Episode 420 – Mass Media: A History

by | Jul 12, 2022 | Podcasts, Videos | 68 comments

Join James Corbett for today’s special edition of The Corbett Report podcast, where he walks you through Mass Media: A History, a 3-lesson, 6+ hour online course examining the history of media, exploring media’s impact on society, and revealing where technological developments in media technology are taking us in the future. With lectures in audio and video formats, hyperlinked transcript, recommended reading and study guides, this course takes you on a whirlwind tour of over 500 years of history and shows you what the future of media might look like and why it matters.

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  1. Yeah, wow, that Metaverse clip was just exhausting.

  2. 50 dollars is steep…

    And I’m living in the northern hemisphere, here.

    Not sure what you can do in India with 50$, but I bet it’s a lot. Just saying…

    And in relation to the “mediated reality” you talked about in the video:
    Yeah, we do kind of feel like we know you, after all this time listening and seeing stuff.

    And honestly, this felt a bit like having a 10-year buddy coming to my house and chatting. Having some serious and insightful conversation for an hour. Going to take a bathroom-break.
    And suddenly, when I come back he’s trying to grab 50 bucks from my wallet. lol

    I think you should have asked us to *fund* your next project… Not pay-wall it.
    A bit like Patreon (but not through Patreon… ugh. Through here)

    I’ll look forward to the next couple of podcasts

    • I guess it comes down to priorities.

      50 Dollars will buy a lot of seed potatoes and popcorn. Potatoes to give you something to eat and popcorn to snack on while you watch the food riots on TV.

      • I’ll buy this just to support James. He deserves it for all his hard work.

        • Likewise and, because I agree with James that this is more than important!

          Thanks James ☘️

        • My sentiments exactly Sabex… that’s why I am just about to purchase…and knowing the quality of James work, it will be worth every cent.

      • Octium

        While I am thankful that we live in a world where I am relatively wealthy thanks to other peoples left overs and junk I have to say that one of the reasons we are loosing is that people keep giving money to people who hate us while the people who hate us and want us dead are more then willing to piss money up the wall in the hope it helps their agenda.

        On the other hand, I see your point, that while Mr Corbett is the greatest chronicler of the present age the fact is that KNOWING is important, but DOING is more so.

        The fear many people are feeling right now, many being people who know whats happening, is because they have not done what they know they should do to separate from the death system. You dont feel fear when you have done what you can.

      • lol
        I have nothing of substance to add in my reply
        you caught me off guard
        I almost had a belly laugh as opposed to, if I was more guarded…a cynical chuckle

        Thank you for the laugh

    • migam,
      considering the cost of burning a DVD or memory stick is 1 or 2 dollars, I agree that the info James is pedaling is mighty inflated, by perhaps a mere 2000%.

      of course He did have to apply his considerable talents of dancing on the coals of an AI inferno while still search-find & delivering,, at least inspiration, to march-on with confidence that one is a notch more savvy to the deceptive cloak that weve all been netted with since day 1; yet onward we browse, with device in hand, and info in head.

      I suppose, on the other hand. if the 6hr rave empowers anyone to transmute the mediaholic to an open-minded imminently accessible good mannered person, for that, If a dvd deconstructing the manipulation of our minds through the media could red pill my entire family then, well, considering what they spew, I’d pay 10x that if it could get them to stop.

      • @migam & vadoum
        Hey nobody is forcing anyone to buy it. I mean he’s got to make a living somehow. Can’t just research and produce high level content all day for nothing. What do you guys expect this site to run on, rainbows and unicorn farts? ?

        • After enjoying fellow Canadian James’s material for a decade, I finally bought a cheap membership, last month. I am now disabled and no longer able to earn, but I felt it about time that I donate. Well worth the few bucks.

      • vadom

        “.., I agree that the info James is pedaling is mighty inflated, by perhaps a mere 2000%….”

        I recall the story of a guy who hired a man to fix his steam pipes… the guy looked around and then marked an “X” and then kicked the X on the pipe three times…. the bill was 1030 dollars.

        When questioned the expert said it was $10 per kick and a grand for knowing where to kick 🙂 sad to say I dont have 50 bucks to drop on this, but no one can argue that Mr Corbett isnt the expert who put the hours in to know whats what.

      • Pedaling? Who else is producing content like this? Should he just be delivering hundreds of hours of his labour for free?

        Some people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

    • if i’m coming by to do 6 hours of work, whether it be upgrading your service or adding receptacles, you’ll be getting dinged a hell of a lot harder than 60 bucks. hehe.
      never mind the reality of the actual hours he spent researching and assembling.
      there’s always ‘joe down the street’. he’s cheap.
      and there’s always Rachel Maddow. equally cheap.

      • Oh yeah, 6 hours of work to put in a new well line for my Mom dinged me $1600.

    • I was in the Grand Theft World Chat last Sunday and according to a commenter Autonomy course memberships range from $5000.00 to $15,000.00, as much as university tuition. $50.00 is pretty reasonable for an online course. I definitely understand the resistance to the monetization because if those numbers are correct for Autonomy that’s freaking vulgar but I don’t think what James is charging is inappropriate and I’m inclined to defend putting such an endeavor behind a paywall.

    • I don’t think that’s fair. These guys do a lot of work we don’t see and quite frankly had I not found this website (Meet Bill Gates) right at the moment I did I’d perhaps still be asleep.

      I get that you probably have better things to spend $50 on my friend – but this guy provides all of his Corbett Report content for free. I considered it a payment for the entire back catalogue that is available to me at any time – which is to a ridiculously high quality and I some shows I have listened to several times over. (You are being gamed – Transhumanism and you etc…) I’m currently in July 2010 in the catalogue – which I can download on a wifi connection and play at leisure. In addition to this is a very generous 25% discount.

      It’s none of my business what you spend your money on – but I’m not by any means well off – but I consider this a small price to pay for such content.

      It’s a choice you make or don’t. With James it’s possible he’ll end up releasing it anyway at some time down the line. He shouldn’t – but he probably will.

  3. as is common with many of the things we ingest, the mediums of media have been abused by the spectre of insatiable hunger: humans dreamt up “high-tech”, then we O.D’d. plus its been weaponized.

    Just as the 5g microwave range of frequencies can be used to cure biological problems at the microbiome scale (such as the masering/obliteration of cancer cells), so too can it cause problems; or just as the first half of that glass of wine sure greased the wheels and got the emotional charge rolling merrily, but by the 3rd or 4th the candid warmth escalates to domination.

    As with all poisons, getting the dose right is the key. These poisons we’re so attracted to are the salt or spicing of an already miraculous entre (of being human). As Ive struggled with various miss/over-dosing impulses remembering that “dosage is key” has helped guide us out of harms way.

    • It’s certainly bound to fry the brains of a good number of people. Hooking an individual to a collective hive mind mediated by an AI program sounds implausible but I think it would necessarily reduce the individual into a base level automaton. Talk about a Non player character.

      • “…Talk about a Non player character…..”

        Most human beings already ARE Non Playing Characters…. they go along with whatever the group is doing.

        • Yeah, I mean these people who still unable to acknowledge even the most base level political realities after Covid 19. Theres really no hope for them and not enough time to break through the indoctrination. They are de facto NPC’s and if some theories are correct, they may have never had “souls” or a consciousness capable of free will.

          We might as well just go with the flow and start profiting off Neuralink and government contracts to start brain chipping these people. Hey, you’re already 90% a slave in your mind, let’s get that tech in you to finish the process.

          Would any of them even say no?

          Look, this is what you need to stay safe and keep the community safe? Don’t you want everyone safe?

          I have no hope for humanity.

  4. I just purchased your course. Thank you for your exhaustive research on this subject. I’m going to share a link to this brief video on all my social media sites and text a link to all my friends. Keep up the great work James, you are very much appreciated.

  5. Mr. Corbett, speaking of information and intelligence networks, I ran across something you may be interested in: US gov. “Fusion Centers”.
    Creepy centralization.

    • openlense

      Jay Dyer did a talk on them when he was doing a thing touching on Vietnam as a lab for the social control technologies…. awhile back but i THINK Vietnam was the main topic.

      As I recall (from memory so for what its worth) he said that the Fusion Center was the modernized US homeland version of the Phoenix Program base (or police?) stations in vietnam, where the US worked on cataloging and controlling the population using psychology, social research and computers to manage the population.

  6. Bravo James! Very exciting.

    Thanks for all the hard work you do.

    For members the course is 37.50$

    Can we imagine the hours upon hours of research and preparation to put all this together? How many people will buy the course? Will the total income James makes truly cover his efforts? Does James have a family to feed and put a roof over their heads?

    For six hours one person is paying James 6.25$ /hour. Not much for a course of what from I hear will be high quality.

    I will not be using my discount code as there will be two of us watching/listening. And I have not much money.

    Bravo again James!

    Super excited also for the upcoming FREE documentaries.

    • James? Is that you? ?

      • Got me smiling there, because funnily enough James and I do share the same first name.

        I am not JEP either 🙂

        Just a lot of James’ around these parts I suppose.

    • Discount Code
      Go to any Corbett Report article, such as “The Assassination of Abe”.

      Below the end of the article is: “Recommended Listening and Viewing”
      Only logged-in Subscribers can see the “Recommended” Lists.
      Below the Recommended, are “SUBSCRIBER DISCOUNTS”.

  7. I am in awe of how your mind works James! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the hours and hours of research this must have taken. Yes, $50 is a lot to find when on a very tight budget ~ BUT what you have produced is PRICELESS. Again, THANK YOU, and as soon as I have saved enough I will be making my purchase.
    Wishing you everything good.

  8. Here is my perspective…

    I am THRILLED that James Corbett is offering Mass Media: A History with this approach.

    There are a vast number of reasons that I like seeing this novel approach from Corbett.

    I could expound on the marketing aspects, but quite frankly I assume most people would not fully understand unless they have owned their own businesses. However, I will state this:
    Gross Revenue = “Bodies in the shop” X “Average ticket”. One can increase the Gross Revenue by increasing one or both factors. There is always potential attrition to those factors.

    On November 1st, 2021, after the DISCOUNT special for Corbett Report Members, my net cost for “Mass Media: A History” at Renegade University was $98.
    I personally thought it was a fair value.
    I’m very poor by American standards, especially for my age, and I rent in a neighborhood which demonstrates my low monetary wealth.
    Because of a tight budget, I was hesitant to fork out the $98.
    I sold myself by thinking: “This is another way to support James Corbett financially.”

    We are extremely fortunate that James Corbett is a Voluntaryist.
    For $12 a year, $1 a month, anyone can become a Member of the Corbett Report.
    What does a Member get that non-members don’t get? 😉 Hardly squat…perhaps discounts on Merch and some “Recommended Links”.
    – $1 a month – If Corbett has ONLY 10 episodes and articles that month, then each one has the value of a dime.
    A dime?!
    I remember way, way back when my brother and I were shocked that bottles of Coca-Cola in the vending machine went from a dime to 15 cents.
    I don’t know what a dime buys now-a-days.

    From my perspective, $12 per year ain’t shit for fair value support.

    Folks should also keep in mind that Corbett does have overhead, including Broc West.

    People should rejoice at the $50 offer which is virtually 1/2 price of $98.
    And it offers so much more! For example: A Transcript which is book sized!
    The download includes over 6 hours of lecture in both audio and video formats, a complete hyperlinked transcript of the entire course, a study guide for each lesson complete with summaries of key ideas and questions for further research, and a copy of the slideshow presentation used in each lecture.

    It is all relative.
    $25 to $35 for a book, $13 for a movie at the theatre, $7 for grocery store real hamburger meat, $5 or more for a gallon (3.78 litres) of gasoline.

    • 98 with discount should be compared to 50 after discount going to 37.5.

      • Good point!
        About one third the November 2021 cost.

  9. What is the Metaverse?

    Simple answer… a big scam.
    Digital tech is Gin 2.0…. or NeoCrack or ‘insert Drug of choice’.

    Consider how useless and stupid most people under 20 already are… now imagine how helpless and useless people will be living totally in in Distractorarma. Mark BAuerlein called it 20 years ago in in “dumbest Generation” …. and husk people are of zero value as livestock because they can produce nothing. They can only sell us stuff when WE have stuff to buy it with.

    The people running this scam are mostly descended from the guys who sold sugar or gin or opium or tobacco…. say what you want about the industrial Robber Barons at least they BUILT stuff rather then just sucked it off like vampires

  10. Dear Mr. Corbett and Community,

    The definitions you provide for Mass Media are educational. However, I believe you are bending the cork screw a little.

    A telephone call, with someone whose voice and style of speech one recognizes are remiss of the visual and olfactory senses one receives during in person communication. You degrade this interaction by classifying it as “media mitiagated”. I think you over play your cards. Similarly, with audio/video interaction facilitated by whichever medium, mostly “The Internet” today.

    I presume you explore this in more depth in the lecture series. Nonetheless, the advertising presentation you made has none of this nuance.

    Like you, I live in one hemisphere while my family lives in another. Our interaction is degraded by the distance. Is it not better to have the best interaction possible to alleviate the problem of distance?

    Am I being “forced” into some compromise by technology, or is it that distance itself is the problem? Should blame telephones but not aeroplanes?



    • Should *we” blame …

  11. So
    I once heard James C. say that basically his wife is a “normie” (I really don’t like that word)
    He said it in response to how he has dealt with the “soul sucking” aspect of this current thing…an E.L.E for humanity?
    Anyway I thought it was odd
    First. I really don’t want to care about his personal life
    Second. I actually do
    Which is really strange, cause I do not know him at all
    I do know what he presents to an audience tho

    Has anybody noticed
    that bitchute is at 56% funding
    that youtube is an “extremist” site for censoring ideas
    my point is this
    I think I’m being corralled into echo chambers
    echo chambers where most of the people have had tons of ideas/content just given to them….anybody want to do the research into the funding of all the free material online
    So for the people that put work into understanding the world…and get income from that work
    The world is getting smaller

    James C. reach has been shortened….FU youtube
    Which probably means his earnings have to

    When I was a “normie”, libertarian normie, but a normie
    I ran across this guy James C
    I wanted to prove his ass so wrong about 9/11
    I looked at all the links he provided
    First time I watched video that had links

    The info changed my worldview to the point I barely could handle it.

    Freaking pony up
    You’re not the bankster class or
    the royalty bloodline class

    this guy
    works for a living
    give him his living

    or be a pretend part of the parasitic class

    • I don’t recall Corbett ever saying that about his wife.
      From my foggy recollection, he did once mention that she had different interests, that deep dives into “conpiracy realism” weren’t her bailiwick.

      Everyone has different bailiwicks.

      • My recollection was that he said she wasn’t interested in politics at all.

        Which often is not the case with normies, lots of normies choose an arbitrary political colour to back and will defend the assigned saviour for that colour until death or until a new saviour is assigned. Even if all the colours support Israel anyway.

      • thanks
        I drink and post on here
        in that order

  12. You sold me at “NEWS” what is news? Where did the concept come from etc.
    Sparked my inner light, That’s a damn good question, I never thought to ask or think of it that way,
    So this is what your giant brain has been doing… bravo.
    As I’ve gotten older I crave knowledge “learning” looking forward to this course.
    Right on James… This will go nicely to my Noam Chomsky books because to me your a lot like Noam in teaching and make it so easy to understand. Plus your both smarter than us avg. bears.
    Thank you James…
    P.S. WOW only 50 clams, I’d paid 250.

  13. James Corbett:

    The show notes are missing for the preview episode. (Wanted to watch the full AI nightmare scene).

    Paywall complainers:

    As I was looking for the show notes I clicked on “course notes” and WOAH, all the hyperlinks for the course material are provided for FREE. So, if so inclined you can take your own time and go through the course, research for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. This is very kind of James to provide for FREE.

    • To correct/clarify myself there.

      Of course we should always come to our own conclusions. Having a teacher/guide is helpful and offers new perspectives more easily but yes, at the end we should come to our own conclusions.

    • My bad James. I did not realise that clip was part of the course links. Found it.

  14. Umm, any of you guys have/had a wife and kids? They are expensive. Raising children, though a worthwhile endeavor, is not cheap. And $50 dollars is a steal for the information provided. When you support James you are also supporting the next human generation.

  15. I have no problem with Corbett setting whatever price he wants for his work. He certainly provides us plenty of free quality content. I choose to send him a lot more than the minimum membership fee.

    However, the nice thing about open source is that I can refer to, and link to, anything, and readers, if they’re interested, can see it. Putting it behind a paywall loses that.

    Of course, up until internet times, I could refer to a book, magazine, or newspaper, and anyone who wanted to see it had to buy it or find it in a library.

  16. Well, I was a little disappointed that I just watched an hour commercial. However, I don’t begrudge James producing it, I just wish he has informed me. At least I was making dinner for most of it so wasn’t really wasting my time. And $50 is very reasonable.

  17. This reminds of a conversation I had with a girl at work last week when she started to recommend me some Netflix series. I had to tell her that I haven’t watched TV, or the mass media in general, for several years now.

    Next is an excerpt of the dialogue that followed:
    – and where do you get your information from?
    – from independent alternative media.
    – lol you’re right, sometimes it’s better to not know too much!

    I had to explain to her that you actually know more that way. I told her I’d send her a link after work and she agreed to have a look at it. I found a fairly official source for the word “tittytainment” (its origins as well as description) and sent it to her. She thanked me for it and told me she’d let me know what she’d thought of it. That was the last I heard of it…

    • Are we to understand that she didn’t think much of it, or anything else for that matter, at all? What an unexpected turn of events.

  18. To put in the hard work and to create something from within yourself, something that you hope might benefit people, and then to offer to trade that with interested people in an open, fair and non-coercive way in order to earn a living, constitutes the most decent and honest way to live your life. It is the basis of the parallel society that we all talk about.

    Sometimes it seems like the more decent a person is, the more ridiculous people’s expectations of that person are.

    • madhu,
      I like your comment. You phrased things very well. The concepts are far reaching.

      • Thanks HRS,
        I have a lot of respect for the things you say too.

  19. I have no problem with the $50 price tag for the new media series. And don’t forget, SUBSCRIBERS will only be donating $37.50 as you will get a 25% discount. I consider it a donation for the great content James has provided and will no doubt continue to provide. Where else will you get this kind of deep dive and unique perspective. CNN, MSNBC, BBC, PBS, Democracy Now… Pfft!
    Be well and stay free!

  20. Payment options, just Creditcard or PayPal… ?!?

  21. Mediated reality is an interesting term. Fully understandable, but what I found intriguing was that James included books – that the endeavor of reading a book is tantamount to being engaged in a mediated reality. That was surprising, being that reading is so ubiquitous and intrinsic to human culture.

    So, let me guess. James’ course comprises the last 450 years of human enterprise. I have to suppose that such a time line coincides with the advent of the commercialization of the printing press, and thus the beginning of mass media, as it were. Indeed, the beginnings of mass propaganda; which is at the heart of the course, no doubt.

    But, as mediated reality, couldn’t we delve further back, long before the printing press? Why not begin with symbology carved in stone – hieroglyphics, perhaps?

    But even long before writing on papyrus or symbols carved in stone, or ancient paintings depicting wild beasts in cave dwellings, weren’t there oral histories – stories – past down through generations, that informed new crops of listeners the basis of their understanding and perception of the world they were born into?….Is the primordial human endeavor of story telling nothing less than an engagement of mediated reality?

  22. Made the Purchase. It is worth it.

  23. What is not being said by the Media or Mediums

    I contend that one of the most important mediums is still “word of mouth”.
    It is the one medium over which each individual has complete control.
    “Word of mouth” played a very important role in the Black community during the Civil Rights era.

    Very recently I was reminded of this medium as opposed to other mediums.
    I have been having some phone conversations with a fella who lives out of state. I’ve known him for decades and really love this guy and his family, but we haven’t talked in over a year. He is the kind of guy who will pour out what his heart says.

    I should mention that this fella knows that I am a “conspiracy theorist”. Previously, I have spoken to him about 9/11 and other things. He never really had that much interest in the topics. I am okay with that – I am a Voluntaryist. I am not going to dictate what a person must be interested in.

    During our recent phone conversations, some of the crazy aspects that have and are occurring around the world came up. The economy, energy, climate change, the lockdowns, Covid, the news, and governmental policies were some of the things we touched on.
    I made reference to how the media and Google were censoring information.

    Here is what shocked me, and what prompted me to type this anecdote…
    This fella had never heard of Canada’s Trucker Freedom Convoy earlier this year. He never heard of Klaus Schwab and The World Economic Forum, much less Event 201. He thought well of Bill Gates’ philanthropy. There were other things, simple basic things that he had never heard of, but that I assumed “everybody knew” at least something about.

    During one of our first phone conversations, I had recommended that he watch a Corbett Report documentary.
    He did. He called me the next day to tell me about it.

    – “What is not being said by the Media or Mediums” –
    This hit home for me.
    The Mass Media failed to inform this fella. It omitted relevant information.
    I can’t control the Mass Media, but I can control my “word of mouth” Medium.

    I am reminded of Mattias Desmet in Corbett’s May 2022 profound interview.
    As Corbett Member pkadams says:
    “I loved what he said about the importance of continuing to speak out.”

  24. Yes, $50 is a bit of a shocker. But I regularly spend $25-30 on books. Plus, James is giving 6.5 hours of information. And finally, I know the quality of his research. It is remarkable. I am confident $50 will be money well-spent.

  25. I am now listening to a RECORDING of these words

  26. How much time have I spent in mediated reality today? Over an hour, so far, but it’s early. I’m still drinking my morning coffee. All of that time has been spent with Talking Head Corbett. He and I have never eaten at the same table (which is an extremely significant statement if your family comes from Spain, Italy, or the Middle East), but I have spent much more time with him than with my own family members–many of whom also come to me through mediated reality.

    Yesterday I spent hours with Talking Head Corbett, compared to less than an hour with disembodied voices of family and friends and only a few minutes with real-world people. Who ate at my table? Me, myself, and I.

    How did I spend my Talking Head Corbett hours? Well, first of all, I watched the first episode of the Media Matrix. Bravo! Well Done! Thank you for your work!

    Then I went back to Renegade University and watched the first lesson of the History of Media – two and one half-hours. I never went on to Lessons two and three. Why not? What was going on back in November of 2021? Ah yes, millions of Americans were being forced to choose between getting vaccinated or losing their jobs and parents were being brainwashed into getting their precious little children vaccinated. I was involved in some real-world interactions that probably didn’t do much good and were horribly stressful. “It’s people like you that keep this pandemic going”!

    So back at the Hermitage, after hours spent with Talking Head Corbett, I have to say that money spent on keeping T.H. Corbett coming through the matrix is money well spent, in my opinion. The minimum subscription fee that gives us the right to comment here isn’t outrageous. I think that most people could double or triple it without much financial pain. All content on this website is downloadable for free. Will I spend $50.00 on the download of the History of Media? Probably, because I can then share it with those disembodied-dear-ones. But it really is pay as you can. We need to keep Corbett talking.

    But the lesson to be learned here is that the most important interactions are real-world, and what we learn here should be taken out there–stressful though it sometimes might be to have real people talking back at you.

  27. Dear Corbbett,

    I (we) listen to your podcasts religiously!

    Funny way to say it because my line of work is directed to the Great Awakening at the Spiritual Level…

    You have awaken me (us) to the doings of the activity of the split mind all the way down into its deeper manifestation in this world

    For that, only gratitude my dear media friend!

    I have began listening to this podcast yesterday and i fully intend to finish it today… but last night, while praying, this idea came for me to communicate to you:

    have you given this a thought…?

    If Soul is the Reality of men…


    wouldn’t the BODY be the first MASS MEDIA instrument (mass in the sense that its appearance immediately implies a relationship with collective consciousness)

    once that step is taken, all other steps are just a repetition of that first unnecessary modification of Reality which, if continued, would be a deeper and deeper dissociation from Source all the way to the Metaverse!

    thank you James

    • Dear James,

      i am not a native English speaker, so even though i re read many times my previous message, a friend just noticed a couple of mistakes which i cannot longer edit. My apologies.


  28. Source
    “….wouldn’t the BODY be the first MASS MEDIA instrument…”

    Singing acapella is using the body as an instrument and brings us into unity of mind and purpose…be that a boy scout troop, marching soldiers or church singing hymns.

    If I recall right the Bible indicates that Satan may have been some kind of musical instrument and the use of artificial instruments certainly moves people to passion and changes our moods and emotion even more powerfuly then singing as a group…. music is the 1st mind control technology.

  29. Look, see the Richat Structure in Mauritania?

    “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers” truly captures the Satanic stench of the New World Odor that employs child-abusing masonic cult members – Shell gas station owners, local police, and alphabet agencies, for example – to terrorize targeted citizens for decades, to use hospitals & doctors to legalize mass murder, and to break into their targets’ homes without any warrants until their targets are driven into submission, self-censorship, suicide, seclusion, insanity, poverty, anger, and/or irrationally fighting back against their evil cult harrassment. The Roman Catholics, who have been terrorized by Satanic Jesuits and their Khazarian banks since before 1773, are especially dedicated to such pursuits, like “Chase.”


    The professional gangstalkers’ group “go to hell” mind-fuck is honed through ten thousand of years of Satanic military & police experience from masonic Atlantis – no doubt, the true origin of the Egyptian Freemasonry and the New World Odor. They war, pimp, steal, deal drugs, and weaponize poison for profit. Their target’s stress reaction must be counter-intuitive: accept God’s discipline, including torture, humiliation, and even death from wicked hypocrites, whom have wanted totalitarian control from the beginning. The only escape from their sincerely corrupt attempt to drag their victims to hell with them is to embrace God’s blessings, to fear God’s judgment as the beginning of wisdom, and to seek mercy and intercession through our willing high priest, Jesus. Indeed, your best bet is to resist pharaonic tyranny, to speak the truth, and to keep the faith in these evil times because God has already destroyed Atlantis and Egypt!!

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