March Open Thread (2023)

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Pop quiz! It’s the first weekend in March, so that means

  1. The ides of march are just around the corner.
  2. Spring is about to spring.
  3. It’s open thread time.
  4. All of the above.

Leave your answer in the open thread below!

Also, feel free to:

  • discuss the latest news and events from around the world;
  • talk about the big picture issues that are on your mind;
  • try out the latest RPG videogame, Owner, by Corbett Report viewer Giacomo and let us know how it is;
  • discuss James’ presentation (and the other presentations) at the Lifestyle of Liberty webinar or the Attack on Food symposium:
  • share some good recipes for wholesome, organic cuisine;
  • tell us about your day;
  • or share anything else that happens to be on your mind.
  • As always, remember: these threads are what you make ’em! Enjoy!

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  1. As requested, here is one of the “good recipes for wholesome, organic cuisine” I will share with you all this month 🙂

    ?????? ????? ???? ???????? ?????????, ???????? ????? ??? ????? ??? ??????

    If you want more info on how to grow your own shiitake mushrooms at home (using either wind fallen hard wood logs or sawdust blocks) or info on how to grow any of the other ingredients in the recipe just let me know!

    I am wishing you all a spring time filled with hope, inspiration, peace and feeling empowered as you take action to plant seeds for that which you want to flourish in your life and the world around you.

    • “…to plant seeds for that which you want to flourish ..”

      Good advice but you need to be careful, lol, my smaller dog ate my tomato plants…got up and grazed half my seedlings! 🙁

      One of my other ones stole all the Kumquats off my potted bush last time I had a crop of them and has been known as the Floridian Orange Pest ever since.

      • @Duck

        Ahh yes curious four legged friends can decimate baby heirloom plants pretty swiftly. We have one cat we recued from the street that does that to seedlings if she gets a chance. If I end up running out of space for seedings in a room that is isolated from her grazing I put citrus peel pieces on the soil and that seems to deter her (she hates the potent essential oils and when she goes to chomp on the seedlings, she gets a whiff of the peels, makes a scrunched up face, shakes her head and walks away). Not sure how well that would work for dogs though. Physical barriers are probably your best bet.

        Outside I use a combination of essential oil rich plants (planted around the border of my garden beds, which also stack other functions such as providing forage for pollinators and/or foliage for harvesting making medicines) and plants with good physical self defense mechanisms which also stack functions (like small spikes/thorns or bio-chemical defenses like stinging nettle has).

        Our Great Dane has always been pretty good about staying out of our raised beds and only really likes chomping on the odd kale leaf hanging over the edge but we did have a Hovawart and a sheep dog in the past that liked to explore in the garden until I planted the roses, barberries and nettle around the borders.

        There is of course training as well (at least for the dogs, good luck training cats) but that takes work and time.

        I hope you find a way to get your furry friends to respect your food crops. Good luck.

        • Cayenne Pepper works great for dogs.
          They won’t eat the poop that has hot pepper powder on it.
          I used to buy it on the cheap at Indo-Pak stores.

          • @HRS

            Great idea! I should have thought of that 🙂

            Before I put the spikey plants on the edge of our garden beds our Border Collie (Shamus) used to nibble on lots of different crops, but one time the poor guy bit into a Bhut Jolokia pepper, immediately started sneezing and ran around shaking his head for half an hour (he never went near that one raised bed after that) haha

    • I have decided I will share one free wholesome organic recipe each week with everyone here for the rest of March 🙂

      Since some of us in the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere are gonna have to get to work outside soon (whether it is in the garden or at our day job) the next recipe I share will be for a hearty and extremely nourishing soup inspired by Laotian cuisine (which is great for bringing to work in a thermos to keep your core warm and fuel a hard day’s work).

      Below is a link to where I share a recipe for my own take on an extremely nutritious and healing traditional Laotian soup called Khao Poon.

      (btw don’t let the kickstarter link give you the impression I am tryna make money, that crowd funding campaign is long gone, the link is to a public update that contains the full recipe)

      Combine a rainbow of veggies and herbs with fresh turmeric, ginger, garlic, simmer to fuse the flavors into a broth…add fresh greens and noodles and what do you get? Khao poon is what! 🙂

      The soup would have traditionally been made with chicken so if you are a meat eater and have access to trust worthy organically raised free range chickens that is another ingredient you can add to this soup.

      I hope some of you will give making it a try and tell me what you think. I personally love this soup since we grow so much ginger and turmeric rhizome and the soup freezes well (if you freeze it without the noodles). The addition of garnishes like diced watercress, mint and/or cilantro really take the vibrant flavors, powerful detoxing effects and nutritional spectrum offered by this soup to the next level.


      • That’s looks really good. I’ll have to try it. Thanks

        • It has a truly unique flavor. I always end up going back for a second and sometimes a third bowl even though I am full after the first one 🙂

          Based on what my Laotian friend (who I met through an Advanced Permaculture Design class) told me, the diverse ingredients/nutrients in recipes like that are really a perfect reflection of what traditional agriculture in Laos looked like maybe 20-30 years ago.

          They had this really cool terraced rice cultivation system that was fed by a series of rivers. It incorporated a polyculture of crops (several varieties of heirloom rice, watercress, reed species with edible rhizomes and lots of other stuff) and then they also farmed several varieties of fish in there at the same time.

          Then they created multi-layered tropical forest gardens baside these rice plantations and would forage in the jungle for diverse herbs and rhizomes (like turmeric) and make it all into vibrant soups like the one above (or amazing “Buddha Bowl” type salad dishes).

          Sadly, much of the jungle is being “developed” and the line of traditional cultivation knowledge has been broken by a generation of youth more interested in high tech distractions and high paced city life. There are some people tryna preserve the traditional regenerative cultivation practices but it is not looking good so I wanted to try and preserve a little bit of that unique culture and way of growing/preparing food in my book (which resulted in the recipe above).

          Please let me know what you think 🙂

    • The third recipe I will share with all of you this month is a staple in our household that has it’s cultural roots in Japan. It is a recipe that allows us to combine several seasonal and/or pantry abundances from our garden into a versatile, delicious and extremely nourishing format. The fact that this recipe allows for long term food preservation using low tech tools makes it a powerful technique for those interested in increasing their emergency preparedness.

      Without further adieu, I present to you…

      ???????? ????, ????? ?? ????? ??? ???????? ????? ??? ???? ???? ?????


      It is worth noting that while traditionally miso paste would have been made exclusively with soy beans, you can use almost any legume (and a number of ‘ancient grains’ add/or seeds) so there is a lot of opportunity for custom tailoring a miso paste to incorporate specific crops from your garden or region that would allow you to make a completely unique version of this powerful food.

      In closing I will share a quote from a book that provided a lot of inspiration as I was experimenting and researching for writing my own book.

      “Reclaiming our food and our participation in cultivation is a means of cultural revival, taking action to break out of the confining and infantilizing dependency of the role of consumer (user) and taking back our dignity and power to become producers and creators. Though affluent people have more food choices than the people of the past could ever dream of, and one persons labor can produce more ‘food’ today than ever before, the large scale, commercial methods and systems that enable these phenomena are destroying our Earth, destroying our health, and depriving us of dignity. With respect to food, the vast majority of people are completely dependent for survival upon a fragile global infrastructure of monocultures, synthetic chemicals, biotechnology, and transportation.

      Moving towards a more harmonious way of life and greater resilience requires our active participation. This means finding ways to become more aware of and connected to the other forms of life that are around us and that constitute our food—plants and animals— as well as bacteria and fungi— and to the resources, such as water, fuel, materials, tools and transportation, upon which we depend. We can become creators of a better world, of better and more regenerative food choices, of greater awareness of resources, and of community based upon sharing. For culture to be strong and resilient, it must be a creative realm in which skills, information, and values are engaged and transmitted; culture cannot thrive as a consumer paradise or spectator sport. Daily life offers constant opportunities for participatory action. Seize them.”

      ― Sandor Ellix Katz (Author of “The Art of Fermentation” )

    • As promised, here is the forth recipe I will share with you all this month

      ???? ??????? ??? ????? ??? ??? ?????

      This article below shares another recipe from my book and some info on the highly productive food cultivation system that was utilized by the Triple Alliance (aka ‘Aztec’) people called Chinampas (floating gardens).

      Enjoy! 🙂

      • @Jed

        Since the focus of my research for my book was centered around horticultural practices of the ancient cultures from which my recipes are rooted I do not really see it as relevant and so I have not done enough research on the Triple Alliance (aka “Aztec”) religion or rituals to be able to know for certain if there is any validity to the claims of human sacrifice.

        Though, that being said, considering what I know of the Aztec culture, I would not doubt that some of that stuff is true. Unlike their Mayan neighbors, the Nahuatl speaking “Aztec” people of the Triple Alliance (with their empire being centered around what is now Mexico City) were very militant, proud and warlike. Thus, given their proclivity to violence against other humans in the context of imperialistic wars, I would not doubt their the violent tendencies were also expressed in their religious rituals.

        As I said in my article linked above, I would like to make it clear that I am not saying the Aztec people are people we should put on a pedestal nor seek emulate them in all ways (that is true of all ancient cultures). I feel we can acknowledge how certain practices of ancient cultures were regenerative, ingenious and aligned with integrity while other practices were not (learning from the regenerative practices, honing them using modern methods and discarding the rest). I am sharing the above (and below) info becuase I advocate for doing what is suggested in The Seventh Fire Prophecy (which consciously learning from the wisdom of those that came before as so that we can choose a more humble, more abundant, more honorable and more regenerative path in the future). In the spirit of gleaning wisdom from those that came before us to improve the way we produce food and interact with the more than human world I think it is worth exploring the potential for applying the Chinampas growing system in colder climates (so that those of us who live in the temperate zones might also make swampy, boggy land (or lakes) into another space where we can cultivate food in a regenerative way.

        When Hernan Cortez discovered the Aztec Empire in 1519, he found 200,000 people living on an island in the middle of a lake. Tenochtitlan, now Mexico City, was one of the biggest and best-fed cities in the world. The city was completely surrounded by water.

        Chinampas grow up to seven different crops in a year that resulted in 13 times as much produce as dry land farming. The most innovative aspect of chinampas, however, is the clever use of water. These narrow islands are packed with porous soil and rich organic matter, which allows them to absorb water from surrounding canals and retain it for a longer period. Additionally, the chinampa layers are designed in a way that allows deep-rooted crops to draw groundwater directly and use it per their needs, thus alleviating the need for external irrigation.


        • (continued from above..)

          It is also worth noting that the oldest chinampas in the Basin of Mexico date to ca. 1250 CE, well before the formation of the Aztec empire in 1431.

          Ancient chinampa systems have been identified throughout the highland and lowland regions of both continents of the Americas, and are also currently in use in highland and lowland Mexico on both coasts; in Belize and Guatemala; in the Andean highlands and Amazonian lowlands. Chinampa fields are generally about 13 feet (4 meters) wide but can be up to 1,300 to 3,000 ft (400 to 900 m) in length.

          Thus, the highly efficient food production system I talked about in my article was not necessarily invented by the Aztec people but more likely was a technique and knowledge that was stolen from some other indigenous peoples whom they conquered and then applied in their capital city.

          If that was the case, while no pillaging or peaceful peoples would be preferable, at least the Aztecs were smart enough to recognize an effective food cultivation system when they saw one, unlike the idiotic, hubristic and short sighted European colonists that arrived in what is now Canada and the U.S., having totally ignored the ancient highly productive and self regenerating food forests that the indigenous people’s were tending and harvesting from here as “savage ways” and instead chopping down the food forests to plant nutritionally impoverished flimsy monocultures of grain etc.

          As I mentioned in my article one of the reasons I am excited about learning from the chinampa floating garden system is to develop cold climate equivalent designs to take advantage of being able to cultivate food in areas otherwise seen as being not capable of being farmed (using modern methods) due to it being swampy or boggy land to grow blueberries, cranberries, fruit trees, wild rice, medicinal rhizomes, flowers, herbs and perhaps gourmet mushrooms here in Canada and in the US (without needing to irrigate).

          • *correction*

            *..while no pillaging ?? peaceful peoples would be preferable..

          • @Jed

            That is an interesting parallel to contemplate. I do not know much intellectually about Atlantean culture aside from some glimpses and intuitive knowings I have gleaned when I was in deep states of meditation in the wilderness, close to water and surrounded by the tall walls of a canyon with thick veins of quartz crystal running through its walls.

            I would love to learn more about how the Atlanteans and Lemurians cultivated food (and/or nourished themselves in some other format).

            Yes indeed, large portions of the Amazon jungle are for the most part anthropogenic. The evidence is overwhelming, and the process that created the “Terra Preta” which supports those ancient food forests is reproducible in each of our gardens. Most of the edible plants in the Amazon rainforest were planted by humans over 4500 years ago. ( ). Modern farmers should look to these ancient forest gardeners for the key to regenerative food production. The study is the first detailed history of long-term human land use in the region conducted by archaeologists, paleoecologists, botanists and ecologists from the University of Exeter in England.

            There is much wisdom to be gleaned from not only the Amazonian food forest gardeners but also the ancient floating Chinampa gardeners of Central America, the cold climate food foresters of eastern U.S., western Canada and the ocean gardeners of Florida. Many of their food production systems far surpassed (and some continue to surpass) those we rely on now in their efficiency, resiliency and longevity.

  2. Konstantin Kisin: Woke Culture HAS Gone Too Far

    2:25 “One of the tenets of woke is that your feelings matter more than the truth”
    8:23 “The only thing that wokeness has to offer in exchange is to brainwash bright young minds like you to believe that you are victims, to believe that you have no agency, to believe that what you must do to improve the world is to complain.

  3. Here in Europe, the chaos of the last few years and the disillusionment in governments has made very fertile grounds for religions, cults and various forms of spiritual charlatans.

    Groups of people who had formed during the lockdowns to resist all the mandates are now praying every time they get together.

    People want to run back into the oblivion of their parents’ arms, like children.

    This bothers me for several reasons.

    I don’t judge creed.

    But I feel consent needs to come back to the center of all our decision making processes, and especially in these groups that formed specifically in the implicit goal of fighting for informed consent.

    And I don’t remember consenting to systematic christian prayer every time we meet.

    But it’s the legal aspects of religion that is what distresses me the most. In the USA the separation between church and state was never made properly. Canada neither. Our supreme courts still refer back to the bible.
    In Europe, we also have similar vestiges of godly superstitions through all of these monarchies and the Vatican. And we are constantly bombarded with news of the sharia either being applied by vigilantes in EU countries or by dicktators abroad.

    So yes, religion is a personal affair.
    Except when it becomes law in the countries I tend to live in. Then, I think even the most religious person can agree that this is a collective problem, of collective consent.

    I have nothing against having faith in the supreme. But I’m personally tired of centuries of burnings, inquisitions, genociding of the indigenous, lapidations, decapitations, dictators, popes, proselytism, exclusion, ostracism, discrimination and all the other horned demons that seem to come out of abrahamic religions themselves.

    AI is bringing new levels of amorality and immorality, but I don’t think bible-thumping is going to fix this. Even if I did believe in Jesus specifically, I wouldn’t feel good about having him come back to clean up this disgusting toxic mess of a hateful cringeworthy murderous world.

    The concept of God can be flexible. But to take him for my maid service every couple of thousand years is quite disrespectful to any stretch of that concept.

    Can we (and by we, I mean James Corbett) address the contemporary spiritual debates from a voluntaryst’s POV in order to cast a vote in the collective manifestation? Like, before the masses return to fundamentalist religious thinking as a solution for the excesses AI is about to commit?

    I enjoyed the first 30 minutes of this lecture that begins to summarise the state of faith today :

    Michael Heiser – Postmodernism, Neopaganism, Science Fiction, and Biblical Apologetics

    Anyone else noticing a religious revival? Is anyone offended by my comment on religion? If so, please tell me, and also please understand, I’m not trying to be offensive, I’m just tired of all forms of enslavement and submission. And my liberation has never felt so interdependent on our collective liberation.

    • Prajna-Paramita

      “… has made very fertile grounds for religions, cults and various forms of spiritual charlatans….”

      Times of stress have ALWAYS been predecessors of Religious Awakenings…. such times are also useful to people like Spiritualists.

      The fact that there has NOT been a mass up taking of Christianity in the west is IMO due to massive amounts of money being spent to suppress it and direct that energy into alternative religious forms suck as “Extinction Rebellion”, Woke, and to a degree Covid-ism/Science-ism (as opposed to actual Science)

      Personally I think you will see the gradual shift, now that society has been De-Christianized, into a new UN One World Religion, probably ecumenical and laundered thru the Theosophist shell of the Lucis Trust which sits at the UN.

      “…..Groups of people who had formed during the lockdowns to resist all the mandates are now praying every time they get together………”

      A Good idea…even if your an atheist surly you can not think of a stronger force to bind a group together? If you look a little at teh Elite (or read SecretSun blog) you will quickly see that the Elite share their own exclusive religious ideology which lets them act in concert

      “..n the USA the separation between church and state was never made properly…”
      Thats because it was NOT INTENDED to be. Many US States had official state churches. The US was a christian society, and would have been radically different without that basis…. TBH the idea that a constitution designed for a mostly christian people can function with large religious differences is questionable.

      “…I have nothing against having faith in the supreme. But I’m personally tired of…..”

      No one cares what you are tired of. That is NOT said as an insult, but to make the point that there never has been, and never will be, a society without a religious outlook of some kind.

      Also, while I personally am convinced that Christianity is FACTUALLY true your feelings, or mine, really do not make it more or less true.

      “…Even if I did believe in Jesus specifically, I wouldn’t feel good about having him come back to clean up this disgusting toxic mess …”

      Then you have not actually read the Bible or understood Christianity…. that return and ‘fixing’ is the long awaited happy outcome if you skip to the end 😉

      “….from a voluntaryst’s POV in order to cast a vote in the collective manifestation? Like, before the masses return to fundamentalist religious thinking ……..”

      A Voluntaryist….casting a VOTE….I guess on how to stop “The Masses” from choosing something of their own free will….???? 😉 Might want to think that thru again. LOL, 🙂

      Religion is a normal and healthy part of a healthy society…its only the weird post enlightenment weirdo culture that has ever really tried to get away from that fact and the results so far are not really great

      Here,,, watch Dr Dutton who wrote a paper

      • Alright, not casting a vote… imposing it… imposing it on children, right from the start, without ever giving them a real choice.

        Do you believe it’s healthy to impose beliefs on children?

        Do you believe your society has ever been healthy? Which part was the healthiest? The part where we randomly burnt people live at every street corner where I live? Or the part where we shot jews at every street corner where I live? Or is it the part where school teachers are being beheaded in the name of Allah?

        I appreciate your time and efforts in denialism of the atrocities of religion, and in denialism of anecdotes like WWII, but I’m going to leave this exchange here, hoping someone with better arguments comes along.

        Religion is a problem more than a solution and it has killed more people than any street drug ever will.

      • @Duck

        “Times of stress have ALWAYS been predecessors of Religious Awakenings…. such times are also useful to people like Spiritualists.”

        Could you define what you are referring to when you use the term “Spiritualist” please? Do you mean this?


        “… “…..Groups of people who had formed during the lockdowns to resist all the mandates are now praying every time they get together………”

        A Good idea…even if your an atheist surly you can not think of a stronger force to bind a group together?”

        IMO, That depends on what you mean when you say the word “prayer”.

        Many modern dogmatic religious institutions promote a kind of prayer that is in a best case scenario comforting wishful thinking, and in a worst case scenario a set of practices that re-enforce laziness, complacency, outsourcing one’s responsibility to take action to make this world a better place and scape goating.

        If someone just gets together with a group of people and they read a random bible passage and then say “God please smight the bad guys, thanks”. That will not get anything done. The Creator of all things helps those who help themselves. Prayer that aligns with a genuine willingness to act upon the guidance and support one receives in one’s genuine intent to engage in a selfless, noble and compassionate act (while being open to receive that guidance and support in unexpected and perhaps not-preferred formats) is a type of prayer that can move proverbial mountains. Prayer that just asks for things (like some kid making a wishlist for Santa Claus) is a waste of time and re-enforces mentally degenerative states of mind.

        I am 100% for group prayer and meditation (though for me personally I would opt for a non ideologically defined format that is free from the baggage of religious dogma) if it is combined with a genuine willingness to receive the guidance and support for one to become a humble instrument of Creator’s will to make things change through concrete actions (grounded in compassion and respect for all life).


        “there never has been, and never will be, a society without a religious outlook of some kind.”

        That is an interesting statement worth exploring further IMO. Could you please define what exactly you are referring to when you say “religious outlook of some kind.”? As in what do you define as a religion?


        “that return and ‘fixing’ is the long awaited happy outcome if you skip to the end ?”

        I find this statement very perplexing, please elaborate.

        • GavinM

          YES, those are the ones.
          Houdini got into trouble with them for disrupting the scam, which had considrable buy in from rather important people, many of whom I rather doubt were foolish enough to fall for wishful thinking and trickery (though Connan Doyle and his fairie photos may discredit THAT opinion…)

          See #The secret life of Houdini : the making of America’s first superhero

          Which leads into the actual body- the idea that you can “pray without ideological baggage” is wrong, and IMO dangerous.

          Wrong- because no one, not even the buggiest of bugmen, can do anything without a Worldview that shapes that action. Why would you pray at all unless you thought that it had a purpose, and HOW and to what you pray is also shaped by that Worldview…example being that a European ‘atheist in a foxhole’ might suddenly pray to the Christian God for survival, but a Japanese in the same situation would probably not since they have no such cultural baggage shaping how they see the world.

          Dangerous- because if you do not for a worldview that is INTERNALLY consistent (truth aside for now) then you leave yourself open to Cultural and Social Engineering from those with the money an tools to propagandize you.

          An example of this might be pedophilia….if your worldview is that “ALL sex is OK if there is consent” then ther eare avenues of attack (“age is just a number” “Maturity matters more” or salami slicing like “What about ONE DAY before their birthday??? ONE DAY? what about TWO days then…?”

          The above example is NOT possible when you say that sex is ONLY correct between married people….now there ARE still some avenues of attack with that worldview, but far fewer.

          The destruction of the Christian Worldview was vital in allowing the ultimate Transhuman globalist agenda

          • @Duck

            When I said “pray without ideological baggage” I meant ideological baggage in the form of dogmatic religious belief systems. It was likely a poor choice of word on my part, sorry for the confusion.

            Your opinion about praying without one adhering to some kind of existing dogmatic religious belief system (being “wrong and dangerous”) does not make much sense to me. It seems to stem from some need you have allowed to develop within you to be told by some parental figure how to behave, and what is right and what is wrong, and what to think etc. That is not a healthy mentality (on many levels). Human beings are born capable of discerning what is right and what is wrong without needing any imposed dogmas to do so. Human beings are born with an innate connection to the Creator of all things and are always capable of nurturing that connection to become stronger (despite any weakening of that connection through a lifetime of propaganda and multi-generational programming).

            Some people that describe themselves as Christian use prayer in a way that truly does invite God into their lives and helps to heal them and those in the world around them, but many do not and rather just use the superficial act of prayer (not really prayer just throwing out wishlists) as a sort of virtue signaling and an excuse to scape goat and pass the buck (because they like stagnating in their comfort zone and hoping someone else will do the hard work for them.).

            Whether someone uses an existing religious framework to engage in prayer (which means being willing to take action and become part of the solution, even if it takes hard work and/or sacrifice) or one trail blazes their own way to walk a spiritual path that also involves a genuine intent to connect with the Creator and be guided and supported in making this world a better place, it is not the characteristics of the individual’s belief system (“ideology”) that determines whether or not the prayer is legitimate and has the potential to bring about positive results, but rather it is the measure of the genuine intent in the individual’s heart. It is more about their degree of integrity, love and humility in their heart and their willingness to step outside their comfort zone to be an instrument for good things to done on Earth.

            • GavinM

              “…When I said “pray without ideological baggage” I meant ideological baggage in the form of dogmatic religious belief systems. It was likely a poor choice of word on my part, sorry for the confusion…..”

              You may MEAN ‘dogmatic religious’ baggage, but as I tried to make the point the prayer will be shaped by INTRINSIC ideological baggage from that persons worldview.

              NO ONE (as with thee example of japanese vs European people above) is without some ideology because without without an idea of “How and Why” the world works they would not be functioning at all.

              “….Your opinion about praying without one adhering to some kind of existing dogmatic religious belief system (being “wrong and dangerous”) does not make much sense to me…..”

              I will repeat it then, and shout louder 🙂 That always works, lol.

              1)How you do ANY activity you do is shaped by your worldview
              2)If you do not have a firm grasp on that worldview you are subject to easy control via Social Engineering/propaganda which can shift you into directions preferable to the ruling class
              Note: (the religious iconography and ritualism of Extinction Rebellion being a clear example of shifting religious urges into desired courses)

              “….. It seems to stem from some need you have allowed to develop within you to be told by some parental figure how to behave, and what is right and what is wrong, and what to think etc…..”

              If we are psycologizing each other is it ok if I say that your rejection of authority is a sign of your resentment towards your parents and shows arrested development ??? 🙂 That’ll be 300 buck BTW, LOL

              “….. That is not a healthy mentality (on many levels)…..”

              Yet children raised without strong fathers to discipline them quite often turn out to be ghetto thugs while those brought up in a traditional family tend to have better life outcomes all round.

              You are infected with ideas from “The AUthoritarian Personality” which beleived that not being a pervert, having a good relationship with your family, and hating pedophiles and wanting to punish them “beyond the law” were signs of fascism…JRS my friend, worth a read.

              BEFORE we had the ideas of inate goodness (invented by Rich weirdos in the enlightenment) we did not have half the openly flaunted evil we have today and were eliminating them slowly but steadily.

              “….. Human beings are born capable of discerning what is right and what is wrong without needing any imposed dogmas to do so………….”

              A Dogma is a “teaching. You need to learn what does not come naturally (riding a bike, reading, not killing outsiders)

              Human beings are NATURALLY racist, homophobic, rapey and callous about out-group welfare.

              I have ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY to show that this is the default setting on human behavior.

              • @Duck

                I propose that your assertion that people should strive to have “a firm grasp on (their) worldview” is really a veiled way to justify stagnation and complacency, avoiding the real emotional and intellectual work that is inevitable when one chooses to be open to the possibility that some of their current worldviews could in fact be based on fallacies or at least need improvement.

                Similar proclamations are made by all people who would rather not have to re-assess comforting worldviews, claiming that their own current worldview is “rock solid and pure” because some institution, group of humans or book written by humans says so. It is the easy path and while I respect that it is your choice to walk what ever path you want to, I will also point out that I think you could do a lot better than making the choice to stagnate and then justify it with a bunch of wishy washy pro-authoritarian propaganda and herd mentality re-enforcing jargon.

                Your disturbing comments about how you see humans as being innately viscous, selfish and hateful says a lot about what were inevitably some very painful experiences you have had in this life. I am sorry to hear that you have had to face those kinds of challenges in this life and I hope things improve for you.

                Since you appear to be getting increasingly aggressive, I will not be communicating with you any further in this particular discussion. I wish you all the best and would like to again say, may all that you choose to hold in your heart and all that you wish for your fellow human beings be gifted back unto you 10 fold in the time you have left on this Earth.

              • Gavinm:

                I agree with your take about humanity in general, that most are not innately destructive and hateful. I believe that humans are mostly “designed” or rather most at birth have necessary biology for empathy and compassion. I do think that much of the destructive tendencies are culturally reinforced.

                I haven’t done enough research on genetic differences in groups of people, but I do think it’s an interesting consideration, that groups of people may be genetically different that relate to behavior and ability. Of course there are always outliers which leads me to conclude that generalizations are not always true and thus I choose to give an individual the benefit of the doubt if my intuition tells me its safe to do so. For example I’d probably feel safer in a rich neighborhood than a poor one and have tended to date people who were culturally similar to me. In short, I do think that people find comfort associating with people who are similar to themselves. I don’t know exactly why, but I do think there are biological reasons for this.

                In short, I do think there is some truth to some of Ducks views, but I do think the influence that causes strife is primarily cultural and “nurture” rather than inherent traits.

                I am also a strong believer in freedom of association (my opinion has changed on this) and that social bonds can be formed by respecting boundaries and displays of good will, rather than forced integration of people who are culturally dissimilar. I don’t believe in superiority of groups, but rather that some groups may have different abilities and also that individuals in said groups may be different from one another and that this phenomenon is not fully understood.

                Overall, I think people could form alliances to stop parasitic elites from enslaving us and work together by putting differences aside.

            • GavinM

              “…..I propose that your assertion that people should strive to have “a firm grasp on (their) worldview” is really a veiled way to justify stagnation and complacency….….”

              Gavin..I propose that your desire to keep dogma out of your thought is really a way to avoid having to do the work of logically thinking thru your ideas to check for internal consistency.
              Now that we’ve done the PERSONAL COMMENTS would you like to address the POINTS of argument???
              They are much more fun then online psychology

              “….Similar proclamations are made by all people who would rather not have to re-assess comforting worldviews, claiming that their own current worldview is “rock solid and pure” because some institution, group of humans or book written by humans says so….”

              Similar loose and disorganized philosophies as you propose are made by those who wish to act upon their own desires without restraint, while keeping the comfort of spirituality

              “…….. It is the easy path and while I respect that it is your choice to walk what ever path you want to, I will also point out that I think you could do a lot better than making the choice to stagnate and then justify it with a bunch of wishy washy pro-authoritarian propaganda and herd mentality re-enforcing jargon…..”

              I think making a worldview based upon things being “the way I like” is MUCH easier. You have the ultimate in labor saving 😉

              “….Your disturbing comments about how you see humans as being innately viscous, selfish and hateful says a lot about what were inevitably some very painful experiences you have had in this life. ….”

              Well…. I DO try to base most of my thinking off historical records and such (I did point out “I have all human history” to back me up, but thanks for the concern.

              “….I am sorry to hear that you have had to face those kinds of challenges in this life and I hope things improve for you…”

              I am glad that your life has been privileged enough that you can maintain such a false idea of reality. May it continue for you.

              “…..Since you appear to be getting increasingly aggressive,….”

              OK, THAT one puzzles me.

              I am just giving examples, and making arguments.
              If you TRULY find that ‘aggressive’ then I would recommend mental health care for some kind of fragile narcissism.
              “….. I will not be communicating with you any further in this particular discussion….”

              Meaning that you are UNABLE TO ANSWER THE POINTS I HAVE MADE.

              Look, if you just want to have a circle jerk of people who agree with you
              1)You may be a millennial 😉 JK
              2)You will never actually grow and learn anything new

              Seriously, Solipsism is a rather lethal mind killer, hence the need for logic and reality testing.

              • I can only add that an argument based on having all of human history as evidence, is rooted in the assumption that all human history, as we have been taught it, is truthful.

                The royal societies have controlled the education and history books of the western world for a long time, in every country.

                Organic spirituality arises not from dogma, but within the human heart itself. The above conversation tends to be a product of what the native people of America called wetiko, a mind virus. The ancients of India called it pragya parad, the mistake of the intellect. Reality, Truth, cannot be argued. It must be experienced and that is equally so of spiritual truths.

                In order to determine who wins this argument, and I would agree with the writer that decided to end the discussion, a knowledge born of the activity of the right brain, not the intellect, must be accessed. This is only possible for yoga practice and prayer, or a sincere inner call to the Divine to reveal itself.

                Spirituality is as natural as breathing to human beings. Cultures that have remained free of the wetiko mind virus, exhibit this reality spontaneously, no discussion required.

              • @Detox

                “I can only add that an argument based on having all of human history as evidence, is rooted in the assumption that all human history, as we have been taught it, is truthful.”

                “Organic spirituality arises not from dogma, but within the human heart itself.”

                “Spirituality is as natural as breathing to human beings. Cultures that have remained free of the wetiko mind virus, exhibit this reality spontaneously, no discussion required.”

                Well said, I appreciate you taking the time to share that comment.

    • Prajna-Paramita

      Also, I would point out that while you say

      “…I’m just tired of all forms of enslavement and submission….”

      you should consider that the MOST enslaved generation is also the most atheistic….without a belief in any deeper meaning or anything of higher value then their own survival they fall into drugs, perversion, and dopamine hits off the internet. They are anxious and will not fight for a higher goal or ideal since they do not know of any.

      The video of Dr Dutton was good but here is a link to the paper

      • By “MOST” do you mean there exists a scale of enslavement?

        Or are you referring to a proportion of enslaved people within a generation?

        Do you believe practicing a religion could be a form of addictive / compulsive behaviour?

        Are you assuming religion is healthier and less destructive than drugs?

        Are you assuming that scientism and hermeticism are not religions by calling them atheism?

        “Most atheistic generation” does not mean they are void of a belief system that falls into the category of a collective religion.

        Do you find it moral for women to walk around without a head covering? If so, does it make it immoral to beat them to death for showing a strand of hair?

        Do you believe it’s possible to resort to drugs in order to escape religion?

        If your moral god was so moral, why did his religion institutionalise pedophilia in the West?

        • Where does Christianity institutionalize pedophilia? I’m not an expert on any religious text, but is there a passage in the bible that discusses this? Maybe there is one that I’m not aware of. I think that in Islam, the profit Mohammad’s wives were young (12-13), but back in those times the age of consent was much lower. I think this is pretty disgusting at first look because I don’t understand the mentality of that even 2000 or more years ago seems unnatural and perverse. These are my personal judgments based on modern ethics, taboos an laws. I have no idea what I might have thought 2000 years ago.

          The bible is full of other verses that sound brutal and make my jaw drop but some of the most jaw dropping stuff was in a quick glance through the Babylonian Talmud.

          I try not to judge anyone’s religion or spiritual practices and if it doesn’t hurt anyone who cares what other people believe. I think a lot of the child abuse in some churches are due in part to predators taking advantage of the people and trust communities have for people of faith. It has happened a lot in the Jewish religion, perverted Rabbis similar to perverted priests in the Catholic Church. If this has anything to do with the religion itself, I have no idea.

          In my personal view, I think religion can be a very enriching way for people to connect to their communities and higher consciousness and the sacred (creativity, inspiration, love for nature and the universe, etc.).

          I also don’t know enough about different branches and types of Christianity or the other Abrahamic religions to comment intelligently on the matter.

          • @cu.h.j

            Great question.

            In my current life I have observed there is indeed an inordinate amount of child abusers that have positions of authority in churches (there was one preacher at my school who was also vice-principle and he used to stand on the toilet seats in the boys bathroom and peek over the stalls at kids).

            I doubt there is any bible verse one could point to that could be realistically described as encouraging that kind of disturbing behavior, but perhaps the structure of the institutions themselves and the various sexually oppressive rules regarding clerical celibacy could be part of the problem ?

            If I remember correctly, the rule where priests are not allowed to have a wife began when Henry the 8th got pissed off at the church because they would not allow him to divorce his wives (when he no longer wanted anything to do with them) so he instead chose to kill his wives when he was done with them and then he took over the church and made it a rule that priests could not have wives as a sort of vindictive retaliation.

            So perhaps that created a situation where many generations of sexually repressed priests, (not able to connect with an adult partner intimately in a healthy way due to the ridiculous institutionalized religious dogmas, that are really nothing more than a remnant of a petty conflict between a mentally deranged king and some clergymen hundreds of years ago) are around little kids all the time and in a position of trust, creating a recipe for morally bankrupt individuals in such positions to redirect their pent up sexual energy upon the unfortunate children?

            Just making an educated guess, but it seems like that part of the history of those institutions (and those ridiculous rules on priest celibacy, which still persist in many churches) likely played (and continue to play) a central role in the trends we are seeing today.

            • “..In my current life I have observed there is indeed an inordinate amount of child abusers that have positions of authority in churches…”

              Bankrobbers robbed banks because thats where the money was, PEdos went into churches because thats where the Authority and access to kids was.

              Those two gay dudes who adopted boys so they could have access would not have been able to do so without some help

              And here is a secular Government psychologist who gave kids to known pedos (inc some in the Government) with Government blessing…. pervs go where they have power and access.

            • Mmmm… Oxford Bible dictionary states that the virgin Mary was about 12 when she got knocked up…

              I found this online:
              “Bible verses supporting pedophilia:
              Numbers 31:1-18
              Deuteronomy 20:10-14
              Judges 21:7-11
              Judges 21:20-23
              Exodus 21:7-10

              Bible verses condemning pedophilia:

              300 out of 900 Catholic priests in a single state are named in a grand jury pedophilia case, but keep denying it.”

              • Prajna my dude…

                DID YOU READ THOSE VERSES???

                or did you just copy paste something off a webpage?

                “..I found this online:…” LOL, read it then

                Numbers 31 says “keep” the virgins, it did not say start banging them when their little kids. Maybe the jews DID do that, maybe they waited, maybe they just made them be work slaves since they were FORBIDDEN TO MARRY the local women. The Text itself does not ‘support pedophilia”

                Deut 20:10-14 “…As for the women, the children, the livestock and everything else in the city, you may take these as plunder for yourselves…”

                Does this verse mean they were Raping the LIVESTOCK too? Again, nothing about FKing the kids, maybe thats what YOU would do in that situation so your projecting???

                Judges… SAME THING….nothing about Pedophilia. Did you read ANY of these verses?

                Judges 21…. “young women dancing” … it did not say they were in the Kindergarten did it??? Did I miss that bit? Lol

                Exodus If a man sells his daughter…. does it say the age? Seriously, dont just cut and paste like its 2010 and the New Atheists are cool again.

                “..Bible verses condemning pedophilia:…”

                How about Luke 17?

                It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.

                Its not specific about “pedophiles” , but NOT ONE of the verses you cite does either.

              • Here’s the whole passage from Deuteronomy 20:10-14:

                Deuteronomy 20:10-14
                New International Version
                10 When you march up to attack a city, make its people an offer of peace. 11 If they accept and open their gates, all the people in it shall be subject to forced labor and shall work for you. 12 If they refuse to make peace and they engage you in battle, lay siege to that city. 13 When the Lord your God delivers it into your hand, put to the sword all the men in it. 14 As for the women, the children, the livestock and everything else in the city, you may take these as plunder for yourselves. And you may use the plunder the Lord your God gives you from your enemies.

                No mention of pedophilia, however the passage to me is barbaric. In my interpretation it implies a warlike tribe who believe they are justified to deceive and plunder because “god” or their god tells them it’s okay.

                Why is it okay to harm people who have done nothing wrong? Women, children, animals? Even men who are just living their lives. There’s a lot of aggressive passages in the Bible and probably even more shocking passages in some forms of the Talmud. I don’t want any part of plunder, deception and destruction.

            • Gavinm:

              Interesting hypothesis and I’ve thought along similar lines. Some forms of Christianity or churches (I’m not very knowledgeable) have different rules about marriage. My husband is Greek Orthodox and he told me in his faith, priests marry and have families. He thinks it’s strange to have celibacy rules and I tend to agree. Sexual relations between consenting adults are a form of love or should be at any rate. Why should a priest be prevented from love?

          • cu,h,j

            “..Where does Christianity institutionalize pedophilia? ..”

            NOWHERE, however Islam is OK since the founders favorite wife was underage even by the standards of the local culture.

            This makes pedophillia arguable as a choice to SOME muslim clerics
            from article
            “…Little is known about the early life of Aisha. A preponderance of classical sources converge on Aisha being six or seven years old at the time of her marriage,

            and nine at the consummation;

            her age has become a source of ideological friction in modern times.[10] ….”

              • Dude… your quoting off an Islamic website….they are kinda theologically inclined to that kinda thing.

                Funny enough the BIBLE, being the book the records the story of Jesus birth does not state that she is 12.

                Now, that does not mean that she was not 12, but it does mean that some

                I am getting back to you on the other things in a bit

          • Cu.h.j

            Hey! long time not see 🙂

            “…Why is it okay to harm people who have done nothing wrong? Women, children, animals? Even men who are just living their lives. …”

            If you read the rest of the book you will find lots of mentions of the “detestable” things that these people did, along with admonitions NOT to take them as wives because they would corrupt the Israelites.

            IF you accept the existence of a God who made the Universe, then it would be kinda weird to think that if such a being found something “detestable” the folks engaged in it ‘did nothing wrong’… wouldnt it?

            Now, if you do NOT accept the existence of such a supreme being then you have to explain what makes it “wrong” to just murder people when you steal their stuff.

            You would need to show where the standards of ‘right and wrong’ would be coming from, because if they just come from humans they would just be ‘behaviors’ or ‘choices’ no more ‘moral or immoral’ then what dogs or chickens or cats do.

            • Hi there Duck!

              I’m in the process of moving out of CA which is a much bigger task than I anticipated. Not just moving stuff, but finishing up my house and the landscaping to plant things and have chickens and stuff. Things are so expensive that I have to work in CA for a while since I earn about 3X as much there. But it’s getting done. I was also recovering from surgery and finally feeling back to normal. Winter is also the time of year where my mood and motivation levels are at their lowest so my levels of procrastination and inertia are at the highest.

              You’re right to say that I haven’t read the context so I don’t know what the circumstances were. Standards of right and wrong is a huge topic to consider because there are so many influencing factors and mitigating circumstances that would lead me to have an opinion.

              Is murder ever right for stealing ones stuff? It could be in certain circumstances. If someone is stealing your families only means of survival and you shoot them and they die, then I’d say you were in your right to defend your property. Stuff can be survival, or it can be disposable. If someone is starving and they steal from a store, is that wrong? I’d say it depends. I wouldn’t kill a starving person under most circumstances, but if it was a matter of survival who knows. I’d need to be able to live with it though. I’m glad I’ve never killed anyone though because it seems like that is something that can haunt people for the rest of their lives. This is in the current context of having enough food to eat and shelter and what not.

              If your point was that context matters, I think you’re right. I really don’t know if a supreme being exists, but I do believe there is something “more” about our existence that I cannot explain or fully understand. I think that there’s a “force” that exists or “spark” and mystery that is beyond my comprehension.

          • “Published March 13, 2023 7:25 p.m. CET

            More than a dozen priests with ties to Quebec have been named in a list of members of the Jesuits of Canada who have been “credibly accused” of sexual abuse of minors.

            Of the 27 priests identified by the religious order on Monday, 16 have had pastoral assignments in the Montreal area and other parts of Quebec over the past 70 years. The Loyola College in Montreal was mentioned several times in the list.

            Th Jesuits, a religious order of the Roman Catholic Church, released the list following an audit that started in 2020 and was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”


        • I’d just like to emphasize the fact that religion is still prominent in so-called secular societies. It just takes on the form of political movements such as the aforementioned scientism.

          I’d be remiss to call Communism, Climatism, Covidism, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, LGBT+, Zionism, Transhumanism, Q, White Hats/5D Chess anything other than modern-day religions.

          Their patron deity just so happens to be the government, a group, the planet, Trump, or some other character they worship most. Even open Christians worship any of these deities more than they worship Jesus.

          What you see today isn’t a war spurned by the absence of religion, but yet another holy war in an endless line of holy wars, no matter how many of the participants claim to be secular or atheistic – they’re merely deluded hypocrites.

          Religion is still the norm for humanity because of its immense use as a social tool for survival. So long as it has a set of doctrines, it’s still a religion, with or without a creation story.

          • zenithius
            “..Religion is still the norm for humanity because of its immense use as a social tool for survival. So long as it has a set of doctrines, it’s still a religion, with or without a creation story….”

            I think you are correct.

            Like it or not there WILL be some form of religion, and I will take one that has a written set of instructions over one that changes to the whims of ‘the experts’ anyday

            • Apologies for the late reply, as this is my first participatory thread.

              “..Like it or not there WILL be some form of religion, and I will take one that has a written set of instructions over one that changes to the whims of ‘the experts’ anyday ….”

              Interesting choice of words, considering the many schisms and inter-faith conflicts in the history of Christianity because their experts (such as the clergy) acted in the same way technocrats do today — with their allegedly superior knowledge of their respective holy books (The Science, and the many Bible iterations along with other texts).

              The average follower believed that said holy texts were too complex for them to understand themselves, so they deferred their judgment to the expert/priest class who then used their authority to impose their will onto both them and the non-believers.

              Your personal religious denomination and interpretation of the Bible are not an exception to the rule. It most likely doesn’t even resemble Christianity at its inception, since Christianity and its many branches have gone through 2,000 years of economic, social, technological, and cultural shifts, including modifications by expert classes, that it would be very alien to the first batch of Christians.

              It’s fine to be a Christian, no matter what your interpretation is and you don’t use it as justification to aggress against others, but Christianity as a whole is not infallible nor immutable, as with every group of humans naturally predisposed to personal self-preservation.

              And just as an aside, I’m not an atheist. I do believe that there is a great universal force in the universe. However, I don’t claim to know its nature, and it’s not what or who I worship most.

              • zenitheius

                “…The average follower believed that said holy texts were too complex for them to understand themselves, so they deferred their judgment to the expert/priest class who then used their authority to impose their will onto both them and the non-believers.,,,”

                While one should certainly listen to people who know more, the Bible is a pretty easy book to understand on its most basic level….bit was written (in the case of the OT) for farming folks to understand, and the NT was not written in a highbrow way either.

                Most non prophecy type stuff symbolic, or written in anything except normal language that anyone who is of normal IQ can follow…. which is why the text of the Bible has so often caused folks to overturn the teachings of the experts when they obscure and twisted the text (as with the stink about selling sin ‘indulgences’)

                Today most churches are utterly twisting the text which is pretty clear about things like homosexuality activities being a sin and women not being aloud to preach. At some point, probably after those churches die off, people will go back to the text. This reversion top the plain text is why Christianity is not suitable for the Globalist agenda, and why globalists wish to replace it with something else.

        • Prajna-Paramita
          “…imposing it on children, …. without ever giving them a real choice….”

          you were talking about a religious revival by “the Masses”. That is by definition the Common folks becoming more religious.

          “….Do you believe it’s healthy to impose beliefs on children?…”

          Is that a trick question or something?
          Have you let your kids take up rape, theft and murder or did you tell them such things were evil???

          “…Do you believe your society has ever been healthy?…”
          Healthier, yes.

          “…. burnt people live at every street corner where I live? Or the part where we shot jews at every street corner where I live? Or is it the part where school teachers are being beheaded in the name of Allah?…..”

          Like…WTF do you live dude?
          I’d get outta there if all that $h1t on every street corner!!!!
          LOL… or maybe your being hyperbolic?

          “…efforts in denialism of the atrocities of religion…denialism of anecdotes like WWII, but I’m going to leave this exchange here, hoping someone with better arguments comes along….”

          TRANSLATION: “I only talk to people that agree with me. If they do not agree with me I ignore their arguments because I am always right.”

          “….Religion is a problem more than a solution and it has killed ….”
          WHICH religion? Are they all the same? Are you worried about a bunch of Episcopalians beheading you after a church potluck? Do you fear the bloody Hare Krishna suicide bombers?

          “…..By “MOST” do you mean there exists a scale of enslavement?…….”
          Of course there are….being a Serf is different then being a Chattel slave. Being a H1B Visa serf tied to your employer is different then being tied to a loom making rugs in Pakistan

          “…Or are you referring to a proportion of enslaved people within a generation?….”

          “……Do you believe practicing a religion could be a form of addictive / compulsive behaviour?….”
          Do you believe that not believing in the Paranormal is a sign of spiteful mutation?

          “…..Are you assuming religion is healthier and less destructive than drugs?…”
          I have studies that show attending formal religious cermonies is the marker of longer life, better life outcomes, and lower depression

          “…..Are you assuming that scientism and hermeticism…”
          They are religious

          “….“Most atheistic generation” does not mean they are void of a belief system that falls into the category of a collective religion….”
          Uhh…YES, it kinda DOES

          “…Do you find it moral for women to walk around without a head covering? If so, does it make it immoral to beat them to death for showing a strand of hair?…”

          Do you find Transitioning of Children moral?

          “…Do you believe it’s possible to resort to drugs in order to escape religion?…”
          Sure, Vice is a good cure for religion

          “….If your moral god was so moral, why did his religion institutionalise pedophilia in the West?…”

          Stupid question since its not true.

          Are we arguing GOD being real or are we arguing the EFFECTS of religion?

          • Mishelle
            To be honest I just posted it as a joke response to the question 🙂
            “……Do you believe practicing a religion could be a form of addictive / compulsive behaviour?….”

            Since it was kinda a joke I have not looked deeply into it 🙂

            But, I DO recomend ‘Dr Dutton The Jolly Heretic’ and his youtube, bitchute and Odysee channels if only because he is always fun to listen to and comes up with interesting ideas.
            Not sure I agree with all his ideas TBH but always fun if you can put up with the play acting at the start.

            “…I have never heard of left-handedness as a mutation. ..”

            Now, IIRC I read in “new scientist” some years ago that the paleolithic hand prints left on cave walls suggest that the % has not changed over much. There were i think, (from memory) certainly left handed tools in the stone age. They did (IIRC) say that the use of industrial mass made tools led to a bigger disadvantage for left handed folks….. (as an aside, I have personally often thought that the reason some people became excellent marksmen in the army in the old days was because the service rifle happened to fit their body and possibly such chance ergonomic fit with their tool explain some people taking to other tasks in the same way)

            THIS study


            links handedness to certain genes, which would mean that mutation could affect it I guess….. they also link some kinds of neurological disorders with different handedness, which makes me think of how old people will get either shaking, or weakness, but not usually suffer both.

            Sorry I couldn’t offer more help, like I said, it was kinda a joke response 🙂

          • Ah… “Stone tools sugest neadthertals were mostly right handed.”

            I guess I was wrong on the New Scientist article…or maybe H saps had more L handedness


            “… I have heard of cultures trying to ‘correct’ left-handedness for a very long time, so when would this mutation have begun?…”

            I do know that left handedness was considered kinda weird in the ancient world, which is why you get “the Left hand path” and “sinister” and I had a pal who got beaten until he became R hand dominant (but he became a career criminal last I heard so….. lol)

    • prajna P.
      “Anyone else noticing a religious revival? Is anyone offended by my comment on religion?,,,,, I’m just tired of all forms of enslavement and submission. ”

      another name for religion could be “faith club”; and faith is also another name for “believing with conviction”. But “beliefs” are just best guesses that are welcomed to sit at the table with the TRUTH. sometimes the supposition overstays its welcome, or/but sometimes the truth pulls the trigger of the gun hidden under the table. dangerously useful grifter types, beliefs are weird people. but its the fuel that powers trust, which is the gem of our essence,, but trust in what? Its why lying, in this neck of the woods, used to merit a spear through the leg. (spoiler: when our capacity to trust is intact and based on truth, one can easily see or hear the deceivers that are the demise of our times)

      ok so far, until we find many people give their faith out of fear, a form of energetic (prajna) theft, or out of bullying (kids dragged to church).likely most are attracted to appease some fear, or honor an epiphany (veil dropping interdimensional glimpsing business).

      Adopted beliefs are then entrained into a broken form of, or partial spiritual teaching that has been coopted or stolen or perverted. I bet some of the teachings do help people, but do they enlighten? do they inspire them to thrive, to make right choices at right times, dharma karo? I havent seen it.

      to have real reverence for having directly connected/communed with the overmind of the planet (greek root “religio”)? I’m guessing that dont happen much.

      so why more religious fervor now? because in this era of the sprung lie, lotsa people are walking around with their pants at their ankles, having just had their current belief bubbles burst, and mensch do they desperately thirst, for some form of cover, some way to be “in the know again”. to be “right”.

      standing up to face the mystery of existence without stacking aint easy; Its not for the faint hearted, though I believe thats why we’re here. I’ve noticed, its those with huge and but gentle hearts (compassioned empathy) that can stand with it the longest, meanwhile billions lollygag in the mad dissonance of how confusion and understanding are interchangeable: those who claim to “understand” are sadly confused, whereas those who admit confusion, are closer to the possibility of understanding..

      hope you slalom past the extra-fundamentalists, they’re just scattering as the bush fire builds, an antidote to the need for a new set of beliefs (often a pride based push, could be to focus on selfless-serving, something that doesn’t need belief for it to exist, working with plants and animals ,, grounded reality. or a technique to avoid entanglement is to have no interest, but dont forget to care.

      hope that helps.
      all the best

      • “… an antidote to the need for a new set of beliefs …”

        Oh, the New Beliefs are coming. Personally I think the stressing is partially to get the energy going for whatever flavor of NWO’s religion they are on now. (Maybe Watcher cult? Who knows? see Chris KNowles SecretSun blog )

        The globalists have been trying to get it going for a long time, first with variations of Hinduism and Theosophy. Thats why they had to demolish Christianity, which was easy to steer via corruption but failed as a choice since it had a written and fixed set of rules and values to which is always reverts.

    • @Prajna-Paramita

      Re: “Can we (and by we, I mean James Corbett) address the contemporary spiritual debates from a voluntaryst’s POV in order to cast a vote in the collective manifestation?”

      Thought you might find this interesting

      (I have not researched the referenced material myself so I cannot speak to it’s validity but thought it worth sharing here given the subject matter of the discussion).

      • Interesting.

        But Jesus never asked to have a religion in his name.

        Neither did Buddha.

        And regardless of what some dude wanted 2000 years ago… I want a world free of BS and BS authority.

        • @Prajna-Paramita


          Yes that is an important point to highlight. Based on my own research I agree that those individuals did not endorse religious institutions, but rather encouraged individuals that were motivated to cultivate their own personal relationship with the divine and/or cultivate an awareness that transcends the limitations of the 5 senses and the human brain in order to be capable of perceiving the conscious spirit that exists in all beings and how interconnected we all are.

          I personally do not subscribe to any dogmatic religious belief systems, though I do think that both Jesus of Nazareth and Siddhartha Gautama (“Buddha”) were very wise, courageous, compassionate, selfless and noble human beings (who each offered valuable sign posts for those seeking to chart their own path towards spiritual growth).

          In order to free the world from “BS authority” I feel we, as individuals, must endeavor to self-govern based on the eternal (and universally knowable) foundation of first recognizing the eternal spirit that exists within ourselves, and then learn to recognize it in others. What ever method one uses to look within, still the mind and know the eternal aspect of self that existed before these bodies did, and will continue to exist after they cease to function is not important, the only thing that is required is a genuine heartfelt intent to do so, humility, compassion and a willingness to step outside of one’s comfort zones in order to grow. The religious and ideological wrappings that superficially define that process are not as important as the inner intent being genuine.

          After people have built that foundation of conscious awareness (how ever they get there being unimportant) all arguments for the necessity of the state and it’s mechanisms of violent coercion (armed thugs with badges being given money by multi-generational crime cartels that was stolen from you to engage in “law enforcement” etc) become observably fallacious, immoral, redundant, pointless, obsolete and therefore relatively easy to convince people are systems/”authorities” that we should in fact “nullify”, abolish and dismantle.

          Thanks for the comments and for sharing your thoughts.

          • GavinM

            “… I do think that both Jesus of Nazareth and Siddhartha Gautama (“Buddha”) were very wise, courageous, compassionate, selfless and noble human beings ….”

            That is a silly idea.

            Jesus claimed to be GOD…. that means that he must either have been


            b)A monstrous Conman

            c)God in the flesh

            That makes him either VERY BAD or DIVINE but not ‘wise’ or merely ‘good’

            He also got executed…. which, if He was not ‘dying for our sins’ , would NOT BE ‘WISE’ BUT RATHER QUITE STUPID.

            • @Duck

              While I know there are many people here that have a different point of view than me on this (and that is okay, as I am not interested in convincing or “converting” anyone) I will post one comment on this topic here with some quick historical facts for anyone that is interested in looking deeper than the ego comforting propaganda pushed by religious institutions to do their own research and decide what is true and what is not for themselves.

              Based on my study of history and the humans that were involved in misinterpreting and/or intentionally distorting Jesus’s words after his death (people such as Paul aka “Saul of Tarsus”, and then the Roman Emperor Constantine I and then Henry the 8th and on and on..) it is clear to me that much of what is in books now and taught in churches is very far removed from what Jesus actually said or taught.

              For those that want to unravel all the confusion regarding the prevalent modern day myth that Jesus said he was God, look into the Council of Nicaea. It was convened (and controlled) by the Roman Emperor Constantine I (who was an unbaptized Roman guy that lived hundreds of years after Jesus’s murder). He cooked up that whole “holy trinity” deal as it is much easier for people to swallow (it is ego flattering to think of God in a human form and most humans love to have their ego stroked) and it also means that people could subsequently distort and/or completely fabricate what Jesus had said and then declare it as “coming strait from God’s mouth” to maintain their control over other human beings.

              Jesus did not say he was God and he was not a conman. Regardless of if it was “for your sins” or just a conscious act to refuse to capitulate to the edicts of a corrupt state/empire and it’s thought police goons that were telling him say stuff he did not want to (knowing that his refusing to capitulate would result in his being murdered) that is a courageous and noble act. Perhaps you or I would have chosen to capitulate, say uncle and read some script to the people to try and save our own skin and to appease the psychotic power hungry scribes, pharisees and Romans, but Jesus had the strength of character and moral fortitude to stand true to what he believed in, even knowing it would cost him dearly, I personally admire him for that.

              You attempt to paint things in black and white absolutes Duck, but life and reality are more often somewhere in between those convenient extremes. I understand you have no interest in questioning what these institutions and the written documents they have produced are telling you to believe (as it is easier to fall in line and walk the well worn path than it is to have to do the mental and emotional work of applying critical thinking and intuition of trail blazing a path less travelled) but I know that somewhere deep inside, you know that the dogmas these institutions are pushing have been corrupted.

              • GavinM

                “…While I know there are many people here that have a different point of view…”


                Would it be the Bible???

                John 14:8-10…Philip says to Him, “Lord, show us the Father, and it is enough for us”. 9 Jesus says to him, “Am I with you[a] all for so long a time, and you[b] have not known[c] Me, Philip?— the one having seen Me has seen the Father.

                How is it you say, ‘Show us the Father’? 10 Do you not believe that I am in the Father, and the Father is in Me?

                I am not speaking the words which I am saying to you[d] from Myself, but the Father abiding in Me is doing His works.

                John 17:4 I have brought you glory on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do. 5 And now, Father, glorify me in your presence with the glory I had with you before the world began.

                Mark 2:5 When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralyzed man, “Son, your sins are forgiven.”

                6 Now some teachers of the law were sitting there, thinking to themselves, 7 “Why does this fellow talk like that? He’s blaspheming! Who can forgive sins but God alone?”

                Dude…. Jesus is pretty clearly reporting thatHe thinks He and God are one and the same.

                “… historical facts….”
                Dude… either the Bible reports what Jesus said…OR YOU DO NOT KNOW what Jesus said. The Council of Nicea and Constantine are irrelevant to that issue

                “… interested in looking deeper than the ego comforting propaganda pushed…”

                Dude… I am pretty sure being told you are a disgusting creep who needs God to personally pull your ass out of teh fire is far LESS comforting then the lie that humans are naturally good.

                “…Based on my study of history and the humans that were involved in misinterpreting and/or intentionally distorting Jesus’s words after his death….”

                AGAIN… you can either believe the Text reports Jesus words or you accept that you have NO info on what Jesus said.

                “…Henry the 8th…”
                You thing Henry changed the Bible??? LOL, Do you believe in Tartaria too?

                “…) it is clear to me that much of what is in books now and taught in churches is very far removed from what Jesus actually said or taught…”

                Sure, Churches tend to try to wiggle, but the TEXT must either be believed or NOT believed.

                “…Jesus did not say he was God and he was not a conman….”

                Dude…. SEE SOURCES ABOVE.

                Jesus, if you can know ANYTHING he said, DID SAY THAT.

                so he was either evil, nuts or God, not some silly comforting sop like a “Good man”

      • Jesus was an anarchist. There is no doubt in my mind. But I do not need to follow an anarchist. I need to live as one.

        “Ni Dieu, ni maître.”

        • Prajna-Paramita

          “…Jesus was an anarchist….”

          If there is no doubt in your mind on such an easy issue I would suspect that its because you have never actually read the Bible, 😉

          Jesus literally claimed that He was the Son of the King of the Universe and that those who obeyed him and recognized His Authority would be saved while rebels would be destroyed.

          The idea of rejecting LEGITIMATE Authority is more Satans ballpark

          • No, that’s what the Bible claimed.

            There is a difference.

            I don’t know if you noticed, but there is also a difference between what happens these days, and what CNN publishes.

            • Prajna-Paramita

              “…No, that’s what the Bible claimed.

              There is a difference…”

              You base this assertion (Jesus being an anarchist) on WHAT SOURCE OF EVIDENCE?

              “…I don’t know if you noticed, but there is also a difference between what happens these days, and what CNN publishes…….”

              YES….but that does not mean that I can just INVENT any news story I like and then assume its true.

              I have to go off the evidence….so what evidence do you have the “Jesus was an archist” because it is literally LESS LIKELY TO BE TRUE then asserting he was a Buddhist monk (which is TBH was one of the most retarded theories I have ever heard)

              • “YES….but that does not mean that I can just INVENT any news story I like and then assume its true.”
                Yes. That’s literally what anyone can do these days.

                Nobody has much evidence on anything that happened 2000 years ago. And this was not why I started this thread. Debating BS with BS…

                I wanted to start an open thought process on how to do away with BS. Do away with religious authority as a rule of law.

              • @Duck

                This clip is taken from Shunyamurti’s Anarchapulco 2023 talk.
                He explains how Yeshua was an anarchist.


            • Prajna Paramita

              “…This clip ….He explains how Yeshua was an anarchist.”

              NOPE, however slowly this this dude talks just making a PRONOUNCEMENT about Jesus (or any of the other folks he was name dropping) is not “explaining how” any of them are anything.

              For example I can say “James Corbett is really a Monarchist” …. but unless I show some evidence of this (say a secret collection of Queen Elizabeth photos in a candle lit closet shrine) then I am just SAYING it.

              Dont get me wrong, this dude is a master of presenting masculine authority with his voice and stillness (though wearing a tea cosy and being wrapped in a sheet kinda detracted from the effect).

              He is better at PROJECTING authority and fatherly wisdom then Joren Peterson (who had upped his game in that regard with the beard and manly stare) is. However, it does not actually SHOW anything unless you have some evidence or at least argument for why I should believe you….. without those things its just a conmans trick (though very well done)….BTW when my other comment gets out of moderation your’ll see what I said about your other stuff

        • Prajna Paramita

          “…Jesus was an anarchist. There is no doubt in my mind….”

          ALSO Prajna Paramita

          “…Nobody has much evidence on anything that happened 2000 years ago….”

          How can you have “NO DOUBT” about something you have “NO EVIDENCE” for ?????

          “… Debating BS with BS…..”
          Well… I am at least trying to be logically consistent

          “….I wanted to start an open thought process on how ….. Do away with religious authority as a rule of law….”

          Your starting from the faulty assumptions that

          a)Christians HAVE any political power (they do not)

          b) You are able to get rid of an idea like religion (you can)

          c)If you COULD it would be a good thing (you have not shown that it would be)

          • on B that should be CANT
            Cant get rid of.


    • You are free to reject God. Make sure that you’re really rejecting God, not some caricature of God that the church has shown you. But I, one, respect a God who not only allows us to reject Him but includes the arguments we can use against Him in the Bible. I respect that.

      Philip Yancey

      The borderlanders are people who are kind of caught in the middle. They think there must be another world out there. There probably is a God, but they are either turned off by the church or wounded by the church or wary of the church for whatever reason.

      Philip Yancey

      • This has nothing to do with God. This has to do with Leviticus that should have been thrown out as apocrypha if we had had the least bit of coherence.

        • Prajna-Paramita
          “…This has to do with Leviticus that should have been thrown out as apocrypha if we had had the least bit of coherence..”

          Luckily Christians are not bound by the Old Testament Laws, only jews are.

          Most of the Apocrypha were quite clearly books written to make specific religious points (some contain acrostics and other “in jokes” that would have been clear to the readers) and should be thought of as the Ancients World equivalent of “The Secret”

          • But who cares about Christians or not Christians?

            This is a general thread on religion and power, not about how happy you are to live in a religious state of your liking.

            Just to be clear, I did not open a debate about how many of you were content with the status quo.

            I opened a debate hoping people would offer solutions to help change the status quo of religions in power, without falling into free-masonry or scientism or satanism.

            • Pranjna-Paramita

              “….But who cares about Christians or not Christians?…”

              Christians do. Muslims do. Even Communists used to….how someone THINKS leads to how they ACT.
              That is why you can never have a “neutral” state without ideology…you can not say ‘leave your religion out of politics because that is saying leave your personal beliefs out of politics’.

              “…This is a general thread on religion and power, not about how happy you are to live in a religious state of your liking….”

              ALL states are religious (or if you wanna quibble ‘ideological’) to a bigger or smaller degree. They ALL make claims on what is right and wrong, true or false.

              “…Just to be clear, I did not open a debate about how many of you were content with the status quo.

              I opened a debate hoping people would offer solutions to help change the status quo of religions in power,….”

              You wanted to CHANGE the status quo BEFORE you found out how many people LIKE it?

              That is unwise….SOMETHING is coming to fill that empty space Christianity left behind. I think you will like it even less.

              “…. without falling into free-masonry or scientism or satanism…….”

              Dude….. when you reject hierarchy and authority YOU BECOME A SATANIST by definition, since Satan was the first rebel.

              This video might give a better explanation then I can (Satanism/Liberalism)

              The whole scientism thing wont last long anyway, they are rolling out State Cults that look very like what existed in the Ancient World because people have a religious impulse. The Freemasonry is also on the way out, it only existed in order to make the changes and big in the Old Gods of state.

              There WILL be a religion, because there always is and always will be because its human nature to want one…even Dawkins wrote that religion probably served an ‘evolutionary purpose’

              • I agree with Darwin on that one. It does seem that people will form religions and it’s a natural part of human existence so far. It’s similar to how people try to form community. Humans are social beings. I do think it’s possible to form community around shared goals, like stopping the NWO technocratic tyranny.

              • @Duck

                “Dude….. when you reject hierarchy and authority YOU BECOME A SATANIST by definition, since Satan was the first rebel.”

                There is a difference between liberating yourself from a lie and revering Satan.

                “There WILL be a religion, because there always is and always will be because its human nature to want one…even Dawkins wrote that religion probably served an ‘evolutionary purpose’”
                It’s not human nature. Were your kids born with an intrinsic need to believe in the Bible?

            • Prajna Paramita

              “….There is a difference between liberating yourself from a lie and revering Satan….”

              True, but you are NOT liberating yourself from a lie, you are attacking Theism, religion, and particularly “Christianity” even though you appear to know NEXT TO NOTHING ABOUT IT BEYOND WHAT YOU CAN COPY PASTE OF OTHER PEOPLES WEBSITES- evidenced by your sloppy copy paste of verses you, apparently, did not bother to read on ‘pedophilia in the bible’

              There are actual GOOD arguments against the Bible but you need to actually do the work of learning stuff before you can formulate or understand them.

              Dont bother with Dawkins, he is a good scientist but his philosophical training is pathetic, and Sam Harris is not much better.

              (Religion) “….It’s not human nature….”


              Then why are there ZERO societies that have ever existed in the past comprised of atheists?
              Every society believes in some form of paranormal world.

              If you know one that does not PLEASE NAME IT

              “…Were your kids born with an intrinsic need to believe in the Bible?…”

              OBVIOUSLY, (rolls eyes) see article below


              FROM ARTICLE
              It’s been debated a long time: Does being part of organized religion improve your mental health? A new study finds that religion can buffer adolescents against depression.

              …….Using this more conservative measure, the researchers still find that religiosity seems to

              protect against depression.

              And the effect seems especially strong for kids with severe depression.

              • I don’t need to know everything about your belief system to know it hasn’t worked out. We are today in 2023. Religious states have had at least 2000 years to attempt to create a functional society and you’ve failed miserably.

                You’ve mostly failed at coherence and have nothing but double standards to show for. And very dubious morals, published in plain text, in big books that I really couldn’t care less about.

                I’m NOT attacking Christianity in particular. But I’ve traveled a lot and speak several languages and what I’ve witnessed in religious states is not at all anything to be proudly religious about. Also, I’ve been through the catholic boarding school system in Europe, and the 4 arrests I’ve witnessed for child molestation didn’t exactly encourage me to become what I call a Bible-thumper. And in Europe, we don’t arrest people and destroy their lives, on simple suspicion like you do in the Americas, we actually wait to have proof of harm before we take a priest or prof down.

                There is nothing you could possibly ever say that could convince me that your ethical way of practicing your religion should be imposed on the masses in any way. And it’s not about atheism.

                I’m convinced Jesus was an anarchist because he said no to Pontius Pilate and was sentenced to death for it. You can play punk dressed in black behind your computer screen, but there is no bigger proof of anarchism than to say no to your king or president or PM and be sentenced to death for it. Regardless of any details of your past affiliations. If you were a statist before, you certainly aren’t a statist once you’re hanging on your cross.

                You have the right to believe in anything you like. But your belief system should not be law in any society. I will fight to remove any imposition of any religious belief onto others, because all that has led to is absolute hypocrisy.

                And just because we haven’t yet had a truly secular society recorded in our humanity’s past, doesn’t mean we can’t create one! One where religious freedom would be nearly total, but never imposed on anyone, not even children.

                This is why I opened this can of worms. I am not here to debate the advantages NOR FLAWS of any religion. I am here to state that it is time to create a society based on coherence, morality and respect, which you are clearly incapable of. So go read your Bible some more.

              • Prajna-Paramita,

                I agree with you about imposing belief systems on people, i.e. “you must do this or you will go to hell” etc. I have a revulsion to authoritarianism in all of its forms. This does not mean that I believe people can do as they please if what they are doing is harming other people. I do believe in a natural order that has natural laws that are innate. For example bodily autonomy is one of those rights, to be free from government telling a person they must take a vaccine or to be free from someone stealing their private property (example taxes or armed robbery for example).

                Some might argue that anarchy has come from Christian influence in Western culture and I have not really considered evidence of this or evidence against it. But like you, I believe people have a right to belief. And many of the Christians I’ve known have been good people who are generous and kind.

                Some have also said that there are anarchist overtones to Jesus Christ’s teachings and I would say that this is partly true but other verses contradict this idea, which is why I can’t “trust” the bible as the word of god. There has also been scholarly critique of accuracy and authenticity. Such authors who are biblical scholars and former evangelicals include Robert Price and Bart D Ehrman who both have written critiques of the bible that are interesting.

                I don’t think attacking people’s beliefs is helpful though and I also believe that working towards common goals are more useful while simultaneously respecting the spiritual and religious beliefs of others. I think it’s wonderful when people connect to higher consciousness and feel the bliss in whatever belief system that brings them to that place. I personally am more drawn to eastern spirituality/philosophy and think that there is unity among different spiritual systems when they are not oppressing others and when authoritarianism is out of the picture.

            • Prajna P

              “…..I don’t need to know everything about your belief system to know it hasn’t worked out. We are today in 2023. Religious states have had at least 2000 years to attempt to create a functional society and you’ve failed miserably…..”

              Lets compare… most of the worlds societies had a low suicide and mental illness rate, populations managed to reproduce themselves and even grow despite massive mortality and primitive medicine. Western Christian civilization managed to take over a good chunk of the world and create the Industrial revolution.


              TODAY in the closest you get to a non religious society
              High depression and suicide, below replacement birth rate, and declining rates of technological progress.

              “…..You’ve mostly failed at coherence and have nothing but double standards to show for…”

              I think that you will find almost ANY society in the past, from Rome to New Guinea, was more coherent then what your seeing nowadays. Or do you think, (out of many examples) a man can menstruate and give birth or women can have penises????

              “….. And very dubious morals, published in plain text, in big books that I really couldn’t care less about….”
              You were just copy/pasting at length about those books. And from WHERE do you derive ‘morals” in a Non-Paranormal world?

              Can I melt the world down and filter out these ‘morals’?
              Perhaps the Great Terry Pratchett can teach you something thru fiction

              “……There is nothing you could possibly ever say that could convince me that your ethical way of practicing your religion should be imposed on the masses in any way…..”

              YOU talk of finding ways to enforce YOUR worldview upon others and preventing a religious revival.
              Of stopping parents from teaching their children what they believe is right…. thus YOU yourself wish to impose norms upon society the way you complain others are doing.

              Stop crying out in pain as you whack people with a stick

              “…I’m convinced Jesus was an anarchist because he said no to Pontius Pilate and was sentenced to death for it. You can play punk dressed in black behind your computer screen, but there is no bigger proof of anarchism than to say no to your king or president …..”

              So If a Baron refuses to obey the king and the kind kills him the BARON is an ANARCHIST???

              Do you see how your reasoning makes no sense?

              “…But your belief system should not be law in any society….”

              All Law is derived from what people believe …even “Natural Law” is based on what some people think good and just.
              There is no total freedom, there is no society where all make their own morals and law.

              “…..just because we haven’t yet had a truly secular society recorded in our humanity’s past, doesn’t mean we can’t create one!….”

              TRUE communism has not been tried!


              If something consistently DOES NOT happen then the reason is usually that its a stupid idea.

    • [SNIP – No bare URLs in the comment section, please. Please repost the link with a title and an explanation of why it’s relevant to the conversation. -JC]

    • Hi there!

      While I’m not offended about your statements regarding religion, I do know that religion has been weaponized thoroughly. In fact, you’ll probably find as many narcissists or sociopaths in a church than you will the people who truly want to carry their cross with Jesus. I am one of those who chooses to not attend a brick and mortar church for that reason. I like to call it a relationship instead of religion.
      As a Christian, it’s not my job to force anyone into my belief system, but to be a good role model.
      I do see the spiritual awakening happening, especially in the younger people.
      I can explain more about liberation and faith and how they coexist if you are truly curious.

      • Kelly

        “…I do know that religion has been weaponized thoroughly…..

        The number of Rainbow churches that have thrown out the Bible and allowed women preachers and openly gay folks in them shows the truth of your statement.

        Thats true, vast sums of Rockefeller money were spent on subverting the US Church and Jay Dyer has often talked about how the Vatican was compromised by them and by the CIA during the Cold War.

        THIS guy gives a pretty good Non-Conspiratorial lecture on “The Sermon That Derailed American Christianity”. I’m not in his church or anything but is factually correct

        “… In fact, you’ll probably find as many narcissists or sociopaths in a church…..”

        I dont know what kid of Church you attended or how old you are but if it has that kind of person in large numbers its probably not worth going to 🙂 Back when the Christian churches had political power that kind of person was attracted to the power the way they take their kids to TransKid story hour these days.

        “….I am one of those who chooses to not attend a brick and mortar church for that reason. I like to call it a relationship instead of religion….”

        While I think eschewing a Rainbow Church is wise and correct I would point out that its better to have at least some folks to keep us on track.

        Heb 10:24 “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, 25 not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”

        because to worship alone is not what the Bible recomends

        Matt 18:20 “For where two or three gather together in My name, there am I with them. ”

        “…I do see the spiritual awakening happening, especially in the younger people….”

        There is a Christian revival, but mostly its an “endarkening” into the Pagan magical thinking of the carefully crafted ‘New Age’ movement with a light sprinkling of Christian phraseology. We are pretty much on the cush of either a massive Christian revival (I kinda doubt that) or an inversion into whatever ecumenical religion the Globalists are trying this time around.

        • Hi Duck!

          “…because to worship alone is not what the Bible recomends…”

          Yes, you are right. Hopefully one day I’ll find a church that I can trust that can accommodate my special needs child. Thank you for the reminder.

          “…There is a Christian revival, but mostly its an “endarkening” into the Pagan magical thinking of the carefully crafted ‘New Age’ movement…”

          Yup yup, I’ve seen a lot of the pagan stuff, too. A lot of them turning to witchcraft, and a lot of deception about “white magic.” I’ve also seen it go in the other direction with the revivals.

          I love Jay Dyer! His wife is one of my role models.

          • Hi Kelly, I just wanted to chime in to say that I really relate to your reticence about attending a brick and mortar assembly of believers.
            Until about two months ago I was of exactly the same mind due to an unpleasant break up of one because of personality conflicts and my own backsliding into sin and worldly things after attending another for awhile.
            Those things happened about 15 years ago.

            In the past couple of years, party because of the realization of my mortality and partly because of my age I suppose, I became aware of the Lord calling me back to His Word. So I sought out online the teachers who were so important to me back in the eighties when I was driving for a living and the radio was a big part of my spiritual life and growth.
            You gotta love the internet because I found both of the programs that were so instrumental to me. Specifically the through the Bible teachings of J. Vernon McGee and Chuck Smith.
            Both of whom are passed while their teaching lives on stronger than ever.

            I began reading the passages and listening to the studies first thing every morning and my hunger for God has been increasing since.
            Then I began to feel convicted about the Hebrews 10:25 passage and after attending one church where I discovered that there were certain parts of the Bible that they didn’t believe and therefore couldn’t preach on, I found another not much further away that actually teaches the whole Bible.

            This church is a Calvary Chapel offshoot and is somewhat more contemporary than I am completely comfortable with but it is alive. I feel the Spirit there. And they minister to people of all ages. Very much including children.

            I hope that you are able to find a church home that meets the needs you have and are able to start enjoying the benefits that that can offer.
            I will be praying for you and your family. May God richly bless you.

            BTW, the new Kelsey Grammer movie based on Chuck Smith’s story, The Jesus Revolution is definitely worth seeing. It was the first film that I attended a theater to view in well over a decade and it was inspiring. Heartily recommended!

            • Thank you so much Steve!! 🙂

        • Hey again Duck,

          Just coming back to say thank you for that video! Explains my dilemma so much! I had discernment but couldn’t figure out the basis 🙂

      • Kelly
        I’ve found one church in my life that taught the truth of the Holy Scriptures.
        It was built of cement blocks by its pastor and his children and there was no affiliation with any organized so-called religion. No tax exemption status.
        I never was able to attend a lot of services, but the ones I did always left me wiser and more secure in my beliefs, and I was always a little disappointed that they had to be so short. I ALWAYS learned something more every time I went.
        That church is gone now as is its pastor. It was stolen and destroied as was the land it was built on. The pastor was jailed and his home burned to the ground. He was imprisoned for many years on false charges in a trial where he was not allowed to bring any witness and not able to question his accusers.
        So for many many years now I have been without a church to go to.
        All those who operate now are tied to some central power that only allows what the state approves in order to get the tax advantages.
        But then we have been told that a great falling away from the truth would come. Originally St. Paul called it a “revolt” in the Rheims translation of the Vulgate. But in either case, here it is.
        What surprises me is how little the people in these churches know about what’s in the Bible, let alone what’s in some of the so-called bibles that they use in their search for the Truth. There are so many “versions” that I probably can not even count them all. And in every one that I’ve looked at, they all claim to be “diligently compared to the original Greek and Hebrew”. It’s laughable when you look and compare what they say and find so many differences.
        I’m 83 now and I don’t believe that I’ll find another place where to go to where I’ll find what I found in that little church. I just sit here and watch the world continue to destroy as much truth and righteousness as it can while it still can.
        I know James has a limit on post lengths so I’d better stop here. I think there are some out there who value the Truth but they are not easy to find are they?


        • @joebear,

          What a heartbreaking tale about your pastor. Thank you for sharing that story with us.
          I have Christian friends and acquaintances and some of them just seem clueless and steeped deep in the world. Lukewarm I think is the name for it these days.
          I’m not sure if you’d be interested but there are some great Christian preachers on TikTok. Some of them do live prayer sessions and live bible studies. God Bless you.

          • Kelly
            Thank you for your kind response. Sorry for this long overdue reply.
            I keep looking for like-minded people to talk and share with but there seems to be almost nobody who is truly interested in what is REALLY going one.
            When one looks around they will see all the references to things scriptual, like “ent-times, evil(devil without the d), sinsister, apocoliptic, armeggdon, Lucifer, diabolic, but if you confront any of them about the real issue they either run or set up a wall of defense as if you are attacking them. I find no-one who wants to come right out and agree that Satan truly exists here on the planet somewhere.
            All the talk seems to be about “control” Some even go so far as to refer to some degree of genecide. Crimes against humanity. etc. But that is not what God’s people have been told.
            Christ told His people, and anyone else who cares to listen, exactly what Satan will do. All boiled down into two specific things. LIE and MURDER. Nothing about taking over and controlling the whole world.
            Satan will lie and murder as much and as many as God allows him to until He won’t.
            Satan has his own children who Will do his bidding. And he will even lie to them in order to get them to act. The lies are endless. The one thing that keeps me from losing it sometimes is that it will have an end. Justice will be done and it will be Just.
            When that will be, I don’t know. And the fact is that if God does not intervene, Satan will continue until there is no flesh saved alive on the planet. Then he would probably murder himself.
            Satan knows he has a short time. Especially when one considers that a 1,000 years is as a day in God’s timeline.
            Do you, or do you know anyone who “sees” this reality as it is being played out today?

            Again, thanks for replying.

            • I definitely see it. I think some of my IRL friends sort of see it but they’re hitting the snooze button. Still too worried about their image and what will people think. I think in those particular friends, the reality that they are trying to hide from is causing anxiety & depression and the drugs they take for it is just blunting the truth. No offense meant to anyone on those pills, but yeah I think they help hide reality. The real reality that all these conspiracies are actually a symptom of the real evil in the world.

              About control – I think it’s a tool that is created by lies and is used to accomplish the murder. So no, specifically we aren’t warned of control but it’s a big red flag YKWIM? We were warned of a falling away and false teachings. I think everyone here is seeking the truth and tired of the lies.

              I personally don’t believe in the pre tribulation rapture. I think we will go through tribulations but not the wrath. There are a lot of Christians believing that nothing bad will happen, and when it does they’ll be blissfully unaware in Heaven. I worry about how damaging those beliefs will be to people’s faith if they have to stay through when the rapture was supposed to occur.

              We will win in the end. It has been written. And whether my role will just be to pray and be a mom, or be on the front lines in the apocalypse, I have chosen my side.

              Keep the faith my friend. Prayers and Love!

              • And yes Satan is here, it tells us in the Bible that he’s here and he’s got his minions doing his work here. I have no clue why people would deny that, especially if they believe. I can psychically feel it and it’s gross.

                Defense mechanisms must be another by product of Satan’s lies. I’m so grateful God has broken all my defenses down in the tribulations of my own life. I never thought while going through what I did would be such a huge benefit in the long run, but that’s how God operates sometimes. He knows best.

                God Bless

              • “I personally don’t believe in the pre tribulation rapture. I think we will go through tribulations but not the wrath.”

                Hi Kelly, please pardon my intrusion. I hope that you don’t mind me asking this but what scriptures do you use to arrive at this conclusion?

                I’m not asserting that you’re incorrect. I’m just curious about what passages lead you to believe that.

              • Kelly
                Thankyou again for the reply. I have to tell you that it is very refreshing to find one who seems to know Truth and is not afraid to speak it.
                I, also do not believe in any pre=tribulation so-called rapture.
                I know of at least 20 scriptural reasons why there will not be anything like that. It is quite a long study but when one is using God’s Word to verify God’s Word is there any doubt?
                I have heard so many arguments to the contrary that I can’t even begin to count them.
                I understand how one can want to believe in such a thing just so that they can cope with the possibilities. Who would really want to go through all that Revelations tells us will happen, if we could avoid it? But then there’s that all important thing called Faith. We won’t be given a burden we cannot bare.

                I know James has his limits on the length of comments so I won’t go into the reasons I mentioned above. But I’d be glad, in fact happy, to discuss them with you.
                I noticed that Steve Smith was also interested in your reasons. He didn’t ask anything of me regarding my post so I won’t intrude on him here. It sounds like he has an open mind and is not one of those automatic rejection machines. I like that. I’d be more than happy to talk with him too.
                There is so much that needs to be revealed regarding God’s Word and more-so what is NOT God’s Word. That’s another whole deal but also so very important now.

                God be with you Kelly

  4. come on proffessor, your scope is broader than that (pop quiz answers):
    a. so is Christmas
    b. thats so northern hemispheric of you
    c. time once again shows us that people and their rythyms can be regular as clockwork, now if there was only time enough left to enjoy all these “times”
    d. yeah-nah, see answer b, does “all of the above” also mean “none of the below”?

    I suggest flipping your globe so the kids can clue in on the anthropomorphizing (?help me with a better term?), of earth’s polarity (I’ll be watching for it).

    isn’t the whole polarity show about to flip anyways?

    “in” or “out” may be fair galactic perspectives, but certainly not up nor down. earths axis is way oblique to the largest source of gravity it relates to (known to the mayans as “hunabku”):,System%20aren't%20lined%20up.

  5. IMAGE
    Kellogg’s X glaad Together with Pride Heart-Shaped Cereal

    If we are what we eat, then the culture of this era is dominated by a bunch of “Fruit Loops”.

    • hahaha…. you win the internet today!

  6. What occupies my mind these days are the serious possibilities of an all out war between the US against the alliance of China and Russia. NATO is not only poking the bear but also the red dragon. The total insanity of the Biden administration pouring billions of money into the Ukraine proxy war. I can imagine a situation where the China and Russia decides to invade the US starting with Alaska and trample through Canada and so on. I can see then the US army coming in to Canada and never leave the country as they often do. I can’t see the US winning against these two country and consequently having the US-Canada ending up being unified as one block and turned into one large Chinese-Russia communist digital nightmare. Thus accomplish one more step towards one world government. I live 15 miles from the US border. Most Canadian are totally unaware that we are currently at war with Russia. Canada should be doing his usual role of peace maker but under Trudeau and Freeland we are now sending millions towards to this proxy war. Tucker explains it well. I never thought I would like him but right now he seems to be the only one calling things for what they are (the only one on main stream media, I mean). Unless the population wakes up we are heading for WWIII. Good luck to us.
    On the food problem well I hope this will motivate people to grow a large garden. Rip off your lawn in suburbia and grow food. Those in the cities have to be creative in finding spot to do urban garden but best for them would be to move out of the cities if possible. It is in fact it is getting harder and harder to get out of the city. The price of houses, rent and land is so high even in the country. Where I live now only millionaire a able to buy land.
    Thanks for all the info James, great shows. Here is the link to Tucker’s rant in case some are interested:

    • gabyville

      “….What occupies my mind these days are the serious possibilities of an all out war between the US against the alliance of China and Russia. NATO is not only poking the bear but also the red dragon….”

      The US is coming to the end of its ability to print magic money and force people to use it with the PetroDollar. This means that they must either

      a)Accept a period of economic depression and Global humiliation as bad or worse then Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union

      b) Go for broke and roll the dice via a war, the way Japan did when FDR cut off their oil imports….considering the decadent incompetence of the people who have inherited the US Empire my money is on B.

      All you can do is take care of yourself as best you can and hope to get thru it. 🙁

      “…. The total insanity of the Biden administration pouring billions of money into the Ukraine proxy war….”

      Its not “insanity”, its quite logical from their POV.

      The US jewish elite has had a deep ethnic hatred of Russia for a long time…add to the fact that Putin ran out most of the Jewish Oligarchs causes their desire to use the US to put them back on top in that region. The US jewish Elite, like all jewish elites, do not really have deep concerns for how their actions effect the host nation so if it tanks the economy and kills millions no big deal…. these are the kind of folks who came up with “The Samson Option” after all.

      “… I can imagine a situation where the China and Russia decides to invade the US starting with Alaska and trample through Canada and so on….”

      NOT going to happen.
      The Russian population is too small to support that kind of military, the Chinese military is more set up as a regional power. Just the logistics of marching and supplying the number of troops (IF they were available, which they are not) thru the frozen wastes of the north would be too great anyway.
      ANY invasion of the USA (which is NOT likely to happen) would be a navel attack and taking the coastal cities….again, not going to happen.

      Much more likely if things got that “real” would be atomic bombs off the coast drowning coastal cities with Tsunamis. Makes more sense to drop atomic mines from a sub and set it off later all at onece then to mess about with ICBM’s IMO

      “…I can’t see the US winning against these two country and consequently having the US-Canada ending up being unified as one block…”
      The USA kinda owns Canada already, or rather BOTH are owned by the same group of people.

      “…. Thus accomplish one more step towards one world government….”
      Easier to rule are if you break up the USA into 5 or six countries and the rest of the world into Micro or mini Nations. SMALL powers are easier for the money power to control.

      [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

      • Thanks for your insights.

    This is about Agenda 21

    This is about the true cause of the recent flu and all disease

    This is the recent book I read. It is an eyeopener.

    James and Evan please read this book.
    In it the US GOV tried to infect people with Spanish flu and were 100% unable to infect a healthy person. Flu is 100% caused by radio electric tv satelite wifi microwave and now MM waves from 5G. It is not a contagious disease. Never has been. This book exposes facts that are widely unknown to mankind.

    The disease is now called Now they claim it is mental illness.

    It used to be called INFLUENZA. The old definition is here from Noah Webster

    What about smartdust have you done any research into it? These are unlisted videos I found when there were 7 views before they unlisted them. EPIC Semiconductors

    Here is a video to help you understand the smartdust.

    Its all about IIOT and IOT and they want you connected too.

    • Link literacy:

      Links die due to one or more of several causes:

      1. The current librarians (Google, Bookface etc.) are not the old librarians and really like burning books (destroying accounts)

      2. Site owner fails to pay the DNS overlords for registering the domain

      3. Site owner just throws in the towel and stops funding the physical hardware which delivers the bits (disks, servers, network connectivity, backup systems etc.)

      C’est la vie.

  8. A moment from the trenches:

    A “jeffrey p lubina” requested that I view and assess a history documentary which examines the role of finance. Wishing to encourage the individual, I responded to investigate a few topics and recommended JC’s work as an excellent starting point. I could not resist the temptation to ONCE AGAIN refer to Episode 123 and Smedley Butler.

    I will never give up on Episode 123.

    Have fun!

    = Verbatim response to Jeffrey =


    That’s a big Pandora’s box you are opening, indeed a red-pill rabbit hole. The first question is what is money, and more precisely what is fiat currency? In attempts to understand history one is well served by the old principles of cuo bono (who benefits) and “follow the money”.

    My advice to you would be look at the work by James Corbett. In particular, Century of Enslavement and his three part series on WWI.

    If this piques your interest you can look at the JFK and MLK assassinations. For a moment of serious reflection examine the life and realizations of one of my greatest heroes, Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler.


    Note: download the videos DIRECTLY from Corbett’s site. Ignore youtube, bitchute etc..

    Century of Enslavement:
    WWI Conspiracy: (part I)
    (Note: Dr. William Pepper is the expert on this and you’ll need to do some of your own digging for more details)
    Smedley Butler and the “Business Plot”:

    [The too many links auto-delay shall soon ensue. Perhaps JC you could tweak that by exempting links to your own website. Just an idea.]

  9. Sorry, I can’t wait for the required approval for the links above. Jeffrey responded with the most beautiful encouragement I have ever received. I share it with you to encourage you in whatever you do. There IS support out there. Do not feel alone.

    Jeffrey said:

    Please, don’t ever end your own research or ever stop writing. Thank you. Sincerely.

    My eyes are wet in gratitude.


  10. James has asked us to respond to his speech to the Lifestyle of Liberty Webinar.

    JC’s dissertation could be summarised in two phrases, “Just do it” and “if you don’t possess the drive, the passion, your effort will wane”. I embrace this. One must act, and one must care. James and I differ hugely on perspective and analysis. But, I just keep doing, and he sees this. He sees effort. He sees dedication, and he disagrees with my analysis, regularly. It matters not. He sees commitment and effort. This is all it has taken for me to receive the most blessed support from James. He feels his beginnings. He offers praise and support to anyone who shows the passion, and just keeps doing.

    This is the message he offers in his contribution to the webinar. Align yourself with your passion. Do.

    You will struggle in the dark of night. There will be moments of distress. This is why the passion is so important, it sustains you. Then, like a rising sun a light of inspiration to gird your determination rises before you. Some small voice from the void tells you, I am listening. Your effort has meaning to me. Don’t stop.

    Then, your wet eyes see. You know that your work is not work. It is love. You are being true to yourself and others feel that honesty. You are free.

    I repeat, the most beautiful acknowledgment I have ever received came just a few hours ago:

    Please, don’t ever end your own research or ever stop writing. Thank you. Sincerely.

    Find your passion. Begin. Act. You are not alone.

    Amaranth is the original outlaw rebel grain.
    – A Revist

    …the plant is very versatile in where it can grow, and not only the seeds, but also the leaves are edible very nutritious…
    …the tiny seeds can be easily shared…
    …starve the parasitic plutocracy one homegrown/homecooked meal at a time and be able to do so without having to water their garden constantly in the hot weather (due to Amaranth’s impressive drought tolerance)….

      • 🙂 I am pretty excited to be adding two more heirloom Amaranth varieties to our garden this year.

        One is called “Chinese Multicolor Spinach” Amaranth (which produces big juicy antioxidant rich leaves) and the other one is called “Pink Beauty” Amaranth (it produces succulent edible stems that one would cook like asparagus, which are also high in antioxidants).

        Here is a pic of a couple other varieties I am excited to try out this year

        You have any heirloom seed varieties that are new to your garden going in this year?

        • Every year, I try new stuff (heirloom or not) on my small plot.
          The Texas heat sorts things out for the plants and me.

          • 🙂

            I bet if you managed to build up some deep fertile soil in a heavily mulched raised bed those sweet potaters would love it there.

            Here (in southern Ontario) I have to use tricks to warm up the soil temp to get a really good crop of sweet potatoes (as they are sub tropical and they like the soil really warm).

            Sometimes I grow them in dark colored 60-80 gallon garbage cans (I drill some holes in the side and plant the “slips” aka sweet potato vine cuttings into the holes and on the top too). I put them near a brick wall and the soil gets warm enough to give us a sizeable crop and they can be grown on a cement pad if need be (to maximize productivity on our small urban suburban lot).

  12. “Brook Jackson’s attorney, Robert Barnes, had a strong day in court last week with the $3 trillion false claims lawsuit against Pfizer, by driving home that Pfizer was contracted to deliver a safe and effective vaccine to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection. He pointed out to the judge that the contract promises the delivery of a safe and effective vaccine under FDA laws more than a half-dozen times.”


    What the heck would they do with the 3 trillion (that is three thousand billions) if they won? How would they distribute such a ridiculous amount of money? and to whom would they distribute the money? and based on what criteria?

  13. Hello,
    I have a wish:

    Could you implement a ‘floating’ button on this page that navigates to the start/header of the page? that I can reach the links and the search field easier?
    In some online shops they also have this button. e.g. ebay.
    Thank you.

  14. This is a serious issue.

    ? With the emergence of global pandemics such as the Black Death (Plague), 1918 influenza, smallpox, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and currently the COVID-19 outbreak caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, there is an urgent, pressing medical need to devise methods of rapid testing and diagnostics to screen a large population of the planet. The important considerations for any such diagnostic test include: 1) high sensitivity (to maximize true positive rate of detection); 2) high specificity (to minimize false positives); 3) low cost of testing (to enable widespread adoption, even in resource-constrained settings); 4) rapid turnaround time from sample collection to test result; and 5) test assay without the need for specialized equipment.

    ? World’s first graphene circuit generates limitless power from thermal motion :

    ? Graphene oxide is detected in the body by specialized cells of the immune system
    Researchers at Karolinska Institutet, the University of Manchester and Chalmers University of Technology have shown that the human immune system handles graphene oxide in a manner similar to pathogens, possibly leading to safer biomedical applications in the future.

    ? Future Carbon acquires graphene and CNT patents from Bayer
    Future Carbon logoFuture Carbon, a carbon nanomaterials and supercomposites developer and manufacturer, announced that is acquired several graphene and CNT patents from Bayer.

    ? Application of graphene oxide in preparation of feed for lepidoptera and diptera insects
    The invention discloses an application of graphene oxide in preparation of feeds for lepidoptera and diptera insects. Wherein the mass-to-volume ratio (mu g/mL) of the graphene oxide to the feed for lepidoptera and diptera insects is 500: 1-2000:1. The feed is prepared by the following method: preparing a graphene oxide solution, preparing a culture medium, and dissolving the culture medium in the graphene oxide solution to prepare the graphene oxide-based feed for the diptera insects. The graphene oxide-based lepidoptera and diptera insect feed can shorten the growth period of insects, improve the survival rate of larvae, increase the weight of the larvae and pupae, and greatly reduce the time and production cost in the practical application process.


    ? Turkey candidate to be major graphene producer with new plant
    urkey is set to place itself among 10 countries that can produce graphene on a large scale with the new plant in the capital Ankara, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said Tuesday.

    ? Graphene Conferences in Turkey 2023/2024/2025
    Graphene Conferences in Turkey 2023/2024/2025 is an indexed listing of upcoming meetings, seminars, congresses, workshops, programs, continuing CME courses, trainings, summits, and weekly, annual or monthly symposiums.

    ? Homo chimericus: Chitinization, through an insect-based diet, in synergy with Graphenization, of food and medicines, is generating a new chimeric and connected human organism :

    • The graphene oxide relation with the vax is all bullshit, though.
      It is a red herring to divert from the real dangers.
      (It is a bioweapon)

      You can clearly see that the “nano-tech” particles are like cholesterol (=lipid) crystals. If you are smart enough you can find them with google.

    • It is funny how you wave away a good article
      with the no-virus red herring.

        • Have you read up on the details of Lanka’s trial?

          Basically, they had a microbiologist expert (whose name I can not recollect) testify at the trial that a) macrobiology is not a hard science (which it is not) and that b) we need to trust the experts regarding those things that can not be proven with hard evidence and facts.

          The whole thing was quite damning. Now, I do not claim that the tastimony of this one witness is the absolute truth, maybe people out there know better than he does.

          But I do find it indicative that there was an actual trial with actual witnesses where evidence needed to be provided … and the top witness summoned from the “yes virus” camp provides such testimony.

          Would you, from the scientific standpoint, agree that the onus of providing proof is on those making the claim? Also, would you agree that the idea of consenus in science has absolutely no weight in realoty? Meaning that consensus can not replace evidence.

    • That’s a god read. I did not know this thing about aspirin. Certainly worth looking it up. The most important aspect the author stresses is that all the bad decison making beefs up the death count and is used to inflate the threat.

      However, it’s not merely bad decision making, it’s evil. It’s not just iatrogenic death. It’s murder. Sure, for most of the people involved there was no intent to harm, but manslaughter is still murder.

      Another point worth writing about: the author builds on words without defining them first. Pandemic, vaccine. What do these words mean? If the author did not define them, who did? Pardon the pun.

  15. It is just a head set thing. Not “telepathy”.
    The headset reads electric signals to detect which parts of the brain are active.
    A bit like looking at your eyes, where you are looking at.
    So the electric signals can tell if you look left or look right.
    Here is how you can train yourself and the system to do typing
    when you are so handicapped that can not use your body.

    It has a lot of errors, and it is over-hyped to get
    big money contracts from the military.

  16. Below is an excerpt from an excellent article written by Robert J. Burrowes of wearehumanwearefree dot org (which AnitaM posted a link to a few comments above this one).

    The article is titled:

    ?? ??? ????? ??????? ???????????, ????????????, ????????? ??? ??????????????? ?? ??? ?????’? ‘????? ?????’: ???? ??? ?? ?? ????? ???? ????????????

    “How Can We Resist Effectively?

    A long-planned, vast range and parallel sequence of measures is being rapidly implemented to capture political, social, economic, medical and technological control of the human population. The intention is to kill off a substantial proportion of humanity and imprison those left alive as transhuman slaves in the Elite’s technocratic (surveillance and control) ‘smart’ cities, which will be policed by a range of current and emerging technologies.

    The only way we can defeat this long-planned, complex and multifaceted threat, is to mobilize sufficient people all over the world who are willing to nonviolently noncooperate with its foundational components, that is, those elements that make the entire Elite program possible.

    So if you are interested in being strategic in your resistance to the ‘Great Reset’ and its related agendas, you are welcome to participate in the ‘We Are Human, We Are Free’ campaign which identifies a list of 30 strategic goals for doing so.

    In parallel with our resistance, we must create the political, economic and social structures that serve our needs, not those of the Elite. That is why long-standing efforts to encourage and support people to grow their own food – see ‘23 Reasons You Should Start a Garden in 2023’ (link provided in article above) – participate in local trading schemes (involving the exchange of knowledge, skills, services and products with or without a local medium of exchange) and develop structures for cooperation, governance, nonviolent defence and networking with other communities are so important.”

  17. Here is a Tip that some folks may find useful to MAKE TRANSCRIPTS of podcasts or Videos.

    I’ve done this a few times but am too lazy to do it as much as I should

    First get A youtube Channel…do your best to not put your ACTUAL personal details into the Google monster

    1)Download the audio you want transcribed

    2)put it into Openshot or some other free video editor and turn it into a video. I leave blank to reduce render time

    3)upload it to your youtube channel BUT MAKE IT PRIVATE!!!!

    4)It will auto transcribe the speech in a couple of days or so

    5) Go to the video and look for the three dots (these days next to the thumbs up/down stuff next to video…look for “show transcript” the copy/paste it into a doc. You will probably want to toggle off the TimeStamp unless you actually want it

    There may be some weirdness about “paste as plain text” or some other option. ONE of them will paste.


  18. Russell Brand just appeared on Bill Maher and criticized MSNBC. Even if you don’t agree with everything Brand says, you gotta admit, he’s got balls for trying to reach the normies right on their turf that way. I wonder if they’ll let Corbett on that show… ?

    Anyways, I recommend, for the WFPB or WFPB-curious eaters, the “How Not to Die Cookbook”. It’s written by Dr. Michael Greger. He doesn’t use any refined sugar or oil, uses only whole plants, and is quite energetic in his videos, too.

  19. Quiz answer: d.

    A big picture issue that is on my mind is the realization that we all need to be “generalists” in life, first & foremost, as opposed to specialists, and we need to re-engineer the way our personal societies function.

    When I say, generalists, I mean we need to know how to do all the general things necessary for life as if the System weren’t available to us. (We all need to know how to acquire/build a shelter using whatever resources are available to us and properly clothe ourselves for protection, how to warm ourselves, how to access safe water to drink, how to properly manage our own waste & practice good hygiene, how to forage, produce, prepare & preserve food, how to protect & defend ourselves, and how to get along and cooperate with people.)

    We were raised in a System that basically said, the System will take care of all of the above, you just have to specialize in something to play your part in it.

    And now, most people are weak because they need the System to simply live — they can’t live without it. If people could learn to be a generalist, having a basic proficiency in all of the above — and be willing to live without the System, then they could be a force to be reckoned with. Right now, the PTSB know most people can’t make it on their own, they know that people need the System & will do whatever the PTSB say to maintain access to it. And this is why they have the upper hand.

    But if people can figure out how to survive on their own — and learn how to cooperate with each other *outside the System*, then that’s a whole different ballgame.

    • BTW, I’m continually working on being a generalist myself. I have not yet “arrived”, for sure, but I’ve come a long way. I’ve gone camping here & there in the past, which gave me a hint at it, but it wasn’t until my husband & I moved to the country, and we had to start living outside the System on several fronts that I began to get a more realistic view of what meeting our own needs & the needs of our entire family (which our children are now teens & young adults) requires on a long-term basis.

    • Excellent points and I think you are exactly right. People must maintain the knowledge needed to survive on their own rather than outsourcing it to others an specializing like in a modern factory for example where each person is a cog building a single part and that’s all they know.

      There was a very good documentary JC posted years ago called “Human Resources” that discussed this change.

  20. I’m still working my way through the replay of the “Lifestyles of Liberty” webinar, but so far I’m finding it very helpful.

    I’ve been struggling with determining what significant value I have to offer folks at this time that others will consider valuable.

    I started a specialized blog nearly a dozen years ago, and was very active on it, sharing unique content in my particular area of study/expertise, but much of it was highly controversial at the time (& still is to a large degree), so my audience was very small.

    I ended up backing off from it considerably, but every once in a while someone will comment on there letting me know some of its content is still relevant to some. (I just received a positive comment yesterday on one of my more controversial subjects, which thrilled me.)

    I’m trying to determine if I should pick that subject matter back up again & run with it now in some way.

    Following the “just do it” advice and the example of “flashback” posts seen here at corbettreport, I think I’m going to start doing the same on my site.

    (I’ve just now been reading through a lot of my material from 2017 and find myself saying, “that’s good stuff!”)

    I plan to resurrect that content and possibly repurpose it and find alternate ways of getting it out where the right people will see it. So, thank you to James and Richard Grove (& all the speakers at University of Reason) for nudging me along. 🙂

    • carriew
      How does one find your site? It sounds a lot like something I once tried to do. Just because it is highly controversial doesn’t make it bad or wrong. Truth can be that way. Many literally choke on it.

      • joebear,

        The blog site is:

        It came to be as a result of my husband & I starting to question what we had been taught in the Christian church and not having anyone in real life willing to discuss any of it with us.

        That questioning led to intense personal Bible study on my part, and I used the blog to share my studies with the world.

  21. ??? ???????????? ??? ??? ?? ??????? ? ????????? ??????? ?? ????????????? ???? ?????? ?????? ???????…

    This will be no surprise to most of you here and some will say “hey dummie, that is what you get for having an oligarch owned/controlled email account!” but I thought I would share this anyways so people can see it is part of a larger pattern (to more clearly discern the direction they are attempting to herd us).

    I went to sign into my old microsoft email account and they throw this pop up thing in my face trying to push Biometric ID on me (attempting to make it seem so convenient to just scan my finger print into a smart phone instead of typing in a password).

    It had the big bold propaganda message saying “Break Free From Your Passwords” (shown in image linked above).

    War is peace, freedom is slavery anyone?

    Then it encourages you to switch over to biometric smart phone sign in methods and get rid of that old “inconvenient” password telling you how much more “secure” the biometric digital ID sign in will be (their digital shackles are safe and effective guys).

    About a month ago I had my bank try and coerce me into doing a Digital ID biometric sign in just so I could add money to my book printing account (made me jump through a bunch of hoops that took hours to avoid it).

    How long do you think it will be before it is not a choice anymore?

    How long until we get a biometric Digital ID connected ‘internet drivers license’ assigned to us to make internet “safe and effective” ?

    • People are consenting to this slavery system, which pushes the non complying people into cages too. Like with the jabs. If more people said no, it would have stopped. But people believe that they have no power and go along to get along because it’s easier. Those massive protests in Europe did have an effect (I think).

      In the US, it’s a little better I think. I haven’t been asked for biometric info yet for banking. But there is the real ID and I think a passport is needed for domestic flights now. I haven’t verified this yet because I haven’t flown since 2019.

      • @cu.h.j

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts, observations and an update on the situation with regards to the attempted acclimation of the population to lock themselves up in the “Digital ID Prison” where you live.

        You make some valid points, we could indeed “nullify” these various creeping totalitarian technocratic initiatives if we refused to comply in mass, but a great many people have been slowly but surely conditioned and seduced into becoming addicted to all these “super convenient” technologies and so the momentum is there to keep this stuff moving forward at this point.

        I have not been on an airplane for a lot longer but I do wanna try and make it to my sister’s wedding this year so I better look into whether or not Domestic flights involve any weird biometric stuff so I know if I need to plan for an epic road trip or not.

        Thanks for the comment.

        • I think the biggest thing we have in our favor (by our I mean freedom oriented folks and liberty minded people) is that the system they want is undesirable (IMO). It’s cumbersome and expensive and fallible. Lots of people are able to game it already with fake documents and such. There is always a work around to any imposed system. It’s like how bureaucracy is costly and inefficient. The system they want to put in place is doomed to fail IMO and cannot be sustained by large numbers of people, which is one of the reasons they want to cull the human population. It’s easier to manage that way and small numbers pose less of a threat.

          What they are doing is unnatural and undesirable and will be rejected in part or whole by enough people to cause collapse. They think they know and can plan for outcomes but I don’t think it’s realistic to assume so.

  22. SO there’s this mob called the ‘The World Business Council for Sustainable Development’ right, and they have this brilliant plan to lock everyone down in case of a ‘climate emergency’. I have no idea what a global climate emergency might look like, are they going to ignite all the aluminium they’ve been spray into the atmosphere for decades?

    Anyway, here’s their cunning plan:

    “Shifting Arctic ice, raging wildfires in western US states and elsewhere, and methane leaks in the North Sea are all warning signs that we are approaching a tipping point on climate change, when protecting the future of civilization will require dramatic interventions.

    Under a “climate lockdown,” governments would limit private-vehicle use, ban consumption of red meat, and impose extreme energy-saving measures, while fossil-fuel companies would have to stop drilling. To avoid such a scenario, we must overhaul our economic structures and do capitalism differently.”

    “The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is a global organization of 200 leading businesses working together to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world. It helps make member companies more successful and sustainable …..”

    And then, in Great Britain they are coming after your chooks even harder:

    Read the following with a German accent for greater understanding.

    “People in Great Britain who keep chickens in their yards are forced to register them with the government under a new proposed law to ‘stop the spread of bird flu’. Suuure.

    The new rules would apply to all bird keepers, no matter how many birds they own. Currently, only people who keep 50 birds or more are required by law to do so.

    Under the rule, people who keep birds as pets or for food production (i.e., eggs) will be forced to register as well. Failure to do so is a violation of the law. They would also be required to update their information every year.”

    And this totally not about knowing where all the chooks are so they can come and ‘vaccinate’ or steal them in a year or two. Pstttt, wanna buy some black market eggs? (Actually I think JP Sears already did that joke.)

    • The pinnacle of astroturfing. Well played, bottom of the trashcan elite, well played.

  23. Did anyone here ever come across any of this info on Midazolam and how it was used in elderly homes?

    If the data in the article linked above is right, it is truly horrifying. It would mean that the level of mass murder that took place was massive (which would be on top of and in addition to the hospital remdesavir murders and mRNA/viral vector clot shot mass murder).

    They were apparently using the same drugs on healthy people in those elderly homes as they are now using in the MAID program in Canada.

    • “Midazolam is not a pleasant drug to be killed with either. A sedative with no painkilling properties. It makes you sleep but you still feel everything.

      Midazolam is especially problematic because it’s not an anesthetic. As one of its inventors testified, midazolam induces drowsiness or sleep but it doesn’t stop a patient from feeling pain. Multiple people executed in recent years using midazolam have shown signs of pain—gasping, heaving against restraints, choking, and coughing. Lethal Injections Cause Suffocation and Severe Pain, Autopsies Show”

      — Equal Justice Initiative

      In Arizona, the dosage for execution using midazolam is 50mg.

      “The Arizona execution protocol explicitly states that a prisoner will be executed using 50mg of hydromorphone and 50mg of midazolam”

    • “Midazolam depresses respiration and it hastens death. It changes end-of-life care into euthanasia.” – Professor Patrick Pullicino

      NICE Issued Midazolam Guidance In April 2020

      On 3rd April 2020 — NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) issued guidance NG163 (NG — NICE Guidance) — which recommended the use of benzodiazepines, including Midazolam, for mere “agitation or distress”, directed at care homes:

      During the scamdemic/lockdowns the protocols in the UK in long term care homes suggested 10 – 60mg in 24 hours. 10mg more than Arizona’s lethal injection!

      In April 2020, Midazolam prescriptions skyrocketed.,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

      • My gran was killed with Clonazepam + the jab. Jan 2021, in a care home in France.

        • @Prajna-Paramita

          I am sorry to hear that, thank you for sharing that so that hopefully others can avoid having to leave the planet in that way.

          I lost a friend that I grew up with to the bio weapon injections, he was a young healthy dad and husband. His long time place of employment threatened to take away his salary if he refused to be injected. He experienced total heart failure on the jobsite a couple days after his second pfizer injection.

          Hopefully their deaths can serve as a warning to others and serve the purpose of preventing more suffering if we keep their stories alive and do not let people forget what happened in these needlessly bloody last couple years.

          May your gran rest in peace and may your joyful memories of her shine brighter than the memories of the last couple years.

    • I read something about midazolam use in the UK, but I wasn’t aware it was ever used in Canada. In the US, I’ve never seen it used for anxiety outside of procedural sedation or for sedation of intubated patients on ventilators. I’ve never used it for end of life care (hospice patients) but rather lorazepam.

      Midazolam has an amnesic effect which can diminish a persons capacity. This is very stunning that this drug would be used. I’ll have to look into it. But it’s really jaw dropping that they would do this and I agree with you about the moral and legal implications. It’s sickening.

        • Glad he followed up on this and I have heard about hypnosis being used for less invasive medical procedures. I’ve never actually seen it, but fascinating that some people can be responsive to it and be able to overcome pain and fear to such an extent.

          For some surgeries, I’d prefer general anesthesia for myself though. I skip the midazolam because I don’t like amnesia prior to entering the operating room. In fact when I was about to go under I told them I didn’t want midazolam and the nurse had be focus on my breathing before I was put under. I wasn’t really afraid though because I trusted the surgeon and medical team so I was pretty confident I’d wake up without issues.

          But it’s fascinating to consider that some people are actually hypnotized by news and political talking heads like Dr. Desmet theorizes and maybe he’s right. I just have never been very suggestible so being a fallible human being tend to think others think like me and have the same disposition but this is not correct.

          Hypnosis though is such a fascinating topic though and I’m glad you shared this and I will read more of the case studies of surgical procedures under hypnosis too.

    • Blogger Moneycircus wrote an article on it back in September 2021. In it he covers Wayne Smith who, after his father needlessly died in a facility, discovered that he was administered numerous doses of the drug. Later, after investigating and reporting too many other disturbing findings, Wayne Smith was found dead at his home from “covid”:

      Matt Hancock and the Midazolam Touch: I Can’t Breathe – a Very British Way of Death

    • @cu.h.j and pearl

      Thank you both for your input and info.

      I think I would have preferred to live in a time when the mass murderers and soldiers of democide were easily discernable and obviously dangerous.

      Now it seems these psychotic elements (and their minions) have gone incognito in our modern western societies. Lurking around with smiling faces and promises of keeping you safe and then they pull out a pharmaceutical dagger when you let your guard down.

      Perilous times indeed.

    • In France, mostly Klonopin (Clonazepam) was used to kill at least 6000 elderly people in care homes across the nation, during full lockdowns while basically no family members were permitted to visit. I wasn’t even allowed to go to my gran’s funeral after they killed her. She was a WWII survivor. This method of killing is the biggest insult I could ever imagine for a WWII survivor.

      You’ll need to activate the auto-translate subtitling function:

      and google translate for this really long, exhaustive article detailing ALL the drugs used and the list of drugs is LONG:

  24. I just saw on Twitter that RFK, Jr. is polling on whether or not he should run for president! I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this, particularly since you’ve been interviewed a few times by Children’s Health Defense of late.

  25. Can anyone suggest good documentaries to watch on Nikola Tesla’s forbidden works?

    I’ll even settle for a really good book.

    Thanks in advance.

    • “Hidden Energy: Tesla-inspired inventors and a mindful path to energy abundance” (by Jeane Manning and Susan Manewich) is pretty good.

      There are other good books, schematics, studies, classified documents and films I could dig up another time too

      • @Jed

        While I have managed to confirm that the vast majority of the intel presented by Steven Greer and his team is legit and represents actionable intel I do not necessarily share his views regarding glorifying high tech sterilized robotic hydroponic agriculture (which so called “free energy” would make widely available) as some kind of amazing solution and step forward in our evolution as a species.

        I mean don’t get me wrong, I do think that the guy is right when he says that if the suppressed zero point energy field extraction tech (so called “free energy” generators) were to become widely available it would reduce the cost of most things to nearly zero, shift the macro-economic order, destabilize existing hyper-consolidated monopolistic oligarchies and help us to drastically reduce pollution, but thinking that some giant hydroponic artificial food growing systems are the answer to world hunger and improving our quality of life is all wrong.

        Spending time working close with the plants in a natural setting, with living soil, a diverse range of plants, trees and fungi, that is the medicine that each and every human being that is physically able needs, not some quick fix startrek food replicator nonsense.

        We were created (and/or evolved) to interact with living ecosystems symbiotically, it is part of what maintains our health as human beings. High tech quick fixes are not a path to spiritually or socially evolve as a species.. in order to truly liberate our human race we must first liberate the mind and the heart, which requires reconnecting with the living planet Earth. Greer talks about meditation and the living planet (which is great) but then he shows these CGI renderings of some future he depicts and describes as a glorious golden age for humanity and it shows these giant hydroponic growing operations with robots, I think while that kind of cultivation may be helpful in some situations, we should be focusing on real living soil, regenerating the soil and creating food forests (as the ancients did) before anything else. I do look forward to that film he is putting out this year though (The Lost Century) but I have my reservations about the high tech quick fix agriculture stuff he puts on a pedestal.

        Anyways, those are my thoughts on Greer and the stuff he is proposing as solutions.

        • Hahaha, love the reference to Herman Munster, Jed

        • @Jed

          Thanks for the heads up and review, i`ll check it out next chance I get.

          Do you remember if the film went into what is going on with the “Space Rapid Capabilities Office” at Kirtland Air Force Base?

          • @Jed

            Okay thanks.

            My sources indicate that Bechtel Corporation does a lot of the underground base construction for the D.U.M.B.-s Greer is referring to. The technology they use for boring the tunnels between those facilities is pretty intense. From what I gather it uses energy extracted from the vacuum (so called “free energy”) to power a laser based array that super heats the rock ahead of the machine to the melting point after which it is propelled forward compressing the molten rock into a solid tunnel behind it. No grinding of rocks required and the resulting tunnel is said to be smooth to the touch (and sometimes shiny depending on the mineral composition of the rock being melted/bored through).

            Some of the really nasty operations (experimentation on living and dead beings from downed craft, MILAB R&D, weaponized directed energy tech prototyping etc) that were set up by the predecessors of the Majestic 12 group, (more recently morphing into the “PI-40” group) are only accessible via those tunnels from other highly secure underground bases (having no above ground access points).

            Yes the electrogravitic craft humans have developed are quite numerous and varied at this late date. While I do not share all of Richard Dolan’s views, I do think his term that refers to the people running the USAPs, the corporate and military underground facilities related to these technologies as “The Breakaway Civilization” is quite apt.

            If they hit the green light on the cosmic false flag op, I have a feeling that the “Space Rapid Capabilities Office” will be playing a key role so I am keeping my eye on their movements and the stuff they are allowing the public to know about their operations.

          • When I read “Lean, gristle-like serious affect, silent and confident, like body builders they morph towards sexless states, no sense of humor, they answer questions with statements like “that’s need to know only” or “I’d tell you but then I’d have to kill you.” They exist to follow orders and have no interest in anything other than what they’re doing at that moment with machine-like focus.”

            I immediately thought on this song


            I do not know if I can confidently speak about their souls (or lack thereof) in general like that myself. Perhaps they were once unique like each stone on/in the Earth and the system grinded them into dust and re-formed them as “another brick in the (super secret underground bunker) wall” and there is no way to make them back into a unique stone again in this life. Or, perhaps while much conditioning and garbage has been imposed onto and used to obscure the true nature of their soul, underneath all the conditioning such individuals still have an intact “blank slate” ( ) that could be accessed if all of the garbage and mental conditioning could somehow be removed from their hearts and minds?

            I do not have that answer, but one of my sources for intel on these matters comes from a career military family of which several individuals have worked in compartmented operations related to said facilities and technologies (which he himself also ended up working in security operations on for a time). While he said his parents were “true believers”, he ended up questioning the morality of what those covert operations are engaged in doing and decided to get out and go off grid. So perhaps there is hope for some of them.

      • Be absolutely certain that cheap and abundant energy source would change the world completely. Be even more absolutely assured in your reasoning that people as a whole are absoulutely not ready for it. Not even nearly ready.

        Many of the problems we have today are further exacerbated by techonology. Rest assured that I do not promote abandonment of techology but bringing people up to speed with current truths.

        In addition to what Gavin put, where he covered most of what I wanted to posit while inspired by your comment Jed, let me offer another assurance:

        We had at least one (good lord knows how many actually) close near contact with technology that could have paved a way to clean, abundant, safe and cheap energy. This one occured 60 years ago and the whole thing took a looong roundabout detour after that demo, intended for running nuclear powered bombers, 4MW LFTR was brought offline.

        • The same guy who put together light water reactors has done the same with liquid fluoride thorium reactors. But the deck already been dealt, money was being made and the much, much better LFTR concept was canned. It seems to be again gaining traction during the recent years. Chinese are apparently investing in it profusely and various companies are doing the same.

    • There is a film that is supposed to come out some time this year called “The Lost Century” which will include info on the specific patents, ideas and inventions that Nikola Tesla brought into this world which were considered to pose a significant threat to the continued dominance of the plutocrats.

      It is worth noting that while he was a genius, many have picked up where Nikola Tesla left off in the century since then (though there have been twice as many charlatans too). Some people in recent decades took his ideas a lot further than the drawing board and really brought Telsa’s visions into fruition (with regards to “connecting an apparatus to the very wheel work of the universe.” as Nikola Tesla was fond of saying).

      The most successful modern day inventors that followed in his footsteps were of course threatened, harassed, raided by the FBI, gag ordered, bribed, blackmailed or murdered.

      Here are a few pics of a bunch more books on Nikola Tesla and his work :

    • Here is a link to an FBI document showing that they (the DOD, FBI and other alphabet agency statist goons and puppets of the plutocrats) came in and wanted to scoop up all his papers, schematics and journals (which were stolen from his vualt after his death).

    • Last but not least, some info on something he was apparently working on at the age of 79 that involved harmonic resonance and acoustic sympathetic resonance where he supposedly told a reporter that he could use an adapted form of this technology to “Destroy Empire State Building with Five Pounds of Air Pressure”

  26. For those who remember Corbett saying that the Japanese are a little young at heart (I visited Taiwan and China, I think they are too), here is a tourist video demonstrating that (pardon the Gootube, I still use it for certain types of videos):

    That channel also has “cute robot cafe” videos. Lots of young looking places… it probably started appearing in my gootube feed because of James always announcing that he lives in Japan at the beginning of his videos. So, James, visited any maid cafes lately?

    • “… So, James, visited any maid cafes lately?…”

      I dont know about Maid cafe’s but I actually THINK (going off memory) that he mentioned that there was a Robot coffee server in a place he went into…. IIRC he was talking about the demographic collapse as Japan and the west ages and i THINK it was a subscriber news letter.

      AS I recall he was also talking about what a great surveillance device such robot servers were.

      • I remember James mentioning the robot servers. He said that they’re not that great because they take up a lot of space and are slow. Plus, sometimes the kitchen staff would forget to place the food on the robots, so they would have to hand deliver it anyways. Not very productive!

        • “… Plus, sometimes the kitchen staff would forget to place the food on the robots…”

          Lol, Thats the LOW CALORIE option.

  27. Will James ever cover Ted Kaczynski in depth? I was listening to a podcast about him recently (Fact Hunter) and his manifesto Industrial Society and It’s Future was read. Kaczynski was essentially an anarchist, which aligns fairly well with James’ voluntaryism political philosophy worldview. I’ve heard some Hermitix podcasts on the man, and I believe Ryan Dawson is a fan of his philosophy (maybe not the violent terrorism angle), but I don’t know too much more about the man (I guess I should watch the recent biopic, starring Sharlto Copley, on him some time). It seems like a personality and series of philosophical texts attributable to him that James ought to address at some point on the CR, however…
    And no, a search result on the CR site doesn’t come up with much specific related content…

      • Cheers.

    • CRM

      “.. Kaczynski was essentially an anarchist, which aligns fairly well with James’ voluntaryism political philosophy worldview. ..”

      Pete Quinoes did a read thru and discussion of the manesfesto….this is the first part, I think it was 5 epps long or so.

      I not an expert on him or anything but I do NOT think the guy was an anarchist in the political sense.

      He was more of a philosopher who saw that the demands of Industrial Society were fundamentally at odds with the demands of human nature. thus I do not think that his outlook was ‘political’ in the normal sense of the word.

      I think, considering that he wanted to go back to ye olden days, that anarchy was not a thing his philosophy allows for, since people under such conditions are always tightly regulated by their physical needs which demand that they work in groups to stay alive. I think Tom Paine made the same point that a single man in the wilderness must have others to help him if he is to survive the slightest mishap or adversity.

      The idea of Anarchy and voluteryism are rather new ideas, only made possible by technology making it possible for a single man to do things that previously required community and upon which his survival is dependent.

      IMO they also grow out of the erroneous belief that the state of nature is ‘freedom’, in the sense of ‘self actualization’ rather then a state in which basic survival takes up most of peoples thinking and energy.

      • Thanks for the reply, Duck.

  28. Anybody got problems with using ?? seems down or sumtin…

  29. Today on Tessa Fights Robots:
    The Battle for Your Brain: A Conversation with Igor Chudov
    Plus, intellectual inoculations and digital vaccines
    With a brain interface the “…AI when it perceives you are hungry may know you want a certain dish before you do.” Even without a brain interface with AI, how many times I have heard from others, and experienced it myself, my phone dishing up ads or articles leads I was thinking about or purchasing without me having made mention of it to anyone nor voiced it aloud. @ 13:00-16:00 and he describes how a lot of people may want to get involved with AI for interactions between their friends and loved ones.”

  30. Sociopaths taking pleasure in the public’s misery and harm…

    On 3/9/2023 Thursday’s “The Highwire”, Jefferey Jaxen and Del Bigtree discuss the more than 100,000 leaked WhatsApp messages from Matt Hancock, the former health secretary, and other U.K. ministers and officials.
    At the 41:15 minute mark, Jefferey Jaxen sets-up the U.K. WhatsApp story, and then rolls through citing various examples.
    Around the 53:30 mark, Jaxen goes into detail about Heathrow airport and the forced quarantine of travelers.

    Feb 5, 2021
    Matt Hancock says: “We are giving big families all the suites and putting pop stars in the box rooms.”
    Simon Case replies: “I just want to see some of the faces of the people coming out of first class and into a premier inn shoe box.”
    Feb16th, 2021
    Simon Case asks: “Any idea how many people we locked up in hotels yesterday?”
    Matt Hancock: “None. But 149 chose to enter the country and are now in Quarantine Hotels due to their own free will.”
    Simon Case: “Hilarious.”

    The Telegraph links…
    How those in government gloated as travellers went through distress of hotel quarantine
    Simon Case, the Cabinet Secretary, said it was ‘hilarious’ that travellers had to isolate on return to UK, leaked WhatsApp messages reveal

    The Lockdown Files Team – (Main menu)

    The Lockdown Files: 10 things we’ve learned so far
    Leaked WhatsApp messages call into question much of the reasoning for months of national lockdowns and other restrictions on daily life

    We Corbett Report Members know that many people in power are sociopaths who take pleasure in suppressing and controlling the masses. Murder is not “accidental” by these psychopaths.
    I feel it is valuable when the plastic veneer is removed from their faces, and their intentions to cause harm and suffering are exposed.

    • Yeah, it’s good to remember that. There are some sick and evil human beings who are psychopaths devoid of empathy and do not care about the suffering and pain they cause others and may even enjoy doing so. Sort of like some of these psychopathic serial killers who enjoy tormenting victims, they are very similar except they do it in different ways. It’s a sobering reminder of what some humans are capable of.

      • robster

        “…And, there is only one solution: eliminate them. …”
        Hmn…. that sounds like psychopath speak
        😉 Lol, JK.

        Seriously though.
        The 1% of people who are NORMALLY psychopaths (I suspect we are chemically and socially creating many more these days) exist for a reason- if there was no need for them to exist they would have been eliminated long ago.

        Most of them are just low class drunks and scumbags, (as described in ‘mask of sanity’) but there will always be a need for higher functioning psychopath who is stupid enough to do the reckless stuff normal people balk at. I would feel better if my surgeon just got on with the job rather then getting distracted by worrying about the gore.

        The Problem with psychopaths IS NOT THEM, the problem is US.

        We have created a system where they can go wild like Bunnies in Australia. WE used to keep them in line, because we put social pressure on people who acted badly. Our modern culture refuses to sanction such people- in the old days if you couldnt behave properly you were outcast, jailed, or hanged. Its like society is an ecosystem that has gotten out of whack.

        Normal people have let media and easy living turn them into cowardly prey creatures and thus the predators got out of control

        • robster

          “…What does “normally” are psychopaths mean? You think they are born that way? I don’t believe that….”

          While psychopathic behavior CAN be learned (they used to call that being sociopathiC IF I recall it right) an actual ‘real/biological’ Psychopath IS born that way. Personality disorders are somewhat genetic and heritable

          You can pick them out with brain scans, its an amygdala thats not working quite normally. It MAY be brought on by brain injury, but signs are apparent in psychopathic children very early and there is no ‘training’ them out of it though there are some cognitive behavioral therapy programs that redirect such kids into doing less criminal behavior

          The Jon Ronson book “The Psychopath test” is actually pretty good at going thru the science while being (kind of…) funny.

          “….Also, eliminating a threat to one’s life is called self-defense, not psychopathic behavior….”

          I was joking 🙂 BUT the ability to put emotions like pity aside and act to your own perceived benefit IS kinda what they are good at.

          “…. blaming people like me that there are psychopaths?…”

          NO, people like YOU are the ones who actually want to push back.
          Its people lacking common sense like a “….girl in short skirts….” getting drunk in public and walking around dangerous places and expecting everyone they meet to be safe.

          “……saying that she should not have worn the short skirt?….”

          If I wear a ton of gold jewelry and walk around a bad neighborhood alone while drunk I do not “deserve” to get mugged. But I WOULD be remarkably stupid and lacking in the wisdom that keeps people alive.

          “….The system of manipulation and deceit was deliberately created and put upon us, it’s not something that grew organically…..”

          Yes, it was, but its not like psychopaths, or the jewish social engineers of media, have magic powers to MAKE us allow this. People CHOOSE this kind of society because they were greedy and lazy.

          “…many people are too stupid and/or lazy to even begin to understand what is going on…..”

          IMO they understand, but doing anything would be hard and scary. They choose comfortable sloth in the hope that they die before it gets real bad.

          “… Fortunately these are also many of the fully vaccinated folks, so that issue will take care of itself in time…..”

          Hmn…. I agree. Maybe I’m developing sociopathy…. LOL

          “…But yes, “sanctioning” would be a good place to start. But, isn’t “sanctioning” then just another word for “eliminating”…”

          My kid did not clean their room….. I “sanctioned them” sounds kinda ominous now ! Hahahaha.


  31. Sunday March 12 – Richard Gage Substack
    ‘I Was Blind and Now I See’: Fox News’ Tucker Carlson: “Why can’t I ask questions about [Building 7]?”
    It’s the 9/11 Truth ‘About Face’ that we’ve been looking for from a major TV personality.

    Well, Tucker Carlson has had quite the 17 year journey of opening his mind to 9/11 Truth from way back on August 9, 2006 when he lambasted Prof. David Ray Griffin in a TV interview – calling it “wrong, blasphemous, and sinful for you to suggest, imply, or help people come to the conclusion that the US Government killed 3,000 of its own citizens….” (See the full interview below.)

    Earlier, in 2005 Tucker was only slightly more fair in his interview with Prof Steven E. Jones, however he failed to show the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 as agreed upon by his staff. (See the full interview below.)

    Today Tucker seems to be turning a new leaf. He proclaimed on the popular podcast ‘Redacted’ “…but if you say ‘What actually happened with Building 7?’ But if you say something like that on television – they actually flip out! Do buildings actually collapse like that? No! Or maybe they do. I don’t know. But why can’t I ask questions about that?”

    Maybe it’s not too late to find the truth about 9/11. Keep spreading the word – we may be breaking through!

    Here’s the full interview….

    • What?!!
      HRS, you should know better! For shame!
      You know that people aren’t allowed to change or grow! People aren’t allowed to modify their beliefs! What were you thinking?

      Tucker Carlson was closed minded about 911 and therefore should forever be disregarded, disrespected and marginalized.

      Along with all of the rest of the controlled opposition shills who are only speaking the truth now in order to position themselves to further spread government propaganda and lies.

      I’m surprised at your and Richard Gage’s naïveté.


  32. I will be extremely surprised if Steve manages to come through with his umpteenth attempt at a debate.

  33. “But hey, it’s not important whether viruses exist, is it?”

    No its not important if one simple refuses to comply.

    • I’m confident Steve would not comply. He’s an honest man of faith not afraid to stand up for his principles. This is a rarity because many people fold. I don’t know if I would fold or not. I know that there are fates worse than death though so I do think I’d have the courage to refuse or fight, irrespective of what might wait me at the end of this life. I hope that I’d have the courage to face death if the trade off was my liberty.

      It’s a matter of fundamental belief in a human beings right to be free, to have free expression and movement and bodily autonomy.

    • @robster

      In my opinion, putting all your hopes in the idea that discrediting the fallacies of germ theory would serve to be a sort of ‘achilles heel’ of the oligarch’s intended juggernaut of a control grid and slavery system is wishful thinking.

      They invent all kinds of nonsensical things out of thin air that they tell people to be afraid of, viruses may be their current go to ‘boogie man’ card, but it is not the only card in their psyop playbook.

      I am all for the honing our understanding and advancement of the our scientific knowledge about the role of microbes (and other non-living nano-scale objects and/or forms of genetic information) in human health (and their role in the ecosystems we are a part of) but I do not think it is realistic to think that if we managed to knock down the house of cards built around germaphobia that they would not just build another one around something else.

      Attacking their multi-generational institutionalized lies, propaganda and corporate interests head on in a time when they have the capability to silence/mute opposition digitally (to a great degree) and put their own lies and propaganda through a ‘digital mega-phone’ that is pumped right into people’s smart phones, social media feeds and “news” media is a choice to fight an uphill battle on their terms.

      Instead of charging at that fortified hill of lies, I advocate to build our own fortresses of truth and health upon the hills of abundance that result from breaking from depending on centralized systems, creating our own decentralized food and medicine production systems locally, and showing people (through living by example) how flimsy the lies are that are being pushed by the dominant institutions by living in a way that ignores them and illuminates their illegitimacy.

      • Great well written comment. Living an example of freedom and self sufficiency and fearless interaction.

        • @cu.h.j

          Thanks and I like how you put that regarding fearless interaction. It makes me think of James’ comments regarding “Radical Authenticity” in several podcasts, a really important choice for each of us to make I feel, as it is folding under the crushing weight of wanting to ‘fit in’ that leads so many to be either cogs in a psychopathic society/machine and/or slaves of that system.

          If we each instead looked within to discover our unique gifts and applied them using the non-aggression principle to enrich our local communities (instead of conforming to insane systems and insane “leaders”) this world would be a very different place to live.

  34. What is the Corbett Report episode where James calls the Twin Towers debate ‘internecine squabbling’, does anyone know?…

  35. I like Cowan, what I’ve heard of him so far. I found this conversation of relative medical experts calling out Del Bigtree (who was prompted to address the VQ by Corbett associate Ryan Cristián [of TLAV]) intriguing:


    Cowan is associated or at least linked to in this site:

  36. No one is talking about it, yet. But I want to share this interesting tidbit I found with our community here. A program is currently being rolled out by the Federal Reserve Bank called FedNow Service. It facilitates instant payments between both individuals and institutions. I think it is just a foot in the door, or likely the infrastructure, for when CBDC gets rolled out (which isn’t quite ready yet).
    Learn more here.

  37. Banned BOOK at internet archive.

    By the Doc maker Tim Tate who also did “Conspiracy of Silence” the Discovery Channel doc on that got pulled off the air hours before broadcast, as well Kinseys Pedophiles and a ton more books.
    This book got pullped because of a somewhat weird libel case that did not like a couple of sentences about a Police officer.

    His webpage has some of his stuff you can watch.

  38. Hi there.

    I have a basic question. Which is the best secure email service at the moment?

    I know the Protonmail ship has well and truly sailed and I remember Broze mentioning a service called C-Templar (I think? Which I can no longer find).

    Looking to revitalise my online life this year, get rid of the slave phone, switch to Bastyon, work out what the heck I might do with Qortal? ?

    Any other services etc. that people might recommend?


    • jaystil

      “…Which is the best secure email service at the moment…”

      What is your threat model?

      If you just dont want google selling you things then protonmail is fine, if your sending emails that will get you jailed as a subversive by law enforcement types then
      a)Dont use the internet at all for those comms. You’d be better off sending an actual paper letter that (probably) at least needs a court order or something to intercept and is much harder to track as long as you print rather then handwrite the address and the recipient is not already under close scrutiny. The outside of all mail in the US get photographed in sorting.

      b) Encrypt the email,or letter, preferably with an agreed key or one time pad.

      As a rule no one should ever write stuff in emails that they would not post on an open forum

      Anyone looking to be secure will have to move over to Linux because Windows and Mac are basically spyware these days.
      So emailing stuff, that you could get into actual trouble for writing, to someone with a windows or mac machine THEY might well be leaking everything from their side.

  39. I was asking myself :” Is there any evidence of sabotage, domestic or foreign, of the East Palestine train ?”

    I am surprised that the US government hasn’t blamed the disaster on the usual scapegoats such as Russia, MAGA…

    It is suspected that the US Gov may have made this or let this happen.

    But now, let’s say that Russia or an other “theat to our democracy” is blamed of sabotage in the Ohio derailment that would give massive leverage to the US Gov regarding it’s fight against the selected target.

    Just a thought. I hope it doesn’t happen.


  40. Hi Corbetteers,

    I had to look for a song for a culture section. Oh, boy, was I glad to hit “Zombies” by the Cranberries.

    Its just another article on the carnage in Ukraine which provides 5 video references to recent Macgregor and Ritter commentary on this horror.

    Perhaps Dolores O’Riardan can sing NATO out of this insanity?

  41. Stumbled across this today and wanted to share it with all of you

    “ we really need to produce more and more energy forever? Does it really contribute to human well-being? Bigger houses, more weapons, more stuff, the whole developmentalist technological program that separates us ever-further from life and matter… what does it serve? Ultimately, the “solution” to the ecological crisis is not technical. It comes from reclaiming basic values and changing our relationship to nature.

    Commenting on the clearing of forests to build solar arrays, Tellamy wrote, “It’s totally antithetical to the goals of conservation.” Yes. The environmental movement needs to return to its roots. Conservation does not mean to “use more slowly” or to “save for later.” What the word really means is to serve with. To serve together. To serve what? To serve life.

    It is a rhetorical error to frame environmentalism in any other way than to make it about love of nature, love of life. No one becomes an environmentalist because of all the money they will save. No one calculates their way into love. And the changes that we will need to make to restore earth’s aliveness from its current depletion will require a degree of courage and sacrifice that comes only from love. We will not be coerced or bribed into them.

    A veteran activist once told me of a meeting he attended in the 1980s in which a group of leading environmentalists decided to adopt the term “sustainability” into their core lexicon. “We wanted to sound scientific,” he said. “We didn’t want to use words like ‘love’ or ‘precious’ and be dismissed as tree-huggers. We wanted to give people a rational, hard-headed reason why we should protect nature. We thought that appealing to the beauty and sacredness of nature wouldn’t reach the people who were destroying it, so we tried to make it about their self-interest instead.”

    Around the same time, global warming entered the awareness of the environmental movement, growing over the years to become its defining issue. At first, global warming (now called climate change) seemed a boon to the movement. Now we would be able to force corporations and governments to do the things we’d always wanted, appealing not just to sentiments about nature’s magnificence, and not just to concerns over the health of some subset of people downwind, but to the survival of civilization itself. One no longer need be a nature lover to support the aims of environmentalism.

    Let that last statement sink in. One no longer need be a nature lover to support the aims of environmentalism.

    The result is that environmentalism has been hijacked by people and institutions who are not nature-lovers. We see where it leads: nature dies in the service of “sustainability.” Forests are cut for solar farms. Landscapes are sacrificed to pit mines to extract lithium, cobalt, silver, rare earths, etc. for decarbonization..


    • (continued from above..)

      ..There is an awful lot of money in the sustainability industry. It is the same story as before. Meanwhile, we neglect the priorities that are highest from the Living Earth perspective.

      All is not lost. There is in fact a way to “save the world.” I put it in quotes, because ultimately the choice we face is not about our survival, it is about what kind of world we choose to live in. One vibrant with life? Or a gigantic strip mine / waste dump / parking lot? So let us say instead, there is a way to regenerate a world vibrant with life. The way is to enact a reverence for life in all its forms. This translates to three priorities for environmentalist attention and funding.

      The first recalls traditional conservationism. We must absolutely protect any remaining intact ecosystems from development, whether it is for oil & gas, minerals, lumber, ranching, suburbs, dam reservoirs, industrial-scale fishing, or biofuels. The few remaining intact organs of Gaia are its reservoirs of biodiversity and its memory of health. Note well that to “protect” does not usually mean to fence off and keep humans away. In fact, right human participation can enhance the health of ecosystems when those humans have intimate understanding and reverence for the places where they live.

      ? ?? ??? ????? ???? ??? ?????? ?? ??? ???????????. ? ????? ???? ?? ??. I am afraid that we can continue to lay waste to the living earth, indefinitely, ending up on a concrete world, so chronically ill physically and mentally that we must incorporate technological assistance into our very brains and bodies. I am afraid we will compensate for the lost connection to a living world with a burgeoning array of virtual substitutes, digital realities, and online adventures, tragically seeking something that we come to forget we ever had. Do you remember how loud the frogs were? Do you remember flocks of birds extending from horizon to horizon? Do you remember the clouds of fireflies that lit up the nights of my father’s youth? I am afraid we will forget we ever lived in such wealth and make do instead with Mario Cart. We are already far down this path to a concrete world, and far down the path of learning to cope with it. We are already far down this path to a concrete world, and far down the path of learning to cope with it. American doctors write every year around 120 million prescriptions for SSRIs, 118 million prescriptions for Adderall, Ritalin, and other ADHD medications, and 120 million for benzodiazepines.2 That’s more than one psychiatric drug prescription per capita! No wonder people have never been happier.

      The ecological crisis and the spiritual crisis that we call “mental health” share a common source: denial of earth as a living being, worthy of love, worthy of service.”

      from “How the Environmental Movement Can Find Its Way Again” by Charles Eisenstein

      • @robster

        Thanks for posing the questions and sharing your thoughts.

        I personally would be willing to live without money, but I imagine many would starve if we totally dismantled, crippled and/or otherwise shut down the fiat money system over night.

        I do see how money is weaponized to seduce the morally bankrupt into further depths of duplicitousness, apathy and malice against their fellow beings so part of me would like to flick the off switch on the money system despite my knowing how it would likely starve millions (as many of them have consciously chosen to become dependent on centralized systems for their basic survival needs).

        As I pointed out in this essay I just published about the widespread degenerative old growth clearcutting and primary forest logging practices in Canada money is a significant incentive for those in government, law enforcement and of course corporate logging industry.

        The specialized police unit that our government (that makes over 2 billion a year in “stumpage fees” on Vancouver island alone) sends in to smash and silence indigenous old growth clearcut defenders and other forest defenders are known as C-IRG. The unit is known for the use of tactics that include intimidation, torture, brutality, harassment, theft, destruction of property, arbitrary detention, inhumanity, lying and deceit.

        C-IRG is made up of RCMP officers who have volunteered to join the detachment. Temporarily transferred from their regular duties, Brewer says, “they come [from] across the board in policing, whether they’re uniform, traffic, plainclothes, doesn’t matter.” (Brewer is a commander from the unit that was interviewed recently).

        Money is a significant incentive to enlist in the C-IRG, as the job position offers earnings up to $100 per hour and working 18.5-hour shifts.

        To date more than 1000 people have been arrested since forestry company Teal-Jones obtained a court injunction in to allow the arrest and removal of protesters from access points to planned logging in the Fairy Creek area.

        In an interview C-IRG Gold commander John Brewer spoke about why the specialized RCMP division was created by saying “we weren’t really learning from past events, we weren’t keeping that corporate knowledge, and we certainly weren’t ensuring that we had the right people in the right place at the right time.”

        You read that right, “corporate knowledge”, strait from the horse’s mouth. These people are hired guns for corporate mobsters seeking to pillage our Mother Earth.

        • Money would not nor could go away overnight. It would be a stepwise process in any scenario. We are, of course, leauges away from even comitting to the first step, that is accepting that there is a problem.

          Money is god and the vast majority will do anything and everything for it. He who controls its flow, controls the will of the masses.

          In regards to goons, there is only one way to deal with them. Protesting won’t cut it.

          • @mkey

            True, even if a massive CME ( ) fried the entire grid and all the hard-drives of unprotected servers and computers a small amount of people would still have cash ( and would likely continue to perceive it as having some kind of value for a short time ).

            We had an X-class CME solar flare just miss us the other day, could have been pretty interesting (and messy) if it would have happened on the other side of the sun and hit Earth with the bulk of the super heated plasma that was ejected. Even just the small portion of the flare material that impacted Earth on the edge of the main mass created northern lights viewable down here at the 42nd latitude.

            That is an interesting thought regarding the goons. I can relate to a want to go an alternative and more primal route to protesting but I wonder what ripple effects such an action would create.

            Lets say some skilled and motivated forest protectors were to go all Druid style forest gorilla warfare on the thugs with badges at Fairy Creek… picking them off one by one until the whole squad was laying flat on their face (on their way back to Mother Earth to feed the trees that they were attempting to let the loggers clearcut) what do you think the result would be (in both the immediate aftermath and also in the long term)?

            Thanks for the comment.

            • I am not advocating for violence as that usually leads to further escalation. And goons love escalation, it’s their bread and butter when trying to trap and pin people.

              There is some value in having poluce feel fear, which they do not when ganging up on unarmed, peaceful people.

              What would happen if you had a team of 50 or 100 men wearing makeshift riot gear, aftermarket gas masks, some kind of homemade tear gass dispensers in their hands, and maybe a spruce of napalm and molotovs;

              If such a squad joined the frontline of one od the clashes with the police that’s going on in France? What would happen then? If police got a hint of their own medicine they would probably do what they do usually, standby and wait for backup.

              And what if no backup was incoming? Then they would wait for orders, that’s what order followers do.

              If they were ordered to attack and they proceed to get repelled, they have another, and final tool in their belt: run.

              I don’t expect anything can ever be resolved in clashes with police. At best, if they got truncheoned back they might second guess their career choice.

              Most cops are, I would say, cowards, but they are also afraid of not following orders.

              The order follower mentality can only be defeated at home. All people need be brought up in such a fashion that they would rathers starve to death and see their children starve than to join the ranks of order followers.

              Everyone’s mother should look them right in the eye and say: if you ever join the police or military you are not my son and I will be damned before I allow my progeny to become a coward and an oder follower.

              That’s what it will take, and people will rather take up guns and shoot to kill and risk be killed.

            • @mkey

              ahh okay

              I do agree that goons love escalation… (sometimes if they are not getting enough they’ll do the old agent provocateur technique).

              That is an interesting idea. So rather than using violence, use the implied threat of impending violence to scare them.

              Lets play that out as a thought experiment.

              The citizen forest protecting ‘DIY SWAT team’ shows up and puts the fear of God into the order following (money horing) cowardly C-IRG guys and gals and so they retreat.

              I think they would immediately call for heavily armored back up and given Vancouver has an army of really nasty RCMP nearby, they would probably get a few choppers, some APCs, drones and “emergency response” RCMP units (which look like this: ) and then they would roll in with a small army like Ottawa. Could get ugly fast..

              I have not kept up to date on the France situation, i`ll have to check it out, thanks for the heads up.

              In my experience (pre-2020) about 1 in 20 police I encountered here in Canada seemed like decent people. Some were bullies, some were cowards, some were both. But after they rolled out that injection mandate for many police departments, the moral quality of the remaining police went waaaayyyy down hill, and fast. Now it is maybe one in a hundred that are decent people from what I can tell.

              I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.

    • @robster

      “Climate change” is a term that has always been a psyop and a mind weapon (in the way in which dominant institutions have used it) and sustainability (even if it was perused honestly and achieved) was never going to be enough to make this world a better place worth gifting to future generations.

      Some of those words (diversity and inclusion) had (and perhaps still can have) real meaning that is conducive with a more honorable path for our human family but as James and many others have astutely pointed out, these terms have been hijacked and weaponized now.

      One of the interesting (and very detrimental) phenomena I have observed in recent years related to the “diversity” and “inclusion” propaganda is that now that government shills and NGO propagandists are calling anyone who does not conform to their totalitarian systems “racists” etc this seems to have resulted in a situation where now people who are actually racists can use that as a sort of deflection and cover to be more overtly bigoted, and then when someone calls them out on it they just say “oh ya sure, your just like Trudeau, calling me a racist to shut me up when I say the truth” etc. This seems to be creating a trend that is emboldening actual racists and creating an environment where their idiotic and irrational ideas are more likely to fester and grow in the open in certain communities.

      Not sure how to effectively remedy that situation, I suppose all we can do is live by example so that others have something to compare to and thus are more likely to be able to discern when they are in fact dealing with an ignorant racist.

      Thanks for the link i`ll check it out when I can.

  42. Uh…
    Are the “stratospheric aerosol injection”s actually just meant to warm the earth up?

    Less reflectivity? More greenhouse effect?

    I’ve been thinking a lot about “jeez.. What are they spraying?”
    Looking up and seeing massive jets of could, spreading out to cover everything.

    But it doesn’t make sense that it’s like “bug spray” for humans. That crap would eventually fall off on some rich man’s yard.
    Do you think it’s just a way to make global warming actually happen? I’m not exactly monitoring it. But I don’t see it happen a lot in the summer, the spraying that is.

    Anyway… Nobody’s talking about greenhouse gases anymore…

  43. The following certainly signifies a bold change in trend…

    YouTube Kitco News Reporter Michelle Makori talks with Edward Dowd about excess deaths and disabilities caused by vaccines

    Friday March 24, 2023 – QUEUE to 40:48 – New book and report
    ‘Emergency’ Fed rate cut by June, only 6 U.S. banks will be left by 2025 paving way for CBDC – Dowd

    Video Description:
    Edward Dowd, Founder of Phinance Technologies and former BlackRock fund manager, and Michelle Makori, Editor-in-Chief and Lead Anchor at Kitco News, discuss the Federal Reserve’s latest rate hikes, and why Dowd thinks Fed Chair Powell will be “forced” to cut rates by June of 2023, leading to a “controlled implosion” of the banking sector. Dowd forecasts that as banks consolidate, only 6 major banks will be left standing by 2025, paving the way for Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), digital fiat tokens issued and controlled by central banks. This, Dowd claims, could lead to “total government control” and a potentially dystopian future.
    Dowd also sees the dollar losing its dominance on the world stage with a “kinetic war” breaking out as the BRICS countries launch their own reserve currency.

    0:00 – Fed outlook
    9:56 – Inflection point
    12:00 – Banking crisis
    16:02 – Six banks left standing
    18:17 – Central bank digital currencies
    23:14 – Resisting CBDCs
    26:39 – Hidden agendas
    28:12 – New monetary system
    31:11 – U.S. Dollar dominance
    33:30 – De-dollarization and war
    37:10 – Investment implications
    39:00 – Civil unrest
    40:48 – New book and report

    Kitco NEWS is a global news network based in Montreal, with bureaus in New York, Hong Kong, New Mexico, London and Vancouver. Since 2009, our journalists have helped investors make informed decisions through in-depth reporting, daily market updates, and interviews with key industry figures. We aim to accurately and impartially cover the economy, stock markets, commodities, cryptocurrencies, mining and metals.

    • I do expect this to get twised. I kind of can’t wait to see the spin.

      • I was very surprised to see the topic “vaccine deaths and injuries” on that platform (both Kitco and also YouTube), especially in such a frank manner.
        I have never see that before on a finance show.

        That vaccine death topic is always skirted, especially on the finance type Youtube videos.
        However, it is as if every finance YouTube channel is well aware of CBDCs and the nightmare of control which comes with it. This is encouraging.

    • Edward Dowd – UPDATE

      Bombshell Vax Analysis Finds $147 Billion In Economic Damage, Tens Of Millions Injured Or Disabled

      A new report estimates that 26.6 million people were injured, 1.36 million disabled, and 300,000 excess deaths can be attributed to COVID-19 vaccine damages in 2022 alone, which cost the economy nearly $150 billion.

      Research firm Phinance Technologies, founded and operated by former Blackrock portfolio manager Ed Dowd, Yuri Nunes (PhD Physics, MSc Mathematics) and Carlos Alegria (PhD Physics, Finance), split the impact of the vaccines into four broad categories to estimate the human costs associated with the Covid-19 vaccine;
      no effect or asymptomatic,
      those who sustained injuries (mild-to-moderate outcome),
      those who became disabled (severe outcome),
      and death (extreme outcome).

      Data on vaccine disabilities and injuries comes directly from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), while the excess death figures are derived from official figures on deaths in the US via two different methods (methodology here).

      It’s important to note that people in one category (injured, for example) can move into latter categories of severity – which this analysis does not take into consideration.
      “We need to remember that not only are these groupings an attempt to characterize different levels of damage from the inoculations, they are not static and could interact with each other,” reads the report. “For instance, there might be individuals who had no visible effects after vaccination but nonetheless could still be impacted.”
      “Individuals with mild injuries from the inoculations could, over time, develop severe injuries to the extent of being disabled, or an extreme outcome such as death.”

  44. I shared a short video yesterday.

    Harvard Geneticist Demands Large Markets For Human Trials

    As I said in the comments on youtube

    I’m always looking at things with John Glad’s book Jewish Eugenics in mind and how our human adversaries are genetically damaged and they need guinea pigs to try to figure out and justify the cost of developing their mad science. That it’s an extinction situation for them. George Church is calling for more guinea pig programs. He’s ‘delighted’ with the progress made with the plandemic. Thanks for watching!

    I really hope people will read John Glad’s 2011 book Jewish Eugenics, it’s available free to download on his website whatwemaybe dot org. You can get a good idea of it by the first pages, in the ‘about writing this book’ section.
    I’ll paste in a few points that I had marked in my copy that explain some of what I was saying in my comment.

    From page 94: In 2004, writing in the Israel Medical Association Journal, Dr. Frida Simonstein of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev decided to dispense with the verbal equilibristics and openly called for “germ-line engineering,” which “may be considered as „eugenics‟ but if pursued freely is a noble goal.” Using a term coined by molecular biologist Lee M. Silver, she stated categorically that “„self-evolution‟… is not only inevitable, but also morally justified.” Like countless eugenicists before her, she points out that modern medicine has virtually eliminated selection in human populations, creating a true dilemma with regard to the human genome, which is part of a continuum shared by non-human genomes. We are under a parental obligation, she writes, to protect the genetic patrimony of future generations.

    From page 295: After losing four children to Tay-Sachs Disease, Orthodox Rabbi Joseph Eckstein founds Dor Yeshorim to screen for recessive genes that disproportionately affect Jews. If two persons intending to marry are discovered to be carriers, they are encouraged to find new partners. Testing is later expanded to encompass Bloom syndrome, Canavan disease, Cystic fibrosis, Familial dysautonomia, Fanconi anemia (type C), Gaucher disease, Glycogen storage disease (type 1), Mucolipidosis (type IV), and Niemann-Pick disease

    From page 331: B‟Or Ha‟Torah: Journal of Science, and Modern Life in the Light of the Torah asks bioethicist Fred Rosner: “Does halakha [Jewish religious law] sanction eugenics? From Rosner‟s response: “Genetic screening, gene therapy, and other applications of genetic engineering for the treatment, cure, or prevention of disease fulfills the biblical mandate to heal. If Tay-Sachs Disease, diabetes, hemophilia, cystic fibrosis, Huntington‟s disease, or other genetic diseases can be cured or prevented by “gene surgery,” it is permitted in Jewish law.”

    From page 364: The newspaper The Forward publishes its annual guide to some of the more serious Jewish genetic diseases, which it attributes to “centuries of inbreeding”: Bloom‟s syndrome, Canavan disease, congenital hyperinsulinism, dystonia, familial dysautonomia, Fanconi anemia, Gaucher disease, Mucolipidosis type 4, Niemann-Pick, infantile Tay-Sachs, and late-onset Tay-Sachs: “There are about 20 „Ashkenazic diseases,‟ not counting the higher rates of at least four cancer-related genes.”

    • Nice! Finally, A mainstream outlet reporting on these long-standing, Legitimate concerns citing the National Toxicology Program. Send this to your city-council, mayor, water/utility company. Thank you Fluoride Action Network!!
      Let’s get this poison out of the water and food supply. And dentist office?
      Neurotoxic at ANY level. Powerful wording!!!

      • Send it to your local news/radio stations as well. Get those old people who vote and watch msm informed on this.

  45. @Stevesmith

    I can’t reply to the original thread for some reason, so I’ll just start a new one.
    “I hope that you don’t mind me asking this but what scriptures do you use to arrive at this conclusion?”
    Okay, I realize that as mortal humans we know only a fraction of the scope of the supernatural realm. I want it said that I’m no expert as a disclaimer lol.
    To answer why I believe this started with a heavy dose of natural skepticism that I carry with me at all times. The verse that intrigued me to question the rapture is Matthew 24:13 The one who endures until the end will be saved. I found a couple of websites that can explain it better.
    I believe that there will be a rapture but not until after tribulations, after the seals but at the first trumpet, after trib but before wrath. Here’s a good infographic:

    • Thanks Kelly. Eschatology is certainly a complex subject and I am so thankful that there are people who are so much smarter than me who have studied and opined about it.

      I have gone back and forth about the pre tribulation rapture but have finally been persuaded that it is what the Bible teaches.
      Part of the reason is that I’ve been made aware of how important it is to keep in mind the context of particular passages in order not to misapply what is being taught.
      In the past I never really took much thought about who Jesus was speaking to or when He was speaking to them.
      But come to find out, it can make a big difference when He is speaking to Jews before the Church and when He is speaking to Paul for instance after His resurrection.

      But one thing that I am absolutely certain of is that I will be learning until my last day and that I am not going to claim to know anything concerning the Bible with certainty. Except that if Jesus hadn’t redeemed me by His blood that I would be bound for hell.

      Here’s a pretty good scholarly essay about the rapture if you’re interested.

      • I do hope that the rapture is pre-trib. That would save a lot of suffering.

        I guess we just have to keep the oil in our lamps and be prepared no matter what.

        God Bless, and thank you for the link.

    • Kelly

      I sent a response to you regarding “rapture”.
      Since you said here that you could not reply to the original thread, I am wondering it you’ve even seen my post about that.


      • Joebear, I just read your reply to Kelly, (after a lot of scrolling). 🙂
        In case you aren’t aware, you can link to specific comments if you want to.

        I do have an open mind about almost everything and would certainly like to know what scripture passages you’ve used that have helped you to make up your mind about the timing of the rapture.
        Not for the purpose of engaging in any sort of contentious debate but simply in order to hopefully learn more about the subject.

        Did you happen to read the essay that I shared with Kelly?

        • Steve
          Thanks for the reply.
          No, I haven’t read the essay but will do so a little later today and let you know. I will also explain my feelings about the rapture thing.
          The last thing I want to be is contentious. Especially when it comes to what to me is the most important subject in our world.
          Flesh has its limits. Spirits do not die.


        • Steve
          I just finished reading the essay. I am not familiar with most of those people. I’ve read some of Darby’s stuff and Scofield and Larkin. My first impression of these people is that they do not view the Scriptures as Gods Holy Word. They come across as those who have decided to interpret these writings as they see fit and that they are of a mind and mentality that will decide what these writings mean and what they don’t mean.

          Since all I have to do to prove God is look around at what is, and notice how perfectly and consistent everything is, (until mankind gets involved with it), it is easy for me to believe that He is not only so very powerful and wise, but He is easily capable of our creation and all that goes with it.
          Where men go wrong is when they begin to think that they know better or think they can see flaws and mistakes with what has been created. Instead of seeing what has been created and accepting that as totally beyond anything they could ever imagine being able to even understand, let alone create themselves, they want to believe that they are something special and important and that the universe cannot go on without them to guide and perfect it.
          Who is man that he should instruct God? Shall the thing created say to He who created him, “Why hast thou made me thus?” I guess some can ask the question but if they do maybe they should first consider what the answer might be. If they even get one.
          God created us for His express purpose. It is not for me to question why. But I can certainly look at that creation and realize just how perfect and magnificent it is and how perfect if will function if done in the ways He has given us to do it.
          I also have no problem believing that He can and does communicate with His creation exactly as He chooses, when and how He chooses. And since all I have is what has been recorded of Him in the lived experiences of not only Himself, but those who actually walked, talked and touched Him, it is easy for me to believe and accept that He is able to maintain and preserve that information in its perfect form, for as long as it takes, and reveal it to whom He will, when He decides to.
          There are more VERSIONS of His Word out there than i can count. I’ve seen quite a few and heard of others. My common sense tells me that there is only one Original. That would be the one that He Himself gave, and still gives to His people. He doesn’t change it. He doesn’t delete it. It is like He Himself; the same yesterday, today and forever.

        • Steve
          Because of that belief, I can also trust that God will not give me lies and confusion when I sincerely search and desire the Truth, WHATEVER IT MAY BE.
          So here are my reasons for not accepting any pre-tribulation so-called rapture.
          As I mentioned above, there are many Versions that are “called” Gods Word. All of those that I have held in my hands, with one exception, have a frontice piece that claims that they are “diligently compared to the original Greek and Hebrew”. Probably all of the others do the same.
          You should know up front that I am a fanatic when it comes to definitions.
          Without true and exact definitions how can one hope to communicate the Truth and the Facts?
          Example: If I were to tell you that I had a gay old time growing up would you be sure of what I meant by that in view of todays accepted use of that word? The original definition of that word has absolutely nothing to do with how it is used today.
          So when it comes to something as important as Gods Word to His people, what can be more important than original definitions of those words? Therefore, when someone says that what is presented is “diligently compared to the original”, exactly what is it saying? For one, it is telling me that it is not the original but “compared” to it. So now I must find the exact definition of “compared”. If this seems like nit-picking and extremism, I’ll let you be the judge of that.
          The Bible that I depend on for Gods Word is a Translation of the Latin Vulgate. It is not a Version. When the translators came across a word that had no perfect equal in the English, they kept the Latin word in the text
          with the belief that it was better to hope that the reader would, with Gods Spiritual help, get the correct understanding than to take the chance that using some other word might convey the wrong message.
          Here is an example that I believe is very extreme. There is a verse in the KJV that contains the word “contrary”. This same verse in my English translation of the Latin says “adversaries”. For me to be “contrary” to you Steve is one thing. To be your “Adversary” is quite another. Especially when we are being strict with our definitions.
          I realize that so far I have said nothing about a pre-tribulation rapture.

          The word RAPTURE is not in the Bible. Nowhere in Scripture is taught the doctrine that before the tribulation there will be a taking away of God’s saints from this earth to heaven in a rapture.
          The pre-tribulation rapture theory has been accepted throughout the various fundamentalist groups as though it were spoken of, black on white, on many pages of scripture. Those who dispute are required to refute with scripture. But the burden of proof should be upon the false teachers who promulgate the lies.

          [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

          • Thanks joebear. There is little that I can say to that because I’m limited by my lack of linguistic education.
            But I was under the impression that the languages used to record God’s word was primarily Hebrew for the old covenant and Greek and Aramaic for the new.
            Wouldn’t a Latin Bible have to be a translation by definition?

            I do agree with you about the self evident nature of God. It is my strong belief that those who reject the logic of the gospel of Jesus Christ have been blinded by the god of this world and that anyone who hasn’t been will readily accept His gracious offer of redemption based upon logic and common sense.

            I do also strongly believe in the golden rule of biblical interpretation.

            “When the plain sense of Scripture makes common sense, seek no other sense;”
            –Dr. David L. Cooper (1886-1965

            But since we seemingly have no common scriptural ground to base our discussion on, there doesn’t seem to be much point in trying to share my scriptural reasons for believing in the pre tribulation rapture.
            And yes, I agree that the word “rapture is not in any English translations of the Bible as far as I know.
            However, I’ll leave you with this.

            “The Greek word from this term “rapture” is derived appears in 1 Thessalonians 4:17, translated “caught up.” The Latin translation of this verse used the word rapturo. The Greek word it translates is harpazo, which means to snatch or take away. Elsewhere it is used to describe how the Spirit caught up Philip near Gaza and brought him to Caesarea (Acts 8:39) and to describe Paul’s experience of being caught up into the third heaven (2 Cor. 12:2-4). Thus there can be no doubt that the word is used in 1 Thessalonians 4:17 to indicate the actual removal of people from earth to heaven.”

            I’m thankful to God that these things are peripheral to one’s salvation. For the gospel is crystal clear.

            “Moreover brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures”

            First Corinthians 1-4

            Shalom brother joebear. 🙂

            • Steve
              Most people today believe that they can stay on the sidelines and just not get involved in what has been called “The conflict of the ages”.
              There is no gray zone. No sidelines that keeps one off the playing field.
              St. Paul tells God’s people that Christ will come as a thief in the night to those who don’t know the signs. “But ye brethern are not in darkness that that day should overtake you as a thief…”.
              God’s Elect, chosen before the foundation of the world will know the signs and be watching. They will know when He will return. That is unless St. Paul is a liar and a deceiver.
              Who will say that God is unable to convey His message to His Elect? He said His words are Spirit. So only His Spirit can “see”
              the meanings and “hear” the messages therein. That’s the difference between “the spiritual man” and “the natural man.” God gives His spirit to whomever He chooses. People have no say in the matter. No-one Tells God what He must do or should do. The very thought should make one shudder.
              It’s all by His grace and nothing else. Of himself, man can do nothing. The best one can do is ask.
              Daniel had “set his heart” on knowing the meaning of the vision. God knew this from the first moment, but he made Daniel wait three weeks for the answer.
              I’ll say no more.

      • Hi Joe and Steve,

        I did see it 🙂

        Not sure why I couldn’t continue on that thread but thank you for your reply and thank you to Steve for the scrolling lol. I’m also keen to learn more about scripture in the end days, so I’m all ears to both arguments as well.

  46. I am hoping to hear what some of the good people of the Corbetteer community think about this recent development.

    What is with this open letter from the ‘Future of Life Institute’ that was supposedly signed by over a thousand “AI experts” (including Elon Musk, Yuval Noah Harari, Stewart Russell, Max Tegmark, and Steve Wozniak etc) who “call on all AI labs to immediately pause for at least 6 months the training of AI systems more powerful than GPT-4.” ?


    Here is a link to their so called “open letter” :


    Is this some kinda psyop where they are like “look guys we are all against this thing, we are the good guys!” (meanwhile behind closed doors they are feverishly working on the thing they say they are against and just do not want any competition) ?

    Or did these oligarch transhumanists and oligarch’s pet academic types actually see/experience something that made them put their tail between their legs and now they are not so excited about creating AGI and attempting to merge with it?

    Or is it something else all together?


  47. On a separate note, I am posing this question to anyone else on here that writes on substack.

    Have you had any interactions with a “Hannah Williams” recently?

    “Hannah Williams” was all over my posts/comments on substack recently, blowing up my notifications (liking about 20 separate posts comments of mine in a very short span of time).

    The picture and vibe of “Hannah Williams” screams deepfake.

    Is “Hannah Williams” is targeting book authors specifically? Or people that comment / write about specific subject matter?

    The “Hannah Williams” substack newsletter “The Collection” seems to be a sort of book extraction/distillation series.

    I recently published an eBook (and will soon be self-publishing hard copies of my book).

    It makes me wonder if it could be an AI bot mining books for data or a human using a chat bot to write fancy book reviews and make big substack subscriber money?

    Or something more nefarious?

    What are your thoughts?

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