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Why is the Wall Street Journal looking forward to the end of humanity? And what does that say about the technocratic future that we’re being steered into? Join James for today’s edition of #PropagandaWatch where he discusses the transhuman agenda that is being pushed on the back of the new biosecurity paradigm.

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  1. Not living up to our potential – fluoride, school, tv propaganda, the state, etc. ad nauseum.

    I like my mortality. Eternal life sounds like eternal hell. How many people actually fear life, rather than death? Sounds silly at first, but hear me out. Will someone disagreeing with you kill you? Possibly, but not likely. Yet, people can be terrified of it. And the list goes on. Almost everything that scares people (public speaking, for example) isn’t even remotely fatal. And on the decisions which are of life and death consequences& they are remarkably apathetic. Junk food, crack, pills, booze, etc. No concern at all. Most never live at all. Just a thought.

    • I have to agree. There is something (volumes) that can be said about the perception of immediate threat and fear of the new. In your example, the first public speaking event can be very daunting, while probably the second one and the third certainly will go down without a hitch. On the other hand, eating and consuming garbage is usually very satisfying in the short term. Not to mention that is usually a big side-dish of social pressure to keep you on the same path.

      The central reason we find ourselves on this junction is that most people don’t really live their lives while they are afraid to death of losing them.

    • To lead a life you find others expect you should be leading is not living. Not in my book at least.

      Being in fear is not the issue. Assailing others because they will not bow down to your fear is.

      Some people will find quality of life in travel, others in climbing steep rocks, or in a forest, or right in their beds. It’s up to the to choose how they will look for that perfect moment and that’s exactly my point.

      • I would also say that anyone who puts no thought into caring for themselves (hedonists, and those too apathetic to concern themselves) are not living. As well as those so consumed by fear that they never try anything of note. Or, as Helen Keller once said,”life is either a great adventure, or nothing at all”.

      • Really? I’ve lived among them. Same as you.

      • mkey says:
        To lead a life you find others expect you should be leading is not living.
        Not in my book at least.

        Being in fear is not the issue.
        Assailing others because they will not bow down to your fear is.

      • I have not conducted a survey, no.

        • But have you consulted your mind? It doesn’t take that much to figure out most people. It’s not like the majority put effort into their lives.

          • I have consulted my mind. And it’s telling me I’m living among many crazies. Here and there I run into people who seem to understand more than I would assume initially. Some of them don’t know how to define it but they can smell bullshit, the stench is unbearable. Of course, for any of this to come to pass, one needs to discuss the subject matter.

        • There are indeed a lot of crazies! I’m definitely not looking forward to entering my local Wally World when I next go into town.

      • And you have it aplenty. If people are as you claim, why are we in this pickle?

    • Those who just exist without thinking aren’t living. Look to Ayn Rand as she describes her protagonists. Their philosophies are just slogans.
      Occupations have nothing to do with it. Do you think the cellphone zombies are alive? The mask wearers who just parrot what they’re told to think? Anyone who refuses to think for themself?

      • I think we’ll have to agree to disagree. In my mind, if you allow others to think for you; you are already dead. And you assume much of my observations.

        • Maybe you’re just slow. We’ve already killed the world’s economy. With hardly a whimper from the people. And that will result in the death of untold 100s of millions. That’s the fat lady leaving the stage.

  2. I appreciated Corbett revisiting his March 30th
    The Things You CANNOT Say About Coronavirus

    and his Point #5
    – The idea that disease and death are unnatural or avoidable is anti-human.

    It seems there is a common denominator in all the madness.
    From Climate Change to COVID to The Great Reset, there is this undertone that we must avoid the natural.

    We must eat synthetic lab grown or genetically altered synthetically grown foods.
    The carbon dioxide produced from life must be stopped.
    We must synthetically improve our immune system with injections of god-knows-what.

    No longer is the natural world order of any value.
    Only the New World Oder has value.

    My take is that the New World Oder stinks.

    • If the nature is our enemy, then what are we?

  3. Life is not the opposite of death. The opposite of a death is birth.

    Life is inherently eternal. Didn’t Einstein state that energy can neither be created not destroyed?

    Wouldn’t that be the same for all of life and certainly for the spirit which is at the foundation of all that is manifest?

    I think so…

    People’s fear of death is ultimately the fear of the unknown and possibly the unknowable.

    This transhumanism is nothing more then a “devil’s bargain,” to trick people into “selling their souls.” Years ago reading from a Jim Keith book called, “Mind Control, World Control” he spoke of a brain implant called “soul catcher 2025.”
    The neural link and the biochip are just these things.
    Soul Catcher 2025:


    This new world order plan is being governed by an intelligence that isn’t human, it is alien in nature and spoken of in the mythologies as lucifer and the fallen angels. There is a literal truth contained in this story!

    Something interesting to watch:

  4. This year it is very easy to follow the propaganda.
    By just looking at the front-page of reddit or of imgur,
    I can see all the political propaganda posts on top.

    Today it is “wear a slave-mask”, and “trumpers caused the new wave”.
    Before that it was: “stay in house”, “virus is very dangerous”
    And before covid it was “china bad”
    No other narrative is allowed.

    Not even facebook or twitter produce so much propaganda.

  5. I think it would be interesting to hear James speak on Critical Theory’s role in all this change. It’s an important weapon being used against us. From antifa, feminism, BLM, etc., it is the ultimate weapon of division.

    • I second that!

      This is like a real time chess game unfolding here and they have all of their moves planned out and the entrained fools are being scripted into the unfolding drama…

    • ISS that would be very interesting to get his analysis. I used to think these ideas were legit but reading some of the postmodernist propaganda set off a big red flag in my mind that it was a pile of crap. Especially with the recent push to deny biology ie that there are 2 sexes male and female. Biological differences are facts.

      Then there is “white fragility “ that is used to shut down any criticism of these ideas. It’s the thought police in action. I have been re reading Orwell 1984 and the parallels are terrifying. There has been little pushback against these ideas and any academic that challenges these ideas are de platformed and labeled as bigots. It’s insanity.

      • I remember taking a woman’s southern history class in the mid 90s. At the height of PC and the feminazis. I took it mostly because the professor was a friend. It was in your face in class. Just like my marriage, everything was my fault!
        All of these movements have destroyed the powers of the groups they purported to defend.

        While I recently watched a video on it, they discounted the ones who began it. Which I think was a mistake. All designed to destroy, without anything to take its place. Horrible, and now at the forefront of all we see unfolding.

    • What is ‘critical theory’ and what is its role. You mention it is being used against “us” so I would be curious to know your definition and its role stoday.

      • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critical_theory

        The article says…
        ‘…Critical theory has been criticized for not offering any clear road map to political action (praxis) following critique, often explicitly repudiating any solutions (such as with Herbert Marcuse’s “the Great Refusal”, which promoted abstaining from engaging in active political change).[27]..’

        Critical theory is the root of intersctional politics, and at its heart a de-construction of society.
        This which fits in with the aims of the Bavarian Illuminati to break down all social distinctions and bonds between individuals (inc those of children and parents and between married partners – hence their emphasis of ‘free love’ from a VERY early stage as far back the french revolution) and visible in the early part of the bolshevik revolution in russia (it was tamped down (by,if I recall right, Lenin) as too destructive of order)

        The idea of atomizing individuals is attractive to capitalists also since such people do not collectively bargain for wages as effectively.

        Good book on the sexual revolution and its aims is Libido dominandi by EM Jones https://www.fidelitypress.org/book-products/libido-dominandi

        Nesta Webster wrote in “world revolution” about the idea based on the idea of the ‘noble savage’ to destroy societal rules, bonds and controls

      • Defining it is tricky. But in essence it is an attack upon all institutions, designed to divide. BLM, feminism, etc. are excellent examples. They create discord in a society to the point where we have our own current events. There are no solutions provided, and any solutions offered are torn apart. It is solely designed to destroy the fabric of the targeted society. Unsurprisingly, it is communist in origin.

        • I agree with this assessment. It was a shock to my former “identity” as a “progressive” “liberal.” I realized that identity politics “liberal” “conservative” etc. are a snare trap to prevent people from seeing the humanity in others. This was different from the teachings of MLK a person I admired who saw people as “gods” children. I don’t believe in “god” in the traditional sense, but do believe we are more than biological machines and “oppressed” and “oppressor” identities.

          As I researched who was doing what, I saw that there are a small number of people who are steering society for their own purposes, and identity politics are a mechanism they use to keep people fighting for table scraps rather than recognizing who profits from the division.

          • I can’t believe I forgot the phrase “identity politics”! Would have saved me a bunch of pecking at my dumbphone!

          • So is identity politics critical theory? Is a ‘progressive’ a critical theorist? Can you give me a definition of critical theory that I can understand? How does critical theory prevent one from seeing the humanity in others? Can you give me a concrete example after you have defined critical theory?

            What people use critical theory to steer society? Can you give me concrete examples? Can you provide evidence for the claim, “I agree with this assessment. It was a shock to my former “identity” as a “progressive” “liberal.”

            What assessment is it you agree with?

        • “Defining it is tricky. But in essence it is an attack upon all institutions, designed to divide.”

          Sorry this is not a definition it is one big assumption. If we are going to attack ideas then we should have a pretty good definition and understanding of those ideas you critique, don’t you think? Or do we just assume the definition of concepts? I can’t disagree with that I do not understand, can I?

          Can you offer a definition of critial theory from the perspective of one who holds these ideas?

          ” They create discord in a society to the point where we have our own current events. ”

          I am sorry, but re-read the above. It makes no sense? Can you give some concrete examples of the discord and the “our own news”?

          Is all discord bad or certain kinds? Which kind of discord is acceptable and which kind is not?

          “There are no solutions provided, and any solutions offered are torn apart. It is solely designed to destroy the fabric of the targeted society. Unsurprisingly, it is communist in origin.”

          So does critical theory target societies to destroy them? Can you give me some references in case I want to research your claims? What is the origin of your thinking? What evidence do you have for your claim?

          What does it mean to be “communist in origin”? What is communistic about the ideas of critical theory?

          • The definition was illuminated above. Cu.h.j supplied it. It’s goals are as I described. And the men who founded it were communists seeking to destroy western culture. Communism is an inherently destructive theology. And critical theory seeks to destroy without allowing anything to take its place. Its main villains are old, White men. Patriarchy. And so on.

            • Do you have any evidence for your claims, somewhere I might go to gain your depth of understanding besides Wiki definitions?

              • Why do we have to provide evidence to you? Kinda “entitled” wouldn’t you say. Why don’t you provide your views and evidence for support. What is your purpose?

          • Look up BLM, gender studies. Or critical theory. And yes, it is targeting western society. I’ve actually answered this already. There is a lot of information on it. But I think the origins are the most important. Just search youboob for some introductory videos.

            • OK, so when asked to define concepts you tell me to look them up.

              This is illogical and allows an uncritical thinker to escape the need to define terms.

              Sorry, any debater or holder of claims knows that they have a responsibility to define terms clearly and precisely and to engage their definitions.

              If you cannot define concepts and have to tell people to look up the words you use, you have no idea what you are talking about, which is fine, but just say that then.

              Don’t tell people to look at a Youtube.I thought they were censored, anyway?

              • It is designed to be hard to define. Which is why you need to look it up.

              • And don’t tell me what to do. Especially since you lack the ability to bother yourself with a search. Had you read what was written before, most of your questions wouldn’t have been asked. I’m not debating, I was asking a question. But you are being obtuse about it. It’s a complicated subject and you want me to spoonfeed it to you. And since you obviously didn’t critically read the previous comments, I see no reason to bother. No one else had a problem.

          • As to current events; the Floyd riots.

            • Chinese virus, Floyd riots, communists seeking to destroy Western society, destructive theologies and on and on.

              You are using language to describe the world in your head and believe that all people have the same definitions of the terms you use.

              In order to communicate effectively one has to define terms and not simply hurdle language around.

              It is becoming clearer and clearer that the problem is not what we think, it is how we think.

              Critical thinking is not taught in schools and rarely in authoritarian structures like families. Thus, people do not learn it they instead learn the opposite: to think uncritically.

              Thinking is hard work which is why many if not most do not wish to do it. Better to contract it out to James, or friends, relatives etc.

              • Maybe if you read what I’ve written, you could figure it out.

              • I’m not writing dissertations on a dumbphone.

              • ‘… rarely in authoritarian structures like families….’

                THAT is an example of critical theory in action… definition of the family as an authoritarian structure.

                The Frankfort school which “originated” (but not really…see below) Critical Theory was basically unhappy that the working classes refused to dump patriotism, religion and otehr social bonds which they felt stopped the proletariat from embracing revolution during and after WW1…. they began “cultural” marxism, a plan to remove these barriers to revolution from culture via education (‘the long march thru the institutions’…) and carried it to the US after Hitler chased them out of Germany for being mostly jewish communists.

                Critical Theory (not “critical thinking”) is deconstruction and ‘criticism’ of such things as the family, religion, culture, … prety much anythng and everything.

                Its a long and boring read but you can get to the root of the idea by going back to the foundation of the illuminati and the ideal of a ‘noble savage’ that existed before civilization. This was btw an insane idea but you see it in movements like “primitivism” in almost its original form


                https://theconversation.com/explainer-the-myth-of-the-noble-savage-55316 (marx n emgles mentioned by name..)


                PRETTY GOOD VIDEO on Cultural marxism, definition and history
                Trigger warning, he does not like commies, also dont think he has links or sources..
                he has a series which I think goes into further detail and may link sources, not sure

              • The majority of your questions were answered before you even asked them. The rest I said were too complex for a comment section. But you insist I teach, when you refuse to read or learn on your own. Your laziness is not my cross to bear.

          • ISS explains concisely enough. One of the books that woke me up from identity politics is being divisive rather than unifying. “The Wandering Who” by Gilad Atzmon. It was an interesting read.

            I’m not an undergraduate in college anymore so going back to re-read some “critical theory” isn’t something I do on my downtime but based on the UC Berkely website it’s obvious it has its roots in communism.

            Whoever/whatever ideology is inspiring tribalism in man is not something that will lead to liberation. It is a mechanism for us to dehumanize one another and in so doing the string-pullers can continue to rob us blind.

            • Thanks. I had read my words several times to be sure; but it’s nice to have some validation. Doesn’t help that I’m still recovering from heat exhaustion. Not that my temper isn’t short anymore. Seeing all those masks while in town just drove it home as to all the entirely avoidable suffering that’s coming.

              • You never answered my questions. You schluffed it off on me having to chase down a definition for words you used.

                Now you are patting yourself on the back as you found a supporter.

                This is about as far from critical thinking as one could find.

            • Why do we have to provide evidence to you? Kinda “entitled” wouldn’t you say. Why don’t you provide your views and evidence for support. What is your purpose?

              When a person is trying to rationally hold a debate, the side who makes claims has the responsibility to provide evidence. To me or anyone else.

              And if you cannot do it, then you either do not want to or can’t which means you cannot debate rationally or think critically.

              Incredible you have not learned this.

              If you do not wish to provide evidence then you should just say so.

              • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankfurt_School

                https://theconversation.com/explainer-the-myth-of-the-noble-savage-55316 (marx n emgles mentioned by name..)


                PRETTY GOOD VIDEO on Cultural marxism, definition and history
                Trigger warning, he does not like commies, also dont think he has links or sources..
                he has a series which I think goes into further detail and may link sources, not sure

                Now you are beginning to see the importance of citing evidence.

                Yes, the videos you provide represent critical theory from anti-communists and anti-humanists.

                William S. Lind, the American fascist coined the term cultural Marxism. Lind believes in an end to modernity, traditionalism, hierarchical thinking and living, strict sex roles, authoritarian economics or monarchy.

                Lind is wrapped up in decades of anti intellectual and neo fascist work.

                Steve Bannon, himself a fascist, assured that Trump got Lind’s book.


                Cultural Marxism does come from the Frankfurt School. The New School of Social Research is a spawn of this school of thought.

                Members risked their lives to escape Hitler’s Germany. The School was destroyed by the Nazis in Germany.

              • Part two

                Lind uses the term cultural Marxism for what he calls Fourth Generation Warfare which is going on now but which you hear little of at this site.

                “Fourth Generation Warfare is a conflict between a state actor and a non-state 4GW actor. The 4GW actor can be driven by ideas, religion, or the defense of the “purity of its race.” The central objective is to undermine and destroy the legitimacy of the state actor, to deny the state actor a monopoly on the legitimate use of force, and to use manipulations of moving images and other psychological warfare techniques to remove affective support from the state actor. Psychological warfare would be more important than military operations.

                A sub-component of 4GW is William Lind’s conspiracy theory of the internal war for supremacy between what he called “cultural Marxists” and their ideology of “Political Correctness” or “multiculturalism” and the “traditional American culture” or “Judeo-Christian culture.” Lind argued that “cultural Marxists” hate America’s “Judeo-Christian culture” and were seeking to destroy it. The losers were to be rich, white, conservative, Christian, heterosexual men”


                Characterizing critical theory as anti-Christian appeals to the Christian Right which is why Lind embarked on it.

                Cultural Marxism is a concept mde up by Lind and then defined by him as political correctness or Communism.

                Members of the Frankfurt School never used those terms.

                Lind is both a white segregationist, Christian fascist, and proponent of traditionalism which is always a part of fascism.

                So if you are on Lind’s side of the issue, at least you know what camp you are in. Ultra right, White segregationist,imperial, anti-Semetic camp.

                And for a video about the Frankfurt School by their members and historians, one can look at, through their eyes, not Linds:

                Otherwise readers will need to simply go with extreme right wing interpretations offered, thus letting others do their thinking.


              • Now youve scratched the surface. And you think I’m going to peck all that garbage, and do all the work, on my dumbphone. The examples of organizations I mentioned in my original comment are offsprings of it. But you couldn’t be bothered to read them. I know this because you asked for examples. Which they are. Thanks for wasting my time. And please learn how to properly read; your comments prove you don’t.

              • Why provide evidence or examples when you don’t read them.

                And by the way, your superficial reading of critical theory doesn’t form an intelligent foundation to assess my stance.

              • Weilunion,

                You seem to be putting people into categories which is what critical theory does. I don’t like that because it leads to conflict by inspiring tribalism. I’ve explained that. If you are to dense to understand and want to expand on the nuances of “critical theory” you should debate with someone else.

                Can you prove it does not do that? Instead of taking an argumentative tone, why don’t you try to explain to educate us how this theory leads to liberation?

                Are you here to just argue, perhaps a paid agitator, a troll? I’m starting to wonder because of your tone and demeanor.

              • weilunion
                Your posted video says at 1:20 that the frankfort school was

                “….research to change society for the better… this idea of changing society for the better can be …problematic…can ….encourage sociologists to take a political point of view…”

                It goes on and flat out agrees that the chicargo school calls the frankfort school is activist and political and a social change agent. It pretty much agrees with all the right wingers who say the same thing- its designed to CHANGE not understand society, hence its use of Critical Theory rather then Critical thinking

                If neo nazis say the same thing that makes it NO more or less true.

                YOUR video….

                It also says it advocated intolerance of any right wing ideas and promoted revolution… YOU posted it

            • I think he’s just stuck on stupid. We all do that, but he’s insisting on bogging himself deep into the muck. I’m done with him.

              • “Author: Duck
                Your posted video says at 1:20 that the frankfort school was

                “….research to change society for the better… this idea of changing society for the better can be …problematic…can ….encourage sociologists to take a political point of view…”

                It goes on and flat out agrees that the chicargo school calls the franfort school is activist and political and a social change agent.

                If neo nazis say the same thing that makes it NO more or less true.”

                Absolutely! What do you think James is trying to do? He is doing research and encouraging it so people will change the entire way we live.

                Or are we not agents of change? How do ou think change happens? One at a time?

                To say the neo nazis have research groups to try to change the world and use this to negate all groups or in this case the Frankenfurt School, of doing the same thing is ludicrous.

                Again, the Corbett Report is a group of readers and listeners. You are one. The Corbett Report is trying to challenge people to think critically so they might change the world. So did the Frankfurt School.

                Critical theory is little understood. It was an historical period in time. The fact that it is gone is saddening for what is left are just shot in the dark thinkers.

                At least you took the time to see the video. Most didn’t and just shoot off their mouth about ideas they have little idea of.

                As to intolerance of right wing ideas, this was a debate within the school, it was not ecumenical among the actors.

                The world sorely needs and misses critical thought. Opinion making and a growing Dis-englightenment has been brewing for some time in the US.

                This has been true in the past with other fascist societies that thought they were free.

                It is part of the end of Empire,a growing irrationality and looking back at futuristic mythical past.

            • cu.h.j,

              “… identity politics is being divisive rather than unifying.”

              More than being divisive it’s about particular views/interests of some group and when pushed to the limit, as it is today, things become distorted badly.

              Unifying was the word that caught my attention.
              I’m trying hard to find out what would be unifying today, have some ideas, but to verbalize them…

              This one is from your comment below:
              “You seem to be putting people into categories ….”

              Just want to say that one of brain’s primary modus operandi is pattern recognition.
              It brings some cognition while loses some details.

              Here is an interesting perspective:

              Reading the Right – Volume 2: Cultural Marxism

  6. @Peripatêtikos
    This is exactly what I wanted to mention.
    Here is an article by Jonathan Tennenbaum for Asia Times (It’s behind a paywall but his earlier articles which talk about the same topic aren’t). He points about how the brain’s neurons have nothing in common with the ones and zeroes of machine learning and how it is a total fallacy to think that we can digitize consciousness or memories or somehow magically upload our consciousness to a machine,

    And on a similar note I wanted to post this Rupert Sheldrake lecture about
    how experiments with acoustic vibrational patterns through metal and faraday waves in water mimic the patterns found in nature (flowers, tortoise shells etc) in short the lecture puts forward the notion that life is analogue and not digital.
    I truly believe morphogenetic fields explain life way better than any mathmatically formula you care to mention. Similarly, I believe the electric universe theory is a far more complete and testable hypothesis of the universe than the mathmatical models that are presented by celeb scientists ad nauseam.
    I hope that this helps prove that there is far more to life (and the universe) than the soulless, transhumanist, reductionists of science would have you believe.

    • Isn’t it amazing how the scientists always say the mind (something they’ve yet to define) works just like the technology of the time.

  7. Science and billionaires should not be allowed to mix!

    This all reminds me of the deliciously gruesome Roald Dahl story “William and Mary” about a controlling husband who while dying, arranges for his brilliant brain to be preserved alive, along with one eye. His long-suffering wife then offers to “care” for him.

    • Minnie, I read that story as a kid! My sister and I read his adult short stories because we read every book on our parents small bookshelf (over and over).

  8. In his books Sapiens and Homo Deus, Yuval Noah Harari goes into great depth on trans-humanism. I used to recommend his books and splashed out on copies to give away, I thought his message was so important.
    I was impressed that his books were read and praised by ‘say it with me’ …… yawn Gates and Barrack Obama -Tomorrows men. Now I know. I’m pretty sure Yuval, knowingly or not is lubricating the way for big tech and big pharma to do their thing.

    Here is an excerpt from his recent article in the Guardian
    “Our heroes aren’t the priests who bury the dead and excuse the calamity – our heroes are the medics who save lives. And our super-heroes are those scientists in the laboratories. Just as moviegoers know that Spiderman and Wonder Woman will eventually defeat the bad guys and save the world, so we are quite sure that within a few months, perhaps a year, the folks in the labs will come up with effective treatments for Covid-19 and even a vaccination”.

    Harari discusses corona new world order from a range of angles here.

  9. As usual, incredibly astute observations from the Corbett community. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking about just what JC addressed in this propaganda watch. Personally, I think this is what leads to the heartbreaking aura of sadness which frequently surrounds my consciousness these days and can be difficult to shake, I usually only get short reprieves. I made a few comments on social media to the effect that we are being asked to view our fellow humans, indeed even our own children, as disease vectors like infected ticks or mosquitoes. Some thing that we must guard against and shun and run from literally. It’s the most anti-human formulation of consciousness that could ever be imagined. Years ago when I was dealing with somebody who had sociopathic tendencies I had a friend who told me to be happy that I couldn’t understand the mind of this person because if i could I would somehow be like them. But it’s overwhelming to be standing in the path of this tidal wave of manufactured fear which is so powerful and all encompassing. I’m glad I have found this community for support. I try to share the Bill Gates video at least once a day to people who might be open minded to it. Interestingly most days an opportunity seems to present itself. Right now I am on vacation at a lake house that I’ve rented with my husband for the past few years. The owners are a couple that spend half the year in New Orleans and half the year in Massachusetts and the husband is definitely a member of Team Reality. I sent him the video link in a message this morning and then ran into him outside in the road. He walked right up to me standing about 2 feet away (in effect negating the social distancing “rule”). My husband remarked on that after we moved onto walking our dog and I said something to the effect of “ this is how we communicate with the other people on team reality.“ He said “for a minute I thought he was going to hug you”. I laughed and said “yes when I run into people that are not brainwashed I frequently have the urge to actually physically hug them”. I imagine this is the primal human urge that is trying to be extinguished welling up inside my heart and my mind.

    • I’m glad you are on here being open hearted, I appreciate your words and it certainly helps hearing from likeminded people.
      There are no better hugs than from TR people.
      I often have the urge to tell people that they are not infected carriers they are beautiful human beings.
      Most people want contact and always will. Sweeping generalisation here but the majority of younger people I see taking to the masks etc.. are the ones who are insecure and don’t much like people anyway. It’s another barrier to put up.
      I really hope it doesn’t get you down too much.
      There will always be open hearted people thriving off being warm and kind.

  10. ❤️ love the closing line

  11. It does sound innocent enough, but as you said yourself, you haven’t looked into it. Try listening to the podcast he referenced. A rabbit warren lurks there.

  12. Jeb, since you liked Empire of the Southern Moon so much, I have a couple of other recommendations for you. Blood and Thunder. A biography of Kit Carson which isn’t as wide ranging as Empire, but goes into remarkable detail of the events during his life. I’m also reading Wild Life in the Far West, which is an amazing autobiography of a contemporary of Carson. Well written and an intelligent insight into life in those times. The book you recommended to me about Manson is in my cart now, awaiting the first; which is when I next order. So many books, so little time!

    • Montauk is in my wishlist! I try to limit my book binges. It’s my crack habit!

      • Funny! Especially so for me as I eat at a waffle house whenever I go into town. Of course, in my town that is an attitude you can find anywhere.

      • im reading because i love the animals at the sesame seed farm. big bird napoleon & boxer. clover & muriel & cookie monster & moses and mr snufflepegasus. mrs jones, ernie & abby and and old maajor & minimus. everyone but i do not like the stupid count & i dont know why.

    • “Stranger in a Strange Land”

      Gosh! I remember reading that back in the 70’s.
      A girl who I had dated lent it to me.
      I liked it.

      • I read it back then too. And I have always remembered a particular detail about the main character Michael that no one else who I have ever asked about rememberers from the book.
        I have concluded that either the Mandela Effect is a real thing, that what I remember was removed from subsequent printings, or I was a very disturbed young man.

        It was a good book though.
        Heinlien, Steinbeck and Uris were three authors who impacted my life early.

        • I had to stop reading grapes of wrath 3 times before I could get past the part where they made it to California. For some reason, and it wasn’t even an emotional scene, I would start crying.

        • Probably Travels with Charlie. Maybe because it was his last and I was getting older too.

        • It was almost fifty years ago that I read that book. I believe that you have motivated me to revisit it.

          I know what ISS is saying. Steinbeck was able to bring or expose the humanity of humans to the reader in a very personal way.

          Whatever the hell that blather means.

        • A lot of people give Steinbeck a hard time because of his communist leanings (and I despise it more than fascism), but his writing transcended politics in many ways. The simple dignity, and courage, of the characters in Grapes of Wrath helped me better understand that time better than any academic book. The pearl and Of Mice and Men also stand out.

          And though I’m not a fan of Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea influenced me as well. I can see that my wishlist for my books is growing by the minute!

    • Jed, ive read camp hero was turned into a state park. when did you last go to montauk base?

      article about dr. andrija puharich Ossining UFOs, ESP, ELFs and more! contains link to declassified cia Stargate Project documents involving him.
      Did you know that a group of extra-terrestrial beings (who called themselves The Nine) made regular contact with a past owner of 87 Hawkes Avenue through audio cassettes? And that the Russians may have directed Extra Low Frequency (ELF) radio waves to that very address to try and control the mind of its occupant? And that spoon-bender Uri Geller was a frequent guest there? And that a camp of “Space Kids” operated near there in the mid-1970s? And that in 1975, war between Egypt and Israel may well have been averted by this neighbor?

  13. I took a dip in neighborhood pond the other day. It’s called Turtle Pond because, yup, it’s full of them. And very loud frogs.

    The water is so dark you can’t see your hand. But it was cool and refreshing and there were others there, all sans masks, variety of ages and cultures.

    The pond is surrounded by forest. Despite how germy it might be I couldn’t wait to get my feet muddy and splash around with all the millions of bacteria and viruses of mother earth. My niece called me a hippy. lol Not exactly Woodstock – we were all dressed.

    My point being – I cannot tolerate the new Antiseptic Strong. God save me. I thought we all came from the earth not some petrie dish.

    OK, enough ranting. Coincidentally someone linked the following docu on Offguardian today. It was filmed in 2010 but you’d think it was filmed yesterday with what they discuss.

    Pyswar – The Real Battlefield is the Mind. Metatonia Films.

    I recommend it – the background music is almost intolerable but the information is worth it if you can stick it out. James has covered a lot of the material. It never ceases to fascinate.

    Gonna go eat some dirt.

    • You reminded me of when I was a kid, and we dropped some food on the ground. My grandma would say, it’s just a little dirt, and we’d pick it up and eat it. Fell on grass, by the way. Nowadays, people freak out when I do that. Times have changed, and so has our health.

      • Regarding the food dropping on the floor, I abide by the time honored three second rule: if it’s been less than 3 seconds on the floor, germs and cooties didn’t manage to get to your morsel yet so it’s all good.

        • I remember a myth buster episode where they did an offshoot of that theory. They wound up testing different areas of the house to see which had the fewest of those dreaded germs. The toilet seat was the winner. Some lines I just won’t cross!

  14. Hello everyone, very interesting podcast, Thomas Szasz has a very interesting book “the meaning of mind”. He explains that what we ourselves consider mind and to be present in the brain is a misconstruction. Very interesting book. Now, more than ever, it is urgent to realize that the discussion: what is life and what is conscience? is imperative. we must be sure about it because I feel that the next years are going to be very deleterious to our capabilities as human beings, as always I am not so worried as if these people, totally megaloman and ingenuous in this ambition, accomplish their objective of extending life. I am more worried with the propaganda and the different ways these people are planning to atrophy people’s abilities in order to make it easier for them to make it seem like we are translated into 0s and 1s. I think I am more afraid of the process of stupidification of society than of the singularity-transumanistic dream.
    I am not afraid of dying, I’m afraid of living surrounded by zombies who lack critical thinking making therefore my life a fight to recover what I could simply gain from diversity and mutual respect.

    Thanks for a very informative critical discussion.

    • Brains!!!! Sorry, couldn’t resist. I can’t stand it now. Which is a big part of why I live on a river. I actually dread going back to town. Which I’ve just now finally set it up so that I only need to do so once a month. Excepting for round 2 of my Trump bucks. Need a lot of weed to tolerate them zombies!

    • The zombie nation is already upon us. Very little diversity of thought or expression and a lack of tolerance for differing opinions. People appear to dislike having to think for themselves. I’m growing tired of the public and having to work among the people who just go along. So I am determined to become strong enough mentally to be “alone “ to be complete without other humans.

      Maybe I will meet new people and make better friendships with people who have the goal of living in a free society. Most of the people I know now lack that basic desire. It’s depressing.

      • You are right.
        Life is not as much fun when others “just go along”, Very little diversity of thought or expression and a lack of tolerance for differing opinions. People appear to dislike having to think for themselves.

        • I am not afraid of transumanism as much as I am afraid of people atrophying their capabilities to the point that transumanism is really possible because they are not even human anymore. I think it’s easier for people to become machines than to machines become human. Therefore in the end no one will notice the difference. After seeing what alopathic medicine is doing to people’s biochemical paths and the lack of life there is there left, pills to wake up, pills to sleep, pills to replace natural hormones… and more even the lack of thought people give to things lately, outsourcing their intelligence to a browser. Honestly I really see a mix of conformity and laziness and sometimes even just fear of being different.. maybe I’m made from another material that doesn’t allow me to accept lies as truth just because it’s simpler. Sometimes I have moments I really envy those people, but then I remember they don’t really believe the lies deep down inside, that’s why they end up needing pills to sleep. Is hard to find out that my long term friends have become more and more detached from whatever that connects me to them. But I suppose the price of thinking by oneself is to be the witch that people wants to kill in the fire because they see their own doubts in you and they don’t want to. I don’t share issues with most of people I know anymore, they are worried about climate change I am worried about social engeniering. With what they are supposed to. “Find out who you are not allowed to criticize and you will find out who is in control.” Those are Voltairine de Cleyre’s words and so true and simple… it’s a lot of internal work and sometimes I doubt myself, “am I going crazy?” but in the end I find out more people think like me and that makes me feel better. To feel a pariah is also something that the powers that shouldn’t be are imposing on people who dare to go beyond the surface.

          • I agree with much of what you say about allopathic medicine. However it’s not that black and white. I take medicine to wake up and meds to go to sleep and have tried going without which was a disaster. People have to be very careful about what they are taking though.

            To be honest I also occasionally use psychedelics for my mood which has helped tremendously. Western medicine is a mixed bag perhaps mostly bad but there are a few things that are very helpful found in it like surgery for broken bones and to remove tumors. Also there are times when antibiotics are necessary and life saving. I have seen life saving treatment and healing occur within the context of hospitals working as a regular nurse. Working in the ER I have help save numerous lives for people who come in on the brink of death and they have a second chance. I can’t ignore what I have seen and experienced thus don’t condemn western medicine as a whole.

            However there are aspects of it that are oppressive like reaching for a pill to do the work in addition to the influence of Rockefeller. Having said that there are medicines I take that have helped me. I have also used non western therapies but they were not enough in my case. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

            • cu.h.j says:
              I can’t ignore what I have seen and experienced thus don’t condemn western medicine as a whole.

              I agree 100%.

              Plus, every individual is unique, not only with their body’s situation, but also with the many other circumstances surrounding the individual.

              While my Doctor (an MD) has an “Anti-aging Medical Practice” which offers many types of modalities including “Ozone Blood Therapy and Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy”, he falls under the broad category of Integrative Medicine.

              Integrative Medicinea form of medical therapy that combines practices and treatments from alternative medicine with conventional medicine.

              He and many others like him, only take cash.
              Unfortunately, medical insurance tends to promote a set criteria of protocols which are not always in the best interest of the patient.

              I feel that the entire medical system itself (insurance, hospital profit motives, drug profit motives, government mechanisms) is one of the primary reasons Americans are so unhealthy.
              People want to trust someone who has more knowledge than themselves when it comes to health.
              But the system is so corrupt, that often folks are led down the wrong path towards health.

              • Agreed I think this is completely accurate.

            • Hello Cu.h.j, I agree with you also for a certain extent.
              I think surgery has great means and if I have an accident I will obviously go to the surgeon. Nevertheles, if one wants to discuss health one needs to look at the history of medicine and question weather alopathy cures anyone. And also we should do a very important analysis of what is the effect of an acute treatment (that doesn’t solve the problems that originated the symptoms) and what are the implications of the symptomatic treatment for the chronic state of the individual, and I say that as a pharmacist. Also, we should analyse what is the price of iatrogenia and how much of those problems the alopathic medicine is credited to save are not created by the medications we taken from day one of our lives. What is the inmune system and how we take care of it? what do we eat? how we live? What’s the importance of healthy sleep and not medicated induced? when to really take into account what to eliminate rather than what to take to get this or that result?
              This way we don’t have the risk of crediting alopathy as heroic when it’s just putting Band-Aids on the problems the doctrine created. When it is pulling us from the abyss, when maybe we were led by alopathy to get there.
              Also, it’s important to note, that alopathic medicine is state sponsored and legitimized, it excludes the opportunity of people with not enough means to address their health issues in different ways (because it imposes itself by economical reasons) and not forgetting the medical establishment is constantly attacking other ways of addressing health, persecuting other therapies, sometimes hiding evidence that proves alopathic medicine is deleterious. So we need to take all this into account. I consider I have been indoctrinated by what I learned I my degree to think I was saving lives but as I learn history and learn about health I learn to question my dogmas.

              • You make some good points indeed. I agree allopathic medicine does try to take the market away from other types of medicine and discredit them. That is wrong and naturopathic remedies should exist side by side and if a natural remedy can be found that would be preferable. That would be ideal. There are some diseases where allopathic medicine is needed.

                Also, there are individual genetic variances that exist where people are not always responsive to one treatment versus another.

                I think the body can cure itself if the disease state is optimally balanced, which can occur in allopathy or naturopathy or a combination of both.

                For me in particular, I try to have a healthy diet but am not going to regulate it to an extreme because of my genetic tendency for low blood pressure and good immune function. I like sugar and alcohol and use them in my diet and they don’t really bother me much. I’ve eliminated them in the past with no effect on mental health, immune function, or sleep. So I concluded that for me, small amounts of sugar and alcohol are fine. For someone else they may not be, they will try and see on their own.

                I tend to avoid making generalizations with health because each person is so unique in their chemistry that
                a person can make general statements like natural is better, avoid chemicals when possible, and use diet and exercise as the base of health. I do exercise quite a bit, so that is important for me both mentally and physically.

                The problem with the general public here in the US, is people tend to be uneducated and lazy (to be honest this is what I observe). The medical establishment offers a pill and they accept it rather than doing the work. Some people even have the time and money to spend on alternative medicine but they don’t do it because it’s easier to take the pill. I don’t agree, but it’s their choice. Western medicine does use psychological manipulation on people for sure, “experts say you should do this” and people go along. That’s wrong, but it’s still at this point in time a choice.

                What I can say, in emergency medicine, by the time I see patients most of them need what is being given, surgeries for a burst appendix, sepsis, anaphylactic shock, trauma, heart attack, stroke, etc. The time to intervene is prior to that end condition, in primary care, and people actually giving a crap about their bodies. I wish I could work in that setting, but for now, this pays more.

                I don’t think I really disagree with what you were saying, just that for my personal situation, have tried other methods and for now the pills I take help so I don’t feel bad about it. Having said that, I am still making some adjustments and perhaps I will be able to come off some of what I am taking, but for now, it’s okay. Slow transitions are best.

              • For me is no so much a question of natural versus chemical. Is a question of a coercive medicine based on a paradigm of fighting the symptoms versus a way of see health that allows to address deeper patterns but not in a coercive way. Unfortunately sometimes people try a doctor who says he is practicing that doctrine and he is not. You can take homeopathic medicines and do it from the wrong paradigm, that is not Homeopathy therefore. There is the need to understand there are major discoveries in the field of health and other related fields that are being suppressed in order to keep us “fighting virus” when we don’t know for sure if they are the result of a bigger pattern and not the cause. And more and more information is taking us to question it, which would happen faster if it wasn’t for the danger it poses to the powers that shouldn’t be. A state never plans to give up power, and you are right, people are lazy but also they are given the wrong impression they are only choosing between faster and stronger vs slower and milder when it’s not the case. It’s much deeper than that and most of the times “alternative medicine” is not even slow. It’s a question of doing it good and genetics and epigenetics are very on board with these therapies. For me, as long as there is not an honest effort to question the actual health paradigm there is not any point on talking about integrative medicine.
                For example:Homeopathy is also good for emergencies and it has proven so through past epidemics and more recently in Cuba.https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20674839/

                It is not about dosis or of being chemical or not, is a matter of individualization to the situation.
                There is a lot to be told and lots of people have been silenced through their lives, I know the work of a few but I suppose there is much more that I don’t imagine. I just know that coercive means dependence and dependence means loss of freedom so I’m out. I have few freedom left. I am not afraid of dying when the time comes, I am afraid of living a grey dimensionless life and that’s what I met with coercive medicine and that’s what I see in the people who come to the pharmacy. I am studying to get out of that dynamic and hopefully help someone like I have been helped for more than 6 years now. It’s harder, doesn’t pay that much, you have to deal with discrimination and stigma and all the lies people are told but I see the light sometimes and that is enough for me, I discoveried I get high on being myself and not on drugs. And that’s what homeopathic philosophy has allowed me to do.

      • Being alone is the hardest thing to get used to. When I first began my forays into the wild, I would start talking to myself after a few weeks. Now, years later, it doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, it bothers me when I do have to mingle with them. I just don’t have anything in common with the vast majority of people anymore.

      • “So I am determined to become strong enough mentally to be “alone “ to be complete without other humans.”

        It is amazing to see people actually rejecting the Enlightenment and thinking they can live alone.

        Maybe you can get a hold of Daniel Defoe’s, “Robinson Crusoe” written in the late 1600’s.

        Yes,alienation is very depressing and it is the consequence of organizing society the way we do.

        We are alienated from work, people, productive capabilities, ourselves and society.

        This is the result of a society organized around one principle: profit.

        It turns everything into a commodity to be bought and sold and ends up monetizing everything into transactional relationships devoid generally of use value.

        Unfortunately one cannot escape into solipsism. The answer is to engage the world not withdraw from it.

        Yet more and more people are driven into alienation, suicide, drugs and basically a mindset of no hope.

        Sad, but part of the logic of commercialized culture

        • Funny! I’m actually reading that book now! I read about a dozen at a time. The Robinson Crusoe book is part of a book called “world’s greatest classics”. About 42k pages. Might take me a minute.

        • Interesting perspective thank you for sharing.

  15. I wasn’t aware that any government agency had any trust to betray.

    • I am afraid that apathy might be the better word. How many even pay attention as long as they have their soma?
      While being a realist is a pessimistic attitude at present, and one I hold as well, it is only so in regards to where we stand now. And absolutely essential to where we stand tomorrow. Liberty will win. For we pay attention.

      • The other day I saw someone saying that she liked to be naïve but I think when you get to the point of saying this it is not naïve anymore.

      • The last time I went into a hospital, it was the VA, I mostly mocked them. I haven’t been to one for care in about 30 years. And for them to “treat” me would require assistance!

        Funny, I was wondering who this ISS was! Started laughing when it hit me! I love it when the simple things trip me up!

        • No problem. I thought it was funny that it confused me. Especially since it’s so obvious!

          I don’t even see the point of going to hospitals. I’m an herbalist, and food is my medicine. I’ve broken several bones, but they’re easy enough to deal with. Cancer? Cured. Open wounds? Exacto knives.

          I see people going to doctors, but it becomes a vicious cycle. Always going back to correct something they messed up.

      • I accidentally hit reply on my comment. Dang tiny dumbphone screens!

        • I used to fly them. Before this lockdown started, I was getting an outdoor tourism hobby\business started which would have also allowed it to be part of my business. Effective date of my corporation was Apr Fool’s day. Fooled me.

        • Debra,
          That is a nice article about slippery elm bark.
          I have some on my ‘wall of shelves’ filled with supplements.
          It sure has helped when I had a scratchy throat thing.

          I hear ya about some past medical interventions which might be the cause of future health scenarios.

          Like you, I get a kick out of reading other people’s comments.
          Sometimes there are some real nuggets.
          Sometimes it is entertaining.
          Sometimes it can be dry.

      • Boy is it tough to find a reply button at times!

        I don’t know anything about slippery elm. I find that when I have a problem, the solution presents itself. I do read a bit on herbalism, and I’ve noticed that since I’ve taken care of those serious issues, and got my body back into balance; I more or less just get healthier.
        I used to treat symptoms, and there is a time for that, but now I concern myself with trying to eat healthy. Not easy out here, as I’ve only now figured out how to finally prepare my food sources.

        I thought my business date was hilarious as well. Money is no longer a value with me, other than what I need. Which is very little. So it wasn’t exactly tragic.
        And good for you on standing up! Had I been born a woman, I might have had the same experience. That double standard never made sense to me. Though I was always terrified of becoming trapped in my small town by a shotgun marriage!

      • On the slippery elm, the word muciligeous (sp?) provides a clue. The moistened counteracts the dryness of your throat. At least according to western herbalism. I’m lucky in that I never suffer from any of the problems which it cures. Nice article.

  16. This community is comprised of a bunch of HIPPIEs.
    Highly Intelligent People Pursuing International Enlightenment. I’m really glad to be a part of it. Not that I am intelligent. Especially compared to the folks who were discussing stuff like whether life is digital or analog. That is way above my pay grade.
    I just mean that I am really glad to be here because you people are like my last hold on reality!
    I am really starting to feel like I may be imagining all this insanity sometimes.
    This all makes me think of a Twilight Zone episode where a young girl was in a fever induced delirium and was dreaming of the world being destroyed by burning up. Only to awaken from her nightmares to a world that was freezing to death.

    On the analog / digital thing. If psychedelics provide any sort of glimpse into any sort of revelations. I would definitely come down on the analog side.

    We are taught to perceive death as a negative thing. As something final. I have come to view it more along the line of going to sleep.
    Sometimes you go to sleep at the end of a rewarding day and you would look forward to that.
    Sometimes you go to sleep because you get broadsided by a truck on your morning commute and end up in a coma. You would probably tend to fear that should you ever waste your time thinking about it.
    Either way, sleep is just an interruption in the course of your conscious life. But your life continues without your consciousness. It makes at least as much sense to me that whatever it is that animates me. Whatever mysterious, intangible thing causes all this to be possible. Whatever the life force is. Would just as soon continue working on somebody like me rather than just waste all those hard lessons it spent a lifetime trying to get me to learn.
    The fact that I don’t remember the period of being “dead” doesn’t bother me any more than not always remembering my dreams. Especially if I consider all the unexplainable things that have happened in my life and in my mind over the course of the years.
    But hey, maybe deja vu is just a computer glitch.

    Anyway my dear human lifelines. Thanks for giving me something to hold to in this craziness.

    • I liked reading what you wrote.

      • Thanks. I always enjoy your (usually) optimistic and always informative posts.

        • Psychedelics. Ok, now you’re on my level! Heroic doses I can understand.

  17. When the new model comes out do they then become trashuman?

    • Good line. I’m grinning.

    • I’m sure they’ll manage to find ways to keep the new models off the market as long as it suits them.

  18. It is Saturday night in the mid-west. For James and Brock, and Those reporters and followers in transition. I offer a little music to help you take a break from the grim time we are in. They say actions speak loader than words.
    I Love You .


  19. MagicBullet, what is the aim of any and all propaganda?

  20. Does not compute. ?

  21. James’s video has certainly elicited a sea of responses. Coincidentally, I have been looking into Dr. Suzanne Gildert’s work. Her company Sanctuary (Georgie Rose also part of that company) can make what she calls humanoid Synths – one a day and probably more by now. She envisages there will be a merger between biological humans she refers to as ‘meats’ and Synths. She goes on to say that humans have only the one brain but Synths could have two or more. They could take the place of educators primed to teach more than one discipline. She maintains that you could create a robot to empathise, to be a perfect friend, partner or even lover and adds: “How is that going to effect human relationships?” Her company plans to make Vancouver the first Sanctuary City that will encompass both “meats” and Synths.
    Dr. Graham Downing gave a good talk on transhumanism at the Alternative View 10 conference held last year in the UK. Downing said that computer games are really designed to channel young minds into the world of virtual reality so that when that comes down the line they’ll already be familiar with it. He added that if people want a hint of what’s coming in the form of predictive programming, they would do well to watch the film Extinction (on Netflix I believe) whereby the Synths are the good guys and the ‘meats’ the bad. Downing coined the word Digimorphism as opposed to anthropomorphism – Man made in the image of God.

    • Those relationships are disturbing. I’ve seen videos on youboob where people talk about bonding with sex dolls. How disconnected! That’s like bonding with your hand through masturbation!

  22. It is the consequences of the lockdown that he mentions which ensures this isn’t just a psyop, but the endgame. And the overwhelming majority will never figure it out.

  23. P- Ding! Ding! Ring the bell and you win a prize. Very insightful P….

  24. “B.t.w. during the course of the pandemic they changed the wording from “social distancing” to “physical” distancing as social distancing would imply we should distance ourselves from one and other, which would be undesirable. They made it sound like “physical” distancing isn’t that bad at all as long as we can “talk to each other on Zoom”. This change of word choice was maybe in and of itself a transhumanist Propaganda move?”

    Yes, they are very clever and know people do not take the time to unpack verbiage.

    Transhumanism by its very nature is eugenics. All the benies from the transhumanist agenda have to be distributed for money and only those with money can ‘profit’ from the miraculous promises. That leaves out 99.999% of us.

    As to all of this, it has been long in development. Obama privatized the brain back in 2013.

    As author and activist Steven Miller wrote back in 2013:

    “Getting down into the individual neurons and connections themselves offers the possibility of actually determining the structures of the mind, human personality and memory.

    These amazing advances will all be privatized. Corporations intend to claim parts of the brain as private property and sell access for a price. The privatization trend has been rampant in biology and medicine for 30 years.

    Ownership of human life in the form of slavery was legal in the US from 1620 to 1865. Under the banner of private property, the slaves were denied access to all they produced. Today – under the banner of private property – humans are being harvested once again for what they produce. This might sound harsh and disconcerting, but there is truth here.”


    • “President Obama announced the next step in research of the human brain. This is the BRAIN Initiative – Brain Research through Advanced Neurotechnologies. The US government will finance research into the next generation of technology to map the human brain with $100 million in seed money.”

      This is the first paragraph of the article. When the government makes monies, tax monies available to a company to do any research, it is privatizing.

      The Brain Initiative simply lines up the multi-national corporations for handouts. And they get to privatize their profits while they socialize the cost.

      This is privatization also known as ‘the public private partnership” which is any oxymoron for multinational corporations have a ficuiary duty to one thing: profit.

  25. Veber, that second link was very interesting. It has a lot on the same subject Elana Freeland has wrote about several years ago now. Glad to see it brought forward at every possibility. I just want to slap the Poppy Crum ‘s of this world.
    Thanks also to Camille at Stoptheride for much the same message.

  26. The discussion about death (and our almost psychotic denial of it) I find very interesting. This really is humanity’s Achilles’ Heel, so to speak.

    It reminds me of this short story I read years ago by the prize-winning author who’s name I can’t remember. It is about his afterlife in heaven, a place where he gets everything he wishes, favourite meals, living conditions, relationships, lovers, etc. This goes on for thousands of years but still something is not right. Like all others, he eventually tires of being perpetually gratified, and his final wish, like all others before him, is non-existence, to die for real.

    This strange little tale had a profound and to this day lasting impact on me. Is anyone here familiar with that story and author?

  27. “Sure, TPTB COULD pay for it themselves, but the key character of fascism is that while all profits are privatized, all COSTS and LOSSES are socialized.”p

    I disagree. This is the key character of capitalism. Fascism is just the political face of capitalism in crisis.

    It is the profit system itself that privatizes profits while socializing costs.

    It is important to name the system. For any system that puts profit before people will always find a way to socialize misery.

  28. Here’s some more Operation Mockingbird Collusion Propaganda:


    Exhibit 1: Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS , CNN, MSNBC and every single asset of Operation Mockingbird using the same identical headline pushing their Vaccine Poison on everyone. This is just 1 of dozens of daily examples of the Treasonous Collusion and subversion of freedom.

    Ahh yes and good old PBS. Isn’t it great if you are American that your tax dollars are paying for your propaganda and destruction?

  29. Transhumanism is (an evil) spiritual work, based on the lie that humans can ‘become like God”.
    In a sick kind of way I think these people want regular people to WANT the sick world they are creating… perhaps its ‘revelation of the method’?

  30. I was watching a video about that movie once that convinced me that agent Smith was the One. I think it was a channel called film theory. Been a few years.

  31. Hi – sometime in the next few weeks, could you do an update on what drs/immunologists are saying about covid-19?

  32. “Looking Forward to the End of Humanity”

    What a brazen title! Was it a “freudian slip”? I immediately interpret it as a straight-forward statement merely reflecting many people’s contempt for mankind. That shrug of a “confession” is just so over the top and psychopathically, bizarrely honest. Who can read that title and not exclaim, WT*?! Unlike that Twilight Zone episode called “To Serve Man”, where the visiting aliens’ mission statement was naively interpreted one way but intended as a menacing other, this title is as honest and blasé as Gates’ “final solution” remark.

    Silly me, I’m still reeling.

    • That was a trip – full circle too! Very clever. You’re on a roll!

      I’m always glad to read you. How’re things going, manbearpig? Been thinking of you lately, hoping you’re well.

  33. I do disagree with George in that the poor weren’t looted. They gave away their wealth through ignorance mostly. People can blame the school system, but one can always go to a library. But he’s mostly right. Though I do have a problem with looters. Theft impoverishes the thief and the victim.

    • I think my generation was the first to really have a high school diploma forced on them by parents. My parents generation seemed a bit spotty in that regard. As well as them having fewer years to attend. I mentally quit in the 6th grade, but still graduated. The library and bookstore being my real education.
      But I don’t recall the pride in not reading that I see today. People may not have read much, but as a rule they didn’t flaunt it. Today I hear people actually brag about not reading. Not sure what part of ignorance one should be proud of, but I don’t care to understand everything. So sad. There are so many universes to explore through books.

      • I went to trade school in my last year of high school. Welding. Got 2 diplomas at once that way. After I got out of the army, college. MLA. I don’t regret it, but I don’t recommend it either. I didn’t read for a while afterwards. And yes, social media! Youboob comment sections made me realize eugenists may have a point. But I would think lifting people up a better choice. But what do I know?

  34. I was reading on another scientific prediction that spoke with authority and conviction that by 2030 the likelihood that all human births would have some ‘enhancement’…or no natural human babies would be being born would be the reality. After all who would want to have a ‘natural’ sperm and egg child that would at a disadvantage to an ‘enhanced’ version?

  35. “The majority of your questions were answered before you even asked them. The rest I said were too complex for a comment section. But you insist I teach, when you refuse to read or learn on your own. Your laziness is not my cross to bear.”

    Those who make arguments and fail to define terms, supply evidence usually are people who know little about what they speak of.

    If it is not your cross to bear to define your terms, then you have a real problem with rational discourse.

    No, the definition is not tricky, that is a fallacy due to laziness and no, it is not meant to purposely be hidden, Lind, the manufacturer of the words ‘cultural a Marxism’ defines them straight off, and contrary to what you state, he wants his readers to do as well.

    You be best to do your research BEFORE you make claims aout things you know nothing about.

    • Weilunion
      1)Are you in the right thread?
      2) Are you talking to me?
      3)YOUR video on cultural Marxism basically agreed with the definition and video’s I posted for you in the other thread

      I dont care if ‘literally hitler’ thinks cultural marxism is an activist system designed to bring down western culture…because that is the definition that cultural marxists use for their ideas.
      The video YOU posted said the same thing…cultural marxism uses critical theory to break down western culture and institutions in order to bring about a marxist revolution

      I dont now who richard lind is, nor do I care.. marxists have murdered more people then nazi’s and they are both evil power freaks

      • Doesn’t matter. I won’t respond to him anymore anyway. He’s pissed me off, and is apparently functionally illiterate, or deliberately obtuse.

    • Never seen it before. Thanks.

    • Thanks. I dont think I have seen this video before

  36. If you were here, in Springfield would you come to aid this young man or just set quietly by? This is a bit hard to watch but this is what speaking (to) with authority looks like .
    You have to go out and be counted. Like the marketing companies are hired here in Tulsa to count mask ( burka ) wearers in the essential establishments that didn’t worry about being bankrupted. Angry is what you need to be.


    • 6 feet apart means 6 feet under. Classic. Though his style could use some work, he is fighting back in his own way.

  37. https://www.westernjournal.com/op-ed/

    Just saw this. People are claiming it’s a call to arms, though its not in my opinion. However, that they are claiming it speaks a lot about how angry and frustrated many are. Even though they still don’t question the left/right paradigm.

  38. Ghost Riders in the Sky
    Johnny Cash!

  39. BUMP
    “Stuck in Quarantine? Take The Corbett Report Challenge!”

    (90 seconds – Excellent Corbett positioning for dissemination to others)

  40. Transhumanists are full of promises that can only be believed by gullible science&technology believers. Making a digital representation of brain and that should be consciousness….
    Put aside that s&t have proven limitations and look at concrete example: Biosphere 2. It failed all over miserably.

    But they won’t end for sure. They normalized chimeras. I expect gene-edited babies soon. Never mind these creatures have tons of failures, we will know some of them, gullibles will know none.

    Transhumanism is foremost dumbing down people, destroying innate ability for bonding…mission will be accomplished when everything people will believe will be false.

  41. Don’t worry. Once they’ve reduced life to the fabulous binary system of 1s and 0s, then we can look forward to a digital life like this:


    If you’d like to search for it yourself, it’s called:
    Welcome to Life: the singularity ruined by lawyers

    In all fairness, it’s not lawyers per se that make life in the singularity terrible. It’s the corporate model.

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