Koch and Soros Team Up For World Peace! WTF?

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In case you haven’t heard, George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and the Charles Koch Foundation have teamed up to help launch a new Washington think tank. The Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft will be “an action-oriented think tank that will lay the foundation for a new foreign policy centered on diplomatic engagement and military restraint.” So what gives? What’s the real agenda here? And what does this mean for those who hold a principled anti-war stance. Join James as he explores these issues on The Corbett Report today.

In an astonishing turn, George Soros and Charles Koch team up to end US ‘forever war’ policy

Kinzer on The White Helmets

Previous Corbett Report coverage on Soros

The Quincy Institute homepage


  1. Calm before the storm? The increased shock when war breaks out just as world peace seemed imminent? Fog of war?

    Why is there a cogitation container for every issue and who appoints the teams of geniuses that deliver wisdom unto the plebs like Moses returning from the mountain? Why must I pay attention to daily proclamations from a perpetual parade of ponderance basins, speculation cisterns, deliberation cauldrons, deduction vats and imagination aquariums?

    • Isn’t capitalism wonderful?

      At 9:53 AM EDT on Tuesday July 2, 2019 Bitcoin plunged under $10,000, and within seven minutes was spinning idly at the $26-mark for 2-3 minutes. Its official low was $26.30. Then at 10:03-10:04 AM EDT, Bitcoin instantly shot up again to over $10,000 where it still stays as of this final update.

      It was all over by 10:05 EDT. Within this twelve-minute time-frame, Bitcoin was apparently transmogrified not once, but twice. In the first seven minutes of this event, the cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme industry leader collapsed and went bankrupt. Only a designed failsafe algorithm prevented Bitcoin from hitting $0.00. Bitcoin bankrupting in seven minutes was the first cataclysmic change.

      The second transmogrification was in the last five minutes from 10:00 to 10:05 AM EDT, when Bitcoin was rescued by some unknown black hand. Unless anyone can refute this narrative by addressing the facts & screenshots presented above, this event happened. Therefore, Bitcoin has officially became another “too-big-to-jail” zombie built on fake money, like all the rest. The question is, “Where did the money come from, and how much?”

      All this happened in twelve-minutes time, just two days ago. This is an exclusive story because I have the screenshots, I know the issues & history, and I was lucky to be on-the-spot when Bitcoin hit $26. This is one of the biggest financial scandals ever, and the truth is being ruthlessly suppressed by state & corporate power.

      Please download these screenshots & share!!

      Over & Out


      • A few large players in bitcoin could have manufactured such an event easily. But still very interesting and quite entertaining.

      • So how many shares of Bitcoin did you buy at $26.40 weilunion?
        Were you brave?
        Do we have a new multimillionaire here at the Corbett Report? 🙂

  2. I see this foundation as a possible mirrored response to China BRI. A peaceful expansion of imperialism which would add to the West’s toolbox, a kind of good cop bad cop approach to open and provide an avenue of influence to states in areas of the world disrupted in conflict zones under pressure. Remember, Soros using “forced migration” as a strata for innumerous mechanisms of money generation at every corner. This is like running a prison and providing toiletries, clothes and halfway housing for prisoners. Is this the “Peace Industrial Complex”? Either way they are atuned to my demographic and this could be a psychographics profile that has emerged on the think-tank radar. It is quite a savvy move and Carnegie does come to mind as Bass as pointed out. Anyway, I’d be interested to see their divestment profiles for a bit more insight into this. Peace has always provided more economic efficientiency in my view, but I will always have trepedations when it comes to these types.

  3. HI James,
    After seeing this, it once again reminds me of how articulate you are. Your critical thinking skills are truly impressive. I know you always encourage us to “do our homework” and not to solely rely on one source of information. In the modern world of easy access to information, we do need to be skeptical and build the habit to cross-reference and compare. We need to learn to filter out the noise from the content and as you mentioned, recognize psy-op conditioning propaganda, etc.
    What motivated me to write this was simply your comment about Stephen Kinzer writing the article and how he’s provided good information in the past. It seemed almost instinctive for you to point that out. Do you have any advice or guidance on ways to become more inquisitive and looking for connections or contradictions when consuming info? I think a lot of people want “edutainment” and not really dig any deeper than they have to for research/news. As an “information consumer”, we rarely go outside our comfort zone to see a different point of view. Maybe that’s how we were taught in school. “Just do what’s required in the Rubric and you’ll pass. No need to go any further.”
    I recall finding CorbettReport.com almost at random when reading an article from LewRockwell.com, I believe and you were referenced in it. From that point on, I visit your site daily and I’m blown away every time (except when you go on vacation) 🙂
    Apologies for this being off-topic. You have a great talent and you’re putting it to good use.

    • Here, here…
      Hear, hear.

      (“Hear, hear” is a shortened version of “hear ye, hear ye,” which goes back to British Parliament in the 1600s, if not earlier. The expression was — and is — used to draw attention to what someone is saying. It implies agreement with the speaker or, in modern times, the writer.)

      You said it well InsectInPixel.

  4. They are seeming to channel their inner Bertrand Russell/Royal Society promotion of liberalism, pragmatism, and modernity principles of globalism.

  5. I really appreciate Corbett picking up this news piece and going over it in a ‘real’ way.

    I like how he highlighted certain aspects.
    Words, associations, being able to differentiate, grasping relative importances, understanding that factions of the “superclass” do exist who have different goals and motives, that not every elite player is a psychopath bent on destroying mankind, propaganda disguises and trolls, etc.
    It gets the brain juices flowing.

    “Think Tanks”
    My impression is that the Washington D.C area is packed with Think Tanks pumping out White Papers. That is such a foreign world to me.

  6. What if in the future?…Peace and non-intervention by the U.S.

    Of course, I personally would love to see this.

    My hypothesis is that if “peace and non-intervention by the U.S.” did occur, the U.S. would lose its world dominance (including the dollar as an international currency).
    A vacuum would exist.

    Who or what, if anything, would fill that vacuum of global influence?

  7. The True Flag

    Stephen Kinzer is the author of The Brothers, Reset, Overthrow, All the Shah’s Men, and other books. An award-winning foreign correspondent, he served as The New York Times’s bureau chief in Turkey, Germany, and Nicaragua and as The Boston Globe’s Latin America correspondent. He is a senior fellow at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University and writes a column on world affairs for The Boston Globe. He lives in Boston.

  8. Soros is working on migration, in an effort to replace the western culture.
    Koch is working to control energy and similar resources.

    The wars stop their projects from being implemented, so they need the war-hawks to calm down a bit.

    In the mean time they can pretend to care about humans or the planet.

    • But wars cause migration and/or immigration, so supporting peace may not help that goal. Just a thought.

    • Koch’s and Cato institute they fund are pro immigration ,they employ and operate private prison companies that house illegals , Soros funds war on the streets around the world then says he is working for a solution , the pld create problem when you have a planed solution all along , they are just funding a bunch of white papers to justify the final solution !

      • The world-peace organization might indeed be similar to the organization that was the cause for World War One.

        But I think that Soros and the CIA have slightly different goals.
        While Soros is a great sponsor of civilization destruction, he does not give weapons to terrorists or train them like the CIA.

        I think that Soros wants to remove the borders completely, disband the state-governments. And create a one-world government just like Koch.
        For that to work, the enemies must be terrorists, not states.

        Whether or not they want to stop the wars, the organization may
        become a part of the global government.
        And maybe it will have its own army, to “stop wars”.
        And a social control system.
        The organization will probably dictate what it needs.

        There are many different agendas possible.

  9. As a New Englander, I subscribe to one MSM. That is the Glob. Occasionally, I will comment. I am familiar with Kinzer. Kinzer is about the only journalist on the Glob that writes well on war, peace and imperialism. I saw this piece and scrolled through. The first paragraph was nauseating. I thought of commenting. I would not be as kind as James in my analysis.
    There is another institute at Brown. It is called the “Political Theory Project.” In 2016, the Charles Koch Foundation donated, at minimum, $653K to the Political Theory Pproject.” https://www.providencejournal.com/news/20180224/koch-funnels-millions-into-brown-riling-left

  10. Soros & Koch “each contributed half a million dollars.” Forbes says Koch has $53.5 billion, Soros $8.3 billion. So Soros contributed .006% of his wealth, Koch less than .001%. Proportionately, I sent more than that to Corbett the other day. It is curious that I find nothing on the MSM about Quincy Institute, tho there’s plenty on libertarian and antiwar sites (and on Jihadwatch).

    Anyhow, both these guys have funded organizations (EFF, Cato) that do, imho, some useful work. Maybe Quinstitute will support some good work also. But I’ll still be glad no billionaires live in my neighborhood.

  11. My gut tells me that the spectre of a Koch and Soros teaming up to champion detente is to put it mildly a fugazi. This joining also very nicely points out that those in the super set really have no ideologies but simply operate on what can be used to further enrich and empower themselves in what they always see as a zero sum game. This Quincy foundation is more stage play, controlled opposition and ultimately smoke and mirrors to confuse the public on where its loyalties should lie. In truth whatever these types of authorities are promoting the public should consider the opposite as the correct path to take…therefore these authoritarians will simulate all choices but have them weave their way towards the desired outcome. Adam Curtis addressed this modern day phenomena, as true today as when addressed in 2014

  12. [SNIP – All links must include a title and/or explanation as to why people should be clicking on the link. -JC]

  13. If it isn’t a PR campaign to make themselves seem beneficial, maybe they figure it is time to focus controls on internal America instead of external

  14. Like before, I can see a game of chess to behold the mind. The notion that only the authorities can initiate aggression is still tucked under the rug. If the rule of authority is still recognized as legitimate by the readers of this article, then it’s likely to be cheered upon by the peace activists and scorned by the might is right crowd. That’s too familiar of a dichotomy.

    The statecraft mentioned a couple times in the article is a good indication that the words used by them will be good to pay close attention to. There’s a ploy used all to often to paralyze the critical thinking mind that involves combining two polar contrasts together. This foments emotional reaction, which most of the time is based in fear and vulnerability. That’s the loosh these fiends feed from.

    I think most telling, in matters of semantics used, was when Bacevich said “We oppose endless, counterproductive war.” It would be sufficient for advocates of peace to say ‘We oppose endless war’ but counterproductive is thrown in like it was needed. What can imply that counterproductive and war are not the same? Might this way of phrasing things make it so people are willing to welcome a productive war?

    The ends of authoritative rule are still in their sight. This conjunction of opposing sides isn’t a sudden hopeful change unless perhaps they’re acknowledging that they have almost lost the foothold on people’s will. If that’s the case though, then reading into what this article might mean(at a deeper level) could another ploy of distraction. Nevertheless they are still the ones broadcasting this and knowing that chess is played multiple moves in advance, it will be good to keep vigilance on the narrative being used. They always in some way hide things in plain sight.

  15. Soros seems to be a highly intelligent guy who understands economics and markets. Maybe Soros sees the end of a “bull run” of American/Western intervention and wants to get in ahead of others with a way to make money by investing in peace. I absolutely do not believe Soros and Koch are starting this think tank based on a love for peace and a principled opposition to war. Soros didn’t care about his fellow citizens he turned in to the Nazis in WWII. He didn’t care about wreaking havoc in foreign countries with his financing. My belief is that he is not changing his leopard spots, but that he sees some opportunity to make a financial or power gain somehow.

  16. In Nineteen Eighty-Four, Winston achieved a state of peace and love in the end.

    Maybe the Psychopaths believe it is time for peace?

  17. Very interesting post about Koch and Soros joining forces for “peace”.
    It struck me there may be yet another speculation around this startling union.
    For the first time in my life I tuned in to the so-called debates because I came across two candidate who actually said something; Marianne Williamson and Andrew Yang. And in spite of the fact that they were pretty much drowned out by the favored three candidates who were given most of the time slots, they managed to get a few points in edgewise. The interesting thing about Yang is that he actually talks about real life and the inevitable result of artificial intelligence taking over jobs in most sectors. The interesting thing about Williamson is that she proposes a “department of peace” as opposed to a department of war. Although most mainstream news people have ignored, ridiculed and snickered at the wuwu agenda of silly new age guru, Williamson, the department of peace idea seems to have hit a nerve, and her remark has been tweeted and repeated extensively by the world at large including the mainstream pundits. Could this be what has brought the powers that shouldn’t be together to act as if they’ve buried their axes in a joint effort to usurp the real peace movement? Shades of the initial spontaneous tea party and wall street protest burials.

    • Yeah, that’s scary stuff. I remember reading years ago something about Williamson and other new agers collaborating with politicians and contemporary pharisees to manifest glorious concepts brilliantly realized in a book called “Spiritual Politics”. I imagine their purging mother earth of her useless eaters and non-conformists who don’t subscribe to their mystic despotism will bring about the peace they so long for.

  18. These two guys are nearing their sunset years. 🙂
    This is likely more about the appearance of doing something noble
    rather than anything substantive.

    As you say, a couple million bucks for a project like this, for them, is laughable.

    Oh yeah I remember them, weren’t those the guys who tried to put an end to the war machine? LOL!

  19. https://scotthorton.org/interviews/7-3-19-andrew-bacevich-on-george-soros-and-charles-koch-teaming-up-to-end-the-wars/
    7/3/19 Andrew Bacevich on George Soros and Charles Koch Teaming Up to End the Wars

    Andrew Bacevich is one of the founding members of the Quincy Institute, and sheds some light on the mission of the institute, his personal views on diplomacy, and the Soros and Koch money. Good podcast to get inside Andrew’s head, and get a better feel for the direction of the institute.

  20. I’m taking a wait and see attitude about this seemingly unholy union of two people who really are not that different. It will come out soon enough as they settle on their board and we see who is providing funding. I find the entire concept that these two men are on opposite sides in politics but have come together as rather amusing–because they are not.

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