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As The Corbett Report community notes, lemmings jumping from cliffs is a figment of Walt Disney’s imagination, not a real phenomenon. So how else has our perception of the world been shaped by the media?

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White Wilderness – Lemmings scene

Cruel Camera

Duck ruins manbearpig’s childhood


  1. i love the chicken and egg analogy here James. makes me think of all the obnoxious instagram challenges and vine videos that just make every 3-brain-celled person spend an uncanny amount of time to recreate. my gen and the next gen are primed and ready to act… just not in our best interest (whoomp! whoomp!!)

    • Hi I was shocked upon learning this was all staged! My dad used would tell us all the time not to be lemmings. For the longest time I had no idea the message he was trying to convey so I went to look up information about the animal and the article I read made reference to the lemmings and there suicide run.

      I realized that my dad was trying to tell me not to be a crowd follower. but Now wow my god the blatant disregard for the sanctity of life. I believe People like this think that all life they deem beneath them is expendable on a whim for any reason. WOW!!

  2. As a kid in the 1950’s and then rolling into the 1960’s, Sunday nights were family “Walt Disney” nights.
    The Lemming story had a big impact on me as a kid.
    And I thought that Walt Disney was a friend to man. After all, he built Disneyland.

    I was so disappointed, when years later, I discovered the Lemming hoax.

    It reminds me when my brother and I were told by our parents that Santa wasn’t real.
    I remember my brother and I sitting at the dining room table eating our nightly cereal discussing the issue. Our heads barely above the table, we were saying “Oh! What a gyp! I want Santa to be real. Why can’t he be real.”

    • Thanks.
      It has been a while since I have visited Tom Secker and Pearse Redmond.
      Corbett has some episodes with those guys.

      I am so glad that Tom Secker saved the following video clip from the The X-Files.

      While the scene is a hyperbole of fiction sorts, it thrusts out some ‘buttons’, of which, many of us are familiar.
      In fact, I think the writers knew that this aspect would appeal to many folks who follow ‘conspiracies’. It was good marketing.

  3. Manbearpig,

    My hat’s off to you and congratulations for being immortalized so to speak vis-a-vis James’ show notes! lol

    But, actually, it is you in particular I wanted to address this evening with regard to an article in today’s New York Times titled ‘The Whole world Is Watching’: Chicago Convention, 50 Years Later. You can certainly google the article if you don’t get the Times. But, I wanted to bring to your attention a certain titillating paragraph which made me immediately think of you given your mother’s connection:

    “TAYLOR PENSONEAU, 27, St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter: There was some humor at the start. The Yippies brought a pig into the Civic Center [on Aug. 23] and nominated it for president. They demanded immediate Secret Service protection for the pig. Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman were arrested, and the pig was “arrested.” I watched them put the pig in a paddy wagon.”

    The above depicts exactly the kind of antics that for a prepubescent youth such as I was, just coming of age, and just coming to the realization that all wasn’t right with our country’s politics, and just beginning to question the morality of our “war” in Vietnam, as were many around me, inspired a love and adoration for the likes of a Jerry Rubin and an Abbie Hoffman. It’s even now hard to put into words the true depth and enlightenment of their anarchic farcical genius!

    By the way, I’m sure for the attorney, the pig was the easiest to defend, as there’s no doubt the cops neglected to read it its Miranda Rights!

    Perhaps, a new circus needs to come to town! Long live Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman!

  4. Ha! The title of the last link in the show notes! Other than that delight, I couldn’t stomach the disturbing scenes of those poor creatures being pushed. That kind of evil haunts me for a long time after. I think I may’ve missed that Disney film by a few years (either that or I was so traumatized I blotted it from memory) and so missed the whole lemmings diving-to-their-deaths lie until seeing the Gary Larsen cartoon featuring an angry lemming dad threatening to drive the car off a cliff if the kid lemmings asked one more time “are we there yet?”

  5. I discussed this regularly with my son over the past 15 years or so when ever we watch movies or series. One obvious thing that is constantly repeated is the notion that humans lie. It’s normal! Everyone does it! Just see any romcom etc for the plotline….ie it would be non existent if only the protagonist would have been honest to his wife/friend. But no, the whole story is often based on a lie and the lengths he must go to in protecting the lie..

    Then there’s the way “arabs/muslims” have been depicted in movies of course….(Back to the future is a great example)

    Ps has anyone checked out the series “Condor”. Not the usual way the CIA is depicted. Spoiler, there’s a conspiracy within the upper echelons of the CIA who are planning on releasing a biological agent at the Haj to briing about the end days prophecies of the new testament. William Hurt is excellent, I was pleasantly surprised.

    • Interesting point about the lie angle, Ben7. Hadn’t given that one much thought, but the repeated plot device that has bugged me is when a character gets blackmailed to do something or else, and excepting one episode in Madmen where Don Draper is cornered with the threat of revealing a compromising secret that could ruin everything, all others succumb to the pressure rather than suck it up and face the music. “No!” I shout to the screen, “They’ll own you and it’ll only get worse!”

      As for “Condor”, I mentioned it not too long ago here, how I was a bit surprised by that tiny admission (or was it bragging?) in the 3rd or 4th episode where the hero is encouraged to turn himself in, that he’ll be safe once he’s in the hands of the authorities, and his desperate response is, “But they killed Oswald!” Since learning that nary a script gets past our government without approval and plenty revisions, I find that kind of interesting.

      • pearl says:
        …Since learning that nary a script gets past our government without approval and plenty revisions, I find that kind of interesting.

        It is interesting.
        Especially in light of the fact, that more and more TV shows and movies are highlighting these aspects.

  6. Disney warped me in many ways, I suppose. I believed in the Lemmings story – you heard it everywhere, after all. And no one was calling them out on it. Do YOU know how many times you’ve been misled? I doubt that I do.

  7. a few more suggestions:
    – the dinosaur hoax (see David Wozney, “Dinosaurs: Science or Science Fiction”)
    – holohoax, e.g. Schindlers list
    – Apollo

    • Mmm, a bit too much material there for a 10 minute video.

    • Hi Tobias,

      Though I agree wholeheartedly that the holocaust has been used (to death) to defend the horrible actions of the Zionist state, and that the numbers have more than likely been exaggerated, the story of Schindler’s Ark/List is not a complete fabrication if that is what you are suggesting? I watched it with my grandparents who are both depicted in the movie. Schindler lived with them for a while after the war, and though he was no saint, his actions did lead to them, and other relatives surviving. The only thing my grandmother said to me afterwards was that it was much, much worse than could ever be depicted in a hollywood film. Hoax? not so much. Used to defend unconscionable beliefs and actions, you bet.

      • “The only thing my grandmother said to me afterwards was that it was much, much worse than could ever be depicted in a hollywood film. Hoax? not so much. Used to defend unconscionable beliefs and actions, you bet.”

        I’m so sorry for her and your family. I believe as you do as well.

        Years ago I read “Schindler’s List” and was surprised by the absence of emotion and sobering “just the facts, ma’am” tone; such a contrast from Speilberg’s portrayal. I imagine the author may’ve been fatigued by the onslaught of horror stories, perhaps even withholding the more disturbing testimonies.

  8. Please watch this vid on the Parkland shooting. IT has the David Hogg mug shots, the students talking about shooters coming from different directions, the multiple differing descriptions of the shooter etc…


    Here it is on MINDS too cause some complain the bitchute vid won’t work. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS, COPY IT, AND SPREAD IT EVERYWHERE. It’s not monetized, and I don’t care about any credit or copyright stuff. Just copy it and post it in full. If you are willing, please post it on youtube and post the link here.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

  9. Yes, thanks for bringing this up again, I’ve missed it the first time around.

  10. There is the old movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy”.

    I wonder if this scene with the baboon was staged.
    To me, it seems to be staged. There are a couple “give-aways” in the film.
    The scene had some kind of affiliation to the movie, but it might had been part of a documentary. I don’t remember, but I do remember the scene.
    How to find water in Africa using monkey
    (4 minutes)

    • I loved watching that movie as a kid.

  11. “…(who home-schooled her kids for heaven’s sake!!)”

    Aw shucks. Now I’m deep shades of red!

    The thing about home schooling is that it’s totally flexible, according to each family: some are geared toward their kids becoming doctors, lawyers, and future leaders while I just wanted them to be better than I was when I graduated from public school (dumbed down, bored, and not terribly ambitious). It was never me hovering over them, but simply researching my curriculum options, customizing it to their personality types and setting them to it, switching mid-stream if it got redundant or dull. They’re pretty much self-guided, self-sufficient, and free to pursue other interests and hobbies. THEY are the ones to be applauded. For example, each got through their higher math with As & Bs (Algebra 1&2, Geometry & Trig) without my lifting a finger (and thank God because I barely got fractions)! Thanks to the internet and the pioneers who fought the good fight to make this freedom possible, there is a vast quantity of excellent material available.

  12. FIW says:
    If you can stomach more than 5 minutes of them I’ll buy you a beer!

    ha! I know what you mean. Occasionally, I will watch these shows (and advertisements) just to see what’s new in the way things are portrayed.

    • I do gotta say…

      More and more, I see TV shows and movies portraying high level government corruption as part of the plot. It is becoming very commonplace.
      Ironically, it is okay if the “good guys” in the FBI (or CIA or Police) bend the rules, but when the bad guys bend the rules it is a real no-no.

  13. Want to know bullshit that comes from our current science?

    Let’s start with archeology:

    Concrete found in monuments destroyed by ISIS

    Many monuments are likely much older than historians can trace,
    probably from around the previous ice age.

    The reason for the wrong ideas is usually prejudice against
    older civilizations. Generally the scientists think that
    older generations were stupid.
    And they completely ignore the history that is told by
    the local people. The Incas for example tell that they
    found old stone structures when they entered the land.
    And you can distinguish the building styles between
    the older and later cultures.

    • I remember hearing of some theories saying that they must have used stones (was it quartz?) with which they basically beat the giant stone blocks into shape. Of course, such explanation requires a suspension of disbelief. Personally, I can’t see how those big megalithic blocks could have been shaped other than by means of casting or molting.

      • mkey
        olden people were not stuoid and they had a ton of time free of distraction to think of ways to do things. The UK tv show ‘Time team ‘ once dragged a stone circle ized rock no issue at all with (if I recall) tree trunk rollers and honey suckle vine and some people. Easter Island statures were built in a historical time period and were probibly moved by having a bunch of people pull one side (via rope) then some pull the other side via rope ‘walking’ it where it belonged.
        The Romans were able to use concrete castings on a huge scale with only man power and a few people who knew what to do.
        The Romans moved Egyptian obolix (spelling?? The big pionty stone pillars..)to Roman via ship.
        Not saying that everything in the past is as we thinkm but its easy to assume that primative people less capable then they really are. When i saw a ‘primitive’ fire piston for the first time I was amazed and could never get mine to work 🙁

        • I haven’t made any comments regarding the moving process, if you check the first link provided above you may get a better picture of what was referenced in my post. Neither have I implied that people back then were stupid, if you’re going to create something that will last for thousands of years you obviously need smart people to get it done.

          They may have been distracted less by petty stuff back in the day, but they probably had some pretty major distractions of the jour so I wouldn’t say they had all the time in the world.

        • Duck, it seems like you did not watch the videos.

          Most of the TV shows are FAKE and do not reflect
          the situation of that time as described in the history books.
          Which is what the lemmings were about too:
          Fake science.

          In the shows, they usually use techniques
          that were not in the history books.
          Like modern ropes, steel wheels.
          Modern tools and wooden structures that do not break.
          Tumbling stones on concrete paths.
          The stones were not moved from the original place
          (>200 km) but from nearby.
          People that tried to carve a simple statue did not succeed
          at any time with just bumping rocks.

          So not only got the historians the timing completely wrong,
          but also do they have no clue about the engineering of that time.

          The concrete of the Romans is better than modern concrete.
          The ancient Egyptians first dug a huge hole to build the
          oldest and largest pyramids, with stones that are too heavy
          to lift with most modern cranes. These stones
          were often coming from the Nile, far away.
          The estimated time for building exceeds 300 years, with many people. Just see how long it takes for us to make something like that with modern equipment and transport. The pyramids are really huge.

          The erosion shows a time that is before the estimated
          time of the historians.
          It is very likely that the Egyption pharaos just found the pyramids aleady there. Maybe killed the actual builders.
          They just put their names in the pyramids to claim it as theirs,
          just like any visitor after them.
          The Egyptians also build many small limestone pyramids. Probably using concrete as well. These can be build much quicker.
          The Egyptians also had surgery, cocaine and eucalyptus. Something that one would find on world travels.

          It is almost as if the Egyptians slowly became more stupid. Just like the people in the middle ages were crazy compared to the Romans and Greek.
          It would be interesting to find out what causes these changes in intelligent behavior.

          • Not arguing that history is not 100% known… just that that line of thinkng gets hooked up into the Von Dainiken type stuff way too easily if you get carried away and under estimate olde tyme people.
            There isnt any need to imagine that they had any spectacular tec to do things like move stones around, just plenty of people and time and a desire to do so.
            Still go to take issue with you thinking people in the middle ages were crazy… their system of thought was perfectly internally logical.
            But whatever, its not a huge thing I want to argue about so Funny story about concrete… the guy building the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct in the UK used Ox blood in the motar because he studied the Eygyptians methods and it lasted longer like that. (yuck but lol)
            “…People that tried to carve a simple statue did not succeed
            at any time with just bumping rocks….”
            I cant make a fire piston worth a damn… I also cant get sticks to make fire because I choose the wrong kinds of wood…. people CAN do those things.
            Saw some lab guy make a copper axe on TV once, ‘proved’ that it was useless except as a status symbol because it was so soft,…then a german in a kilt used drum bellows to melt some copper ore he found and the impurities strengthend the structure and it made a pretty good axe vs flint shoved in a stick.
            I REALLY recomend ‘Time Team’ if its still around the internet.. they dug cool stuff but some of their demos were really cool!

            • With “Daniken” you are building a stroman argument.

              Many stones in egypt were sawn with big steel saws, but some rocks were really strong.
              Copper is too soft, even when strengthened a bit. You would need to replace them every hour or every day.
              The steel might have come from meteors from the desert, which might have been much more abundant. Or maybe there was a trade route, as Egyptians had stuff from America and Australia.

              The oldest structures are the most amazing ones. Huge stones, very high precision. Like straight boxes made out of very hard rock.
              For the biggest ones, we would need specialized cranes. With steel beams and steel cables.

              The later constructions can be build with some good engineering. Because the scientists say they can build the later ones, they claim that the earlier ones were just as simple. They are not that simple. They are bigger, harder, and much more precise. As historians are not engineers, their reports in this area are mostly based on prejudice, not actual science.

              For each different structure we need to analyze exactly what technique has been used. For the oldest constructions, this question stays unanswered.
              The geopolymers (see also other reply), can answer many engineering questions. Meteors might be one.

              And according to geologists, these constructions of which many are underground, seem to be much older than historians believe. This also makes it possible to have more generations of time to build those. Also to travel to other places. This time problem is a huge error on the part of the historians, not the geologists and engineers. The error is again caused by the tendency of historians to picture ancient people as stupid and uncivilized.

      • Here is the geopolymer institute:
        They show how the concrete was made.
        They mixed granite with lime to make Egyptian like stones.

        Ancient wonders are everywhere

        Also interesting are the wonders from india:

        Iron Pillar that never RUSTS
        Musical Pillars made of solid stone.

        It does not stop there. The channel shows many interesting
        things, but often tries to relate it to alien kind of visitors.
        Which is unnecessary.

    • After seeing those rocks in Peru, I better start taking Maca.

      I once had a rock garden which I gave to my son.
      Granite is heavy. Very heavy. Dense.
      It is a very hard rock, made up of quartz and other minerals. (Mohs scale)
      How those older boulders were quarried, carried and cut to fit is beyond me.

      • The romans used to use chisels to make slots… drop in wood wedges, wet wedges so they swelled and then crack rocks that broke in sheer.
        They also used to heat rocks with fire then use cold wwater to crack it… prob kinda wasteful on slaves when they did it for tunnels.

  14. On the DeRiso vid intro, who’s the first man? Anyone know?

  15. manbearpig, Thanks for bringing up Pearl’s link.
    Well worth watching.

  16. Interesting article (from June) by Robert Kennedy, Jr.
    (I find it fascinating, because he travels in different social circles than I.)
    When advertisers are calling the shots, don’t call it journalism
    Elon Musk and the Corporate Controlled Media

    During that innocent period in American history, the FCC’s 50-year-old News Distortion Rule prohibited the broadcast of false reports… …(but a new court decision) …holding that the FCC ban on lying did not qualify as a “law, rule or regulation,” since it had been created over the years in decisions by FCC judges and never promulgated in a rulemaking process.

    This decision effectively made it legal for networks to lie in news reports to please their advertisers.

  17. you can get lemmins clone “pingus” on linux ubuntu!

    • meh… it sucks or I got old

  18. Zimbardo who did the Stanford prison experiment said that in order to NOT just comply with what everyone else is doing people need to have a strong personal feeling of agency and morality…. stealing off Wikipedia
    “…Good people can be induced, seduced, and initiated into behaving in evil ways. They can also be led to act in irrational, stupid, self-destructive, antisocial, and mindless ways when they are immersed in ‘total situations’ that impact human nature in ways that challenge our sense of the stability and consistency of individual personality, of character, and of morality.”(Zimbardo, The Lucifer effect)
    I think TV and media have deliberatly weakened peoples sense of morality, in the UK and Europe by direct attacks on christianity leaving nothing solid to replace it in peoples mind as a moral guide.
    I also found an article
    about the use of porn to weaken peoples minds and self control… it can hardly be said that the loosening of sexual morals have created happier, richer or more successful and stable families

    Personally I am pretty sure that at least some of the people doing bad things are really actuall new age religious weirdos who have some kinda plan to do to the modern world what Christianity did to the roman one

  19. Yes, I remember people flocking to that game like L____ Oh Damn it! I don’t have a word for that now.

    Oh, well. At least Nazi automobiles with a mind of their own are still real.

  20. Some more known propaganda on food and health:

    Popeye and his spinach
    Bacon is healthy part of breakfast
    Cigarettes are cool, and for women
    Fat versus sugar
    Vaccines are always good
    Sugar-cancer connection
    Psychiatric drugs

    Science is “settled”

    • A lot of news stories recently said that Russians were promoting the “anti-vaccine” message.
      Pretty silly. CNN and others.
      Del Bigtree talked about it.

  21. I was, apparently, the only child in America who didn’t see this lemming propaganda film during my public school years. If I did it certainly didn’t stick with me. My husband is all “What! You never saw it?” Well, no.

    What I do not understand is the point of Disney putting so much money into faking this so-called documentary film. That makes no sense. What was their goal–mess with school children? (Anyone who can explain it to me please respond.) The only reason I could think of was the repeated statement I heard throughout my childhood: If your friend jumps off a cliff are you going to follow them? Maybe the family saw it?

    • I dont know its relevant by McGowans book ‘weird scenes from laurel canyon’ show that its at least possible that SOME people were very interested in implanting ideas and changing attitudes in young people during the “counter” culture era
      Depends on hjow much of “the PLAN” you really think exists and how much is just “people being people”

  22. [SNIP – Links without text or description will be treated as spam and removed. – JC]

  23. On the subject of TV propaganda
    Star Trek the next Gen is utterly in line with a tecnocratic “post scarcity” society where religion and personal philosophy have been over run by a group think of uber effective social control… I bet that a number of people who are impressed with the Venus project (no occult symbolism there…lol) tecnocracy thing that creepy Russel Brand pushes THINK THAT IT WOULD CREATE STAR TREK WORLD.
    Funny thing is according to a book i read the idea that in trek world money doesnt exist arose spontaneously from a kid asking where they their money in those pocketless uniforms.
    A kinda tongue in cheek explanation of how ST used comm badges to re-shape language and culture between TOS and NExt Gen is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jK_vogwRMMs
    “Lore Debate : Combadge – Perfect Tool of the Paradise Lost”

  24. Hmmm.

    Excellent theory and observation, Erwin Nijs. You actually make perfect sense, that what Disney was doing was recreating visually an old wives’ tale. Indeed, and what would be the moral of such a tale other then to instill in children not to follow along with their peers when their peers are going along the wrong path.

    Now, that sounds more like the morality tale I would come to believe underlies the Disney brand, eh?

    The funny thing is how rudimentary the Disney lemmings production is next to documentaries (and movies) produced in the modern era. Talk about high tech mind control and manipulation – however subtle, or blatant!

    Of course, perhaps it should be left to a good technician to greatly slow down the Disney documentary to examine it for subliminal messages. lol Can only imagine. 🙂

    • My own choice of poison for the Labor Day weekend is a nice concoction of various rums and fruit juices, also known as rum punch. With enough of those I might, too, be tempted to swan dive from that high suicidal cliff into the river. Distillation and fermentation respected.

      I know I was tottling in 1958. What were you doing? 🙂

      Just kidding.


  25. #PropagandaWatch

    I think a very interesting #PropagandaWatch would include Cody Wilson’s quote “That’s propaganda” in the points he makes during his press conference on 8/28.

  26. In my opinion this is not propaganda. It is just a fake scene. Propaganda needs another dimension: a purpose of enclosing the viewer in a strategic lie.

  27. This video reminds me of the SGT York air defense system(M-247) in the 1980’s that was dubbed a total failure. Congress appropriated billions to fix it but they could never do it…according to the media and the D.O.D. . This was the time I was in the military. A man in my unit was with an air defense unit in West Germany and told me the system was “awesome” and had no problems: I know what your being told -he said, “it was the best thing we had in the arsenal” according to to him. This was one of the first subjects that started me to question the things we hear in media.

    The Lemming claim I heard from my geology professor in college. He said “Lemmings don’t jump off cliffs” why does everyone believe this?

    Revelation number ?

  28. Way to pimp out, David. Sir. Maybe we should cut him some slack, due to being past his prime… nah. Liars are liars. Being wrong and not admitting it nor making it right makes you a liar, David. Sir.

  29. VIDEO – National Geographic

    Thursday April 11, 2024
    Emperor penguin chicks jump off a 50-foot cliff in Antarctica NEVER-BEFORE-FILMED FOR TV | Nat Geo
    National Geographic and BAFTA Award-winning cinematographer Bertie Gregory release unprecedented footage of Emperor penguin chicks leaping 50 feet off an Antarctic cliff.
    The never-before-filmed behavior was for the 2025 installment of National Geographic’s Emmy award-winning SECRETS OF franchise, SECRETS OF THE PENGUINS, premiering Earth Day 2025 on Nat Geo.

    Those 50 foot belly-flops have gotta hurt.
    The tail-end of this clip doesn’t show a very large crowd happily swimming off, but there might be other footage not shown.

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