June Open Thread (2022)

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It’s June already and summer is just around the corner, so you know what that means: it’s time for this month’s open thread!

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    • Thanks for the link mkey. The one of the dog supervising the car backing up is priceless. Also enjoyed the Black Vulture Hang glider mid air connection. Downloaded a few and saved the link to share with friends. Merci mille fois. A nice departure from the usual quotidian back and forth up and down vax armageddon WEF pathocratic (Dankeschön ChaosNavigator) brouhaha.

    • Great stuff, you tune into Benny Wills channel? 40 mins of memes every Monday. I never miss it.

  1. Has anyone checked out Nick Bryant’s new podcast? If you aren’t familiar he was the journalist who first broke Epsteins black book, also wrote the Franklin scandal, I think he’s the most important investigative journalist right now. https://youtu.be/H6EcTbIM8sM his website is nickbryantnyc.com, the podcast is on there if you don’t want to use YouTube.

    • Thanks for the tip, swch.

  2. This is a question for Mr. Corbett; Are you familiar with any of the work of the late Dave McGowan? It seemed that he investigated similar things to what the Corbett Report does and in particular found a lot of links between the 1960s counter culture and music scene along with military intelligence and the CIA. His book “Weird Scenes from the (Laurel) Canyon” raises real questions about how the whole “scene” came about. He also wrote extensively on 9/11 and other topics, so I was wondering if he was an influence or source for you? Thanks.

    • That was a good post and it raises questions for me.
      I don’t think you should expect a reply.
      This guy is very busy
      to do what he has done for these yrs…
      I was suspect that one person could do that what he has done
      later I learned about “brook” or it might be “brock”

      Your question does deserve investigation, but there is only so many hrs in a day…and apparently this guy has kids that listen to “K-pop”
      I’ve been to asia
      I’ve been to S.E Asia
      good luck with that

      • ksw and lekp: I understand that JC might be too busy to reply, but I thought it was worth a shot. It is strange see someone online and feel like you know them when really it’s impossible for him to have time for us the way we make time for him. I think that is one of the problems with social media, in that it causes people to put too much of themselves out there and in doing so losing their private sense of self. Thank you for reading my comment.

    • If you’re interested in the connection between intelligence agencies and the 60’s “counterculture,” another guy to look into is Tom O’Neill. He’s an investigative journalist who wrote a book called “Chaos: Charles Manson, The CIA, and The Secret History of The Sixties.” It dives into Manson and The Family’s ties to intelligence agencies. It also touches on Jolly West and his experiments, he was the psychologist who spearheaded MK Ultra/Chaos in the 60’s. Decent read. He did an episode of Rogan a couple years ago where he essentially explains everything from the book in the podcast, worth a listen.

      • Thank you, J.P., I just recently read “Chaos” by Tom O’Neill. It is a good read, and while O’Neil never found the smoking gun he was looking for, he does reasonably conclude that Manson was part of some experiment(s) conducted by the government that they would rather not talk about.

        • No he I didn’t, which was truly a shame considering how long he worked on that book. It’s the one critique I have with it, all of these interesting discoveries he finds along the way, yet it never really leads to anything. The end was unfulfilling, your left wishing he had found that “smoking gun” document proving Manson was an intelligence asset. Makes you wonder, had he spent another decade on it, what he would’ve dug up?! But regardless, all the interesting tidbits he found, the experiments the CIA was doing through MK Ultra, Project Midnight Climax, Chaos, all the spooks associated with The Family, all the inconsistencies surrounding the official story of the Manson murders, etc. There was so much sketchy shit going on during that period, it’s a wonder why there aren’t more books written on it? I think people view the 60’s as this great awakening for humanity. The mass adoption of drugs, the sexual revolution, great rock music produced during this period; I don’t think anyone wants to put a black eye on it. But when you deep dive, there’s no question the intelligence community was heavily involved, even steering the ship. It’s fascinating stuff

    • The last Questions for Corbett was in May. I don’t think they’re as regular a feature as they were in the past (he has done 87 of them, though), so I imagine once his Al Qaeda and other secret squirrel project gets wrapped by in a bow (by Broc) he will have more time to do those Q&A’s again. That’s where I would suggest posing that question if you’d like a more direct response (although I suppose there’s no reason he couldn’t mix it up with the plebs in his own open threads from time-to-time, too).
      If you’re not familiar with Jay Dyer, he has been one of the more heavily-influenced alternative researchers/commentators by McGowan and his workd that I am aware of. You can find him @ https://jaysanalysis.com/ (https://jaysanalysis.com/?s=dave+mcgowan).

    • G jingping

      If you wanna ask Mr Corbett a question I THINK the best way is to write all caps “questions for Corbett ” before you ask it … I don’t know but I think he does a search for that phrase for his CfC posts.

    • I am interested in the CIA/M-I6 connections with western counter counterculture in and before the 1960s. Especially the Beatles and the Grateful Dead. The whole thing extends back to modern literature.

    • Cool. I have been thinking about how fractals could be used for covert communications.

    • Nice, do you have any animated ones?

      • In 16 and 256 color DOS, I wrote fractal programs that vibrated color. I have a 32 bit Win program that does movable patterns. I use WINE to play it. I don’t program anymore.

  3. If there are any Corbett report members going to porcfest in New Hampshire later this month let me know, I’d like to hang out! It’s the largest anarcho-libertarian festival in the world I believe, 3000+ people from all over, organized by the free state project!

    • I wish I could but I’m in the UK. Would love to meet up with fellow Corbett fans in Somerset! Will be attending the upcoming Campout 2022 in any case. So glad social things are happening again. Hope you have a great time at your event!

      • Thank you! Hopefully I can meet some Corbett members there, it would be fun. I asked over in the media monarchy discord and it doesn’t seem any of them are coming this year.

    • I will be at porcfest. When you get to porcfest, check site #38 for a schedule of proposed meetup times…

      • Proposed meetup times for whom? Corbett members?

      • Anyway I’ll be there at site 106, I’ll stop by 38 and say hi, I should be there sometime Monday.

  4. How Broken Is The Supply Chain Really?

    This is a very interesting breakdown by a guy who does some very nice construction work and breaks down various concepts and tidbits in detail in his videos. He kind of reminds of a much less loud version of Ernest Hancock. My rating “worth a watch”.

    • Wednesday June 8th
      Canada’s Newspaper “The National Post” talks about
      “How the Prime Minister Stole Freedom”

      FIRST READING: The Trudeau parody topping Amazon’s bestseller list
      The number one book on Amazon Canada right now is a parody children’s book slamming Justin Trudeau’s response to Freedom Convoy.

      How the Prime Minister stole Freedom – modelled loosely on the Dr. Seuss classic How the Grinch stole Christmas – follows the trials of a Trudeau-esque leader who is tortured by freedom-loving truckers invading his capital city.

      The titular “prime minister” is depicted as a dim politician (“his brain was three sizes too small”) who schemes to seize the freedoms of the Canadian citizenry in a manner similar to the Grinch scheming to steal Christmas from Whoville. In true Seussian style, it’s written in anapestic tetrameter.

      “From coast to coast the truckers drove through the snow and their small fringe numbers continued to grow. Then one day a trucker appeared in the town, with thousands behind them from miles around,” reads a passage describing the arrival of Freedom Convoy….

      Here is “Clyde Do Something” talking about it on June 8th.
      We Made the News! National Post Story about How the Prime Minister Stole Freedom and Our Roll That

    • Clyde, turn right!

  5. This is an interesting exchange carried forward by Dore.

    This Nadler character is apparetnly trying to set the “assault rifle” minumum age to 21.

    Jerrold Nadler: It’s different ages, different purposes. We recognize 18 for the draft, we recognize 16 for driving in some states, we recognize 21 for drinking. So, we recognize differnt ages for different purposes.
    Thomas Massie: Would the chairman join me in cosponsoring a bill to raise the draft age to 21?
    Nadler: No.
    Massie: But the chairman feels that brains are not fully formed at 18, 19 and 21.
    Nadler: The research does indicate that, in certain respects. If the country needs people, it needs people.
    Massie: Needs people whose brains are not fully formed?
    Nadler: In certain respects, yes.

    Do try ignore the gun grab drivvel. Dore keeps shifting lanes on the first amendment.

    • I’m so interested to see what happens to Massie in the coming years. He has to be the most hated man in Washington. Will they bother with some kind of operation to remove this guys? Or just rig his next election to get him out of there? He must annoy the hell out of all those congress critters.

      • I think the normal practice would be to redistrict him out, such as by putting him into the same district as a strong blob candidate. Isn’t that what happened to Dennis Kucinich and Justin Amash? But, yeah, something more sinister could be done. Hope he has good security.

  6. Great counter to the technocratic surveillence state & interesting counter to the drive for Artificial Intelligence deployment –

    “one huge factor ruining our planet seems missing in this conversation: unfettered computerization and technology adoption. ”


    the book referred to here is well worth while


  7. Just read a thought provoking article by Thierry Meyssan: https://www.voltairenet.org/article217092.html

    It has a video of US senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham promising weapons to Ukraine in… 2016.

    “In view of these elements, it is appropriate to revise the common accusation according to which Russia is responsible for this war.”

    Meyssan writes that the international atomic agency confirmed that Ukraine kept a stockpile of weapons grade plutonium at Zaporizhia, which the Russian army conquered during the 2nd day of the Special Military Operation.

  8. I know this site has previously discussed sociopathy among CEO’s and politicians. A recent report asserts that “Narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism are ubiquitous among CEOs” and that firms with Machiavellian CEO’s tend to have lower costs. There’s a press release at https://www.eurekalert.org/news-releases/954813 but inconveniently the full report is behind a paywall. Perhaps someone here has institutional affiliation and can review it.

    • I don’t have access; however, I was able to see the full PDF and tables, but not able to download. Perhaps you will need to read it online or view each page at less than 100% and take screen shots / snips?

  9. Good questions! There have been lots and lots of UFO sightings over the years. Maybe they are experimental weaponry that was reverse engineered from stuff found on the planet that either crashed thousands of years ago or more recently. I suspect that if there are aliens who visit our planet they do so through worm holes.

    • If there are physical beings that come here and they have finite lifetimes, they need a short cut.

  10. Why do the globalists want to destroy our economies?
    1. controlling carbon will destroy our economies. Perhaps, they want to destroy the West so the East can rise?
    2. Why do they want use using inefficient green energy as opposed to oil(fossil fuels)? Perhaps so the East can rise?
    3. Why do they want to destroy air flights? They pushed the hardest with their bio weapon jabs against pilots.. They will use zero carbon for air flights to further clamp down on air flights.
    4. they are pushing the hardest of the bio weapon jabs in the west, including Israel (Palestines aren’t mandated). China doesnt use an MRNA jab. They use a different vx.

    • It looks like they have already destroyed the economies and are trying to create new economic system protect themselves from the fallout and usher in their long-desired NWO.

      I am temporarily black-pilled from reading this post by Kim Dot: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1533524778610348032.html

      He says:
      US total debt = $90 trillion
      US unfunded liabilities = $169 trillion
      Total = $259 trillion

      All US assets = $193 trillion

      Balance = – $66 trillion
      That’s $66 trillion of debt and liabilities after every asset in the US has been sold off.

    • Currently we use fossil fuels to commute to pointless jobs. We live as far as we can from the job so we can buy the largest house. Then we fly as far as we can to holiday in a walled vacation village.

      This seems like a criminal misuse of non-renewable fossil fuels. I don’t like totalitarianism, but what other options are there to use the remaining fossil fuels more sanely?

      • I agree. There is no fossil fuels. They are self regenerating from the earth.
        One thing I did read is that with oil, it cost more energy to extract oil now. That is why they went after getting oil from tar sands because they ran out of other options for getting oil from easier locations. With tar sands, it requires more energy to getting oil. Perhaps this is the reason they are pushing inefficient green energy? Our economy was propelled by easy energy. Less energy=more economic problems.
        I was thinking why don’t they switch us to other sources of energy such as hydrogen (getting it from water), perhaps because they need to control things. Wouldnt be able to control that if the technology was in widespread use? Your thoughts?

      • None of this agenda has anything to do with saving the planet from pollution. When they talk about reducing carbon emissions, what they really mean is reduction of global population. Look into the seven sisters themselves, they’re divesting away from oil & gas, and investing in “clean/renewable energy.” They’re complicit in this entire scheme.

  11. Just read a moving commentary by Edward Curtain posted in Jun-5 Off Guardian:

    In one section he writes about a trilogy that might be good summer reading for Corbetteers during their off time from prepping for survival or dooing research. He writes:

    “On a table lay the third volume of a trilogy of books – Sinister Forces – by Peter Levenda. I opened it to a bookmarked page.

    “Anyone who has read these books with a half-way open mind will be shocked by the amount of documented history they contain, history so bizarre and disturbing that reading them is not advisable before bedtime.

    “Sinister forces that run through American history, indeed, but Levenda presents his material in a most reasonable and fair-minded way…”

  12. Article about a home remedy for pox illnesses posted in Principia Scientific Intl: https://principia-scientific.com/rediscovered-native-american-remedy-kills-poxvirus/

    The articles states:
    “…the Micmac native Americans of Nova Scotia treated the disease using a botanical infusion derived from the insectivorous plant Sarracenia purpurea, a species of pitcher plant.

    “Now, Jeffrey Langland at Arizona State University in Tempe, US, and colleagues have conducted in vitro experiments with the herbal extract and found it inhibits replication of the variola virus, the causative agent behind smallpox.”

    This carnivorous plant grows wild in temperate climates and seeds can be purchased.

  13. I have a riddle:
    “If a person comes up to you with a checkbook without a limit and asks you how much money do you want to make you happy, how much would you need and why?”
    Please take into account how family and friends would be effected. I will put in my answer at the end of the month. 🙂

    • All of it and whatever is made after all of it then I keep all of it. No money just bartering.

    • A good wish is one dollar more then you can spend… 😉

      That said once you get more then a million bucks what are you really gonna spend it on? I Doubt that most people can imagine what to do with more then 3 million bucks. For about a million I’d be more then satisfied since you can buy a n8ce plot of land w a house for that almost anywhere you’d want to live….but why would some dude be giving us cash? Suspect…. lol

    • My answer is zero. Why? The answer is so that you work for things that are in your grasp and accept the things that you would never obtain. Anything else would change who you are, who you hang out with and what you are about. Try to find a real balance in your life and realize that money is not the answer to issues you may be having, but understanding what you can and can not do. With that said, there are people who have the check book and are using it. I use this information to know what they are doing. Once you have all the money you can ever ask for, I see that they try to keep that power. But there is a catch, look at the mouse city experiments. I think most people look at them and say, I would never be like that if I have free housing and food. I would say that everyone should look at the generations of really rich people and see how they act. No worries of housing and food and they are demented and mad. I think this is a lesson to all. Work for what you have, be happy about your accomplishments, and understand people who have anything they want are eventually going to go mad. Thanks for responding and thinking.

  14. Huh, I get the goose bombs just by “hearing”(seing) the name of this old nazi-freak – send him home please or, just away!!

    Is he pedo – just wondering as I feel the stench in the air

    An email about exactly that – the child-sex-trafficking and the “holy” pedo’s, popped up as the first in my inbox this morning and, I almost vomited – again https://youtu.be/47Q-N252ZNE

    Does anyone here, know if anything is done to stop this -apart from this one case,in – especially – Europe?

    The Danes are clearly not doing anything – apart from continuing this evil!?!? Clearly the only thing the small Nordic brains can fathom..but, as everyone should know by now, this is worldwide..

    I am grateful, I never knew about this until resently as, had I known, I would have become more than sick..

    Jeffrey Epstein obviously, wasn’t the only one…just the sad “top” of the iceberg ..so disgusting!

    In short, does anyone care for their children at all or, can we at least try harder to get them all locked up?

  15. I think with the advancement of holographic technology in the near future we could certainly get a fake alien “invasion” within our lifetimes. Space Force is just another spoke in the wheel. Reagan said it himself, what would bring the world together better than a “threat” from outside this world? I personally lost faith in UFO conspiracies over the years, they’re fun but ultimately don’t ever seem to lead you anywhere. All the UFO conspiracy tv shows and documentaries made, the investment behind them is questionable. With guys like Tom Delong, Steven Greer, and Bob Lazar muddying the waters, it can be difficult to parse what’s real and what is fantasy. Last thought, I recently noticed people get upset if you don’t believe in UFO’s. Really?! That never used to be a thing. “ How can you not believe in intelligent life from outside our world!?” I feel like once a conspiracy becomes socially acceptable in the mainstream there is some malevolent agenda behind it. Just my 2¢.

    • It’s hard to know with the alien thing anymore. I mean, the fact that MSM is pushing the narrative is suspicious. On the other hand, people have seen weird things in the sky for a long time. My grandpa who was a pilot said he saw a UFO. He believed that other life forms existed in our universe. It seems plausible that if there’s water on other planets with a sun in the solar system, you’ve got some of the necessary stuff.

      I think there may or may not be alien life forms who have come here physically. What they could have done is sent probes out, like fact checker has mentioned. Like what we did with the probe on Mars that would enable remote analysis of the planet. What I know is that the idea of “faster than light” travel couldn’t happen, so if they wanted to travel in physical form would need to find a short cut.

      It doesn’t matter to me either way. I’ve seen a comet before in the sky and it was really cool, but just seeing a “UFO” wouldn’t be enough to convince me that there were aliens coming here. I would have to meet one in the flesh. It would be cool though, IMO.

      • I do not discount people see weird stuff in the sky. I’m open minded to it. I wouldn’t have been so into UFO conspiracies back in the day if I wasn’t. But I question all the UFO films, tv series, media propaganda, political confessions, etc. I think once you have a topic like this bleed into mainstream, you have to slow down and ask, “wait, why do they want me to believe in this now?” It’s pretty suspect.

        Again, do I think people see weird unexplainable stuff in the sky at night? Sure do! Do I buy that “aliens” are coming to earth from some outside world and we’ll have that cliche, “take me to your leader moment,” not on your life.

        • Yeah, I agree. And they’ve been promoting aliens for a long time. Remember the X files?

          Considering how vast our universe is, I think it’s definitely possible another life supporting solar system exists somewhere. And the desire to survive is probably inherent in most living things. A dying sun could motivate another life form to seek out other planets to colonize. This idea has also been promoted in MSM as well, but it is still a rational idea. I don’t think there is any credible evidence to suggest that aliens have come to earth at this time however, none that I am aware of anyway because as far as I know none of the sources of information are trustworthy. But it’s still possible, sort of how a creator might exist. To me, it’s unknown in both cases.

  16. JC and Smedley Butler make a triumphant return in my latest article on Ukraine. A brief background to the conflict is provided, followed by two quick analyses of the “problem, reaction, solution” dynamics being used in the economic sphere of the “crisis” response. A short geoeconomic conclusion is drawn.

    But, I got to employ both Episode 123 and QFC 052, so I am rather pleased.


    One of the concluding points is about information control and so with the exception of the first source “The Hill” the rest are independent journalists: our JC, Joe Lauria, Eva Barlett, Ben Norton, Caitlin Johnstone and Pepe Escobar.

    Its under 2000 words; a simple searing summary. I hope you enjoy the read.

    Peace be with you,


    • As is often the case, more sources are added to my articles after publication. To the above list of independent journalists or commentators are now added:

      Ryan Christian and Garland Nixon, Patrick Lancaster interviewing the captain of M/V Ferahnaz in Kherson’s major port, and Gonzalo Lira speculating on a post war situation in Europe. The last is supported by two articles from MoonOfAlabama.

      So, following the now 2 Dinosaur Media references, one of which is an opinion piece published by the Guardian from 2014, there are now 11 independent voices. I hope these latter 11 provide food for thought.

      Peace be with you,


      PS: As ever I thank JC for demonstrating the importance of sourcing, both to support argumentation and to provide background and nuance for the readership.

  17. I’ve yet to read the post (but will). I commend you for highlighting this extremely important geopolitical event.

    Question: why do you believe Israel did this? It was most definitely not an accident. What was the motive? I’ve two plausible motives, but would like to hear your ideas. Perhaps we can discuss.



    PS: I advise removing the ?asdfa after the URL. It leaks how you’ve been using the site. Removing it has not impact on others accessing the page.

    • I wrote a paper for a political course on Israeli state relations a few years back. I don’t have the answers offhand anymore as to the precise geopolitical motives speculations of the false flag, but I think I covered some bases in this cursory research then:

      …The transition from Israel’s and Jewish purported roles in the formation of a prophesized New World Order to the false flag attack on the USS Liberty and Operation Susannah/the Lavon Affair may seem small-time in comparison. But, like Israeli war crimes and other atrocities in Palestine and this relationship to more global-focused and Western impacted Jewish-Israeli machinations, they are micro-templates and necessary cogs in the Zionist machine that is Greater Israel. Officially, the attack is considered an error by the Israeli government, but this conclusion is almost surely a lie.

      A more accurate assessment of the events of June 8, 1967 would probably involve a scenario like this: Israel intentionally attacked the US spy ship the USS Liberty in a deliberate attempt to sink it and leave no survivors. Israeli fighter jets strafed and motor torpedo boats launched munitions upon the allied ship over the course of two hours leaving 34 dead and 174 wounded US Navy sailors-70% of the crew. The Johnson Administration obfuscated the true facts from the media, threatened survivors into silence and covered up the war crime aggression. Whether or not one wants dismiss this attack as ‘ancient history’ or events of 50 years ago is subjective pilpul# (Shapiro), but for many these are still relevant crimes and acts of war and aggression.

      There are two explanations for the attack. As Washington has blocked every attempt at an investigation, we do not know which one is correct. Perhaps both are the reasons for the attack.

      One is that Israel, which was committing a war crime by mass execution of Egyptian prisoners of war, was fearful that the USS Liberty’s surveillance had discovered the crime. The other is that Israel fearing an unfavorable outcome of the war that Israel had initiated intended to blame the attack on the USS Liberty on Egypt, thus bringing the US into the war on Israel’s side.

      Israeli fighter jets made passes over the USS Liberty for 8 hours, passing within 200 feet of Liberty. Positive identification of the Liberty-then off the coast of Egypt in international waters-was made according to witnesses. Israeli military jammed distress frequencies of the USS Liberty in violation of international law, and a torpedo attack damaged vital communications which would have alerted U.S. ships from the 6th fleet in the area sooner. It was only after a sailor risked his life (and suffered multiple strafing fire) by repairing a damaged antennae on board the vessel that an emergency signal was able to be dispatched. After life rafts were dispatched into the waters to save men overboard, Israeli fighter jets returned to strafe the life raft survivors. Allegations that Israel used unmarked aircraft and ships also speaks to a false flag effort.

      [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

      • …Captain Ward Boston was ordered to produce a cover-up. Admiral Tom Moorer, former Chief of Naval Operations and Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, convened the Moorer Commission in response to Washington D.C.’s complicity in the cover-up. The Commission concluded: “That there is compelling evidence that Israel’s attack was a deliberate attempt to destroy an American ship and kill her entire crew.

        “That fearing conflict with Israel, the White House deliberately prevented the US Navy from coming to the defense of USS Liberty by recalling Sixth Fleet military rescue support while the ship was under attack.

        “That surviving crew members were threatened with ‘court-martial, imprisonment or worse’ if they exposed the truth; and [the survivors] were abandoned by their own government.

        “That there has been an official cover-up without precedent in American naval history.

        “That a danger to our national security exists whenever our elected officials are willing to subordinate American interests to those of any foreign nation.”

        Lyndon Johnson and Admiral John McCain (Senator John McCain’s father), among others, acted abysmally and criminally in the heretofore successful cover-up attempts by the White House and Department of the Navy, et al. The USS Liberty cover-up is just one more sad and despicable example of American executive branch and military deceit, betrayal and treason. Yet there still remains effective propaganda and denial of these atrocities and the true valuation of America, Americans, and indeed, non-Jews by the state of Israel…


        • You provide 2 reasons, which I summarize below. I have a third.

          1) Cover up the war crimes being committed by Israel in the northern Sinai
          2) Blame the attack on Egypt and thus the USA enters the war

          Both are reasonable.

          3) The third is to hide Israels operation to take the Golan Heights, which is Syrian territory and possesses significant water resources which Israel craves.

          The success of 2) required no survivors, hence the all out attack. This I believe shows it as the primary objective. However, Cpt McGonnagal somehow manages to keep USS Liberty afloat and makes it to Malta. The attack does achieve objectives 1) and 3).

          One of the bigger problems was that Russian submarines were in the area and had knowledge of the attack. Under Nasser Egypt was supplied with Russian armaments and the USA involving itself may have triggered a war between the nuclear super powers.

          The cover up of the incident would imply USS complicity; that she allowed the attack to occur. It was the skills of the crew and the incompetence of the Israelis which lead to the survival of the ship and the prevention of the incident’s use to provide justification for the USA’s involvement in the war. Just as Smedley Butler is largely unknown despite his being the most highly decorated Marine officer at the time, the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty is also largely unknown despite its crew being the most decorated for a single Naval incident.

          Thanks for your response.

          I was looking for a topic for my upcoming 1st publishing anniversary, and perhaps this is a good candidate. I recall three video pieces, a BBC and an Al Jazeera documentary, and a presentation by a USA military judge. They provide a spectrum of the “confusion” narrative promoted by Israel. The Al Jazeera documentary shows this to be utterly false, the BBC allows it but does acknowledge the illegality of the operation and the reality of the attack. The USA’s judge promotes the “confusion” narrative. I’ve always thought this would be a good case for a history class. Provide the 3 pieces and issue the tired “Discuss” assignment. Perhaps this will be the article.

          Thanks again.



    • Mr. Corbett has allowed me to spruik my articles in these discussion fora. I have found my place in the “Open Thread” space which affords this opportunity.

      I have been blessed to have my work featured now and then by Mr. Corbett when he assessed the work of sufficient quality. He still allows me to use this space to advertise my work even if he thinks it of low or even irrelevant quality.

      To me, this is evidently a matter of principle. We are all afforded a chance to voice our opinion, so long as we abide by the single rule: no ad hominem attacks; stick to argument. I have fallen afowl of this rule and learnt from my error.

      Actually, over time, I have updated my version of this “rule”. Falling into the temptation of personal attack debases one’s self. It is easy and not just unproductive, but damaging to both one’s self and society. A far more productive method is to praise well informed positions and carefully refute poor argument. I try to defer to the former. It is easier. Only very dangerous narratives required refutation. Far simpler is to praise insight and awareness.

      In the world in which we live (c.f a Crowded House song) it has become seductive to reach out in anger rather than support. I appreciate Mr. Corbett’s counter to this social disintegration. My own recent medical emergency detailed in “Heartland: Journeys Personal and Geopolitical” reinforced this imperative. Or simply, Love is the Answer.

      In a recent article, while using an MSM reference to introduce it, and one more, though an opinion piece published in an MSM journal, the rest are all from independent commentators and/or journalists. Its strange. I have no problem with this. I dont read/watch any MSM. I learn of what they are saying by reading/watching independent commentators. I naturally form my articles around these news sources of commentary on commentary. I’m “watching the watchers”. This use of independent sources and only consuming their output is, in itself, a form of protest. More correctly it is an affirmation of the importance of the independence of media and discussion from the propagandizing, controlled Dinosaur Media and the sources of power and influence which they represent: To vote not with one’s feet, but with one’s attention.

      Thank you Mr. Corbett for allowing me to spruik my poor articles in your fora, and thank you too community for occasionally reading them. I am most happy with my summary of my work in the anniversary article:

      “The author strives to reward your attention with reasonable prose, interesting narratives and quality sourcing.”

      Mr. Corbett possesses a clearer vision into the future. Lacking this skill, I occupy a more simplistic space in the “near”. I am happy with this space for now, and enjoy the intersection as the future becomes nearer as time ticks.

      I cannot recommend enough James’ weekly newsletter.

      Peace be with you,


      “World where you live”, Crowded House, 1986.


      500 words, precisely.

  18. Michael,

    An extensive collection of resources regarding the attempted sinking with all hands of the USS Liberty. Good job.


  19. More reading suggestions for those that want to understand the world better – suggested reading list from libertarian Tom Woods: https://tomwoods.com/goodbooks/

    The list provides links to free online versions (text and audio) where applicable as well as a description of each book.

    • thanks for the tip.

  20. June 7, 2022 – by Tsvetana Paraskova at OilPrice.com
    Japan Asks People And Firms To Save Electricity To Avoid Blackouts

    Japan on Tuesday called on households and companies to conserve as much electricity as possible this summer, seeking to prevent blackouts as spare reserve capacity is expected to drop to critically low levels.

    The nationwide energy-conservation effort will be implemented from July 1 to September 30, amid concerns that Japan’s power system may not handle demand in peak summer. Air conditioning should be set at 28 degrees Celsius (82 F), and the public should turn off all unnecessary lights, the government said.

    Japan has been slowly restarting some of its nuclear power plants after the Fukushima disaster, but it has been closing down thermal coal power plants in order to advance on its target to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

    However, in the global energy crisis—exacerbated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine—supply could not be enough to meet demand. Japan is one of the world’s largest importers of liquefied natural gas (LNG), but most of Asia has been recently priced out of the spot LNG market by Europe, which is paying whatever it takes to ensure enough gas in storage before next winter.

    Speaking at a news conference on Tuesday, Japan’s Industry Minister Koichi Hagiuda said as carried by Reuters: “We will take every possible measure to ensure supply, including the restart of idle power plants, additional procurement of fuels, and the maximum use of renewables and nuclear power.”

    Japan is the latest of the U.S. allies warning of potential power cuts, and asking the public and companies to conserve energy.

    Last month, Spain, for example, passed a decree limiting the use of air conditioning in public buildings as part of a strategy to conserve energy and reduce Europe’s dependence on Russian gas….

  21. Fancy a larf?

    Just found this:

    Scots criminal law definition of RESET: the possession of property dishonestly appropriated by another, for example by theft, knowing it to have been so obtained and intending that the owner should be deprived of it. It may be committed by being privy to the retention of the property from the true owner.

    In other words THEFT.

    Therefore The Great Reset must mean THE GREAT THEFT!!!

    Cheers and keep smiling regardless!

    • That’s a riot. I’ll need to check what Black has to say about this one. “Include” was eye opening.

  22. Does anyone know what happened with Spiro Skouras?
    I haven’t seen any output from him for around 10 months now.

    • There was some content coming from him, maybe on twatter. I think HRS shared something some months back. But yes, it does appear something is happening.

    • From Activist Post where Spiro Skouras is a contributor…

      We are sad to announce the passing of Laki Skouras, the father of Spiro Skouras.
      Laki Skouras passed away Easter weekend after losing a hard battle with cancer….

      (Easter Sunday was April 17, 2022)
      [Video in article]

      Activist Post had several posts about this loss. I think other videos of Laki are also online.

        • “… 2030 smartphones will be obsolete. Around then, the technology will be “built directly” into the physical body…”

          Yeah…thats “definitely” gonna happen, lol….about the same time flying cars do. Not within 10 years, and I doubt 20. I’d bet money if I had any to spare.

          The bad news is that they don’t NEED to insert the phone into people half the folks I know get withdrawal symptoms if its out of arms reach.

      • Ah thanks very much HRS!
        Very sorry to learn of his father’s passing.
        That would certainly explain his silence for many months.

        I see he has come back to life on Twitter (after they banned him)
        by assuming a new identity (Covid-1984).

        The quality of Spiro’s work keeps getting better as the years pass.

  23. Hi, I write this with regards to Jame’s take in
    What is this trans agenda really about?

    Coming from a left perspective, after watching https://www.bitchute.com/video/RaAwHMw7nXtK/ , What is a woman? I only just realized this is more than just a push for an enlightened society in which trans people are accepted for the gender they identify with. This is a push for gender fluidity, where our real internal identity (which may or may not match our biological self) is not important anymore. Our mood decides our gender and everyone around us is equally socially engineered to fully accept our new gender for the day.

    I am guessing since this is enforced from people of power, that there is a long term thought process behind it. Naturally technocracy as a goal comes to mind. But instead of transhumanism as was stated in Jame’s show, I think a more precise goal is to socially engineer a society which comes to fully accept our chosen avatar in the virtual world as our real self, including the gender. It won’t be “This is my avatar”. Instead, it will be “This is who I am”.

  24. Science on monkeypox: https://www.homevaccineeducationnetwork.com/monkeypox

    I’m following the DNA viral sequencing saga here: https://virological.org/

    I don’t see any way that this isn’t a long planned and coordinated bio-terror attack, with nearly identical sequences showing up multiple places around the globe at once.

    Does anyone have a good site where epidemiologists are sharing more data? It’s hard to find specifics on cases.

  25. Tuesday June 7th, 2022
    Family Of Latest Clinton-Linked Suicide Blocks Release Of Shotgun Death Details

    The family of yet another dead Clinton pal has petitioned a judge to prevent pictures of Mark Middleton from being released under a Freedom of Information Act. And while there’s been no response from the court, a local Arkansas sheriff is interpreting the request itself as a full-stop on information requests, according to the Daily Mail.

    All we know thus far is that the 59-year-old Middleton – who admitted Jeffrey Epstein to the White House seven out of at least 17 times – was discovered on May 7 hanging from a tree at the Heifer Ranch in Perryville by an electrical cord, with a shotgun blast to his chest. The ranch, located 30 miles from Middleton’s home, is owned by an anti-poverty nonprofit called Heifer International….

  26. Monday June 6, 2022
    Demographers Warn Of Impending Population Collapse

    Authored by Kevin Stocklin via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

    Amid the deluge of dire predictions that the human population will rise exponentially, deplete the earth’s resources, and overheat the planet, two recent demographic studies predict the opposite—that the number of people will peak within the next several decades and then begin a phase of steady, irreversible decline.

    In some places, including Japan, Russia, South Korea, and most countries in Europe, that population collapse has already begun. China is not far behind.

    The United Nations has predicted that humanity will continue its rapid expansion into the next century, growing from just under 8 billion today to more than 11 billion by 2100. An oft-repeated interpretation of this data is that people are having too many babies, and many of the models for climate change and environmental degradation are based on projections like these. In August, the U.N. declared a “code red for humanity” over climate change and overpopulation, and analysts at investment bank Morgan Stanley stated that the “movement to not have children owing to fears over climate change is growing.”

    However, a demographic study funded by the Gates Foundation and published in the Lancet, a medical journal, paints a much different picture. This study, conducted by researchers at the University of Washington, predicts that the global human population will peak at 9.7 billion within several decades, and then start to decline. “Once global population decline begins,” the authors write, “it will probably continue inexorably.”

    The Lancet study projects that by the end of this century, China will have shrunk by 668 million people, losing almost half of its current population, and India will lose 290 million. Despite all efforts to reverse this trend in China, including eliminating the one-child policy and providing incentives for child-rearing, couples are not cooperating; China experienced its fifth consecutive record low birth rate in 2021.

    Findings like these are the basis for Tesla/SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s statement in May that “civilization is going to crumble” from the loss of so many people. Musk had previously declared at a speaking event in 2019 that “the biggest problem the world will face in 20 years is population collapse.” Jack Ma, co-founder of Alibaba Group, also present at the event, said, “I agree.”…

    …Is Japan Our Future?….

  27. UFO/alien threat.

    Dr Carol Rosin was a protégé of Dr. Wernher von Braun. I think her (May 2001, would I guess would be pre ‘events of September 11th’ 2001) presentation on the ‘rogue state’, then asteroid, then UFO ‘threats’ scenarios to be presented by muh deep state is fairly well known, I would say, but could always use more exposure.

    There’s some commentary about the presentation and Steven Greer in this YouTube video: https://youtu.be/cnO_Er-JKUE

    I don’t much about Steven Greer, other than he seems a little ‘spooky’ himself. I think Dr. Journalist and his guests are fairly good faith and knowledgeable about the UFO topics. I seem to recall DJ has spoken disparagingly about Greer in the past. I’m not sure if that reflects poorly on Rosin, however.



    I’ve been watching original Twilight Zones episodes lately. This all sounds like cheesy 1950’s sci fi premises, which is probably par for the course for the lack of imagination of our global elites/child raping cannibals and the global IQ.

    • Lol, I meant to type ‘Dark Journalist’ (Daniel Liszt), not ‘Dr. Journalist’: https://www.darkjournalist.com/index.php

      If Corbett ever gets an honorary one of those in a few years, maybe that could be his nom de plume.

  28. [I have no problem with whatever consensual adults do sexually, as long as it does not involve children nor impose itself upon another’s space.]

    – Alex Stein –
    Little Kids tipping Drag Queens while the Dallas police let it happen inside of 21 & older bar
    (Under 3 minutes)( 2 minute mark -Child covers his ears so he doesn’t hear Alex Stein)
    Various clips of the Dallas Bar and Alex Stein
    (4 ½ Minutes)
    Insane Rally for Transgendered Children at University of North Texas
    (12 minutes or less)

    Monday June 6, 2022
    Pizza Hut Pushes Drag Queen Book For Kid’s Summer Reading Program
    [IMAGES in article][See the Rosa Parks – “Little Caesars Pizza” image]
    Restaurant chain Pizza Hut is the latest company meddling in divisive political issues, as they promote a children’s book this summer that features a young boy who dresses in drag.
    Since 1984, Pizza Hut has been running a reading program for PreK through sixth-grade classrooms called “BOOK IT!” incentivizing children to read a list of books to achieve awards, such as free pizza.
    (BOOK IT! ‘s website shows the book is for kids from Pre-K to 3yo.)
    In celebration of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Pride Month, the fast-food chain owned by Yum! Brands added “Big Wig,” which tells the story of a young boy who competes in a neighborhood drag competition…
    … Last month, Taco Bell, also owned by Yum!, introduced “Taco Bell Drag Brunch” at select Taco Bell Cantinas across the US….

    Norwegian Feminist Faces Three Years In Prison For Saying Biological Men Can’t Be Lesbians
    …Norway’s hate crime laws were made more draconian last year to make criticizing gender ideology a crime and Ellingsen faces up to three years in prison if she is convicted. …

      • ‘Bottom’-friendly postmates for Pride month (thanks, (((Dr. Goldstein))) ).

        Keep an eye out for this type of menu change being promoted to kids. It’ll probably come when they officially add the ‘P’ to the string of lgbt letters.
        There’s also probably a Heather O’Rourke studio commisary ‘joke’ in here somewhere, but I don’t have the stomach for it right now…

        • I have a brother who is a High School teacher in California.
          Tampon machines have been installed in all the men’s bathrooms.

          For his job, he has to fill in forms with his preferred pronouns.
          Fortunately, after much stress because of mandated vaccines for all teachers, his “religious exemption” was approved.
          It is so insane, because everyone now knows that the vaccines don’t stop infection nor transmission.

          • Lol. That made me laugh. I know it’s not really funny if you know where this is headed, but the absurdity of it makes me laugh. They are trying to erase biological sex essentially and humanity in general which isn’t funny.

            I don’t know if you’ve seen some of the photos of pregnant “men”. It’s so bizarre and I didn’t believe it at first.

            I don’t know how your brother can stand it here. I’ll be out in a few months and am looking forward to it.

            • It is funny. I laugh when he tells me this stuff.
              I think that humor and jokes often contain the element of “rejection”…something that fits but doesn’t fit.
              We both vent and rant when we are on phone calls together.

              My brother has roots out there…wife, house, mortgage, job, kids and grandkids.
              He often listens to The Corbett Report.
              Unfortunately, he has very few friends who are on the same page as he is.
              Plus, you know how it is in California…there are certain topics which don’t get discussed around some group settings.

              Looking back to the 2008 era, I was pretty naive even though I knew about 9/11 truth.
              I should have seen it coming…
              I should have more fully recognized that “THEY” will bone-face lie and deceive with outrageous, over-the-top narratives.
              When they repeat the message enough, the “Mass Formation” ensues.

    • Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Orders Probe Into Allegation Teacher Took Child To Drag Queen Show Attended By Sex Offender

      EXCERPTS [Video in article]
      Texas Governor Greg Abbott has ordered an investigation into an allegation by a parent that a teacher took his son to a drag queen show which was attended by a convicted sex offender…

      …The parent said the teacher, who is also a “writer for an LGBTQ magazine,” “recruited” his 16-year-old son and exposed him to a pedophile who was previously convicted for an assault on an 8-year-old child.

      The parent said his son took videos and photos at the event and also has proof of his communication with the teacher in the form of text messages.
      Abbott responded on Twitter by announcing he was “directing the Texas Education Agency to investigate this matter.”…

      …As we previously reported, the former head of the Cream City Foundation, which sponsors Drag Queen Story Hour in Milwaukee, was arrested on charges of possessing child pornography.

      In 2019, it was revealed that the Houston Public Library allowed a registered sex offender to read to children as part of Drag Queen Story Hour.
      One of the program’s drag queens, 32-year-old Alberto Garza, was convicted of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old boy in 2008.

      Meanwhile, as we highlighted earlier, during this weekend’s gay pride parades, children were exposed to bare breasts, fetish kinks like ‘puppy play’, twerking, half naked men whipping each other, and chants of “we have genitals and lube.”

  29. Sunday June 12th EVENT in Dallas-Ft Worth area
    [I had received an email blast about this…]

    What’s with Orwellian Double Feature
    Master of Ceremonies: Alex Stein
    Featured Guest: Maritha Gun –(Maritha had been a longtime assistant to Jim Marrs)
    — Date and time —
    Sun, June 12, 2022
    5:00 PM – 8:00 PM CDT
    — Location —
    Dallas, TX – LOOK Dine-In Cinema NW Hwy
    10110 Technology Boulevard
    Dallas, TX 75220

    George Orwell: A Life in Pictures Full Documentary
    George Orwell: A Life in Pictures is a 2003 BBC Television docudrama telling the life story of the British author George Orwell. Chris Langham plays the part of Orwell. No surviving sound recordings or video of the real George Orwell have been found.

    1984: The New World Order (2014 Video)
    (David Icke, Jim Marrs, and others) (1:01:30)

    • Dear HRS,

      Thank your for the link to the BBC video documentary of Eric Blair.

      Regards, 2-D

    • By way of contribution, here is Gonazalo Lira’s latest ramble on what Russia should do following its impending victory in Ukraine. He begins locally and concludes globally, warning of the stark dangers of a flailing, thrashing, dying USA empire.

      “What Russian has to do after Russia wins”, Gonzalo Lira, youtube channel, 2022-06-08

      A remark struck me; that we have been so fortunate that the declines of both the British and Soviet empires were so peaceful.

      Back to Mr Blair, it is a pleasure to hear his prose so well narrated.


    • “The opinion that Art should have nothing to do with politics, is itself a political attitude.”

      Eric Blair

        • I respectfully disagree. Some, yes.

          Art can be used to generate dialogue on social conditions.

          Are not Mr. Corbett’s transcripts and the reading thereof in his documentaries, art? Equally, are not Brock West’s video compositions art?

          May I suggest a finer brush for your argument.

  30. I’m starting to educate myself about digital privacy and the scams being perpetrated against us daily via this amazing independent journalist:


    James’ recommendation of Jaron Lanier’s book about getting off social media inspired me to buy it; that’s fascinating as well. I am angry at the total waste of time that is our education system for not having taught me nor those around me about how the world really works. Trying to make up for that now.

    • Congratulations on your embarkation. The journey will be fascinating and frightful.

  31. Thank you Jo-Ann for the link to Edward Currin’s article on his reflections during his recent weeks long illness.
    Yet another journalist commenting that the tyranny we are seeing unfold before us is a huge spiritual battle that has been brewing for some time…?
    As the Scamdemic has progressed, I noticed that a majority of the resistors I read in magazines, or followed online were spiritually oriented, and of them, the majority (which began for me with Catherine Austin Fitts) were Christians, Bible believing Christians who trust in Jesus for the work he did on Calvary.

    • Typo; that is Edward CURTIN, not CURRIN.

    • There are a number of resisters that are not Christians or consider themselves agnostic that recognize that society is being attacked by an evil or anti-human force.

      I cannot recall any specific examples beyond Naomi Wolff, Ph.D. and Dr. Vladimir (Zev) Zelenko (both Jewish). I will offer myself as the example of an agnostic who recognized a spiritual battle is in play – perhaps due to social conditioning, reinforced by popular media. I felt it in my gut as an absolute knowing.

      • jo-ann

        “…There are a number of resisters that are not Christians or consider themselves agnostic that recognize that society is being attacked by an evil or anti-human force….”

        That is very true, but unless people have a clear understanding of what they are fighting, why they should fight it, and what they want instead, its very difficult to be coherent in your action or organize with like minded others.

  32. So not sure about where you are at, but here cars and trucks are becoming scarce to buy. Chips…. Am I missing something? Where are the chips going then? if not in cars? or is this a green new deal program to stop cars? anyway, I hope its not assembling robots….. couldnt be right…

  33. Light question
    “THE CORBETT REPORT” letterhead are White-Blue-Red.
    Why? Any relation with the Russian flag? (No hustle intended. I remember your comment about not being pro-Russia)


    • Are any colors safe these days?

      • Hmmm. I wasn’t aware that some colors were unsafe. Really.

        My question was (is) without consequences and prejudices. It’s a question, nothing more, as silly as it may seem.


        • I had a guy rush out the pub and try to fight me in the UK one time because I had a red hat on…. it was pre 2000 so I think think it was a soccer thing.

          After that I try to look as Grey as possible, lol

        • My reply was a question, nothing more.

          It seems society is assigning meaning to colors so there is a danger that we might offend (read trigger) someone unwittingly.

          • Hey,
            of course, your question is just a question.
            Hilarious situation in UK… or maybe not, at the time.

            Yep, offended society… the more offended, the more offending… falling in dogmatism, IMView.

            take care. 🙂

      • jo-ann says:
        “Are any colors safe these days?”
        That is a clever line.

        Rainbow colors have a whole new meaning now.

        • The meaning of the Rainbow is the same….just some people use it to mock God

          • And all these decades I believed the rainbow had to do with rain and sun. Well now I know, it was God. 😉

            • claude

              I guess it can be both 🙂

              As I recall from a long ago Radio thing (Think it was “In Our Time”) Issac Newton weirded people out who he studied refraction and explained the Rainbow which was the sign sent after the Flood. 🙂

              I think I even have a rainbow sketch over here in my mind map of the Dispensations

              • Hmmm, it’s quite incredible how far a question about the colors of the letter head of “the corbett report” can go… I am amazed.

                Indead my dear Duck, Newton did elaborate on the question of rainbow.

                As for the notion that “God” was behind it all, to be frank, I would not argue, nor discuss… for the simple reason that I view beliefs as personal… not something argueable.

                Duck, nothing about you, or what you wrote… but I will take that opportunity to verbalize a thought… People argue a lot about opinions and beliefs and that is useless. How can anybody argue beliefs?? To me it’s silly. We can argue about the interpretation of facts, but not beliefs. Beliefs are beliefs because they are unproven, otherwise they become facts.

                It is sad that people are so insecure about their “views” that they need to fight over them, and try to “convice” their counterpart. Most of the time people do not make the difference facts and beliefs… that is a big issue.

                Nonetheless. Duck, I wish you the best. C.

            • claude

              “…Beliefs are beliefs because they are unproven, otherwise they become facts….”

              That is only sometimes true….you can not prove many things to the point that they are “Totally without” doubt.

              Almost nothing that you or I NORMALLY think or talk about are “facts” WITHOUT some component of Belief….. I know plenty of ‘Historical Facts’, and I have lived long enough to see History changed and revised.

              I know the Atomic Structure…. but I can not see electrons and am forced to believe what others tell me about them.

              But, on the subject of the Rainbow, no need to worry about religious questions- you can always just call it a cultural or religious symbol the same way I would when looking at a Totem Pole or voodoo doll 🙂

              • Dear Duck (hehe), of course “nothihg is without doubt”. I did assumed that I was addressing people with enough life experience/knowledge to recognize the limits of such experience/knowledge. And that science (as a exploring field) is never definite, but infinite, if we’re heading on the philosofical side of things. And a science diploma does not equate a scientific mind.. (hmm, that was a mouthful!!)

                Nonetheless, I feel compeled to draw a line between beliefs (assumptions, myths, goseps, opinions, intuition, godma…) and facts (first hand experience). Probably a common thread among pragmatic problem solvers, addiction to facts, and allergy to beliefs. That being said…

                … now that you have brought some precision (ie “cultural or religious symbol”) I think I understand better what you meant at first. 🙂

                thx for the chat. 😀

        • Monday June 20 [Images in article]
          Saudi Arabia Bans Rainbow Toys, Clothing With ‘Homosexual Colors’ Weeks Before Biden Visit

          Weeks ahead of President Biden’s much anticipated and controversial trip to Saudi Arabia, where he’ll meet with crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, the kingdom is cracking down on any items, including toys, with a rainbow on them.

          The commerce ministry put clothing and toy stores on notice over “rainbow colors” in the capital of Riyadh – saying such items will now be banned as they “contradict the Islamic faith and public morals and promote homosexual colors targeting the younger generation.”

          The commerce ministry is currently reviewing and putting together a list of banned items.

          An official statement said, “We are giving a tour of the items that contradict the Islamic faith and public morals and promote homosexual colors targeting the younger generation.”

          “Targeted items include rainbow-colored bows, skirts, hats and pencil cases, most of them apparently manufactured for young children, according to a report by the state-run Al-Ekhbariya news channel,” the AFP reported days ago.

          Given that children’s toys often have rainbow colors even before the era of ‘Gay Pride flags’, and given the symbol began to be widespread in Western societies and media over the past half-decade, it’s unclear if the more innocuous ‘non-signaling’ toys will made it past the Saudi censors.

          The timing is also interesting given the rainbow pride flag has been a prominent thing for a long time. The Saudis could have enacted this measure years ago, but chose to put the crackdown in headlines

          The White House in a Tuesday announcement set the date for Biden’s controversial trip to Riyadh. The itinerary for the July 13-16….

  34. I’ve never listened to more than 30 seconds of Jimmy Dore. I think Grand Theft World/Richard Grove referenced him in a recent podcast, though. I like where his heads at with the Jan. 6th ‘let it happen’ conspiracy theory, however:

    He says January 6 was purposely understaffed by security and they deliberately allowed Trump supporters into the building to justify new intelligence and security powers.

    Segment starts at timestamp 11:50

    • Jimmy Dore is funny, but consider him possible “controlled opposition.”

      “Letting it happen” doesn’t explain the large number of undercover operatives (FBI?) manipulating the crowd.

      Demonstrating that conservative Trump supporters are crazy domestic terrorists and making sure the election results were approved without scrutiny seems more likely.

    • Personally, I dont get the problem. Its all a beat up.

      Surely the Capitol has secure reliable video security. Just let the people in and film them doing whatever they do. Then you lodge cases in court against offenders and are done with it.

      The underground routes for evacuation were used by parliamentarians.

      The whole thing is a media spectacle of no significance. The only real issue is that it shows the disaffection in USA society to its ruling elite and their policies. This expression is constant across whichever way one describes the political spectrum.

      Fi Fie Fo Fum!

  35. Just a thought that even if you are stuck in an apartment you can do Seed Sprouting, I just use tap water and leave them on the window sill whatever this lady says
    I like Alfalfa seed…. stores small, lasts decades and is allegedly a full set of everything you need for nutrients.

    And a meal worm farm is pretty easy to do And if you are forced to eat bugs at least let them be bugs you grow and control.

    Even earthworms can be grown in an apartment off veg scrap, though they are gross they can be added protein….the main thing is to have at least SOME food independence…you can keep bunnies even in an apartment if your able to keep up with the waste…but do Something NOW since even the regular papers are saying food shortage is coming up.
    Expect outside pets to vanish as they did at the end of the Soviet Union

    • Desperate times call for desperate measures.

      I warned him. I’m not sure if he was the leader of the neighborhood gang or not but he was big and tough and he just just ignored my threats.
      He would leave my property when I chased him off and then just stare at me as if saying that I couldn’t do a damn thing to him.

      Well yesterday I had had enough. I was done talking. No more warnings. I intended to get his attention but I guess I went too far.
      I thought sure that a warning shot would teach him once and for all that I was serious about protecting my property from the thieving vandals.
      I took careful aim at the tree trunk near his head and fired a single shot. He fell immediately to the ground with a sickening thud. I ran over to him and to my horror saw that my shot entered his neck. As he lay on the grass bleeding out I saw that he was still breathing so I pumped another round into the back of his skull which finished it.

      What to do now? I couldn’t believe that I killed him. But since it was done I figured that since it seemed like the economic shit has been hitting the fan lately, so I might as well get used to performing unpleasant tasks that the future is likely to force me to do.
      So I ran into the kitchen and grabbed the sharpest knife in the drawer and then kneeled over the still warm body and drew the blade quickly across his throat. I’ve heard that its important to bleed the carcass.
      I thought it would be harder than it was but by then I was feeling no emotion.
      I quickly removed the head, hands and feet and then gutted him.

      By the time my wife got home an hour or so later that fat little macadamia stealing squirrel was boiling on the stove with rosemary and oregano fresh from the garden.

      By dinner time the meat was falling off the bone and Katie the neurotic shepherd was happy with the change of menu.

      I did warn them to stay away from my nuts!

      • Glorious!
        I almost had a hernia as I was reading your story.

      • That sounds pretty tasty actually. Squirrel and rabbit are supposed to taste pretty good.

        • Katie said that it tasted just like chicken. Just a little nuttier. ?

          Its funny. I just finished listening to Monica Perez interview a prepper fellow and at one point in the conversation they were discussing weapons. The prepper mentioned how important he felt it was to have a 22 cal. varmit rifle for small game and Monica recalled a cookbook she received when she got married that contained a recipe for squirrel.

          It was a good interview but I think that for small game like squirrels and birds. An air rifle might be a good investment as well. No gunpowder needed, ammunition is cheap. Even for pellets. But especially bbs. You could easily stock up on thousands of bbs and pellets and a couple of rifles for a fraction of the cost of actual firearms.

          I have both. As well as a bow, a slingshot, machetes and throwing knives.
          I must be a prepper too.

          • I’ll tell you Steve…you write a good story. You had me on those first few paragraphs. My eyes widened.

            I like your arsenal.
            I also have a few BB guns and a pump pellet gun.
            When I run out of patience with squirrels, bunnies, grackles, starlings, and sparrows, I grab the pellet gun. The BB guns only tickle.
            For residential areas, a 22 is not a good option.
            I have a slingshot too, but no bow nor machete.
            However, I have a shitload of knives of all types, including throwing knives, switchblades big’n’small, and a foot long, now rusty bowie knife which I toss around in the garden.

      • Steve Smith

        “…I thought it would be harder than it was but by then I was feeling no emotion.
        I quickly removed the head, hands and feet and then gutted him….”

        I hate tree rats too…. lol, you had me kinda worried there.

        I just use a Red Ryder to chase them off ….had a pal who was sleeping rough one time who had a squirrel chimp out, because the guy was sleeping under its tree, and start throwing Acorns at him.

        “…It was a good interview but I think that for small game like squirrels and birds. An air rifle might be a good investment as well. …”
        I would expect all the game to be gone in a few months of food shortage… if I was serious about catching Tree Rats I’d probably do a snare pole. Got fishing line and wire spare.

  36. I have followed through on the idea of writing about the USS Liberty for my first anniversary post. It has always been a subject on which I wished to write. The 55th anniversary of the Israeli attack predates my publication anniversary by merely 4 days, so it is also timely.

    Michael Atkinson, your article at substack is used as a source in my article. I thank you for assembling, writing, and publishing it and mentioning it here.

    My article has been published. The title is “The USS Liberty: An Anniversary of Bravery, Determination and Sorrow” with the headline monochrome photo from the USA Navy showing the rescue on the following morning.


    Thanks to Michael and CRM for our discussion. I hope I have engaged the topic in an educational, fair and interesting manner. Anyone, please feel free to comment by reply to this post if you have suggestions for improvement on the article.

    2500 words, which takes maybe 15 minutes to read. If you wish to engage with all of the source material, I estimate 5 hours. This does not include downloading James Ennes’ book and reading it. I do provide links for that too.

    The article is dedicated to Mr. Corbett as he inspired the beginning of my writing.

    Peace be with you,


    • 2 d chess dweller

      Nicely done, also thanks assembling su h a good set of linka to study resources

      • Duck,

        Thank you for the compliment.

        Mr Atkinson’s article provides a nice collection of resources. I hope that my article compliments his efforts to form a “greater whole”.

        The framing of the article as a potential study of history is, of course, intentional.

        9/11 is a very scary and complex challenge for a newcomer to the internecine nature of power and geopolitics. The USS Liberty event possesses more than enough to introduce the topic with the 303 Committee, Operation Cyanide and the Israel Lobby playing roles within it. Each of the three “Study Sources” have valid points to make, thus the question wanders into the historiographic: the biases and motives of those constructing the narrative. The attack is 55 years ancient. For these reasons, the topic is couched as a study.

        It can be a gentler introduction.

        Or, there is a little method in my madness 🙂

        Peace be with you,


        PS: Sadly, the article has an extremely low readership. Nonetheless, I am a little proud of it. I’ll add a “Culture Section” when inspiration arrives. I have a few “on the boil” but none fit well enough. My subconscious needs time.

        • The Culture section for the article is, of course, “World Where You Live” as linked in the soon to be dis/approved comment to this thread.

          It is rather strange how one’s mind wanders and engages in different topics reflecting on those that came before. I wandered onto the phrase “world were we live” in the to be approved comment, which triggered a memory of the song. … … … Some twenty minutes later, my subconscious declares “yes”.

          The past becomes the present. 🙂

      • For fun, I have two articles being worked on and thought about, which examine the impending doom of USA hegemony. One just needs “fleshing out” with structure and sources largely in place. The other has just emerged. It requires consideration to examine how it can best compliment the first.

        Such is the challenge and joy of writing. 🙂

        JC is more adept at understanding the nature of the future and how current trends foreshadow that future. Without such skills, I focus on the “near”. I enjoy playing this more simplistic role and reading or listening to his thoughts. I cannot recommend enough his weekly newsletters.


  37. I’ve been noticing…
    With the ever rising high energy prices also comes a higher hoi polloi resentment against Authoritarians.

    This line in an article by energy journalist Tsvetana Paraskova caught my attention…

    “The New World Energy Order”
    The new world energy order in which geopolitics trump market signals will likely accelerate the momentum for additional U.S. LNG export capacity as buyers in Europe are turning to the U.S. and Qatar for gas supply to replace Russian energy.”

    I was surprised by Tsvetana Paraskova’s June 11th headline…
    Why Is The UK Sending Gasoline To America As Prices Explode?
    ~~ The UK shipped 1.85 million barrels of gasoline to the United States in May.
    ~~ UK gasoline prices are as much as $3 per gallon higher than in the U.S.
    ~~ Taxes in the UK account for 46% of the retail price of gasoline.


    Tsvetana details gasoline prices.
    I smirked at the last lines of the article…
    U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said: …”I know people are very upset and rightly so about inflation, but there’s nothing to suggest that a … recession is in the works.”

  38. By David Nikel at LifeinNorway.net
    Norway to Track All Supermarket Purchases

    Statistics Norway wants to receive several million daily receipts from food stores, signalling a new era in state data collection. Privacy advocates and the supermarkets themselves are unhappy.
    People living in Norway are used to big government. But the latest news coming out of Oslo is a surprising new step down the road of data collection that not everyone is happy with.

    Statistics Norway (SSB) is the state-owned entity responsible for collecting, producing and communicating statistics related to the economy, population and society at national, regional and local levels.

    Because everything about an individual living in Norway is linked to their fødselnummer (birth number), SSB already knows where you live, what you earn and what’s on your criminal record.
    However, according to a report by NRK, they now want to know where you shop, and what you buy.

    — Data collection from supermarket transactions —
    SSB has ordered Norway’s major supermarket chains NorgesGruppen, Coop, Bunnpris and Rema 1000 to share all their receipt data with the agency. Nets, the payment processor that is responsible for 80% of transactions, will also need to provide data.

    “A link between a payment transaction made with a debit card and a grocery receipt enables SSB to link a payment transaction and receipt for more than 70% of grocery purchases,” SSB said in an assessment.

    Such a collection will signal a new era for SSB, as the agency now seeks to collect data from private companies and not just public registers. Given the rise in identity theft in Norway, it’s no surprise that some people have concerns with the move for increased data collection.

    — Why is SSB doing this? —
    SSB claims they want a less time-consuming way of collecting and analysing household consumption statistics in order to inform tax policy, social assistance and child allowance….

    • Another step down the inexorable road to technocracy. Thanks, HRS, for this depressing but informative news.

  39. June 3rd
    Complete List of 1000 FEMA Concentration Camps 2022
    [In my opinion, some if not many of these locations are nebulous.]

    The above is taken from a link in this article at Health Impact News
    Why were Filmmaker David Crowley and his Family Murdered before he could Complete Gray State?
    ~~WWW healthimpactnews.com/2022/why-was-filmmaker-david-crowley-and-his-family-murdered-before-he-could-complete-grey-state/

    James Corbett has reported on FEMA often in the past. You can use his “Search Bar” or a search engine to bring up various results.
    Also he has a TAG on some works.
    Tag: fema – ~~WWW corbettreport.com/tag/fema/
    Here is a 12/12/2007 article originally posted on September 20, 2007…
    US FEMA Camps
    ~~WWW corbettreport.com/articles/20071212_us_fema_camps.htm

    • I got to tour the underground atomic bomb shelter FEMA headquarters in North Texas while at college around 2006/2007/2008.

      I describe the FEMA Headquarters for Region 6 (Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas, and 68 federally recognized tribal nations) here…

      I was not impressed with the Federal Emergency Management Agency in the slightest. Perhaps, they may excel at pushing paper, but they are certainly the last people that you want in charge of managing an emergency.

      • Agreed. Like other government agencies, they seem to fail miserably, ultimately achieving just the opposite of their purported goal.

        I recall that I was amazed (at that time) by how badly FEMA botch their humanitarian role after hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans in 2005.

  40. Has anyone heard of the pop band ‘Sparks’? I watched a documentary about them on the Netflix. I’d never heard of them, but some of there songs are catchy, and they seemed to have stayed true to an artistic ethos over their bumpy career. It’s nice to occasionally break out of the New World Order paradigm awareness bubble and enjoy somewhat mindless content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6I6yr7WDeg

  41. “1984” audio book:

    In case anyone wants to listen to Orwell’s “1984” audio book, the current Archive link is https://archive.org/details/1984Part01

    One can download all 11 part MP3 files as a single ZIP file for off-line listening.

  42. Nice interview (1 hr. 25 min.) of Patrick Wood by John Mercola: https://www.bitchute.com/video/KTO0gU4GBzqY/

    They discuss the history of technocracy through present day and danger of being the scapegoat of mass formation / mass psychosis. They agree that to diffuse this mob tendency to murder the scapegoat, it is imperative to actively engage others in free speech and build a social network. Putting that into practice can be a little tricky these days, IMO.

    • Correction: Joseph Mercola, not John Mercola


    We are seeing “official” media narratives being placed on individuals who most likely have been injured or died from the vaccines.
    “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” (SADS) is one of the new labels being used.

    The following is a 6 minute video from “The Highwire”, and excerpt from the June 9, 2022 show EPISODE 271: THE IMMUNE COMPROMISE where Jefferey Jaxen lays it out…
    EPISODE 271 – https://thehighwire.com/videos/episode-271-the-immune-compromise/
    DeSantis Makes Special Olympics Withdraw Mandate; First SIDS, Now SADS; Vaccinated Portugal Vs. Unvaccinated S. Africa; Canada Unhinged; Scientists Can’t ignore The Immune Compromise

    Example news story
    Tuesday June 7, 2022 – New Zealand Herald
    What is Sads? Healthy young people dying from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome
    Young people with a particular family history are being urged to get their hearts screened even if they are fit and healthy, as they could be at risk of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.
    Also known as Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (Sads), it is an “umbrella term to describe unexpected deaths in young people”, usually under 40, when a post-mortem examination can find no obvious cause of death
    …For family and friends of victims, Sads is a “very hard entity to grasp” because it’s a “diagnosis of nothing”.
    “All you know is it wasn’t drugs, suicide, trauma or heart attack,” Paratz said. “You’re still left wondering what it was.”
    …Last month, the heartbroken mother of a young Irish advertising executive who died in her sleep urged parents to get their children screened for Sads if there was a family history of cardiac illness. Catherine Keane, 31, was found dead by her flatmates last year…Cummins said her daughter “went to the gym and walked 10,000 steps every day”…
    …In February, another mother opened up about the death of her teenage son from Sads last year…Liam Doherty, 19, from Cranford, Ireland, died last April…
    …In another tragic case, a new bride was found dead by her mother-in-law in a UK tanning salon last month…

    • The SADS Foundationhttps://www.sads.org/

      What is Sudden Adult Death Syndrome? – (NOTE THIS –> Published June 7, 2022)
      …Vaccines have not been associated or linked to sudden death in adults or children in general. Myocarditis, inflammation of the heart muscle, has been associated in extremely rare cases following some vaccination efforts but cardiac issues following a COVID-19 diagnosis are common.
      The incidence of COVID-19 in communities is closely linked with higher numbers of sudden cardiac arrest incidence and lower survival rates. In fact, the Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes Foundation recommends that all SADS patients receive a COVID-19 vaccination….

      WEBSITE – “GoodSciencing.com”
      Science needs open discussion – anything else is totalitarian.
      As of June 10th, 2022 – FULL LIST OF PEOPLE
      1090 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 715 Dead, After COVID Injection

      June 7, 2022 – Health Impact News
      45,316 Dead
      4,416,778 Injured
      Following COVID-19 Vaccines in European Database of Adverse Reactions –
      Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) is New Category to Deny Vaccine Deaths

      [I encourage people to view the lists/categories of injuries. Many of these injuries could be “officially” assigned another label by the media and medical establishment. We do know that there is a rise in Herpes and Shingles events with those who are vaccinated. It is becoming more evident how the vaccinated are more susceptible to different diseases. Walgreens drugstore statistics show that VAXXED people are much more susceptible to catching Covid than the UnVAXXED. (See Sub-Thread below)
      The trend is there.
      Vaccinated people are being plagued with more and more bad health outcomes.]

      June 9th – Health Impact News
      Doctors “Baffled” by Sudden Increase in “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” despite Government Data Linking Increased Deaths to COVID-19 Vaccines

      A Wall Street Journal article covering a large spike in non-Covid mortality statistics with 20 Life Insurance companies… As an explanation for the increase deaths, the insurance companies cited: Heart, stroke, circulatory, neurological, and cancer.

      SUB-THREAD – Excess Mortality – Life Insurance Companies – Funeral Homes
      SUB-THREAD – Variants

    • June 7, 2022 – Health Impact News
      Former Blackrock Manager Talks About Upcoming Financial Chaos Due to Loss of Working Adults from Vaccine Injuries and Deaths
      (24 minute video) (I liked listening to this, especially with the economic situation.)

      Former Blackrock Fund Manager Edward Dowd was interviewed by the New American today where he explained the economic chaos that is coming due to the huge loss of working age Americans who have died or become disabled after complying with employer COVID-19 vaccine mandates in the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2021.

      He explains that even through the first quarter of 2022, insurance companies are reporting on average a 20% increase in deaths among working aged Americans.

      When you take these statistics and combine them with the lowering birth rates, which will now accelerate with child-bearing aged women who took the COVID-19 shots, and the fact that the banking industry has been engaging in fraud since 2008 which has never been resolved, the immediate future looks catastrophic.

      And their solution to this mess is to reset the economy with Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), which will basically make slaves out of everyone.

      Dowd is hopeful for the long-term future, as he believes that many people will not choose to become slaves when the CBDCs are rolled out, but I do not share his optimism. The current generations that comprise most of the American workforce have already proven that they prefer slavery over taking the more difficult road of resisting the Globalists….

      • HRS,

        Maybe there is a silver lining: those preferring ignorance and slavery likely won’t procreate and probably will die off from poor lifestyle or evil transhumanist genetic manipulations.

        I am hopeful that some remnants of freedom-loving humanity will survive without much DNA and brain damage. (Heirloom homo sapiens?)


    • Friday June 10th – Steve Kirsch Substack
      Why I’m 99% certain that Justin Bieber’s facial paralysis was caused by the COVID vaccine
      Executive summary
      The VAERS data shows that Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (RHS) is 160 times more likely after a COVID vaccination than for all the other vaccines combined in any given year. And if you exclude the anthrax vaccine from that comparison, the likelihood is simply too high to calculate (0 cases in 32 years)….
      …The medical literature says it occurs naturally in 5 cases per 100,000…

      …[LINK to June 10th CNN story which also contains a 100 second video of Justin Bieber.]
      Justin Bieber says he has facial paralysis due to Ramsay Hunt syndrome
      Odysee VIDEO of Justin (100 seconds) – https://odysee.com/@bonsang:f/(11)-%F0%9F%94%B4Justin-Bieber-r%C3%A9v%C3%A8le-souffrir-d'une-paralysie-faciale:6
      EXCERPTS from CNN article…
      …In a video posted on his verified Instagram account, the singer explained that he has Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which has left him unable to move half of his face and unable to take the stage.

      “It is from this virus that attacks the nerve in my ear and my facial nerves and has caused my face to have paralysis,”
      he said in the video.
      “As you can see this eye is not blinking. I can’t smile on this side of my face; this nostril will not move. So there’s full paralysis on this side of my face.”

      According to the Mayo Clinic, Ramsay Hunt syndrome “occurs when a shingles outbreak affects the facial nerve near one of your ears. In addition to the painful shingles rash, Ramsay Hunt syndrome can cause facial paralysis and hearing loss in the affected ear.”…

      …In March, his wife Hailey Bieber was hospitalized due to a small blood clot in her brain.
      The model later explained that she had suffered a mini-stroke due to a small hole in her heart from which the clot traveled to her brain.
      She underwent surgery to close the hole which she said was between 12 and 13 millimeters.

    • Steve Kirsch substack
      My 90 minute talk at Calvary Chapel in San Jose
      {The presentation really picks up speed after the first 30 minutes. Lots of different tidbits and info. I recommend starting 30 minutes into his talk.]

      I step the audience through my Elephant in the Room deck.
      The talk starts at 1:02 into the video (i.e., 1 hour and 2 minutes in):

    • Tuesday June 14th – The Daily Mail
      Children are being infected with up to THREE viruses at a time because COVID measures have worn down their immune systems and made them vulnerable to illnesses usually only caught in winter, experts warn
      ~~ Health experts across the United States have told The Washington Post that they are seeing children with multiple viral infections at once
      ~~ As the weather warms doctors usually see a decrease in the prevalence of influenza and other viruses associated with the common cold
      ~~ Now some children are arriving at their doctor’s office with three viral infections at a time
      ~~ Experts believe that it is a result of COVID pandemic policies, which meant children were not exposed to the normal array of viruses
      [Graphs in article.]

    • Friday June 17, 2022 – by Margaret Menge Substack via Health IMpact News
      Fifth Largest Life Insurance Company in US Paid Out 163% More for Deaths of Working People ages 18-64 in 2021 After COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

      Five months after breaking the story of the CEO of One America insurance company saying deaths among working people ages 18-64 were up 40% in the third quarter of 2021, I can report that a much larger life insurance company, Lincoln National, reported a 163% increase in death benefits paid out under its group life insurance policies in 2021.

      This is according to the annual statements filed with state insurance departments — statements that were provided exclusively to Crossroads Report in response to public records requests.

      The reports show a more extreme situation than the 40% increase in deaths in the third quarter of 2021 that was cited in late December by One America CEO Scott Davison — an increase that he said was industry-wide and that he described at the time as “unheard of” and “huge, huge numbers” and the highest death rates that have ever been seen in the history of the life insurance business.

      The annual statements for Lincoln National Life Insurance Company show that the company paid out in death benefits under group life insurance polices a little over $500 million in 2019, about $548 million in 2020, and a stunning $1.4 billion in 2021.

      From 2019, the last normal year before the pandemic, to 2020, the year of the Covid-19 virus, there was an increase in group death benefits paid out of only 9 percent.
      But group death benefits in 2021, the year the vaccine was introduced, increased almost 164 percent over 2020.

      Here are the precise numbers for Group Death Benefits taken from Lincoln National’s annual statements for the three years:
      2019: $500,888,808
      2020: $547,940,260
      2021: $1,445,350,949

      Here are the key numbers for 2021, below, shown on the company’s annual statement that was filed with the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services. These are national numbers, not state-specific:….

      • I don’t know what this is related to, but it’s not the “vaccine”, surely. The “vaccine” is safe and effective.

  44. Sunday June 12, 2022 – The New York Times
    ‘A Mass Invasion of Privacy’ but No Penalties for Tim Hortons

    …a scathing report by the federal privacy commissioner and three of his provincial counterparts laid out in great detail how Tim Hortons ignored a wide array of laws to spy on Canadians, creating “a mass invasion of Canadians’ privacy.”…

    …The vector for Tim Hortons’ large-scale snooping, according to the report, was its mobile phone app, which was downloaded 10 million times in the three years following its introduction in 2017. At first, the app had typical retail functions involving payment, loyalty points and placing orders.

    But the privacy commissioners found that in 2019, Tim Hortons slipped in a new feature. With the help of Radar, a geolocation software company based in the United States, it turned the GPS systems in customers’ phones into a corporate snooping tool. Many apps, of course, ask users for permission to access their phones’ GPS while they’re actively using the apps for potentially useful features like locating the nearest outlet of a store, bank or restaurant.

    The Tim Hortons app, however, went far beyond that, tracking users around the clock anywhere in the world — even when the app was closed. It recorded not only their geographic location but also whether that location was a house, factory or office and, in many cases, the name of the building they were in. It even, according to the report, recorded whether they were popping into rival coffee shops. The continuous tracking took place despite users being told that they would only be tracked while using the app…

    …Therrien said that the Tim Hortons case is not an isolated example — it’s just the one that was exposed….

    • Homie, is it your contention that viruses must exist because there are people out there insisting on using and abusing PCR? If they use this method that must mean that the underlaying mechanics work the way only way they can for their spiel to make sense?

      Btw, nobody (i.e. those that somewhat understand this matter) will claim viruses in general do not exist. It is accepted there are chunks of protein that leave and enter cells, this is documented and part of the natural cycle. It is known that cells use these mechanics to detox and communicate.

      What is contested is the nature of these mechanics and the idea that unliving (protein) takes over the living (cell) in some magical process nobody can prove, but we should just take the expert’s word for it. That’s what the exert literally said on Lanka’s trial: we can not prove it, you simply must trust us.

      This is similar to climate change and climate change ™. Nobody in their right mind is contesting climate change. I would also compare this to your typical psyop where a mass training operation will take place at the same time as the “real event”.

      This is mind control through obfusscation, based on confounding, assimilation and repurposing of real world mechanims.

      • mkey,
        Robster says repeatedly that viruses do not exist.
        For example…
        Robster says: “had Bieber known viruses don’t exist, I doubt he would have taken the shot.”

        That is why I asked the question:
        “How does Monsanto do their genetic modification if viruses do not exist?”
        It is an honest question that fits appropriately.

        mkey says:
        “Btw, nobody (i.e. those that somewhat understand this matter) will claim viruses in general do not exist.”

        Does that imply that Robster does not understand the matter?

        • Erm, lets leave it to the author to cover that angle.

  45. Dear Corbetters,

    I come to you to advertise another piece of my writing. It is short (1 500 words). It is dominantly a graphical piece, featuring 16 images. The narrative is of “new media”. The central character is Alex Christoforou. The players are history and art (hence the imagery).

    There are no calls for revolution, or thunderous revelations. The words merely carry the graphics, which is a new approach for this author.

    I hope the prose and visuals justify your attention. The headline image is perhaps the best I’ve yet employed in 170 articles.


    Peace be with you,


    PS: A photograph of the cover of my battered and much beloved copy of “1453” gets a guernsey. The Schism of 1054 CE also receives mention. History matters.

  46. Here’s an interesting video by John Titus in his Best Evidence Series that provides critical analysis of the central banking system, particularly in the US. I like how he examines graphs and charts to look at the math that helps me understand.

    This is his most recent video that discusses where our economy might be headed in the near future, mainly to increase taxes (on top of the inflation tax we are experiencing) and cut social programs like social security and medicare. The central banks are essentially draining us of our wealth and transferring it to them and their cronies.


    • cu.h.j

      I concur with your analysis. The question I have been asking myself, is why is this being done? I see two plausible answers and believe that a sufficient answer is a combination of the two.

      1) The current crew in charge of policy are clueless. They do not understand basic physics; actions necessitate reactions. The USA and its satrapies have become addicted to war via economics, or sanctions. Their attempts to isolate and damage Russia have completely backfired. Russia, with her ally China, is essentially invulnerable to these attacks. Combined they are self sufficient in essential goods. This is also largely true of the USA, but not the case for Europe. Hence the fallout. Russia also possesses a dominant position in some commodities which are essential to many parts of the “western” economies. Take Palladium as an example. Removing access to these resource is economically harmful for the “west”.

      2) The USA empire is falling, either by design, stupidity or both. The monied class understand this and are doing their best to profit in the decline. The recent 40 billion dollar “aid” package to Ukraine is clear example of this. Only 6 billion will be delivered to the arms manufacturers, with the vast majority being delivered to various NGOs. A payment for services rendered. This short term money grab will have long term consequences.

      Not all central banks are participating in this money grab. Russia’s has been used to protect her economy from these attacks and has been so successful that the Ruble is too strong.


      I rather enjoy this irony. China’s is playing a careful balancing act wishing to remain strong, but not wishing to destabilize the USA’s economy. She wishes for continued access to this important market. She does run hot on various political topics, not the least Taiwan. Fiscally she is being cautious.

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

      Peace be with you,


      • Hi 2-D Chess Dweller,

        I’ll check out the video you posted when I have more time. My guess is that the reason is more related to number 1. above.

        They profit from the destruction of the west and also want to shift the power base to China and that model of “governing”. I suspect they want that model of totalitarianism and technocracy for the world and to shift to some type of CBDC. But I don’t know. It would be interesting to have JC weigh in on this. He had that really good video called “China and the NWO” or something like that. He discussed the Rockefeller connection to China. The management class in the government wants a seat at “the table” in the NWO.

        This problem with this shift though is that I think some of the government leaders may have an issue dissolving nation states, but maybe I’m wrong. At any rate, to me it definitely seems like they are doing it on purpose, destroying supply chains and economies to put something else in place. In the process they will enrich themselves and kill off a bunch of people across the globe and get rid of the idea of western “democracy” or the representational republic in the US. I say idea because these systems don’t really exist as defined. Sure the west does enjoy more freedom for the population, but not the same as the “elites” who have been able to do whatever they want without penalties.

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

        • I don’t think some of the leaders in the government in the US are completely clueless. They know what is going on and what will happen but are looking out for themselves. What I think they will find out though is that they are expendable just like the other people helping these nasty bankers and string pullers. The psychopaths in charge, the “owners” like George Carlin says in his comedy skit don’t care. They are completely evil, rotten to the core and will throw anyone under the bus to get what they want.

          Some might be clueless, like dementia Joe. No offense to people suffering from dementia. I think Biden is evil, but also has dementia and doesn’t know his ass from his elbow at this point. He can barely read lines off the teleprompter. Why they picked him as president is another thing I don’t get, maybe just as some type of sick joke, to let the US public know that they don’t really elect people here. It may be some kind of message they want to send.

          • I agree. I suspect that some of the elected folks are tools for the globalists’ plan to collapse the USA. Some might have drank the sustainability Kool-Aid, others might have been compromised or bribed. I heard a recent interview of Robert Malone in which he stated that the politicians give each other acting awards. I then proceeded to look up the definition of ‘kayfabe’.

            • kayfabe

              Thanks for this comment, because I had to look up the word also.
              (By the way, I think that you are a writer and I often follow your trail.)

              Al Snow Explains The Term “Kayfabe”
              6 Time WWE Hardcore Champion, WWE Tough Enough Trainer, WWE Tag Team Champion and current TNA Star Al Snow explains the wrestling term “Kayfabe” during his GNW Training seminar that took place recently in Smiths Falls, Ontario.

          • cu.h.j,

            You are right to bring China into the analysis. They are the dragon in the room. Aligning that with CBDCs and technocracy is also pertinent, as would the Social Credit system. It is a dystopian nightmare.

            Thanks for the discussion.

  47. I write you to inform of a sickness in society.

    Having spent a year now writing and publishing I have observed a pattern. Substack, the site at which I publish, provides authors with viewership statistics. I can see that my most read, or popular, articles are ones which involve controversy. This gathers attention. Having become frustrated by this, attempts to raise the human spirit by publishing more uplifting articles have been received only luke warm engagement.

    I sense this attraction to controversy or conflict as a form of sickness. My largely unheralded positive articles are an attempt at a balm. One needs to harbour a personal philosophy to provide safe shores to weather this sadness: to quote Chris Hedges, a belief that the good draws to it the good.

    A recent article by Caitlin Johnstone uses a video game analogy to highlight a related point, the struggle to obtain greater consciousness.


    I wish you well on your journey.

    Peace be with you,


    • Yes, I think you are correct. Some people are addicted to fear, news, gossip – FOMO.
      Perhaps combining the controversy with spirit lifting in the same piece would satisfy your mission? I am not a writer, so I don’t know how that works – would it then become a sermon?

      • Hi jo-ann,

        Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll have to think about it. I could do an introductory section with fearmongering and then move to positives. But, that feels like click bait to me.

        Nonetheless, it is an interesting idea.



      • Jo-ann,

        I believe I have solved the conundrum. One lets each article be itself. Some, however, can channel one’s inner anger at issues about which one cares. These articles serve to raise aggregate readership numbers and may also serve to increase ones readership. The also direct attention towards issues. The inspiring and less read articles just need to slum it with these pieces.

        As a case in point I took it to the MSM and praised some independent journalists on a recent issue. I know the Assange saga is not popular here, but it is an issue which highlights the hypocrisy of the “west”. Duly angered by Patel approving the extradition, research was performed and prose composed. It quickly gathered readers.


        So, thank you again for your suggestion. I believe I found a comfortable solution.

        Peace be with you,


  48. The Housing Market

    The following video conversation has some insights. Two professionals give a variety of perspectives and factors about the housing market.
    At the very end, there are some “solution ideas” for those people in a quandary over their housing situation.

    June 9
    Housing Market: Could This Be Worse Than 2008?
    Nick Gerli, in his interview with Wealthion, alludes to a number of figures which spell trouble for the residential market. If you own real estate or we’re considering entering the market soon, it’s worth checking out:

    Wed June 15th, The Federal Reserve raised interest rates again, and are expected to continue raising interest rates in the comming months.
    Also, (QT2) Quantitative Tightening started on June 1st (which is discussed north on the June Open Thread)

  49. Today I happened upon the works of Kirkpatrick Sale, a scholar and author that is new to me. He posits that the scale of giant corporations and centralized governments are too big for society to manage – which contributes to our current situation. The corporations have too much power over government (nationally and locally) and large government is the death of freedom. This is something I have inferred from working for a multination corporation that began socially engineering employees in 2019 once the coronavirus let loose.

    Sale’s writings have reinforced my instinct to boycott products & services of multinational corporations, in addition to trying to break “mass formation” by engaging with people in person and using cash.

    For anyone interested, below is a quote that I found helpful and two links regarding Kirkpatrick Sale:

    “…the appropriate way to look at politics today is with a round-earth perspective. In that, you see, the Left makes up one hemisphere and the Right the other.

    “And the important thing about it is that, at the poles, the Left and the Right are not so far apart—because at one pole you have the authoritarians of both camps, the Stalinist Left and the Hitlerian Right, for example, and there’s not much to choose between them; then down in the middle, along the equator, you have the squishy middle-ground liberal-moderate types of both Left and Right, far apart; and at the other pole you have the antiauthoritarians, the decentralists of all stripes, anti-big government, antistatist, communitarian, the anarchocommunalists and communitarians and communards and anarchists on the Left, and the libertarians and Jeffersonians and individualists on the Right, and they’re really not so far apart.”

    (Comment: I am unsure of the differences between an anarchist, antistatist, and individualist. “Voluntarist” must not have been in the lexicon in 1996, as it was not included on his globe.)

    Quote from International Decentralist Conference, June 1996, Williams College, Williamstown, MA USA

    Book review of “Human Scale” by Kirkpatrick Sale (16-Jan-2014, updated 03-Aug-2021)

  50. Just found this article about future of food:


    It starts with description of how Dr. Gaye successfully predicted the pandemic, then she talks about future component of our food: air.

    What I found interesting about Dr. Gaye is that she includes geo-politics in her predictions about future of food:


    “Food is a complex topic and involves society, behaviour, geo-politics, culture, belief, history, trends, fads, art, marketing, sensorial perceptions, biology and, well, almost everything.”

  51. Jed asks:
    Hrs: did you post them take down something on world population?

    SUB-THREAD on Excess Mortality – Life Insurance Companies – Funeral Homes
    …and How it is being Normalized

    (At the Link is a Link to another Sub-Thread which started in January.)

    With the recent push on vaccinating young children, the promise of a healthy, vibrant and fertile new generation looks bleak.
    Edward Dowd thinks that we will see more of a worker shortage in the future.

    • Shots or no shots, you can bank on worker shortages for as far as the eye can see. Even if we were to set aside health issues, the reality before us is that too many simply don’t have the competencies nor the drive the achieve.

      • mkey says:
        ” too many simply don’t have the competencies nor the drive the achieve.”

        I notice this trend. The competence level and/or caring intention to do a good job continues to decline.
        I am often puzzled by how some people make so much money annually, even though their competence level is dubious.

        – LifeGuard –
        Back at the start of the 1970’s, I was a Lifeguard for a couple summers at the swimming pools and lake shore of a private housing community.
        It was a great gig.
        Lots of sunshine with pretty girls sitting on my lap…and able to cool off in the pool from the previous two factors.
        Actually, I did save two people from drowning…a little boy and also an older adult lady. The Clubhouse patrons watched me through the glass wall while they were having brunch as I dove in to rescue the lady.

        When I read headlines like the following, I wonder why I stopped the career ladder…

        Highest-paid LA County lifeguards made up to $500,000 in 2021: Report
        …In the site’s report, the county’s lifeguard captain made $510,283 in 2021, the highest paid in the area, with nearly $250,000 coming from overtime pay.
        The second highest-paid, the county’s lifeguard chief, made $463,517 in 2021, Open the Books reports. Of the $463,517 in total earnings, the lifeguard chief made $0 in overtime but made more than $142,000 in benefits and more than $78,000 in other pay, the report reads.

        The lifeguard chief made $391,971 in 2019 back when he was the county’s acting chief lifeguard, which made him the highest-paid lifeguard in LA County at the time.
        The lifeguard captain earned $368,668 in 2019, which was the second highest-paid salary in the county at the time.

        The report also reveals more than 90 lifeguards in LA County earned at least $200,000 and 20 lifeguards made between $300,000 and $510,283.
        The report also adds that 37 lifeguards made between $50,000 and $247,000 in just overtime
        Of the top 20 highest-paid lifeguards, only two were women. The two women, a lifeguard captain and an ocean lifeguard specialist, made $307,664 and $303,518 respectively in 2021.

  52. Great article from the Brownstone Inst. website on the role of rethorical framing in politics and specifically how Bill Gates has used it in Davos, as a tools to salvage the “vaccines save lives” narrative.

    Here is one extract:
    We see the same gambit (rethorical framing) used when the US government inevitably links the apparent waning of the pandemic to the use of vaccines. Here, for example, is what the CDC said to CNN shortly after lifting requirement that US citizens be tested before returning home from foreign travels:

    “The Covid-19 pandemic has now shifted to a new phase, due to the widespread uptake of highly effective Covid-19 vaccines, the availability of effective therapeutics, and the accrual of high rates of vaccine-and infection-induced immunity at the population level in the United States. Each of these measures has contributed to lower risk of severe disease and death across the United States.”

    It’s no accident that the first factor adduced to explain the onset of happier days, the one that sets the frame for all that follows, is the “widespread uptake of highly effective Covid-19 vaccines.”

    The goal here— as it was in the case of Gates at Davos—is to preserve, in the face of abundant empirical evidence to the contrary, the frame that presents the forced administration of vaccines as the great slayer of the pandemic and gifter of our vanquished freedoms, and to turn that suggestion into an established fact through constant repetition.

  53. Read the comments below the article…

    Published midday Saturday June 18, 2022 – via Yahoo News
    US opens COVID vaccine to little kids; shots begin this week
    NEW YORK (AP) — The U.S. on Saturday opened COVID-19 vaccines to infants, toddlers and preschoolers.
    The shots will become available this week, expanding the nation’s vaccination campaign to children as young as 6 months…
    …Roughly 18 million kids will be eligible, but it remains to be seen how many will ultimately get the vaccines. Less than a third of children ages 5 to 11 have done so since vaccination opened up to them last November….

    [On Saturday, there were about 500 comments. Sunday morning there are over 809 comments. Of course, many comments are deleted…and some people like me are banned for life.]

    The comments tell an important story.

    • For what it’s worth, it’s good to see a stream of such skeptic comments. It took some bad experiences for some to open their eyes, but if that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes. Take a stand for your children or burn.

    • Via “Actuarial News” – ~~WWW actuarial.news/2022/06/17/childhood-mortality-trends-1999-2021-provisional-ages-1-17/

      Mary Pat Campbell Substack
      Childhood Mortality Trends, 1999-2021 (provisional), Ages 1-17
      [See GRAPHS]
      …For both preschoolers and schoolchildren (ages 1-12), from 1999-2021 — yes, even including the pandemic years — the total mortality rate for these groups decreased almost 30%
      …These are the ages with the lowest mortality from anything.
      That’s why it’s so shocking when a child in this age category dies from anything.

      The primary cause of death for children are accidental causes, especially motor vehicle accidents, and these have progressively gotten better. But it’s not just accidental causes of death where things have improved for small children. Things have slowly but surely improved for pediatric cancer and other physiological causes.
      So yay!…

      The bad news:
      teen (ages 13-17) mortality worsened 30% during the pandemic…
      …The top three causes of death for teens are accidents, suicide, and homicide, and has been for a long time…
      …There was the good news from before the pandemic: the accidental death rate had come way, way down. That was mostly due to improved traffic safety. (Not reduced drug ODs, alas)
      In the pandemic, both increased motor vehicle deaths and drug overdoses has pushed up the accidental death rate for teens to increase to levels seen a decade ago.

      But there was a bad pre-pandemic trend: suicide rates had increased from 2007 to 2018 — increasing a total of 120% over that period. That was hideous…

      …I’ve got worse news in the coming weeks — this isn’t even the worst mortality increase among age groups. It’s much worse for the Millennials (the Millennials are in early middle age now….

  54. [SNIP – Do not post bare URLs as comments, please. Please repost the link with a title and an explanation of why people should be clicking on it. -JC]

  55. Via “Actuarial News” – June 18, 2022 by Mary Pat Campbell
    A Filmmaker Imagines a Japan Where the Elderly Volunteer to Die
    ~~WWW actuarial.news/2022/06/18/a-filmmaker-imagines-a-japan-where-the-elderly-volunteer-to-die/
    LINK to New York Times article of June 17, 2022
    The premise for Chie Hayakawa’s film, “Plan 75,” is shocking: a government push to euthanize the elderly. In a rapidly aging society, some also wonder: Is the movie prescient?

    TOKYO — The Japanese film director Chie Hayakawa was germinating the idea for a screenplay when she decided to test out her premise on elderly friends of her mother and other acquaintances. Her question: If the government sponsored a euthanasia program for people 75 and over, would you consent to it?

    Close to one-third of the country’s population is 65 or older, and Japan has more centenarians per capita than any other nation. One out of five people over 65 in Japan live alone, and the country has the highest proportion of people suffering from dementia. With a rapidly declining population, the government faces potential pension shortfalls and questions about how the nation will care for its longest-living citizens.

    Aging politicians dominate government, and the Japanese media emphasizes rosy stories about happily aging fashion gurus or retail accommodations for older customers. But for Ms. Hayakawa, it was not a stretch to imagine a world in which the oldest citizens would be cast aside in a bureaucratic process — a strain of thought she said could already be found in Japan.

    Euthanasia is illegal in the country, but it occasionally arises in grisly criminal contexts. In 2016, a man killed 19 people in their sleep at a center for people with disabilities outside Tokyo, claiming that such people should be euthanized because they “have extreme difficulty living at home or being active in society.”

    • I’ll have to check this out HRS. Having had to put my grandma in hospice, I wonder if it was kind of the same thing. Her quality of life would never be what it would have been before she broke her hip. Her mental state had declined, she would be in pain, and live as a dependent and drain all of her money to pay for care. I don’t think she would want it, so I decided for hospice and she died within the week.

      If someone has dementia and lives like an invalid and wants to die or they made their wishes known, I see no moral issue with hospice or even euthanasia. For me personally, if I have no quality of life left and cannot walk and wipe my own butt and need to be fed through a tube, I would rather die.

      My hospital treats lots of patients from neighboring nursing homes who have these people who are essentially vegetables coming in for hospital stays with zero quality of life left. They have no family, so the nursing home collects the medicare money to keep them like that. It makes me sick. Life is more than just being able to breath, digest and poop.

    • Interesting article. I liked that she mentioned that the issue is not black and white, but more personal and complex.

      Bodily autonomy is relevant to this issue. My grandma for example had a DNR in place and had expressed what she wanted for end of life care. Some elderly don’t want tubes and life extending procedures that provide no benefit for quality existence.

      Dementia is a really awful illness. It would be wonderful to find remedies and try to treat it to prolong quality existence. But there are points of no return in various health conditions that make a person consider ending their life.

      At any rate, this is an interesting topic of thought.

  56. They say ‘love is blind’. But in truth, it’s the only thing that allows you to really see.

    I woke up with visions of Odilon Redon’s Caliban and this phrase in my head.

    and it seemed important. So I put it here.

    • I remember the late 80es, the lines at the pumps were looong. I’m not sure if there were supply issues, but prices would jump like crazy on given days of the week. People would wait for hours to top up. Wonders of insane inflation.

      I mention this to people my age and a bit older, but seldom anyone remembers. People tend to forget when they get screwed really hard, funny how that works out.

      Now we have these new “measures” where partial price fixing was instituted by the “prime” minister. Basically, only the highway gas stations are allowed to follow the “market price” while all others will have to sell at a fixed price, possibly losing on every sold liter. The tax will still be applied and due, of course.

      Funny how that works out. If only there were some points of reference in recent history we could use to estimate how this is going to end.

  57. I am done engaging with the Collective.

    I want to be immersed in the Connective.

    (Not literally, physically connected, not brain chip connected through some central database.) But connected by shared understanding of respect and reciprocity. Connected by ethical fortitude and self accountability. Connected by natural law, free agency and non-aggression. The connections happen one at a time, person to person, but the momentum is building.

    Are you connected?

    • We are called many things. The rebellion, truther community, conspiracy realists, anarchists, libertarians, freedom fighters, the resistance… I have never resonated with these titles, though each lands a note.
      However, “The Connective” struck a harmonious chord in me today. We all have a shared understanding that individual relationships connect us to one another. And we each strive to abide by the ethical standards of reciprocity and respect- respect for self, others, and our environment. We all oppose the attacks on individual freedom and rally against violence, centralized control, and surveillance. This is not a collective movement; it is an individual movement that needs connections.
      “The Connective” has depth of meaning, accompanied by a breadth of creative semantics and playful linguistics: connect, connecting, connected, connection, connective, connectable, connectively.
      I’m just saying we could use a new, unifying title. One that reflects our individual complexity but is not muddled by propaganda.
      Mull it over in your mind, roll it around on your tongue, and have some fun with the connotations of being part of the Connective.

      • “The Connective”

        I like that term! It fits well.

        • I agree. It reflects reality. There is an undeniable connection between all of us. I believe between all life. The Connective is a better way of thinking, or label I suppose, of describing how I feel that I fit into this crazy puzzle than any other I’ve heard of.

  58. I wanted to share this song. A tribute to Johnny Hurley who heroically stopped a shooting and protected the lives of innocent people in Colorado last year.
    He was shot and killed by a cop who showed up after the dangerous situation was neutralized and reportedly mistook Johnny for the criminal. A tragic event that should be remembered for awhile.
    I’m not really a rap fan but this is nice.


  59. Research Gurus, I need your help. This is a link to my new substack where I claim to have downloaded a suppressed 400 year old book before the last copy was removed from Archive.org. The Book is Demonolgy, the 1st collected edition from 1616, by King James 1 of England, which includes several other works. It’s these other works that are suppressed. They include The Epistle to the Whole Church Militant, and the Paraphrase of the Revelation of St. John. What I want is for people to search for the book on the internet, because I can no longer find an electronic copy of this work, nor any reference to the work. If you can find any reference to any of these works it would be helpful: https://palamambron.substack.com/?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=substack_profile?utm_source=%2Fprofile%2F43833782-palamambron&utm_medium=reader2

    I have an electronic copy I downloaded from the archive before it was removed. What I want is for anyone to show me that the work is not being scrubbed from the internet, as I believe it is.

  60. The moral of the story…Don’t Drink and (USB) Drive

    June 26 – NextShark
    Japanese man loses USB drive containing personal info of 460,000 residents after drunken night out
    …Following a night out drinking and passing out on the street, a Japanese man woke up to find that his bag containing two USB sticks with the personal information of nearly half a million residents went missing.

    On Tuesday evening, the unnamed man, said to be in his 40s, spent several hours drinking at a local restaurant in Suita of northern Osaka, Japan, shortly before passing out on the street. When the man regained consciousness, he found that his bag and USB sticks were missing, reported NHK per BBC.

    The man reported the missing items to local police on Wednesday, reported The Japan Times.

    Before meeting with colleagues in Suita for a night out, the man had transferred the personal information of approximately 460,000 Amagasaki, Osaka, residents onto the flash drives. The man reportedly works for a company that assists tax-exempt households with receiving COVID-19 relief funds.

    According to city officials, the USB sticks contained sensitive information including names, birth dates, home addresses, tax details and bank account numbers. Due to the memory sticks’ password encryption, city officials were able to confirm that no attempts were made to access the drives.

    Amagasaki’s mayor and officials formally bowed in apology to residents during a press conference on Thursday.
    “We deeply regret that we have profoundly harmed the public’s trust in the administration of the city,” a city official stated.

    On Friday, the Osaka Prefectural Police reported that Suita police officers found the bag as well as the USB sticks outside an apartment building.

  61. Listed…Over 100 Food Processing Plants which have closed over the last year.
    (courtesy of The Gateway Pundit)
    The list below are plants destroyed, damaged, or impacted by “accidental fires,” disease, or other causes.

    Tuesday JUne 28, 2022
    Another Food Processing Plant Shutters Operations, Adding To Long List Of Closures
    …Meanwhile, in London, Ontario, Aspire Food Group recently announced that its new insect production facility would produce 9,000 metric tons of crickets yearly for human and pet consumption across North America, according to Canadian Manufacturing….

  62. Authored by Brian McGlinchey via Stark Realities Substack on Sunday June 26, 2022.
    This is Brian’s second article based on an examination of several hundred recently-declassified documents from the FBI’s investigation of Saudi government links to 9/11. The first was FBI Mistakenly Names Saudi Consulate Employee Eyed in 9/11 Investigation.

    Flurry of Calls Among Saudi Diplomatic Staff and Spy Coincided With 9/11 Hijackers’ US Arrival
    (H/t Zero Hedge)

    Shreveport, Louisiana (northeast border of Texas)
    Several of the hijackers mentioned in Brian’s article were also seen by a Dentist in Shreveport.
    “The 28 Pages” Revisits… “Man who met 9/11 Hijackers poisoned in Texas”

  63. I smell flatulence…somebody light a match…

    “Green, Sustainable, negative carbon footprint 25 Story Highrise Made of Wood”

    Wed June 29th – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
    The tallest mass timber building in the world is opening in downtown Milwaukee.
    It’s healthier for the planet. And you.


    Milwaukee: Prepare to enter the record books.
    Ascent, the second of two mass timber structures in the city, will open its doors to residents on July 15, 2022.

    But unlike Milwaukee’s first mass timber structure, Timber Lofts in Walker’s Point, this $80 million building will stand 25 stories high — 284 feet — making it the tallest mass timber building in the world, knocking Norway’s Mjösa Tower out of first place…

    …Compared to typical high-rise buildings — which are constructed using concrete and steel — structures like Ascent use treated wood sourced directly from trees.
    And like the forests they came from, mass timber buildings actively remove carbon (CO2) from the atmosphere, locking it inside the structure for as long as the building stands. ..

    … 2021 Global ABC Global Status Report.
    That same report states that the construction industry accounts for 47% of global CO2 emissions each year. And approximately 22% of global CO2 emissions come from construction’s two biggest offenders: concrete and steel…

    …the building process was estimated to require 90% fewer vehicles and 75% fewer workers to complete the work, which was done in a quarter of the time, according to the building’s website.
    Mass timber buildings not only reduce embodied carbon, they also directly pull CO2 from the atmosphere and store it within the structure for decades…

    …”An 18-story mass timber building has a negative carbon footprint equal to taking 2,350 cars off the road per year.”…

    …As long as those trees are sustainably forested, sustainably harvested, we potentially have a renewable resource, and we can sequester more and more embodied carbon.”….

    • I don’t expect this one to melt, in case of office fires.

  64. Hi Corbetteers,

    Spruiking articles again, I advertise a consideration of the “new media”. I examine “it” from a network perspective looking at highly connected nodes “hosts” and inter-links via two methods, area specialization and community (yeah, that’s us).

    I would, of course, be most interested in any commentary you have. 25 hundred words, including one of my best sub-headings and a searing conclusion:


    Peace be with you,


    PS: Needless to say, JC, features. Quality images of the man are hard to find on the webs, so one needed be pulled from the most recent NWNW. I am happy that I managed to include one of his guitars in the image 🙂

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