Lies, Damned Lies, and Coronavirus Infection Numbers – #PropagandaWatch

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How many people have been infected with Covid-19? And how many people have died? And how do we know? These aren’t rhetorical questions. They are real questions with real answers. Today on #PropagandaWatch, James breaks down the numbers and asks how these numbers are being derived and what they might be hiding.

China is diagnosing coronavirus patients by looking for ‘ground glass’ in their lungs. Take a look at the CT scans.

Key Missteps at the CDC Have Set Back Its Ability to Detect the Potential Spread of Coronavirus

US spy agencies monitor coronavirus spread, concerns about India: Sources

Abe critics think school closing meant to distract

Coronavirus: The “Cures” Will Be Worse Than the Disease

Swine Flu Cases Overestimated?

CBS News star hacked: the big chill


  1. This is exactly the kind of information I was trying to share with people. Others in the alternative media are doing TPTB a service by taking a alarmist perspective.

    • joe.h says:
      Others in the ALTERNATIVE MEDIA are doing “The Powers That Should Not Be” a service by taking an alarmist perspective.

    • What about bomb and phosphorus fire deaths and razed infrastructure related deaths? No estimates on those, I see.

      This also just came in. The first notable victim of climate change driven furry polar psychos.

  2. Hi James,

    Glad you’re back to addressing this subject.

    I see that in your “cures worse than the disease” essay that you link to Dr. Boyle’s interview without comment:
    “Francis Boyle: Wuhan Coronavirus is an Offensive Biological Warfare Weapon”

    I just thought I’d add this background to Boyle’s narrative. It’s a CBC doc concerning the proliferation of bio-“defense” labs, as they relate to Anthrax, among other chicken-little events, in which Boyle is consulted and through it the cause of his media-blacklisting becomes clear. It’s important context to present affairs. The dude actually drafted the law restricting proliferation of bio-weapons, and he’s comfortable calling false-flag on the Anthrax scare, so he ought to be considered worthy of clear thinking and honesty.

    “Anthrax War CBC The Passionate Eye FULL! Dr. David Kelly / Biological warfare”

    There’s this other point I find compelling enough to weigh, which you didn’t mention, and may bear further investigation going forward. It’s certainly another brick in the wall that benefits the globalist agenda. In case you haven’t encountered the theory before, Dana Ashley, (say what you will about her) makes some novel insights about Covid-19 and 5G. It may be a nothingburger, but it wouldn’t be the first time the public is presented with one exoteric theater of war with the express purpose of disguising another hidden theater of war. This theory also happens to address the prevalence of the Princes Cruise Line brand in the whole narrative. The main reason I introduce it here, is because this week’s PropagandaWatch got into the conflation of symptoms and diagnostics, the confusion over which can be used to enable all kinds of errors of judgement.

    “The BEST NEWS re CΟRΟNΑ VΙrus you’ve heard all month! Kinda.”

    To her credit, Dana has done an incredible amount of follow up on microwave tech, directed energy weaponry, phased array tech capabilities, and 5G.

    Curious on your take.


    • Ah, I saw the Dana Ashley link within the essay’s many comments. And I saw Tillerman links to a bunch more Boyle content. Well, if you haven’t reviewed these and put them in your super-journalist utility belt, here’s your chance to do that now.


  3. What do you do when confronted with a paid propagandist misdirecting the unlearned populace. Here is a good example. This could be any city where the community leaders want to play act at community cum-by-yah parties. Here in my little Big Oil city the Rockefeller Foundation have taken over short to long range planning. This is how it is done. On the governance side the person here in this video in my humble opinion is fulfilling the patriotic anarchist role of speaking up to prevent making cowards of all the sheepish statists in the room.
    This is a good model.

    • Sir, there will be time for questions. Now is the time for censorship so shut up and go away. We can’t lie to these people over here with your interdiction. We want to say what we want and we haven’t yet gotten our ducks in a row. We’ll figure it out and iron out the lies to a more palatable level, now shut the hell up.

      Btw, they really pulled his gut out lol Brutal display. Thanks for sharing.

  4. MUCH gratitude to you, J.C. — you are a voice of reason in an increasingly irrational view-screen and statistics-driven world — be it in the form of it statements or (more importantly) questions.

  5. I’ll let you in on a secret MBP….that was Old Man Corbett’s idea 😉

    • Broc, MBP. Ring of eternity? more like a river. From a marginal distraction. Eternal song BY Paul Roberson.

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      But dont say nuthin’
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      He mus know sumptin.
      Marginal distraction? Them mighty purty words Skipper.

  6. I love how James Corbett adds “calmness” and balance to a world which has gone emotionally/financially/health-wise unstable.

    March 3rd’s video “Lies, Damned Lies, and Coronavirus Infection Numbers – #PropagandaWatch” was a nice breather from the panic.

    I appreciate Corbett archiving the ‘ground glass’ lung article.

    The hype has become almost fad-like. Much like the series “Game of Thrones”, everyone is talking about COVID-19 now and reacting (over-reacting) to it.
    My employer sent out a statement the other day about taking precautions due to the virus.

    Welp, Gotta rush off to work for another day and get exposed to countless germs, viruses and juju.

  7. Thanks to Alexandre, this seems to have passed under the radar.
    I thought Carroll Quigley had resurrected from the grave. This is very new information to me. Fresh take .Have you heard of QinetiQ before, DeWorms? Welkome? I often wondered who wound Cecil Rhodes up and headed him into the orbit he spun in. Check this out. Thanks Alex.

    • The important take-away here is the corporate fascist control of paradigm changing events that can’t be easily understood. Problem Reaction Solution.
      Ian Fleming had such source material to produce the works of art he created. Some real life bleeds through. A 5th grader could pick out the patterns that weave through his narratives. In plain sight.

      The Blofeld organization…VIRUS.

  8. What isn’t known or of course told in the MSM is that 3 Clinical Trials for High Dose IV Vitamin C Therapy were approved in Wuhan, China almost 2 weeks ago and are having excellent results to the point that now the Shanghai Government Officially Recommends Vitamin C for COVID-19. See

    We have known for over 40 years that high dose IV Vitamin C kills all viruses (Linus Pauling didn’t get the Nobel Prize for nothing!). Because it is cheap and cannot be patented the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry has suppressed all information to it’s efficacy. It would devastate their profits! If anyone wants to avoid or easily get over a flu virus of any kind, get regular Sodium Ascorbate Powder and take low doses like 1000 mg each morn and eve in a glass of water and work up to at least 5000mg a day. Children 2000mg a day. You cannot overdose on Vitamin C. Each person has their own bowel tolerance.
    This works. I have been doing it a long time and am never sick. I am thrilled that China has recognized this but you can be sure the USA will never acknowledge it. They’d rather look for vaccines or meds which will leave a lot of deaths in their wake. Sad but true.

  9. Even many of the alt news truth researchers seem to be caught up in the hype and are failing to think back to 2009 & recognize that this is just ‘Swine Flu’ part II.
    They’ve been duped into focusing on tracking down the “real” source of the pandemic instead of question whether or not there actually is a pandemic at all.

    Anyway, can always count on James to provide a haven of sanity.
    Difficult to express just how thankful I am for that.

  10. Does anyone have the URL to NWNW where Sharyl Attkisson show was discussed?

    • OK, it was a story about a story about a story. Inception vibe to it.

  11. Thanks for this.
    More doodoo will surely hit the fan, when Greta comes out and announces that global warming is causing the corona virus and the Wuhan flu. It turns out that there is so much carbon dioxide in the air over Wuhan that the corona virus is just swimming in it. She and her team have a model to prove this. This is science, and there is a consensus, so no questions are to be asked nor discussion to be tolerated.

    • Please don’t give those nutters any ideas. They won’t even give you credit.

  12. See disclaimer at end before you have a cow. 😉

    If the R-0 of 2 and the mortality of 3% we’re given by WHO and CDC are remotely accurate, then on week 3 we’d all been exposed and 220 million have been dead for months. To get the infected and dead numbers as low as they are currently reported, I had to drop the R-0 to a tiny amount above 1 (1.0001) Far less than the flu with an R-0 of around 1.4. It’s either that or way way more of us have been exposed and the death rate has to be lowered to, again, far less than seasonal flu (.1%) to .001 %

    With R-0 at 1.01 and mortality at .1% very low numbers, on day 39 everyone on the planet has been exposed and 7.4 million are dead.

    Here we are over 90 days in and the toll is (given as) 200 000 infected with 7900 deaths. To get those low numbers, r-0 has to be lower than 1.0001 and the mortality less than .001%, ie you have been exposed and you got lucky and weren’t the one in 10 000 that died, back on day 39 when the final death toll world wide is 74 000, less than a tenth of those that burning coal or malaria kills every year.

    In fact, the common flu kills up to 650 000 people a year (again according to the ever accurate and never politically or financially motivated WHO)and that’s with all those (very safe and never to be questioned flu vaccines).


    Write yourself a basic spreadsheet and see if you can make official BS numbers make sense. I can’t even get the WHO flu numbers to add up.

    There are most certainly factors my simple spreadsheet doesn’t include and as I have less knowledge than a first week med student doing 101 virology, I guess my efforts aren’t going to get any better.

    • That’s certainly interesting. I tried to do some calculations, but that’s rather difficult, too many assumptions to be made.

      R0 should be (new cases)/(old related cases). So basically, if we start with one infected who manages to infect two more, that makes R0=2.

      We now discard the firstly infected and see that the two new infectees infected two more. So R0 stays 2.

      This means that Total infected would be R0^step – 1. “step” would need to consider latency (how long is the infected infectious) and incubation time. Is one infectious during incubation time? Beats me.

      If we make a bunch of assumptions and say that:
      – people “trigger” and infect someone after the incubation period is over
      – AND afterwards they are not infectious any longer
      – people they infected carry on in a similar fashion etc.
      – after 18 “triggers” (90 days “outbreak” duration, 5 days incubation period)

      For R0=1.98 we would get about 218763 infected total.

      • Hi,

        Yeah, I realised this morning that I’d had every infected infecting R-0 people every day in my spreadsheet.
        I believe r-0 is just how many in total on infected person will infect, so I’ll need to adjust for that.

        Currently people not showing symptoms “aren’t thought to be a major driver of infection”, according to WHO.

        They say; “The main way the disease spreads is through respiratory droplets expelled by someone who is coughing. The risk of catching COVID-19 from someone with no symptoms at all is very low. ”


        So, again, you’re right, we need to take into account a latency period and assume that until they show symptoms, they can’t infect anyone.

        It’s not perfect but it’s a lot better than my initial efforts. I’ll have a crack at improving my spreadsheet tonight and see how I go.

        Thanks for your advice.

        • Thank you for entertaining this interesting topic. Do share your revised results.

          • I adjusted my spreadsheet so that infected had zero chance of infecting anyone until the incubation period was over and could only ever infect R-0 number of people.

            These are the lowest published figures I can find for COVID-19.

            R-0 = 1.4 (Highest = 4)
            Mortality rate = 3% (WHO said 3.4% on March 3rd)
            Incubation = 14 (WHO says 1 to 14 days with median 5 days)

            Using R-0 = 1.4, Raw mortality = 3% and incubation 5 days, my results are as follows;

            Day 93: 324 million infected and 9.725 million dead.
            Day 61: 294 thousand infected and 8800 dead.

            Interestingly, the first doesn’t die until day 17, which means on average, on day 17, 8 people are walking around, past their incubation period infecting their R-0 worth of people, before anyone drops dead and the disease becomes known as more than a seasonal flu.

            Happy to flick you the Excel (.xlsx) spreadsheet if you have a burner email address you can provide me. Don’t use a regular one or you risk getting spammed to hell by gits.

              • Got it. These numbers are growing a bit faster than what I calculated because I’m not using “old” infected to calculate the newly infected. The assumption is that people will “trigger” the infection only once.

                Bit again, there are a whole lot of games that can be played with these numbers.

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