Interview 1859 – James Dissects The Media Matrix with Dr. Drew

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James appears on Ask Dr. Drew to discuss the Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect and why some people continue to believe the lying liars of the dinosaur media. The discussion quickly turns to the Media Matrix and the true meaning of this Gutenberg 2.0 moment we find ourselves in. If you’re interested in the question of how media shapes and transforms society and where the media of the 21st century is taking us next, you’ll want to hear this must-listen conversation.


Ask Dr. Drew

The Media Matrix

The Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect

Mass Media: A History


  1. I tend to think “Journalists” may have always been what they are. My question has been what happened to reporters? There is little to no reporting. Copious “researchers”, but what is going on in your own neighborhoods and communities? I contend most have no idea, because I have no idea and I know no one who has any idea, and when I spend time observing what is going on in my neighborhood, I often understand very little of it, yet if I want to learn about international geopolitics, I can find detailed discussions on every related iota of information.

    If we acknowledge that tremendous sums are being spent to deceive each and every one of us to acquire the soil under our feet, why is there so little interest in reporting what is going on in our neighborhoods?

    • This is how easy it is. Ply communities with grants and subsidies, with conditions attached in order to get the money. Called Reflexive Law, bypasses democratic debate and elected officials.

      Thanks for bringing this up.
      I have had no traction in my community on this.
      Been 20 years.

      • What does “ply communities” mean?

        • Ply can mean ‘provide’ or ‘to offer or give (something) to (someone) repeatedly or constantly’.

          • I was wondering if it occurred to you that I didn’t understand IN CONTEXT?

            IRL, do you treat everyone as if they are a child?

            • I literally thought you were retarded, yes.

  2. With regards to the mandatory jabs, no mistakes were not made. All was intentional and worldwide tens of millions of people died because of this. See the data by Canadian professor Denis Rancourt.

    • @drago66

      I tried to warn people in my family and immediate circles, but many bought the propaganda and lined up for the slow kill bioweapon injections/ human genetic modification experiment.

      So far, two friends I went to school with had massive heart crippling issues (at age 35) after getting injected (one is dead, one barely survived and he has pericarditis/myocarditis now).

      It seems like every week now I hear about a friend of a friend who has a relatively young family member getting turbo cancer and non of these people can connect the dots (or they are not willing to).

      Disturbing stuff to bear witness to for sure.

      • Make that three guys I went to school with.

        I just heard that my childhood friend Gino (double injected and “boosted”) succumbed to turbo brain cancer yesterday (age 36).

      • I also speculate that regular jabs may also be contaminated and/or over activate the immune system that has led to an increase in cancer even before the mRNA jabs.

        The rate of colon cancer in young people had increased significantly even before this.

        And now with this extra toxic jab, the rates are even higher.

        • Perhaps the over activation or unnatural activation may damage the immune system over time. The number of jabs recommended and pushed has dramatically increased over time. Based on my understanding cancer is related to inability of the immune system to correct mistakes in cell division.

        • @cu.h.j

          Makes sense and there are all the other myriad forms of what Catherine Austin Fitts calls “The Great Poisoning” (toxic water, garbage gmo “food”, home items full of heavy metals, toxin spraying programs etc) which all add momentum to that.

          I would say that considering the way the mRNA injections target the p53 tumor suppressing gene and how they contain the SV40 virus, they are really in a league of their own with regards to the ability of those genetic slurries to dramatically increase the likelihood of one getting cancer, but all of the big pharma injections on the market (whether gene based or not) do seem in increase the chance one will get cancer to some degree.

          As I just stated in a comment above. Today I found out that a second guy from my grad class has died after receiving the pfizer injections. This time it was a sports loving soccer dad named Gino (he was a jock when we were growing up but relatively nice compared to most of them). He was diagnosed with brain cancer about 6 months after getting his third injection. He kept it quiet until recently and only told his family. The cancer progressed very quickly and now his children are left without a father (age 36).

          • What a bummer. People want to believe what they did was the right decision and some will stick to it all the way to the end even if it kills them. Some people cannot admit that they were wrong. It’s kind of sad but what’s the saying “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink” or something like that.

            • To add to all of that even the swabs were tested in Cyprus and contained several times the amount of Ethylene Oxide than claimed by the manufacturer. People who work with Ethylene Oxide have higher rates of Leukemia and Lymphoma.

              The masks most people used were coated in graphene oxide. This is admitted by the manufacturers. Breathing in graphene oxide causes cancer through DNA damage.

    • Exactly, the time for believing in mistakes or incomitance or even “woke”, to understand why bad things happen is long past. Too often the easily manipulated public grasps onto the nonsense fed to them to explain the world around them.

      JFK Assignation, 9/11, Covid, , 2008 Subprime Mortgage Crisis, Maui, and on and on and on…incompetence or malevolence?

      Our world is designed to fold what should be ground shaking revelatory events into easily digestible background noise for the mass consumer, always supporting the narrative these globalist psychopaths desire.

      Each of these events SHOULD be seen as a marker as to where the powers that be are taking us.

      “People often prefer to believe in the comforting lie Vs uncomfortable truth”.

  3. Our recent past is our foreseeable future, because neither the ideology nor the power-centers profiting from it have changed.

    A big “issue” IMO is the destruction of self empowerment, seeking “rescue” from others. Lack of a non-paranoid cohesive bonds with strangers in “recent” history began in the 60’s with the word spin doctors (CIA, etc.) creating fear, with cooperation of the controllers propaganda arm.. the “entertainment” and “media” business.

    Intelligent discussion is now a childish oneupmanship belittling others with rude one-liners. People come to believe that this is the way to win an argument. Substance and logic all take a back seat to name-calling.

    “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.” – Richard Salant, former President of CBS News

    “In March 1915, the J.P. Morgan interests the steel, shipbuilding, and powder interest, and their subsidiary organizations got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world and employed them to select the most influential newspapers in the United States and sufficient number of them to control generally the policy of the daily press …

    They found it was only necessary to purchase the control of 25 of the greatest papers. An agreement was reached; the policy of the papers was bought, to be paid for by the month; an editor was furnished for each paper to properly supervise and edit information regarding the questions of preparedness, militarism, financial policies, and other things of national and international nature considered vital to the interests of the purchasers.”
    – U.S. Congressman Oscar Callaway, 1917


  4. Joe Rogan and Alex Jones are 100% Zionist controlled assets.

    Right before the powers that should not be put Trump into office (Understanding that either through total media control, total control of resources and likely total control of our voting machines, the global Zionist Communists decide whom they wish in office – I always remember Trump and his followers saying, “he could fund his own campaign”, but he never actually did, Zionist Prime Sheldon Adelson and Peter Thiel did).

    Nevertheless, right before the whole Trump campaign psyop, where he was “shunned by main stream republicans”, over in Israel a group of right wing “influencers”, were meeting and discussing the creation of new “alt-right” media sites. You see the mainstream media had lost credibility with much of the younger right-wing in America, so they wanted to create an “alt-right” that would regain some of that credibility the main stream lacked. Of course these new alt-right sites would be funded and controlled out of Israel. These new sights would be just more Zionist controlled limited hangouts, perfect for pushing NONSENSE like “Q”, and Trump is “fighting the deep state”, even as he did EVERYTHING a supposed deep state would want him to do. It is so predictable and so disgustingly effective. To be sure, Joe Rogan and Alex Jones are big parts of this program, reaching young men who scare the ZioComs the most. You don’t get the top internet channel, like Joe Rogan if you are not working for the system, not to mention the fact that like 75% of his guests are Jewish.

    As for Alex Jones, that guy’s character was carefully constructed over decades to be exactly where he is now. Jones is surrounded by Mossad and Unit 8200 on the Infowars set. Jones is a misdirection agent, always talking about the Chinese Communists and the “Nazis running Israel”, LOL. But Jones does far more for the evil cause, look at his role in Sandy Hook, his opinion was obviously protected by the First Amendment, but here we see another role of the Zionist Assets in America (Alex Jones, Kanye West, John Kerry, Harvard Pres Gay…), they are presented in publicity stunts to create prescient while not actually being challenged in court. Gay could have pushed back far harder before her nonsense hearing before the Senate, but she was a wet noodle. West came out strong against the Zionists, then folded, now he is writing apology letter right and left. John Kerry was “ready with teams of Lawyers if the election was stolen”, but the election was stolen, he just acquiesced. These actors don’t fight back like real people with real defenses, they fold and bow to the Zionist machine, and I am sure they are all very well paid for their efforts.

  5. As to what happened to reporting, I think we need to start with what the host of this pod cast thought journalism used to be?

    No offence to the host, but he seems a bit naïve regarding reporting historically. The Zionist/Communists were able to lie America into how many wars?

    There was suicided Gary Webb who basically said, I’m paraphrasing, ‘he received awards for not doing real journalism, and when he did do real journalism (showing the CIA was involved with getting drugs into the inner cities) he was ostracized, blackballed’.

    How long had Pedo Island been in business, WMDs, 9/11…

    I have always adhered to Mr. Twain’s perception of media: If you don’t read the paper you are uninformed, if you do read the paper you are misinformed, and that was some time ago.

    The internet has simply introduced another perspective (IF YOU CAN FIND AND DISERNE IT), a non globalist/Zionist/Communist perspective. To be sure, they know dam well what is happening, and as always, they will lay the blame for any and all crimes at the feet of anyone but them, usually white men, whom they fear the most. They are bringing the house down, unwinding their endless BS, while at the same time setting up the next big scam: Trump, End of days Christian nonsense, and the Gods only know what else.

    • I need to be clear when I say whom they fear the most, “white men”, I do NOT refer to Christian “white” males, I refer to native white males, men who have cast off the Zionist trap that is Christianity and returned to their true ancestral roots.

      • Well said.. I’m curious how tucker carlson fits into the mix. He clearly seems like controlled opposition and it bothers me I have so many friends and family who idolize him.

  6. Holy shit – congrats on getting on Dr. Drew, James!

  7. Corbett is featured in video clips on Tell-Lie-Vision, a critical media documentary on Does he know this?

  8. RE: Interview 1859 – James Dissects The Media Matrix with Dr. Drew

    I hope that Corbett Members recognized the skill…
    …James Corbett adroitly held firm, high ground during this interview, and, in a way, he controlled the conversation.
    In that short time window, Corbett filled it well. And with a confidence of someone who knows what he is talking about.

    I remember seeing a past Dr. Drew interview. I was interested in what the guest had to say, but Dr. Drew did the bulk of the talking. I haven’t watched one of his interviews since…until this Corbett interview.
    So, what I am trying to convey is that Corbett masterfully did not let Dr. Drew consume the conversation.

    Not to denigrate Dr. Drew, but that fella is late to the party.
    Very late.
    Drew is in the dark about so many things.
    He has got a lot of catch-up to do in order to get on grade level.

    There are some ironic tones here concerning the Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect.

  9. Joyce’s reply to a request for a plan of “Ulysses.”
    “If I gave it all up immediately, I’d lose my immortality. I’ve put in so many enigmas and puzzles that it will keep the professors busy for centuries arguing over what I meant, and that’s the only way of insuring one’s immortality.”

    The cats out a da Bag! Joyceian !!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!
    So is this what you are up to? Is this how you intend to vaccinate the masses against the Gell-Mann Amnesia?
    What may you ask am I talking about???
    Two things. Maybe more.
    1. What if the Gutenberg press became incapacitated by a Papal flip of a switch? Your whole library of content is vulnerable to the necessity of electricity and safe storage of all that digital body of work. One small neutron weapon similar to those used in Gasa recently could erase your life’s work. Cancelling you.
    That is an extremely external form
    of amnesia.
    Leading too my second thought #2.
    2. Fahrenheit 457, a much more difficult form of applying an exterminating EMP. One that has been proven to be ineffective at killing these radical ideas and stopping the spread of one immortality in the form of a paper book.
    I’m certainly not advocating a Rosetta stone type permenance in stone or a Hammuradi cuniform clay tablet. I’m talking about ink on hemp parchment similar to the Egyptian book of the dead. Or the scrolls of Alexandria. Or even Joyce. If I remember right the populace wanted not only the books burned but also the author,James Joyce, burned also. A banned book guarantees immortality and secured many a books safety from society’s fluxes and applexies.
    But you must have a book!
    I got all these ideas from watching the rest of Dr. Drew’s show. The following guest was Very pertinent to Americans on recording history. Having everything to do with what that first guest- YOU – had to say about how important the Gutenberg press machine was to immortalizing Philosophers like you. Book in my vault posterity kinda thing for when justice is served to all the tyrannical ways of reality.
    So long as that fragile book exists it’s a threat to them those they that need justice applied.

  10. Here’s the problem. Some people think there wasn’t a modified version of this virus. But people did get really sick. I’ve known friends who didn’t get the jab but got really sick. Said in the hospital for several weeks. My bro gf got sick. It wasn’t life threatening but she said that was the worst sickness. She had. And had after effects like couldn’t smell, certain foods tasting bad or a certain way that she never experienced. So, imo I think some sort of modified virus was “accidentally ” released.
    And some folks like my buddy said the people that got really sick but didn’t get the jab, if they got the jab they wouldn’t have gotten as sick. And some folks who took the jab had adverse effect and some cases death. So it seems some people are more susceptible to getting sick or from the jab.
    So far I have friends that took the jab and I haven’t heard any adverse effects. Another buddy just got more boosters etc. So who knows what will happen to them. Maybe nothing.

  11. I was a professional gambler, specializing in poker and Blackjack for 47 years. When I see dramas based on either game I see the opposite of authenticity, 98% of the time. Specially, common misconceptions are repeated as if they are facts. It’s sickening. What comes to mind is: “The Blind leading the blind”.
    Where is the professional integrity or pride? Are they stupid or ignorant? Most all writers are lazy and/or incompetent.

  12. I’ve never even heard of Dr Drew until this publication. Drew presents himself as an independent critical thinking intellectual with an air of pomp while he presents factually incorrect information as though it’s been empirically established truth, such as Dr Fauci’s role in the HIV=AIDS cover-up story that Fraudci was so very instrumental in bannering to hide the real culprit which was the new advanced auto immune destroying “vaccines ” (falsely so called) that have destroyed countless lives.

    Drew dismissed the demand for justice in the wake of the murders of tens (possibly hundreds) of millions of unsuspecting sheople (if you count all the Remdesivir and Midazolam murders). Seriously, what kind of psychopath would think that we should mock them and shame them and not hold them accountable for their crimes?

    Drew’s show looks more like an infomercial than anything of value.

    How was James Corbett able to have an audience in his show? Never stop asking questions.

    Doesn’t anarchy rely on a basic premise that men are generally “good” and do not need to be governed by laws and penal codes being enforced to maintain civil society?

    It sounds eutopian, but James Corbett has literally built his career on exposing the collusion of wicked men that band together to commit atrocities against people, which is the biggest threat to any possibility of an anarchist’s wet dream.

    Men are evil and if men are not sentenced for their crimes and injustices, they become emboldened to become more evil.
    We need just laws and just enforcement of those laws, in order to maintain civil society

    Yet here we are, in the midst of the greatest global empire in the history of the world which has been wrought through wickedness, murder, deceit and corruption. Daniel 7 and Revelation 13 (King James Version Bible) foretold of this final global dominion that shall have total economic authority and have the power of the sword over all nations of the earth. CONVID19 showed that this has already surfaced.

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