people can not become infected by germs.
              In this particular instance, terrain theorists are claiming that viruses don’t exist.

              How does one become sick with tuberculosis?
              Is tuberculosis transmitted?

              • Let’s talk about it, let’s can answer your questions on video to help with the confusion, maybe others would like to join in too.

              • I’m sure you are aware, TB is a bacteria. Just to clarify the difference. From what I understood in my limited understanding of terrain theory is that even bacteria don’t cause disease, but toxins they produce, neither do they believe in transmission.

                In close quarters TB has certainly seemed to be transmissible, like in jails and countries with poor living quarters. The environment certainly plays a part in getting sick though. Compare TB rates in places that have less pollution and better air flow and healthier people, the rates are less as far as I know.

                It’s not a black and white issue and the interplay seems not fully understood. Not every person who is exposed to a germ will get sick and this is well documented. To me this doesn’t mean that germs cannot be transmitted. I think they can be in certain circumstances and more frequently if people are in poor health and malnourished. But people in good health do sometimes catch stuff, at least I have and my health is pretty darn good for all the crap I have put my body through.

              • “I’m sure you are aware, TB is a bacteria. Just to clarify the difference.”

                Yes I was aware of that, sorry if my tagging the end with TB caused confusion.
                When I talked about “this particular instance” I was referring to Covid.

                ” From what I understood in my limited understanding of terrain theory is that even bacteria don’t cause disease, but toxins they produce, neither do they believe in transmission.”

                Not quite. The terrain theorists don’t believe bacteria or any organism causes disease. Even if the bacteria create toxins, they don’t allow for this specific toxin to cause disease.

                What they talk about all the time though is all the collected toxins/garbage in cells, that were produced by all sorts of different sources, to eventually cause a de-tox to occur.
                They don’t call the de-toxing event (what we may see as a cold or a flu)
                a ‘disease’, and they certainly don’t see it as something that can be transmitted to others.

                “In close quarters TB has certainly seemed to be transmissible…
                Not every person who is exposed to a germ will get sick and this is well documented…

                To me this doesn’t mean that germs cannot be transmitted. I think they can be in certain circumstances and more frequently if people are in poor health and malnourished…

                But people in good health do sometimes catch stuff...”

                I can certainly attest to have caught an STD.
                Terrain theorists do not allow for that even!

              • Unfortunately I have had two of those during my lifetime and I know who I got it from! And they are pretty common so I don’t feel so bad.

              • Terrain is not a theory. It simply represents the natural body built of many cells and natural health that is based on the ability to expunge toxins. Not a theory, it’s a fact of life, it’s natural law.

                You also appear to be confused about what “burden of proof means”. No, it does not cut both ways.

                If I claimed that Fawlty Towers went to the moon, the burden of proving so would be swuare on me because I am the one making the claim. If that cut both ways, how would you prove that you never went to the moon? How does one prove a negative? You would basically have to provide proof for whereabouts for every second of your life. That does not make any sense, it is counter intuitive and goes against logic and reason.

                The germ theory claims that “getms” are responsible for transmitting the disease.

                Some disases are supposedly “transmitted” by bacteria. Are they in fact transmitted or are bacteria there to clean up? I don’t know, but surely I know that too many people are confused by the cause and effect principle. Too many people don’t have a drop of intelligence, many of them will simply not allow it.

                When it comes to “viruses” transmitting the disease, it’s a spiel about something that has never been seen outside of a petrie dish. A dish that contains toxic cells doing their thing and trying to get rid of the toxins, expurgating lumps of matter, lumps that are also known as a “virus”.

                What exactly would a “terrain theorist” need to prove here?

                Here I assume that “virus” is also used in the natural process of in between cell comminication. I certainly don’t know enough about that.

                This infectious “virus” particle has never been isolated in a living organism, and transferred to another living organism to cause the disase, and subsequently isolated in the latter organism after taking over cells replicating itself.

                Can you see the relation between “virus” entity and the training drill executed during the 9/11 and other “terrorist attacks”?

              • I basically agree with most of what you are saying. But let’s dig into it a bit…

                “Terrain is not a theory. It simply represents the natural body built of many cells and natural health that is based on the ability to expunge toxins. Not a theory, it’s a fact of life, it’s natural law.       

                You also appear to be confused about what “burden of proof means”. No, it does not cut both ways.”

                By stating “also” you are implying I am confused about what “terrain” means. I know what it means. It means exactly what you stated it means.         

                I wasn’t talking about “terrain” however. I was talking about “terrain theory”. They are two completely different things. Just as “conspiracy” and “conspiracy theory” are two completely different things.         

                We compare “terrain theory” with “germ theory”         
                We do not compare “terrain” with “germ theory”.

                “If I claimed that Fawlty Towers went to the moon, the burden of proving so would be swuare on me because I am the one making the claim. If that cut both ways, how would you prove that you never went to the moon? How does one prove a negative? You would basically have to provide proof for whereabouts for every second of your life. That does not make any sense, it is counter intuitive and goes against logic and reason.”

                When I said “In this case though, it cuts both ways.” I meant that each side needed to prove their theory.         

                So the germ theorists need to provide proof that people can become infected by germs.         

                And the terrain theorists need to provide proof that what we see when people are exhibiting cold/flu or any other disease symptoms is simply the body finally cleaning itself up from a build-up of toxins.         

                In each case they are simply theories, and one side should not be let off the hook. Each theorist should provide proof of their theory.

                If it was simply a case of one side saying viruses exist and the other saying no they don’t. Then yes, the side saying they exist has the burden to prove it.

                “When it comes to “viruses” transmitting the disease, it’s a spiel about something that has never been seen outside of a petrie dish. A dish that contains toxic cells doing their thing and trying to get rid of the toxins, expurgating lumps of matter, lumps that are also known as a “virus”.”

                Actually it’s never been seen inside the petrie dish either! 🙂

                “What exactly would a “terrain theorist” need to prove here?”

                (Please see what I say above about this).

          • I feel slighted not to have made this honorable list, although I realize I’m pretty new here and maybe haven’t said too much on the topic until this open thread. Please add me to that list…. 🙂

            And for the researchers, scientists, and doctors, add the late David Crowe. He’s the one that got me going down the virus rabbit hole (as well as several other rabbit holes). These should also be added: Sally Fallon Morrell, Christine Massey, Shimon Yanowitz, David Parker and Dawn Lester (What Really Makes You Ill?), Jerneja Tomsic, Michael Wallach (The Viral Delusion), Valentina Kiseleva, Jon Rappoport, Mark Bailey, Sam Bailey, Claus Kohnlein. 🙂

            • Sure I’ve added you to my growing list lilac! 🙂

              One name stands out from the rest on your list:
              Jon Rappoport.

              I actually had him on my Germ Theorist list!

              I’ve been following many of his articles the past two years at his site.
              Could you please point me to any article of his where he states viruses
              don’t exist and/or that he is a terrain theorist?

              • I’m sorry, I have only my little phone and not great internet for searching, but I must have heard him say something in the past 2 1/2 years that got him on my list. It may have been in a David Crowe interview. I have also heard people do an interview and say one thing and then later seem to switch.

                Another to add to my list is Jim West.

              • “I haven’t watched it, but it does have Jon Rappoport’s name with Sam Bailey with his comment “interesting fellow” or something to that effect. I have saved the link to watch when I can get to the library.”

                Thanks Lilac.

                We learn that it was fairly recently (when the plandemic started) that he finally put the pieces together for himself about viruses.

                @ 5:30 in the video link you gave above:

                “But it wasn’t really until a couple of years ago that I got a hold on the idea of, there’s a soup they make in the lab and it’s got all these things in it, plus the sample from a patient, and they’re claiming they’re isolating the virus in the sample but they never are. Wow.”

              • Lilac…

                Watching more of the video I can now see why I had pegged Rappoport as a germ theorist. He explains in the same video above that he took positions in many of his articles over the past two years where he was assuming the virus exists for the sake of discussion:

                “I wrote maybe over 3-400 hundred articles about Covid in the past two years. So I would say at the beginning of a number of articles look, I’ve already presented you with evidence that the virus doesn’t exist. For the purpose of this article, and for the sake of argument only, I’m going to assume it does, because I want to show you what happens when you step into that bubble, that world…”

            • lilac, just for clarification…

              The list I mentioned upstream was just the Terrain theorists at the Corbett Report.
              These are the ones I address my comments to here and the ones who frequently promote their beliefs in these threads.

              I also have a separate list of ‘name players’ like the ones you mentioned, as well as a list of ‘name player’ Germ theorists. 🙂

              • Why in hell does anybody give Jon Rappaport a shred of credence?

                He’s one of the biggest freaking nuts on the Internet.

                He’s here for the last 20 years solely to hawk his matrix novels, for crying out loud.


                He’s a writer/reporter by trade. He ain’t no scientist, biologist, or anything of the sort.

                Sometimes the thought occurs to me that perhaps he’s financed by the unscrupulous side, but he’s too stupid.


              • candlelight I am not a Jon Rappaport disciple.
                However I do admire the man for him standing up to his convictions.

                I only learned about him a couple of years ago when the plandemic started.

                Everything he’s written about it resonates with me.

                re: his matrix novels, I am not buying into them literally or metaphorically.

                If you’ve got some trash on him, by all means please let us know!

                “He’s a writer/reporter by trade. He ain’t no scientist, biologist, or anything of the sort.”

                The same can be said about David Icke, yet he’s been very outspoken about the plandemic.

              • No, I don’t have any “trash” on Rappoport. I just find it strange that an alt-media, or “truther”, or whatever you want to call a guy like him, or for that matter, a guy like Icke, can come out with such totally bizarre, unsubstantiated, ridiculous stuff that grates ones brains.

                We know things aren’t right. We know the powerful make the rules befitting themselves, that’s obvious. But, lizards? C’mon?

                I haven’t read anything Rappoport has had to say in awhile, and there’s probably a good reason for it. I’ve long come to the conclusion that he’s off the wall for the most part.

                I’m very suspicious when a known Internet personality of interest intersperses bizarre shit with what would otherwise be sound perspectives.

                Is he one of the ones who don’t believe in the existence of bacteria or viruses?

                How does that sit with you, Fawlty? That doesn’t bother you?

              • “No, I don’t have any “trash” on Rappoport. I just find it strange that an alt-media, or “truther”, or whatever you want to call a guy like him, or for that matter, a guy like Icke, can come out with such totally bizarre, unsubstantiated, ridiculous stuff that grates ones brains.”

                Well you are making some pretty sweeping statements there my friend. 🙂
                If you could be a little more specific we could dive into it.

                “We know things aren’t right. We know the powerful make the rules befitting themselves, that’s obvious. But, lizards? C’mon?”

                With regards to Icke, I would just say don’t throw the baby out with the bath water (lizards). Some have hypothesized he uses the lizards as a form of defense, to keep TPTB away from, as if he’s loco.

                “I’m very suspicious when a known Internet personality of interest intersperses bizarre shit with what would otherwise be sound perspectives.
                Is he one of the ones who don’t believe in the existence of bacteria or viruses?
                How does that sit with you, Fawlty? That doesn’t bother you?”

                If you read the thread upstream you would see that yes, Rappoport does not believe that viruses exist.

                It doesn’t bother me in the least. In fact, currently I’m leaning towards that possibility. It makes a lot of sense to me.
                And I’m not ashamed of my position one bit.

              • That’s an interesting thought, that Icke uses his lizard theory – which actually came to him in a vision, so he has claimed, I believe – to keep TPTSB away from him. Maybe.

                And in that sense, why should TPTSB go after him? He’s doing them a great favor by making most people think of him as a kook, and in turn, by association, discredits his more rational conspiracy “realisms”.

                Anyway, besides the lizard thing, I think the historical thread he puts together where he mirrors much of what is said in the movie “Zeitgeist”, relating the worship of the sun through the ages is an intriguing perspective. Also, I now believe he had gotten a bad wrap about him claiming he was Jesus when he was a younger man. He said he never claimed to be the son of God. It seems his words and ideas were intentionally misinterpreted to smear him.

                As far as Rappaport goes, talk about making sweeping statements! Basically, he’s saying that the medical field, or its scientific community, etc., is all one big lie.

                Yeah, he’s not too big on the existence of viruses. He has other ideas on the causation of disease, etc. Maybe he gives bacteria a nod? I don’t know, I don’t care. Good for him,
                each to their own. I suppose everyone’s entitled to their own truth. And some things are simply not worth arguing about, and this is one of them.

      • I’m sure you have noticed the rise of the medical tyranny related to the virus thing. That might have something to do with it. Plenty of doctors and scientists got fired over getting out of their comfort zones.

  16. [Please no bare links in the comments. Please re-post the link with a title and explanation of why people should be clicking on it. -JC]

    • Of course my friend, I will do my best (I am certainly not a native speaker-writer, not by any chance:). Gunther Anders, German philosopher, writer..wrote this book in 1956 (I think the full 2 volumes were published in Germany in 1980s) I beleive, reflecting the consuequences of “tecnological development” on human condition. It is fair to say that he could be regard as a “pioneer” and probably the most important writer of this immensely important subject in the XX.century. This book is still not being “officially” translated in English which is quite “remarkable”, therefore I posted the link to free online German edition. I also found an interesting site where an english translation of Vol. 2 seems to be avaliable. Best wishes! https://libcom.org/article/obsolescence-man-volume-2-gunther-anders

  17. Hi Corbetteers,

    Here is advertised another 2-D Ukraine update with a three part focus:

    * state of hostilities
    * state of geopolitics and geoeconomics, and
    * media abuse and suppression as a last gasp of a dying hegemon

    Its short and searing; about 2000 words. Enjoy:


    Peace be with you,


    PS: Feedback is appreciated, as ever.

  18. I have a digital copy of a 400-year-old book that I downloaded from the archive when I noticed other copies disappearing. Now there are no copies available anywhere or any mention of this work. It’s in gothic script, so I’m typing it out and publishing it serially. If you’d like to gain a baroque understanding of St. John’s Revelation, I’m here to help. St. John wasn’t squeamish about naming our enemies: False Jews. The Synagogue of Satan (Those who pretend to be Jews, but aren’t (Rev 3:9). That’s what King James called them. This book is suppressed for a reason. Satan, and his society of priests, don’t want you to read it. The first three chapters of it are already up, along with The Letter To The Whole church militant, and The Argument of This Whole Epistle. https://palamambron.substack.com/p/a-paraphrase-of-the-revelation-of This work is in the public domain. If you find another copy or mention of these suppressed works please contact me. I’ll send you a zip drive copy of it for a gift over 50 bucks. It still has the library archive electronic call letters embossed on it, but it’s not in the archive anymore.

    • The abrahamic religions are all based on Canaanite yahwism, and the royal bloodlines of the world carry out their agenda. Including HIS MAJESTY “King” James.

      • Christianity wasn’t supposed to be a religion. Religion is Satanic and it is the curse of the witch Circe (Church) that turns all men into swine. Christianity is a system of ethics that antagonizes Satan whose priests despise and exploit mankind. The practice of Christian ethics is a way of fighting against the ethics of Satan (called Philistinism among the Jews), and his priests. Philistinism is the predominant ethical system of the west. All I’m saying is that someone doesn’t want you to read King James’ writing, especially about the Revelation of St. John. By a stroke of luck or miracle, this writing is preserved for you. I want people to read it and know that it exists. Your enemy wants you to stay ignorant. I want you to recognize your enemy (those who pretend to be Jews but are not, the Synagogue of Satan and his priests). Rev 3:9

  19. Listening to Mattias Desmets audiobook The Psychology of Totalitarianism. Mattias book gives further insights in to how engolfing and dangerous transhumanism is.

  20. I’ve bought a book on the subject and have started exploring. Unfortunately in my area there would probably not be enough edible plants alone to survive on without supplementing it with hunting and fishing or maybe snacking on McSchwab’s bugs. I’ve also started incorporating some wild edibles into my own garden in the hope that starving little sheepies will not recognise them as food, where even the triple vaxed will eventually figure out that potatoes are food once they work out what the green parts on top are attached to underneath.

  21. I have been following this “DO viruses really exist?” debate for some time, and although I’m not a scientist I have had many real life experiences with this phenomenon. I have concluded that the man-made GE/nanotech entities (mislabeled “viruses?”) that are being developed in these bioweapons labs are real, and that these genetically engineered pseudo-viruses have a biological effect on the population, relative to the status of the person’s immune response and the toxicity of their environment. I lean towards accepting Dr. Zach Bush’s explanation of viruses being Nature’s “software updates” rather than pathogens. https://bengreenfieldlife.com/transcripts/transcript-glyphosate/

    For many reasons, I don’t accept the claim that the phenomenon known as “Covid-19” doesn’t exist. Whether “SARS-CoV-2” is a coronavirus or something else, it was obviously developed in labs as part of GOF research. I don’t believe all that research was done and patents filed simply to fool people. These corporations, in collaboration with deep state agencies such as DARPA, have been working for decades on ways to convert relatively harmless viruses into pathogens.

    These engineered pathogens do actually make some people ill when they come in contact with them, and making them more contagious is part of their G.O.F. design.

    A personal account: Last August, my sister (vaxxed) came down with a “breakthrough case” of Covid. My 92 year-old mom (unvaxxed) who lives with my sister came down with the same symptoms (fatigue, loss of smell & taste, mild fever, etc.) I (unvaxxed) went to help care for my mom, who suffered from dehydration and hypoxia. After 2 weeks on oxygen and 2 trips to the ER for hydration, my mom recovered. (She was already taking Vit C & D, zinc, quercetin, NAC etc.) Then I suffered the same symptoms for 2 weeks myself. I self treated at home and recovered.

    I will keep an open mind, but I’ve seen many cases where there seems to be no explanation other than *something* causing contagion, and most of us have witnessed this previously with colds and flus being passed around. I always treat this exposure as an “update” to my immune system and I don’t take vaccines or pharma meds.

    Whatever is causing the illness, the reason for engineering the Covid pandemic psy-op was clearly not to protect people from an illness that could have been effectively treated similar to a strain of the common flu. Moderna and Pfizer should be investigated and prosecuted for criminal fraud and conspiracy. https://expose-news.com/2022/07/04/proof-moderna-created-covid/

    The plandemic has provided a perfect pretext for mass marketing of endless mRNA/nanotech injections (the real bioweapons), and for a declared “health emergency” to justify lockdowns, mandates, censorship and draconian police state measures on a global scale. The nightmare will only end when popular resistance replaces compliance and complacency. I’m grateful to James Corbett for sounding the alarm (for so many years) and providing truthful information that connects the dots.

    • TruthSoulJah,
      Thanks for expressing your perspectives and anecdote.

    • TSJ I also want to thank you for telling us about your personal experiences and opinions about what has been going on the past couple of years vis-a-vis CV.

      I am in agreement with all that you have said.

    • Transmission is real but the framing that it is always related to disease spread is wrong. Transmission is vital process. Our cells needs frequent instructions and updates through various proteins, genetic materials, and frequencies sent via our other cells or cells from another living being. Without that, our our body cannot adapt to the ever increasing toxic environment we live in.

      Harm only occurs due damage to the particles and system and that goes for everything. For example, the red blood cell is one of the most important particle in the human body but it is also responsible for the greatest number of deaths. When a tiny percentage of red blood cells are damaged, they stick to each other forming a clot, leading to a chain reaction that deprives the body of oxygen. I could apply the same mentality of viruses to the red blood cell and call it dangerous because I only focus on the possible harm.

  22. 90 comments and not a single reply to James Corbett original question….wtf!

    Instead a bunch of awkward “each crazy with its own theme” and some “look at me/buy my thing” comments.

    Hopefully is just people trying to find a place to express their deep concerns, and connect with others and not professional trolls.

    It was a clear and concise question.

    I think this doesn’t help to build community.

    I think we can do it better.

    • I believe I may overreacted…open thread, say what you want time…

      I was a bit disappointed BC I was truly interested in what people guess next world domination step will be.


      • Hi eltar,

        Yes, welcome to Open Thread. I see that you have anwered below to the question put. However, us open thread dwellers tend to take the title as the directive rather than the introductory remarks.

        JC has been laying out his ideas of how the technocrats will secure global dominance, from CBDCs to the Biosecurity State. These are themes rather than events so do not quite answer the question posed. I agree with you of supply shortages in food and energy in Europe and possibly further afield, especially food in Africa. I think thermonuclear unlikely, though certainly possible.

        The one certainty is a disastrous winter in Europe due to lack of heating. Another is rising unemployment in Germany and probably throughout Europe. These two combined create a fertile ground for civil revolt.

        So, that’s my prediction: A political crisis in Europe caused by the sanctions and stupidity enacted by the EU in alignment with the Ukraine conflict.

        The interesting element here is going to be the narrative used by the Brussels ideologues to explain to freezing and starving Europeans why it had to be this way. Will they vary from the Energy Blackmail story? I dunno.

        What I do know is that if they continue Vladimir Vladimirovich will simply call commerce. “We have something you want, and we need to be compensated for providing it to you. Our price is X. If you can find it elsewhere cheaper, then you should engage with that supplier. Its called a Market, dummies.”

        Peace be with you,


      • I’m not sure it matters what we think might be the next overblown crisis. Perhaps it’s a waste of energy to speculate, but rather start figuring out how to handle different crises and mitigate damage or influence what they are doing. I think these types of discussions should happen privately. Someone mentioned tipping ones hand. They probably study online activity and try to predict what people will react to most profoundly en mass.

        I notice lots of alien shows now, more than usual. Maybe it will be some alien psyop or climate change or mass shooter event. They want to elicit compliance via psychological manipulation with media and also want to distract what they are doing. I know that I hate looking at MSM and find it anxiety provoking and annoying so I don’t like to look at it. What I expect are price hikes and food shortages. Maybe they want to distract people enough so they are unprepared.

    • A) James is such a genius that people probably just assume all his questions are rhetorical and don’t require an answer.

      B) We don’t want to tip off the NWO that we know what they plan to do next otherwise they will just change the plans and then we will not know what they are going to do next ?

      • I think the inbreeding is making many of these people so smart that they coild certainly use some ideas on what to do next.

  23. I believe that with the ongoing economic depression, shortage of supplies and energy, and some apocalíptic thermonuclear crisis, 2022 is fully booked.

    • I’ll go with banking and internet cyber attack, which is the same guess as Corbett (in his annual award show last year), and food shortage. Odds on the parlay.

    • If it weren’t so sad and troubling, it would be quite funny and amusing…. I am continually surprised (although I should know better by now) and shocked by who is falling for all this … especially at those who have gotten the shots. Interestingly, many people who are against GMOs, shop at co-ops, buy organic food, frequent farmer’s markets, buy local, go to chiropractors or naturopaths or any number of other “alternative” healthcare providers seem to be some of the most gullible regarding masks and shots. I just shake my head.

      Early on in the covid ordeal, I was turned away from a co-op for refusing to wear a mask. I was turned away at another when I refused to wear a mask, was offered a face shield, and refused that too. At a third co-op, a friend and I had selected our items and were ready to check out when we were approached and told that we would not be checked out without masks. We had to put down our then-“germ-infested” items and walk out – right through the check-out lane where we couldn’t check out. Absolutely ridiculous. I haven’t been back to any of the three since, and it’s been two years.

      Several months ago, I got an e-mail from the coordinator for an event at which I have been a vendor in the past. They were letting the vendors know that they were trying to minimize the number of people on Main Street this year, so would only have vendors from their town … but I was welcome to attend as a visitor. WHAT? I am one person whether I am a vendor or a visitor. I sent an e-mail pointing out the glitch in their thinking. I haven’t heard back. I suppose I may not be on their contact list for future events…. 😉

      • We had to put down our then-“germ-infested” items and walk out – right through the check-out lane where we couldn’t check out.

        It’s exactly this circular way of thinking Orwell wrote about. Mental gymnastics required to pull off somethinfg like that is amazing. I could somewhat understand if such people would forbid access to unmasked granny killers, that would at least be consistent. But no, they let you go along, while putting everyone in jeopardy (lol) and then refuse to take your custom at the end.

        Is that a way someone who is affraid of the disease would react? No. So why are they acting like that? If they are not affraid of the infection, then they probably know they are just going along woth a fake scam (btw. face mask is an anagram of fake scam) and they probably do so because they expect a little treat at the end.

        • They sent out an about-18-year-old to enforce this policy on us – not even a manager. The whole scene was quite ludicrous and hilarious. When we refused his offer of masks and were told that we would not be checked out without them, I asked what we should do with our stuff. At first he reached out to take it all, but I said there were now germs on them. He indicated a nearby shelf where we could set it all down and I suggested he might want to let it sit there for several days for the germs to dissipate. (This was back when they were saying that library books needed to sit for a certain number of days before the librarians should touch them to check them in). Just outrageous…

          • I would choose a different modifier/adjective, but I do agree it is completely crazy/bonkers/wacky. And sad, too, that people are so gullible/oblivious/compliant…

  24. Greetings all from Tampa Bay.
    This is a music relayed comment.
    I wanted to share with those that are not aware of a music movement. I guess it is most known as California Reggae music. What makes this style of music unique is. Alot of groups express the exact message James does on this page. None more that I have found than Mike Love. He is very vocal with his message. I posted a YouTube video of him and his message. Other bands like Treehouse, The Movement, and Rebelution are others but many others.

    • Greetings fellow Tampa Bay denizen. I’m in Saint Petersburg.
      Thanks for the introduction to Mike Love. Very talented fellow. Interesting sound.

      I’m a little surprised that I haven’t heard him featured on Morning Monarchy. Pilato has been playing independent truth music to close his show for a couple years now.
      Maybe he will see your post.

      • Hello Steve,
        It is so awesome to meet someone from this area. I am working for the man right now but later today I plan to add a little more details.

      • I lived in St. Pete for the school year 1980-1981. I think the address was 2040 68th avenue north. Went to Keswick for my freshman year of high school. A man in full fancy western clothes who looked like Kenny Rogers was drunk and passed out or fell asleep on our lawn one night. 🙂 We found him when we went out to take a friend home after dark.

        • “A man in full fancy western clothes who looked like Kenny Rogers was drunk and passed out or fell asleep on our lawn one night. ? We found him when we went out to take a friend home after dark.”

          Yeah, that was probably just Jack. ?
          I live a few blocks from his old house.

          “Kerouac retreated from the limelight to the place he loved the most, the shadows. He picked up a bottle and never put it down.

          According to Kerouac biographer Ann Charters, Kerouac once said, “I’m a Catholic and I can’t commit suicide and I wouldn’t do it to my family. But I plan to drink myself to death.”

          In St. Petersburg, he did just that.”


          • A question for you…. I can’t maneuver in here very well, but I am still not getting the e-mail notifications of new posts. I resubscribed (again) today and it said I am already subscribed … but no e-mails come.

            I also want to receive notifications when someone replies to a comment. Today I was able to temporarily see a section (I don’t seem to be able to find it again) where I could change that, which I did several times, but every time it would come up with the “suspend” circle highlighted. I would change it and it would flip back to suspend again.

            I only found your reply because I hadn’t read all the comments so was going through again and found it. I don’t know what I have done to cause this problem.

            It is also showing a message below this comment box that says “your subscription to this article needs to be confirmed” despite the fact that I’m logged in and can comment, and have been commenting throughout the day…. I’m bewildered…

            • “ I’m bewildered…”

              I’ve been stumbling through for years myself. Definitely not the one to advise you.
              But our friends mkey, HomeRemedySupply, and duck all seem to be quite adept at navigating this site.
              I would seek their help.

              • Okay. Thanks. It is no doubt more difficult having only a phone for internet access. Maybe I’ll go to the library to see if a full screen helps…

              • I have checked my spam folder. Nothing.

                I also just went to the link you sent (I’ve been there before) and the “suspend” circle is highlighted. When I change it to “send notifications to my comments only” and click update, it blips out and comes back with the “suspend” circle highlighted. This has happened many times. My change won’t “take.”

                I am going back through looking for something I read here before which is the only reason I’m now finding replies to a few of my comments. 🙁

              • Suspended is the default option, you should check threads/comments, the select “receive notifications for new replies” and then update. Suspend will, presumably, suspend notifications.

      • Thank you very much, I have been looking for a local connection

    • You are very welcome Davinna. I have been listening to California Reggae for over a year now and many of the artists express the movement against the Government but for sure Mike Love stands out. You are right, I truly think he is a extraordinary musical genius. You can feel it when you see and hear him. Also Treehouse is another band that seems to be vocal also. I really love this Reggae movement. I could list about 10 bands that I know that has mentioned our Government and how it is corrupt.

    • That’s how I like it, nice and in-your-face obvious.

      Good, good!

  25. https://t.me/davidsirias1/453

    Link to my comment on Telegram

    Point is terminal +2c next decade is driving the great reset. Elites securing a NeoFeudal 500 million global population controlled via CBDC sounds great. Dramatically reduced consumption and elites need not change a thing about their wasteful lifestyle and they get to stay in charge. ?? So they made it us or them. In the USA, the simple solution is to get 34 non duopoly governorships to call a constitutional convention and break up the United States. Goodbye war machine. Planet restoration says ??
    Do people think like this?. No. But those of you who are resistance united with big platforms must start talking this way. The empire is weak. Not strong. This is the time to destroy the empire and any careerist seeking to perpetuate the criminal duopoly. Kill the duopoly at the local level means the people take back the general fund to strand down local police so people can freely assemble, protest, and organize again

    Both of the above must happen. It’s not hard when you flip collective consciousness. But that requires all of you to think outside the typical boxes
    Ciao ✊?❤️
    David Sirias. #ResistanceUnited

    • From The Daily Mail – Photos
      World’s first SAND BATTERY that can store renewable energy for months at a time could provide a cheap source of heat during the winter months

      ~~ A battery that stores heat energy in sand has been installed in western Finland
      ~~ Electricity from renewable sources is used to heat the sand to around 932°F
      ~~ The heat energy then warms water that can be circulated around local buildings
      ~~ It can store energy from sources that work intermittently, like wind and solar

      Have you ever been to the beach on a sunny day and burnt your feet on the hot sand?
      While you may have just gone to put on your flip-flops, the capacity sand has to store heat has provided inspiration for a new kind of battery.

      A team of engineers in western Finland have installed the world’s first fully-functional ‘sand battery’, that can hold renewable energy for up to months at a time.
      The Polar Night Energy plant is comprised of a tall silo that holds about 100 tonnes of builder’s sand.

      Energy from solar panels and wind turbines warms the sand up to 932°F (500°C) and generates hot air, which is circulated within the silo.
      This ‘green’ energy can then be discharged when it is needed, for example in times of low heat and sunlight or when energy prices are too high in winter.
      The researchers claim it could solve the problem of year-round supply of renewable energy for heating buildings – and could eventually be used to generate electricity….

      • Hello H.R.S,
        That is fascinating about the sound storing heat. I would image here in Florida that could be useful in say like a self sustaining community?
        Which is something I have been dreaming up for the past couple years here in Florida. I personally am not sure Florida would be a idea community place but if it was this would be good technology to learn about or perhaps implement.

  26. “Don’t Be Evil” didn’t last long with Google.

    NEEVA Search Engine
    Will their Digital Bill of Rights meet the same fate?

    July 4, 2022
    Ex-Google ads chief: This is how tech companies track you – Sridhar Ramaswamy
    (24 minutes or less)

    Sridhar Ramaswamy, CEO and Co-Founder of Neeva, discusses his past at Google, and how Neeva offers a ‘breath of fresh air’ for those who like privacy and a good user experience. He also discusses AI, sentience, misinformation, and the future of technology and Web3. He spoke with David Lin, Anchor and Producer at Kitco News, at the Collision conference in Toronto.
    0:00 – Google
    3:29 – Neeva
    6:18 – Digital Bill of Rights and privacy
    10:37 – Do search engines censor information?
    14:17 – Ads-free search
    16:54 – Crypto crash and contagion
    19:42 – Investment implications
    21:15 – Artificial intelligence

  27. https://www.bitchute.com/video/dJevoAbzkMtp/

    Blackpilled did a walk thru of “Hollywoodism” the doc based on the book “Empire of their own” about how a small group of Eastern European Jews created Hollywood and thus American Culture.

    Worth the listen, you can find the Doc itself on Youtube, as Blackpilled says, it pretty much speaks for itself.

    Most of the entertainment people consume is made by people who hate you.

  28. Multiple truth bombs from Professor Jeffrey Sachs at a pre meeting of the recent Nato summit in Spain.

    “I chaired the commission for the Lancet for 2 years on Covid. I’m pretty convinced it came out of a US lab of biotechnology […] We don’t know for sure but there is enough evidence. [However] it’s not being investigated, not in the US, not anywhere.”

    Then moves on to the war in Ukraine and US culpability.


    • It’s funny how he echoes the same concept to “unify” regional countries into power blocs, just the way a Rockefeller fellow would urge, from the perspective of trade.
      Which coincidentally forms the power blocs needed for technocracy. For the consolidation of power and ease of control. The deep state loves to control a large area just by controlling a single person.
      His climate emergency voice is also appreciated.
      No wonder he is allowed in polite society. I think the agenda is going to morph into the “multi-polar” agenda and these ‘anti-war, pro-Great Reset’ voices will be given more and more space to push their “alternative” perspective.

  29. A technical question, perhaps mkey knows the answer?

    Very often when threads become long, the WordPress software stops
    allowing you to Reply to someone’s post.

    What I do is look above the post for the first one that offers a Reply button
    and reply to that post, but refer to the post I really want to reply to.

    My question: Does the person I am intending to write to (the one that
    did not have a Reply button) get notified by e-mail of a reply (if they
    have chosen to be notified in the thread)?

    • Also, I never get any notifications even if I set the setting of my message to “send email notification ONLY if someone replies” :S
      Is there anyway to set this setting permanently?

      • Oops, just realized all the reply notifications were in my junk section.

  30. Hey everyone, just wanted to drop by and share a few links to some substack articles I put together in the interest of helping people to be able to heal themselves and optimize their well being in these challenging times.

    First an article on an ancient healing herb from India. Within Ayurveda, Tulsi is known as “The Incomparable One” (and for good reason). The article linked below explores some of the many reasons why Tulsi (aka “Holy Basil”) is a herb everyone should be growing in their home and/or in their garden.

    The link to that article can be found here: https://gavinmounsey.substack.com/p/tulsi-the-queen-of-herbs

    Second, an article about an ancient medicine plant native to North America (and other regions) which was used by the Native American/First Nation peoples to treat a long list of health conditions. Enter Echinacea (aka the coneflower, known as ashosikwimia’kuk to the Potawatomi people of the Great Lakes Region) and known as Echinacea purpurea to science. Beyond serving to provide compounds that act as powerful immune system optimizing agents this sacred plant also contains compounds that increase the rates of mitochondrial biogenesis and increase the rates of Myelopoiesis, the production of bone marrow and of all cells that arise from it, such as mesenchymal stem cells. These are cells which can differentiate into a number of different cells in the body to initiate cellular regeneration in key organs.

    Thus, for those that have family members/friends suffering from the deleterious cardiological side effects of the mRNA injections, Echinacea could serve as a powerful ally on the path to healing.

    Here is the link to the article on substack: https://gavinmounsey.substack.com/p/stacking-functions-in-the-garden

    Wishing you all resilience, longevity, hope and health sovereignty.

    • A point of interest…. Patrick Jones, of Idaho – herbalist, naturopath, and veterinarian – says that the product that “snake oil salesmen” sold was made from echinacea and that he uses it regularly and successfully in his practice for snake bites.

      He also offers an herb course, which I am working on. Lots of good information. One thing I disagree with him on is black salve. I have used it successfully numerous times, but he is vocally and adamantly opposed to it.

      • Thanks for the comment and info.

        What goes into “black salve”? I am not familiar with it.

        I make a salve from the extracts of Cannabis, Lavender, Tulsi, Mint, Aloe Vera, Frankincense and Sage suspended in coconut oil which is a multipurpose topical medicine that could be helpful for any kind of animal/insect bite.

        It is topical salve that can be applied to open wounds to disinfect (it can be used as a topical antiseptic, antibiotic and antifungal), provide localized pain relief (it can be used as an analgesic) and accelerate the healing process (it provides the epithelial cells the molecular building blocks required for accelerated rates of cellular regeneration) which means it is also helpful in diminishing the appearance of scar tissue. It is a salve can also be applied to sore muscles, joints and tendons to alleviate pain and provide anti inflammatory effects.

        I do not sell it but I will likely share a post on substack with details on my research and formulation so others can make their own in the future.

        • I have used black salve from several sources.

          http://www.cancerblacksalve.com/ (I tried to get them to share their ingredients, but they won’t – impressive results, though.)

          https://bestonearthproducts.com/Black-Salve – Ingredients: Sanguinaria canadensis (bloodroot powder), Zinc chloride, Distilled water, Larrea tridentata (chaparral powder), Trifolium pratense (red clover powder), Arctium lappa (burdock root powder), Annona muricata (soursop powder).

          There are others as well. Blood root is considered to be the main component, I believe.

          • Thanks for the info. Bloodroot grows prolifically in what little is left intact of the Carolinian forests near where I live. I have come to watch closely for them in the spring as I walk and forage for the blankets of bright white bloodroot flowers emerging from the forest floor are a signal to me that wild leeks are not far behind.

            I have read in several books written by indigenous (Potawatomi) people from this area that they had a centuries old tradition of using Bloodroot (or “mackwadji’bikūkūk” in Potawatomi) in topical salves for treating melanoma.

            I came across this study that offers other info on bloodroot’s biochemical constituents and traditional medicinal uses: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5037693/

            Have you read anything about or had any direct experience in with regards the potential of raw cannabis juice and/or apricot kernels in being able to initiate apoptosis (programmed cell death) in a range of different types of internal cancers? I had a friend that used those to treat her breast cancer effectively (without surgery).

            • I wouldn’t be surprised about cannabis juice, but what I have researched most (and made a small batch) is RSO – Rick Simpson Oil. http://phoenixtears.ca/

              I have, and sometimes eat, apricot kernels from Our Father’s Farm in Canada, but I don’t know if they are still permitted to sell them. The government was cracking down a couple years ago. I eat them (when I do) prophylactically, but no experience with an actual need. I also often eat the apple seeds of apples I eat. A similar effect, I think.

              Jason Vale spent time in prison for selling apricot kernels, but he is convinced they saved his life, and by all appearances, they did. Seems like a really neat fellow from the interview I saw of him years ago (on the first The Truth About Cancer docuseries in 2014).

              Black salve can be used internally. I have taken black salve capsules (Best On Earth brand), and the website cancerblacksalve has information about taking it internally in their download. There’s an interesting story there about a man who had stomach cancer, was scheduled for surgery, took some black salve on a whim and got a fever so the surgery was postponed. A few days later, he passed a glob of black goo, which he thought must have been the tumor. The doctor found he no longer needed the surgery.

              I have removed several moles with black salve – it took about a week for each one – and have seen (and documented with photographs) two large (~4-6”) tumors fall off in three weeks with it. Dr. Veronique DeSaulniers removed her breast cancer with black salve (topically).

              I have pulled up that link and will finish reading it and add it to my black salve resource list. Thanks. 🙂

              A couple cancer websites I like are cancer tutor and the truth about cancer. Another is chrisbeatcancer.com.

              I do NOT “recommend” people use black salve, but I DO recommend they look into it and decide for themselves. I use it and my son uses it. But I am careful to follow the instructions and do just as they say. It is not something to fool around with or use carelessly.

              • My parents grew apricots on their orchard when I was young, if only I would have known what I know now, I would have saved all the pits that end up on the ground after a windstorm.

                More info on the active compound found in apricot kernels that kills certain types of cancer cells: https://naturalnews.com/031336_laetrile_cancer_cells.html

                I also eat the kernels, apple seeds and other seeds that contain “amygdalin” as a preventative measure. We grow several varieties of Service Berries (Amelanchier canadensis) in our garden that contain seeds with a good amount of that compound. I like to crunch on the seeds as I enjoy the berries fresh or bake the berries into muffins/banana bread (which pops open the seeds in the oven increasing the bioavailability of the compounds within).

                With regards to Cannabis for cancer treatment, there is a doctor from Spain (Dr Christina Sanchez) doing some solid research in this field.

                Here are a couple links to videos where she describes the cancer killing effects of various Cannabinoids (specific compounds found within the Cannabis plant):



  31. Thank you HRS and cu.h.j for your responses. Neither of you has a reply button so will post this at the bottom. HRS, I will try Lysine if I can find it. I know you have posted info several times relating to the Biophotonic therapy. Would like to try it but doubt there is a practitioner here. However, I will inquire. As far as supplements, I can no longer order them from the states, which was not the case prior to the covid scam. Used Vitacost. They stopped shipping here, so switched to iherb. That worked for a while, then they stopped shipping to Thailand as well. Good Karma health food here in Chiang Mai is OK but very limited. I live a healthy life, do 4 Qi gong routines, yoga, daily, in addition to a 30 minute cardio routine 5 times a week. Didn’t expect anything like this.
    cu.h.j – I do the Gerson coffee cleanses with the fasts. Very good for the liver. I assumed the Valtrex was most likely creating havoc with the liver but never experienced any distress. Sorry to hear about your herpes. Went to a naturopathic site (Naturopathic Doctor News & Review) and they recommend the following treatment options: Melissa officinalis, Hypericum perforatum, Eleutherococcus senticosus, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Lavandula officinalis, and Sarracenia purpure. I don’t intend to take Valtrex again. I’m no longer under the stress of finding an immediate solution so will look into this further. Never, ever want to go through anything like this again. Appreciate your reply.

    • “30 minutes cardio 5 times a week is not healthy, it’s unnecessary stress on your body”.

      What are you talking about? How is cardio not healthy and unnecessary? It promotes cardiovascular health. That’s a base line (30 minutes 5x a week) for any human and is not over doing it.

      • Agreed. 30 minutes 5 times a week is a minimum that a healthy person should be moving around and getting the heart pumping. It is good to start slow though and not over do it. I love cardio, probably because of the natural endorphins and started exercising too much and injured myself. But ones body will let them know. There are guidelines an older person could look up about how to train their heart safely too if someone is worried.

    • My theory on exercise – exercise was invented by Americans who went to great lengths to avoid work at all costs … and then had to find a way to get the physical activity they needed. I see people “exercising” and wish they would do something that accomplished something of value. I could use some help around here…. I’ve been thinking maybe I should offer “exercise vacations” – come and work in my woods, fields, or gardens, for plenty of real “exercise” …. 🙂

  32. I’m still waiting for the Asmat people to release their secret recipe for cooking Rockefeller. We know they are marinated in salt water for 6 hours to tenderise them, but the remaining steps are still secret.

  33. RichardGage911 aka Richard Gage was invited to speak at the 2022 Red Pill Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana – July 9 and 10.
    This is a 3-minute promotional video for the event…
    Parallels Between 9/11 and Covid

    • Thanks, HRS, for the reminder. This year’s lineup has a couple of speakers that detract from the Expo. Like the one who says hydrogel and quantum dots are in our food, the air we breath, and our water. I should pay the $45 just for the exercise in discernment. I might learn something new despite my skepticism.

  34. I first heard of Tom Cowan I believe in the Corbett comments about two years ago, I listened to some of his lectures, he was very reasonable and had well thought out arguments falsifying germ theory so I bought his book the contagion myth. After that I listened to Andrew Kaufman a bit, unfortunately he doesn’t have a book but he references the key scientific papers on the subject, which I then familiarized myself with, it was just a couple weeks total of study. The papers are not hard to understand, but people are lazy, even in this movement I realized a while ago most people just don’t read, they want videos and short articles, and that’s it. I’ve asked these guys to go on record with me and hash this out in a friendly way but they won’t respond, so who cares what they think anyway, just keep posting about it so more can be exposed to the idea and stop being terrified of non existent threats like gain of function labs.

    • I agree. I’m very thankful to have discovered David Crowe early on, which led to Andrew Kaufman, Stefan Lanka, Tom Cowan, etc. etc. (I posted a list in a comment above).

      As far as biolabs, I don’t doubt people are working on all kinds of nefarious projects. Who knows what they’re up to, but they weren’t able to produce SARS-CoV-2 except through computer modeling. 🙂

  35. What I find even more puzzling is that so many people who know that they can’t trust what they are told by TPTSB, and big pharma or the medical system or the science that they have been indoctrinated with all their lives are so ready and willing to place all their eggs in the baskets of different scientists who are singing a different song.
    Heck I like the terrain theory song much better than the germ theory one and I live my life according to it. But not because I believe Cowan’s or Lanka’s science. It makes more sense to me in a lot of ways but I don’t understand the science any better than I did germ theory science. And I don’t believe that most people on this site do either. Which of us has a electron microscope and knows how to use it? Zero I would wager.
    And if they claim to understand the science that’s only because they chose to take one man’s word over another. It always comes down to “who are you gonna trust”. Which scientists are you going to believe this week.
    Well, I guess I am just plum out of trust for any of them.
    I would recommend that people avoid the medical system at all costs. A witch doctor would probably be better.
    I would recommend that people treat their bodies with the care and respect that a “Temple of God” deserves by eating wholesome natural foods, drinking pure water, taking vitamins and supplements as required (there’s that trust thing again), staying active physically and spiritually and stop looking for some man with gravitas to validate some theory.
    I don’t trust anyone anymore. Even if they seem to make sense and are saying things that I want to hear.

    Trust God and maybe your own self. But keep a close eye on the latter.

    • I like that take Steve. I remember early on in the “pandemic” James C did a walk around his town selfie video … where he made a point to the effect, that even if you agree a deadly bug is out there making people fall face down in the street, it still does not give you the right to do these things (masks, lockdowns, etc) to me. If viruses exist in general or not, it is still not acceptable what the forced reactions to those shadows are.

      …oh, and be sure to not grow your own food. The dirt is poison and will cause you to have a heart attack. You can’t make this stuff up…


    • Right, Steve, on that last point. 🙂

      I have listened to many, many hours of podcasts, interviews, and presentations by/of Andrew Kaufman, Tom Cowan, Stefan Lanka, and others I listed above. I understand enough to know that germ theory and viral theory are not supported by science – just by people believing someone who told them what someone told them what someone told them….

      “Show us the virus”

      They won’t because they can’t.

      • “just by people believing someone who told them what someone told them what someone told them….”

        No this is not why people believe in germs. It’s because they experience getting ill by contacting someone who was also ill with similar symptoms and they believe this is not a coincidence. When this happens more than once, people start thinking there maybe something to this contagion thing after-all.

        Because certain “viruses” or any “virus” can’t be isolated because you can’t grow it outside of culture does not mean it doesn’t exist. That’s not the same thing. Koch’s postulates might not work even if you could isolate a virus because not all animals will get sick from contact. Terrain does have an influence, but this also does not mean that contagion cannot occur.

        • The quote “just by people believing someone who told them what someone told them what someone told them….” is specifically regarding viruses. Virologists see cell debris and tell their students, “That’s the virus,” and the students believe it and go on to teach THEIR students what they see is a “virus,” and on and on it goes. And no one (well, very few) think to ask, “How do you KNOW that’s a virus?” They just believe it. Like mainstream medicine and the pharmaceutical industry and bankers and … who believe what they’re told and perpetuate the error.

          The Contagion Myth is a really good book. Also the Weston A. Price Foundation, including their weekly podcasts, is a good source for insights on these topics.

        • Scurvy was thought to be contagious for many years. Sailors “caught” it from each other and it got passed from one to the next to the next…

  36. Listening to a great Homeschooling podcast from a former teacher, Sarah Plumley.
    A recent episode with David Scott (UK Column) talks about teaching children how to learn not what to learn.
    She has quite a traditional approach to learning, it’s not unschooling, it’s more a formal classroom style, with the emphasis on the curriculum and passing exams.

  37. Hi Corbetteers,

    A new article advertisement. The topic is the Dutch Farmer protests. The western English coverage is abysmal, so someone had to step up.


    2 750 words, a few graphics as ports of call, and a background including the 1992 Council Directive 92/43/EEC from the now extinct European Economic Community. History bites.

    Its an enjoyable, complex topic which fits into the global food production/supply processes.

    Peace be with you,


    • Remove that visit from the bucket list.

      Strangely, I felt a bit of glee to think that some conscientious objector made his/her point by knocking down some stones and no one was injured. Alternatively it could have been a local that was tired of all the tourists and excess traffic…

  38. I have listened to him being interviewed. He is part of an attorney group representing hundreds of thousands of enlisted men and women against the Dept. of Defense, Health & Human Services, and Food & Drug Administration fighting the vaccine mandate. Easy to find him online.

    • That’s a different question altogether. He’s a lawyer, so I wouldn’t try to judge his level of ethics or morality in the course of serving his clients.

  39. Anyone else get this warning of a change to terms of service from microsoft?
    The updates to the Microsoft Services Agreement will take effect on Aug‍ust 1‍5, 20‍‍22.

    The terms of service are crazy. They can cut you off if you spread a virus or say bad things! Unreal! I got to go microsoft free.. and fast..

    • People who stick with windows and mac are heading into a world where their PC is rented, their software is rented and they own nothing

      Why would anyone use Microsoft products you have to pay for when you can get dozens of good flavors of Linux For NO MONEY…? Especially when they run super fast on machines that crawl when running win10

      Why would people pay Microsoft to use their office products when Libreoffice is free (even for windows users) and can even open Word document stuff or save in Microsoft file formats if you want…?

      I went to linux because I was poor but you could not PAY me to go back to Microsoft junkware.

      ” Switched to linux ” is a good YouTube or bitchute channel that goes thru the look and feel of different flavors of linux and has some tutorials and guides to no pain switching

      • Thank you very much for that info. I am shopping for a computer in fact.

    • Yes. I am in the same boat.

      “…posting terrorist or violent extremist content, communicating hate speech,…”

      We know how anything that questions the official narrative fits the above three categories.

      I need tech support to move everything, though I suspect one can have more than one OS on a computer.

      • Joann

        Best thing to do is start with an external hard drive or USB stick with linux and booting off of that without messing with your windows install…. that way you get used to linux but have the safety wheel of turning off and unplugging the drive and then booting back into windows world…setting up several OS on the hard disk is possible but a PITA…better to just USB boot. I have a small external SSD that I run on several PCs… neat to carry your OS with you whatever PC your on


        Some tech help linked in video

        Installing linux is easy with most flavors…. but linux Mint is best for windows users looking to change IMO.

      • Definition of “hate speech”:

        Speech they hate.

      • Thanks Duck. I will look into that. I was thinking that Linux is the way..

    • I did recieve that email. I did not read it, but now I will have to lol. MS garbage I do not use privately for years now, but the company I’m working for is absolutely completely entangled with it. They went all in on MS, it’s completely insane. I wouldn’t be surprised if they started “demanding vaccination” for just about anyone. Circus freaks of the lowest order.

  40. In this crazy world we live in I think that we need to step back and appreciate the fact that people like James Corbett, James from mediamonarchy.com, Ryan from thelastamericanvagabond.com, Kit Knightley from off-guardian.com, Whitney Webb from unlimitedhangout.com, and many others in independent media put in alot of work and effort to give us angles that we would be hidden from because of the MSM. They need us just as much as we need them. Let’s keep up the support the best way we can whether it’s sharing their work everywhere, giving a little extra if you can afford to do so. I know that most of us already do, but we all need a rally call every now and then.
    Keep up the good work James.

  41. …And now something completely different…

    A History of China | General History of China, documentary series
    english subs or narration

    Chinese production!
    Chinese about themselves!
    Many will discard documentaries as a blatant chinese propaganda. I think it will be particularly challenging for americans.

    a must see…..
    A History of China: China Road EP 1
    what’s in …..I think they will surprise you, too

    The Rise of Qin EP17
    social engineering in the years before AD, that lead to the first the unification with the first emperor, who didn’t come out of thin air

    The Hundred Schools of Thought EP16

  42. A beautiful story…

    This is an alleged first hand account of what happened in Tanzania after former President John Magufuli died under suspicious circumstances after opposing COVID-19 vaccines and other COVID measures.


    Hat tip to Health Impact News…
    ~~WWW healthimpactnews.com/2022/what-happens-when-the-majority-of-a-nations-citizens-decide-not-to-comply-with-tyrannical-edicts-tanzania-may-provide-an-answer/

    • Great story. Thanks for posting that. 🙂

      I’m so sad and sorry to have lost such a man of courage and integrity.

  43. The Virus Story
    There are megaviruses that live on seaweed and can be seen in a small lens. Some have postulated that megaviruses were responsible for creating the first living cells on Earth. There are bacteriophages that are viruses that attack bacteria. They are specific to each strain of bacteria. They can be isolated, micrographed, and sequenced for their entire genome. There are exosomes that are excreted from the cell to communicate with the body through mRNA. These can be isolated, micrographed and sequenced.

    Then there is a theoretical in silico representation of a pathological infectious agent called a virus. This type of virus cannot be isolated by any technique from an in vivo sample. This virus can only be “isolated” using an unique technique especially developed for identifying viruses. This virus cannot be sequenced using the Sanger nor the Maxam-Gilbert method for sequencing. It is constructed using a computer algorithm.

    Louis Pasteur in the mid 19th century postulated that viruses were the cause of disease. This never caught on as it required a belief in something that could not be seen. In the early 20th century J.D. Rockefeller, who was in control of medical schools and medical institutions was able to push this theory into all the medical institutions. The plan to use medicines to cure disease fit well in this idea of an invisible agent of disease. All it needed was a claim of infection and media complicity; an incestuous relationship that exist to the present day. No main stream media would ever challenge the claims of virus infection. No, they are the cheerleaders to continue the deception.

    Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test was a constant critic of Anthony Fauci using this test to determine infection. Until his untimely death in 2019, he spoke out about the misuse of the PCR test. The current PCR tests for a computer generated genomic sequence that has no meaning in the real world.

    There is no pandemic. There is no increase in all caused deaths in 2020. Covid-19 was not the bio-weapon; the vaccines are. 2021 all caused deaths increased by 40% according to the insurance industry. If the Covid fear porn does not last, there’s always Monkey Pox or Marburg; just need a compliant media.

    Do not comply. Do not be tested. Do not get jabbed. Do not spread the deception. Do not drop your guard. This is not over.

    spider 7/6/2022

    • Correction: Exosomes cannot be isolated and sequenced.

  44. Ice Age Farmer and Robert F Kennedy, Jr.

    ‘The Defender Show’ Episode 58: Manufactured Food Shortages With Christian Westbrook

    ‘Hostile Takeover’ of Global Food System Already in Process, Ice Age Farmer Tells RFK, Jr.
    Agricultural researcher, permaculturalist and author Christian Westbrook joined Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast” to discuss what’s behind the coming food crisis.

    EXCERPTS (with links)
    It’s “common knowledge” that we’re headed for a food crisis, said Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. during an interview with agricultural researcher, permaculturalist and author Christian Westbrook on “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast.”

    Westbrook — also known as the Ice Age Farmer — said recent challenges around the availability and production of food are the result of a generations-long plan that began with the “Rockefeller takeover of agriculture.”

    Since then we have seen a “gradual destruction of the way humans have grown food since the dawn of time,” Westbrook said, “replacing it with what we now call modern, but highly toxic, petrochemical agriculture.”

    Today’s combination of governments overstating their food stocks, supply chain challenges brought on by COVID-19 policies, weather events, diesel shortages, parts shortages and inflation is creating “a perfect storm,” setting us up for “a day of reckoning,” said Westbrook.

    The Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have long been pushing the idea of a Green Revolution, founded on the idea that animals and plants are “dirty and dangerous,” said Westbrook.

    These groups’ goal is to industrialize our food supply and even “patent and own the very genetics that make up our entire ecosystem,” he said.

    “That’s why we’re seeing this war on agriculture, the absolute war on real meat, replacing [it] with lab meat, replacing the organic good farms with … this technocratic approach,” Westbrook said.

    “This is bid for total control,” he added. “[Henry Kissinger’s] words were, ‘If you control oil, you control nations; if you control food, you control people.’ And that at the end of the day is really the name of the game.”

    Corporations try to seize control of agriculture through seed patents, which take seeds out of the hands of individual farmers, and through “fake foods” produced in laboratories, Westbrook said.

    He added:….

  45. Here is another piece of information that I just received. Thought some of you might be interested in checking it out. I have already downloaded the documents and scanned through but have not read thoroughly yet.

    Pentagon worked with Ebola strains in the Ukraine. Here you can download the papers that Russia published on the Pentagon working on Ebola in the Ukraine.

    NBCP Briefing Documents (July 7, 2022) in English

  46. Nice to see someone putting Christine Massey’s research out here. I hadn’t heard the latest number, so am glad for the update. 🙂

    This is vitally important information. When people dig into germ theory and virus isolation science and get on the path of truth on this topic, fear of “catching something” disappears.

    I do think people have been/are being poisoned, but that’s different from “catching” a cold or covid or any other thing. It’s all very interesting, for sure.

    I’m thankful I found out about David Crowe very early on during the covid scam, and through him, Andrew Kaufman, and then it just kept going.

    As of now, this is the list of people I’ve discovered who are exposing the truth about viruses:
    Stefan Lanka
    David Crowe
    Andrew Kaufman
    Sally Fallon Morrell
    Tom Cowan
    Christine Massey
    Shimon Yanowitz
    David Parker
    Dawn Lester
    Jerneja Tomsic
    Lee Merritt
    Michael Wallach (The Viral Delusion)
    Valentina Kiselevq
    Jon Rappoport
    Mark Bailey
    Sam Bailey
    Claus Kohnlein

    I got the book “What Really Makes You Ill” several months ago … okay, quite a few months ago … and am still trying to get around to reading it (along with a mountain of other books…)

    Thanks for bringing this up. We will undoubtedly have to deal with something similar in the future. They demonstrated how effective this tack (fear of contracting an illness) is for controlling people. They will do it again. The better-grounded people are with how they concoct the virus genomes, how the rtPCR “tests” work, etc., the less power they have to induce fear and control people.

  47. What do people here know about DMSO? I’ve heard about it for years and recently got a recommended book, The DMSO Handbook for Doctors, which I’m almost finished reading. Recently Celia Farber mentioned DMSO and that it was part of a protocol she used to heal a tumor on her cat and that it would be a good thing to have on hand. I plan to get some, but am still collecting information, and also looking for the most reliable and affordable source for a pure product.

    • The only thing I know is that once you inhale the vapors, you cannot get rid of the sulfur taste for hours it seems.

    • I have some DMSO liquid and a aloe vera DMSO gel on my shelf. I bought it pre-Covid era after reading about it.

      I also have a pill supplement called superoxide dismutase (SOD).
      There are some correlations between SOD and DMSO.

      And I have a lot of (MSM) Methylsulfonylmethane (powder and pills).
      You probably read about the “Sulfur Cycle”.
      In the sulfur cycle, ocean plankton creates dimethyl sulfide (DMS) which rises into the atmosphere where it interacts with ozone and sunlight to form dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and MSM. These MSM water-soluble compounds then fall to the earth in rainwater and are collected and incorporated into a variety of plants…

      …all commercially available MSM is made by reacting DMSO with hydrogen peroxide. This reaction mimics the atmospheric process and creates an MSM molecule identical to that found in nature. The resulting MSM is then purified by either crystallization or distillation. – ~~WWW msmguide.com/about-msm/

      I have toyed around with the DMSO, but nothing serious.
      Because it is a solvent, I once used it for a rusted bolt/hexnut.

      As “a back of my mind experiment”, I think that the DMSO would help facilitate the skin absorption of another nutrient, such as Lugol’s Iodine.

      Tidbit- I once saw a movie where DMSO was briefly mentioned as a carrier for quick absorption of a toxin in order to covertly assassinate someone. I do not recall the movie.
      However, the movie “The International” has a plot with something similar. Around the 3 minute mark and 22 minute mark and parts between.
      [Part of a “True Crime” SUB-THREAD. The second comment links to the movie…FREE to watch.]

      I have shelves and shelves of supplements, herbs and related stuff. I once worked in the Vitamin Dept of Sprouts for over 3 years.
      At the time, the Sprouts computer had this software:
      Hyperhealth Pro Version 11
      One was able to pull up interelated topics, all with sourced studies.
      I printed a couple file tubs of printouts. I would read these on my breaks, or when at work helping people, or at home.
      I am glad I kept those hardcopies, because Sprouts no longer has it on their Vitamin section computers.

      • Please do let us know if you ever plan to digitize that treasure trove.

        • NUGGET…

          One Ergot drug is Quinelorane.
          A quote from the highly reliable, research-citing “Hyperhealth Pro 11, 2012” about Quinelorane…
          “Quinelorane was developed specifically to mimic the ability of Dopamine to increase Sexual Desire in males and females – it achieves this action so effectively that it may never be released onto the world market due to the social implications of such a potent “aphrodisiac”.”

          Personally, I am very skeptical of that end phrase about the “social implications”.
          [The 2016 Melbourne thunder asthma storms were an international incident. I contend that they resulted from the ergot of the Rye fields.]

          Prior to 2020, a person could sometimes find pages of excerpts from “Hyperhealth Pro” on various websites. Today, I could not find any.

          “Hyperhealth Pro” is often cited in the footnotes of health articles.
          Online, there are various ads for “Hyperhealth Pro” download, but they seem very dubious. I am not going to try any downloads unless someone that I know has success.
          Read the comments here at Amazon…
          “Hyperhealth (Science Base Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Natural Health CD-ROM – August 1, 2002 “

      • I looked for that application on the dark web but found nothing. Someone with access to deeper sites would probably find it somewhere.

        It seems that the company went under while the application was last compatible with windows 7, so as companies moved on past 7 hyperhealth was left behind.

        Homie, if you find some obsolete windows 7 box at the store we can probably lift hyperhealth from it. Just walk in there, pull out a philips screwdriver out of your pocket, go “who in lords name put this in my pocket”, cover up unscrewing sounds with some coughs (or maybe safer farts) and pocket the drive.

        We can breathe some more life into this abandonware.

        • 😉
          “Hyperhealth Pro 11, 2012” was a very cool tool, because many topics and conditions and remedies were interrelated, listed and easily linked and accessed.
          Many man-hours went into this project. Lots of typing by someone who knew their stuff. This was a massive collection.
          There were no fancy images, but rather it was well-formatted text.
          For conditions would be listed remedies, each with their own text and then a link to their main topic page. Any health claim had a link(s) to a study(s) abstract(s) or other reference.

          Welcome to Hyperhealth Encyclopedia(software sales page)
          (This page has an image of Version 8.0. I was using Version 11.)

          Take a Tour of the Hyperhealth Encyclopedia
          The Hyperhealth Topics window provides a graphical, hierarchical structure for Hyperhealth’s topics.
          It presents the topics and sub-topics of Hyperhealth in a treelike configuration.
          You can open and close parent topics by clicking on them with your left mouse button. This screen makes it easy for you to know where you are within Hyperhealth and how to get to the topics that you need.
          (can be expanded or collapsed at any time)

          When conducting searches you can use the Contents tab to find a specific topic.
          Or use the Find tab to type in your search word, click result and you’ll find every topic in Hyperhealth that makes any mention of that given word.
          Use Hyperhealth’s Index function, this feature of Hyperhealth caters for every known spelling/synonym for every Hyperhealth topic. Hyperhealth’s search window will try to find the word as you are typing.

          HyperHealth Topic Structure

          Hyperhealth Pro 10.0 (CD ROM) $99.95
          Version 10 contains:
          ~~ Over 5340 topics
          ~~ 65,487 Clinical References
          ~~ Equal to a 48,895 pages book

          Hyperhealth provides nutritional information on:
          ~~ Symptoms and conditions which are influenced by nutrition.
          ~~ Foods, vitamins, minerals, herbs and their influence on health & disease.
          ~~ Biochemical pathways, interactions, recommended dosages RDA’s, ODA’s
          ~~ Supporting scientific evidence in the form of references and abstracts are hyper-linked to each point.

          Windows OS Only – XP, Vista and Windows 7

  48. While reading a tech article I was surprised to read the following (that I should have expected):

    “Fill out the Prime Stamp Card and get a $10 voucher to spend on Amazon Prime Day
    Complete four quick and easy tasks across your Amazon Prime account to get a $10 voucher to spend during this year’s Amazon Prime Day. The tasks include making a Prime-eligible order of $5 or more, watching a show on Prime Video, listening to a song on Prime Music and borrowing an ebook through Prime Reading. Credit will be added to your account within a few days and then it can be spent on Prime Day deals when they go live across July 12-13.”

    So folks will be used to performing tasks to earn their CBDCs or social credits.

  49. Hey all, just wanted to give you a heads up that Rogers (and a number of other telecommunications service providers) have been down (offline) across Canada since 5AM this morning (July 8th). https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/rogers-outage-cell-mobile-wifi-1.6514373 No debit cards are working for paying for things in stores, only mastercards. It feels like either part of setting the stage for a “beware of the dangerous cyber terrorists” psyop and/or just a way to exponentially increase people’s credit card usage and also to do recon in seeing how many people have cash on hand and how many have become completely dependent on digital currency over the past two years due to cash germaphobia fear-mongering. The system is still down now (6:57PM EST). I have to help people pay for trees at work and I saw many making huge purchases with their credit card when they usually would not have done so, their will inevitably be those that are not vigilant in paying down those charges immediately, thus this will be a very profitable situation for creditors as well.

    James, if you read this, please let us know if you come across news of similar occurrences elsewhere in the world so we can get feel for if this is an emerging pattern and/or part of a larger psychological/financial warfare operation. Thank you.

    • What is the rationale behind only debit cards being affected?

      • Great question. I have not investigated the reasons that were/are being given but I can confirm that it was indeed the case (at least it was here in Leamington, Ontario, yesterday). Such a large scale service outage for that long (only impacting specific formats of financial transactions), it all seems very fishy to me.

      • Some data points worth considering:

        Who is a top ten investor in Rogers? Blackrock.
        Who is the top investor in Rogers? Royal Bank.
        Who is a top investor in Royal Bank? Vanguard.

        Who Owns the World?: Blackrock and Vanguard

        What do the owners and dominators of the conventional human economy want? A new type of slavery system where dependence of masses on high tech centralized systems for basic necessities requires them to capitulate to any demands made or they are cut off.

  50. “mecabunnyzilla says:
    07/09/2022 at 1:21 am
    My coincidence meter went off this morning. I dont know if it means anything, but yesterday 7/7/22 Boris Johnson, the prime minister of England resigned. Less than 24 hours later the former prime minister of Japan is assassinated.”

    When it rains it pours…

    The big story here in Canada today probably didn’t register even a blip around the world but it had a profound affect on many Canadians.

    Some entity/entities were able to take down one of Canada’s largest internet/cable/phone service provider (Rogers Cable) for more than 15 hours today.

    It had a profound effect on customers’ phone/internet/cable TV service, banking, retail sector, air transport etc. etc. across the entire country.
    Internet/e-mail services were also disrupted in the U.S. at the same time.

    More than a year ago we were branded crazy conspiracy theorists for talking about a coming cyber attack. Today we are geniuses!

    On Feb 16, 2022 an article was published outlining an upcoming
    event that was scheduled for today entitled:

    Cyber Polygon 2022 totake place on July 8

    Do you think the cyber attackers chose July 8 (today) to do their deed just by coincidence?

    • Oh man, this is getting so bizarre!

      I dug a little deeper into Cyber Polygon and what a find!

      How are these for ‘coincidences’?

      Cyber Polygon is a Russian-based, WEF-backed annual cybersecurity exercise.
      It is hosted by a Russian company called BI.ZONE.

      Our dear friend Klaus Schwab can be seen offering his opening remarks in a video
      from last year’s Cyber Polygon event at this link:

      Cyber Polygon is postponed: Russian host announces

      Also at the link is an apology for the postponement of this years Cyber Polygon exercise,
      scheduled for today July 8.

    • FT,
      I appreciate you listing these recent and past events.
      It helps with the historical record.

  51. I think Plandemic 2 is here.

    I read last year that an Australian gov official told the article’s interviewee that the next pandemic would be a Marburg virus, so this headline caught my attention today: “Zombie Apocalypse: Ghana Prepares for Possible First-Ever Marburg Virus Outbreak — Causing a ‘Ghost-like’ Appearance.”


    25-90% fatality in those infected. I believe I read that a vaccine is in the works…

    • In Apr 2021 Gavi VaccinesWork posted an article titled: “The next pandemic: Marburg?”


      Excerpt: “How is it spread? The Egyptian rousette fruit bats often harbour the virus. African green monkeys have in the past spread the virus to people in Uganda, but pigs can also become infected and can be a source of infection. Marburg virus is spread through direct contact (through broken skin or mucous membranes) with the blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of infected people, and also through any materials such as bedding, that have been contaminated with the infected fluids.”

  52. Europe – Electric Costs Comparative – Friday July 8th

    …Lower demand due to summer holidays, water filling reservoirs, and windy weather these days led to an 80% slump in day-ahead power prices for the Nordic region on Friday. The average electricity prices across northern Europe for Saturday plunged to as low as $4.24 (4.17 euro) per megawatt-hour (MWh) on the Nord Pool exchange in Oslo, according to Bloomberg’s estimates.

    To compare, the day-ahead prices in France were at $338 (333 euro) per MWh and at $150 (148 euro) per MWh in Germany.

    The day-ahead prices in the Nordic countries hit the lowest since November 2020, on the back of a combination of several factors. These include increased wind power production, people leaving on summer holidays, and sufficient water for hydropower generation….

    • Friday July 8, 2022 – The Expose via Health Impact News
      EXCLUSIVE – UK Gov. admits COVID Vaccine is killing Kids after publishing report proving Vaccinated Children are shocking 30,200% more likely to die than Unvaccinated Children

      …official data from the UK’s Office for National Statistics show that Covid-19 vaccinated children are between 8,100% and 30,200% more likely to die than unvaccinated children.

      On 16th May 2022, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published a dataset containing details on ‘deaths by vaccination status in England’ between 1st Jan 2021 and 31st March 2022…

      …As you can see, the ONS has chosen not to include children in the calculated mortality rates despite the fact children as young as 5 are now eligible for Covid-19 vaccination. They also grouped young adults as a group ranging from age 18 to 39, a period of 22 years, while all other age groups are a period of 10 years (40-49, 50-59 etc).

      It’s things like this that make you believe they must have something to hide, and it turns out they definitely have.

      Because on table 9 of the ‘Deaths by Vaccination Status’ dataset, the ONS have inadvertently provided enough details on deaths among children and teenagers by vaccination status for us to calculate the mortality rates ourselves, and they are horrendous….

    • If you only listen to those who are in 100% agreement with you about everything that you have concluded is the “truth”, based on what you have been told and choose to believe by other mortals. Aren’t you going to be severely limiting your access to new information?

      • I guess you missed the point.
        I don’t live in my own bubble and listen only to those who agree 100% about what I might think is the “truth”.
        It’s not about information, I think it’s something deeper than that.

        If after two years and a half of this scam people who catch a cold or the flu still claim that they got Covid (most likely after being tested by the infamous PCR test, the crutch who kept and is still keeping this fraud going on), well, for me it’s not a matter of agreeing or not with them. It’s a matter of vision of what is going on.
        And if you still claim you have Covid in 2022, personally I believe that your vision about the whole thing is not so clear and that you’re only reinforcing their criminal narrative.

        Covid is just the rebranding of the flu. This is a fundamental thing to understand for me, and It’s not something I want to argue about anymore. Got no more energy to spend in some useless discussions about the lab leak theory or stuff like that.
        Might be wrong, and maybe sooner I will realize that Covid was so bad, so ugly and so deadly that our beloved tyrants had no other choice than start working so hard to build back better the wonderful and shiny New Normal Digital Prison that is rising in front of those who still have eyes to see it. It’s all for our own good.

        I am just disappointed because Davis was one of my favourite journalist. I’ve always found his research and articles very interesting and full of valuable informations and insights, and was not expecting this from him.

        • Well, I guess I have re-branded flu now (actually got sick) and I took a swab antigen test (home test) and it was positive for “Covid”

          Because I am not vaccinated and in order to keep my job have to test twice a week, so I’m hoping the test is negative tomorrow and I can kick this in 24 hours. My husband traveled and came home pretty sick, much worse than how I feel today.

          I had a low grade fever last night, chills and like my upper airways are sore and inflamed. I also have a headache and a little lethargy. My appetite is good and I have no significant issue with taste or smell. It feels no different than any other respiratory infection that I’ve had in the past. My husband said his feels like the flu, high fever, lethargy, diarrhea and sinus inflammation. He has no cough. He said he has a metallic taste, but can taste food.

          I’m gonna look up the antigen test and see if it reacts with flu antigen.

          • We are both taking the Ivermectin cocktail that includes: Ivermectin, zinc, Vit C and Quercetin daily.

            • Your gut wall houses 70 percent of the cells that make up your immune system. Therefore maintaining a healthy gut flora (through eating fermented foods) is of paramount importance for keeping your immune system in good shape.

              Also, (as you know) nutrients are Very Important.

              A List of Some Of My Favorite Immune System Boosting Plant and Fungal foods:

              Plant foods:

              – Andrographis (Andrographis paniculata)

              – Anthocyanin rich foods. (Additional info: https://bit.ly/2UvWxgd)

              – Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus)

              – Beets (Beta vulgaris)

              – Blueberries (Vaccinium angustifolium)

              – Blue Green Algae (like Chlorella or Spirilina powder/tablets)

              – Cacao (Theobroma cacao)

              – Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum)

              – Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum)

              – Citrus fruit (particularly lemons and limes)

              – Cranberries (Oxycoccus) Additional info: https://bit.ly/3dLjnI2

              – Echinacea (Echinacea spp.) Additional info: https://bit.ly/2Uvi7kJ

              – Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) Additional info: https://bit.ly/2w2ePw9

              – Eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus)

              – Garlic (Allium sativum)

              – Ginger (Zingiber officinale) and (Asarum canadense) Additional info: https://bit.ly/3ayDjfk

              – Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius)

              – Goji Berries (Black Goji Berries ‘Lycium ruthenicum’ and Red Goji berries ‘Lycium barbarum’) Additional info: https://bit.ly/3432zrU

              – Green tea (Camellia sinensis)

              – Hot Peppers (Capsicum) Additional info: https://bit.ly/3dGnMw1

              – Kale (Brassica oleracea)

              – Malaysian ginseng, aka “tongkat ali” or “pasak bumi” (Eurycoma longifolia)

              – Onions (Allium cepa)

              – Star Anise (Illicium verum)

              – Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas) Additional info: https://bit.ly/39xm4dh

              – Turmeric ( Curcuma longa) Additional info: https://bit.ly/2xFzruI

              Sea Vegetables:

              – Bladderwrack (fucus vesiculosus)

              – Wakame (Undaria pinnatifida)

              – Irish Moss (chondrus crispus)

              Fungal foods:

              -Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) Additional info: https://bit.ly/2UuvlhL

              -Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) Additional info: https://bit.ly/2UPW9YH

              -Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) Additional info: https://bit.ly/2UTGWWL

              -Maitake(Grifola frondosa) Additional info: https://bit.ly/341fMkT

              -Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris)

              -Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) Additional info: https://bit.ly/3dLVMXI

              -Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus)

              Ways to Help Keep Your White Blood Cells Healthy

              Vitamins C, E, carotenoids, Omega-3, selenium, and zinc are the main nutrients to focus on while maintaining a healthy white blood cell count.

              These are some compounds you can either take in supplements (or find in some foods) that support the formation and resilience of specialized white blood cells (such as macrophages, dendritic cells, T and B cells, NK cells, Mast Cells, Basophils, and Eosinophils) :

              – NAC (N-Acetyl-L-cysteine) (Cysteine is found in most high-protein foods, shiitake mushrooms, yogurt, cheese, eggs, sunflower seeds and legumes.)

              – Palmitoylethanolamide (found in eggs, fermented soy beans and peanuts)

              – L-Theanine (found in green tea leaves and in Bolete mushrooms)

              I hope this info helps! Feel better soon.

              • Thanks for the list of supplements! I have some NAC supplements that I’ll start taking. I know eating whole foods with these compounds in them is superior, but I’ll take them until I feel well enough to go to the store.

              • Nice list Gavinm.

              • You are most welcome cu.h.j and thank you HomeRemedySupply.

                The list was a shortened excerpt from the “Optimizing The Innate Immune System” chapter my soon to be published book ( you can learn more about it here: https://recipesforreciprocity.com/)

                Yes cu.h.j, the whole foods containing said compounds are always more effective than lab isolated versions.. bioavailability and synergistic benefits come from aspects of the fresh food which cannot be simulated in a pill.

                I can share some fun and tasty recipes that incorporate some of the above listed items in synergistic formats designed to help minimize symptoms and expedite recovery if you are interested.

                Feel better soon

              • Gavinm

                I would love to have some recipes! I have been very hungry lately, like my body needs extra nutrients.

              • @cu.h.j

                I do not have much time this morning but for starters I will share a link to an update I did on kickstarter where I share a full recipe from my book for a nourishing and immune system optimizing soup that is based on a recipe from Laos.


                Are you interested in recipes for creating fermented preserves with medicinal benefits (kimchi etc)?

                I also have a recipe I have been working on for a potent immune system optimizing syrup (which can also be made into a powder for capsules etc if you have a freeze drier). Is that something you are interested in attempting to make?

                How about ginger/lemon tea? I have a basic recipe that can be added to which is really helpful for my wife and I when we feel under the weather.

                I will take some screen shots of other relevant recipes from my book and find a way to link them here tonight after work.

                take care, hope you have a restful day

              • Gavinm,

                Thank you for the links I appreciate it! I feel much better already and am on the mend! Your book looks really cool. I will buy a copy when I get my next paycheck because I’m going to be developing a garden and/or greenhouse. I’ll be in the desert though, so that might be challenging to implement, but not impossible.

              • @cu.h.j

                Your welcome, I am glad to hear your feeling better.

                Thank you for your kind words about my book project. I do not have a solid timeline for the printing/shipping at this point as I need to iron out a few kinks (software compatibility etc issues) for the printing company to be able to send it to the presses but the option to pre-order a copy is available on the website. I am hoping to get the ball rolling this fall for printing.

                I do have a few techniques and approaches that I cover in the book that could help optimize a garden in the desert (minimizing water required and maximizing crop yield by choosing ideal heirloom crops). One soil building method called an “inverted hugelkultur” (aka “dead wood swale”) is a great way to build soil fast and create a natural reservoir for rainwater to be sequestered in so the roots of your crops can tap into some moisture during a drought. Then in addition to building soil rich in organic matter, could grow heirloom crops that have been selectively bred for hundreds of years by indigenous peoples to be very drought tolerant (such as Hopi Blue corn and Golden Giant Amaranth). In addition, if you were to plant these crops with companions that have add a layer of synergy to the plant’s resilience and help to retain soil moisture (planting methods such as as the Native American “Three Sisters” companion planting system) you would significantly increase your chances of getting reliable and sizable (nutrient dense) harvests with minimal water required. I cover all that in my book and actually provide seeds for both those heirloom seed varieties (as well as recipes for enjoying/preserving the harvest) and though I do think having a hard copies of books with practical techniques is wise in these times we live in, I can also share the same info on here if you want to get started sooner than later.

                Hope you have a great day and thanks for your interest in my book project.

          • It feels like the flu because it is the flu. 🙂

            I hope you both get better soon. Take care.

            • Thank you! You take care too!

            • Interesting hypothesis. The loss of smell and taste that can persist is weird. I have not had that symptom (fortunately). It feels almost identical to a mild flu. The only thing that is different for me is that I had a bad head ache for 24 hours. I had to take tylenol and ibuprofen to get rid of it. I did also use both to break the fever (it was low grade, but still uncomfortable).

              I’ve had some aches and pains and lethargy too. Today is the third day and I feel better and felt better yesterday too. I notice a sore throat, sore nose and nasal congestion. The lung symptoms are gone.

              I think it might have been made in a lab as well. I’m hoping my employer doesn’t give me a hard time. Plenty of vaxxed people got it too and took time off. I would go back to work at this point, but they won’t let me, the 5 day isolation bs. I need this job for 4-5 months till I move out of CA.

            • I haven’t been sick in a long time. I had a case of the sniffles in 2019 and in 2020. And I suspected that whatever that was gave me immunity to the original strain. Maybe that fades over time and I got sick.

              I think all this mask wearing at work has weakened my immune system. I had a very robust immune system a few years ago, although I think it’s still pretty good though.

            • People saying “it is the flu” are not always downplaying the possibility of severe and fatal illness. It is because we have experienced this all before. In past flu epidemics, almost everything got labeled as the flu including hypoxia and blood clots. This was not done everywhere but there were enough places willingly to inflate flu numbers and cover up other causes of diseases.

            • seasons,

              I know what you mean about hyping the flu prior to the scamdemic. It was almost identical fear porn, headlines like “healthy athlete dies from flu” and pushing the flu vaccines. I think there may have also been some of the blood clotting and hypoxia problems with severe flu in past seasons. I just don’t remember seeing it, not hypoxia with oxygen saturations in the 60s-70s. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, I just don’t remember.

              I do know that the volume of sick people was a lot greater in past flu seasons and Covid seemed not significantly different, just perhaps more ICU admissions. This is the area of the CA that I work in. I think New York might have been worse than other parts of the country, probably because of poorer health and more air pollution. But flu season in NY is always awful. In fact hospitals in NY are hell holes from what I have been told from colleagues.

              Also “just the flu” implies that flu is a walk in the park and flu can be really bad. I have had a bad flu twice in my life and I was so sick I couldn’t get out of bed except to go the the bathroom. It was awful. What I have now is not that bad, but I do know some people who were much sicker than I have been with whatever is going around now. My poor friend had a similar illness twice and his taste and smell has not returned. He said he was so tired he could barely stand up in the shower. And he’s only 30 years old and pretty healthy too.

          • Somewhere – recently – I heard what to do if you are going to get a test and you need it to be negative. You put SOMETHING on a q-tip and put it up your nose right beforehand. I just can’t remember what that something is…. or where I heard about it…. There is something and maybe it would come up in a search. I don’t have good internet access, but maybe you could find it…

            • I’ll check that out! I’m gonna wash my sinuses with a dilute iodine solution tomorrow. I think a low dose peroxide solution can be used in the nasal cavity too. I like your thinking! I think athletes were doing something like this too.

          • Use hydrotherapy. It’s related to the Wim Hof technique, which I learned about in an earlier open thread and am so grateful. It works extremely well if you start as soon as you are exposed (personal experience) but it can still be helpful later. see https://www.traditionalhydrotherapy.com/ and look up Wim Hof.

            • I’ll check this out. I have been taking lots of hot showers and the steam has helped my sinuses and lungs. I feel a lot better today which is day 4. I have had worse illnesses in the past and am glad that I did not get as sick as some people.

              I do think the Ivermectin helped in addition to the other supplements. Will check out the hydrotherapy, looks interesting!

        • I agree that the PCR tests are unreliable and I haven’t looked into the antigen test. It is different than PCR.

          Because we may never know what this is, whether it’s a new virus or an old virus or a combination of factors, we can’t say conclusively a regular respiratory infection is “Covid”. However if it is accompanied by significant hypoxia and blood clotting and massive inflammation, I would label it as “not flu” and may even call it “Covid” because that might be a non-flu respiratory infection, or atypical pneumonia.

          Flu does not usually cause significant hypoxia and blood clotting as far as I know and it has a different swab test which may be meaningless (I don’t know). However, I would have to research if flu can cause blood clotting and significant (life threatening) hypoxia. I base my understanding on observations working in hospitals over the past 10 years, but eyewitness testimony is always a bit unreliable and should not be taken as fact, but a guide to investigate more thoroughly.

          I guess my point is that maybe this journalist was using their terminology but not actually believing in the narrative.

          I understand your point though, that you expect more precise language from a good journalist.

  53. My Schadenfreude Confession…

    [Schadenfreude is the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another. It is a borrowed word from German.]

    In North Texas, for the last 30 days we have had absolutely no significant rain. The air is stale and stifling with temperatures often topping 100F (37.778°C) day after day.
    The other night it was 90F (32.2C) at midnight.
    It is a humid heat, not a dry heat. So, the sweat starts pouring quickly when outside.

    When I go to the stores, I often see a number of people in the baking-hot parking lot wearing their mask to and from the store.
    A fair percentage of those wearing masks are young, healthy people in their 20’s and 30’s.

    My Schadenfreude takes hold…with thoughts like: “Oh yea! Be sure to wear your virtuous mask at all times.”

    This recent article triggered my Schadenfreude…

    New Survey Reveals Significant Doubts About Masks And Vaccines
    …a new Pew Research survey of more than 10,000 adults…
    48% think “wearing masks around other people indoors” has been extremely or very effective…
    55% of Americans say vaccines have been extremely or very effective in limiting Covid spread…
    …Attitudes differ sharply by political orientation: 72% of Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents say public health officials have done an excellent or good job….

    • Lol. I’d get a smile off of that too. I had a co worker who was jabbed 4 times and is a vaccine tyrant, thinking people should be forced to be jabbed. I laughed when I found out he got “Covid” and was super sick. He didn’t die, but was ill for two weeks. He deserved it for his vile opinions about violating other peoples bodily autonomy.

    • HomeRemedySupply
      “..A fair percentage of those wearing masks are young, healthy people in their 20’s and 30’s.
      My Schadenfreude takes hold…with thoughts like: “Oh yea! Be sure to wear your virtuous mask at all times.”……”

      The flip side is that those will be the people running things in a few decades. The “Dumbest Generation” as Mark Bauerlein called them are horribly stupid, lazy, and demanding while also being very well slave trained….. any Schadenfreude evaporates imagining those twits keeping the water and power flowing or walking into a voting booth. 🙁

    • This comment is not relevant to the comment above but rather is to share a link to an updated and enhanced format of the list of immune system optimizing foods I shared (which you commented on above).


      The comment reply function is illusive for me on here sometimes, thus I am replying to you here rather than on the comment above that pertains to the subject matter of the link.

      Have a great night 🙂

  54. “World Government is the structure necessary for Global Justice.
    You sir!
    [Walter Cronkite] You sir have been a life long advocate of this principle.”

    “Most Trusted Man In America” Walter Cronkite – “I’m Glad to Sit Here at the Right Hand of Satan”

    Walter Cronkite at the World Federalist Association on receiving the 1999 Norman Cousins Global Governance Award. Cronkite was for decades a secret globalist and covert supporter of world government. The veteran CBS broadcaster and nightly anchorman was once considered “the most trusted man in America.” “Uncle Walter” was a former US Army military intelligence agent and one of the most prominent media figures in the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird effort to control and manipulate the press’ distortion of the news. Cronkite was the leading media proponent of the Warren Commission lies to the public, of which he hosted many documentaries and broadcasts misleading his viewers. Here he is being introduced by former US congressman John Anderson, the 1980 National Unity Party presidential candidate who received an astounding widespread regime media presence in his campaign against Democrat Jimmy Carter, Republican Ronald Reagan, and Libertarian Ed Clark. Anderson won support among Democrats who became disillusioned with Carter, as well as Rockefeller Republicans, independents, liberal intellectuals, and college students. Be sure to not miss Hillary Clinton’s remarks at the end.

  55. Has anyone seen this new HBO show coming out today called the Anarchists? I saw the trailer and it looks like a potential hit piece on Anarchapulco. I don’t want to give my money to HBO but would be interested to see a review of it done by someone like James who has actually been before and knows what it is actually about.

    • BUMP

      The Anarchists | Official Trailer | HBO
      (2 1/2 minutes)
      HBO Original documentary series #TheAnarchists follows an eclectic cast of dreamers, fugitives, and crypto-enthusiasts whose annual gathering in Acapulco, Mexico becomes a massive anarchist community — but what begins as a hopeful experiment to live out a radical new way of life proves to be more challenging and dangerous than anyone could have expected. The Anarchists premieres July 10 at 10PM on HBO Max.

      Familiar faces are in this trailer.

      Thanks for the post! By the way, I like your handle.

      • Thanks, HomeRemedySupply! I appreciate the Larken Rose link as well. It’s very important to know these nuanced definitions. If my old high school friends hadn’t tainted the word “anarchy” for me I might have been turned on to these concepts sooner. Now I know they were simply anarcho-communists.

    • The following Larken Rose July 10th video was just below the HBO trailer.

      “Real Anarchists”
      (18 minutes)

      Since the new HBO series, “The Anarchists,” is here (six episodes airing every Sunday at 10 p.m. EST)—and since the inevitable tantrums about the term “anarchy” have already begun—I thought it was time to clarify a few things about anarchism, “anarcho-communism,” “anarcho-capitalism,” etc.

    • I haven’t watched it and don’t really want to pay and fund the mainstream media just to watch it so I’ll wait until some anarchist uploads it to a free site.

      So no idea what it’s like but I would imagine it would be like a bunch of snakes taking part in an arm wrestling championship.

      • I expect it not to be worth even the cost of downloading over the flatrate broadband.

  56. Monday July 11, 2022 – Jefferey Jaxen on Substack
    Dutch Farmers Igniting Global Resistance Against Climate Push

    [World Economic Forum VIDEO embedded/linked: “Transforming Food Systems and Land Use (Option 1)” “…agriculture remains a major driver of water use, climate change and nature loss….” combined with alarming population growth.]

    …How did it get to this point?

    In 2017, the European Union announced nature directives for the purpose of achieving Agenda 2030 goals, for ‘conservation and sustainable management’ of Europe’s most vulnerable species and natural habitats. Directives were to be achieved through designation and protection of areas of ‘high biodiversity value’ which form the Natura 2000 network. The Netherlands has 162 Natura 2000 areas/sites…

    …A side effect of Agenda 2030 is a war on food, the farmer and the food chain as we’ve known it,..

    …Agriculture, particularly small, independent farmers, are “a direct and indirect pathway to the social, economic, and environmental dimensions of sustainable development” stated the International Food Research Institute in its 2017 paper titled The Central Position of Agriculture within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The institute goes on to say that agriculture, “more than any other sector, … is the common thread which holds the 17 [sustainable development goals of Agenda 2030] SDGs together”…
    [(SDG) = Sustainable Development Goals]

    …The world is getting a look at the unsavory business end of the United Nation’s Agenda 2030. On the streets of the Netherlands, an underbelly is being laid bare to achieving a promised sustainable world through the feel good words of sustainable development – and it’s nothing short of classic feudalism behind the green mask.

    • In the Netherlands- Picnic distribution centre burns to the ground, fire brigade investigates


      Picnic is a Dutch grocery delivery service (not an in person shopping store). They use electric vehicles for delivery and take pride in being carriers of synthetic and alternative meat products.
      Here are some interesting tidbits about investors in this grocery distributer.

      In the Netherlands, The Minister for Nature and Nitrogen Policy, Christianne van der Wal-Zeggelink, is married to Piet van der Wal (heir to Okke van de Wal) and brother to Bouke van der Wal, of the super-wealthy van der Wal family. This family is known for owning a massive supermarket chain called Boni. They are also invested in Picnic, the fastest growing business in the Netherlands. Picnic also buys directly from Boni which saves operational costs (according to Retail Intelligence Lab).

      Additionally, another major investor in Picnic just so happens to be Bill Gates.

      So let’s put this together, the Dutch Nitrogen Minister and Bill Gates have vested interest in food distribution in the Netherlands. They are promoting and providing alternative food products and “green” practices. These same people are encouraging strict agricultural regulations and essentially forcing ranchers and farmers out of business.

      Too bad about that fire…

      Farmers Markets anyone?

      • That is really interesting.
        Thanks for this post.

      • Was that larceny or the hell fires just got a bit out of hand?

    • ah shoot, I guess my problem is having only one PhD 😉 Personally I haven’t jumped on the “viruses aren’t real” bandwagon yet although I believe it is perfectly possible to stay healthy while having a virus (the Wim Hof technique, that I learned about here, did wonders for me with COVID), but being physically and mentally prepared is key. Yes the powers that shouldn’t be are fooling around for their own profit but they are still perfectly capable of releasing a real bioweapon, especially after creating mass weakening of global immune systems with their magic shot. This probably won’t be the last release, either.

    • Ph.D. no longer implies a level of competence or intelligence, especially given the plethora of fields one can study. Also, given the level of corruption and politics in academia and applied science. (Recommend not appealing to authority for these reason.)

    • Thanks for posting. Good article.

  57. The Calgary Stampede …rustle up sum bug food
    $17 for a bug Hot Dog

    “Clyde Do Something” reports…
    Some cool clips in his video. Watch Nicole Kidman eat bugs.

    Calgary Stampede Serving Bugs – Mealworm and Cricket Hotdogs on the Menu – Thanks, I Hate it
    (10 minutes)(links in shownotes)

    ARTICLE: Calgary Stampede approves mealworm hotdogs
    In a shocking decision, the Calgary Stampede has chosen to walk the globalist path and is allowing vendors to sell bugs for human consumption.
    “Adventurous, daring, and spicy twists on traditional Stampede favourites, get ready to make some mouthwatering memories,” the Calgary Stampede New Midway Food page reads.

    Included on the “mouthwatering” menu are a number of niche Asian fusion foods, such as Korean Squid Ink Corn Dogs, Unagi Sushi Tacos, Deep Fried Mochi, Bao Baos, and Korean BBQ Fries, along with several sugar-infused desserts sold by local vendors.

    However, two vendors have boldly decided to sprinkle mealworms and crickets on hot dogs.

    “All-Beef Meal Worm Hot Dog, made using mealworm protein, whole roasted mealworms, and beef, topped off with your favourite condiments (Meal Worms are high in protein and safe to eat),” a description reads for the “food” being sold by Superbooth.

    “All-Beef Cricket Hot Dog, made using cricket protein, whole roasted crickets and beef, topped off with your favourite condiments (Crickets are high in protein and safe to eat),” reads the description for the Cricket Hot Dogs being sold by The Wurst & Burger Shack.

    Selling bugs for human consumption isn’t the only thing new at the Calgary Stampede this year, though.
    Also on the docket is an 18+ drag queen show featuring communist trans performer Karla Marx.

    Marx previously proclaimed they were “Calgary’s most naked drag queen” on their Instagram, which is full of revealing and racy photos…

    …Other drag performers in attendance include Lady Boom Boom, Cyril Cinder, The Coven, Valerie Hunt, Felicia Bonee, and Argintina Hailey-Lawrence. Tickets cost between $45 to $150 for the VIP meet and greet.

    “We’re excited to expand Stampede’s programming and bring some amazing international and local drag talent to the Stampede Midway,” said Stampede director of programming Kyle Russell….
    ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Stampede 2021: We said we’d ride again
    (100 seconds)

    • If netflix is any indication, the stampede will go under in a stampede.

  58. Control – bit by bit…
    Will we be in the hot seat?

    Thursday July 14, 2022
    BMW Charges Drivers $18 A Month For Heated Seat Subscription

    …In select markets, BMW introduced the ConnectedDrive Store, a portal for existing owners can download various apps over the air to upgrade features on their vehicle, similar to how Tesla offers upgraded Autopilot subscriptions for a hefty monthly fee…

    … The German automaker has begun to sell monthly subscriptions for “high beam assistant” and “front seat heating.”
    BMW has embraced subscription monetization that will set drivers back $18 a month for heated seats or “unlimited” for $415. It’s similar to mobile gaming or video games — want a flashier player, better weapon, or a new map package — well, you have to pay for that.
    “Front Seat heating gets things nice and cosy in no time,”
    the ConnectedDrive store reads.
    “Activation after purchase is quick and easy.”

    The Verge noted, “BMW has slowly been putting features behind subscriptions since 2020, and heated seats subs are now available in BMW’s digital stores in countries including the UK, Germany, New Zealand, and South Africa. It doesn’t, however, seem to be an option in the US — yet.”

    “One of the most unusual items found in the BMW ConnectedDrive Store is called IconicSounds Sport. It essentially plays fake engine noises through the car’s speakers should you be willing to pay $138 to have the feature permanently,” automotive website Motor1 pointed out.

    The rise of in-car subscriptions is here, and drivers are furious because they’re paying for the hardware they can’t use — and there’s nothing revolutionary about heated seats…

    …Besides the proliferation of in-app car subscriptions, drivers will one day be bombarded with roadside ads on their infotainment displays. Ford’s new patent details this more in-depth (read: here).

    • With video games this turned out to be a great business model because of a high volume of idiots who are ready to spring for it. Crucial distinction between the two being, most of microtransaction ridden games are free to play.

  59. I feel for people living in some countries, especially developing countries.

    The world is awash with a debt based monetary system.

    DXY – The Dollar
    The dollar index jumped more than 1% to top 109 on Thursday, a fresh 20-year high, amid increasing bets the Fed will deliver a 100bps rate hike in the fed funds rate later this month, which would be the largest increase since the central bank started directly using overnight interest rates to conduct monetary policy in the early 1990s. Fresh data showed both consumer and producer inflation continued to accelerate in June, while the NFP report pointed to a tight labour market.
    The DXY is up more than 13% this year with the Euro hitting parity for the first time in 20 years and the yen trading above 139 for the first time since 1998.

    The United States Dollar Index or DXY measures the performance of the dollar against a basket of other currencies including EUR, JPY, GBP, CAD, CHF and SEK. The EUR is, by far, the largest component of the index, making up 57.6% of the basket followed by JPY (13.6%), GBP (11.9%), CAD (9.1%), SEK (4.2%), and CHF (3.6%).

    In 2021, global debt reached a record $303T, according to the Institute of International Finance, a global financial industry association.
    ~~WWW zerohedge.com/markets/take-tragedy-sri-lanka-and-multiply-ten-fed-just-lobbed-financial-nuke-will-obliterate

  60. Wed July 13, 2022 – Bloomberg
    JPMorgan Spoofed Gold to Keep Hedge Funds Happy, Ex-Trader Says
    [Article gives some examples of how the spoofing worked.]

    July 6th – Ronan Manly at Bullionstar
    Peter Hambro – BIS, central banks are rigging gold market using bullion banks’ paper gold

    …For those who don’t know him, Peter Hambro is a very well-respected name in the gold space, having co-founded and been chairman of FTSE-listed Anglo-Russian gold mining company Peter Hambro Mining (now known as ). He was also, from 1983 to 1990, deputy managing director of legendary London bullion broker Mocatta & Goldsmid. Additionally, Peter Hambro’s father, was also at one time a director of Samuel Montagu, another of the legendary London bullion broker cartel firms.

    On top of that, Peter Hambro is also great great grandson of Baron Carl Joachim Hambro, the founder of the famous English investment bank Hambros. In fact, Mocatta & Goldsmid even merged with Hambros bank in 1957. In the 1980s, Mocatta & Goldsmid was also the largest gold and silver counterparty to the Soviet Union.

    So when Peter Hambro writes about gold price manipulation, it is not just anyone writing about gold price manipulation, this is a man from one of the British banking dynasties who has been privy during his entire career to the inner workings of the workings of the London bullion banking establishment, and who has the operational knowledge of running a London Stock Exchange listed gold mining company that extracts real physical gold, gold that has no counterparty risk and is no one else’s liability….

    …and a Zero Hedge article by Matthew Piepenburg via GoldSwitzerland.com,…
    Paper Gold Price Manipulation – Rigged To Fail

    • I often remember my now deceased dear ex colleague who was quite a wily guy when it came to matters of monetary nature. He had a lot of it and moved it around. But he was also buying paper gold without flinching. At the time I did not understand much about anything, really, but to have a guy like that not see through that scam, that’s really something.

  61. Alex Stein strikes again!

    “Big Booty Latina” AOC Melts Down After “Dangerous” Capitol Police Failure To Stop Comedian
    (24 second video)

    Alex Stein has been repeatedly mentioned in the Corbett Report comment section.

    To find “Alex Stein” on a Corbett webpage, use “Ctrl” + “F” to open a webpage search box. Enter Alex Stein.

    • Someone was ponting out that when you reorder AOC you get CAO. Or CHAOS, in other words. There is certainly a lot of that around this wokan. Her very position is a clear proof of there being a lot of it. But people keep piling more on, as if it is going to somehow magically reverse.

      It’s basically trying to resolve the problem without understanding what the issue is. The probervial putting the cart in front of the horse.

      • That perfectly captures the illogical logic of those types of democrats. They want to resolve the problem without understanding the issue and they are paranoid that anyone trying to make them understand the issue is just attempting to stop the “solution”.

        I am very disappointed in those type of political people for the past two years. They were the loudest voices calling out Trump’s Covid-19 travel ban and how it is wrong, ineffective, unscientific. Then in a few months these folks would support expanding beyond the travel ban into locking down the entire society.

  62. Hot!
    For over a month, the central and western U.S. has been very hot and dry.

    Friday July 15th – MAP IMAGES for world with Scott Duncan Twitter
    Nearly 1 Billion Chinese Roast In Scorching Heatwave
    A massive heatwave has covered large swaths of China, including Shanghai, Southwest China’s Sichuan Province, East China’s Jiangsu, and Zhejiang provinces, affecting nearly one billion people.

    At least 76 national weather stations recorded high temperatures that exceeded 108 degrees Fahrenheit on Wednesday, according to the National Climate Center. The highest temperature recorded was 111.5 degrees Fahrenheit in Lingshou, in North China’s Hebei Province…

    …Besides China, extreme weather, such as heatwaves and droughts, is present in the US, Europe, and India [LINK]….

    [See Scott Duncan Twitter images]


      “…with SOLAR CYCLE 25 ramping up to a new Solar Maximum expected in three years. 2025. The hazard maps are coming not a moment too soon… …but guys, what they’re saying here about Solar maximum arriving in 2025; now, that’s this cycle but remember GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM is not about one 11.8 year cycle. They go back years and years and the cycles are declining in their peak. You understand what I’m saying: So we’ll have a surge for the next three years and it’ll peak in 2025 of a smaller cycle each time.“

    • July 15, 2022
      Alice Springs, Australia Suffers Longest Streak Of Sub-Zero Days On Record
      + Greenland Refuses To Melt As Scheduled


      The ‘climate brigade’ have gone quiet re. Australia in recent weeks, focusing instead on a slither of summer heat gripping Western Europe and a perfectly ordinary ‘heat dome’ building in the Central U.S. — and that’s because it’s bloody freezing Down Under, unprecedentedly cold, in fact.

      The middle of Australia is renowned for its scorching hot summers and year-round blue skies, not for its cold winters.

      However, this year the region has been buffeted by rare Antarctic blasts and, as a result, is suffering its coldest spell ever.

      The Northern Territory locale of Alice Springs has seen its thermometers sink below 0C (32F) for twelve consecutive mornings now, which, according to the Bureau of Meteorology –in books dating back 81 years– surpasses the previous longest streak of below-zero days set in July 1976 (solar minimum of cycle 19).

      The frosty nights aren’t set to abate just yet. either….

      • Didn’t you get the memo? CO2 causes global cooling on the sourhern hemisphere. Everything is in reverse down under.

        • 😉
          That sounds logical.
          Climate Change CO2 is upside down on that part of the flat earth.

        • That’s why the new accepted term is climate change. You probably already knew that. 🙂

      • See Images…

        Is Australia experiencing a ‘volcanic winter’?

        Significant polar fronts have delivered record-low temperatures and record-high snowfalls to swathes of Australia in recent weeks. The continent is on for one of its coldest winters on record. But why…?

        June was an exceptionally cold month, according to data provided by the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM):
        And July is continuing that frigid trend.

        Serving as just three recent examples: Alice Springs busted its longest streak of sub-zero days in recorded history; secondly, on July 15, Hillston Airport, NSW logged -6C (21.2F) — its lowest temperature ever recorded; and, thirdly, just last night, snow settled across many of Hobart’s suburbs, almost reaching sea-level in Tasmania’s south, and an apparent low of -20C (-4F) was observed…

        …an overlooked factor is volcanic activity, namely Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai’s record-high mesopsheric eruption in January.

        Volcanic eruptions are one of the key forcings driving Earth into its next bout of global cooling. Their worldwide uptick is tied to low solar activity, coronal holes, a waning magnetosphere, and the influx of Cosmic Rays penetrating silica-rich magma.

        Hunga Tonga’s eruption of Jan 15 fired particulates through the stratosphere and into the mesosphere. At 36 miles up, it was the highest volcanic eruption ever recorded.

        Those particulates are now ‘trapped’ in the upper atmosphere, and are forecast to cool the planet by approx. 0.3C. It has been suggested that Australia’s exceptionally cold and snowy winter of 2022 is being driven, at least in part, by these trapped volcanic aerosols. …

        [See above comment on “Grand Solar Minimum” (image) and volcanic/seismic activity]

    • Saturday July 16, 2022
      UK Met Office Issues First Ever ‘Red Warning’ For Extreme Heat

      The UK’s Met Office has issued its first ever red warning for extreme heat, as it warned of a “potentially very serious situation” in parts of England that could pose a risk to life.

      During the ongoing heatwave that is set to peak on Tuesday, the Met Office said, there is an 80 percent chance of the mercury topping the UK’s record temperature of 38.7C (101.7F) set in Cambridge in 2019, and there is a 50 percent chance of temperatures reaching 40C somewhere in the UK.

      The red warning, the first of its kind ever issued, covers an area from London up to Manchester and then up to the Vale of York, said Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge, adding: “This is potentially a very serious situation.”…

      …‘National Emergency’

      The UK Health Security Agency has increased its heat health warning from level three to level four, which indicates the situation amounts to a “national emergency.”

      Level four is reached “when a heatwave is so severe and/or prolonged that its effects extend outside the health and social care system… At this level, illness and death may occur among the fit and healthy, and not just in high-risk groups,” it said….

      • France Cuts Nuclear Power Generation Amid Record-Breaking Heatwave

        Europe’s ongoing heat wave will continue through the end of the month, producing record-breaking temperatures across the continent. The heatwave is beginning to curb nuclear power production in France, which could have widespread effects across European markets.

        Bloomberg reports French utility Electricite de France SA (EDF) was forced to reduce power generation at three power plants this week, two on the Rhone River and another on the Garonne, after water temperatures from each respective river were too hot to circulate through condensers and discharge back into waterways because superheated water would cause environmental harm…

        …Ahead of summer, half of France’s 56 reactors were offline due to routine maintenance. The outage continues to expand due to heatwaves, and water restrictions on rivers have sent nuclear power output to the lowest seasonal level in at least a decade…

        …A combination of heatwaves and maintenance is crippling France’s atomic fleet and comes at a time when the continent suffers from an energy crisis.

      • Tuesday July 19, 2022
        UK Records Hottest Day Ever Amid Heat Apocalypse

        The UK eclipsed its record for the hottest temperatures ever on Tuesday afternoon, with a reading of 39.1 degrees Celsius (102.4 degrees Fahrenheit), according to the Met Office weather agency.

        Met Office’s CEO, Penelope Endersby, told BBC News that there’s a possibility temperatures could reach 40-41 degrees Celsius (104-106 degrees Fahrenheit). ..

        …New UK record as the temperature has hit 40.2C at Heathrow Airport…

        …We noted yesterday that most Britons don’t have air conditioners — the country is just not set up to handle excessive heat as average high temperatures for this time of year are around 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius).

        AP noted road traffic was down across the country. Trains operated at low speeds out of caution rails could buckle due to hot temperatures…
        … London’s Luton Airport and Brize Norton air base experienced flight disruptions due to “melted” runways….

        [I remember the old days… those hot humid summer nights in deep east Texas with no A/C. It reminds me of the movie scenes in “To Kill a Mockingbird”. ]

        • Tuesday July 19th – Bleeping Computer
          UK heat wave causes Google and Oracle cloud outages
          An ongoing heatwave in the United Kingdom has led to Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud outages after cooling systems failed at the companies’ data centers.

          For the past week, the United Kingdom has suffered an ongoing record-breaking heat wave causing stifling temperatures throughout the region.
          However, today, with temperatures reaching a record-breaking 40.2 degrees Celsius (104.4 Fahrenheit), cooling systems at data centers used by Google and Oracle to host their cloud infrastructure have begun to fail.

          To prevent permanent damage to hardware components and thus create a prolonged outage, both Google and Oracle have shut down equipment, leading to outages in their cloud services.

          Oracle was the first to be affected, with the company reporting a cooling failure at approximately 11:30 AM EST today, causing “non-critical hardware” to be powered down.

          “As a result of unseasonal temperatures in the region, a subset of cooling infrastructure within the UK South (London) Data Centre experienced an issue. This led to a subset of our service infrastructure needed to be powered down to prevent uncontrolled hardware failures,” reads an Oracle Cloud status message that appears to have been first spotted by TheRegister.
          “This step has been taken with the intention of limiting the potential for any long term impact to our customers.”

          However, even with only non-critical hardware powered off, Oracle states that customers in this zone may be unable to access their Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources.

          Almost two hours later, Google also reported cooling failures in one of their buildings hosting the europe-west2-a zone for region europe-west2….

    • Northern border to southern border, the midwest in the U.S. is roasting with 100F+ (37.8C) heat…

      Parts of Texas have not seen rain for a good while.

      Monday July 18, 2022 – Austin American Statesman
      The times it never rained: 3 devastating historic Texas droughts

      Not to sound like an old codger, but I feel this drought in my bones.
      After a lifetime in Texas, you recognize the patterns.
      This summer, much of Texas has sweated through historic heat waves…

      … Key Points
      ~~ The Texas drought that the nation remembers was the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.
      ~~ It could be argued, however, that the 1950s drought, which lasted 8 years, was worse than the Dust Bowl.
      ~~ The last bad drought for Central Texas was in 2011, and nobody who lived through it can forget it. …

      • [Ft Worth is west of Dallas about an hour drive.)

        July 18 – Fort Worth Star Telegram
        110 degrees is possible this week, but that’s not the hottest day on record for Fort Worth

        Sunday’s 106 degrees tied Fort Worth’s hottest day of the year July 8. With even hotter days to come, that distinction may easily be overshadowed later this week…
        …Most of July has registered temperatures in triple digits, spare a few days where temperatures ranged in the mid to high 90 degrees, and relief may be weeks away…

        …here’s a look back on the record temperatures in DFW (Dallas – Ft Worth) history…

        …1. 113 degrees – June 26 and 27, 1980
        The summer of 1980 is known by many Texans who lived through it as the hottest on record.
        They’re not far off, as the summer ranks second all-time for the number of 100 degree days in the year at 69. The entire month of July saw temperatures over triple digits, a record that still stands 42 years later…

        …2. 112 degrees – Aug. 18, 1909; Aug. 11, 1936 and June 28, 1980
        The summer of 1909 got off to a later start than usual for the DFW area, finally hitting its first triple-digit day on July 8.
        In total, the year would see 17 days of 100-plus degrees, reaching 112 degrees on Aug. 18…
        …Summer 1936 was warmer than that of 1909, recording 19 days of 100-plus degrees…

        …3. 111 degrees – Sept. 4, 2000…
        …4. 110 degrees – Aug. 10, 1936; Aug. 16, 1943; July 2 and 18, 1980; July 12, 1998 and Aug. 2, 2011…
        …1943 saw 34 days of triple digit temperatures…
        …1998 scored 56 days over 100 degrees…
        …But 2011 takes the cake for number of days over triple digits,
        holding the record with 71 days….

      • July 18 – Fort Worth Star Telegram
        Wishing for rain amid this Texas heat wave? Wait a few more weeks, meteorologist says

        …According to the National Integrated Drought Information System, this is the tenth driest year in county in the past 128 years.

        Tom Bradshaw, National Weather Service meteorologist, said the consistent heat is due to a ridge of high pressure that has impacted the central part of the United States since June. High pressure ridges are not unprecedented — it typically follows an ebb and flow pattern with breaks of rain or cooler temperatures — however that’s not the case this year.

        Under ridges of high pressure, air sinks toward the Earth’s surface and often diminishes any cloud cover and rain opportunities, Bradshaw said, causing dry air and clear sunny skies…

        …Bradshaw said it’s difficult to find the exact cause of this year’s persistent high pressure ridge and that it’s part of the variability of weather. The last time North Texas saw high pressure like this year was in 2011…

        …“We don’t see a lot of relief for at least the next couple of weeks,” Bradshaw said….

    • …continuing Hot! Cold! SUB-THREAD…

      Tuesday July 19th – ClimateChange purveyor… Yahoo News
      Greta Thunberg and Al Gore react as climate change bakes Europe with record heat

      Greta Thunberg and Al Gore, two of the world’s leading voices in the fight against climate change, reacted Tuesday to the record-setting heat wave and wildfires gripping Europe.

      With temperature records being smashed in parts of the United Kingdom and France, Thunberg, the Swedish environmental activist, warned that the worst is yet to come.
      “This is not “the new normal”. The climate crisis will continue to escalate and get worse as long as we stick our heads in the sand and prioritise profit and greed over people and planet. We are still sleepwalking towards the edge.”

      …In his own tweet posted Tuesday, Gore, the former vice president, referenced remarks made Monday by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez when he toured an area of his country dealing with devastating wildfires.
      “Climate change kills,” Sánchez told reporters. “It kills people, it kills our ecosystems and biodiversity.”

      As of Tuesday, at least 1,346 people had died in Spain and Portugal due to the current heat wave, and experts say that figure is expected to rise over the coming days as extreme heat continues to broil places like the U.K., where air conditioning is not common.

      The overwhelming consensus among scientists is that human beings are changing the Earth’s climate by continuing to burn fossil fuels. The emissions from that activity have built up in the atmosphere, causing the greenhouse effect that has caused higher temperatures…

      …But as Thunberg and Gore have pointed out, this is just the beginning of what’s in store if mankind doesn’t quickly transition away from fossil fuels….

      • I’ve read an article about supposed 13 people who drowned in the UK. They are climate victims, because obviously they only went for a swim to cool off. If you get hungry, go get something to eat and die in a traffic accident along the way, is food to be blamed? Because you would have not died had you eaten your ze bugs, obviously.

      • They are announcing it like the temperature is in degrees Celsius.

    • July 21st – The Oklahoman
      What the record-setting July heat means for the rest of Oklahoma’s summer

      Oklahomans are still reeling from extreme conditions amid a record-breaking heat wave, after soaring temperatures Tuesday resulted in the hottest day of the year across the state.
      The highest temperature, 116 degrees, was recorded in the township of Odell in Marshall County. A new daily record of 110 degrees was set in Oklahoma City and tied in Lawton at 114 degrees, records that had been set in 1936…

      Current heat wave ‘still pales in comparison’ to
      1930s Dust Bowl,
      1950s drought

      Gary McManus, a state climatologist with the Oklahoma Climatological Survey, said, as severe as recent temperatures have been, “there really is no comparison to the Dust Bowl.”
      “We’ve had between 40 to 50 days of above-normal temperatures this year, extending from the late spring to here in the middle of summer,” McManus said. “And we did have that one extreme wave of heat here (Tuesday), but when we’re looking back in history, what we’re seeing right now in Oklahoma this summer would be a little sliver of the Dust Bowl drought.

      Only two other periods in the state’s history invite comparison to the Dust Bowl, climatologists say: the droughts of the 1950s and the early 2010s.

      “The ’50s drought is, when it comes to the main body of the state, probably the drought of record for Oklahoma,” McManus said. “The Dust Bowl drought was really horrible for western Oklahoma and the High Plains, but the ’50s drought was really worse for much of Oklahoma overall. The major difference between the two droughts was that we’d learned a lot more about conservation practices for our farmers, so we didn’t really see the horrible erosion and those effects. It was the same type of heat, but it lasted about five years instead of 10.”….

  63. If no virus exists, then no more horny wabbits.

    USA Today
    A rabbit with horns?
    Why some of these critters look like a real-life ‘jackalope’

    [See IMAGE]

    It’s not the Upside Down – it’s just South Dakota.

    About once a year, Sioux Falls Animal Control and the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks get reports about a rabbit with growths that look like horns or tentacles. It’s not the only place it happens either: The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department says cases are reported every year. They can be found throughout Midwest states.
    The rabbit is a strange sight, and gazing upon it, you might think you’ve encountered something out of American folklore…

    …What is causing the horned growths on rabbits?

    It’s not a mythical animal, but rather an effect of a virus.

    Cottontail rabbits with the unusual appearance are infected with Shope papilloma virus (SPV), also known as the cottontail rabbit papillomavirus (CRPV), a wart-like condition that affects the species. The growths appear only on a rabbit’s head.
    “It’s a virus that pops up from time to time,” Beth Thompson, South Dakota’s state veterinarian, told USA TODAY. “It’s not commonplace.”
    Wildlife officials say people believe the growths could be behind the origin of the mythical “jackalope,” a rabbit creature of American folklore with antlers…

    …The growths on the rabbits’ heads and faces can get large, but they don’t cause any immediate effects, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.
    Dr. Michael Oglesbee, director of the Infectious Diseases Institute and The Ohio State University, said rabbits typically have a immune response that will get rid of the virus and growths.

    But the growths eventually could become cancerous and deadly – not to mention, painful. So veterinarians will surgically remove the growths “whenever possible,” said Dr. Barbara Oglesbee, a veterinary practitioner in Ohio and wife of Michael Oglesbee…

    …Because SPV and CRPV are viruses, they are most likely spread by contact among infected rabbits, as well as from ticks and mosquitoes, said Milo Hartson, lead animal control officer in Sioux Falls…

    …”The insects will target a rabbit on the ears, the eyelids, some of those areas that aren’t as covered with the fur. That’s where you’ll see the growths, from the insect bite and then the virus itself,” Thompson said.
    Travis Duncan, public information officer for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, said cases are usually seen in the spring and summer, “which is probably associated with high rabbit densities and possibly increased insect vectors.”..

    …”In domestic rabbits, the disease is more severe….

    • Cuthulu bunny with tenticle…. Thanks for making me unable to sleep.

  64. This is a very interesting article.
    It is about Deborah Birx, White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, one of the “Trifecta” of three leading officials behind Covid lockdowns in the United States.

    The article shows how Deborah Birx, in her own words, connived and manipulated her hidden agenda. Some of China’s deceptions about the Pandemic are also discussed.
    It is like getting into the “mind-think-computations” of Deborah Birx who was bent on controlling the population.

    The article is by Michael P Senger who has been mentioned repeatedly in the Corbett Report comment section. He had some very informative twitter footage from China.
    He is the author of Snake Oil: How Xi Jinping Shut Down the World.

    July 14
    Deborah Birx’s “Silent Invasion”: a Guide to Destroying America From Within

    Evidently, Senger will soon be writing about Matthew Pottinger.

    • Widespread mask usage in China and other parts of Asia were introduced to counter air pollution which coincided with the most rapid modernization effort in the 20th century. Since that time, pneumonia and other respiratory related illnesses have exploded and have never gotten anywhere close to the low numbers of the pre-industrial era.

      Lockdowns have been repeatedly done throughout Communist Asian countries for various reasons and ALL have resulted increased deaths and hospitalizations. The Wuhan government actually locked down the city for the World Military Games in 2019 and that resulted in the Covid-19 outbreak a month later.

      I get how Deborah Birx can say these things about the Covid meaures but it blows my mind how regular people can convinced themselves these measures work.

  65. Corbett Report Members will be familiar with some of the historic aspects mentioned here…

    July 11, 2022 – MERCOLA
    The Shocking Truth About the Global Depopulation Agenda
    (one hour interview)

    Dr Mercola interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Mary Holland, president and chief legal counsel for Children’s Health Defense. They discuss their new documentary film, “Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda.”

    …This latest film details the World Health Organization’s intentions to produce an anti-fertility vaccine in response to perceived overpopulation, and how such vaccines have been used without people’s knowledge or consent since the mid-’90s…

    …As explained by Wakefield, it was no secret that the WHO had been working on an anti-fertility vaccine since the 1970s. Papers were published, and the WHO itself even admitted it. The real issue here is that of informed consent. The WHO has been caught more than once deliberately deceiving women into thinking they were vaccinated against tetanus, when in fact they were being sterilized. This is an ethical and moral low that is hard to beat.

    Covert Sterilization Campaign in the Philippines Revealed

    The story detailed in this film begins in 1995, when the Kenyan government launched a WHO vaccination campaign against tetanus among women of childbearing age. Dr. Stephen K. Karanja, former chairman of the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, became suspicious of the program when he learned that involuntary sterilization programs posing as tetanus programs had occurred.

    That same year, 1995, the Catholic Women’s League of the Philippines actually won a court order halting a UNICEF tetanus program that was using tetanus vaccine laced with hCG. Anti-hCG-laced vaccines had also been found in at least four other countries….

    • Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda
      A film by award-winning filmmaker Andy Wakefield, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Children’s Health Defense. Watch the chilling tale of African women whose fertility was tragically stripped away through an experimental tetanus vaccination program. Are women everywhere next?

    • Last 10 minutes of the interview…

      Evidently, different websites can host “Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda”, because the film is free to watch.

      Two upcoming films are announced.
      Wakefield gives us hints about his next film and a big name who is affiliated with it.
      Mary talks about a film version of “The Real Anthony Fauci”.

    • I watched that documentary after Dr. Pamela Popper recommended it, about a week or two ago. I’m still grinding my teeth.

    • Viruses and vaccines are ultimately about genetics. These bioweapon labs and pharmaceutical companies are simply making tools to target our cells and genes. Viruses are really just genetic material in the end and the particular “bad” viruses are incompatible gene sequences created from damaged cells. The whole idea of a virus as a parasite is just a cover to get the public to unknowingly agree to have their genes experimented on.

      • well, that’s as compelling an argument as any I’ve encountered to date.

  66. I just watched a video about Canada’s new plan to follow in the footsteps of Nigeria concerning environmental farming. I searched and found this:


    Here is the video:


    From what I understand, on paper, there should be no financial difficulties or food crisis ahead (and who the hell considers canola oil as ‘nutrient dense’?). Now, that was probably the same philosophy in Sri Lanka, right?

  67. At this point I wonder if it matters if we call it a virus or just bits of mRNA or DNA wrapped in a biolayer. I think it is more important to determine if these viruses/bits are man-made or the result of detoxification or both, depending on which virus/bit is under discussion.

    Even therapeutic peptides can have a pharmacological effect on the body, as does the food we eat to a lesser extent.

    • Speaking of food having therapeutic effect, here is an article that discusses how genetic material from nutrients impacts our epigenetics, thereby turning on and off genes that impact health.

      “Nutrimiromics: Role of microRNAs and Nutrition in Modulating Inflammation and Chronic Diseases”


      “Abstract: Nutrimiromics studies the influence of the diet on the modification of gene expression due to epigenetic processes related to microRNAs (miRNAs), which may affect the risk for the development of chronic diseases. miRNAs are a class of non-coding endogenous RNA molecules that are usually involved in post-transcriptional gene silencing by inducing mRNA degradation or translational repression by binding to a target messenger RNA. They can be controlled by environmental and dietary factors, particularly by isolated nutrients or bioactive compounds, indicating that diet manipulation may hold promise as a therapeutic approach in modulating the risk of chronic diseases. This review summarizes the evidence regarding the influence of nutrients and bioactive compounds on the expression of miRNAs related to inflammation and chronic disease in several models (cell culture, animal models, and human trials).”

  68. That’s a pretty decent bio by anyone’s measure.

  69. Does the VIRUS EXIST? – DEBATE

    Steve Kirsch substack – Monday July 18, 2022
    Settling the virus debate challenge from Dr. Sam Bailey
    They have a new challenge out. But they won’t debate any of us, they won’t tell me what I caught if it wasn’t COVID, and they want 5 labs to work for free. Stunning.

    Many people have heard about Christine Massey, Sam Bailey, Mark Bailey, Tom Cowen, Andrew Kaufman, Stefan Lanka, and Tim Truth and their claims that the COVID virus doesn’t exist.

    Their latest antics are to challenge the scientific community to spend their money to do exactly what they specify in order to prove to them that they are wrong.

    Here are the details:…

    …The bottom line is this:
    1. We’ll debate them. But none of them will debate any of us.

    2. We accepted their challenge provided they fund it, but they won’t put up the money to do the tests they want. They expect us to pay for it.

    3. Christine Massey has never been able to answer the simple question: “ok, so if COVID isn’t a virus, then what made me sick recently which was consistent with COVID and registered positive on multiple antigen tests?”

    • Steve is quite retarded (i.e. slow on the uptake) for such a bright fellow. The onus of proof is on the one making the claim.

      Imagine if you were accused of some crime and defended yourself in court. You would present evidence pointing in direction of not being guilty and you would also challenge the evidence against you. Now imagine if the prosecutor, after you had built a soild case against their claims, threw a tantrum and yelled “OK, if not you, then WHO did it? I demand that you tell me!”

      Absolutely insane line of thinking. To challenge some claim one is not under obligation to present a counter claim; evidence against, or showing lack of supporting evidence regarding, the claim being made is sufficient.

    • Maybe she’ll debate him eventually, or another person who says Sars-Cov-2 is a virus and exists.

      What I have come to understand is that viruses can’t be isolated and purified using Koch’s postulates. Even if the piece of DNA or RNA could be isolated, not every animal would get sick if exposed which is itself a violation of the postulates (I think).

      I was reading a substack of this microbiologist who posted a comment about this issue and I’ll look for it and post it here when I find it. It was interesting and might have had some new info in it. I don’t agree with everything she says but some of what she said about this issue was good.

      The thing that doesn’t make sense with the terrain only hypothesis is observed transmission of symptoms. The idea of coincidental manifestation of symptoms doesn’t make sense, and is contradictory to parsimony. People also like to cure the illness and nutrition and modifying the terrain doesn’t always work which is also why people believe in germs, or at least that there is something else going on besides toxic exposure and a complex detox process and coincidental symptoms with persons in the same household.

    • I’ve been reading up the comments on Steve’s substack article and it looks like the people are tearing Steve a few new bodily orifices. He seems to have rattled the hive. I don’t like jumping to conclusions, but this whole thing with Steve’s demeanor does seem to point in direction of Steve being controlled opposition. Much of what he’s doing here is in stark contrast with everything else he was doing and now the situation is blowing up a bit.

      There are a few people who have signed up for the debate, but it appears Steve has raised a gate (lol, who raises gates these days anyhow?) and will resort to the expert fallacy and I would wager to the never ending game of moving goalposts. I’d like to be proven wrong on this one.

      Where is that Corbett report member who wanted to debate people here, this should be right up their alley.

    • Sam Bailey’s point of view from May. This video is mostly about RFK, but at about 2:15 she talks about Steve for a few minutes and says that she accepted his debate challenge a few months ago


      I found the information interesting and, to me, it seems that these people should have a debate about having a debate first. Steve doesn’t look that good to me in this conflict.

      • “Steve doesn’t look that good to me in this conflict.”
        I agree.

        I like the three on three idea.
        It offers a variety of perspectives and approaches.

        • I don’t think he’s qualified to debate this issue. The more I look into it, the more I realize how technical of a topic it is that research scientists with lab experience would do better in a debate with one another. Like Stephan Lanka or some other virologist who says Koch’s postulates must be adhered to to isolate viruses versus someone who has lab experience in growing viruses and using electron microscopy. The audience would probably need some background education in molecular and cell biology and basic genetics too. I studied at the bachelor’s level and just got a taste of how complex and poorly understood these topics actually are. This was over 20 years ago, so there have been a lot more discoveries during that time.

          I would need a refresher course to even understand and I’m sure others would also need some type of basic class or self study. Steve Kirsh is an engineer so his expertise is not biological science and general MDs and others without a research background might not understand as much as they think they do either.

      • How pitifully unproductive this entire discussion has become.
        If so-called “professionals” behave like this. What hope is there for average folks to figure it out.

        • “How pitifully unproductive this entire discussion has become.
          If so-called “professionals” behave like this. What hope is there for average folks to figure it out.”

          Good statement.

        • All of this is basically stemming from the mental illness called solipsism that is based on the false belief that truth can not be known and that everyone gets to invent their reality.

        • I read the emails and noted that the beginning of the exchange started a bit rough and then got worse because the receiving parties ego went up.

          Let me explain. When a person starts a dialogue when they use the term “fake” or “fraud” in reference to something someone has put energy into and devoted time into is a bit rude and will provoke a fight rather than a discussion. It is best to give someone the benefit of the doubt, especially if they have demonstrated good intentions. If they are wrong without trying to deliberately mislead then perhaps the first party can point out how, rather than accusing and shaming and declaring that they are frauds.

          What this does is shut down conversation and the potential for greater understanding and it serves to divide and splinter any resistance into fragments.

          If she had started the email something like “I don’t understand what you mean by isolation when you’ve added other compounds to the mixture, can you explain how this works to isolate what you are trying to study?”

          Rather than using terms like “fake” “fraud” etc.

          Remember the Benny Willis parhesia or whatever you call it, seems like a type of active listening. It will be much more effective especially with people who’s intention is unknown, or perhaps even a potential ally.

    • Steve is now indeed tripling down. The latest in the ever changing rule set for the debate is to have 1 million dollars. I might need to admit that I was wrong when I thought Steve Kirsch is a bright fellow. He seems to be everything but. Or he is simply controlled opposition, not sure which is more damning.


      And to make things worse, since people started trolling him I joined in. Haven’t trolled anyone online in a decade+. I do like to troll friends and well wishers, but I was clean online.

  70. Do the folks that hold to the terrain theory believe in bacteria? I thought that only the existence of viruses were in question.
    Doesn’t the word germ signify both bacteria as well as viruses?
    I swear that I remember looking through a microscope at some period of my life and seeing single celled organisms. Isn’t that the description of a bacteria?

    Shouldn’t it be “Virus Theory v Terrain Theory “?

    PS you’re a shit disturber HRS! ?

    • It’s all the cowshit around these parts. 😉

    • You are talking about a loud group within the terrain theory camp that have turn the whole debate into an argument over direct vs indirect scientific observation. To answer your question yes this group believes in bacteria because it can be directly observed and isolated. But they do not believe in viruses because it cannot be isolated or directly observed.

      The original terrain theory argument was suppose to be against the mainstream version of germ theory. That version of germ theory claims that germs are the primary cause of infectious disease and the inherent nature of these germs is to attack our bodies for their own survival.

      • “ That version of germ theory claims that germs are the primary cause of infectious disease ”

        And those germs are supposedly viruses correct?
        That was my only point. The catch all term “germ” seems inappropriate in this debate.

        • Trusty wikipedia says:

          The germ theory of disease is the currently accepted scientific theory for many diseases. It states that microorganisms known as pathogens or “germs” can lead to disease. These small organisms, too small to be seen without magnification, invade humans, other animals, and other living hosts. Their growth and reproduction within their hosts can cause disease. “Germ” refers to not just a bacterium but to any type of microorganism, such as protists or fungi, or even non-living pathogens that can cause disease, such as virii, prions, or viroids.

          In regards of “germs” including bacteria: under the terrain thingy, bacteria are there only after the fact, dealing with the particular fallout (disposing of toxins, damaged or dead tissue) and possibly causing certain issues of their own, through excretions or byproducts of these processes they precipitate.

          To that effect, if you would look for bacteria with a specific illness you would find it there, but that basically raises the question: is the bacteria the source or consequence of the disease? As Kaufman put it a few times, blaming bacteria for the disease would be similar to blaming a fireman for the fire he’s trying to put out.

          • It is all very confusing. And I think that using the term Germ Theory only adds to the confusion.

            Most germs are beneficial from what I understand. We couldn’t survive without them. I’m thinking of our gut biome.

            So I’m just saying that trying to get people to accept the idea that viruses don’t exist by saying that the theory of Germs” is nonsense, is confusing to people who haven’t spent much time thinking about it.

            Germs are being conflated with bacteria. Isn’t that counterproductive to the argument?

            • I think the process is not completely understood, the interaction between us and bacteria and other potential germs. What was discovered though centuries ago is that when doctors washed their hands before delivering babies, the rate of sepsis and death during child birth declined.

              Also, antibiotics work for infection. I’ve had infection in my mouth after wisdom teeth pulled and a bad ear infection and an STD that antibiotics helped. I wouldn’t wait around to try to modify my terrain, but whatever part the bacteria were playing was not helping me. The treatment worked and was practical and helpful and quick.

              Sometimes antibiotics are life saving and it certainly seems like having some types of bacteria where they don’t belong is unhelpful and plays some role in disease and getting rid of them is helpful.

              One thing that’s a little annoying is the denial of transmission, or telling people they just don’t understand and it’s a myth. This is kind of like telling people not to trust their own bodily experiences. I know I can catch certain things from other people and don’t need a virologist or any other expert to tell me. My body tells me things if I listen to it. Some things are not coincidences.

  71. Since the Georgia Guidestones are ‘no longer’, perhaps tourists might enjoy the Historical Landmark: Brandon Falls
    It is on the map.

    • Oh how I wish this guy wasn’t demented so that I could make fun of him. As an added bonus, if that were the case it would also mean that an old man with dementia can not be the US president.

      • “…an old man with dementia can not be the US president.”

        I guess it proves that “real life” is a joke.

        • Oh, it is a big joke and they are laughing their assess off.

          • Great come-back! 😉

  72. RNA technology with Honey Bees currently being used…

    Monday July 18, 2022 – Bloomberg
    Sick Honeybees Could Find Salvation in Covid Vaccine Technology
    GreenLight Biosciences uses RNA technology to target parasites partly blamed for bee crisis

    GreenLight Biosciences is developing an RNA-based syrup to attack varroa mites, a parasite that attaches itself to honeybees and feeds off them while spreading diseases. The RNA acts as an “off switch” that interferes with the mites, disrupting their ability to lay offspring that attach to bees, said Mark Singleton, chief commercial officer and general manager of plant health at the Boston-based firm…

    …Anecdotal feedback shows that hives using his company’s treatment are healthier and have a higher survival rate, according to Singleton, whose biotech firm worked with large-scale US beekeepers to test the technology…

    …Varroa mites are thought to be one of the reasons behind the staggeringly high death rates that have become so common among honeybees…

    … GreenLight Biosciences acquired the RNA technology from Bayer in 2020 and it is the first RNA regulation that directly targets the mites, which reproduce in the same cells as bee larvae.

    Unlike chemical options that exist to control the mites, RNA is naturally occurring and degrades without causing any harm to the bees, Singleton said.
    The product is placed in an envelope with holes that beekeepers put in a hive.
    The bees do the rest—ultimately delivering it to where mites produce.
    GreenLight plans to submit its product for approval to the US Environmental Protection Agency by year end and, if approved, it could be commercially available by 2024.

    • I was very optimistic that Paul Stamets was going to help solve the Varroa mite problem but I haven’t heard that he’s made progress lately. Still have hope though.


      I don’t treat my bees at all except for a little boric acid to keep the hive beetle population down. I would have to be convinced that this RNA treatment is natural and doesn’t affect the bees since it seems that they have to eat the syrup that then affects the mites.
      I think I’ll wait for the long term studies.

  73. It’s breaking bad about an hour drive southwest from James Evan Pilato

    “We were asked to keep it a secret forever.
    We were flown in under the darkness of night.
    We took this plane and they went to a certain private section of the airport there. And then we took like two steps out of the tarmac and into an SUV. They move us to an Airbnb – a duplex. He had the top floor. I had the bottom floor and we were told you can’t leave.”…

    …so why did they keep us in a prison? Seriously, they were just messing with us.”
    SOURCE – https://archive.ph/DaQ0x

    The same character who stated the above caused a big ruckus in Los Angeles on July 16th.
    He was captured on VIDEO breaking bad with the authorities…
    (Turn on audio)

    Article tells more:

      • Thanks HRS! Your deft archiving of the activity here at Corbett Report is appreciated!

      • @HRS

        That is interesting and somewhat disturbing, thanks for the intel.

        Have you heard of a field of study called “Nutrimiromics”?

        It is a topic Dr.Zach Bush delves into in some of his research. Here is an interview where he talks a bit about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzO7cPNzrMU I think it is a field of study that has some profound implications (if one takes a more intentional approach to choosing what natural forms of stimulus can be interpreted and encoded into the genetic fabric of one’s cells. This new field of science appears to indicate that through choosing what we eat, touch and breath in, we are actually stimulating a shift in epigenetic expression (influencing what phenotype is expressed on the macro level) in real time.

        Here is one study that pertains of this field of study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5707640/

        The emerging science surrounding this field of study offers us the empowering realization that our food is not just a source of fuel for our cells but also functions as a vessel for biological information which modulates our epigenetic expression in real time. This means that we are not ‘prisoners to our DNA’ as the old paradigm thought but rather our DNA seems to serve more like an ‘architectural design’ which can be expressed in many ways depending on the ‘materials’, ‘education’ and ‘experience’ of the ‘builder’. The food we eat provides the building materials, education and experience (in the form of genetic ‘software’ updates –no not the pfizer type– which provides our cells with the experience and education of our elder species via naturally occurring microRNA/exosomes in the food we eat). This means that we can potentially shift what phenotype (out of hundreds if not thousands of possible phenotypes) that our DNA is expressing via epigenetic modulation through providing our body with specific stimulus. There are a few things which have been studied for their ability to positively influence epigenetic expression in real time, some of these forms of stimulus include, time spent in mature ecosystems (receiving ‘uploads’ from our elder species via microRNA in the living air, water, soil and on the plants we touch, eat and appreciate.), living probiotic rich foods (also providing a ‘biological uplink’ for our cells to tap into the ancient resilience of our elder species in the bacteria and fungi kingdoms), perspective (our thoughts, emotions and attitudes profoundly impact our cells all the way down to the geometry and charge of molecules that make up our cells and affect how our DNA is expressed) and food.

        All this is to say that while the mRNA injections, “optogenetics” and various nefarious CRISPR type technologies may be backwards and deleterious forms of genetic modification, it also seems to be true that each and everyone of us is engaging in the genetic modification of our bodies each and every day (whether consciously or unconsciously) via natural pathways that are hardwired into the fabric of humans and the community of life we are an intrinsic part of.

        • I’ll check that out and put it on my “list” for when I get time.

          • Sounds good, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the subject when you find some time to check out the links.

  74. Can’t help it. As more and more shootings happen on a regular basis, I always wonder if a “trigger” in the brain had been pulled…

  75. Eat Ze Bugs ….

    “Mealworms have recently been viewed as an up-and-coming protein source for food and feed in Republic of Korea. They are generally fed wheat bran, a byproduct of wheat. In other nations, glyphosate can be used as desiccant when wheat is harvested in other nations, and the herbicide residue in wheat bran can be transferred into mealworms, so the edible insects in the local markets should be monitored for food safety”


    Think you might grow your own?

    “And why has the European Union made it illegal to feed mealworms to chickens?”


    • MEALWORM Digest

      Thanks Octium.
      I found your post very interesting.
      I read the entire second link and watched the video.

      I like to snack when watching my favorite Greta Thunberg videos.
      But I’ve always hated the crunchy dried-out mealworms.
      With raising my own mealworms, I now can enjoy those plumpy, live mealworms and feel them squiggle down my throat or pop when I bite them. Popping them in my mouth is like popping a zit…it’s fun and additive.
      Snap, Crackle and Pop.

      • Wasting good food…

        Crickets invaded an Idaho highway ⁠— so officials brought in a plow, video shows

        Masses of insects took over an Idaho highway ⁠— but officials had a solution.
        Thousands of Mormon crickets were clumping around Idaho’s state Highway 51 last week, according to the state’s Transportation Department. There were so many Mormon crickets, officials brought in a plow to clear them.

        “Mormon crickets are taking over the road this season,” ITD said on Twitter. “Watch out for slick spots.” …

        …Mormon crickets aren’t really crickets at all, according to a fact sheet from Ada County officials. The insect is a shieldbacked katydid, not a cricket….

        • I know that you are joking and it made me chuckle. But it also reminded me of a situation that arises hereabouts now and then.
          The dreaded Red Tide.
          It really is pretty nasty in that the huge numbers of dead fish and the Florida heat and humidity makes for a pretty odiferous atmosphere for a few weeks anywhere around the beaches or waterways.

          Anyway, every time it happens everyone seems to get all worked up about the runoff from all the folks who buy fertilizer to keep their lawns pretty. There are restrictions imposed and news stories written and folks getting together to pick up the smelly fish in the tourist areas.

          I always have thought it was pretty ironic that nature reacted to the fertilizer runoff by killing a bunch of fish, which I remember being told were used as fertilizer by the native Americans. (Who knows how true that is),

          Of course the fish was just put in plastic bags and buried at the dump. Waste of good fertilizer!

          • Nitrogen runoff is a big environmental health issue in my book.
            Even poultry farms and dairies have a problem with it.
            By the way, chicken shit is sometimes used for cow feed because it is high in proteins (nitrogen).

            I’ve noticed how river banks and rivers have changed over the decades…the algae and weird changes to the bank line.

            Corbett Members Mik, mkey and I discuss NITROGEN here…

            • I see the impact of extreme synthetic NPK runoff in the waterways where I live as there are an insane amount of industrial hydroponic tomato, pepper and cannabis greenhouses near our town. I like to use EM1 for mitigating unwanted algae growth in ponds. It is a liquid solution containing a mixture of photosynthetic bacteria (such as purple nonsulfur bacteria, Rhodopseudomonas spp.), lactic acid bacteria, (Lactobacillus spp. are often included) and yeasts (such as Saccharomyces spp.). Have you ever used EM1 (or a similar product containing the above listed species) in the garden for optimizing plant health or for water remediation?

              • Wow! That is cool Gavinm!
                I never have used EM1, but I only have a yard and garden(s) the size of about 3 or 4 one-car garages at the place I rent.

                My son has a tank (pond) on his 25 acres.
                I’ll mention that to him.
                Right now, with no rain for about 40 days and 37C + temperatures day after day, his biggest concern is keeping enough water in the pond and selling some of his cattle at a worthwhile price.

            • We only have an urban suburban lot ourselves too. We have most of the back yard set up with raised beds and are transitioning it into a young mini-food forest (a multi-layered food production system which operates like a forest but is composed of 100% food/medicine producing species by design).

              EM is great for smaller garden projects because it significantly boosts disease resistance in tightly planted raised beds while increasing not only yield quantity but also nutrient density of the crops (when applied as a foliar spray and a soil conditioner). It is also great for accelerating a compost pile and mitigating smell if one goes anaerobic from neglect)

              Here is some more info on EM1 you may find interesting/helpful.

              EM1 is a trademarked name for a specific consortium of organisms that are well suited to symbiotically co-exist with all parts of a plant. While the product you get may not have the same name, the only thing that matters is that you have a mixture of the above mentioned (purple nonsulfur bacteria, lactic acid bacteria and yeasts. The most impressive organism in that consortium are the photosynthetic bacteria as they are independent self-sustaining microorganisms. These organisms are part of a group of rare species called “photoheterotrophs”. They are capable of harvesting energy from the sun and soil heat and use it to convert exudates from root systems, soil organic fraction and gases such as ammonia into building materials of cells such as amino acids, nucleic acids and sugars. Thus, whether they are applied to seeds, the root zone, or the leaves, it is an organism that increases the photosynthetic capacity of the plant by at least 20% and also acts like a “pro-biotic defense system” fighting off other microorganisms that are pathogenic in nature (such as various molds/mildews).

              Studies have shown that not only does the use of effective microorganisms in soil suppress soil-borne pathogens, but also increases the decomposition of organic materials and consequently the availability of mineral nutrients and important organic compounds to plants. In addition, EM enhances the activities of beneficial indigenous microorganisms, for example, mycorrhizae which fix atmospheric nitrogen thereby negating the need for the use of chemical fertilizer. Improvement in soil fertility has a significant positive effect on plant growth, flowering, fruit development and ripening in crops.

              The introduction of a population of beneficial bacteria (EM) in the soil has a supporting effect in reducing soil-associated microbiological diseases. The inoculation of EM stimulates “Rotation effect”, an occurrence that comes as a result of regeneration of beneficial organisms and elimination of pathogenic bacteria. Disease suppression is brought about by the competition for available resources between the disease-causing microbes in the soil and beneficial microbes introduced in EM. As a result of this, an enhanced population of effective microorganisms through inoculation will deplete the available resources in the soil leading to the reduction of pathogenic microorganisms due to starvation.

              [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

              • @mkey

                In many ways the relationship our modern industrial society has with forest fires parallels the attitude of modern “medicine” (allopathic) with bacteria and viruses as well as paralleling the attitude of modern industrial agriculture to “weeds” and “pest” insects. It is the war mentality plain and simple. Instead of seeing how beneficial and important bacteria (and even some viruses) are to our development, health and adaptive capacity as a species our modern industrial society wages a futile endless war on microbiology with synthetic chemicals (crippling our internal ecosystem and leaving us more vulnerable to disease). Big Ag wages war on “weeds” and “pest” insects in a similar fashion, and in the process they create “superweeds” (herbicide-resistant opportunistic annual plants) and “super bugs” (herbivore insects that mutate to be able to withstand poisons). The ‘forest fire industrial complex’ is the same story. It wages a futile aggressive conflict with a facet of nature that really (if aligned with and lived along side in balance) is a beneficial force on this planet.

                I actually cultivate a type of fungi (morel mushrooms) which are considered “pyrophilic” (meaning their preferred habitat and highest rate of effective reproduction/fruiting occurs in burned forest areas). I simulate the preferred soil PH and mineral content of it’s preferred habitat by adding hard wood ash from our campfire pit to the areas where I inoculate the spawn into the soil. I also use Biochar in our garden (I will not go into it’s myriad benefits right now but sufficive to say it exemplifies how beneficial natural fire can be for plants and all the animals that eat them). If you want to learn more about Biochar, you can do so here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YDgr8BVtqc&t

                When one takes a step back, natural ‘fire’ is beneficial on all levels of existence. Whether that be the metaphorical “fire” burning in the “engines” of our cells where our mitochondria generate heat up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit or it be the molten rock and superheated volcanic ash exploding out of the the heart of a volcano (creating new land and nurturing soil structure in the long term, resulting in lush jungles housing countless organisms) all the way up to the cosmic fire of a star going supernova and vaporizing an entire solar system in a blinding flash of light (spreading it’s enriched elemental remains into space, seeding the potential for a new solar system filled with diverse worlds to be born again.) Fire is a creative, regenerative and beautiful force on this world and in this universe.

                This fire from the cosmos, the volcano and the forest runs in our veins too. As human beings, every one of us is capable of absorbing that fire for our own vitality. We can experience it either through conversion of that energy in our food. Plants and fungi are nourished by the ‘fire’ of the cosmos, the earth and the forest and then when we ingest them our mitochondria carry the torch. Each human cell has as many as 2,000 mitochondria within it. Therefore we are beings that are intrinsically linked to fire and should seek to respect and find balance with it’s many natural expressions in nature rather than attempting to wage futile wars against it.

            • and I am sorry to hear about your son’s challenging situation. We have had a really dry/hot month or so here in southern Ontario but at least little bits of rain here and there to hold us over. Only thing I can think of which is in my field of expertise that may help is I could suggest some drought tolerant heirloom crops and rain sequestration techniques involving building soil organic matter to act like a sponge (for allowing perennial crops/trees to thrive in drought conditions). It can help feed people and livestock during a drought (but that will not help give the cows water to drink if there is no access to town water.)

              Sometimes I wonder if a lot of these droughts (and extreme forest fires) are the intentional result (and/or incidental “collateral damage” side effects) of stratospheric aerosol geoengineering programs and/or Ionosphere heating facilities such as HAARP). Soil tests and lake sediment tests here in Ontario keep coming back with increased levels of aluminum, barium and strontium nano particles year after year and I see the planes dumping something in huge grid lines often. If it was intentional it would certainly be one effective moving part of a multi-pronged operation to put farmers into debt, initiate the groundwork for a land grab and cripple the central food supply.

              • Large forrest fires are mostly related to, lets call them, misguided fire prevention policies. Longer a fire is prevented, larger the fire is going to grow when it does occur finally. Fire is a part of the natural cicle.

                Much of the fires Australia has seen during the past years was in a large portion fueled by the very quickly growing, a lot of combustible material producing, climate change preventing eucaliptus tree. They planted a lot of those trees to sequester the venomous carbon.

                When it comes to sky grid lines, I lean more toward that being a cloud seeding “measure” while I wonder whether clouds can still form naturally. If the natural process of cloud formation is hampered to such a large extent that it might require these seeding attempts, that alone would explain the drought situations around the world.

              • What do you think about the idea that things like aluminum that is in the rainfall can be left on vegetation as a residue when the water evaporates. And that the residue makes for much hotter and more uncontrollable wildfires?

              • @mkey

                I am glad you brought that up.

                I wish I would have had more time to clearly express my view on forest fires. I was not implying that all forest forest fires are the result of the covert spraying programs (nor was I implying that forest fires are necessarily a “bad” or detrimental thing) rather I was trying to say that I think it is possible that the extreme forest fires could be brought on (in part) not only via the unnatural drought conditions (which are in part brought on by the spraying programs and weaponized ionosphere heating arrays that are altering natural weather patterns) but also (as Steve Smith alluded to in a comment below) intensified via the incendiary action of the metallic nanoparticles that end up on (and in) the trees and plants. Here is a link for some context: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/aluminum-dust-from-geoengineering-fueling-super-wildfires-according-to-author-300707890.html

                I am a perpetual student of observing the cycles of nature, the soil and the beings in the more than human world that we share the Earth with. I seek to better understand how I can align my own way of living with those facets of nature in a way in which I can not only provide for myself, but also have a regenerative impact when I interact with an ecosystem. Natural Forest fires are (as you say) natural and actually very beneficial for the health of plants, animals and humans.

                Indigenous peoples have had a symbiotic and regenerative relationship with forest fires for millenia (using controlled burns to regenerate grass lands, manipulate the migration patterns of (and feed) herds of animals they hunt and to prevent large scale damaging forest fires from happening). More info on this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Wh8NWgV7Kc

                Preventing forest fires from naturally taking place via lightning is (as you say) a pathway to creating more extreme and large scale forest fires, the logging industry planting monocultures and spraying glyphosate over entire forests so they can grow a cash crop of one species of trees also creates a situation where extreme forest fires are much more likely. (more info here: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/forest-fires-glyphosate-1.5366185?fbclid=IwAR1hEXjez9f-sl4s78ZL6VPjEZBm6ULzwWS7XDRnLcl9fBgm-fmTpbjLp3Q )

                Add in aluminum, barium, strontium nano particles (and who knows what else) being dumped into the stratosphere by the hundreds of tons and you make a bad situation worse.

                (continued in another comment)

        • Crickets can be used to feed poultry like chickens. They like to eat bugs. I want to raise chickens for eggs and meat and may also have a cricket “farm” to feed my chickens. So bugs serve a purpose, not for direct consumption by humans.

  76. When was the moment you ‘woke up’ and thought: Hang on! This can’t be right?

    Most people have 2001/9-11 offcourse. Same here, but when I really think the first moment was this one in 1991: Seeing it that it was fake, noticing it that it was fake. And also noticing everybody around me NOT seeing what I was seeing.

    Gulf War 1: 1991, journalists broadcast with gas masks and helmets when a fake alarm goes off.
    Looks silly now, but people believed everything then. Most still do.



  77. Its about time that the tragic epidemic of vitamin and supplement overdoses was addressed. ?

    “One of the latest attempts to thwart your ability to access nutritional supplements comes in the form of draft legislation that would require premarket approval for dietary supplements. In short, it would require supplements to undergo the same approval process as drugs.”

    • VITAMINS & SUPPLEMENTS under ‘Legal Legislative Threat’ in U.S.

      Steve, Thanks so much for posting this article with the video. I am more than half-way through the video now.
      I did not know about Europe…that their access to vitamins and supplements is much less than the U.S. because of their “regulations”.

      QUOTE from article:
      Nestlé Health Science, for example, has acquired Garden of Life, Vital Proteins, Nuun, Pure Encapsulations, Wobenzym, Douglas Laboratories, Persona Nutrition, Genestra, Orthica, Minami, AOV, Klean Athlete and Bountiful.
      Bountiful, in turn, owns brands like Solgar, Osteo Bi-Flex, Puritan’s Pride, Ester-C and Sundown, all of which are now under Nestlé’s control.

      I am very familiar with some of these names, and remember when they were independent.
      I had a great face to face conversation with one of the owners of “New Chapter” which is now owned by (P&G) Proctor and Gamble.

      From the graphic, it should be noted that some of these supplement manufacturers put chemicals like Aspartame and Propylene Glycol in their supplements. I’ve seen the labels.

      MERCOLA says:
      “…urging you to contact your senators and urge them to oppose the Dietary Supplement Listing Act of 2022, and its inclusion in the FDA Safety Landmark Advancements Act.
      A list of contact numbers can be found here [LINK].
      On that same page, the NPA also has a sample script with key talking points…
      …Alternatively, you can take action by sending an email. The Alliance for Natural Health makes it easy on SaveSupplements.com [LINK]. Phone calls are more effective, but if for some reason you don’t want to call, Alliance for Natural Health has created a prewritten email that will be automatically sent to the U.S. president, senators and representatives…

      It worked previously and will work now, but you need to be involved.”

    • Thursday July 21st, Yahoo News (“Style” Canada, but shown in U.S. also) went about demonizing supplements…

      Man hospitalized after overdosing on vitamin D: What is vitamin D toxicity?

      • Wed July 27, 2022 – (Rerun on Friday) – AP via Yahoo
        Study casts more doubt on use of high-dose vitamin D pills

        More research suggests it’s time to abandon the craze over vitamin D.
        Taking high doses of “the sunshine vitamin” doesn’t reduce the risk of broken bones in generally healthy older Americans, researchers reported Wednesday.

        It’s the latest in a string of disappointments about a nutrient once hoped to have wide-ranging protective effects.
        That same study of nearly 26,000 people already had found that popping lots of vitamin D pills didn’t prevent heart disease, cancer or memory loss either…

        …“People should stop taking vitamin D supplements to prevent major diseases” — and doctors should stop the routine screenings that fuel concern, the pair concluded. They weren’t involved in the latest study.
        Just how much vitamin D should people get? The U.S. recommends 600 to 800 international units a day to ensure that everyone, young and old, gets enough….

  78. Canadian Government paid for cell phone data for over 85% of the population.
    FULL REPORT by Sheila Gunn Reid:
    “Sheila describes how information from unwitting cell phone users turned over to PHAC ‘contains the aggregated data for the indicator of time spent away from your primary location.’” It’s a big story and a continuation of a pervious story from Rebel News.

    And this is just the tip of what is possible with data aggregation, surveillance and tracking. Creepy.

    This story reminds me of another exactly like it in the US that was largely ignored.

    CDC Tracked Millions of Phones to See If Americans Followed COVID Lockdown Orders
    Source documents included show that Peter Thiel connected company, SafeGraph, was paid $420,000 by the CDC to access and aggregate cell phone location data.

    • It is no surprise but I do appreciate the heads up and intel on the specifics.

  79. Having credentials does add merit to a person’s argument especially if they have research experience in a field in question. However, what makes me believe in contagion and the phenomenon of transmission of infection is observation and experiences. I don’t think virologists “isolate” viruses and should stop using the term, perhaps culture and grow?

    The point about contamination is a strong point and so not isolating and purifying is not sufficiently defined or explained. I have come to think that they can’t isolate “viruses” using Koch’s postulates because there’s some other things happening in the body that is not well understood. Maybe genetic factors happening in the host and simultaneous immune response or cell signaling that science doesn’t understand that’s causing mutations in the virus or weakening it or some other process that is not well understood.

    And even if they could really isolate a virus according to standard definitions, the idea that it would always cause an identical disease does not happen in the real world because the environment is dynamic, both internal and external.

    Let’s assume I happen to be low on vitamin C that day and am poorly rested and had a family emergency and someone sneezed on me and I get sick can happen. Or I’m fully rested and have my vitamin C and everything is going well for me and someone sneezes on me and I don’t get sick. Or maybe it’s a germ I haven’t been exposed to and I get sick anyway, but not too bad because of the expression of receptors on the outside of my cells are shaped a little bit differently than someone else’s which might have made the difference. Any other number of some internal or external situation can affect someone’s health, but disease has been observed for hundreds of years and contagion clearly had some validity. People don’t need a virologist or other expert to tell them something does or does not exist for them to think that they caught something from another person, or at least that exposure may have had some factor.

    If there is a complex detox process happening and contagion doesn’t exist, proof of this process and a well explained mechanism and cures of ailments would need to be offered up. This is because people tend to look for treatments and cures to their problems. Prior to this Covid scam, people weren’t too paranoid about catching diseases, not respiratory infections. I don’t think it had much to do with belief in germs. And also, I think what drives belief in germs is not what “experts” say but innate bodily experience and associations and entrenched paradigms of understanding.

  80. If I were to attempt to mentally manifest the “World Voluntarist Advisory Committee” for my imaginary utopian future world. Vandana Shiva Might be among my first picks. Along with the amazing Mr Corbett of course.
    Truly a great woman in my opinion.


    Here she is in an interview with Russell Brand where they discuss the farmer revolt in the Netherlands and the bigger picture that led to it.

  81. So I know Biden and cancer and Biden and Covid are the current focus but I think it’s more relevant that Biden just declared a climate emergency.
    Link to speech (says it all in the first 5 minutes).

    Speaking in Massachusetts Biden says,
    “Climate change is literally an existential threat to our nation and to the world. So my message today is this: since Congress is not acting as it should – and these guys here are, but we’re not getting many Republican votes – this is an emergency. An emergency. And I will look at it that way.” He then s at s he plans to outline the steps the administration is going to take.

    Sure sounds like declaring an emergency to me, but The Guardian doesn’t see it that way, with the headline that reads “Biden unveils extreme heat plan – but doesn’t declare climate emergency”

    The article reads, “The president stopped short, however, of declaring a climate emergency.” Then goes on to quote him saying “this is an emergency”.

  82. Has anyone here read “The Psychology of Totalitarianism” by Mattias Desmet yet? (it was released June 23, 2022)

    If so, what are your thoughts? Thanks in advance for taking to time to comment.

    • Gavinm,

      I just finished reading Desmet’s book.
      It was thought provoking and well referenced. It’s not quite what I was expecting. I thought it would be a deep dive into mass formation and totalitarian systems. But the focus was on ideology, specifically the mechanistic world view, and how it naturally led society to where we are now; on the brink of complete surveillance and centralized control. It was a fascinating analysis. Humans are not machines, nature is not a machine (despite man’s discovery of ‘laws’ and ‘rules’ that ‘govern’ the universe). Totalitarianism is a result of the mechanistic ideology where science can answer all questions, and solve all problems.

      My take-away, the only rational conclusion is that there is not always a “rational” answer. We cannot (should not?) try to define and explain everything. There are many great mysteries in life, so much that cannot be rationally explained or understood, but things we can feel and experience and can “know”.

      Additionally, it’s perfectly okay to not have the answers. In fact, when we lift our head from the fervent and focused search, we are greeted with a vast and expansive view. Setting aside the search for answers, we gain a perspective that puts us in the present, a place of awe and appreciation and humility. It is in this present mindset that we are open to spontaneity and creativity and inspiration. I think humanity needs to embrace the elusive-unknowable in life, and carry on with it, rather than chasing the hows and why’s of it’s mystery.

      • Torus,

        Thanks so much for the thoughtful review and insightful comments on life in general.

        I have now purchased a copy of the book and look forward to reading it.

        Have you read “Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition” by Charles Eisenstein?

        He talks about the “mechanistic world view” in great detail in that book. In the spirit of a concept covered in the book (gift economics) you can read the book for free here: https://sacred-economics.com/read-online/

        I resonate with your “take away” as it is the embodiment of a central part of my compass in life (to accept I am currently living a life and perceiving my existence in a way that does not allow for me to grasp the totality of what is, what can be and what I am capable of). Through this acceptance I feel like the person that was once stuck clinging to a boulder on the shore of a river with rapids and is now moving into the deep center flow, allowing the strong current to move me and being okay with not being in control.

        When I muster the courage of the heart and wisdom to embrace the present moment with awe, appreciation and humility, I am gifted glimpses of understanding that which is beyond the capabilities of my human brain.. glimpses of a place one might call home. When I live my life and see from that knowing and perspective I feel as though I am an apprentice to nature.. the ancient foundational geometrical patterns around and within me (such as the Torus) speak to me of ways I can align my self with the center current. I strive to apply these ways of seeing and being in my garden, in my interactions with my fellow beings and in the landscape of my mind as well.

        Thanks again for the enriching comment.

        • I’ve been enjoying your input and insight in the Corbett comments.
          I feel you. I’m riding that wave.
          Some things in life cannot be explained or articulated, no matter how eloquent and bespoke we are.

          I have not read any works by Charles Eisenstein. Looking briefly at his bio, he’s likely an ally, plus I particularly enjoy learning from contemporaries. I’m interested to explore “Sacred Economics” and better understand alternative economic and social systems. Thank you for the recommendation. My book list is growing quickly these days.

          In my recent Permaculture Design Course we barely touched on invisible structures, economy, and social systems. But these are the topics that really spark my interest. I reject the tenets of central planning and social engineering. However, I do see a need for some economic and organizational frameworks based on voluntarist ethics and permaculture principles. I’m hoping that with mentors, research, and communities willing to try, we can create some workable solutions that extend beyond this societal upheaval.
          As a matter of fact, I just noticed an advanced course on Social Permaculture coming up in Indiana. (Possibly offered online as well) Thinking I might sign up. Here’s the link for any PDC grads interested.


          • I agree that some things are only knowable through direct experience and language fails to properly encapsulate some of those ways of knowing.

            Charles is certainly a skilled wordsmith but sometimes seems to tip toe along fences as to not offend those that dwell on either side. I do never the less value many of the concepts he presents. I find his way of articulating and his ability to provide pertinent historical points of interest are worth sifting through any ‘egg shell tiptoeing’ he engages in from time to time in his writing. Recently, (in the last year or so) Charles has seemed to get off the fence and speak more directly (and without a filter). Though, I get the sense that he may have been threatened in some way recently as his essays seem to be doing quite a lot of back paddling. In any case, I still feel that Sacred Economics is worth a read.

            That is a very interesting sounding course, thanks for the link. Did you end up enrolling?

            There is a pretty solid Social Permaculture chapter in an online Advanced Permaculture course I took a few years ago. Here is a screen shot of some of the material in the course: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-NKeyOsaMggGDpgP0rAFhB7kPKR11qds/view?usp=sharing

          • @Torus

            How are you my friend?

            What is your favorite garden crop this year and why? 🙂

            • Hello Gavin!

              All is well, thanks. How are things up North?
              Central Colorado has had record rainfall this growing season and the gardens are absolutely thriving! (Of course you won’t hear anything about that in the MSM, they just focus on heat waves and wildfires).

              My favorite garden crop this year is Lamb’s Quarters. They volunteer in my gardens in abundance and I let them mingle with the many other veggies, herbs, and flowers. I love that they have such a long harvesting season, since they can be eaten at every stage. We eat the tender leaves mixed in our salads, sauté the more mature greens, or blanch and freeze for winter soups. I also make delicious creamed lambs quarters (like creamed spinach). Speaking of spinach, lamb’s quarters is even more nutrient dense and provides a much bigger harvest per plant.
              We also feed them to our chickens; the greens, flowers, seeds, they devour it.
              Oh, and it’s often considered a dynamic accumulator. It’s an under-appreciated and very hard-working plant.

              What delicious harvests are you enjoying so far?

              • @Torus

                Glad to hear everything is going well (and the gardens are being well watered by Mother Nature) in Colorado 🙂

                We had a pretty dry spring in southern Ontario but there have been steady rains this summer so far. I got behind on annuals this year so just starting to see significant bean, pepper and tomato harvests but our berry harvests have been fantastic and I am excited to see our Paw Paw and Malus sieversii trees loaded with fruit starting to size up nicely

                You allow Lamb’s Quarters to mingle with your veggies!!? How scandalous! How dare you let those non-conformist self sowing plants contaminate your communities of approved annual plants!

                🙂 jk, I am also a proponent of recognizing abundant gifts offered by nature and putting them to good use. I love Lamb’s Quarters too, (and her cousin Amaranth) I wrote a post about it a while back and shared some of our favorite recipes we like to use with our harvests


                Well so far my favorite harvest and preserve from 2023 is a raw fermented hot sauce I made last week that included several heirloom chilis, lots of garlic, blueberries, egyptian walking onions and echinacea blossoms.

                Our ????????? ??? ????????? ????? ??????? ???? ????????? ???????? ended up having discernable blueberry notes and a subtle floral background flavor despite the expected garlicy and spicy main flavors.

                I`ll try and upload some pics to archive dot org and share a link here so you can see how it was made and turned out 🙂

                Thanks for the reply. Wishing you many bountiful harvests this year and beyond!

          • Greetings Torus! 🙂

            Hope you are well and your harvests are still going strong in the garden.

            Just wanted to check in and see if you have any interest in giving a few Malus sieversii seeds a home to set down roots in one of your designs?

            We just had our first substantial harvest of fruit from a tree we grew from seeds and I am tryna give those ancient resilient genetics a chance to spread their wings on Turtle Island (as the wild apple forests in Kazakhstan where the seeds came from are increasingly under threat and this species is becoming endangered).

            Just throw me a reply if you have a spot for some seeds to set down roots.

            FYI – Incase you are unfamiliar with this species I just wanted to give you a heads up that the wild apple trees Malus sieversii seeds produce have the potential to live to be 300-years-old, becoming up to 5 feet across at the base of the trunk and 60 feet tall. Each seed can grow a tree that produces a completely unique apple variety.

            • Hello Gavin!

              I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I would absolutely like a few Malus sieversii seeds. I’m always happy to propagate ancient and well loved species. I have at least one location in mind already. Thank you so much for sharing your wealth!

              You can get my email from James, or if you have one you’d like to share here, we can be in touch and I’ll let you know where you can send them. I’m so excited!

              Hope your season is bountiful both in harvest and in heart.

              • Excellent! 🙂

                I will extract a few seeds from some fruit and package them up for you tonight.

                Nature’s wealth is meant to be shared, for through that act of sharing her wealth is potentiated and expands exponentially so future generations can tap into even more true wealth than we can (this is especially true with regards to seeds). Thus, I am happy to share when I know the natural wealth will be nurtured to grow and shared with many others in turn.

                I`ll throw a link to my website where you can find my email in a separate comment.

                Thank you for the thoughtful blessing my friend. Our season is indeed bountiful, especially with apples, peppers, and Paw Paw fruit (our trees are loaded!) and creating with and sharing that abundance provides nourishment for the heart so I feel satiated in both body and spirit.

              • @Torus

                I extracted some seeds, washed and packaged them up for you last night. So we are good to go as soon as we can communicate via email so I know where to send them.

                FYI – the seeds are best if shipped quickly so they remain fresh and go right into some living soil to retain higher viability

  83. Dear Corbetteers,

    Another advert for one of my articles.

    It attempts to comment on three topics: complicity with western narratives even by authors who are countering western foreign policy, the complete failure of the west’s sanctions against Russia, and the ongoing changes in geopolitics:

    EU Madness: Sanctioning A Critical Trading Partner has Consequences

    (A little over 3 000 words).

    Peace be with you,


  84. I hope everyone has a great weekend, with peace and nature part of it!

    I want to bring back a word that has been shunned by modern society. Retarded and the correct definition.

    Retarded- a person that is unaware of the world they live in.
    I have decided I want to help the mentally retarded. Lol

    I thank everyone in this community. I have learned so much and want to learn even more. Thank you

    • I lean with you Brian.

      1 – dated, now offensive : affected by intellectual disability
      2 – informal + offensive : very stupid or foolish

      1 – Affected with impaired intellectual development.
      2 – Occurring or developing later than desired or expected; delayed.
      3 – Socially inappropriate or foolish.

      Corbett Report Member Ethan Hunter says:
      “Thought I might post some comic relief from these distressing times, this is a funny stand up special from Jim Breuer comedically “laughing at tyrants” in this wonderful performance…”

      Oh my!…Jim Breuer used the word “retarded” countless times.

      It’s pretty retarded when people get bent out of shape because of the words which are used to convey a concept.
      Parts of society need to lighten up…their bunghole is too tight and shit gets backed up…that’s not healthy.

  85. A week or so ago, the Mexican President encouraged Americans who live near the border to come into Mexico to fill up on gasoline. Gasoline, among other things, are cheaper in Mexico.

    Thursday July 21st – Fortune Magazine
    Mexico’s president taunts Biden over energy policy trade fight:
    ‘Ooooh, I’m so scared’


    There’s a brewing trade dispute between the U.S. and Mexico on energy policy, and it’s getting ugly fast.
    “Ooooh, I’m so scared,” Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) said at a Wednesday press conference, referencing a popular Mexican song and taunting the Biden administration by ordering his staff to play it.

    When reporters asked him how he proposes to solve the policy spat, AMLO was defiant: “Nothing will happen.”

    …It started early on Wednesday, when U.S. officials argued that AMLO’s energy policies favor Mexico’s state-run electrical utility and oil companies and undermine American business…

    …Mexico’s president laughed off the White House’s rhetoric, saying that Biden has always respected Mexican sovereignty and the trade fight was merely a result of corrupt right-wing lobbying, the Wall Street Journal first reported.

    Mexico has been attempting to prop up its state-run electrical utility, the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE), and its national oil and gas company, Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), with policies that U.S. trade ambassador Katerine Tai argues “prioritize the distribution” of energy from these firms, disincentivizing market competition and clean-energy production in the country…

    …Mexico’s economy ministry responded to U.S. and Canadian requests for consultation late on Wednesday night, with officials saying that they are hoping to reach a “mutually satisfactory solution” to the energy dispute. President López Obrador remained defiant on Thursday, however, arguing that Mexico has not violated the USMCA trade agreement.

    • But, evidently, Fortune Magazine did not tell the full story…

      The Independent via Yahoo News
      Mexican president bizarrely mocks Biden by playing pop song ‘Ooh So Scared’ at press conference

      …The move, which could lead to US tariffs against Mexico, was laughed off by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who played the song “Uy, qué miedo” by Tabasco singer Chico Che.

      “They are going [to give us a call] so that we can explain the energy policy of our country. Let’s see if you can find my countryman Chico Che, the one with “Uy, qué miedo” [song]… we have to keep going, there is still time,” said the country’s populist president during the conference…

      …López Obrador stated that the request for dispute resolution stems from “disagreement promoted by some businessmen,” whom he described as being more conservative and to the right than former President Donald Trump…

      …AMLO recalled that when the Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada was negotiated, the government of his predecessor, Enrique Peña Nieto, agreed to one of the chapters to a policy that he claims is “in violation of our sovereignty in energy matters.”

      “And since we were observers, I was the president elect, I said that we did not accept it and that it would not be approved in the Senate if that chapter was sustained. The talks stopped for about a week, 10 days, pressure of all kinds from the Mexican government because they had already accepted,” continued López Obrador.

      “[The person in charge of] Economy, in the previous administration, and other public servants, with this whole group and we said no. President Peña spoke to me like twice, very worried that the negotiations were going to come to a halt, and that we were heading towards great devaluation and a serious crisis. Well no, we cannot do this; how are we going to compromise our sovereignty?”

      Obrador went on to say that talks ultimately broke down because no one “wanted to inform President Trump of what was happening.”

      “They decided to inform him, (…) and President Trump said ‘see what they want in Mexico’ and we wrote the chapter and there were two paragraphs that have to do with the nation’s dominance over our energy policy,” he explained.

      • This is fun!
        Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), President of the United States of Mexico, mocks President Biden and Imperialist U.S. Policy…

        See this 90 second video from AMLO’s Press Conference
        “Uy, qué miedo”, AMLO responde a petición de consultas de EU con canción de Chico Che

        • Uy que miedo by Chico Che y La Crisis

          Translation to English…

          oh how scary
          That you come from another planet just to watch over us
          Oh how scary, look how I’m shaking
          Oh how scary, look how I’m shaking

          And they come in saucers, more than four to take us
          Oh how scary, look how I’m shaking
          Oh how scary, look how I’m shaking

          That the dollar is going up, and the peso keeps going down
          Oh how scary, look how I’m shaking
          Oh how scary, look how I’m shaking

          The basket goes up and my danger is going down
          Oh how scary, look how I’m shaking

          Oops-oops-oops so scary, oops-oops-oops so scary
          Look how I tremble, I can hardly dance
          Oops-oops-oops so scary, oops-oops-oops so scary
          Look how I tremble, I can hardly dance

          That the sun is getting closer just to burn us
          Oh how scary, look how I’m shaking
          Oh how scary, look how I’m shaking

          And there will be no more floods that come to save us
          Oh how scary, look how I’m shaking
          Oh how scary, look how I’m shaking

          Oops-oops-oops so scary, oops-oops-oops so scary
          Look how I tremble, I can hardly dance
          Oops-oops-oops so scary, oops-oops-oops so scary
          Look how I tremble, I can hardly dance

          Oh how scary, look how I’m shaking….

          • Oh!
            This music reminds me of the neighborhood on a pleasant Autumn night when Hispanic families are having a get-together dinner outside on the front lawn… …or when roofers are fixing a neighbor’s roof.

            Chico Che Chico, Los Claxons – Uy Qué Miedo
            (3 minutes)

            I love this stuff.
            After posting all this, I gotta a craving for tacos.

      • This guy has some extreme right ideas and seems he might be fostering terrorrists in Mexico. Everyone knows that cheaper gas is used to finanace terrorism.

    • This happened quite a while ago and is now work in progress.

      • Ah! I guess being in a time warp hasn’t helped my communication skills… Here’s hoping my other recent contributions are slightly less obsolete.

    • Thanks ManBearPig,
      I just now used that clip.
      I still disseminate.

      • Well, though we’ve all been tossin around the idea of climate lockdowns for some time now on this site, none of my students seem to have heard of the possibility of being forcefully housebound due to engineered climate hysteria. I think they’d be surprised to see that tweet. I hadn’t seen it before. But I’ve been outa conspiracy circulation for a while.

        • These students would not be aspiring cult members were they incapable of outright rejecting any premonitions from that video lest they come from authoritative sources.

        • – Young Texan in Europe/UK ANECDOTE –

          My Grandson turned 21 in May. Now, he can legally buy alcohol or cigarettes. I talk to him like I would talk to anyone else, and in fact, I try to get him to call me by my first name.(Like in “To Kill A Mockingbird”) But he still calls me Grandpa most of the time.

          For the past few years, he has been living at his Mother’s place in the Dallas area. Frankly, he’s been kind of lazy. He did some ventures online, and tried building websites, or working on a new video game, and tried college a couple times. He didn’t get out much and mix in real life. He stayed in the house. His Dad was kind of worried about his lack of social interactions. I told my son not to worry about his son…he’ll find his niche.
          I do NOT evaluate my Grandson nor impose my values on him. I hug him. I listen and encourage him to continue to explore, have adventure and find his path. Repeatedly, I tell him that I do not want to influence him or try to direct his life in veiled ways.

          Out of the blue early this summer, suddenly, my Grandson decides to fly Amsterdam and shuttle over to England to meet and stay with an online friend. He up and bought a ticket and went.
          He spent 2 hours over the phone telling me about his adventures after he got back. ha! Of course, I asked if he went to see the girls in the windows while he was in Amsterdam.

          • (…continuing…)

            He told me about England and how many folks looked healthier than Americans ‘cuz they rode bikes all around in the Village where he stayed with his friend. Their houses are small and packed tight, he says.
            Knowing that I am a “Conspiracy Guy”, he asked if I ever heard how the world is on a rapid, alarming, self-destruction because of manmade climate change. His friends over there were telling him all about it.
            I gently told him my perspective, highlighting the control agenda. But I told him that he needs to come to his own conclusions. If he wants info, he can ask and I’ll send it.
            For me, his stories and perspective were insightful.

            Surprisingly, shortly after he got back, he got a job at a Pawn Shop. Lots of public interaction. I was thrilled, and told him that it was great timing (economy). He works alongside an all-female staff. I asked how much he had to pay to be able to work there.

            In my opinion, much of the public in the U.S. knows very little about the climate change fraud…nor even about the official climate change narrative.

            • You have mentioned how you are careful not to discuss some tough subjects with your family that they don’t solicit.
              I really admire your ability to have that restraint. Sincerely.
              If it had been me, I would surely have alienated my grandson by forcing my opinions on him.

              I have two sisters that I still have a feeble phone and email relationship with. I suppose because they just let me rant.
              But I have reduced my circle of friends down to almost nothing by being outspoken about all the subjects that are important to me.
              Fortunately, I am well suited to solitude and have had lots of practice. But loneliness still can be a challenge.
              Overall, I think that your approach to this balancing act is by far the wisest.

  86. From a paper published on Tallbloke’s Talkshop that via a new SSR dataset find that not only is CO2 not the primary driver of warming but also seems to offer confirmation of the fraudulant nature of establishment “adjustments” and “corrections” of past climate measurements:

    Implications of a New Gridded Dataset of Surface Solar Radiation
    for the Evolution of Earth’s Global Surface Temperature Since 1960

    Ned Nikolov, Ph.D. and Karl Zeller, Ph.D.
    July, 2022

    “…We find that the SSR-based global temperature estimates match quite well the UAH satellite record from 1982 to the present in terms of overall trend and interannual variability suggesting that the observed warming of the past 40 years was the result of a decreased cloud albedo and an increased SSR rather than rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations. The HadCRUT5 record also shows a satisfactory agreement with the SSR-based temperatures over the same time period. However, between 1962 and 1983, the SSR-based temperature reconstruction depicts a steep global cooling reaching a rate of -1.3 K/decade during the 1970s. This is drastically different from the mild warming claimed by HadCRUT5 over this time period. The cooling episode indicated by the SSR data is corroborated by more than 115 magazine and newspaper articles published throughout the 1970s as well as a classified CIA Report from 1974 all quoting eminent climatologists of the day, who warned the public that the observed worldwide drop of temperatures threatened the global food supply and economic security. Based on this, we conclude that researchers in charge of the HadCRUT dataset have likely removed the 1962 – 1983 cooling episode from the records before the publication of HadCRUT1 in 1994 in an effort to hide evidence contradicting the UN Resolution 43/53 from 1988, which proclaimed a global warming caused by greenhouse gases as a major societal concern, and urged Governments to treat it as a priority issue in climate research and environmental protection initiatives…”


    • I finally finished listening after three sessions while doing chores.
      There was a lot of history there.

      I have a boatload of different Homeopathic Remedies sitting on the shelf.
      Fortunately, Homeopathic Remedies virtually ‘never’ expire. Ignore the expiration date. Throw it away when the package rots.
      I probably should use some of these more often, ‘cuz I often overlook them.
      IMO, there is really not a downside on taking any Homeopathic Remedies since they do not interfere with other medications.

      Cell Salts – Hyland’s Bioplasma – A collection of 12 mineral cell salts (3x & 6x)
      With this summer’s heat, I often take some and do notice a difference.
      Even decades ago, I would take Homeopathic Cell Salts during the hot times of the year, especially because I was outdoors often.

      – Homeopathy for Plants –
      Once when I was trying a business venture years ago, I went to an “Organic Gardening Trade Show”, where wholesalers and manufacturers represented their products to us retailers.
      One booth had Homeopathic Remedies for plants. The guy had been a consultant for California Vineyards. The ladies at the booth enticed me over with their smiles. They opened a bottle of grape juice and poured me a small glass. I tasted it. Then they sprayed a short mist of a homeopathic remedy over the same closed bottle. They poured me a small glass. It tasted sweeter. Then they took a different homeopathic remedy and sprayed a short mist way above my glass which still had some grape juice in it. Now, I again sampled my half full glass and the grape juice went back to its fruity, less sweet original flavor. I was amazed.

      I bought some of the homeopathic sprays and took it home. I tried the grape juice routine on everyone I knew, including classmates at college. Many people noticed the taste change. Some folks did not.
      From the same booth, after the booth ladies told me a few anecdotes, I also bought a homeopathic spray which was supposed to help make the wife horny. It sure didn’t work on my wife. Ice cream and chocolate work better.

      I just now ran across this…
      K-W Homeopathic Medicine and Wellness Clinic – near Toronto, Ontario Canada
      Homeopathy For Plants by Christiane Maute

  87. I sometimes like to poke fun at Texans, even though the rest of the world talks funny.

    In far west Texas is Loving County. It is three-fifths the size of the State of Rhode Island. The county sits at the border with New Mexico about where the backwards “L” shape starts. An hour’s drive east takes you to Odessa, Texas and one hour northwest to Carlsbad, New Mexico.

    Loving County is the least-populous county in the United States.
    The county has a tough time with drinkable water, even from water wells.

    I recently ran across this article…
    How a cattle sting operation snared Loving County Judge Skeet Jones
    Actually, I don’t necessarily recommend that folks read it or spend much time trying to understand some of the under-reported broad aspects to the story. I have my personal take on the full overview.
    However, the following caught my eye…

    ~~ Loving County has a population of 57.
    …For decades, a handful of prominent families in Loving County have feuded bitterly for control of the local government, with the Joneses finally largely coming out ahead. Skeet Jones has served as the judge for more than 15 years. His sister is the county clerk. His cousin’s husband is the county attorney. His nephew is the constable…
    …The salaries for many of the top officials in town — the judge, auditor, treasurer, clerk, justice of the peace, county attorney, constable and sheriff — are $100,000 or higher…

    – Grand Jury –
    …The latest attempt on July 7 to get enough qualified grand jurors failed for two reasons, he said.
    ~~ Under Texas law, grand jurors cannot be related by blood or marriage.
    ~~ And they are required to reside within the county, which has become a flashpoint since the Loving County justice of the peace in May sent four prospective jurors — including Jones’ son and a county commissioner — to jail on a contempt order for allegedly not living there.

  88. WoW!
    This is fantastic!

    The Biggest Crime Ever Committed on Humanity (Covid Vaccines) – Christine Anderson (German MP) – EU Parliament – 05 July 2022 – (3 min video)
    [Link to the full 1hr 30min event in show notes]

    In a speech in the European Parliament earlier this month, German MP Christine Anderson described the coercion of people into taking COVID vaccines as the “biggest crime ever committed on humanity.”

    Christine Anderson (German MP) emphatically states:
    “This vaccine campaign will go down as the biggest scandal in medical history.
    Moreover, it will be known as the biggest crime ever committed on humanity.
    …“What in God’s name have they done with this?”
    … “Each and every elected representative of people in every western democracy,
    What have you done?”
    …“You didn’t do your job, and do not tell me you didn’t know.
    It is your job to protect the people that you were elected by.”
    “There is so much coming to light, all of the adverse side effects, numerous studies now available, on foetal disfigurements… genetic defects of babies born to women who got vaccinated.”
    “What in the hell is going on here?
    We will do all we can to make sure this is brought to light and ensure the rights of the people to be protected.”

    And from a Twitter video…
    “In the entire history of mankind there has never been a political elite sincerely concerned about the wellbeing of regular people.
    What makes any of us think that it is different now.”

    Taken from
    ~~WWW zerohedge.com/covid-19/member-european-parliament-labels-covid-vaccine-coercion-worst-crime-ever-committed

  89. We all might prepare for higher energy prices thanks to Technocrats trying to police the world.
    This is a good summary of what is occurring…

    By Tsvetana Paraskova at OilPrice.com
    Why The U.S. Is Desperate For A Russian Oil Price Cap

    ~~ International oil prices are set to spike later this year when the EU ban on providing insurance for the transportation of Russian oil takes effect.
    ~~ In order to stop pricing spiking, the United States is attempting to get major oil importers to endorse a plan to cap the price of Russian oil.
    ~~ While China and India may be tempted to agree to an oil price cap, Russia could retaliate by stopping the export of oil.

    The United States is looking to convince major oil importers, including Russia’s key buyers these days, China and India, to endorse a plan to cap the price of Russian oil they are buying. The U.S. and other major developed Western economies are wary of letting international crude oil prices spike later this year when the EU ban on providing insurance and financing for seaborne transportation of Russian oil takes effect in December.

    Russia will be effectively shut out of more than 90% of the global oil shipment insurance market as most of the ports do not allow tankers to dock unless they have full insurance coverage, including insurance from the UK-based International Group of P&I Clubs, which handles 95% of the global tanker insurance market and consists mostly of UK, U.S., and European insurers.

    This would severely cripple the flow of Russian oil globally, potentially leading to record-high oil prices, which the Biden Administration simply cannot afford to have right now, especially after boasting just a few days ago that “Gas prices are declining at one of the fastest rates we have seen in over a decade – we’re not letting up on our work to lower costs even further.”

    In addition, soaring fuel prices would further stoke already four-decade high inflation and further complicate the Fed’s efforts to tame that inflation with aggressive key interest rate hikes.

    So, the G7 group of leading industrialized nations, led by the U.S., is considering waiving the ban on insurance and all services enabling transportation of Russian oil if that oil is bought at or below a certain price, yet to be decided….

    [It should also be noted that Insurance Companies are tightening their grip on shippers with ESG standards. This doesn’t end well with 2030 coming into view.]

  90. After more than two years of enduring the scamdemic it’s good to see that James has finally outed himself!

    In a recent interview hosted by Ryan Cristián James finally tells us what he thinks is going on, or could be going on with Covid-19.

    Yes over the last couple of years he’s touched on bits and pieces of the official narrative, criticizing this and that etc. But until now I never heard him answer the question:
    What do you think is going on with Covid-19?

    Ryan puts the question to James and he comes clean about what he thinks is/could be ACTUALLY happening.

    It took a long time, but better late than never. 🙂
    Incidentally, I am pretty much in agreement with his take on what has been going on.

  91. Minding my business at home tonight, when the dog starts barking, letting me know someone is at the door. Turns out it is an Amnesty International knocker looking for support for abortion rights.
    Being a past liberal, and of artistic leaning, I welcome the gent. He leans in and begins the spiel…I know it will end in a request for my signature or my money. When he presses me whether I support a wonan’s right to choose, I get a little quiet. But eventually I say …”yes, your body, your choice”. He keeps at me, but I get more quiet and reticent to answer his inquiries. He notices this and asks me why am I reluctant and becoming visibly upset. I say to him, “Where were you when I needed you?” He looks confused, and asks “What?”. I say, “In the last few years there has been something forced on me that I did not want. Where were you then?” He looks puzzled … says he is sorry.
    Maybe I should have just come out and said it, to rid the possibility of confusion, but I just couldn’t go there. I know he could feel my seething anger and he left quietly soon after.

  92. 15 minute DISSEMINATION Video for “new people”

    I recently used this video again in an email. It is a good arrow for your quiver…

    The Comedian JP Sears of Austin, Texas often puts out some good content. The following is worth a watch. The visuals, on-screen labels and video clips in this 15 minute Video are profound. “Man is God” Transhumanism supported by World Leaders – https://youtu.be/6G3nWyoQ5CQ or if censored https://odysee.com/@AwakenWithJP:9/is-klaus-schwab-the-most-dangerous-man:e

    Is Klaus Schwab the Most Dangerous Man in the World?

  93. Edward Dowd has curated a useful collection of documentaries related to the frauds/crimes being committed against humanity:


    Unsurprisingly, the collection (44 currently) includes three documentaries created by our esteemed James Corbett, plus a general link to his documentaries!

    • Only three?? Well, this fella is obviously a shill.

      Oh, I see he added a URL to the CR documentaries page. I guess all is fine, then. Better to impugn, than not, ehi?

    • BUMP
      Totality of Evidence – Website

      I am impressed with the collection of information on this website.
      It is laid out well.
      Thanks Jo-ann!

      I will add this to the “Holiday Open Thread” relating to…
      Excess Mortality

  94. Shit happens…

    Crew takes ‘entire roof’ off wrong Overland Park, Kansas home — then vanishes, homeowner says

  95. Friday August 5, 2022 – Reuters
    Wildfires are destroying California’s forest carbon credit reserves-study

    Aug 5 (Reuters) – Carbon offsets generated from forests to counteract future climate-warming emissions from California’s big polluters are rapidly being depleted as trees are ravaged by wildfire and disease, new research published on Friday suggests.
    One of California’s key policy tools to combat climate change may be falling far short of its goals, the researchers said – raising questions about similar carbon offset programs around the world.

    The study, published in the journal Frontiers in Forests and Global Change, was conducted by CarbonPlan, a San Francisco-based non-profit that researches the integrity of programs designed to offset carbon emissions. The group’s research has questioned the value of the California forest carbon offset program in fighting climate change in the past.

    Under California law, large emitters face carbon limits and can buy allowances if they exceed them.
    They may offset up to 4% of their emissions with offset credits, such as those generated from the program’s forest conservation projects in 29 states, according to the California Air Resources Board.

    A portion of those credits are put into a buffer account, an insurance mechanism tapped in the event that projects are lost to wildfire, disease, pests or financial risks such as bankruptcy.
    Those credits are meant to guarantee carbon stocks for at least 100 years.
    But that promise is falling short as climate change fuels intense wildfires, drought and disease, the researchers said….

    • I guess peasants will have he tighten the belt so that Leo DiCaprio can continue zooming around the globe in his private, albeit wasteful, jet.

      • I bet DeCaprio is “EXEMPT”…

        This EXCERPT caught my eye…
        Consider one last fact:
        that as Larry and Mike (and Brian Moynihan of Bank of America and David Solomon of Goldman Sachs and the rest of the Davos crowd) “force” American corporations to sign on to political-schedule decarbonization because they’re so personally passionate about it, they’ve also engineered an exemption from the European Union’s new “green” fuel tax for – do you even have to guess? – private jets.

        [LINK to The Irish Times embedded.]

        All the Trips to Davos Have Gone to Larry Fink’s Head
        By Scott Shepard – July 27, 2022

    • Thank you HRS. I will watch this and post my impressions of it. To me there are probably multiple contributing factors for disease and the conversation about this issue has broken down and because it’s such a technical topic there is some necessity to have a bit of background.

      For example, cell culture and additives and how they work and their mechanism of action is. Like anti-fungals and antibiotics and how they affect cell culture (the cells that are used to grow the “virus”).

      I need to read more about this because it’s a good point that when you conduct experiments on living things you have a control where you look at what the additives do to the cell culture before adding the stuff you’re trying to study.

      So, I would like to review some cell biology and research some lab techniques and see if I can even understand what’s going on so that I can more intelligently understand this debate.

      It will probably be useful to do some research anyway because there’s biotechnology studies I want to be able to understand too.

      The fact that people are even interested in this stuff is pretty cool though. I always loved biology, cell biology and biochemistry so for me to review basics will be kind of fun.

      • What I have noticed a little bit is that the strong distrust of the medical establishment, that is well founded seems to make people reject everything from it. This is instead of looking at ideas on their own or treatments on their own to see if they work. It’s a “separate baby from bathwater” type of thing. And this is hard to do, but not impossible and sometimes necessary if someone needs to go the hospital for a life threatening problem. Good to know a little bit about western medicine then.

        I think some things can only be treated with western medicine, like critical injuries and some diseases and in certain cases it can be very beneficial.

        I mean if I’m having crushing chest pain and a sense of impending doom, I’m not going to call a homeopathic doctor. I’m going to call an ambulance and get to a regular hospital. That’s really inappropriate to use alternative medicine in that situation.

        I’m also not going to accept every single word any doctor says to me supplanting my own thoughts irrespective of who they are and what credentials they hold.

    • It might be in a way to promote division and infighting and narrow down thinking processes. The discussion spoke of extremes and I have been caught up in these frames of mind too about different things, wanting a black and white understanding. But most natural phenomena are not black and white and there maybe nuances to consider.

      Or maybe the covid hysteria re-ignited this old debate and people hated pharma and western medicine so much they could easily turn that hate at the entire field of virology. I don’t know anything about the history of virology or who these people were. And I do think there is a lot of corruption in western medicine. I mean they used to drain people of blood. They had some really weird ideas and doctors didn’t use to wash their hands and went from autopsy to delivering babies and many women died. When they started washing their hands less women died, which led to support for germ theory.

      I think the video didn’t go into the specifics mentioned by the no-virus supporters, like the cell culture and add mixture and control experiments.

      I read somewhere that Lanka changed the composition of add mixture that caused some cell lysis that appeared to demonstrate that the add mixture was causing cytopathic effects and he said this means that it’s the add mixture (toxicity) that are generating the appearance of viruses as the cells break apart. I’m going to find the Lanka paper and read it.

  96. ??????? ???? :


    ????? ??? ?? ??????? ?????? ?? ?? ?????????????

    Why or why not?


    Also, I would like to pose the above query as a potential ‘question for Corbett’.


    Thanks in advance for your time and consideration everyone.

    • You may want to post this to July 2023 open thread instead. You’ll probably get more traction there.

      • @Torus

        Oh ya, here we are back in last year’s thread! Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I must have scrolled down after commenting to you and got confused which thread I was on. I will do as you suggest, the comment is much appreciated.

        (Also, based on one of your chosen educational paths, which we share in common, I imagine I know your answer to the question above, never the less I would value your input if you feel like commenting when I re-post in the 2023 thread 🙂 )

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