Interview 1864 – Keith Knight Explains Why He Left Progressivism

by | Feb 13, 2024 | Interviews, Videos | 14 comments

Keith Knight joins us to explore his new book, Domestic Imperialism: Nine Reasons I Left Progressivism. We discuss the book, the nine points it covers, and what even non-progressives can learn from it.

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Domestic Imperialism: Nine Reasons I Left Progressivism

Don’t Tread on Anyone with Keith Knight” at The Libertarian Institute

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    My fellow Corbettèers, and Keith Knight. I APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU.

    BTW: Keith, you are my favourite guest on CR… and I digg you work man.. huge windblower (fan)

    but one thing… did you have an interview with luke radowski ( wearechange) like 10-15 years ago??

    • @salty1312

      Your intention is nice but the information is untrue.
      Just checked it out and a “servers are full” notification came up (but not for VIP members)

      Which of course just another way to harvest info on one, in this case it is viewing habits.

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          • You are absolutely correct. 300% increase since I’ve bought my plan two weeks ago…

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  2. Great interview. I do, however, have some difficulty with the arguments regarding “tiny houses.” I assume Keith would agree that if, for example, one established a 200 house subdivision with restrictive covenants (incl. “no tiny houses”) such an arrangement —being voluntary by all participants— would pass libertarian muster. Why not, then, on a larger scale, such as a city, whereby residents (through their elected representatives) vote for such restrictions (we’ll call these “zoning rules”). Even though I was not around when the zoning rules were passed, I was aware of them when I purchased my house. And I count on these restrictions to protect the value of my investment and the character of my neighborhood.

    • I rent in a 55+ community (14 years) with an HOA. If I owned, I would sell. I was threatened with a fine, once, so I paid twice, one year, instead of once to have my dead palm fonds removed. It wasn’t an eye sore, but a busy-body with time/authority. I was irritated and would have moved but my wife stopped me.
      My point: I would move to a free country if one existed, even if I had to risk my life. I value my right to life, liberty, property, happiness, above all else. Rights are non-negotiable, given a choice, e.g., I wouldn’t trade them for money. Free trade, on principle, doesn’t exist, no more than rights. I am alive at 81 because I was threatened by a worldwide UN-FREE POLITICAL PARADIGM, i.e., politics based on the initiation of deadly threat, fraud, and I chose to live daily and fight. I get more free as I learn, e.g., reading “How I Became Free, in an Unfree World” (Brown).

  3. What a fine young man that Kieth Knight appeares to be. He makes some great points that the host,JC , massages out like a master.
    The points that struck my dart board in the center
    was the use of propaganda that illustrated a positive response. It hits your head Like, and you have heard this before, a hammer wrapped in velvet. A tool necessary for those progressives suffering hard think
    Kieth can talk on his feet. A mature 27 year old.
    Secondly the pinch point, out of the 13 lobed hand grenades, the deep state behind the state that wants total control wrestled out of the hands of the billionaire and common man. Kieth nor James never said ” CBDC” but that progressive tool will hand over complete control of voluntary transactions.
    Kieth does say the creative response to such threats are humanities greatest asset. CBDC certainly will cause a creative backlash and may leed to creation of real working alternative solutions to the idea of money. Walking-around money, with no central control. However evil always rides a money horse. With Kieth and fellows like James in the future positions of administration, influencer, maybe that temptation to explore the already established money tricks will be less likely.
    Last ,the most obvious, A BOOK! Cof-phet up Corbett, you thank it’s a surprise? Jeeves has told me there’s a book closing in on reality. Jeeves is never wrong. So? If he is I will eat my straw hat.

    • To be fair, I found this ,I don’t know what to call it except a commercial endeavor propaganda. Cloaked in fear porn to sell you ” sumpthin. ”
      Divides and get-a-longs. Not only progressives push this divide.
      Can you listen to the Health Ranger and not get Poppy Crum’d? Figuring these subtle propaganda bombardments out seems a full time job..

      This is American, not an easy place to navigate.
      Personally I just want to slap some sence into Mike when he yells fire in the theater for $s

  4. Love watching Keith Knight. You’re 27? Wow, you’ve already accomplished so much. Definitely a man to keep an eye on.

    And James, the new website is excellent! Bravo to you both…

  5. I really enjoy Keith Knight’s work! Thanks for sharing this. It’s inspiring to me to have young people try to make a positive difference in the world.

  6. Quick point.

    The reason Sweden is a vile, right wing mess is that Europe is a colony of America. Policies are dictated from Washington. Sweden has terrible gang, violence and other social issues because it has been forced to take refugees from American Zionist wars in the middle east (particularly Libya). It wasn’t socialists who blew up Nordstream 2, it was Americans.

    Like Cuba, Nicaragua and other economic disasters the CIA destroyed the economy, not socialists.

  7. It is my view that the great reset isn’t communism or fascism, it’s an extreme form of oligarchy (private wealth). When you see a single American robber baron (Bill Gates) virtually controlling the global health system, we are not dealing with socialism.

    Every phoney crisis in the last decades has involved a vast transfer of wealth from the peasant class to the oligarchy consisting of the billionaires and the ultra rich inheritors of nineteenth century industrialisation, particularly the oil sector who today are the most ferocious advocates of a fossil fuel free economy. The Rockefellers, the Pews, Dupont etc. Plus the banks. They have unlimited financial power.

    So, private wealth (Blackrock) is stealing our freedom and driving us into a 1984 style dystopia not socialism. They will likely choose a version of technocracy to rule us because it doesn’t involve the illusion of choice like democracy or free market capitalism. Jefferson’s freedom is the godfather of the NWO not Marx, Lenin or Mussolini.

    I’m not putting forward a preference, not suggesting socialism would be better. It seems to me that all modern societies are descendants of warring tribes struggling to be the next empire.

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