May Open Thread (2023)

by | May 7, 2023 | Articles | 139 comments

May is upon us, so let’s start the May Open Thread.

Perhaps you want to reflect on the passing of 9/11 Truth titan Graeme Macqueen.

Or, if you’ve already watched Meet King Charles, The Great Resetter, then you might want to check out The King Charles III File from

Do you want to opine on the WHO’s decision to “end” the scamdemic or to dissect the other, even more nefarious parts of the WHO’s twisted agenda?

Maybe you want to discuss the latest news and events in your neck of the woods.

Or you might just wanna speculate on what the aliens are telling us with their latest crop circles.

Whatever the case, Corbett Report members are invited to log in and engage in discussion in the comments below.

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  1. With the declaration of the plandemic being “over” I can’t help and reflect on the fact that it was an unmitigated success for them. They’ve successfully memory-holed their abuses as either correct or mere mistakes instead of crimes.
    This is why I cringe every time someone says “but people are waking up, we’re ready now” because they’re just looking through the lens of “I’m fine, so everyone else must be”.

    But maybe I’m wrong, I’d love to be corrected on this front.

    • It’s because they are not being held accountable by legal authorities and in fact are being protected by them.

      I think focusing on how people can hold leaders accountable is a good solution to focus on. I mean how do we do it?

      Just becoming jaded and saying there’s nothing to be done isn’t productive I think. Not saying this is what you are implying but the sentiment is something I pick up on when it is clear there were little penalties for their crimes against humanity.

      I mean Fauci should be in prison and these other “leaders” should also be locked up for the rest of their lives at the very least.

      A mental shift away from legitimizing systems of control is good, trying to foster that shift in public consciousness. Trying to be as independent of the government as possible is also good and trying to build community with others, even those who don’t agree on ever point.

      I think it’s true that more people are now “awake” than in the past, but what do you do with that knowledge? Knowing and doing something about it are two different things, the latter much more challenging.

      • Even the phrase “the pandemic is over” is misleading. I think there never was a pandemic in the traditional sense of the word.

        When I hear pandemic, I think of people dying in the street or so much death that society collapses. Like the plague or something like that. We did not have a plague in the physical sense. It was more a pandemic of tyranny.

        • You know a hundred years from now people will speak about covid as they now spoke about the spanish flu after ww1, something absolutely horrible where millions of people died but luckily we saved many more millions with our vaccines.
          History is written by the ones in charge and I see a bright future for them

      • I definitely didn’t mean to come across as there’s nothing productive to do.
        It’s true that there’s a whole lot of things that can be done to make a big difference. Something that I think is great and unique about the National Citizen’s Inquiry is that it allows many who are almost entirely without a voice these days to be heard.

      • I agree and, I think if we – somehow – could get hold of the people I call “the small administrators” within these “systems” it could be a start.

        Many of the people at the”lowest” rank are very aware of the crimes they participate in…They want out but, doesn’t have the courage and/or can’t afford to leave their positions.

        I think, if we somehow could push them, we might get some whistles usable.

        Likewise, there are all the “lawyers” or, the ones who actually have such education!
        In Europe sure not everyone who pose as a lawyer actually is one!If these people somehow can be shown off, at least a certain mistrust within these ranks should cause – at least some positive reactions and, I believe that, when/if we can get at least some court cases started the domino will start rolling.

        I am aware, this will take time and, we will not reach the worst criminals in the first cases but, to keep on rollinv the former references to the Nuremberg cases is/should be a beginning, right!?

        Thanks for any thoughts in this direction and finally…does anyone know of any real.good lawyers willing and capable for such cases??

    • Totally agree with you. “people are waking up”, from what??? Most don’t even realize they’ve been put to sleep. Zombees!! And nobody is going to be punished for the crimes they commited.

    • 100% epic win homerun complete with the most obnoxious taunts the world has ever seen.

  2. “Hej!” I just wanted to share a video about the Swedish power elite. Sweden is portrayed in the mainstream media as the “good example” that’s why I think it is relevant to have a closer look to the context of polític and economic power in the nordic countries.

    Sweden is home to Ericsson and here there were important advances in beginning of the telegraph technology as well as in the encryption machines used in the war.

    • Thanks Facundo and yes,

      It’s always good to see the Swedish “neutrality”..

      One could almost think, a familiar relationship with the likewise “neutral” Irish Republican Army was in place..


      • Yes, “neutrality” more often than not is a red flag for next level of propaganda. I guess the AI will play a similar PR trick.

        • Exactly Facundo,

          I’m sure the Artificial Alexa “intelligence” will help the “elite”to get rid of a lot of wonderful humans and yes, I’m sure yet another “smart” propaganda weapon ?

          In fact, a presentation about exactly above mentioned “intelligence” is one in only two occasions during which, I have left a University presentation before it ended – not in protest as such but, simply left because of the complete and clear stupidity in the discussed subject…so yes, absolutely propaganda material.. maybe even another plandemic.. it will take a good while to “flatten the curve” from such “wisdom” I’m sure.. but, a 100% perfect ‘dumbing down’ plandemic …

          It’s just so, so sad this really the level the people of – especially the Western World can and will accept?? If yes, I begin to understand, why no young people seem to know or have learned anything about ‘critical thinking’..?

  3. Re The crimininal WHO announcement that covid19 is no longer a public health emergency!!

    It’s the lull before the storm.

    Now the Satanic powers that shouldn’t be have seen how easily the masses comply, they are empowered to do more.

    WHO is an agency of The criminal UN. Just like the IPCC. The UN is a framework for world governance.

    The UN Agenda especially since The Earth Summit in 1992 has been Eugenics and ownership and control of all biological diversity including humans (ref The Earth Brokers 1994 and The Global Biodiversity Assessment 1995).

    Covid19 is simply the accelerant. Covid19 doesn’t even exist in biological terms. SARS-CoV-2 is a digital construct (ref Drosten Paper January 2020).

    Fraud, deceptions and fear propaganda plus mass compliance created the perception of a public health emergency!! But there was nothing!!

    So, I believe that this WHO announcement is the lull before the storm. They will try again. And my fear is that the masses will fall for their deceptions again!! I pray that I’m wrong ?

    In Islam, we believe that one of the best qualities of a person is Taqwa, that is God consciousness or to fear God more than one fears man.

    Sadly, it seems that the majority of people don’t have this, even devout Muslims and other so-called religious people. They have all been so easily deceived.

    So, I believe that this WHO announcement is the lull before the storm. Giving people a false sense of security.

    I can only hope and pray that the masses will find the courage to not comply next time the WHO announces another “pandemic” ?

    • Correct Russ,

      Over the weekend I spend some time with good and honest Irish friends…

      We agreed, we have done a massive mistake – without paying enough attention, we have allowed the very worst criminals to be in charge of OUR Laws and in return, – these horrific perpetrators now think, they can “just” take our lives…

      The saddest thing in all this, the perpetrators are our very own people/”friends”/family etc…

      I had an arrogant Danish “lawyer” (I doubt the majority from the place, have any real education) on the phone telling me that yes, all of us who knows our way around – we simply now have to go because, the only ones he and his want left, are the people who comply no matter what they are asked to do..

      By now, there are very few Danes left in Denmark…where I wonder, did all the good Danes end up!?

      Most of the good Danes never left Denmark hence we must assume, they’ve been cleansed out..statistics from there have been one big LIE for years..

      What exactly do we want??

      I, for my part, will leave the continent as soon as possible and, when I have managed to find as much as possible, truly belonging to ME!!

      No more Colonial psychopathy for me ever ….yrgh

  4. Hi James

    I’m sure that you’ve read (probably not all) the 1125 page Global Biodiversity Assessment published in 1995:

    Search for “sacred” and see page 825. It seems that the powers that shouldn’t be have a problem with the traditional Judaeo-Christian-Islamic world view because we deny sacred attributes in nature ie because we deny idol worship and paganism!!

    I believe this book alone forms the ideological foundation of Climate Change, Biodiversity and now covid19. The wording in this book especially appeals to people who hate traditional Judaeo-Christian-Islamic religious beliefs and world view.

    Such people believe that they can do a better job than God ref Yuval Hari (WEF rep)

    The Earth Summit in 1992, was basically gathering like-minded people who wanted to destroy the traditional Judaeo-Christian-Islamic religious beliefs and world view.

    Islam warned about this with ad-Dajjal (The Deceiver, similar to The Antichrist in Christianity). According to Islam very few people can “see” The Deceiver. Such people are believed to have “light in their hearts” so they see with the “eyes of the heart”. It’s quite clear that most if not all, religious leaders don’t have this “light in their hearts” so cannot see the deceptions.

    Of those who can see the deceptions, few have the courage to challenge evil.

    This is a concept called Taqwa in Islam. Taqwa ie God consciousness or the quality of fearing God more than one fears man.

    I’ve even tried to speak to my local Imam about the covid19 and Climate Change deceptions, but he, and other religious leaders, treat me like a liar.

    We believe that one of the signs of “the end times” is when truth tellers are treated as liars and liars are treated as truth tellers!!

    Most people, religious or not, have their morals, ethics and values rooted in traditional (as opposed to corrupt and misguided) Judaeo-Christian-Islamic religious beliefs.

    When people adhere to such values we have peace and harmony.

    There are certain things in the traditional Judaeo-Christian-Islamic religious beliefs that are considered sinful, haram, prohibited eg

    Riba, interest, usury; murder; idol worship; altering God’s creation etc etc.

    When people violate such values we have chaos and disharmony. This is what we’ve had for decades at least! Most people have been so easily deceived and misguided.

    It would be great to get your views on this. It’s a deep topic, and may be worth making an entire video about this!

    It would be great to speak to you sometime. I’ve been a follower of yours for many years. It’s clear to me that you have light in your heart and the courage to challenge evil.

    I ponder with the idea that religions are stepping stones to achieve such light and courage. But most people fail, despite their best efforts and intentions

  5. ** Correction in my last post: should be “Yuval Harari”!!

  6. Hello everyone! May is here which means I can bring my baby turmeric and ginger plants outside to enjoy some sunshine and natural warmth in my garden (and not have to defend their tasty leaves from my cat’s nibbling anymore) YaY for May! 🙂

    In celebration of the liberation of my baby turmeric plants from their perilous (cat reachable) window sill perches I would like to share the following with all of you.

    ??? ?????? ???????? ?? ????????? ????????
    An article exploring the long list of health benefits offered by lacto-fermented turmeric rhizome:

    Whether you need some relief from pain caused by arthritis, tendonitis, muscle soreness or you want to optimize your cardio endurance or cognitive function, turmeric’s antioxidant and vasodilation gifts can help with that too.

    Fermented turmeric offers potent anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antioxidant, detoxifying, neuroprotective, anti-cancer, cardioprotective and radioprotective properties. therefore, assuming you are not already on blood thinning drugs (as fermented turmeric offers anti-coagulant properties as well) it really is one of most potent holistically regenerative and tonifying medicinal superfoods you can introduce into your diet.

    The key nutrients within turmeric (such as curcumin) are sometimes difficult to absorb and can have poor bioavailability without being paired with other foods (such as black pepper and a healthy fat) that allow our body to access these amazingly beneficial naturally occurring compounds.. But when turmeric is fermented, it becomes something very different and offers a complete solution to these limitations.

    I provide a full recipe for fermenting turmeric rhizome at home using nothing more than a mason jar, sea salt and water in the article linked above (including several suggestions for incorporating fermented turmeric rhizome into tasty recipes for making the intake of this powerful medicinal food an enjoyable experience).

    I hope you find the info (in the article linked above) helpful and it inspires you to try making your own medicinal fermented foods (hopefully using some ingredients that are growing in abundance in your garden and/or that you can ethically forage for in your local bioregion so you know you will always be able to access them regardless of possible disruptions in centralized supply lines).

    In doing so, we can dissolve the illusion of a barrier between our food stores and our ‘medicine cabinet’ and come to see that when we allow these to become one in the same not only is our quality of life improved but also our longevity, resilience, ability to contribute and enrich our local communities and our ability to be able to empower others to reclaim their health sovereignty from big pharma. Each of us can engage in this sacred act of re-localizing our food and/or medicine production one delicious jar of fermented preserves at a time! 🙂

    • Thanks for the share! I love Turmeric in foods and was also learned of it’s medicinal properties. Good to know how to facilitate absorption of the healing properties.

      When my land is finally developed enough to have a garden, I’ll definitely be reading more of your Substack. You’ve got some really awesome material there! Very helpful stuff, thanks again.

      • @cu.h.j

        I am glad to hear someone with your professional expertise is aware of the medicinal benefits of turmeric.

        I remember choosing to go to the hospital a couple times pre-scamdemic, years ago, one time for some stiches to sow up a nasty gash, another for some minor surgery and in both instances I asked the attending MDs what they thought of the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric (or more specifically fermented turmeric and its constituent compounds).. I was disappointed (but not surprised) in both instances when they told me they did not know anything about “natural remedies” as their training was more related to educating them about what pharmaceutical products are said to address certain issues.

        Yes the fermenting process really does increase the efficacy of the turmeric exponentially. I would say that (for me) the fermented rhizome is at least 5 times as potent. I eat a small (dime diameter, maybe quarter inch thick) piece of fermented rhizome when I am really hurting before or after a long day of work and the muscle tighness, soreness and tendon stiffness is alleviated within 1/2 hour (lasting approx. 6 hours for me, but also offering cumulative regenerative effects that last beyond that).

        Fermenting some of your own rhizome at home (even if you have to buy organic turmeric rhizome from the store) is definitely worth it as it keeps in the fridge for at least 6 months.

        I look forward to hearing more about how developing your land for gardening is coming along in the future. Is it currently forested? Or just bare and in need of some good soil?

        Thanks for the kind words about my substack, it makes my heart glad the material is appreciated by the good people here and that it will be put to good use.

    • Get rid of your f”””ing cat. There are more appreciative things in life
      than a cat, except if it’s a good mouser if you have mice.

      • @tomatero

        I rescued this particular cat from a dangerous situation and so having now took her in to give her a safe home and nurse her back to health I feel it would not be right to just discard and abandon her (now that she is at least partially dependent on us) despite her sometimes annoying plant biting behavior. There are extra lengths I can go to in order to deter the biting of plants but I have a lot of baby turmeric plants going and so I was not really that worried about the odd nibble (I was mostly joking in my comment above about how “perilous” the plant’s situation was etc).

        She is an excellent hunter (though our house is pretty new and clean, so no mice that I have seen so far) thus her prey end up being mostly spiders or the odd fly, moth, june bug or bee that makes it into the house (we live on a busy street where pets get run over by cars a lot so my wife likes to keep the cat inside).

        With regards to your comment about “There are more appreciative things in life” I suppose that depends on how you define “appreciative”. I like both cats and dogs, but for me, I have more respect for cats than I do for dogs since dogs (being a pack animal) only require a dominant / assertive human to provide them with food in order for them to fall in line and decide to see the human as pack leader (becoming submissive and friendly) where as cats (being solitary hunters) do not acquiesce to the will of humans so easily. Their respect must be earned over time and (unlike dogs) they do not give it freely simply because you choose to exert a dominant presence through stern posturing, voice tone or physical interactions.

        I respect both beings in their own way and do not see them as any lesser than a human being, so I would not discard a cat or dog that has been in my long term care (and now likely dependent) based on some whimsical and selfish reason (such as that they are biting plants or doing some other unpleasant behavior I do not appreciate).

        The kind of mentality that leads to humans enslaving and/or superficially befriending for selfish reasons, and then whimsically discarding (or killing) other beings when the beings are no longer doing what a human prefers them to do is, in my opinion, just one type of expression of a mental sickness that is prevalent in the minds of many in modern society which is rooted in hubris, anthropocentrism and greed.

        Don’t get me wrong, I am not perfect, I have my own anthropocentric programming that I am still in the process of unlearning, but I strive to recognize the presence of such an unhealthy and irrational mentality in my thoughts and behaviors and ask God for guidance to choose a more honorable and humble path when I am able to see such patterns in my own life.

        • “I like both cats and dogs, but for me, I have more respect for cats than I do for dogs since dogs (being a pack animal) only require a dominant / assertive human to provide them with food in order for them to fall in line and decide to see the human as pack leader (becoming submissive and friendly) where as cats (being solitary hunters) do not acquiesce to the will of humans so easily. Their respect must be earned over time and (unlike dogs) they do not give it freely simply because you choose to exert a dominant presence through stern posturing, voice tone or physical interactions.”

          Cats are different than dogs and each cat and dog is different from one another. It’s kind of fascinating actually that no two creatures are exactly the same, sort of like human beings.

          I think there’s some debate now about how dogs in general view their human companions. I think they probably know we aren’t dogs, so who knows how some of them view us.

          I have found that different breeds do have different capacities to learn and have different temperaments. Some are more independent than others. But in my experience with dogs I would say that they are more dependent on human beings, so perhaps see us more like a parent than a cat does. Although cats can become dependent on us too. My cats miss me when I go out of town. They like human companionship maybe because they are used to it now.

          I’ve only had herding dogs as companions and they have all been extremely intelligent and loyal. I earned this loyalty and trust by spending time with my dogs doing fun an mentally challenging activities and providing a good home. An intelligent dog needs much more than food to thrive and probably forms deeper bonds with humans who are better friends to their dog than just sources of food. Maybe some dogs would be okay with this but not others, certainly not intelligent breeds like border collies and German Shepherds.

          Dogs have been domesticated longer than cats so they are more independent which is really interesting because like you say they don’t have to be our friend. A dog may feel more inclined because they have been bred for a relationship with us over a longer period of time, so they have lost some of their wildness. A cat could live solitary but some cats become extremely bonded with their humans.

          • I get the gist of what you’re saying about respecting cats more and I get it. One of my cats gets mad when I cuddle him too much and he can swat me all of a sudden. He never claws me or injures me but it’s a bit startling. I always laugh and am more careful next time. He has his boundaries and when he has had enough he lets me know.

            He’s just so cute that I can’t help it sometimes!

            My point is that I think some dogs are more complex than what you wrote. This also depends on the breed.

            Having said all that, animals do not replace relationships with other humans and vice versa. I would feel a lack without human interaction and also a lack without a dog or cat or other furry friend.

            I think humans need relationship and community with other human beings, at least most people do. Even though I am very much an introvert and don’t have 100s of friends, I do need to have some friends. I don’t think this is unusual.

            Like you pointed out, it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

            • @cu.h.j

              “Cats are different than dogs and each cat and dog is different from one another. It’s kind of fascinating actually that no two creatures are exactly the same, sort of like human beings.”

              I agree 100% and I personally believe that ‘souls’ are not unique to human beings (all beings that are part of creation possess one).

              I was in a rush (as I often am before work or before bed) these days, and so my comment above over simplified my true thoughts on the subject. I find my self in a similar position this morning but would like to do my best to clarify and reply despite my limited time.

              I have also been thinking about your comments on A.I., those behind attempting to create it, and Candlelight’s comments on voluntaryism (in different threads on here) and have been wanting to explore those discussions further, but alas, only so many hours in the day and days in the week and I have to prioritize our garden and my book getting out into the world right now.

              So, dogs certainly are unique to each individual and though their pack mentality genetics may result in certain proclivities, I have seen exceptions to the rule (of how if a human takes on the role of “pack leader” through being assertive and making the dog feel safe, the dog falls in line and behaves as a subordinate). Sometimes regardless of the either gentleness, confidence and/or assertiveness of the human, the dog will say “screw you!” (through his/her behavior) and refuse to do what the human wants regardless. Then there are the traumatized dogs (like our Great Dane ((Japser)), who, like our cat ((Gracie)), we also rescued from a dangerous situation) and so despite my attempting to work with him on his anxiety and allowing him to feel more comfortable in certain situations, there are still certain things that trigger his memories of being abused and he gets all rattled (despite the loving, reliable and safe environment we have provided for years now).

              Then, who knows, perhaps (as with humans) past existences/experiences that are outside the scope of an individual lifetime (other “incarnations” of the soul) also play a part shaping the personality and proclivities of an individual dog, cat (or other being)?

              I have observed what seemed to indicate this was the case on a few occasions where we had pets that died, then years later another four legged being came into our lives and exhibited strikingly similar (and unusually unique) behavior patterns to the pet that has previously passed on. My wife speculated that perhaps the beings missed us (and/or sensed we missed them) and so their soul chose to come back and experience another life with us (in a new body). I think there is a movie that depicts that kind of concept called “A Dog’s Purpose” (though I cannot speak to how legit the depiction in that particular movie is).


            • (continued from above..)

              Anyways, I love our Japser, and before him we had two other dogs (one a Collie, another a Hovawart) and I enjoy sharing my time with dogs in general, but I can just relate to cats more. I think it is also possible that my feeling more close to cats than dogs could have something to do with suppressed trauma from my youth as I had two separate incidents where a dog was abused/neglected by their owners and ended up attacking me.

              One time I was 7 and my little brother was 4 and a police dog, a german shepard, that had failed its training, but a police officer tried to keep it as a pet. I got out of its yard and found me and my little bro as we were building snowmen in our back yard. It came sprinting up out of nowwhere growling and began “kettling” us and treating us like dangerous criminals/rioting people (as it was trained to). It would knock us down (with it’s mouth on our throat) and then when the other tried to run for help, it would chase the other down and grab them and hold them down. It ripped a chunk of my little brother’s lip off before a public bus driver saw what was happening, stopped the bus and ran over to help us (he still has a visible scar to this day).

              Then another time I was 13 and there was this pitbull that an elderly owner had not taken the time to train and it had been learning from and emulating the guard dogs that lived across the street in a chain link fenced in area so it became aggressive. I was biking to meet some friends near my parent’s farm to built a tree fort (biking really fast, maybe 35-40 kph as I knew this dog was gonna come flying out of the corn field chasing me as he often did) but this one time he came out ahead of me and cut me off, running full tilt into the frame of my bike he mangled my tire and sent me flying onto the cement. I was lucky enough to tuck and roll (I had no helmet on) and so my shoulder took the brunt of the blow rather than my skull, but it shattered my collar bone (multiple fracture points, one being a compound fracture). When I tried to get up and limp home (a couple km away) the dog was trying to bite my ankle. I had to wack him with one of the tools I had in my bag for building the fort to get him to stop biting me.

              So perhaps those experiences still color my view of dogs to some degree, but despite that I do respect and love dogs too, just not as much as cats.

              I would like to elaborate further another day but i godda head out to work. Thanks for the comments 🙂

              • It sounds like the owner of the German Shepherd was irresponsible in not making sure his dog could not get out. German Shepherds are a large category that includes specific lines of dogs that are bred for specific tasks. Some types aren’t good pets or at least might not be safe around other animals or children especially if they were formerly used as police dogs or military dogs.

                I encountered a dog like that, a neighbor had a retired police dog who appeared aggressive and would bark and snarl at my puppy. This guy was an older man and I thought that he lacked capacity to keep his dog fully in his control at times. I thought his choice of dogs was not a good one. Anyway, he moved away, so I didn’t have to worry about it for long.

                Selective breeding and too much inbreeding can generate neurotic animals and so can past trauma. I don’t think I have the knowledge and experience to train more aggressive breeds so avoid those. I mentioned German Shepherds because I’ve known more good dogs than dangerous ones in this breed category and know that they can be very intelligent in the right environment (breeding, training, etc.)

                I have some biases about pit bulls, at least that it takes a lot for me to trust one of them and I know they can be naturally dog aggressive so I don’t leave my dog unattended around one.

                I think past experience can naturally cause a bit of bias and I’m sure I have plenty of biases.

                I like both cats and dogs and wouldn’t want to be without them. Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience and have a good day!

              • @cu.h.j

                Yes, Agreed. I mean the police officer (this guy was a younger guy, well maybe 40 something) told my parents that he had a 6 foot fence and the dog dug under it or something but never the less, the dog apparently failed police training due to it’s inability to distinguish between targets of police raids/riot squads and little kids playing so he should have gone to whatever lengths were necessary to keep the dog restrained / confined if he wanted to keep it. The public transit bus driver that intervened (pulling over with a bus full of skiers and snowboarders heading back home from the slopes when he saw the dog taking down some kids on the side of the road) had to use a snow shovel to subdue the dog and hold it at bay until my parents (and then police arrived).

                I have had some positive relationships with German Shepherds since then, but I imagine there are some subconscious trauma aspects still present in some part of my mind.

                Ya pitbuls were bred to be killers on the battlefield so though I do know that people can mitigate those ingrained genetic tendencies, they are animals that have inclinations that can be problematic (especially when the “owner” neglects them). Again, I have made friends with a couple pitbulls since then that were nice, but I suspect that experience has left me with yet more subconscious biases that shape my perspectives in ways I am not consciously aware of.

                I ended up having to do multiple surgeries to get that compound fractured clavicle straitened out (had 9 bolts and a steel plate for a while) so I am still reminded of that experience visually each time I take my shirt off near a mirror, see others looking at the scar or, when I press something heavy against the scar tissue (like the straps of a full backpack).

                Like I said though, I am someone that enjoys having dogs in my life despite those experiences. I acknowledge they are each individual beings and that those particular dogs I described above were likely behaving as they did due to human interference/manipulation, abuse and/or neglect.

                Generally speaking when I am in the wild I am able to communicate with animals through my energy, my movements, presence and voice and do not have problems (whether they are wild canines like coyotes, wild cats, like cougars, lynx and bobcats, or bears, all of which I have crossed paths with in my time in the wilderness).

                I especially felt blessed when a Lynx crossed my path in this life (one time it was a female Lynx with cubs in the backcountry of BC, she stopped and looked right at me and made eye contact for a minute or two before nudging her babies to a more hidden spot).

                Thanks for the reply and I hope you have a lovely remainder of your weekend.

        • Gavin, first, thank you for rescuing the cat and nursing her back to health.

          Second, thank you for sharing your post on the rise of anthropocentrism. I’m blown away by the amount and importance of the research you did, the depth of your understanding of the wide-ranging (and devastating) subject matter, and the goodness of your heart.

          • @CQ

            Well, to be honest, I think my comment above was a bit misleading/inaccurate, and it is actually my lovely, kind, intuitive and compassionate wife that deserves more thanks for that than I do (she found her in a tough situation, informed me and brought her home. I just agreed to give her a home and did my best once she was here to make her feel safe and loved).

            I really appreciate you taking the time to read my post on anthropocentrism. I know it is not easy to read (and truly integrate into one’s understanding of this world and human history) as it was very challenging for me (during the research and while writing) to learn about and engage with that darker side of our human family. I felt it was a necessary journey, to shine light into those shadows of our human family’s dominant cultures, worldviews and past/present choices, as to most vividly illuminate the choice point/fork in the road that is now at our feet so we can each be in a better position to choose wisely, with clarity, purpose and in alignment with a moral compass that can lead us to a future worth living in and gifting to future generations.

            I admire and respect your willingness to take an honest look at that subject matter without recoiling defensively (as many seem to).

            I think that human beings are capable of wonderous, beautiful and truly awe inspiring things if we truly take the time to look within, learn from our elder species, look to God for guidance and embrace a path guided by humility, and thus I do my best to offer my own small piece of what can serve as a trail map towards that potential.

            Thank you for seeing from the heart and using your mind as a tool that aligns with that which is life affirming.

      • Excuse me but I have always had cats and other animals throughout my life and they add much joy to my life.

        Sure a cat is different than a person but it doesn’t negate the joy a person experiences.

        And they are exceptional hunters. I consider my cat a friend. It’s a shame you have never experienced that.

        • Cu.h.j

          ? When I have finally gathered what truly.belingd to me and leave the old black continent, I intend to spend the majority of the test of my life, as close to and among animals – not just cats – as they most often give more joy (and love) than the human race does ?

          Don’t ever underestimate the population on our planet, who are not human!!

          • This is true, it’s so easy to love animals, and can be incredibly difficult to love humans at times! But try we must….

    • Cool video! I like it! People can come together to resist tyranny and find peace with each other.

    • Thanks millions Jo-Ann…

      Your comment reached my eye 2 seconds after I had clicked “send” on my comment about my future among animals…sounds as if we agree very much…no more – no more – no more

      AWAY from colonial Europe

      Take care free soul ?

    • jo-ann, I agree with cu.j.h and Jetmab: It’s a very inspiring video. It also makes me wonder why we ever cede power and control over our lives to ANYONE and then are put in the position of begging for the freedom we already possess.

      The message of the video leads to a request I’m making to everyone reading the May Open Thread:

      I’ve been patiently waiting for someone to read and comment on the link that James posted about the WHO’s even more nefarious agenda than the rot we already know about.

      The link leads to the most direct, dangerous, sickening, and surreal imposition on innocent children I’ve ever encountered.

      It’s a dream come true for pedos around the world.

      But I believe the WHO’s and UN’s combined efforts to force public schools everywhere on earth to sexualize children will receive huge pushback in every country — and will go down in resounding defeat. For, if this perverse agenda doesn’t wake up the “we are many, we are free” folks, nothing will.

  7. Follow-up to Professor Fenton’s video on the statistical deception used to show efficacy from Mathew Crawford’s Substack:
    Adding to Fenton’s Miscategorization Illusion, Part 1
    Shattering the Efficacy Illusion, Part 8

    I believe he links to Fenton’s videos om the above post, but if you want to check it out first, here is one of them that I posted recently on the April Thread:

  8. king SCUMBAG CHARLES yayayayay

    • I’ve “listened” to scumbag charles on Highly recommend it.

    • All the monarchies need to go now!

      We live in 2023!!!

  9. 9/11……heard about it, turned on TV, watched and started clapping to the greatest show on earth.

    • This was a good listen this a.m.:
      Israeli Art Student Spy Ring Leadership
      Dawson & Fitzgerald

      Other than listening to Corbett’s Al Qaeda series, I haven’t really dived into much 9/11 of late. There’s a number of key documentaries, like David Ray Griffin’s The New Pearl Harbor, for example, that I haven’t even watched. I think my psyche got so fried by the 9/11-as-false-flag narraitve when I got into in late 2010, early 2011, that I suppose I haven’t wanted to get into 9/11 conspiratorial documentary viewing and footage viewing like I did during my initial ‘redpilling’. I was boozed up for nearly 2 straight years, coinciding with aforementioned initial redpilling, so maybe you can watch trauma programming and bodies falling from high-rises easier in that state, I dunno. When I consume tv media/video content these days, I will oftentimes prefer something light or comedic.
      Perhaps I need to consider ‘bucking up’ and watching more conspiratorial documentaries nowadays, however. Ryan Dawson has Empire Unmasked and War of Deception. He said he thought (Jason Bermas’) Loose Change was ‘so bad’ that he was compelled to make his own documentary on 9/11.
      I like Dawson and am going to pay attention to him, but one of the problems I have with him (maybe it’s my admitted naivety) is his arrogance, I would term it, in calling so many 9/11 ‘truth’ personalities (from Richard Gage to Christopher Bollyn to Dr. Judy Wood) ‘kooks’ and deriding their contributions to the research. I don’t feel that any of the aforementioned are inherently bad faith or shills in the arena of 9/11 truth or conspiratorial research. They could be, but I think the more likely scenario is Ryan Dawson is a bit of a narcissist or has a bit of an ego-complex, etc. Frankly, I’ve been compelled by the ‘dustification’ arguments and Judy Wood’s presentations on 9/11 and the towers…destructions that I’ve seen in the past. I like the ‘woo’, a little bit, though, so who knows…

      • Sorry I just couldn’t watch/listen to more than 10 minutes or so of this.
        Both these guys are going with “the hijackers did it” story !!!

        ‘Nuf said.

        • Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that James’ take as well? Have you listened to/watched the Al Qaeda documentary series? He references Lawrence Wright’s The Looming Tower and Mark Owen’s No Easy Day, for Christ’s sake.
          I am barely a novice @ 9/11 conspiratorial intrigue, relatively speaking. That’s like after 10 years of intense-to-casual (mostly casual) preponderance of the conspiratorial worldview as relates to the event(s) of that day. Ryan Dawson, I think all who are far more savvy than I in the understanding of 9/11 as a conspiracy event, would concur that Dawson is either a genius or at least a savant when it comes to research of this nature and is a subject matter expert on 9/11. One doesn’t have to agree with his conclusions, but he is educated on the subject.
          I’m down for crazy 9/11 woo, though – unlike James or Dawson. Crazy fucking balls that float around the Towers that James dismissed 3 weeks into his redpilling? Shit, I don’t know if that’s disinfo or not… Hurricane Erin being used as an energy source for direct energy exotic weaponry, a la Dr. Judy Wood theories as to the WTC dustifications? Sounds legit to me!
          I’m listening to Christopher Knowles discuss how the Watchers (fallen angels) were released with the as-above-so-below meta-ritual of 9/11 on Tin Foil Hat. I tell you what – I don’t rule that shit out either!

          • Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that James’ take as well? Have you listened to/watched the Al Qaeda documentary series? He references Lawrence Wright’s The Looming Tower and Mark Owen’s No Easy Day, for Christ’s sake.
            I am barely a novice @ 9/11 conspiratorial intrigue, relatively speaking. That’s like after 10 years of intense-to-casual (mostly casual) preponderance of the conspiratorial worldview as relates to the event(s) of that day. Ryan Dawson, I think all who are far more savvy than I in the understanding of 9/11 as a conspiracy event, would concur that Dawson is either a genius or at least a savant when it comes to research of this nature and is a subject matter expert on 9/11. One doesn’t have to agree with his conclusions, but he is educated on the subject.

            CRM with all due respect.

            Yes I have watched his Al Qaeda series and pretty much everything else he’s put out on 9/11.
            He most clearly does not subscribe to ‘the hijackers did it’ narrative.

            I studied 9/11 in painstaking detail for many years (more than I care to admit) and consider myself an expert in the fundamentals of the operation.
            The fact that Ryan maintains ‘the hijackers did it’ means he doesn’t have a clue about what happened on 9/11.

            • What is James’ position on the planes being ‘flown’ into the WTC towers and into the ground @ Shanksville, and the E-Ring of the Pentagon, then? Remote-controlled? The ‘planes’ were CGI? What is your position on 9/11 regarding these ‘piloting’ questions? I’m sure you acknowledge, since you state you are a relative expert in 9/11 conspiratorial research, that you are familiar that Dawson does not discount a ‘conspiracy’ narrative with regards to 9/11, and indeed points to Israeli and domestic (U.S.) and Saudi Inteligence as culptrits in the 9/11 narrative. I know that much about Ryan’s work and positions, without having watched his documentaries in full…
              James goes into the ‘official’ hijackers narrative in great lengths in his analyses, as I recall (esp. in the Al Qaeda series). I don’t remember specifically if he’s stated one way or the other what his thoughts are with regards to the piloting of the aircrafts, however.
              I had never heard of Adam Fitzergald, in fact, but after listening to his and Ryan’s conversation (above Rumble link), which I found compelling, I listened to a podcast featuring him which also struck me as very well informed:
              ‘Adam Fitzgerald interviewed on WhatKast’

              Frankly, I’m not above reaching out to Fitzgerald and Dawson to query them on your points that ‘the hijackers did it’ narrative is incorrect. I think I should actually watch one or more of Dawson’s documentaries on the subject of 9/11 first, however, so I’m not pissing entirely into the wind. If any other Corbett Report commentators have any thougths as to the piloting of aircraft questions posed here, feel free to weigh in. Also, if anyone can point to a timestamp or specfic interview or audio clip where James states his theories as to the piloting of the aircraft on 9/11/2001, or the alleged ‘patsy-status’ of the 9/11 Commission Report’s Saudi+ hijacker terrorists, I’d be interested in being aware of this as well.

              • Fwiw, I am not at this time even prepared to concede there were planes at all on 9/11. To paraphrase Donny Rumsfeld, I just don’t know what I don’t know (and perhaps never will). Some of the CGI/no planes evidence (disinfo or otherwise) I’ve seen over years on /pol/ threads, etc., seems compelling to me, although I’m sure that is an unpopular take on Corbett’s site…:


                ‘Ryan Dawson is going mainstream’:…what-the-mainstream-doesn.html

                Furthermore, I can respect Corbett’s previous pronouncemnt that the WTC towers ‘destruction’ is “internecine squabbling”, but I’m not sure I 100% agree with that assessment either. Neither am I sure that the ‘hijacker’ question is entirely related to that dichotomy (of the Towers collapsing/whatever not being as relevant as other, ‘more grounded’ 9/11 research) as well…

              • James has many times stated that he has not intentionally delved into the matter of the exact way the towers have been brought down.

                Instead of dealing with this delicious red herring, he opted to provide voluminous evidence that what can be proven to be a scam is indeed a scam. To this extent he has done a lot more than a great majority of researchers.

                His reasoning is sound: there are a lot of people looking into it and he wanted to do what the majority was not doing. A man chooses his path and then walks the line. Doing so can be a bitch sometimes.

                The reality is such that we will NEVER know the exact how. Just like we still don’t and never will know the exact details of any high profile assassination.

                I do not have timestamps for you, fish them out yourself.

              • CRM, you are going to have to roll up your sleeves and do a deep dive here yourself if you want to know what James thinks about the hijackers and the planes of 9/11.

                As I said, I did my research and I also watched/listened to most/all that James has put out on 9/11.

                I did not put time-stamps on his material to call up at will, any particular aspect of the operation.

                If you are really curious, you can find the information, if you put the time into it.

                As for Adam Fitzgerald.
                He has put out many videos on 9/11.
                Perhaps one of his most telling is entitled:
                “How To Investigate The September 11th Attacks”

                He explains the best place to start with the investigation:
                “Start with, of course, the hijackers. Hijacked these planes. Who were these hijackers? Where did they come from?…”

                ‘Nuf said about Adam Fitzgerald.

                In the coming months (close to 9/11) I plan to write a fairly comprehensive summary of what happened on 9/11.
                It will probably answer many of the questions you now have about the operation.

              • Rensponse from /pol/ query:

                “A group of dimwitted Patsy ( not innocent patsies, they wanted to go to Allah on attack on the US) Arabic people were trained on flight simulators right before 9/11/2001. The 2 years previous the US Gov had developed a device that could control a 777 or 767 big boeing jet like it was a drone, remote control.
                ~~ In the intelligence community it is believed the Israeli’s (MOSSAD with LIKUD loyalties) flew the jets into the buildings using the drone method
                The Arabs couldn’t be trusted to hit the buildings — And a miss of WTC 1 or 2 would have been catastrophic to their plans.
                Explaining 3 building falling in free fall from 2 plane impacts was stretching it already for a jew lie LOL : )
                My guess is those guys hijacked the plane and the drone took over
                A respected USAF General retired , came out to the news right after 9 / 11
                He said he worked on a project to drone commercial aircraft from 98-2000. He retired in 2000
                This general goes on the news and slows the film down of the planes and you can see an apparatus exactly where he describes
                Those buildings were taken down with standard controlled demolition methods.
                Chertoff destroyed all the major evidence (the I – Beams)…”


          • One can consider the source, re: Lear’s CIA pilot background (and I guess his father’s likely ‘networked’ one, too), but in the second hour of this Veritas interview, John Lear discusses his thoughts on 9/11 as being an orbitting sattelite directed energy event (among other thoughts), fwiw:

            John Lear [1942 – 2022], retired airline captain and former CIA contract pilot with over 19,000 hours of flight time, over 11,000 in command of 3 or 4 engine jet transports, has flown over 100 different types of aircraft in 60 different countries around the world. He retired in 2001 after more than 40 years of flying. Son of Learjet inventor, Bill Lear, John holds more FAA airman certificates than any other FAA certificated airman. John flew secret missions for the CIA in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa between 1967 and 1983. During the last 17 years of his career John worked for several passenger and cargo airlines as captain, check airman and instructor. He was certified by the FAA as a North Atlantic navigation check airman. He has extensive experience as command pilot and instructor in the Boeing 707, Douglas DC-8 and Lockheed l-1011. John held 17 world records including speed around the world in a Lear Jet model 24 set in 1966 and was presented the PATCO (Professional Air Traffic Controllers Association) Award for outstanding airmanship in 1968. He is a senior vice-commander of the China Post 1, The American Legions Post for “Soldiers of Fortune:, a 25 year member of the Special Operations Association and member of…

            [part 1]
            [part 2]

  10. Prince William is going to be the Antichrist. You won’t change my mind, you loose-knit, libertarian volluntaryists open-source truth seekers!

    [Ring of Power: Empire of the CIty]
    [The Zion King]

    The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea


    Prince William comes of age!

    Prince Billy The Antichrist sitting in the wings.

    Caveat, that Tim Cohen thinks Charles will be AC, but that’s obviously wrong because I’m right.

    Interview with Author Tim Cohen’ (Fact Hunter podcast):

    • Also, Prince William-Jacinda Arden intrigue, for those of you will absolutely not be swayed by my eschatological worldview:

      And Here I Thought She Was Gone For Good…
      New Zealand
      Jacinda Ardern to tackle online extremism in new role as special envoy for Christchurch Call

      Former New Zealand prime minister will push initiative she created in wake of 2019 terrorist attack

      Jacinda Ardern appointed trustee of Prince William’s Earthshot Prize

    • Grace Powers’ Ring of Power documentaries are pretty legit, actually (albeit low budget). It’s probably an all-encompassing conspiratorial doc, like Corbett’s Big Oil sereis (which I’ve never seen, but own DVD’s of). I think she goes into some detail regarding 9/11-as-conspiratorial at the beginning, and probably discusses the Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove, the Roundtable group, the creation of state of Israel, etc. I should do a re-watch of it some time…
      She clearly has also has a Prince William narraitve threaded in there towards the end, which she goes into detial more in the Zion King sequel.

      The website she had doesn’t seem to be functional any more, but it looks like there’s another documenatry (or book) of hers (American’s Goddess: Who Is She) I don’t believe I’ve seen:

      “Who is the unknown mystery woman that we call Lady Liberty? When
      Frederic Bartholdi unveiled her in 1886, New Yorkers wanted to know who
      he enshrined in his statue. Was she his wife? His mistress, perhaps?
      Some believed she was the Egyptian goddess Isis or Mary Magdalene while
      others argued that she wasn’t a woman at all, but a man in drag…”

  11. I have no idea why this appeared in my thread because I’m Canadian, not Australian! But, it is just as relevant for us as it is for them, or pretty much all Western countries ( and perhaps all other countries in the world). It is a bit of truth comedy and I laughed pretty hard when she started rapping!

  12. Has anyone thought about Jho Low the “fugitive Malaysian businessman”? Why has he not been arrested? Where are the billions he “stole”? Low seems to have a lot in common with the recent crypto scandals- hidden money, political parties, partying money away. Was Low a patsy that was “allowed” to steal billions, take some of the money for himself, spend that money in a very obvious way, and then return the majority of money to someone else? That someone else now has billions of dollars that are free from scrutiny because it is well documented that Low partied away the money. Thoughts?

  13. I understand that a lot of us here don’t vote on principle, however, how does everyone feel about the DNC not doing primary debates this cycle?

    • Just further confirmation, (as if that were necessary), that the entire process is a joke and that the system is corrupt.

  14. “Earth Disaster is Coming | ALL The Evidence”

    “When All The Evidence Tells The Same Story, There Are Only So Many Coincidences You Can Ignore”

    When the scientists start using religious texts to bolster their conclusions, it might be time to start paying attention to what they’re saying.

    17 min Ben Davidson (Suspicious 0bservers) video

  15. My mind was blown by the latest video by Felix Rex:

    He explains how the male/female ration can explain many of social problems we have today, like artificial migration, socialism, feminism, incels, mass shooters, crime, drugs, etc. From here, we can speculate that wars could be a way to balance out this ratio. What if it all really is such a scam?

    I would love the opinions of you guys.

    • For example, China’s male-female ratio is insane. I’m sure the government knows this, and knows the threat this ratio poses to the power of the socialist faggots in power. So they want a war. And to make it “safe”, they discuss with an “enemy” with the same problem to start a proxy war of attrition until their rations balance out. It’s a business transaction. I mean why wouldn’t they do this? The media will easily control the narrative


    “To His Majesty King Charles III,

    On the coronation of my liege, I thought it only fitting to extend a heartfelt invitation to you to commemorate this momentous occasion by visiting your very own kingdom within a kingdom: His Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh.

    You will no doubt recall the wise words of a renowned playwright: “The quality of mercy is not strained. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath.”……….

    ………. But fear not, for there is beauty to be found within these walls. Feast your eyes upon the picturesque crows nesting in the razor wire and the hundreds of hungry rats that call Belmarsh home. And if you come in the spring, you may even catch a glimpse of the ducklings laid by wayward mallards within the prison grounds. But don’t delay, for the ravenous rats ensure their lives are fleeting.

    I implore you, King Charles, to visit His Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh, for it is an honour befitting a king. As you embark upon your reign, may you always remember the words of the King James Bible: “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy” (Matthew 5:7). And may mercy be the guiding light of your kingdom, both within and without the walls of Belmarsh.

    Your most devoted subject,

    Julian Assange”

    • @Camille

      Very educational, thanks for sharing this.

      I suppose considering how I have no illusions about privacy being actually viable given the technology at the disposal of the plutocratic cartels (and their operatives/goons), considering that I have nothing to hide and considering how I feel that one of my main callings in this life is to share information that serves to shine a light into the shadows, illuminate and heal wounds, empower individuals to see things from new perspectives (that foster decentralized, scalable, situation specific resilience in the face of adversity) and offer people an invitation to fall back in love with the living planet Earth, I am really not that concerned if some operative or peeping tom type hacker person decides to “pineapple” my internet connection and surveille or download stuff from my computer. If anything, they would be doing my work for me, though I suppose they could scoop things like banking info which could be problematic. Thankfully I do not invest very much of my time and energy in fiat currency (or other digital currencies) either so that would not be that big of a deal for me if it did happen.

      Another thing I imagine could be problematic is operatives/trolls using the tech described in your video clip to impersonate individuals in order to dissuade others from engaging with their material (like hacking their accounts and writing or posting some absurd/offensive stuff etc as a sort of digital COINTELPRO op).

      I do appreciate the educational video and hope you have a nice weekend.

  17. James,

    Checking out the links to several current news items you provided in the introduction to this May Open Thread, I clicked on the tribute to Graeme MacQueen. I expected to see Kevin Ryan’s final words about his colleague Graeme, which I’d read days earlier:

    But, no, it turned out to be an in-depth Global Research memorial devoted to Graeme, including a one-hour video about Graeme by Michael Welch, the host of Global Research News Hour; a touching written statement by Graeme’s widow’s, Sharon MacQueen; and eight short videos made by people who have worked with Graeme over the years.

    What I especially appreciated about your tribute to “Dr. MacQueen,” as you called him, James, is that you paused solemnly at the beginning and the end of your remarks, allowing listeners to reflect on his life and legacy.

    I didn’t know Graeme personally, but, having worked as a behind-the-scenes editor for several of the people who have collaborated with him on various 9/11 projects, I knew of and admired his peaceful and kindly demeanor, his rigorous research, and, as you said, James, his passion for truth and for justice.

    I’m thankful Graeme leaves such a deep and broad body of work for future generations. When the facts and falsehoods about 9/11 and the anthrax attacks become more widely known, it will be in no small part due to the guiding light of that humble Professor of Peace, Dr. Graeme MacQueen.

    • CQ says:
      “I’m thankful Graeme leaves such a deep and broad body of work for future generations.”

  18. I just found this and the implications are enormous.

    WE MUST TAKE BACK CONTROL OF OUR MONEY. Failing to do so will ensure our continued suffering.

    “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!” ~ Amschel Rothschild

    The “answer” is money. The group that controls the issuance of money controls every aspect of a society.

    US Constitution Article I, Section 8, Clause 5:
    [The Congress shall have Power . . . ] To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures; . . .

    When you study history you witness numerous occasions of what can happen when a nation takes sovereign control over their money supply by turning their back on the Central Banking System, e.g. Qaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Hitler all turned their backs on the Rothschild’s control of their domestic money supply and in each case the standard of living skyrocketed for their countrymen.

    It is this sovereign act that is the Achilles heel of the Central Bankers. Once the world at large becomes aware that A SINGLE ACT will set them free and help to assure their freedom and prosperity I can’t imagine a people anywhere that would not ACT to rid themselves of the usury of the fiat money supply provided and controlled by the central banks.

    I immediately recognized James’ voice at the opening of the documentary and devoured all 6h22m. It’s called “In The Name Of Zion (Full Documentary)” and has 193K views.

    Full Documentary:

    In The Name Of Zion 1: The Rothschild Declaration

    In The Name Of Zion 2: The Wrong Enemy

    In The Name Of Zion 3: The Six Million

    In The Name Of Zion 4: The Danger Of Democracy

    In The Name Of Zion 5: The Way Of Deception

    In The Name Of Zion 6: The War Of Terror

    In The Name Of Zion 7: The Highest Art Of Warfare

    In The Name Of Zion 8: The Great Replacement

    In The Name Of Zion 9: The Jew World Order

    • Spread the fact that we can, with enough collective will power, take advantage of the constitution as written. Maybe, just maybe, when/if the dollar has to be carted in wheelbarrows or CBDC is the only option the current money-makers/controllers allow us to use, then larger numbers of the populace will start looking for a way to get around these tyrannical/technocratic controls. If more are aware of the history in this documentary and the facts about money issuance there could become a collective body influential enough to start moving the needle of change in the direction of sovereign status for the people, nations and world at large. At this point I feel information sharing is as easy a tool as we have to use and we should wear it out. Knowledge of the truth has changed my view and where I invest my energy, maybe we can get enough of that kind of an effect to make a difference. It certainly can’t hurt to try. I have been following James’ effort for 11 years and I think the needle has moved so I’m hoping to help move it some more.

  19. Thanks for the documentary series links, Randall. Are you familiar with Dr. Joseph Farrell? Catherine Austin-Fitts has been on Corbett before… Here’s a recent (quartly) conversation between the two of them regarding economics forecasting in a broad scope of conversation topics (including ‘taking back our money’ strategies). The audio is behind a paywall on their respective sites, I’m sure (I subscribed to Farrell’s Gizadeathstar), so I’ll provide the mp3 via vocaroo links:

    [Part 1]
    [Part 2]

  20. You Don’t Have To Choose Between Happiness and Being Informed
    By Caitlin Johnstone

    “I write about some dark, dark things in this space, and it’s common to receive expressions of despair in response to the subjects I focus on…..

    ……This is perfectly understandable. Not only is our world hurtling toward nuclear armageddon and environmental collapse while surging authoritarianism threatens our ability to even talk about these things with each other, but most people are completely oblivious to it all……

    ……So of course people who see this express despair. When you first punch through the lies and start to gain an understanding of what’s really going on, it can be really unpleasant at first. It feels like what it probably felt like to be a lucid thinker back in much less enlightened times when civilization was dominated by religion and superstition. Lonely. Depressing. As Terence McKenna said, “The cost of sanity in this society is a certain level of alienation.”

    But it gets better. Or at least it does if you allow it to.

    It’s not that society starts feeling less fraudulent (it doesn’t), and it’s not that you get used to how fake and dishonest it all is (you don’t)…….

    …..What gets better is that once you’ve unplugged your mind from the matrix of imperial mind control, you stop looking for happiness, connection and satisfaction in the places the matrix trained you to look for it.“…..

    …… Instead, you begin to see that as confused and shitty as our civilization is, we’re still living in an amazingly beautiful world, whose beauty is so much vaster and more ancient than all the conceptual bullshit we’ve heaped upon the human experience……

    ….. Imagine if you were just a disembodied expanse of consciousness, with nothing to see, hear, feel, touch, taste or smell. No thoughts to think, no feelings to feel.

    Then imagine after an eternity spent in that state, you suddenly got to experience this world. All the sights, sounds, feelings, beauty. All the thoughts, words, creativity, connections, relationships. Imagine how mind-blowing that would be…..

    ….. So you absolutely can live a happy, satisfied life with a full awareness of what’s really going on in our world. In fact, the devotion to discovering the truth which led you to understand what’s going on in the world will also lead you to peace and happiness if you take that exploration inward. “

  21. Gavinm:

    Your fermented veg recipes look fantastic & mouthwatering! If I can get fresh turmeric root I will try growing it in pots. Thanks for your ideas.

    BTW, a tablespoon or so of turmeric is OK, but I would not overeat due to its supposedly very high oxalate content.

    Are you aware of oxalates in foods? This has been so far a very confusing issue! Many “good” foods like spinach, kale & chard, and chocolate, are very high in dangerous oxalates.

    Turmeric as “painkiller” supposedly works. A person with a bad hip who worked at our local health-supplement store, and whose hip replacement was delayed during Covid lockdowns, survived bad pain due to the turmeric supplements, nothing else worked – the most expensive highest potency curcumin extract worked best.

  22. Gavinm:

    Unfortunately, I must strongly disagree with your “anti-anthropocentrism” ideas!

    Your article is long. Sorry, it is confused!

    Yes, we are connected to the planet, and we ought to enjoy & protect clean environment – nobody wants pollution and pillaging of resources!

    But please don’t fall for the “Mother Earth” fallacy – by doing so you and many other “good but naive” people are playing right into the plans of the climate change Malthusian de-popopulation globalists & oligarchs who are also for anti-anthropocentrism !!!

    Is Earth really the “creator” of art & beauty?

    What is “her eternal heartbeat”?

    Is communication with the Earth really the highest form of prayer?

    Yes, the piles of buffalo bones are stunning, but what would have been a good solution? Should we convert vast central plains of USA and Canada into a depopulated wilderness and reintroduce millions os roaming bufalos ??? The same for reintroducing wilderness in far north to protect salmon & bears, or de-popopulate Africa and Asia to save hippos, elephants, crocodiles and tigers?

    Please read Matthew Ehret’s books, at least his new “Clash of the Two Americas volume 4: The Anglo-Venetian Roots of the Deep State” – he argues for strong anthropocentric solutions as the only solution if mankind is to survive the planned depopulation!

    Regarding the “Mother Earth” metaphor, it is baffling whenever one hears people affected by floods, fires, hurricanes etc. to talk about their presumably loving “Mother Earth” punishing them…

    G. K. Chesterton pointed out this fallacy a century ago – in these cases Nature is clearly acting more like an evil step-mother! There is a difference between the anthropocentric Garden of Eden solution and the “wilding”. Only Christianity got this paradox right – all other ‘philosophies’ & naive beliefs fall into the same animistic-pantheistic “Mother Earth” trap!

    Please read the appropriate passage in Orthodoxy:

    “Darwinism can be used to back up two mad moralities, but it cannot be used to back up a single sane one. … If you want to treat a tiger reasonably, you must go back to the garden of Eden. For the obstinate reminder continued to recur: only the supernatural has taken a sane view of Nature. The essence of all pantheism, evolutionism, and modern cosmic religion is really in this proposition: that Nature is our mother. Unfortunately, if you regard Nature as a mother, you discover that she is a step-mother.

    The main point of Christianity was this: that Nature is not our mother: Nature is our sister. We can be proud of her beauty, since we have the same father; but she has no authority over us; we have to admire, but not to imitate. This gives to the typically Christian pleasure in this earth a strange touch of lightness that is almost frivolity. etc.

  23. Tuesday May 9, 2023 – ZeroHedge
    Ex-Russian Space Boss Finds ‘No Proof’ Americans Landed On Moon In 1969

    Russia’s former head of the Roscosmos space agency, Dmitry Rogozin, said he went on a quest about a decade ago to find concrete proof that the Americans landed on the Moon in 1969. After finding little evidence, he questioned whether the Apollo 11 Mission reached the lunar surface.

    “About ten years ago, when I worked in the Government, I sent an official request to Roskosmos to provide me with documentary evidence of the Americans’ stay on the moon, which at that time was still at the disposal of the federal agency,”
    Rogozin said in a post on Telegram on Sunday.

    He continued, “I was painfully embarrassed by the fact that the Soviet cosmonauts returning from multi-day expeditions could barely stand on their feet and underwent a long recovery after such flights, and the Americans crawled out of their lunar ships like cucumbers from the garden.”

    Rogozin claimed to have submitted multiple requests to Roscosmos for proof of NASA’s 1969 Moon landing.
    He said the only evidence he received was a book that contained an account by Soviet Cosmonaut Aleksey Leonov about his conversation with the American astronauts and their discussions about the lunar mission.
    Rogozin continued in the post:

    In 2018, when I went to work at the state corporation Roskosmos, I continued to search for this evidence, but I didn’t find anything there, except for the angry accusations of some of our fans of going to America at the expense of others, academicians, that I, they say, undermine the “sacred cooperation with NASA,” I also received one angry call from a high-ranking official accusing me of “aggravating the international situation” with my doubts.
    Yes, I did not undermine or aggravate anything, but only by virtue of my nature I tried to get to the bottom of the details and establish, at least for myself, the true state of affairs in the issue of exploration of the Moon by our competitors. It was not clear to me how the United States, at that level of technological development of the 60s of the last century, did what they still cannot do now?

    Add Rogozin to the moon-landing denialism camp because how dare anyone question that the spacecraft with less computing power than even a modern USB-C charger could land astronauts on the Moon in 1969 — and astronauts have yet to return 54 years later….

  24. I’m glad to see this. Maybe it’s the first step in ending the U.S. Military Industrial Complex.

    May 3rd
    US Navy Enlists Drag Queen For ‘Digital Ambassador’ Role To Attract More Recruits
    VIDEOS in article

    And the Department of Defense wonders why multiple military branches are projected to miss their recruitment goals this year? The Navy expects to fall short by over 6000 sailors in 2023, while the military struggles with a growing lack of interest, not to mention a lack of physically viable candidates. So, they have embarked on a new strategy, giving their marketing the Bud Light treatment.

    That’s right, the Navy has recruited a squadron administrator and drag queen using the name “Harpy Daniels” to be their new “Digital Ambassador.” The post is designed to inspire more civilians to join the Navy…

    …The attempted “woke-ification” of the US armed forces is a growing trend, with military brass defending the teaching of CRT (Critical Race Theory) among officers and numerous recruitment ads depicting far-left concepts….

    • They want a military that will be more likely to attack US citizens and just demolish the rest of the country, the monuments, the history, any remnant of the past. And they’ll protect the “drag queen story hour” weirdness/borderline pedophilia. The modern “transgender” and weird woke mob is dangerous and they want to give them guns and train them to kill (us).

      Not saying I think the military was good before. They have done terrible things, horrible monstrous things but this is probably worse (for us).

      As a selfish self preservationist, I’m not too thrilled about the cultural revolution underway. Maybe I’m wrong though.

      • I want to see what happens when the Navy Drag Queen has shore leave in Saudi Arabia.

        • That will sure be interesting.

        • I want to see what happens when someone has to bend over to pick something up.

  25. The Texas Bullion Depository – TxBD
    As of April 1, 2018, U.S. citizens and residents, including business entities can open an account at the depository. Services for depositors from other nations will open in the future.

    …With TxBD in operation, a push is building in Texas for commodities trading options outside of New York. According to State Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, the author of the bill that created TxBD, Texas is ideally positioned both geographically and economically to become an epicenter for commodities trading….

    Mises Institute – Article by Professor William Greene
    Ending the Federal Reserve from the Bottom Up: Re-Introducing Competitive Currency by State Adherence to Article I, Section 10
    …this paper proposes an alternative approach to ending the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money: the “Constitutional Tender Act,” a bill template that can be introduced in every state legislature in the nation, returning each of them to adherence to the U.S. Constitution’s “legal tender” provisions of Article I, Section 10…
    …This approach would have a greater likelihood of success for a number of reasons. First, it is decentralized:..
    …Finally, it is legally sound: it relies on the U.S. Constitution’s negative mandate in Article I, Section 10, that “No State shall… make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.”….

    CURRENT INTRODUCED Texas House & Senate Bills
    ~~~ Purchasing gold and silver bullion for this state to hold in the Texas Bullion Depository; making an appropriation.
    ~~~ Relating to the use of certain gold or silver bullion or specie as legal tender and an exemption from sales and use taxes for certain items containing certain precious metals.
    ~~~ Relating to the regulation of crafted precious metal.
    ~~~ Relating to a study by the attorney general on the feasibility of linking debit card transactions to bullion in the Texas Bullion Depository.

    Lena Petrova CPA – finance, economics and business
    May 9, 2023 – 8 minute Video covering The Texas Bullion Depository
    Crisis Prep: Texas Increases Its Gold Reserves As U.S. Dollar Further Weakens

    Houston Chronicle – August 2021 (A real world look at the subcontractor)
    The Texas Bullion Depository, sold as a gold mine for taxpayers, could end up costing millions

  26. I’ve shared his piano music here before, (the mRNA song) but he’s been scrubbed from GooTube…
    Anyone with a sense of humor will likely appreciate this. Check out “foundering” on Rokfin. His lyrics are hilarious, and often elude to conspiracy history (Though, if you’re easily triggered or prescribe to political correctness, he’s probably not for you). Enjoy!

    The Pandemic Dance

    Never be Rude to an Arab


    • Correction… “foundring”

  27. Stripe Climate & Substack

    Stripe has a climate initiative, where you can “Remove carbon as you grow your business”. Funny how that works.

    On the page there is an endorsement from Substack:

    Stripe’s climate initiative is a gift because it removes all barriers to positive action. This program makes it easy, and valuable, to do the right thing. We’re proud to be part of it.
    — Chris Best, Co-founder and CEO of Substack

    • Positive action, sounds like affirmative action and that one worked out great for all* involved.

      * all of those who stood to gain the most, not those pesky peasants

    • @HRS

      Thanks for sharing that. I also really enjoyed this recent conversation between Robert Kennedy Jr and Charles Eisenstein

      I found that part where Robert shared about how the various aspects of, relationships within and beings that part of nature (Creation) are like threads in a tapestry that reveal to us the face of God to be very moving.

      I have always felt closer to God in the forest than when I am in any manmade building or reading any book. The cathedrals that call to my heart and offer me the most uplifting and heart opening state of being to connect with Creator have mossy floors, corridors made of colossal tree trunks, branches reaching up in a dendritic pattern and a blue stained glass roof speckled in green.

      I will do everything I am capable of doing in my life to protect, repair and nurture those ancient living cathedrals so that future generations are also able to find the same peace, healing and nourishment for the soul that I have, and so that they are also given the opportunity to look upon the tapestry that reveals of the face of God as well

      (I do not mean that part about ‘the face of God’ in a literal, pantheistic sense, but rather metaphorically).

      RFK Jr seems to be an individual that cares deeply about protecting the last few wilderness places and intact ecosystems for our fellow non-human beings on Earth. Thus, despite my having no interest in investing my time, hope, faith or energy in involuntary governance structures (“democracies” or otherwise) if there has to be a “president of the United States”, I suppose I would prefer it was him over any of the other current options.

    • @HRS

      One point that many Corbetteers may have contention with is that RFK Jr does mention his beliefs regarding the carbon-centric anthropogenic “climate change” dogma in the interview/podcast I shared a link to above.

      While I do not share RFK Jr’s stated beliefs regarding anthropogenic carbon-centric “global warming” and/or “climate change”, I still think he is a good guy and admire his integrity.

      • I think he’s just stuck in his bubble because nobody has pricked it yet.

      • Robert F Kennedy, Jr. and…
        carbon-centric anthropogenic “CLIMATE CHANGE”

        QUEUE to the 30:09 mark (see shownotes) for a brief look at RFK’s views about Climate Change.

        This is a “Breaking Points” interview conducted mostly by that Witch with a ‘B’, Krystal Ball. Jimmy Dore really called her out on this interview.
        But read the YouTube comments…a lot of people are not stupid-stupid in their ability to observe and recognize.

        In my opinion, there is no other Presidential Candidate who has an awareness like RFK, Jr.
        It is pretty remarkable to see these type of conversations in politics.

        • As usual, we’re bandying about vague insinuations. It’s not bad enough the guy wields the utterly misleading fallacy that so-called “climate skeptics” don’t believe in “Climate Change” (rather than Man-made Climate Change) nor even the “scientific evidence for climate” those idiots,

          he would actually strive to “avert climate change”!! and declares he won’t “argue with you about it”! Gracious no! We mustn’t have an open debate with actual climate science involved! Maybe that’s the real reason he won’t be evoking climate during his campaign so much?

          …I’ve always been cautious about leaning on scientific evidence for climate because the reason is it’s not persuasive for people who don’t want to believe it…

          …The argument I’ve always made, is that all of the things we need to do, whether you believe in climate change or not, you don’t have to, and I’m not gonna argue with you, if you don’t believe in it, but all of the things that we need to do to avert climate change we oughta be doing anyway… RFK at 30:48

          We oughta be doing anyway? Like not only silencing scientists and squelching all public debate but also stigmatizing and threatening “climate skeptics” with prison sentences? Oh wait, we can squelch debate but stigmatizing and threatening climate skeptics aren’t great tactics for presidential candidates. Nah. Now we’ll wield the bought and pocketed environmental movement (ie the eugenical Huxley-founded WWF and Maurice Strong UNEP et al) to unify the left and the right while skirting the climate debate entirely!


          Now fork over those bitcoin donations!

          • Why are you putting all these words in RFK Jr.’s mouth? You’re making up an entire nonexistent dialogue out of whole cloth. Did RFK Jr. say anything about squelching climate debate, silencing scientists or threatening “climate Skeptics”? Did he even use the term “denier”, as in climate denier? Not at all. That’s not where he’s at. In fact, at 28.44 he states that he can’t independently verify anthropomorphic climate change, which is probably why he’s not into debating it. He also states “we’ve seen that science (climate science), particularly federally funded science can be corrupted.” Further, he states that he can’t argue with those who don’t believe it to tell them that they’re wrong. I don’t think that’s being vague. I think that’s being pretty fair minded and up-front.

            Nonetheless, it just so happens he believes that anthropologically produced carbon is effecting climate and goes on to explain explicitly why it is that he believes that. You, on the other hand, happen not to believe in anthropogenic climate change. So? Why the need to harp on him? If you and he were in a face to face discussion, it’s rather doubtful he would have the impetus to reciprocate your demonization of him based on what you happen to believe, which, by the way, may or may not be correct for all we know, despite all the bluster.

            Clearly, the focus of his “We oughta be doing anyway” is on limiting damage to the environment by limiting pollutants, which pollutants are damaging to everything that lives on the planet. Is RFK Jr. to be demonized for that, too? Do you really believe that RFK Jr. is a eugenicist? Because you’re implying that he is or somehow tied to it. Like some kind of puppet of nefarious power behind the scenes.

            • Such a notion is nonsense, of course. You know that, right?

              The truth of the matter is, if RFK Jr. was ever to get as close to being nominated for President on the Democratic ticket as his father before him, said nefarious power would not let him get any closer. That’s because he does speak truth to power.

              For instance, I rarely, if ever, have heard a politician mention a single word – let alone be so succinct – about the United States’ deleterious history in Central America, of how destructive its foreign policy has been to every country it’s interfered with. Citing the one country he claims hasn’t been interfered with, Costa Rica, as the one country that’s doing the best, is telling. Concluding that the United States has been instrumental in fomenting a humanitarian crisis, is not something you hear every day from someone seeking high office.

              But, oddly, you seem not to be hearing or having any of it.

              You think you have him covered? That he’s another member of the status quo, and pulling the rug over our eyes? A “limited hangout”? Or some other such agent of the powers that shouldn’t be? A United Nations flunky?

              Into what pigeonhole are you placing him? Under what rationale?

              It’s like what you think about Julian Assange, 10 years of exile and prison and you still think he’s with “Them”.

              If RFK Jr. were to be assassinated, at that point, will you still think he had been with “Them”, too?

              • I am not putting words in his mouth.
                But you are putting words into mine.

                First, I do not know why you evoke the word “denier”. I never used it.

                He said “but all of the things that we need to do to avert climate change we oughta be doing anyway”.

                Much of what activists have been doing to (ahem) “avert climate change” (as if that were either feasible or desirable) has been squelching debate and also thoroughly stigmatizing, penalizing and threatening dissenting voices. Not to mention deliberately fudging the numbers. (See copious Corbett work on these matters).

                Here, in the video embedded in the short article linked below, you can listen to what RFK said about “politicians and people” who “express skepticism” and his desire to punish them:


                Journalist: What about politicians an’ people who deny, who express skepticism…?

                JFK: “I think they’re selling out the public trust and, you know, I think those guys who are doing the Koch Brothers bidding and who are against all the evidence of the rational mind, are saying that global warming doesn’t exist, that they are contemptible human beings, and that, you know, I wish there were a law you could punish them under…”

                He also insinuates that climate skeptics are “liars”:

                The post, titled, “Jailing Climate Deniers,” was a response to claims made at the time that Kennedy said “all climate deniers should be jailed.” He denied ever saying such a thing, writing, “I support the First Amendment which makes room for any citizen to, even knowingly, spew far more vile lies without legal consequence.”

                “I do, however, believe that corporations which deliberately, purposefully, maliciously and systematically sponsor climate lies should be given the death penalty,” Kennedy wrote for EcoWatch.


                And though I’m pretty certain he engages in deliberately keeping things vague about his apparently unsubstantiated man-made global warming views, I do not say he is a eugenicist. And though “averting climate change” will probably prove to be very challenging he’ll certainly have even more trouble achieving his more modest environmental goals if they do not match those of the interests controlling the environmental movement. (Also very compellingly described on the Corbett report website .)

                You opine: If you and he were in a face to face discussion, it’s rather doubtful he would have the impetus to reciprocate your demonization of him based on what you happen to believe, which, by the way, may or may not be correct for all we know, despite all the bluster.

                Well, given his statements about so-called “climate skeptics” you may or may not be correct for all we know and we’ll never know if what skeptics say is correct because as a high-profile presidential candidate, RFK is perpetuating the omerta and sly denigration of so-called “climate skeptics”.

              • Do you really want someone who has stated for the public record that he wants to jail politicians who express climate skepticism, give their companies “the death penalty” and who calls citizens who don’t share his climate change views “liars” as your Commander and Chief of the United States?

                Though he sounds great when speaking about vaccines, or cleaning up rivers,

                his climate rhetoric sure does seem to espouse nicely the Agenda 21 “sustainable development” carbon-credit crowd which, frankly, makes me nervous.

                Especially considering the track records of all the past “guru-style presidents “of the people”” who promised to wield miracles.

            • I am not putting words in his mouth.
              But you are putting words into mine.

              First, I do not know why you evoke the word “denier”. I never used it.

              He said “but all of the things that we need to do to avert climate change we oughta be doing anyway”.

              Much of what activists have been doing to (ahem) “avert climate change” (as if that were either feasible or desirable) has been squelching debate and also thoroughly stigmatizing, penalizing and threatening dissenting voices. Not to mention deliberately fudging the numbers. (See copious Corbett work on these matters).

              Here, in the video embedded in the short article linked below, you can listen to what RFK said about “politicians and people” who “express skepticism” and his desire to punish them:


              Journalist: What about politicians an’ people who deny, who express skepticism…?

              JFK: “I think they’re selling out the public trust and, you know, I think those guys who are doing the Koch Brothers bidding and who are against all the evidence of the rational mind, are saying that global warming doesn’t exist, that they are contemptible human beings, and that, you know, I wish there were a law you could punish them under…”

              He also insinuates that climate skeptics are “liars”:

              The post, titled, “Jailing Climate Deniers,” was a response to claims made at the time that Kennedy said “all climate deniers should be jailed.” He denied ever saying such a thing, writing, “I support the First Amendment which makes room for any citizen to, even knowingly, spew far more vile lies without legal consequence.”

              “I do, however, believe that corporations which deliberately, purposefully, maliciously and systematically sponsor climate lies should be given the death penalty,” Kennedy wrote for EcoWatch.


                And though I’m pretty certain he engages in deliberately keeping things vague about his apparently unsubstantiated man-made global warming views, I do not say he is a eugenicist. And though “averting climate change” will probably prove to be very challenging he’ll certainly have even more trouble achieving his more modest environmental goals if they do not match those of the interests controlling the environmental movement. (Also very compellingly described on the Corbett report website .)

                You opine: If you and he were in a face to face discussion, it’s rather doubtful he would have the impetus to reciprocate your demonization of him based on what you happen to believe, which, by the way, may or may not be correct for all we know, despite all the bluster.

                Well, given his statements about so-called “climate skeptics” you may or may not be correct for all we know and we’ll never know if what skeptics say is correct because as a high-profile presidential candidate, RFK is perpetuating the omerta and sly denigration of so-called “climate skeptics”.

              • Ooops. I put “JFK” above when I wanted to put “RFK”.

                It’s as if the legends are somehow slightly conflated in my mind…:

                JFK: “I think they’re selling out the public trust and, you know, I think those guys who are doing the Koch Brothers bidding and who are against all the evidence of the rational mind, are saying that global warming doesn’t exist, that they are contemptible human beings, and that, you know, I wish there were a law you could punish them under…”

                But JFK didn’t say that.
                RFK did.

              • Maybe he needs some education on the matter and has changed his mind?

                People who say they want to punish people for speaking freely always concern me a bit.

                I do think being in politics make people less likely to stop on certain toes unfortunately.

                But I highly doubt he’ll win to be honest but he should really speak out against the CO2 narrative. He doesn’t strike me as a creepy psychopath or even a narcissist though, so my guess is that he just doesn’t know. But who knows.

                I mean if he is for scientific integrity than he should be for debate on the subject.

              • Hi cu.h.j

                I would really like to take the time to answer you slowly and cogently but unfortunately I have 9 hours of classes every day this week which makes that difficult.

                RFK states correctly that the issue of Climate Change has been used to create all kinds of liberty-killing methods of control (something to that effect)

                but then his answer is to further avoid the subject, obscuring matters even further. Which is oh so convenient for him and all the other AGW proselytizers. Don’t think we’ll get any info about CLIMATEGATE from Mr RFK.

                And concerning “peer review” he says the following on his facebook page:

                For example, fossil fuel industry interests have tried to distort the public debate on climate change by sponsoring research and exploiting the prestige of peer review…

                The irony is that he (perhaps) doesn’t realize he’s helping them to do so.

                Anyhow, gotta run.

                ps: it’s not that he should agree with me personally on every subject.

                It’s simply that I don’t want someone who deep down finds “climate deniers” “contemptible” running this Brave New Sustainable world built on AGW supported Agenda 21. 2030… 2050…

              • nosoapradio,

                Well, I don’t know what to say, other than you got me here….

                Moments after starting to watch the clip you provided, I thought, oh, shit….

                It was the very last thing I would have been expecting to hear – that kind of rhetoric from RFK Jr.?

                Oh, no siree, Bob! Or, in this case, Robert!

                So, after going to lengths building up the man’s fair mindedness, saying he’d never demonize you for your beliefs in a debate, I see that RFK Jr. – at least RFK Jr. circa 2015 – would not only have demonized you for your beliefs, he would have asked for your arrest and incarceration, whilst demanding the key be thrown away lest your destructive thoughts reek more havoc upon the earth! Geesh!

                Truly an eyeopener I freely admit.

                And, it’s very true you didn’t put the word “denier”out there, I did, obviously. But the reference was used simply as an allusion to how you seemed so triggered by the “Breaking Points” interview, which to me seemed to be particularly fair minded, which made your reaction to it perplexing. I was thinking of the many times you’ve commented in the past wherein you’ve railed against the phrase “climate denier”, expressing the same level of disgust as with this interview. So, in essence, all I was really saying was “Hey, he didn’t use the term “denier” so why get so upset?”

              • But, now having listened to the clip, I now know why. And also why you hinted at a certain level of deceit, possibly, in his currently toned-down, presidential running-ready rhetoric.

                But, you know, maybe it’s just possible that over the last eight years he’s developed somewhat of a different, less hardened view of the “science” of “climate change and global warming” either on a conscious or unconscious level. It certainly seems he understands that the “science” is no slam dunk. He implies that it’s persuasive if you believe it, and unpersuasive if you don’t. I’m sure in the last eight years he’s either spoken with, or has heard the arguments of the heretics (professed humorously by some, e.g., Freeman Dyson) of climate science. There are some very learned voices out there, so maybe RFK Jr. has taken heed. Especially after the fiasco of the Fauci inspired pandemic, you’d think he’d be cautious about being pulled into anything – hook, line and sinker – without questioning the legitimacy of narratives that may be conveniently manufactured, purporting to be the truth and nothing but the truth.

                In the “Breaking Points” interview, what RFK Jr. was probably referring to that had informed his belief in anthropogenic global warming is embodied in the following article from 2015:


                Anyway, to your question – “Do you really want someone who has stated for the public record that he wants to jail politicians who express climate skepticism, give their companies “the death penalty” and who calls citizens who don’t share his climate change views “liars” as your Commander and Chief of the United States?” – the answer is no.

                Though the public record is the public record, and cannot supposedly change, hopefully RFK Jr. can, has and or will.

                Otherwise, he’ll be forever trapped within the Al Gore rhythm of climate based totalitarianism….!

                Good grief!

        • @HRS

          Thanks for the comment, link and info. I`ll watch it when I have time.

    • Wow! Secrets are lies and Privacy is Theft! This RFK speech reminds me of this scene with Emma Watson and Tom Hanks:
      (starting at 2:28)

      Three: Bitcoin embodies two of my highest ideals; Transparency and Trust. Americans have come to distrust the government, including the way that it has manipulated our money supply to benefit the very rich and to prosecute endless wars. Bitcoin is a neutral currency, beyond the ability of government or indeed any authority to manipulate. In our current system nearly all of our transactions are transparent allright! They’re transparent to government and corporations. But their machinations and activities are not transparent to us, they are opaque. The public ledger of Bitcoin makes every transaction transparent to everyone. It might therefore be a harbinger of a future in which the government is transparent to the people. Now that would be democracy… RFK at 16:21

      …Wouldn’t it be great to know their every move!? Their every word!? From now on every message, meeting, phone call, all will be Public. Knowable. Never erased. In fact, Ty Lafitte has helped us make every document in the company’s history…Public. Every messge, every plan, including (and this is my favorite part!) every email from Tom and Eamon’s accounts, and their private accounts, and their secondary confidential accounts and even their super secret scrambled code accounts that NOBODY, not even their assistants or wives knew existed, until now. It’s all been sent to you already. I think we’re entitled to that kind of access. Don’t you? There are no more secrets. Privacy was a temporary thing. And now it’s over. We won’t live in the shadows anymore. …I’m tired of hiding. These passwords and secret knocks, the difference between public and private. Aren’t you all?… The future won’t wait. -Mae Holland from The Circle

      Trustless and pseudo-anonymous? Or trust and total transparency? or Both?

      The movie is said to be 2nd degree sarcasm. The casting and staging nevertheless offer a mixed message.

      Human interaction, from private to public bit by bitcoin…

      Maybe I’m sliding down a slippery slope of sarcasm but I’ve heard sharing is caring.

      • People misunderstand bitcoin to a great degree and RFK is not an exception. To believe that bitcoin can not be controlled by a few big, key players means to not understand what bitcoin is about.

        Not only can it be controlled, it can also be made unusable. Provided sufficient hardware and electricity are available at a push of a button. This is built into the cake, that is how it was designed to operate.

        On the matter of transparency and mostly contolled entry points to the system (via exchanges) I do not understand enough to comment. But theoretically, if one gets into the system without going through an exchange they should be able to keep their privacy. That is, until their cover is blown at which point their entire transaction history, as known, can be linked to their identity.

        Not sure if RFK is saying there that both the government and the people should be “transparent”.

        • People misunderstand bitcoin to a great degree and RFK is not an exception. To believe that bitcoin can not be controlled by a few big, key players means to not understand what bitcoin is about.

          Many sincere thanks! You just spared me another delirious rant revealing I’m another sad victim of the Bitcoin Psyop!

          Not sure if RFK is saying there that both the government and the people should be “transparent”.

          A titillating ambiguity indeed! He says the people already ARE transparent to government. He declares his “highest ideals” to be trust and transparency. I’d take him at his word here.

    I’m sick to death of them!

    “despite what leviathan may tell you, it does not fall to government to establish and maintain social norms.

    the state is neither competent nor capable of doing so.

    and you would not want it to even if it were.”

    “the setup is that the angry guy got on the train and started berating passengers and demanding aggressively and with much shouting and some shoving that they “make way” for him and his kids. (yeah, this charmer had kids with him)

    a woman tells him to chill. his kids repeat it. he rounds upon her, gets in her face, and dares her to say it again. perhaps her doing so was ill advised, but it was brave. she alone on this train car seemed willing to stand up for some sort of basic sanity and civility and she alone was willing to put herself on the line. and in the end, it was just words and not even rude ones.

    then he hits her. right in the side of the head.”

    “so what now? what’s supposed to happen?

    because in most societies in most of history that guy would be about to get a serious butt kicking from the men in the room.”

    “but does anyone move a muscle? nope. does anyone stand with her? nope. not one person. not the person filming. not anyone.”

    “there can be no peace through weakness, apathy, and dependence.

    and so a society that has lost its taste for violence will soon be fed far more of it than anyone can swallow.”

    Yeah, I’m a hater. I’m a Christian who is a hater. I hate that things like what is described in this article are becoming commonplace. I hate that there doesn’t seem to be any men left who will stand up to the degenerate monsters who are becoming more and more brazen. While there seems to be no shortage of willing photographers to document the events there is a dearth of morally upright people who are willing to try to prevent them from happening or to give lessons in acceptable behavior to the miscreants after the fact.
    I hate that sin of all description is becoming normalized and that when I speak against it I am ridiculed for being a judgmental Bible thumper.
    Yeah, there is a lot I hate these days. But so does the God I serve.
    I’m just a frail old man but I will never be a coward. I’ll never be too fearful to speak and act when I’m confronted with sin. No matter how “normal” everyone around me thinks it is!

    “can anyone not capable or willing to be violent truly be called “peaceful”?

    or are they just cowed?

    and is cowed any way to live?”

    • And yes, I’m aware of the case of Daniel Penny. And I hate that too.
      A rare case of a man doing the right thing and he gets arrested and charged for it!
      I’m praying that God’s justice prevails rather than that of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

      • I hear you Steve. But basic chivalry extends beyond the bible, right? I mean don’t other cultures have it? I’ve watched a lot of South Korean movies and it seems like they have chivalry. I know it’s not always accurate to know how someone’s culture is. I’m not sure what the religion is there. So I can’t say chivalry comes from the Bible or not. But in the US it seems more common in rural areas and among older people and “tough guys”.

        People have become weak, both woman and men. Basic fitness and self defense are good solutions to start taking control of ones own safety. And there does need to be basic manners in a community. I assume this was in a city and they are shit holes (sorry for the foul language) but it’s the best description. Literally, people are pooping on the ground and leaving use syringes around.

        If you do protect yourself, you might go to jail and have to go to court and risk prison, sort of like Kyle Rittenhouse. So people are probably afraid to stick their neck out for a stranger nowadays.

        Pepper spray is a great tool and a huge dose of common sense. I mean I’m not going to challenge some huge ranting lunatic and I might not even challenge a small one unless I had the means to protect myself. I know a few dirty tricks but physically I am no match for a man. I would have to run.

        But you are right that people have to stand up and be willing to use violence at least this is what I believe. Non violence is a good first go to but sometimes one must fight. And men are stronger and seem “designed” to protect the more fragile. But in cities especially a woman might be on their own and have to protect herself.

        Knowing the laws on self protect is helpful and in fact in most states (I think) if a person is at risk of deadly harm that includes breaking bones, they have the right to use deadly force. So, if a large man is attacking a woman or a small stature man, the law is supposed to protect them if they use deadly force. In most cities, guns are no legal to carry, but some pepper spray and a sharp knife are. And if you spray a person and know where their vital organs are, it’s possible to at least get away from an unarmed and unskilled attacker.

        Women though do have to overcome a greater fear response though and it’s hard to act under duress but with practice this can be dialed down. So protecting yourself with anything less than a gun is much more challenging and risky. It takes practice to be skilled with a knife. Your post inspires me want to take jujitsu again.

        But more practically basic de escalation techniques are probably most helpful because it starts with non violence and if your good at it, it can be very effective. It’s possible for someone to read the situation and apply the most effective strategy.

        But I think in America chivalry might be dead especially in cities.

      • I also hope that you don’t feel that I have ridiculed you. If I have made you feel that way, or anyone on this comment board, I apologize. Ridicule to me is a form of rudeness and I do think showing respect is a display of good manners.

      • I think the best thing that can be learned from this video, is to get the heck out of cities. They are toxic places full of depravity and people who you cannot help.

        I’ve worked with the general public for a pretty long time now and lived in cities most of my life and there are people that are too far gone. A lot of the crazies and junkies are so broken there is nothing to be done. It’s sad, but it’s true. Occasionally, you can help someone, but it’s a rare occasion. In the ER, you “treat and street” because that’s all you can do. There is nothing to help people. Mental hospitals have no beds. Drug treatment is often ineffective. People have learned to hate themselves. It must come from within, or someone that is able to get people to tap into that inner goodness if it still exists. I don’t know how to do it, so I don’t waste my time on someone who is too far gone and I’ve learned to be pretty good at knowing who to help and who not to help.

        I don’t know what I would have done on a city bus if some nutcase was screaming at people. I might have just got off the bus because that guy was so far escalated and hyped up, it would take a large man to bring his energy down a notch. He probably would have punched and old lady. And there are people who are more violent than this guy who stab people and hit them with bricks and pipes.

        It’s a huge mess and people really don’t know what to do so they just stick their head in the sand.

  29. RFK deserves our utmost respect for exposing Fauci, the whole vax fraud & the bioengineering fiacso (in various forms) which is the biggest threat to human extinction, whether it is food or medicine. I also respect him for his “clean rivers” Riverkeeper effort. The bottom line is that RFK is an honest person who fights for truth and fairness who can be convinced by correct science and philosophy to change his mind…

    As far as RFK’s discussion with Eisenstein about extinct species –

    should we really make the exctinction of the Dodo bird the ultimate issue ?!? Should we care for exctinct birds (or kittens or whales or bears) MORE than we care for human beings???

    In words of Eisenstein – it is presumably about our “collective evolution” and “healing” :

    “When we understand that social healing, relational healing, personal healing, ecological healing, climate healing, are all part of the same healing, then the scope of our activism broadens…”

    “To house homeless people, how is that going to bring down CO2 numbers?!”

    Is the idiotic CO2 narrative the ultimate issue and truth we should be worried about? (And if we want to discuss CO2, how about insisting on correct science !? Perhaps we should be worried also about geoengineering (chemtrails), sunspots, solar wind, fake statistics or whatever “science” is pertinent to the whole complex issue?)

    Eisenstein is another confused evolutionist, precisely as G.K. Chesterton outlined it a century ago. See my post

    05/14/2023 at 6:41 am

    Well, let us hope we can “heal” all our problems, but I don’t think we can heal until we have our priorities correct and adopt the correct philosophy of man and nature.

    • @hpete

      I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and perspectives on RFK Jr, Charles Eisenstein and the material discussed in that conversation they had recently (which I linked above).

      I`ll contemplate what you have expressed and respond when I have time.

    • @hpete

      One passing thought and partial response I can offer now (given the limited time I have available currently)…

      Re: “Should we care for exctinct birds (or kittens or whales or bears) MORE than we care for human beings???”

      Well, I would not presume to speak for what anyone else “should” care about, but personally, I do not place humans on any kind of pedestal as being more special, deserving or “holy” than any other being. That is just my own perspective, I would not attempt to force it on anyone else, but seeing my fellow beings on this world (and those from elsewhere) as equals at the very least (and often seeing them as wise elders, from which I have much to learn) feels right to me and has served me well in this life (and has served me well in other existences beyond the scope of this life) so for me, no I do not care “MORE” about them than humans, but I do not care less about them either.

      While I think about what you have shared (and attempt to take a step back and look at the individuals and subject matter discussed through the lens you offer as to try and understand where you are coming from) would you be interested in reading my essay on the rise of anthropocentrism and share your thoughts on the material I shared in that post?

      • Hi Gavin — I have already read your essay! It was precisely why I decided to respond in the first place and get involved in the debate. See my previous May open thead post “05/14/2023 at 6:41 am”:

        hpete says:
        05/14/2023 at 6:41 am
        Unfortunately, I must strongly disagree with your “anti-anthropocentrism” ideas!


        You look like a good guy who cares about nature, (like many people today), but there is a deep irreconcilable contradiction in the thought/philosophy of many people, perhaps even RFK_Jr., who think like you about humans, animals and nature. This confused problematic “environmentalist” position has been around for at least a century and it is still around and dominating not only the the environmental issues, but ALL issues. (That, strangely, includes also people like pope Francis, who should know better, with his encyclical ‘Laudato Si’ which has been criticized.)

        The whole mess the world has found itself in today, since WWI, is precisely the result of bad, ad-hoc, un-philosophical, un-scientific “thinking” of most people. And the biggest philosophical problem/culprit is the Darwinian evolutionism which considers people as a mere equivalent of any other life-form. (The is why biologists-evolutionists will NOT consider hierarchy of lifeforms, or lower vs. higher life-forms, or “purpose/teleology” in nature.)

        I also love nature and I am for preserving nature whenever possible, animals, ancient forests, clean water air, good nutritious food etc. I have been pondering the same issues for about 50 years. If you do not consider human beings “special” and merely equal to animals or trees you will keep running into all sorts of mind-boggling conundrums, like most of our confused biologists, scientists and politicians!

        Over the decades I found the best no-nonsense, the most logically and philosophically consistent arguments for many things, including nature, in the works of G. K. Chesterton. That is why I like to quote him and refer people to his works! He was a staunch critic of British imperialism, Darwinism, evolutionism, Nietzchean proto-fascism, eugenics and “other evils”. In fact, he was the first adamant anti-eugenicist arguing against racists, Fabian socialists like G.B. Shaw, utopian technocrats like H.G Wells, all sorts of spiritualists, nature-worshippers, and confused Christians.


        I don’t mean to insults you, but your article and response is full of problematic contradictions which would have to be unravelled in order to be clearly understood.

        • @hpete

          Thanks for taking the time to respond. I am unable to dig up that previous comment you referenced given my current time constraints but I apologize if what you are saying is that you already told me that you read my essay elsewhere in a previous thread and I re-shared it to you again above (it is hard to keep track of all the different conversations on here for me at times).

          There is no need to worry about if you insulted me, I choose to see the friction that is gifted by exposing myself to differing points of view, perspectives and ideas than my own (and receiving criticisms and candid observations from others) as a grinding stone that can serve to sharpen the mind and offer opportunities for exposing and illuminating areas where my understanding may need improving.

          Would you care to elaborate on the “problematic contradictions” you are referring to in my article (providing some specific examples)?

          For me, it all boils down to looking at the results of specific belief systems. The results of anthropocentric worldviews (whether they be religious, “scientific”, political or otherwise) are clearly measurable, observable, well documented and you can taste them when you dip your cup in a stream or a lake and try to drink the water in many regions all over what is now called “Canada” and “The United States” (and many other places all over the world). You can see the results of the anthropocentric world view when you walk through the endless clearcut wastelands all over the developed world (see: for more info). The proof is in the pudding as they say, and the anthropocentric pudding does not taste very good at all. It is a toxic stew of arrogance, counter-intuitive ego flattering nonsense and self-destructive addictive superficial tendencies that reflect a sort of cultural scale cowardice where entire generations and societies have been lured (and chose) to see them selves as the most important and deserving of all beings. That hubris is leading us on a clearly observable trajectory towards the collapse of civilization, massive suffering (for both humans and non-human beings that live on Earth) and the transformation of that which is sacred, into that which is dead (and can provide momentary disposable pleasures/profits) on a massive scale.

          I do not suggest that my path to see our fellow non human beings on Earth (and our fellow non-human beings from elsewhere) as equals (and/or wise teachers and elders) is the path that all should walk. It is simply a path that works for me, honors my moral compass and lets me exist as a perpetual student using my hands to align with, honor and nurture life (rather than dominate and destroy it). Each individual being must choose their own path at this fork in the road and I wish you all the best on what ever path you choose.

          • Gavin, it seems our contention is about the meaning of the word “antropocentrism” & “humanocentric”. Unfortunately these are philosophically loaded words and have to be considered within the full context of what is being discussed, by whom etc. See for example


            You say:

            “For me, it all boils down to looking at the results of specific belief systems. The results of anthropocentric worldviews (whether they be religious, “scientific”, political or otherwise) are clearly measurable, observable, well documented…”

            Here you equate antropocentrism with everything evil as if mankind was only capable of evil & destruction. Yes, many fools and greedy bastards have exploited nature for personal profit and left behind poison and destruction. This is the same Malthusian mindset that is behind the Covid scam and the current domination of the world!

            But there is a significant portion of mankind who consider themselves “moral”, nature loving, non-exploiting, and still more important than animals or trees. Most people want to live peacefully, raise a family, live in clean environment, respect their neighbours, etc.

            In your substack article you paint ALL Christians with a very black uncompromising paintbrush:

            “The arrival of the imperialistic colonial Christians brought with them a mentality that starkly contrasted the dominant worldviews of the peoples that lived here”

            Sorry, this argument is loaded & bad. I don’t want to write an essay on this, but here are a few quick arguments:

            The way much of the exploration of the New Worlds was done was bad. But are you saying that the various natives were “wise saints” and all explorers were EVIL haters of nature and people?

            This goes back to Shakespeare – was the Western culture or Christianity justified in exploring and “exploiting” the “New worlds”?

            And, really, who “owns” the Earths’ resources? For whose benefit are they here? Can a small group claim a huge tract of land for their personal benefit? Should reasonable rational people discuss peacefully how to best cooperate in the “exploitation” of nature with the least amount of destruction, or with no destruction if possible?

            • @hpete

              Thanks for elaborating.

              Just on my way to work now so I do not have time to respond in full.

              You make a valid point about how my wording in my article could be construed as making a blanket judgement of a massive group of humans that happened to (and/or happen to) describe themselves as subscribing to a specific belief system. I have expressed my thoughts on how I do not think all people who describe themselves as Christians behave a certain way elsewhere in these threads but i`ll take a look at my article when I have a chance to see if the wording can be adjusted to reflect the true message I was attempting to express more clearly (which was describing a prevalent, self described and demonstrably observable attitude/worldview in a specific demographic, from a specific time period in history, which resulted in specific interactions between different groups of humans, and humans and nature/mature ecosystems in general). Thanks for pointing that out.

              I would never judge you or any other person describing themselves as Christian based on the duplicitous, degenerative and nefarious behavior of other humans that also claimed to be Christian (some of which I described in my article and some of which I will mention in the comment below) in the past but I would also caution against trying to preserve the idea that part of modern day Christian institutions and dogmas can be saved or reformed to serve some beneficial purpose.

              If you look at history, the over all track record is clear, the proof is in the pudding. This of course applies to many dogmatic religious belief systems (and the institutions and psychopaths that rose up around them) and not solely Christianity.


              “are you saying that the various natives were “wise saints” and all explorers were EVIL haters of nature and people?


              The so called “Noble Savage” myth is a fallacy (just as what I might describe as the “noble Christian myth” is also a fallacy) so no I am not saying that. I clearly acknowledge that no culture or society is perfect, nor should they be put on a pedestal.

              For more on my thoughts on the “noble savage” myth see:


            • (continued from above..)

              Self identified Christian missionaries/governments (and the soldiers that backed them up) do not have a very good track record (see: for more info) when it comes to applying the actual concepts that Jesus attempted to share with the world.

              The torturing, raping and murder of indigenous peoples (by people claiming to be Christian) occurred all throughout history but I feel it is worth re-iterating that this pattern of appalling abuse continued in what is now called “Canada” up until very recently within the concentration camps that our government euphemistically called “residential schools”. Though in those instances, the torture, rape and murder specifically targeted indigenous children, with the abuse and murder being directly carried out by mentally deranged Priests and Nuns (that ran the torture centers and concentration camps called “residential schools”). Specialized RCMP were sent by the government to kidnap the children from their parents to take them to these facilities, but the Nuns and the Priests were the ones that ended up doing most of the raping, mutilating and killing.

              Thus, in my opinion, whether or not we can identify pockets of good, selfless, humble, tolerant and compassionate self described Christians in the ocean of anthropocentrically motivated, hubristic and mentally stagnant ones is a moot point. The point is that the distorted dogmas that make up the historical and modern Christian belief system are selfishly centered around humans, they outsource duplicitous behavior to some scape-goat character (that literally looks like a goat-man) and they are dogmas that often feed into complacency, learned helpnessness, endlessly looking for savior archetypes, stagnation and laziness.

              Therefore, I propose that people do far more irrational and fallacious romanticizing of Christian institutions, European imported statism and the myth of the “more civilized settler” than any one engages in with regards to Native American cultures (in other words I think the ‘noble Christian myth’ is a lot more prevalent than the so called ‘noble savage myth’).


            • (continued from above..)

              I`ll try to hunt down some of the discussions I have had on past threads with Corbett Report Subscribers (such as Steve Smith, Duck, Lilac Dragonfly etc) regarding Christianity and share links so you can get a more comprehensive and clear idea of my views on that subject (and so I am not repeating myself in long essays all over the place on here) when I have time.

              Here is one for starters

              Thanks again for reading my article and sharing your thoughts, i`ll do my best to respond to your other questions as time allows.

            • *in the ?????????? ocean of anthropocentrically motivated..

      • I like your article and tend to agree that the idea of dominating and conquering nature is destructive and short sited. After all, we live in the natural world and it sustains us and gives us a fuller and richer experience on the earth. And the way people disregard non human life can show a callousness and lack of empathy that is borderline psychopathic, like how they killed off the buffalo.

        I understand hunting to eat but also respecting another life form and it’s importance in the ecosystem.

        I’ve noticed in my new place there are a lot of rattlesnakes and some people just kill them just because without any thought at all. I mean if it’s not on your property, why just kill it? It’s alive and is “gods” creation too, right?

        I do think humans are unique but this does not mean that other life forms should not be respected and their lives should be considered to also be valuable that they are also a form of consciousness.

        I remember when I was a kid, I used to just kill spiders and snails just because and I started to realize that what I was doing was wrong, to kill just because. I did not value the other entity as having a type of soul too. Maybe it’s not as advanced as mine, but it is still alive and it’s existence has a purpose. People who just kill living things without considering that they are taking a life have a deficiency in consciousness IMO.

        I do eat meat because I feel healthier when I do, but do try to get meat from people who don’t abuse their animals.

        • @cu.h.j

          I really appreciate the comment and will respond fully (to the first part of the comment) when I have time.

          Regarding eating meat. I am not opposed to eating meat myself but since I strive to cultivate the majority of that which I eat at home (and I live in an urban suburban setting) raising animals is not viable for me right now. Also, for hundreds of kilometers in all directions around where we live the forest has been chopped down (and the wild life populations decimated) in the name of “progress”, so hunting is not really a viable or ethical option for me either. Thus, for now, I eat a mostly plant/fungi based diet (trading with an Amish farmer nearby for eggs and dairy occasionally).

          Another part of my decision to not eat meat currently is I have known a few guys that worked at slaughterhouses and I witnessed the toll it takes on one’s heart and mind (one of them became an alcoholic and the other transformed into a very angry and depressed person). Perhaps some people can handle that type of work better than others, but these guys were nice people that were enjoyable to be around and the experience of ending life, all day everyday as a day job, being exposed to intermittent instances of suffering and horrible sounds/sights when the process goes wrong, really took a toll on them. They receive relatively poor pay and I have also read the suicide rates of slaughterhouse workers is inordinately high, thus, I do not feel right outsourcing that emotional, mental and physical cost onto other human beings either, so if I was going to eat meat, it would only feel right to me if I was to do the killing my self, as to only burden myself with the emotional trauma of that act so I can eat the meat, and not outsource it onto another.

          Many of the people who choose a plant based diet do so without educating themselves (sometimes as a form of superficial virtue signaling) and end up looking all pale and half dead because they are eating a bunch of GMO soy processed junk or creepy lab grown fake meat stuff this does not mean that a vegetarian diet is not viable long term.

          One of the ways I like to preserve my mineral rich and protein rich plant/fungal foods is in the form of miso paste ( see: for more info).

          In my research of those (and other ancient cultures) I have found that one of the shared themes among cultures that sustained a vegetarian diet for long periods of time how they combined a rudimentary knowledge of mycology (mushroom identification, foraging and sometimes cultivation) with a diet rich in legumes that were fermented. The fermentation part was/is key (especially in places like China and Japan where one of the main legumes consumed was soybean) as the fermentation process neutralizes the anti-nutrients which are present in many legumes that can inhibit the absorption of calcium, iron, phosphorus, and zinc. Additionally, many forms of fermentation serve to increase the levels of B-vitamins in the resulting fermented food (as a metabolic byproduct of the Lactic Acid Bacteria that often play a key role in the process) so this also helps especially in a vegetarian diet.

          I do think that everyone is different how ever and would never suggest that my dietary choices should be forced on someone else.

          Thanks again for the comment and sharing your thoughts.

          • > it would only feel right to me if I was to do the killing my self, as to only burden myself with the emotional trauma of that act so I can eat the meat, and not outsource it onto another.

            And therein lies the crux of the matter.

            I find eggs are a superfood, hands down, bar none. Having chickens for eggs should not drain too much of your time and effort. Eggs are just fantastic, as long as the chickens are not abused.

            • Funny you say that. I had a friend a while back who believed we are “aliens” to the earth and that we are from a foreign species that came to earth millions of years ago, or something like that.

              I never looked into it much, but it’s certainly possible. Perhaps the alien species mixed with the humanoids that were already here?

              It’s hard to know how much of this is social engineering/predictive programming from science fiction though.

              I really never dug into the theory of evolution much.

            • @mkey

              Yes it is certainly the crux of the matter for me personally, though some choose a plant based diet purely out of compassion for the non-human beings and the suffering they face in the factory farms etc, I feel that compassion is deserved and applicable across the board.

              Eggs are great, I especially love how great the shells are as a soil amendment in the garden. My wife is not cool with us having a mini-chicken coup given our current small yard size (she is afraid of smells and sounds upsetting neighbors etc.) though I certainly will be getting chickens on our future homestead property. As I am blessed to have been able to save up and get a freeze dryer we also get eggs in bulk from the Amish farmer I mentioned above (trading my heirloom seeds, homemade hot sauce, propagated herbs and berry plants etc for eggs) and then I freeze dry and powderize half of each trade for long term storage. After adding water the raw eggs are just as they were fresh again, usable for scrambling for breakfast or in baking recipes etc.

              • I somehow misunderstood you already are on your dream property.

                Having access to my own eggs and producing natural fruit and vegetables is high on my list.

                Easier to make my own than to purchase some in my area. People have went all in on shopping centers, where “cheap food” is the only game in the town. Even if one is willing to pay extra there is really no alternative.

              • @mkey

                Nope we still on the little urban suburban lot (on the outskirts of a farming town surrounded in vast expanses of land that was once Carolinian Forest and is now GMO corn and soy fields being shredded and mined by giant machines) we have been on since 2012. I make the best of it and have created a mini-food forest / multi-layered permaculture garden that provides a solid amount of food and an oasis of sorts amidst the devastation, but having grown up in the biologically diverse, mature forested mountains of western Canada, living here in the biologically decimated flatlands of Ontario does get to me sometimes. Then I take a deep breath, realize that I have a lot to be grateful for (like my health, the fact I was able to learn what I know and I am able to provide food and medicine for my self and my loved ones and not have to depend on corrupt and unreliable centralized systems, the fact we are able to have our own little piece of land to cultivate and the fact that I am alive, and if I really choose to be present and mindful, there is always beauty and purpose to be found in each moment, even here in a place that part of me sees as toxic flat ecologically decimated wasteland exemplifying human hubris and greed).

                Whew! That was a big run on sentence, thanks for the opportunity to vent. But ya we have been on a property search for a few years now and though we were getting close to putting on an offer on some land where I would build our dream home up north the aggressive move of lithium, cobalt and tantalum mining corporations to buy up huge swaths of land near where we had planned to move has thrown a serious curve ball / monkey wrench into that process. So now I am overlaying topographical, geological, mining survey and property rights maps over the real estate maps and drawing out big red areas that are no longer viable for planning for our homestead as the land is set to be clearcut, lakes and rivers drained, mountains and earth blown to pieces and what remains soaked in toxic waste so that people like Elon Musk (and other lithium hungry billionaires/politicians and the hordes of brain washed “sustainable development” enthusiasts) can have their E-cars.



              • (continued from above..)

                I am sorry to hear about the proliferation of shopping centers where you live. It is the same here, especially in the city near us (Windsor, the place where the small determined cluster of Freedom Convoy allies blockaded that bridge to Detroit and really pissed off the oligarchs by cutting into their profit margins) the shopping malls are endless… it is horizon to horizon cement, glass, plastic and steel. Many people there are always teaming around buying fast food and things they will throw out in a month and then stressing about debt and working long hours and speeding driving dangerously to continue buying more things they don’t need. I have a hard time stomaching being in places like that my self.

                That “cheap” “food” they are buying comes with a hidden cost, not only paid by their body in decreased health, but also paid by future generations and the non-human beings on Earth take on the cost. I suppose when there is no alternative and one lives in a food desert it is time for some guerilla gardening and indoor food cultivation (like mushroom cultivation). I am especially fond of “guerilla grafting” (‘Guerrilla Grafters’ graft fruit bearing branches onto non-fruit bearing, ornamental fruit trees in municipal landscaped areas of towns and cities).


            • @Jed

              “can’t hurt our species to act/live as gracious guests.”

              Well said! That is one of those universally applicable ways of guiding one’s actions that makes sense regardless of what religion, ideology or worldviews one might subscribe to.

              Interesting thoughts regarding humans being “invasive mutant apes” too haha 🙂

              One potential I find to be intriguing is the one that involves a mix of several of the main worldviews where we (human beings) could be the result of intelligent design (first by the Creator, on a spiritual and perhaps also physical level, then perhaps further down the line a little genetically altered by various self interested (and perhaps some consensually interacting?) interstellar civilizations throughout history and then also perpetually adapting to the physical, mental and spiritual stimulus we are receiving (and creating via our choices and perspectives).

              Multi-dimensional, cosmically enriched, Earth based heirloom beings if you will 😉

          • I’m glad to hear your body is tolerating a mostly vegan diet. I’ve tried it before even removed the soy and relied on lentils and beans and I could not overcome nutritional deficiencies and my energy levels were not very good in addition to mood disturbances.

            Ethically though I did feel better about what I was eating. I also tried not to buy products that used child and sweat shop labor in the past. I would love to find someone to buy clothes from who makes them themselves.

            There are some farmers who raise meat on the pasture and they claim they are “harvested” ethically (as possible). I could not slaughter a cow unless I was starving to be honest. But I could hunt and have chickens “harvested”. There are more ethical ways to do it and there are people who are more skilled at doing it quickly. There are a bunch of wild animals to hunt in my new location. I just have to learn how to do it. My husband also wants to learn how.

            The Eskimo and other indigenous cultures have eaten meat based diets and were very healthy. I do think some people’s bodies do better with meat based diets and I think I may be one of those people.

            I don’t think humans are a “one size fits all” species and in fact think that a lot of the health problems native populations have, like native Americans for example, is because their diet has changed radically from what it was evolved for.

            Ketogenic diets are probably more healthy for many people than carbohydrate based diets and it is hard to do this without eating animals.

            There are also some animal species that are more abundant and in fact are damaging to the local habitat where I am moving to so I don’t feel so bad about hunting them.

            I look at nature for guidance in the eating of meat and other animals hunt and kill to eat so I think that there is a cycle of nature that I fit into.

            I’ll have a place to grow food though but will have to develop it and see what I can produce there. It will be a good use of my time.

            I couldn’t work in a slaughter house and think there must be a better way of killing to eat. The animal should not know what is going to happen and it should be instantaneous and the human being should give back to the earth. I think this is how many natives did it. They respected the animals who sustained them and gave back to the earth.

        • @cu.h.j

          I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on the organized massacre of the Buffalo and your acknowledgement of our intrinsic connection to the ecosystems that support us (and enrich our lives).

          There is hunting to eat and then there is the modern day developed world “trophy hunting”. The more cowardly, arrogant and short sighted type was a widespread occurrence where I used to live in BC (I had co-workers/bosses that would brag about how they used a bunch of large dogs to chase a mountain lion or a Lynx up a tree and then they used their rifled with scopes to shoot it while it was corned in the tree, so they can put it’s head on their wall). I found it hard to stomach and it resulted in my calling them out for their cowardice and hubris on several occasions, resulting in them taking a swing at me and unfortunate physical altercations ensuing (after which I had to find a new job).

          I feel it is also with pointing out that there is a meaningful difference between hunting to nourish one’s body without respect and then going about taking a life to feed oneself with reverence and respect. Some cultures lived by covenants such as “The Way Of The Honorable Harvest” which involved thanking the being that one is taking life from and offering something to express that gratitude and respect to the spirit of the being, the ecosystem it is a part of and it’s relatives. When I used to hunt and fish out in BC I engaged in my own version of that type of approach to taking a life to feed myself when I was out in the wilderness for long periods of time.

          I also see plants and fungi as beings that possess a spirit and their own kind of consciousness and so when I take the life of a plant or fungi in the garden or in the forest, I engage in a similar practice of honoring the gift of nourishment, medicine, shelter or fuel that the being is providing me.

          Have you ever heard of “The Way Of The Honorable Harvest”?

          I can relate to your anecdote about the spiders and snails, as my parents use to pay me to shoot the types of birds that many consider “pests” (in the orchard/vineyard business) but there eventually came a time when I innately sensed that it was wrong to take life in such a callous and self-interested way (not for survival, but in order to protect one’s profits and or make money) and so I refused to do that task on the farm anymore.

          Thanks again for the candid comment(s) and thank you for striving to choose to guide your actions with compassion and consideration for your fellow beings.

        • cu.h.j. Killing for mere pleasure is sick. Wasting edible meat is bad. But pest control is OK and normal.

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